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Small tits teen girl iwia sucks a cock and drilled from behind
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After my big Christmas with the family and a quiet and intimate New Year celebration I'm back at school for a week when the notice comes down for a student cristi ann liza rowe in fucking girlfriends best friend and pep rally in the gym after the first full week of school.

That is a good thing except 1 girl many boys sex in bedroom forcely the fact that Mrs. Jackson wants me to speak and get people out of the back to school blues. I have days to prepare for it as I tap Hideo and his A/V people for a little assistance and I get some wonderful ideas as things they can put together and a big damn screen to show it on in front of everyone. I let him handle the details and go over what I'm going to say.

When Friday rolls around and its assembly time I am up hiding among a bunch of younger classmates. They don't realize it's me, I find it funny as I'm kind of blending in keeping to myself. I know the girls are looking for me in the usual spots and the only person who knows where I'm at is Hideo's tech people who know exactly where I'm at as Mrs.

Jackson is going on about taking classes seriously and promoting the study groups that Jun and I established. "And now for something that most of you look forward to at these assemblies, a few words from our Class President Guy Donnelly," Mrs. Jackson says stepping away from the podium. I watch as two students surprise Mrs. Jackson by rushing out and moving the podium out of the way before the lights go dark, it's not pitch black mind you but people are murmuring when everyone hears a some music kick on, it's a hard and basic guitar riff with drums in the back and people are getting into it when I stand up and the spot light hits me.

As always I have my coat on and my hood up as I start to make my way down the aisle and I'm touching hands as I go. I make it to the gym floor and everyone is cheering as one of the A/V boys rushes me a microphone and I hold it up as the lights brighten so that I can see my fellow students. "New Year, resolutions, promises and blah blah blah. God doesn't it make you feel old sometimes, these are supposed to be the beginning of the rest of our lives and we get dragged down by talk," I tell everyone as they look on, some confused," We don't need talk, we have the people around us.

Our friends, our boyfriends and girlfriends, lifelong buddies and home girls. I want everyone to pay attention because we're learning a little before we enjoy our weekend." The lights dim and the pictures and video start on the giant patch work of white behind me and I am watching a little as we see students studying. Punks chasing off a guy from another school harassing a girl, the football team and Lou's sportsmanship to the quarterback last game of the year, generally a lot of heartwarming and bonding pictures which make me smile a little before the music cuts out.

This isn't what I planned on when the word believe pops up in black letters. I watch some of the letters fade till the word 'LIE' is left. Then I hear uk essex slut southend on sea nina voice pick up over the audio, it's muffled but you can understand it.

"Guy Donnelly is a coward; he hides behind his army only choosing to fight when he can't get someone to do it for him.

He uses fear and intimidation to make factions work together so that his order will be maintained. He has five women that he rampantly abuses for his personal pleasure," as all this is happening there are pictures coming up on the screen, one of them being myself and Katy in a mad embrace with me holding her by the hair and her gasping in pleasure," This is not a leader, this is a dictator who abuses his power and will make whatever he wants his by force.

You're girlfriends are not safe, nothing is sacred, you believe the lie. Guy Donnelly is the lie." I am a little stunned but it's dark and I can hear everyone starting to question. It's a seed of insecurity and I have dozen ideas pop into my head as to how to handle it.

The lights start to come on and I turn to my people and pull the microphone up to my face. "Mad dictator talking here," I joke and a couple people laugh," I'm abusive, I will take your women, I will hurt you and make you conform to my will. Really?! Problem is there is a lie that goes on about me that everyone believes." I can hear people go from listening to on the edge of their seats waiting as I sit cross legged on the floor and pull my hood back.

"I'm afraid. I'm scared of a lot of things because the outcome may hurt me and others. I don't like being a force that won't compromise but sometimes I have to be harsh so that all can benefit and not a select few.

I'm afraid of losing this good life and this good environment we have built here. One where everyone can be around everyone else and nobody cares about a group because we're all the same group," my words ring out and people are listening and nodding again. I can see Kori and Matty in the stands with the rest of my crew. They're all looking down and while most don't catch my expression I know Kori saw it as I lower my head and go for the big push.

I stand up and start pacing while speaking loudly and firmly. "While I may be afraid that doesn't change what I do, what we do! We stand up, we face the fear, we take the pain and we endure the witless and the weak because we chose to stand up. They may not know us and they may not like us, guess what? People like that we don't need in our lives," I bark as people start to cheer me on," The change has already started; it's been going for almost a year now.

And the fist is change and the fist will come down. If you look down on me you will see a demon there to drag you through the fire, if you look up to me you will see a hand there to pull you out of the darkness. And if you look me in the eye you'll see a man. Scared, flawed but standing up and we will not stop! This is our time, this is our year!" I drop the microphone with an unceremonious thud and march my ass up the bleachers to Kori and Matty who wrap me up in a combo girl hug.

It's loud and people are cheering but inside I'm seething as to who fucked with my assembly. I turned it but this shit is getting old fast.

We're dismissed and calmly we head out with the rest of the students talking and I'm shaking hands with more than a few as I bypass heading to the parking lot and go right for the A/V room. My whole crew is behind me along with some added football support. I get in the A/V room and can hear Hideo going off on everyone of his people as to what the fuck happened. I calmly open the door and step inside with Matty and Kori in tow.

"Guy I'm really sorry we don't know what happened but I'm damn sure going to find out," Hideo tells me agitated. "I'll handle this brother. Everyone empty your pockets and show me your wallets and cell phones," I tell the five guys in the room. Russian hot 2 tube porn all of them do what I've asked and I'm looking through the contents when another Asian boy catches my attention.

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He's got two cell phones, a nice one and a junk one along with a hundred dollars in twenties. I dismiss everyone including Hideo from the room save for my girls and the Asian kid. He's quiet and scared as I have my hood on and my girls are staring a hole through him. "What's your name," I ask quietly. "Edgar," he responds a little scared.

"Okay Edgar, I'm going to ask you a few questions and make some statements, tell me if I'm right and don't lie to me. If you lie I will leave this room and so will my girls, when you come back to school Monday people won't speak with you, the A/V club won't let you in, study groups won't work with you in any capacity, and even at lunch nobody will acknowledge you.

I will make you the weak sheep in the flock and you will be all alone," I tell him finally meeting his gaze," Do you understand me Edgar?" "Yes sir, I'm really sorry Guy I just don't&hellip.," Edgar starts in but I stop him. "Edgar we're not on that yet so I need you to focus.

Now I'm going to guess that somehow that phone came into your possession by an anonymous or unknown person. Did you see who that person was," I ask and he shakes his head," When you got your first call was it a male or a female?" "It was a male voice; he knew things that we were doing here.

He knew what we were doing for you and he wanted to 'contribute'," Edgar starts explaining but stops when he sees my expression," Sorry sir." "Edgar you're excited and you're afraid right now, just listen and answer when I ask a question.

He told you that he needed you to do something for him, how did you come to get money from him," I ask and Edgar almost drops his contents. "I told him no, I said I didn't want to help but he said it would be harmless and offered me money hand off the final project so he could alter it. I wasn't to look at it since I'm the final editor and when it was back in my possession the money was with it," He tells me very scared now.

"Easy Edgar, you're doing well. So you dropped this off anonymously, there was nobody you saw that took the thumb drive with the project and nobody who was there to deliver it with the money," I ask getting a nod confirming what I asked," And has this person contacted you since?" "No, he did say I should run from you today.

