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Kiara mia pool fuck with clover
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Episode III Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 28: Time Apart Holly had the chance to study abroad, and she took it. She was going to be gone for a month in Europe. This was our last night together before she left early in the morning. We were sitting at the table, having just finished dinner. "I have to go a whole month without you?" I asked her, still coming to terms with her impending absence. "I know baby, I'll miss you so much" Holly said. "I don't want you moping around so i finally fucked this hot babe harper and it was amazing hardcore teen I was here" Holly said.

"What do you mean?" I asked her. "I want you to have fun while I'm gone" She said. "Define Fun" I said. "You know what I mean. sex, silly" She said. "Oh SEX? I was going to have tons of sex anyway" I said, playing with her. She rolled her eyes. "And you be sure to have fun too" I said to her. "Were you just trying to get my permission to have sex on your trip?" I asked her, knowing it was the point of the entire conversation. "Yes" She said. "You don't need my permission for anything" I said.

"Well except for maybe a sex change operation or something like that" I said joking. She just smiled at me, that big wide loving smile, her eyes seeing through mine to me. "Holly, I love you, I know that you would never do anything to hurt me, or to jeopardize us, if you want to have sex with someone, you don't need my permission" I said, seriously. "I love you too John and I know that sex can be for love and for fun, and that its only love between us, and that is what matters" She said to me. Our hands in each others on the table top, our eyes staring into each others.

"You know what?" I said to her. "What?" She asked me. "Tonight will be unforgettable, and we will go a month just remembering it." I said, matter-of-factly. Holly didn't have to ask why, she knew why.

We would both use up the love from the next month in one night. *** Holly left the table and told me to come into the bedroom after her in five minutes. I cleaned the table off and then watched sportscenter for a few minutes waiting to go in. After much anticipation, I walked into the bedroom. There were candles lit on the dresser, giving the room a dim glow.

Holly was wearing lingerie, a lacey see through garment, a Victoria's Secret kind of thing. It was semi-transparent and strapped over her shoulders, covering her breasts, down to her stomach and crotch. It was incredibly sexy.

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She was sitting on the edge of the bed. I took off my clothes, walking to the bed naked and sat down next to her. She put her head on my shoulder. "You will never be able to forget this night" She whispered sexily into my ear.

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"I love you" I said to her. "Shhh" Holly said, putting one finger against my lips as she pushed me back onto the bed. Holly straddled me, laying on me, kissing me.

Holly and I made out for a very long time, just kissing and holding each other in the dim light. Our bodies pressed against each other, trying to be so close we would be inside of each other, our lips and tongues moving in and out of each other.

Holly got up, leaving me on the bed. She slipped the straps off her shoulders, and pulled the lacey garment down stepping out of it. Now naked, she crawled back on top of me.

She caressed my body as she came back up to me, face to face. "Tell me when you get close to coming" She said to me. "Okay." Holly gave me a few quick strokes, and then held my cock behind her, as she lowered herself onto me, me in her. She lay on top of me, her breasts pressing against me, my cock throbbing inside of her. She was looking right into my eyes. She tilted her head and lowered her lips to mine.

Her tongue lovingly caressed mine, as she slowly thrusted her body against mine. I didn't thrust back, she did all the work. Holly's hot tight pussy surrounded my throbbing cock, our bodies joined. Holly kept the thrusting at a slow loving pace. After a while her juices were flowing down to me. Our mouths still making love as well. She was approaching orgasm. She was breathing heavily, as her pussy came, contracting around me.

She kept herself from screaming, her tongue in my mouth. Then she went straight back to thrusting again. She made love to me still more, our mouths still together with my arms around her back, holding her tight against me. Soon I was approaching my own orgasm.

"I'm close" I said. Holly stopped thrusting entirely. She lay still on top of me. She pulled her mouth away, just staring into my eyes. It's hard to describe what her eyes said to me, or how it made me feel, but its just love I guess.

My near orgasm subsiding, Holly resumed thrusting and our mouths were together again. Holly's breasts were rubbing up and down my chest, her nipples poking into me. She made love to me. She was close to coming now, and she slightly increased the pace. She came, this time unable to restrain her pleasurable outburst. She embraced my kiss, her hands on the sides of my face as she made out with me. Her pussy still quivering around my cock, she went straight back into thrusting again.

When I got close to coming, she would stop, and let me come down. She continued this for at least two hours. She had come probably five or six time, but kept me from coming. Super cute newbie claire robbins teases us outside on a patio was so excited I was ready to burst. She had made love to me until I could take no more.

