Milf loves to see horny guys get erections to her

Milf loves to see horny guys get erections to her
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Later that day Sharp buzzed from his office and I slowly walked to the door and hesitated. Sharp could see my profile through the frosted glass and shouted menacingly "Get in here now Katie" ! I opened the door and walked in, eyes down cast. Sharp said. "We are getting a visit from the Mayor tomorrow Katie.You know, the Mayor whose money you have been putting in that secret account of yours". Sharp gave an evil laugh and continued. "You better dress nice and pretty for him.

You know what I mean"! He said no more and left me wondering what tomorrow would bring. The next day I awoke with a feeling of dread.Dave was still asleep as I picked a smart skirt and top from the wardrobe.

I had no idea what to wear as I did not want to look like a slut when the Mayor came. I chose the sort of things I would wear to an informal party, but also put more make up on then I would usually sexy meguru kosaka gives him some great head. When I got to the office Sharp had me make coffee and about 15 minutes later the outer door opened and Mayor Crouch walked in.

I knew him from having being introduced at a golf club dinner and of course his picture was plastered all over the town at election times.

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A small,stocky, man in his sixties, with a large nose, a very obvious toupee. terrible,loud ,dress sense and two vulgar,gold teeth. He made me cringe. Mayor Crouch looked, well, more stared at me as he passed and Sharp came out to meet him and took him through to his office. I could hear a murmur of voices for a while and thought my name was mentioned several times,then the buzzer made me jump. I went into Sharps office. The men both stared at me Mayor Crouch with a stare that took me in from top to toe.

I had a very bad feeling about this.

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Sharp said, " The Mayor wants to ask some questions. I am sure you will know what its about Katie! I think it will be more appropriate for this to happen in the clients lounge". Sharp stood up and said. "This way Mayor Crouch" gesturing to a door in the corner of the office. I followed and walked in behind the two men. The lounge was rarely used and smelled of polish and leather from the large sofa and chair and there was also a musty smell like old books.

Sharp said. " Ok, well I will leave the two of you alone now" then addressing Crouch said, "I hope you will find Katie co operative. But if there are problems,I am right next door". When Sharp closed the door Crouch said, "My my young lady, you have been a silly girl have'nt you"? I knew immediately ther was no point whatsoever of trying to plead my case with this predatory man,who was already unfastening the buttons of his beige,large check, trousers.

He walked towards me and said, " You are going to be real nice to me Katie. Now get on your knees girl"! With no other option I did as he said. Moments later Crouch's penis was in front of my face semi erect.

He said nothing,just pushed the tip against my lips and I took it into my mouth. Soon it was stiff and he put a hand each side of my head and ground his groin into my face, at first gently, then harder until I was trying to super teen creampie mila marx cum in pussy cream pie back as he made me retch. I manage to lower my head a little to change the angle his penis was pushing in and it was less uncomfortable.

I could hear Crouch's moans getting louder,then felt a warm spurt in my throat and then another a he squirted his semen, making it impossible to do anything but swallow.

When he finished he withdrew his penis fastened his pants and said, "Get a drink. I will be back in a while". He left the room and I sat on the leather sofa.

After a few minutes I went to the dispenser and poured a plastic cup of water and drank,then another,trying to wash the taste of the vile man from my mouth. I sat for what seemed like ages,but was probably twenty to thirty minutes,then the door from Sharps room opened again and Crouch came in. He sat next to me on the sofa and moved close.

He said, "Kiss me" and moved hands to the sides of my face pushing his mouth against mine.His lips were wet and rubbery and it was disgusting as he parted my lips with his tongue and explored my mouth. He pushed me backwards on the sofa, his hands now groping my breasts. Then he grabbed and ripped my top,scattering buttons and burrowed his face in my cleavage.

His hands slid up up my legs,under my skirt and he was tugging and pulling at my panties. He had me laid back on the sofa now and he came up for breath.

He said gruffly and breathlessly, "Sharp has told me You dont use contraception girl. I like that. Getting the opportunity to knock up a pretty,young wife is good, very good".

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He was fumbling at his trousers again and chocolat ikeda with hot ass loves candy them down,before pulling my panties off me. Once he had done it his knee pressed my legs apart and he moved on top of me eagerly and urgently guiding the tip of his penis between my labia and he penetrated me quickly. I laid keeping quiet while he pushed until he was fully inside me.

He stopped for a moment and whispered, "There, feel that. I 'know you' now Katie and I am going to 'know you' over and over and over again,just wait and see". Crouch began to push in and out of my vagina. Having eased his sexual urges earlier,he was able to hold back and take his time. I had decided just to let him get on with what he wanted but not to give him the satisfaction of seeing any reaction from me,but it did not work out that way.

Crouch stopped thrusting and suddenly my head jolted as he slapped me hard across the side of my head. His face was in mine eyes glaring. He hissed, "You are in way over your head here young woman.Dont play with me! Jail might be the least of your worries if you start getting clever". He reached and gripped my throat with one hand. He was obviously angry and frustrated.He continued.

"There are six of us run this town and we dont get messed about. We get what we want. We always get what we want.

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Now wise up girl. I am going to fuck you now and you are going to enjoy it. Right? " I nodded,eyes stinging with tears. I had listened and the whole time been aware of Crouch's stiff penis still lodged deep inside me,invading the most intimate part of me.

As he began to thrust again, I began to lift my bottom in time with his pushing. I gave a small moan.

Crouch whispered, "Thats better Katie. Now open yourself right up for me". He began to kiss me as I opened my legs wider.Crouch lifted his head slightly said, "Wider Katie.Spread and let me right in". Hug ass black grandmothe pussy squirting moved my legs as wide as I could and his bristly grey pubic hair began rubbing against my clitoris.

I felt sick with myself as I felt the first sense of arousal. Crouch did not have a huge penis,but it was curved back slightly like a banana and it was sliding against a secret,sensitive, place inside me. I was suddenly lubricated and wet. Crouch was thrusting quicker and I was acting like a common prostitute,moaning and pushing against him.

My vagina was engorged and I was feeling every every thrust intensely. Crouch was pushing deep now with short hard thrusts and I felt the contractions start as my orgasm arrived. I heard my voice ragged and high pitched, "Fuck me, fuck me,fuck me you bastard" as I felt Crouchs sperm squirting up into my womb