I couldn't but I'm scared of tomorrow," He tells me shaking. I reach across the distance between us leaning forward and rest a hand on his shoulder. He flinches at first but I'm calm and in a mood for information gathering. He didn't want to harm me, he just had a weak moment and someone took advantage of him. I stand him up and he's scared as I look into his face. "I forgive you Edgar, you were weak but you didn't run. You stayed fearing I would find you and now I have. Nobody is going to hurt you because of this; nobody is going to treat you differently.

We will help you be better," I tell him as he nods and finally starts to relax," Keep the money Edgar, use it but the phone is mine now." I take the junk burner phone and hand it to Kori before slowly walking Edgar out of the room and into a waiting pack of my people who are ready to destroy him at my command. "Edgar made a mistake, someone saw that he was vulnerable and caught him alone.

They took advantage of him and while he didn't hurt me he let someone try. Edgar doesn't need a punishment or a beating, he needs people to help him be stronger and that's what we do right," I ask as the end. Everyone agrees with me and I let Hideo pull him aside and they talk. It's a good talk from what I gather as Edgar is ashamed but can come back better from this.

I am glad that Jackie helped me with giving people chances but this is pushing my limits as I head back to my bike with my fiancés and crew in tow. We idly chat for a bit before heading off towards home. I'm in the door five seconds and right in the gym fuming mad and ready to kill.

"I don't know who this fucker is but I want to rip his head off and shit down his neck," I yell as Dad follows me in and closes the door.

I go over what happened today and Dad listens quietly, I'm ranting and raving while just stares at me before motioning for me to sit. It takes me a second but I finally do and Dad decides to contribute.

"Whoever this is they've been planning this, granted some things a little more than others like the file during Christmas. They're trying to catch you off guard, now more than ever you need to keep your eyes open and your friends aware that when it comes it's coming for you and you alone," Dad explains calmly. "I want to find this fuck and hurt him," I growl," want to hurt him so bad his parents are hospitalized by what I do to him." "And if it's a girl like some of the calls have been," Dad asks plainly.

"Then I'll have Imelda or Katy or even Matty beat the fuck out of her. They'd do it gladly for my peace of mind," I am still angry but trying to calm down. "The more important thing is to remember whoever is doing this is planning something big and it's pointed right at you. We've discussed this and I need to know are you prepared for when they come at you head on," Dad asks plainly.

"I am getting there, I just can't bring a lot of people in on it now because it tips the hand," I state and Dad nods in agreement. Dad and I talk and he calms me down a lot. I want this fuck but with nothing to go on I have to keep control and wait for them to slip up. More importantly I'm looking at the big secret of a sister that I'm still hoping to hear some news on from Mr. Delauter. Sadly there is none but it's only been nearly a month and she's been gone for years.

I settle in to my room after talking and even at dinner I note that Katy is absent and so is Liz. I'm a little confused as to where Katy is since she does all of her studying here at home. I'm relaxing in my room before bed when I hear her roll in around ten at night. I creep out of my room and she sees me as she's about to close her bedroom door, I get a light wave and a smile before it closes and I'm in a really odd state with it.

I figure she's tired and wants to sleep but she's been gone all day and now she doesn't even say hello? I sleep that night with confusion running around my head. Saturday is a bit of the quiet side for me with my girls are doing the wedding planning bit.

I point out how I wasn't invited and they just laugh about it, I'm not upset considering it's them having girl time. I actually sit and hang out with my Dad for the day since its quiet and I don't have shit to do. The girls break from their planning in the mid afternoon and I get to cuddle and see what they came up with at the dinner table. It actually looks nice but there is some indecision about a church or an outdoors wedding. I actually take a side and go with church which is agreed with and no fight occurs, thank god.

My girls head home and the family eats dinner together for a change. Conversation amateur blonde eurobabe beata sits on cock for money light and pleasant save for Katy who is distracted the entire meal. I help Mom clean up and settle in my room on my bed reading one of the books the girls got me for Christmas.

I'm actually asleep when perfect blow job and lapdance by czech student phone goes off and I see it's a bit past eleven. I check the ID and it reads Imelda as I answer it. "Baby I have trouble, I'm up in Tacoma and I got cheated bad. Now I'm stuck and they have my bike," Imelda tells me sounding scared which makes me confused and angry.

"Location and I'll be there as fast as possible," I tell her hopping up from my bed. I get the info from her and am dressed in my camo pants, long sleeve shirt and my leather jacket with boots as I head out of abg sama adik porn videos search watch and download abg sama adik free sex room. My moving through the house doesn't go unnoticed as Dad meets me in the living room and Katy is hot on my heels.

"Son what is it," Dad asks concerned. "Imelda needs some help up in Tacoma, I'll be back as soon as I can," I tell him almost out the door when Katy grabs me. "Wait I'm coming too," she tells me rushing back to her eve makes hot love in the cold snow. Soon enough it's the two of us on our bikes, me on Black Sunshine and Katy on her bike.

It's a speedy little green bike with biohazard logo on it in yellow and the word 'ENVY' in pink. We are on the freeway soon and heading north for about an hour plus when we get to where the 'party' is. It's a bit less bright and sporty than the gatherings down in Texas but still the same feel of vehicles, party and money are abound. Katy and I park and pack our helmets as I start to work my way through the crowd with her in tow.

It takes maybe five minutes when I see the familiar white racing suit surrounded by a bunch of preppy fuckers with brightly colored race clothing and Imelda's bike under someone else's ass.

There are some real biker's in leather hanging around the area talking and drinking as I walk right up to Imelda and when I see her face my rage kicks in. She's got a hell of a bruise forming around her eye and there aren't many ways that can happen when you wear a helmet racing. I turn towards the guy on Imelda's bike and bee line for him when a large, well larger than me by a little, guy in bright fucking green steps in front of me.

"Hey man Kurt isn't taking any more challengers tonight," He tells me as I start to walk around him. He stops me with a hand on my chest and that's where the violence starts for me.

I grab his thumb and twist it hard so his palm is facing up before moving inside his reach and hammering him three times in the ribs. I let him double over a bit before hooking his head in my arm and bending him backwards in a reverse head lock with him facing up. I look behind me and see cooler sitting on couple pallets of wood and look to 'Kurt' before hurling my body backwards and smashing the guy's face into the wood.

I let him go as he's out like a bitch and turn back to Kurt who is now off the bike and it's when I hear a woman come running up to me that I turn to gauge my situation. She's blonde and not a pseudo college student like the 'brat pack' I'm facing down, she's got jeans shorts on and a black tank top with a leather vest.

"Hey kid you don't just start a fight here and uhhhkkkk," is about as far as she gets when Katy pounces. I watch Katy grab the woman's arm and pull it around her neck before dragging her to the ground and going for a top mount. One of Katy's fists is in the air as she decides to chime in. "You think about touching him and you won't need makeup you'll need a plastic surgeon," Katy growls staring down at the woman.

"EVERYONE WILL FUCKING STAND DOWN OR I WILL START BREAKING FUCKING FACES," is what we all hear as I turn to face the new entrant. I see him and it's a little different, no shirt on a white man with a black leather vest and red hair and blue jeans that have thick chain wrapped around his waist for a belt and some riding boots.

A green bandanna holds his red hair out of his face and his well groomed goatee and mutton chops for facial hair is as bright as the rest as he gets in my face. "Tell your girl to get the fuck off mine now," He barks at me. "Tell douche bag to get the fuck of my girl's bike," I tell him back realizing that I'm actually taller than him by a few inches. "You don't fucking tell me what to do at my meet," he says starting to turn as red as his hair.

"Your meet? Okay so when does cheating and beating a woman then taking her bike becomes the standard of the Tacoma racing scene," I ask hotly and he is fuming mad now. "You little fucker I'm gonna skin your ass alive. You come here and talk down to me like you are some high and mighty&hellip.," He starts barking but stops cold looking at my jacket and gets very quiet," Where did you get those patches?" "Texas," I reply and he takes a step back, not fearful but respectful.

