Hottie apolonia sucks on neighbors big cock

Hottie apolonia sucks on neighbors big cock
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The Exhibitionists Episode 3 Barrista Disclaimer: what follows is a work of fantasy. As such, I have chosen to set it in a world where birth control is 100% safe, effective, and available, and all STDs have been eradicated. In the real world, some of the choices these characters make would be extremely risky.

Don't behave like them. Recap: In episode 2, the protagonist joined the swim team, got seduced by the coach, and began having sexual relations with her best friend, Steph. My life had settled into a pleasant routine. School, swim practice, sex with Coach, and on the weekends, sex with Steph. That was all disrupted when my dad got laid off. Steph's parents lowered our rent, but I knew we were still hemorrhaging money.

Just COBRA by itself ate up most of Dad's unemployment.

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So I decided I needed to quit the swim team and get a job. It was not an easy decision, as I was just starting to show some real potential as a swimmer. Plus, of course, the sex with Coach was.enjoyable. But I had to think twat of nymph is nailed hardcore and blowjob the whole family, not to mention my college fund. So I hit the pavement and ended up getting a position as a barrista in a coffee shop down the road from school.

It was a small place. You'd call it a Mom and Pop outfit, except it was owned and operated by a single woman named Annabel. About 30, the shop wasn't doing all that well, so she wanted to take some night classes to finish up her degree and give her some other options.

After a week of learning the ropes from her, I was going to be on my own. Traffic was generally light, and since my salary was mostly tips, that meant I wasn't really making all that much.

But it was something, and I had plenty of time to get my homework done. So for a part time, after school job, it worked out okay. About that time, I noticed that my bras were feeling kind of tight on me. I didn't want to spend money on new ones, though, so I just lived with it. When I got to work, though, I let those puppies out. No reason not to. There was no dress code, other than following health ordinances, no coworkers to complain.

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And if some customers were able to see my pierced nipples through my shirt, that was just fine with me. Every time I caught a man staring at my breasts, I got a little warm, fluttery feeling inside.

And I started getting bigger tips. Soon, traffic started increasing during my shift, and I started getting regulars coming back every day. Some younger, some older, some with wedding bands, some without, but all men. Some liked to flirt with me, others just wanted to look. For my part, I loved all the attention. After locking up for the night, I usually had to go into the bathroom and get myself off. After a day of partially exposing myself to numerous men, I was all worked up and needed release.

One day, one of my regulars was flirting with me. He said, "Have you ever thought about modeling?" "Like I've never heard that one before," I replied. "No, I'm actually serious. Let me introduce you to my buddy, George." His friend, it turned out, owned a clothing store, and he was looking for new models for his catalog. It was just a small shop, so he could only pay in merchandise, but I did need new bras that fit comfortably.

And since he specialized in lingerie, finding bras shouldn't be a problem. I told him I'd think about father goffice son mom full sex and get back to him, and he gave me his card.

Then, realizing that I didn't really know this guy, and I'd feel safer if I weren't alone, I asked if I could bring a friend. "Sure, especially if she's as hot as you are," he replied. I talked it over with Steph, and she was excited by the opportunity, so I called George up and said yes.

He had a swimwear shoot at the beach scheduled that weekend, so I got the details and said we'd see him there. Being February, it was pretty chilly when we got to the beach. "Isn't it a little early for swimsuits?" I asked. George replied that it took time to get the catalog printed and shipped and everything, and he needed to get it out in time for Spring Break.

Then he introduced us to the photographer, makeup artist, and the other four models present at the shoot. They had a tent set up for changing, with a space heater hooked up to a portable generator, and it hentai flick that has big tits on hot teen chicks nice and toasty in there.

He handed out swimsuits, then left to let us change. Steph and I glanced at each other. There was very little fabric on those suits, and what there was, was see through. Steph shrugged, gave me a little smile, and proceeded to strip off her clothes. I followed suit, feeling a little nervous at first, but also excited at the idea that I would see Steph's body in these sexy clothes, and she would see mine.

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When we had changed, the makeup artist applied some makeup and did a quick hairstyle for each model. When we stepped out of the tent, the cold hit us, instantly popping our nipples out to their fullest extent, making them very visible through the sheer fabric.

The photographer smiled approval, then got us pretending to play volleyball as he started shooting. This beach was not very crowded, but soon a group of young men formed to watch the proceedings.

Son reap big tits mom sent Steph and I into performance mode, making sure they got some nice views of all parts of our bodies. Then the photographer sent us into the frigid water to splash each other, and we discovered that sweet penis licking delights hardcore and blowjob wet, the sheer fabric became almost completely transparent.

Whenever Steph's legs were spread apart, I could clearly see her shaven pussy lips, and I knew she could see mine. As could the onlookers, and anyone who viewed our pictures in this catalog. I imagined some of those young men going home and jerking off to the memory of watching us, and I got super hot at the thought.

I hoped they got as excited watching me as I did showing myself to them. Then it was time to switch outfits. This time, Steph and I were in fishnet bikinis, allowing our nipples to actually poke right through, out into the open.

Then, slings that covered our nipples but left the rest of our breasts fully visible, not to mention our asses. After a few more outfits, the shoot was over and we got dressed again. George told us we would find out in a couple of weeks how many of our shots were chosen for the catalog, and so how much store credit we had, and then we left.

At our sleepover that night, Steph and I reenacted the day's events, taking pictures of each other with our cell phones, first in our underwear, and then naked.

Then we got out our vibrators and took shots of each other masturbating.

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After we had each reached orgasm (and laughed at the expressions on our face as we came), we put away the cell phones, got into sixty nine position, and proceeded to lick and suck each other into paradise. Still, as nice as it felt to have a dildo up my cunt while Steph sucked on my clit, I kept thinking back to those men who watched us, wondering what their cock would feel like inside my pussy, what they would taste like.

Steph and I each appeared in four photos in that catalog, so I had enough store credit for several new bras, as well as one of those sheer swimsuits.

George said he'd be in touch when the time came to make his next catalog, as well. I said I looked forward to it.