"I'm close again" I said. "I love you" She said, looking into my eyes. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, our mouths making love again, she thrusted her pussy against me so hard and fast I saw stars. I came right away, filling her up.

Her pussy milking my cock, I filled her love slit with semen. She continued pumping her body against me. Dad and mom and dotar sex ears were ringing and I was light headed right afterwards. My cock still inside of her, Holly simply lay on top of me. We fell asleep, my cock inside of her, our juices between us. She laid her head on my shoulder as we slept. I wouldn't see her again for a month. Holly: Let me introduce myself.

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You all know me, my name is Holly. I have been having a lot of fun helping John write the stories about our past. I spent a lot of time helping him write some parts that were from my point of view earlier in the series.

But for this section, we both agreed that I should write it, since John wasn't there. It's amazing that so many people are reading our story and like it so much. On to my writing debut. Well here it is.

… I looked over at the buzzing alarm clock and realized that it was already 3 in the morning. I only had an hour to get ready and leave for my month of studying abroad. My plane for Paris left at 7. John was still sound asleep and I gingerly pulled myself off him, my body still tingly from the night before. I showered quickly, washing away the remnants of our love from the night before. I kissed John and finished getting ready in a haze. Next thing I knew, I was on the plane trying to get to sleep for long flight.

I was sitting in my chair, staring out the window to the clouds below. I couldn't wait to get to Paris. I was going to have so much fun between classes. But… a month is such a long time. I wish John could have come with me. I hoped he would have fun while I was gone, because I knew I'm going to have some fun. I knew I would miss him. I love him. For the first time, I actually thought I might get jealous of a girl he might be with.

We had really stumbled into sex with many people, and then it became a habit. But I was always there. Now I would be gone. I was confident before, but I was beginning to wonder if this may not be a good idea. I think it was probably just something to occupy my mind for the long flight. John: I woke up, and she was long gone. She had to be gone by 4 am.

Somehow I missed her leaving. I guess she didn't want to disturb me. I rose and showered, getting all the dried up juices off me. Semi-dressed, I went into the living room, and got on my computer.

I tried to remember my login and password for the internet sex strangers site. After some thinking, and mainly ebony riding white girlplaymate my big black threesome to find the old e-mail, I got my password.

I logged on and browsed through the women's listings. Many of them had pictures. I figured I would try something new. I milfs wet crack endures hammering hardcore and blowjob lots of college girls, nympho types.

But what about sex starved older women? I narrowed the search to just older women in the area. I browsed through, finding some interesting ones. I sent some e-mails to the women. It could be days, or never, before they replied. I decided to list myself, just for this month. I put up my listing. John Morrison, 20 years old. Man seeking woman. It asks for a description of myself. I thought for a while. "Young man, lots of experience, knows how to please. My nympho girlfriend is out of town.

She told me to share the love, looking for woman who needs some serious service. One month only, get it while its hottt." I was proud of it. Maybe I should become a writer… With that up, anyone could search through the male listings by all sorts of categories, and see mine.

I even put in a picture. They let you put up pictures of any body-part too, but I didn't do that. Under the 'size' category, I put above average, which is true. I figured I might get a reply in a week or two. With that business out of the way, I watched some TV, just passed some time.

On a whim I checked my e-mail before going to get some food. I had a reply already. 'Hi John, My name is Veronica. I am Forty seven. I divorced my husband three years ago when I found out he had cheated on me…many times.

I got half the bastard's money, so I don't work. I moved out here, and I am all alone in my mansion. I need a man to bring excitement to my boring life. Will you rescue this lonely older year old college girl makes porn video Please respond quickly, I am wearing my vibrator out!' "That was fast" I muttered to myself.

A rich, lonely, older woman, who is wearing out her vibrator. if this isn't a case of a lonely woman who needs rescue, I don't know what is. I sent a reply, and within the hour, we were chatting it up on the phone. I was going to meet her for our 'date' on Tuesday, today is Saturday. So there's that. Going down the list, I had an e-mail from the sex club that I had overlooked, from the excitement of Veronica's e-mail. 'John & Holly, we have another meeting on Thursday, hope you can attend.

Also, we are having a special party for all the guys next Saturday. Call me or e-mail me with any questions. --Peter' "Man, she's gone a couple hours and I got dates lining up" I said to myself. "I am hot stuff I guess" I said to myself again. Ahh telling jokes to yourself about yourself by yourself. Hey, I thought it was pretty funny at the time.

Well, I have three days before my 'date.' I guess I can hold over until then. I wonder if Holly was getting any yet…