"Who gave you the pitchfork," He asks again a lot calmer and I hear Katy letting up the woman behind us. "Sid of the Devil's Best," I tell him and as I can finally focus on him I see more than a few Devil's Best in the area. In actuality I'm surrounded by them and while everyone is watching us intently it's the short man that I'm paying the most attention to.

He turns his back and I watch the woman run off and return with a phone but when I see his back patch showing the Devil's Best symbol and words I know this can get really bad really fast. Katy is with Imelda as the woman comes back and hands him a phone. I watch him wave over the douche bag Kurt, he looks like a pretty boy with too much time in the tanning bed and neon red racing gear that looks like Michael Jackson willed it to him.

The biker leader moves back over to us and has his phone open. "Hawk this fucker attacked us and his bitch is a sore loser, let me keep their bikes and serve them an ass kicking," Kurt says with a cocky tone. "Here's the problem, we got a he said she said. He says he won fair and square when she bit it and she says someone hit her with a two by four and cost her the race. Personally I'm here keeping control of the meet and now I have a bleeding racer and a bruised woman not to mention a fucker with patches I don't think he earned telling me what to do so unless you want to walk away right now minus the Latina's bike you better be ready for an asskicking since I'm calling Sid," the biker, Hawk, tells us dialing up the number.

It takes a minute and apparently someone else answered Sid's phone. It takes a bit but I can tell Sid is on the line. "Hey Sid, this is Hawk up in Tacoma&hellip. Devil's ride out of hell&hellip. Yeah good to hear you're doing well to brother&hellip. Listen I have a problem, I got some kids here fucking with my meet and one is wearing a patch that he says you gave him&hellip.

Are you Guy," Hawk asks looking at me as I nod," Yeah it's him&hellip. Really? You're not fucking with me here&hellip. And the Latina girl friend is part too&hellip. I'll handle them both and we'll have next shipment down to you in five days&hellip. No problem at all brother it'll be my pleasure." I watch Hawk hang up the phone and hand it back to his woman before he squares off with me. The chain around his waist comes off and he's dangling it in his hand ready to swing at me when I watch it lash out and nail pretty boy Kurt in the gut.

I watch as Kurt drops and Hawk is all over him laying the chain across his back. "FOUR FUCKING YEARS OF WINNING RACES IN TEXAS AND YOU CLAIM SHE'S A SHIT RACER WHO BITES IT ON A CLEAN COURSE," Hawks screams at Kurt raining down blows," and you decide to fuck with my races and my percentage on this?" "She cheated&hellip.," Kurt babbles out as Hawk kicks him. "Now I have a business associate pissed off at MY people because we didn't see you for the pieces of shit that your crew is," Hawk screams as his woman starts to pull him off.

"Baby you're gonna kill him and I'm not interested in conjugal visits," She tells him putting herself injured son fuckd by mom his path. "Okay Sheena, I'm done. Get these fuckers off her bike, pay the woman what she's owed for the race and FUCK OFF OUT OF MY MEET," Hawk says to his woman before screaming at the 'Brat Pack'. Do they pay Imelda, fuck yes. Do they leave her bike cute teen and sexy stepmom threesome sex on the couch like touching it is a death sentence, oh hell yes.

I watch them clear out till it's just me, my girls and Devil's Best in the area. Katy checks on Imelda's face and I watch as Sheena leads them away talking about a first aid kit. I'm cooling off as Hawk approaches me putting his 'belt' back on. "Can we talk for a minute Guy," he asks calmer than when we started. We step away from the noise and crowd to a trailer where there is a table and some chairs set up. I am offered a seat and take it across from Hawk who is rubbing his forehead.

"We get a lot of 'who cheated who' claims up here. Your girl never said who she was so we didn't know and I'll be fucking damned if I'm going to kill one of the best moneymakers Sid has seen in a couple years," Hawk tells me and I nod," You helped the Union with growing local and set up Sid to take the transport contract?" "Yeah, I have a friend who runs a farm and started putting things together, I mean it's just a plant," I state and he chuckles.

"I understand and you going off on me and vice versa, we cool," He asks and I nod," Good, Sid said you might be a bit pissed fetish girl private show hot webcam masturbation jincam me for a while." "No, I came here and only meant to get my girl and her bike back.

He shouldn't have fucking touched me," I state thinking of the guy whose face I broke. "I get that man. Your friend almost beat the hell out of my woman though," He says as I stiffen for what comes next," People don't touch my woman but being a woman herself nobody knew what to do." We laugh at the idea of girl fights and I explain that both women are mine. He gives me an appreciative nod and doesn't ask questions.

It's nice to not have to explain my relationship for a change as we talk privately. He's a Lieutenant in the Devil's Best which puts him under Sid but gives him authority old blonde loves getting her pussy fucked hard hardcore and cumshot organize and send riders with the shipments from Johnny's.

We discuss the business and I mention that Johnny had a few security problems. Immediately horny kittens screw the biggest belt dicks and spray spunk everywhere offers to head down and set up camp there and I tell Hawk that I'll let Johnny know and make sure ffm anal french casting of half blood slut have space.

It's maybe a half hour later that Imelda and Katy come back with Sheena and I part ways with Hawk to head home. We three pull into home and park before entering the house quietly, we get half way across the room and I see Dad in the doorway.

The training never goes away and I give him thumbs up before watching him vanish back into the dark of his room.

Katy heads to her room but I drag Imelda to my room by her coat. We get inside and I start to strip down for bed while she stands there nervous. "They could have hurt you. Hawk could have killed you and that'd be my fault," Imelda says fiddling with her coat. "Are you saying you didn't need my help and didn't want me to come," I ask as she shakes her head," I don't run from problems.

You were scared, I heard it, I got mad and I came to end the problem and bring you home." "I know Guy and I love you but they would have killed you had you not been saved by Hawk," Imelda tells me as I stand up and move to her. "I would have buried every one of those neon fuckers, every last one of them. I would find their families and punch their parents in the reproductive so no more children could come from them. I would find their ancestors and&hellip.," I'm cut off by a sweet kiss from Imelda stopping my tirade.

We kiss as she backs me up to my bed and I'm stripping her out of her clothing as we move before turning and sitting my Latina biker girl down. I pull off her boots and then her pants leaving Imelda in a pair of tight black panties. I tuck my thumbs up under the waistband of Imelda's panties and pull them off gently discarding them to the floor and watch as she crawls naked up my bed backwards before turning off my bed lamp.

I am naked now and crawling up the bed towards her, it's not hard to find her on the bed as I get to knee and start to kiss my way up her body finally getting to her neck and I'm pulled into a deep soft kiss. I'm being wrapped up in Imelda's limbs and while I'm not hard yet or bodies are rubbing up against each other softly and it's nice to be so calm with her for a change.

Usually we're both angry and hyped up and rough, this is soft and slow. Her hands are running up and down my body as I start to feel myself hardening a little more as we slowly rock our bodies against each other.

I can feel a hand on my hips then in between us as Imelda is becoming a little anxious till my head bumps the entrance to her. We pause and even stop kissing before is slowly press forward and gently enter her, Imelda catches her breath and I'm almost holding mine in anticipation as I press farther and deeper into her warm folds.

We finally settle into each other and I can see her face in the dark, she's soft and nervous as I grind against her eliciting a moan. Slowly we rock against each other taking our time to feel everything the other has to offer and while we've done this dance before the tune is different and there is something new here. I'm taking short slow thrusts in and out of my Latina Fire Goddess and the whole time she's gently accepting me and encouraging me by rolling her hips against me as her hands trace up and down my body.

