Amara romani makes her pussy wet with her man

Amara romani makes her pussy wet with her man
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Rachel Fucking the Experienced Lesbian One day, I had to take the train to San Jose for a big meeting for work. Being the big meeting I was relived, when I got back on the train to go back to San Francisco where I live. On the train I sat across of a lady who was clearly not wearing any underwear under her skirt. Even I who never wear underwear had a pair of panties on today since I was wearing a skirt.

The lady across of my introduced herself as Julia. I told her, my name was Rachel. On the train ride we started talking I told her that I work for a high-tech company who is a major leader in 3D-printing technology. Once we were nearing the half way point on the train ride, Julia asked me what stop I was getting off at. I told her that I was getting of at San Francisco, the end of the line.

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She smiled and said good. I could tell, that she liked my answer. At one of the stops the train filled up and we stopped talking. Once the train stopped in San Francisco and everybody started to get off Julia asked if I wanted to get a drink with her.

I accepted and we walked to a coffee shop and got some coffee. Over coffee, Julia and I started to talk about life in the big city. After a while Julia started to flirt with me. I've never been with a girl before, but something about her got me interested into exploring lesbianism. As Julia continued to flirted with me she asked if I wanted to hang out at her place.

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I said ok, and we got a taxi and gas boy sex storys com over to her place. Once we got to her house across the street of the Golden Gate Park.

Julia sat on the couch where she confessed that the real reason that she brought me to her place was to fuck me. My eyes got big and I got a little nervous and I told her that I've never been with a girl before. Julia told me not to be nervous and gave me a short kiss. I don't know what overcame me, I instantly got turned on and my pussy got wet. Julia and I started to make out, all I could think was how good she can kiss.

Just then, she put her hand on and started to rub my pussy through my panties making me even more wet.

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Julia then got up, grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom where she took off my jacket and shirt and started to suck on my nipples making me moan loudly. I then took off Julias shirt and bra. Just then my mouth got watery and Julia pulled me to her breasts making me suck on her nipples I never thought that a woman's breasts would taste so good. While I was sucking on her breasts Julia unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the ground. Julia then pushed me onto the bed and removed my panties.

Just then I got even more turned on when I realized that I'm just about to have lesbian sex for the first time. Julia started to lick my pussy, the touch of her tongue on my pussy felt so fucking good it made my whole body shake. I could tell that Julia knew exactly what she was doing.

Julia stiffened her tongue and started tonguing my wet pussy. I told Julia that she was going to make me cum. Just then Julia started to tongue my pussy faster making me cum into her mouth in a powerful orgasm.

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Julia then asked me how was my first lesbian orgasm. I told her that it was amazing.

Julia unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the ground and lies on the bed. I didn't know what to do. Julia told me that it was my turn and pulled my head to her pussy and told me to lick her wet pussy. I stick out my tongue and slowly started to lick Julia's pussy.

All I could think is how good Julia's pussy tasted. Julia pulled my head deeper into her pussy and told me to eat her faster. I could tell that Julia had an orgasm building by how intense her moaning was getting. My heart was pounding, I was getting more turned on eating Julia, than her eating me. Finally Julia stopped holding back and had a powerful orgasm squirting straight into my mouth.

It tasted so fucking good, I drank up all of her juices and cum. I told her that having sex with her was amazing. Julia then told me that we're not done yet. Julia reaches under the bed and pulls up a strap on. My eyes got big, my nipples got hard, and my pussy got even more wet.

As Julia put on the strap-on, I couldn't control myself I played with my pussy. Julia told me to stop playing with my pussy and to start sucking her cock. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her cock. As I slowly started to suck her enghlish xxx sex fir vidios Julia grabbed the back of my head and made me suck faster. After a minute of sucking her cock Julia told me to lie on my back and get ready to be fucked.

Julia put her cock into my tight wet pussy and started to fuck me. Going faster every time I moaned making me cum in a minute.

As we rested, Jill asked me if I liked being fucked by a girl; I told her that this experience was amazing. After a while of resting, Julia then told me to get ready for round 2 and had me get onto all fours so she can fuck me doggy style. As Julia put her cock in my pussy I could feel my entire body shake with passion. As Julia started to fuck me I started to rub my pussy and started to moan. Every time I moaned Julia would fuck me harder, in a minute, Julia made me cum in a massive orgasm.

Julia then pulled out of me, and lied back on the bed. I wasn't done yet, I climbed onto Julia and started to ride her cock. Julia put her hands around my waist and started to make me fuck her harder and faster making me cum in the most powerful orgasm I've had yet.

After a while of resting I told Julia that I have to go since I have work in the morning. As I started to get dressed, Julia tells me that I'm more than welcome to meet with her any time, all I need to do is call.

She put her cell phone mature slut sucks cock like a pro into my cell phone, as Julia was putting he contact information in my cell phone I noticed a photo on the bed side table of Julia with another woman. As I left I noticed a more and more photos of Julia with the same woman including some of them kissing. It was clear that this woman was Julia's lesbian partner. I really enjoyed my first lesbian sex.

And something inside of me couldn't wait to do it again.