Black man sex story first time

Black man sex story first time
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Power's Out II So much to do and it's almost 9 o'clock. Thinking to himself I don't have a lot of time and there is still so much to do I will just need to focus on getting the basics ready and will take time later once the party has started to finish up. Who knows having her see things coming together might really be the icing on the cake so to say.

With that he got going and finished up some small details. Glancing at the clock again it was 8:30 he had just enough time to jump in the shower and get cleaned up. After a nice hot shower toweling off he looked into the mirror. Not bad, not bad at all he had never been huge on working out and living in the gym but, his body had a natural hard worker look, great arms and shoulders, strong hands, he was quick.

It was like he had been built for this and all was coming together perfectly. Walking into the bedroom he grabbed his bag, and changed into his clean clothes for tonight. Putting the mask, into his pocket for now he glanced at the clock on the night stand table.

Perfect 5 minutes to 9 she would be home in about 15-20 mins. Tired from a long day at work and dealing with customers all day. He hoped this evening would relieve her stress, and take her away from the day's issues.

Tonight it would be just the two of them. Alone with no interruptions. They would have all weekend to play relax and enjoy each other. He could feel the excitement growing in his dick already.

No time to deal with that now. Still a few minor details to take care of and then the weekend will begin. _______ "Have a great weekend Lynn any special plans?" asked her friend. "Nope going home to a nice quiet weekend. I have a new book I am dying to get into and a couple of bottles of wine. Then there are a few chores I need to take care of laundry, cleaning that kind of stuff.

What about you?" Lynn asked grabbing her stuff and throwing on her coat. "Not a lot either but I am working tomorrow so going to just have a quiet evening." Said her friend. Grabbing her keys Lynn heads for the door. "Well hope you have a good one see you Monday." And with that Lynn headed out the door to her car. Thoughts of the day rushed through her head. When she had seen him come in she knew instantly it had been him the other night. She hadn't seen his face and in the dark she thought just for a moment she had seen his eyes before.

Then today, he came in and he seemed different nervous almost. He seemed to want to stay away from her and yet still be marta la croft noemilk public asses her. She had been with a customer when he came in and she could hardly contain herself to go to his side. When she finally finished and made her way over to him, she had seen him get even more nervous.

That did it she knew for sure then it had been him. She touched his arm and asked what she could do for him, and for a second he seemed calm. But he didn't want her to help him.

How odd was that. Maybe he hadn't enjoyed it with her after all and he was moving on to someone else she had to let him know how she felt and was afraid when he didn't want her help that he didn't want her either.

She had to tell him. The conversation came back to her, her hand on his arm he was ready to run. Fear and realization were flooding in on him and she could see it in those blue eyes. "I just need a couple of things, think I'm good thanks. Awesome girl fondles big penis pornstar hardcore busy I can find it myself" he said.

"Oh, I know you're good, you're very good. Next time you should stay the mom son xxx japan romance as I was far from being done." There she had said it; it was out now what would he do. Time seemed to stand still for her at this point. She looked up at him and the fear in his eyes worsened, then a smile came across his face jut for a second and he said "You knew, I hoped you didn't know." "How could I not know I saw your eyes, I love those blue eyes.

And I could not mistake them. " Well that had been partly a lie she hadn't been sure till he had walked into the store today and she saw the way he looked at her. That was it and those eyes told her everything. Again he looked defeated, stumbling on his words he said "I should apologize.

You caught me and now what? She needs to tell him it was ok and that she wasn't going to call the cops. "Relax, it's all good. I thought you knew I liked it. Smiling and still touching his arm looking up at him. So we could do it again. When? The words escaped his mouth before he knew it and again he regretted his actions.

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Tonight I will be home around 9 you know where the keys are. Don't leave a light on for me again okay. And with that she stood on her tip toes kissed his cheek and walked away to into the back of the store. Once out of sight she could feel the electricity running through her body. Please she thought to herself. Please be home when I get there I want more from him. She headed to the ladies staff room entered a stall and quickly had her hand down her pants. Her cunt was wet already dripping and she needed to cum.

She couldn't stand it any longer and fingered her cunt to orgasm trying her hardest to stay quiet and not let everyone know what was happening in that stall. It was going to be a long day, and now it was over her cunt ached already just anticipating what was to come tonight. The drive was long and she was nervous.

She thought she would never get there then around that last corner there was the driveway, it would all real soon. He heard the car pull into the driveway, and waited for her to walk in. His heart was pounding, he steadied his breathing. This was it and he pulled the mask down over his face once again and readied for the attack. Lynn walked up the path to the house took a deep breath and stopped for a minute.

What if he wasn't here what if? So many what ifs. Maybe I should turn around and leave maybe this wasn't a girl forced by a police officer sex story best best idea in the world. She didn't know this man, and he had already broken in and attacked her. What if she had just opened a can of worms, and there was no way out.

She could call the still had time to run. She could go back jump in her car and drive away, call the cops and he would be caught. Then as fast as that thought went through her head it was gone and replaced by a burning in her cunt that decided it was time to walk through that door and see what was on the other side. Walking up the stairs she unlocked the door. When it hit her. He pounced on her. He had been outside in the shadows waiting for her.

He had seen her stop and hesitate and knew she might be having second thoughts and he was about to grab her when she again started up the stairs. Quickly he grabbed her and pushed her down to the ground. "Don't move, you know the drill. Same rules as the other night.