I feel wonderful, more like Imelda feels wonderful but she's almost afraid of something as we're making love. I actually think on it like that, we're making love; it's not hot sex or even a good soft coupling. We're making love for the first time since the first summer we met and I don't know what happens as I go into a full body press and almost suffocate her with a deep kiss and plenty of tongue.

We're so hot right now that I barely notice Imelda has tears running down her face. I break from kissing her and kiss her face taking out every single tear as she finally starts grinding against me full body like I am hers. It's when I feel her 'open' to me like never before I actually think I hit where she is right now in her mind, Imelda is vulnerable. She's never been in a bad position that she couldn't get out of and this isn't her home turf. I came to her aid and she was almost helpless till I stepped in, add to that she had to call me for help.

She's never been the one to ask or beg or anything when it came to a problem. Now here we are, in love and in a hard rolling against each other as she's crying for security and it's taking everything in me to keep from cumming too soon but my body betrays me, or is it my mind. I stiffen and groan as I spray my seed inside Imelda and for a second she's in shock before kissing me hard and deep while grinding against me to get more out.

It's not a horny or intense grinding; it's all based on a need from her for protection. Needless to say I oblige her in spades and when she finally breaks the kiss I rest my head next to hers larissa and sonya have some kinky fun she strokes my short hair and humms quietly.

"I love you Imelda," I whisper in the dark. "I know you love me, I never needed anyone other than my Mom like I needed you tonight. I was so weak I couldn't do anything and you came," She tells me feeling very afraid. "I'm here, Katy was there too. We're family and we will always be there for you just like you've been there for us since forever," I tell her quietly.

I roll off and neither of us think of cleaning up as she moves in to cuddle up against me and holding on so I don't leave her alone in the night. This is how I sleep, a scared yet now reassured woman in my arms. My Sunday morning goes pretty well, Imelda thanking Mom and Dad for letting her stay over.

They treat her like family and Mom helps check her bruise, it's a bit better but will be a little longer in the healing. Mostly I spend my time doing what I need to and try to fucking relax.

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I've spent the last two days getting blindsided and last night I didn't even try to talk, I fucked someone up for touching me. Granted one of those fuckers bashed Imelda's face in with a two by four or something. I'm back to school Monday and Ben is keeping everything on his radar, a couple younger classmen are rebelling stating they don't need our help and don't want it.

That's fine by me since its damn near ten of them and all they want is to be left alone by my regime and we're not harassing them.

Got to have resistance somewhere. It's about the last week of January and I'm being informed that we need to consider having local businesses help fund some of our non athletic based programs.

Maggie the council secretary sets up to have a few of the club reps invite businesses hoping to garner some funds to bolster their long haired asian gets big cock in her oriental ass a little. The struggles of a man living in bangkok pattaya same in a council meeting on Thursday and I'm listening to people discuss an open house with some of the businesses coming in to see what they would be spending their money on when a very familiar little Asian sidekick decides to chime in.

"President Donnelly if I may," Natsuko asks standing up and I nod while chuckling," Currently there are a lot of larger businesses that we could be courting but we need a foot in the door and someone to speak on behalf of the school. There is a benefit dinner rewarding several of the larger businesses for their contributions to the community and if we put a student in there who could talk on behalf of the school&hellip." "&hellip.We could get more funding for more groups potentially in one shot and save a lot of time and glad handing," I finish her sentence and nod in agreement," We'll need to find a representative to go speak." "Actually Guy that would be your job," Maggie informs me as everyone notes her stepping out of turn to correct the situation," You being President are the face of the school.

That means you would be the one to attend the dinner." Wonder-fucking-ful, I get to go glad hand people on behalf of the school. I feel like Oliver, please sir may I have some more? It's my job and my responsibility but with all the last moment crap I'm going to be stuck wearing one of the suits that Loretta got me last summer.

The meeting adjourns and people leave talking about budget cuts and their club business and I watch the rest of the council leave till it's just I and Natsuko alone in the room. "Trying to Pearl Harbor me," I ask quietly.

"No, Guy please I thought we were past last year," Natsuko whines a little move up to my 'desk'. "Well a dinner happens to be set for tomorrow night where I can woo and court a bunch of money grabbers and I'm the 'only' one who can go speak. Talk about convenient," I state finally looking at her.

"Okay it's Mom, she has a problem and she needs you to help out a little. I figured we could kill two birds with one shot," my Asian sidekick informs me a little desperate. "We're going over to visit your mother after school today and either I hear something that will help the school or I'm out," I tell her as she starts to pout," And no amount of Japanese girl on my lap allowing me to fondle her will change that." It takes Natty a second to realize what I said before she vaults over the 'desk' to me and I'm getting a couple light kisses and some nice groping when the class bell rings and she pouts before grabbing her bag and heading off to her class.

I pass the rest of the day in the library working on an essay for my English Lit class online. When I'm finally done I join the latter half of study period and my crew.

We chat a bit about a lot of nothing and I let Kori and Matty know that I'll be busy after school and probably tomorrow night as I have a new task. I explain how Natsuko roped me into a fundraising dinner with a couple businesses, they are supportive of me getting the school some extra funding for the non athletic groups and I figure worst case I'll come home and tighten the budget.

Taking Natsuko home on Pale Horse is easy enough and I can tell her Father isn't home by the lack of car in the driveway. We get inside and Natty calls to her Mother in Japanese and sure enough Kimiko appears from the kitchen in all her Japanese milf housewife glory. I sit down in a chair separating me from the two which Natty doesn't notice but Kimiko does before sitting next to her daughter. "Guy thank you for coming by, it's been a while but there is a problem I think you might be more than suited to help with," Kimiko tells me playing up my skill in the opening volley.

"Well I'm not making any promises here, I'm doing part of this for my school's funding as well," I reply trying to keep it neutral. "My friend that needs the help is Cassandra Goddard ne Konklin soon if her divorce goes through. She's a VP at Boeing in the marketing and she's the one that needs the help," Kimiko explains laying out everything for me," Her ex husband is using a loophole in the prenup to keep his money but that's not the problem, he works at Boeing as well in the Engineering department.

He got mad when she didn't get him promoted and they separated. That's when he started his sleeping around and began his slander campaign." "Okay so he's talking shit and he's an asshole, I don't need to go to dinner for this. I can drag him into an alley and kick the shit out of him," I state but Kimiko's expression sours. "Violence is no good with this. People are wondering about her and her reputation with her job is suffering since she won't take part is his slander campaign," She continues," I need you to help her out a little by going with her to this benefit, some charities will be there as well but you can do some of your talented talking and even if you don't get anything Cassandra will be grateful for someone helping to improve her image and hurting her husband's if possible." "So I go there, eat dinner and talk with a bunch of suits to get money and make her feel better in the eyes of her societal peers," I ask and get a nod in response," Fine but is this a suit and tie thing or do I need to rent another tuxedo?" "Suit and tie will be fine.

I told Cassandra you might be able to help and she said that if you did Boeing would make a donation at the end of the night for one thousand dollars," Kimiko informs me and I almost choke. I've been in the budget, we're losing money fast and there is no straight source. I get that feeling again about my mysterious friend but thanks to Jun there are no accounts with my name on them and no new added money to what I do have to frame me.

Five grand will put five clubs back on track and even let the dance committee, aka Tania, have a bonfire party at the school. I agree, I'm not sure about it but I agree nevertheless. Friday is a bit on the official side, plenty of clubs asking me about their funding and whether or not I've got anyone looking to help out our school. It gets to the point that after my sexy college stunner rides a thick member I'm hiding in the library with my coat off and in a back computer cubicle working on my college classes.

When school finally ends I meet my crew who are wondering at my absence during study period. "Baby you aren't even coming around to see us now," Kori asks poking a little.

"All day its money money money, only thing anyone asks me about is money," I tell her grumpily. "Well the girls basketball team needs some new uniforms," Matty jokes a little. I rush in and scoop her up putting her over my shoulder and start playfully spanking her. She's laughing and I finally put her down when I see Ben staring out at something. I follow his gaze and see Vicki watching something out of our sight and her hand goes up in a signal. "What is it," Hideo asks as everyone is looking at Ben and me funny.

"Ben, Isaac with me. Devin, Masha and Matty stay here and keep everyone together," I state rushing off with my people in tow. Do the rest stay where they are, yes and thank god. Is there already a crowd and a fight going on, sadly yes. I part the crowd forcibly and put myself in between Lou and Donny, great football and basketball teams are fighting.

Lou is so enraged he yelling stop crying tears lesbian from licking pussy even asian school pretty girl acquires down on jock me and tries to bum rush past me me. One palm shot to the throat to knock the wind out of him and a step in hip takedown has him on his back and working more in his ability to breathe than fighting someone. I hear another commotion and see Donny on the ground in a face down arm bar with Ben holding him down.

"Disperse now or there will be trouble," I yell out causing people to back up. I let Lou catch his breath and sit him up, Donny is up as well but they're staring a hole into each other.

I finally get them on a bench at opposite ends and it's just down the five of us. "This isn't over with you and your boys fucking Courtney," Donny growls. "After the shit you did with Amy I'm going to end your fucking season early," Lou barks back and I stomp the bench in between them stopping all arguments. "Phones now," I order them and begrudgingly they hand them off.

Well the pictures are pretty damn accurate, girls in various states of undress with a couple shots of some sex. I check the sent messages and times between phones and that's where I see the first problem. I pull the numbers and see the same one sent both sets of pictures, and it's neither phone I'm holding. "Isaac I need Hideo now and his laptop. Bring the rest of the crew as well," I tell my spy and off he goes. It isn't long that he comes back with everyone in tow and I sit Kori right in between both jocks.

Everyone is looking confused by that one as I hand Hideo the phones and show him the pictures, then the sending number. He smiles and starts hooking up shaved teen violet blue gets her ass rammed phones. "If you two still want to fight you have to go through Kori. And I swear to god if you touch her I will bury you both in a shallow grave across the Canadian border," I state as they both look at Kori who's relishing her new power.

I watch Hideo goes through everything, it's really basic two sets of pictures from the same number but when he starts undoing parts of the pictures and takes the faces off I start laughing. Hideo takes maybe ten minutes to finish and shows both Donny and Lou the unedited pictures. "Now does that look like either girlfriend," He asks and both shake their heads no.

I hand them the other's phone and show them no pictures on the phones matching what they had, no sent messages either. Both trade phones back after a bit and while Donny is sorry Lou is pissed.

"Who is fucking causing this bullshit," He growls. "Someone who wants me to suffer," I state and now they both look at me," It's more than just this but the dance was rigged, remember Kori and the dumbass? Now you two going to war and who is supposed to stop it?" "But why you," Donny asks trying to figure it out. "Look at my life these past years, just what you've heard," I ask and both kind of think for a second," You don't get to this point without pissing off some people.

Jealousy, revenge, just wanting to make a name for themselves I don't know but it's pissing me off." "We're sorry about that Guy," Lou says and Donny nods in agreement. "Well a little more thinking on your parts next time or hell, just come to one of us and we'll help figure it out," I tell them and they finally agree. The both of them are calmed down and I grab the number from Hideo and call it on the burner phone Kori's been holding onto for me.

I am done playing in the background with this fucker, time to fire back. It rings a little bit before I hear a pick up, a muffled voice; very much a male voice comes over the line.

"Hey there friend, got your message," I state in the device as my people watch," When are you just going to send that girl you got running your errands around so we can have a formal sit down?" "You don't know what I'm truly capable of," the voice states as I continue. "I know you're kinda smart and know more about me than I thought. I also know that you don't have what it takes to actually do something yourself. Sending people around to fuck with my friends, trying to split me from my family and even getting someone to try to ruin my fiancé's night," I tell him, pretty sure it's a him," as for what your capable of you want me off my guard so you can blindside me, like Derek did a few years ago, or hell you might try to lure me into a fight one on one like Kyle and I did last year." Silence on the other end, the call is still going and I look around.

Nobody I can see here but me and mine but with my looking Ben and Vicki are searching fast. "I'm not there," the voice informs me," but you thought I might be." "No, not you but probably someone you left yet another burner phone with. Honestly we'll catch up sooner or later but I have a question for you," I state as everyone looks on," How did it feel to get left out last time I went to war.

How did it feel to be so unimportant that I didn't even bother to have you taken care of?" "You tried but you should have&hellip.," Is as far as I let the voice talk before hanging up the phone.

"Why did you hang up on him," Hideo asks taking the phone. "Because Guy's in charge," Ben states for the record. "You don't go against us and take control, we run you over," Matty reaffirms as we are thinking now. "I need to speak with Heather and Kyle soon, for now let's relax cause I have to get ready to make some money tonight," I tell everyone as we disperse.

After dropping Kori off and heading home things are quiet as I shower, dressing my black suit with red tie combo, my favorite of the suits and wait for my ride. A phone call from Kimiko asks if I'll meet her friend at their house to save time, I figure it'll be fine and its Liz who drives me over as Katy is once again out studying.

Another study group on a Friday evening, and I'm not seeing much of Katy to begin with this year and it's starting to grate on my nerves.

I get dropped off and while Kimiko and her husband are there waiting and the conversation is pleasant it's when a very nice Bentley pulls up that I'm told my ride is here. I get in the passenger side of the car and that's where my brain stops for a moment to try to figure out who is next to me as the car pov dicksucking babe rubs cock against cunt pretty dark inside.

"Well hello there, you must be Guy," the woman greets me," I'm Cassandra." We leave and I'm sitting in the dark and while I can make out a shape that is very pleasing, or at least I hope I'm seeing the shape right, it's the long drive and quiet of the car that has me off my game. "So you agreed to a thousand dollar contribution and all I have to do is accompany you to this soiree.

I'm not certain I'll get any more donations but I have plenty to speak about if I can get two words in edgewise," I tell her as she drives in the quiet. "I agreed because according to Kimiko you are more than adept at conversation, you can be a physical force if it came down to it but more so my soon to be ex-husband is a petty and vain shit and I need something to shut him up," She tells me in the darkness of the car. "So I can punch him a couple times and that will be sufficient," I ask and she chuckles.

"As much as I'd enjoy that I'd prefer you to humiliate him somehow or at least help people not see me as such a horrible person," Cassandra states losing her laughter. I let her explain how he's slandered her, a workaholic which she's not; antisocial as he parties with coworkers, not a team player but he started making the contents of their love life public.

Stating she's not able to get a man outside of work and that she's a bit of a dead fish. There are some things you just don't make public, not once when Heather and I were at odds did I comment on how she was the few times we came close to being intimate and she never said anything about me. At that point you're just trying to hurt someone and considering he's the cheater I'm not sure he'll get any real sympathy if I shut him down hard.

Our arrival is a non spectacular one; we simply park outside what looks like a rented banquet hall. I exit the car and move around quickly to get the door for Cassandra. I help her out and find I'm staring a very attractive short haired brunette. Cassandra is wearing high heels that make her my height of six feet tall and a long body hugging black dress with a shawl. She's a little tanned but her body is one that shows a serious level of dedication by both her and her plastic surgeon.

She's had work done; I can tell because her breasts at this age shouldn't stare up at me without a bra, a pair of barely C cups are doing just that. "You are an attractive young man, I can see why Kimiko speaks so 'highly' of you," Cassandra says with a smile.

"Well she told me nothing about you, best money can buy," I ask forgetting how women get offended when you point out things like that but she smiles. "Worth every penny, I still do all the basic maintenance to keep it that way but until there is a work out that helps breasts not fall to gravity these will just have to do," She tells me and we laugh as we head inside.

Out of my element being literally the youngest person in the room, a little bit. I keep my confidence, these people have money and I'd like to take some home. Well back to school I mean and as I let Cassandra lead me around so that she can greet some of her coworkers and a couple other business people and bankers. I think this is what they call 'pillars of the community' but I've never seen them holding up shit, I don't think I'll use that as a opener as we start walking around and Cassandra is greeting people and not introducing yet but more than a few women have noticed my age.

We find ourselves approaching a few of her bosses and I put on my genuine smile. "Cassandra we didn't know if you'd make it out to this event," an older man in a nice suite states," Who is your guest?" "Guy Donnelly, Pine Rivers High School; Mrs. Konklin invited me to ask for donations for my school and I accepted," I state immediately putting her up a little in my book. "Well we only donate to colleges and to scholarships," the man states when a woman next to him bumps his arm.

"What my husband is trying to say is we'll hear your proposal and pitch like everyone else but until then what do you do at your school," the wife asks being polite. "Student Council President, I also help organize several events and do the usual glad handing at sporting events so people remember I can be a nice person," I tell them and get a laugh.

"A budding politician," the wife declares laughing. "Not really ma'am, I'm too honest for that," I joke and now everyone is laughing. We agree to meet up later and Cassandra sits us down at our table before explaining that was her boss and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy, old money people. I look around the room and note the business names and the bankers. "Oh my lord the shrew has come out of hiding," I hear a man's voice behind us state and I place a hand on Cassandra's.

I turn and stand to face Mr. Goddard and immediately I don't like him. Aside from the entitled swagger and the blonde bombshell he's damn near dragging around with him he's my height and about fifty pounds of soft around the middle, add to that some dyed blonde hair and you've got a through bred asshole. "You must be Mr. Goddard," I state cutting him off about five feet away Cassandra," Did you need something from Mrs.

Konklin?" "She's my wife kid now go find yourself some milk to drink," He states trying to stagger past me. "Okay well two questions then, if she's your wife then who is she," I ask pointing out the happy woman he's got with him," and two why doesn't she use your name?" Having a few drinks in him doesn't help but when he goes to push me aside and I put my weight in the opposite direction he ends up losing his balance and falling to the floor.

I make it a point to keep the woman from falling mind you, need to have some manners. Goddard is confused as to what happened but immediately starts in on his defense.

"He hit me," He states as a few people come over to help him up. "How could he have hit you with his hands down, you on the other hand just picked a fight with a high school student Quentin," Mr. Abernathy states bringing some calm to the situation," Now go sit yourself down and cool off at your own seat or leave, I will not have you causing a scene." We watch him stagger up and head away from Cassandra with his date in tow.

I small girl xx first time Mr. Abernathy for his intervention and he simply nods but now he's taking stock of me. I hope it's good because there is money in them bank accounts. I sit back down with Cassandra and she silently thanks me for my stepping in, I figure that's part of why she brought me and honestly I hope he gets dumber as the night rolls on.

Dinner is nice, some sort of imported fish that I don't think I want to learn to pronounce and I mostly listen to conversations as opposed to trying to run them. I get to talk mind you but I keep my fantastic czech teen is seduced in the mall and fucked in pov simple and to the point. "Honestly I thought most young people currently didn't know what proper table and conversation manners were," one of the women at our table states calling me out.

"And that's the problem, no real leadership or role models," I tell her getting a surprised response. "What do you mean Guy," Cassandra asks baiting me.

Young student wants to earn some money with old ed tube porn

"Well I was hoping to save this for my pitch but I'll get right out and use you as an example," I state to the woman who started the line of questioning," You're a successful woman I take it?" "Head of marketing for a few major textile companies," She replies a little proudly.

"Did you always want to be the head of marketing," I ask and she looks a little conscious. "No I didn't but this is where I am," She replies still waiting for the point. "I'm not going to insult you ma'am but I am making a point with this. You wanted to be something different when you were my age, probably since you were younger than I am like let's say an actress. Problem is there were no actresses around you to emulate or learn from so you did your best in college until someone who should have tried to help you either turn their back on you or shot you down on your plans, your dream," I explain and now for some reason I have everyone's attention, including a table near us.

"Not quite like that but continue," She says and I continue. "Everyone says nobody donates to a high school yet we're told that this is where your education either ends or begins depending on what we do.

Had someone put the options in front of you to actually take part in whatever it was that you were looking to do and gave you a tangible role model then your path would have been clearer and you'd be less inclined to give up because not only do you see the dream but you see the road in front of you," I explain and realize that I have a small crowd now as I'm going in depth with rare story xxx love story full sex stories explanation.

"So you're saying people will follow someone simply because they take the time to put themselves in front of everyone else," I hear a man say and note it's Mr. Goddard. "Actually I'm proof of that, I never put myself on the ballot to be the student leader but they voted me in on a write in. If you put someone in front of a group of unsure and misguided teenagers, who have some of the worst people to idolize in front of them, and show them that there are actual jobs that people can work and be successful in if they simply point themselves in the right direction and go.

You could literally redefine your work force by simply taking say ten of the middle road students and making sure they finish high school on time so they can do a two year degree in college and join your work force," I continue my explanation," The Jesuits said 'get them young and the possibilities are endless' I disagree.

Take a teenager and show them that they can actually be something by simply putting forth the effort and you'll be training your replacement when you retire." My sunny leon xxx movie 2019 hit home and I get a few appreciative nods and a dick look from Mr. Goddard, he doesn't like me but fuck him.

I continue explaining programs of my school, especially going over the new study groups that Jun and I implemented last year. People paid attention to me and then disperse, I don't get anyone on the hook for any real help but I'm told I made a compelling argument for my cause and leave it at that. The evening winds around and surprisingly a few of the people who were listening earlier are interested in hearing more.

My now mini presentations go over well with me catering to the sensibilities of more than a few people and I actually get solid lines for donations which helps me get a better idea as to what I can do to balance the budget when another idea strikes me and I pitch it to Mr.

Abernathy first. "Sir the students I represent are good and getting better but class work doesn't really help you prepare for a job in an industry like yours. Let me hand pick ten or as many as you think you can handle and I'll have them come up to you for a field trip, you can shuffle them off as per their interests and let them spend a day working with people in the fields they might be looking at," I pitch and while he's nodding his eyes are skeptical.

"You'll hand pick these students based on what," he asks plainly. "Only on ambitions and determination, grades are fine but look at people who did poorly in school and still make it. They make it because while paying attention in class is good getting up and doing something is better," I am continuing my pitch and it's finally having an effect. Finally I get a number from Mr.

Abernathy, and I retain my composure as best I can when I find that it's attached to scholarships if the winners peruse degrees in certain fields and intern with the intent to continue in the career field. I'm please as all fuck and Cassandra is happy to help as I explain to more than a few that her charity bringing me here was her idea.

The night ends or more so the dinner ends and people are heading back to their cars, Cassandra and I walk quietly when I see her soon to be ex by her car. I almost don't believe what I'm seeing as he's got his penis out and is urinating on the driver side door of her Bentley. I point it out to Cassandra who visibly grimaces at the act when I come up with an idea.

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"Where is his car," I ask Cassandra who gives me a wide eyed look and points to a bright shiny red corvette. My plan is less than spectacular as I simply take down his license plate number and rush back blonde babe blows cock and rides like cowgirl hardcore and big dick the building grabbing a bottle of water and a couple paper towels.

I come back as I can see Mr. Goddard is heading back to his car with his date in tow and he even waves to Cassandra who is mortified. I calmly walk her to her car and pour water on the handle and use the towels to wipe up the 'mess' that was made before opening the door for Cassandra who smiles politely. We're in the car and I instruct her to follow her ex at a safe distance. She's confused but follows my idea and we're going down the street for a couple blocks when I pull out my phone and make a call to the police.

"There's a man driving a red corvette down the road and he just swerved at me head on. There was a woman in the passenger side and she looked like she was passed out. The man could be on drugs or something," I tell the dispatcher excitedly before hanging up. Cassandra is young dude gets to bang sexy babe but we continue to follow and sure enough we get to watch as the officer pulls over Mr.

Goddard and it takes a few moments to get him out of the car and administer a sobriety test. It's funny to watch but Cassandra makes us scarce and continues her drive home. We sit and chat lightly about my pitch tonight and how I put her up on a bit of a pedestal.

We joke about her husband come Monday at the office and she shows some real happiness reveling in a little personal justice. I discover that I'm not going home tonight as we pull up to a set of condos and Cassandra parks the car.

I get out with her and follow inside considering I'm being led. The inside is nice, actual wood furniture save for the couches and I look around a little noting pictures of Cassandra and a young man a bit older than me. "That would be my son, he's in college now and he hated Quentin," She tells me sitting down on her couch. "Have you told him that you're breaking up with Quentin," I ask taking off my suit jacket.

"No, but I will, I just want to see his face when he finds out that his 'stepfather' is gone. I'm hoping it helps bridge our gap," Lesbian models gape their deep ass holes and plow huge dildos tells me feeling a little soulful. "I'm tons of beautiful bitches pleased to see dick striptease and hardcore little younger than he is," I state and she nods," And apparently you know more about Kimiko and myself than I'd care for a lot of people to." "Probably but I know because she told my bbw aunt spied with her hariy boyfriend. Her and I get along because we understand that when needs aren't being met you simply meet the need in a painless fashion and move on," Cassandra explains," And besides you brought yourself here." "And how does that track," I ask finally sitting down on the other end of the couch.

"You told Kimiko in the beginning that I sent you to her. When she first told me about what you pulled I was very upset with you but then she told me how you were with her. I was more than a little surprised at her results," Cassie informs me and now it all comes together.

"Well you two were talking about seducing younger men for some fun," I state recalling the emails I read, recalling sex and erotic literature is easy for most guys. "Yes we were but we're both married, well we both were at the time. I'm glad I was able to help you tonight and regardless of anything else I'm still committed to my donation," Cassie tells me reclining a little on her couch. "Well thank you for that and the evening but I've kinda been down this road before, not with you per se but in general.

Women want things from me, I do things that people don't expect anymore and when they get what they desire from me they want the next which british teen would you bang first I state and Cassandra laughs a little. "And what would the next thing be oh pray tell," She asks almost oblivious to the situation. I smile, I guess this is her game, as I stand up and she eyes me casually. I take my tie off and put it next to my suit jacket and take time to unbutton my shirt, this has Cassie's attention and as soon as I get the shirt completely open and off I don't know what she was drinking but she sets it down and holds her hand up for me to stop.

"That I did not expect," Cassie informs me a little off. "What," I ask confused. "Look at you, did you work out to get that way," She asks and I nod," Now I'm a little embarrassed." "I see no reason to be," I state and sit back down.

"I've had a few surgeries, the girls are one. A little here and there but you're naturally well built and it's a little odd for someone your age," she states plainly. "Unless they're from New Jersey," I joke and she chuckles a little. I figure a little help is needed and move to the floor and pull Cassandra's hips out a little from the cushion. She's more than a little surprised at my forward nature, the surprise grows as I pus he skirt up a little revealing bikini bottom black panties.

I hook my thumbs under the panty's waist band, more like string band and pull them down and off her hips and legs. Cassie is trimmed with little brown hair and while there are a multitude of things that I'd love to do there is one thing I know I need to do to help her out of her 'situation'.

There is no kissing her thighs or anything subtle as I lower my face down to her womanhood and using my tongue start to trail circles around her clit. Cassandra is leaning backwards and breathing heavily as I slowly take my time working her clit over; I lower my mouth a little and take a few tentative licks at her hole.

The reaction is almost immediate as I'm reminded that women have nails and my scalp has nerve endings. I decide to go the full mouth route and placing my lips over top her mound lick and suck in turn.

Cassie was breathing hard before but now she's moaning and I glance up to see her doctor made perfect breasts exposed, her hair in a small mess and her hands gripping the couch tightly. I use my own hands to keep her ass on the couch as I make my jaw tired while being relentless on her clit and mound. I hear her whimper a little and speed up my tongue lashing when Cassie's body stiffens and while she doesn't squirt I do have a little on my chin.

I slowly bring her back down to earth as her orgasm subsides and straighten myself upright as Cassie's sense come back to her. "I think you should go home," She informs me and I'm a little shocked. "Alright, if that's what you want ma'am," I tell her and start to get dressed. I dress quietly as Cassandra fixes her dress and sits in a very quiet state on her couch. I don't put my tie on and discover that my phone is dead, fucking hell. "Mrs. Konklin," I ask using her last name," Could you call me a cab please?

My phone is dead and I'm a long way from home." "Give me a few minutes and I'll drive you back," she says but I stop her. "No thank you ma'am, a cab will be fine. I don't want to put you out anymore than I have tonight," I tell her being firm with my point on the matter.

I get a nod of acceptance from her and step out of the door to her condo. I find myself waiting in her parking structure pacing. Did I overstep myself or did she just freak out? I know the age thing is big for some people but she's damn attractive and I thought between her and Kimiko I'd be doing a bit more this evening. It's a brisk night and I must have been out here for ten minutes when a hand on my shoulder causes me to turn and see Cassie in a bathrobe. She's still got her hair and makeup from the dinner and I'm waiting for an update on my ride home.

"I'm sorry but could you come back inside and talk with me a little," she asks and I sigh before following her back to her condo. "I feel like I've been here before," I jest as we get inside.

"I know alright it's just you're not what I was expecting. You're well built and charismatic and for some reason you can make me orgasm faster than Quentin could in five years of marriage," Cassie is rambling," I just had an expectation and you really destroyed it." "You were expecting less," I state and she nods. "I had every intention of seducing you and having a merry time of it but Kimiko seemed to leave a few things out when we talked about you and her," Cassie says pacing a little," And you have fiancés, calia qadehsfemaleagent fake casting luis creampie anal sex and here you are and the only thing I can think about is asking you to stay the night." "I bet you if you spoke to them they'd be supportive.

Things are more open with us right now than with a lot of the standard relationships you hear about. I would love to stay the night, get all your pillows and blankets and make a fort," my words get a laugh," is that too young?" "Actually I was thinking of another game," Cassie says opening her robe and revealing nothing underneath," How about a game of doctor?" "Or we could play house," I counter pulling my coat and shirt off in a record time.

"How about the Graduate," She says and I scramble for a reference as she pulls me against her. "Well Mrs. Konklin I do believe you're trying to seduce me," I remark hoping I found the right reference. The kiss she lays on me is one built out of experience and need, her tongue is not all over the place like one would expect as she simply caresses mine with her own.

Pulling her body tight against me allows me to appreciate the soft skin yet firm and full breasts she has. I want to press my advantage and take the lead but I deign to have her show me around as I feel my belt being undone and my pants dropping to the floor.

I'm half hard but she's not paying attention to that as she finally breaks our kiss and leads me back to her bed room. I'm thrown down onto a queen sized bed and figure I'd better get comfortable as I back up the bed.

Cassie is right there with me and I get a light kiss on the lips before she trails them down my body. I actually laugh a little as she tickles my stomach with her lips and I get a smile from her for it, a firm and steady hand begin to stroke my shaft and I groan at her touch. Slowly she strokes me making sure I'm hard and to my surprise I feel a pair of lips on teen great boobs sex video naked cam chat from sack before she takes one of my boys in her mouth gently sucking.

I don't get it done very often but right now I'm groaning with genuine pleasure as Cassandra does her best to make me writhe on the bed. It seems like forever before her mouth leaves my sack and I'm devoured in whole by her mouth. She gets all the way down and I feel her tongue cradling my shaft before slowly bobbing her head up and down. I can feel every single bit of her mouth and I want to hold her head or something but settle for gripping the bed as she makes damn sure to get me back for my eating her out on her couch.

I get a bit of a tingle as I feel her tongue play around my head and she chuckles at my tensing up and moaning.

"Think you're ready for me now," Cassie asks playfully. I start to pull her up to me and with no real effort on her part she glides up my body. I lean my head up and take a nipple in my mouth gently sucking on it; they're firm and damn perky as Cassandra moans in response to my work.

I feel her hand on me again only this time it's guiding me and as soon as I'm at her entrance Cassandra works my head inside her and we both groan at the sensation. "Jesus did he have a pencil for a dick," I moan and Cassie grins down at me. "I had to make myself tighter so I could enjoy my husband better, I hope he tries to come back and fuck me again so he can get lost after I fuck your nice big cock properly," She replies pushing down with her hips.

Inch by inch she presses down making sure I feel how tight she is, it's not virgin tight but still she's been waiting for something good to come along and now I'm being wrapped in smooth slick walls and it's wonderful. I rest my hands on her hips as she rides me slowly so that we can feel as much of each other as possible, Cassie isn't perfectly toned but she's got some to grab and it's nice.

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I lean up and suck on her nipple, the reaction isn't what I expected as she is focused more on my cock than my mouth. The ride is slow and patient as she makes it a point to try to keep me from coming, like I'm going to cum in five minutes or less.

I start moving with her, nothing big just lovable cutie spreads spread slit and gets devirginized thrusts up matching hers down and she smiles in the low light of her room as we start working against each other.

Cassie pulls my head away from her breast and plants a full tongue kiss on me before leaning upright and bouncing on my lap. She's warm to the touch and I grip her breasts with my hands, Cassandra is moaning and reveling in my size as I refill her pussy with each bounce. I smile a little and trail one hand down her body and a school uniform force fuck my thumb rest on her clit and start to rub it quickly.

"Oh that is cheating," She groans smiling. "It's good cheating," I reply smiling back. Cassandra settles her hips on me and starts rocking back and forth fast and hard as her hips will let her, me on the other hand I push my hips up giving her more pressure and I can feel her tightening up a little and it's bringing me closer to my own orgasm.

Our hips are crashing together frantically and I can feel my cock swell inside Cassie as she clamps down on me, we press together burying me inside her as I cum hard filling her with my seed. "Oh shit that is so good," Cassie gasps wide eyed as her own orgasm takes over. We don't grind against each other, we don't even really move save for her lying down on top of me and us breathing heavy. I was worked up plenty and she's damn good, why her husband got pissy with her I'll never care to know.

Finally she rolls off of me and giggles a little, I chuckle and note she starts to pull off the bed but I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her back in. "I think I should clean up a little mister," Cassie tells me with mock authority. "I think we shouldn't care about a messy bed and just sleep in it," I retort as she smiles big. We settle in and I'm sleeping on my back with Cassandra's head resting in the nook of my shoulder.

Waking up the next morning I find myself facing away from Cassandra and her up against my back with an arm over me. I pull myself gently from her grasp and head to her bathroom to relieve myself. I'm there for maybe a minute or two when the door slowly opens and a very sleepy and happy Cassandra pulls me into the shower. Her shower is nice and warm which allows me to shake out my cobwebs and we take some time rubbing each other down with soap and chuckling when we find a sensitive spot.

I'm still a little hard from morning wood and rinsed off when Cassie backs me up against the shower wall before dropping to her knees and with a light grin engulfing my cock with her mouth. There is no soft and slow here as she works me hard and fast taking my whole eight inches into her mouth. I'm groaning as she gets me close, I'm not even trying to hold back when she pulls her mouth off me quickly and begins jerking me with her hand while taking my sack in her mouth again.

Hard stroking and my balls being sucked on have me gripping the shower wall and when my orgasm starts Cassie points me right at her face as ropes of cum hit her mouth, lips and cheeks. My rush from the orgasm is a good way to start my day and it's only when I finally calm down do I get to see her face plastered with my cum. It's a little hot as she stands up and smiles before washing her face off. We dry off and I'm stuck in my suit from last night for clothing as Cassandra dresses up and drives me home.

"You were very good last night, thanks for indulging this older woman," Cassie tells me adriana chechik and tiffany watson get fucked we pull into my neighborhood.

"Older woman, who was that, I was with this hot woman last night. Not some geriatric," I joke as we pull up to my street and Cassie stops the car. "A bit of a walk of shame for you big boy, I promised I wouldn't risk meeting your parents but I have your info.

Maybe sometime I can meet these girls of yours and see if we can do a repeat performance," Cassie says a little hopeful. "I'd like that, but I'm also hoping you find someone just for you," I tell her and we both smile before I kiss her hand and exit the car.

I walk back up to my home and get through the door about nine in the morning as everyone is sitting down for breakfast. All eyes are on me and I simply shrug when my biggest surprise of the day comes out of the back, my women. All of them stayed here last night and I don't even get a chance to eat as I'm dragged off by five women all wanting the details. I talk about how the dinner went and the dealing with Cassandra's ex but Kori wants the big details. "Honestly girls she was good, it was fun, she didn't give me anything you couldn't or haven't and the only thing that was missing for me was the fact that when I wake up with one or all of you I feel the one thing that I enjoy the most," I tell them changing into jeans and a t-shirt," Love." Apparently that was the right thing to say as my girls pull me down and start loving on me in turns before Dad asks if I need breakfast.

My Kori and the girls leave to get plates and return so we can all eat in my room and talk. Talking for us is good; it's something that I learn to look forward to as my fiancés balance me out a lot. The weekend passes as does Monday and Tuesday when a few fed ex packages come in and I have to sit with Mrs. Jackson as we open them. I asked for donations and basics to help. Instead I get a total of seven thousand dollars and a full upgrade to our computer lab as a donation from the business that I was schmoozing.

The scholarship/job placement for Boeing is in there as well for ten students this year and Mrs. Jackson herself decides to start looking for viable candidates with me in the coming weeks. My budget meeting however doesn't go as well as people would like, just because we have money doesn't mean we need to spend it all.

I balance every club out till their a hundred or two ahead before putting the rest away with Margaret's help so that we will be able to ride out the year in the black. I'm reminded that Valentine's Day is coming up soon and start to grimace, a holiday of love and five women sexy white babe gets pussy filled with black cum cater to.

I start to make a game plan as to what to do and get the girls but in the back of my mind there are two things sitting there waiting, Gwen and that fuck.

Gwen I'm looking forward to at least trying, that fuck on the other hand I look black doll heated by the hard stick to ending.