Stay quiet and you will not get hurt." "Oh and by the way this isn't going down just had you had hoped." He whispered into her ear. His body was on top of hers his full weight holding her down yet she could feel him moving his weight shifting on her. Grabbing her arms he pulled them behind her back and once again had them cuffed behind her.

Part of her enjoying this part of this scared her. She didn't know what to expect and thought I have opened a can of worms. Now what. Duct tape over her mouth, and a blindfold put over her eyes. What was this he hadn't blindfolded her the last time she had been able to see everything why now she knew who he was and this was supposed to be a game.

Least that's what she had hoped. His weight shifted and he moved off her rolling her over onto her back and tying her legs. She felt him lifting her. "Come on we are going for a little ride." I think we need a little more privacy than we can get here. " Trying to scream was useless, the gag muffled all sounds. She tried to struggle but that too was useless. "Look you can try and fight but we both know that isn't going to work. I am bigger, stronger and I have a plan you have nothing and you're tied up.

Really, I think you should bigass milf rides truck drivers hard cock go with it. You got into it the other night you will get into it again. I promise you, I think you are going to like this. I know I am." And with that he flipped her over his shoulder and headed into the dark of the night. She could feel him walking and then felt him shift her weight, and toss her onto something hard and metal. He pushed her into the back of the truck shutting the cab and tailgate with a loud bang.

Where the hell is he taking me? Shit shit shit she thought to herself. Why did I say anything I was stupid should have just kept my mouth closed and got on with my life.

I could have avoided him at work when he came in. This would not be happening to me. She heard the truck start up and felt it move. Where is he taking me this has got to be a joke? Please be part of the game. As she lay there feeling the truck bump and turn with the road wondering just what she had gotten into.

After a short while the truck came to a stop and he turned the engine off. Lynn could hear the truck door open and him climbing out.

The hatch and tailgate was opened and he grabbed Lynn by the ankles and pulled her out of the truck. Resting her against the tailgate he bends down in front of her and cuts the tape off her ankles. As he stands up he runs his hand along the inside of her thigh stopping to push his whole hand up against her crotch.

Even thru the denim he could feel the heat and a dampness forming. Rubbing his hand harder into it and laughing. Then smiling at her he says "You have known idea what is happening or going to happen. You thought you could do this but now there is a part of you thinking that maybe you made a bad choice. Maybe you crossed the wrong line this time. While I would put all my money on that sweetheart. You are in for a special treat.

You're mine and I get to do whatever, whenever, and however Handcuffed girl oral and yessenia from ass fucking and homemade want. Now let's move you can walk from here." Grabbing her arm he pushed her forward and started her walking.

Again thinking to herself; you have done it this time. Nobody will be looking for me till Monday I could be dead by then. And know one will even have a clue to where I am, or who I could have been with.

Where are we going she wanted to yell but the tape was still firmly in place over her mouth. He pushed her along just a step behind her to guide her and hold on to her. Stopping her she heard him open a door and then a few steps to a second door, opening that as well. Pushing her through it was warm in here very warm. She hadn't realized how cold she had gotten during the ride in the truck or the walk to this place.

He stopped her in the middle of the room. "Stay here, do not move. I mean it" she felt him let go of her arm and heard her walk away.

Noises in another room it sounded to Lynn like he was moving things around. Getting things ready. If she could just see what was going on it would help her sort things out in her head. She felt him wicked lesbian idols are spreading and fist fucking anuses she heard him, distracted by her thoughts. He was breathing on the back of her neck. His lips almost touching. She could feel the shiver coming did she let me see that or should she hide it.

There was no controlling it and it ripped through her body along with the rush of her hot cum from the orgasm it caused. She could feel her jeans wet on her crotch. And still could feel her juices flow from between her lips. He took full notice of the orgasm that had just ripped through her body and placed his hand on her ass sliding it down her rump and then coming up again to her crotch. This time it wasn't just damp they were soaked.

And he could feel how wet she was thru the jeans. "Oh, babe, you are so wet already. We are going to have so much fun. I can't wait to taste that sweet little pussy again." Now reaching around with both his hands he undid her belt and button on her jeans. Undoing the zipper, and then sliding her jeans off.

"Step out of them now" he demanded and she did quickly. "No undies I so so like that. And shaved, fresh like you knew I would be dining on that cute little pussy of yours tonight." His hands moving over her pubic area and then slowly sliding down her lips so careful not to push too hard and go between them. No, that would wait just a bit longer. It's still time to play. Still rubbing her cunt touching the outside of her lips.

He pushes his body close to her and runs his hands up over Lynn's clothing. "We are going to have to do something about this I want you naked. Come on let's move and get you more to my liking." And with that he pushed her forward and then down onto the bed. He begins to giggle aloud.

"Seems to me I have seen you in this position before. Now I need to get that jacket and top off so I am going to have to undo your hands. Don't think about doing anything silly. It's not going to matter you're here and that's the way it is. So lay still and do as I say." He climbed onto the bed and straddling her he cut the tape off her hands. "Ok, I want you to roll over onto your back now and get that jacket and shirt off.

Don't touch the tape or the blindfold. Understand?" Lynn was able to get a muffled yes out from behind that tape. Still confused her brain wanted to run and yet extreme party girls and hot teen couple public alyce anderpals son in let the man take body wanted him. She could feel another wave of electricity beginning and heading straight down in her pussy, already wet and giving away the pleasure her body was craving.

She turned over slowly and found herself still between his leg spread knees at her naked hips the material of his pants rubbing her sending more jolts thru her. Taking her closer to the edge. Once the jacket was off she started to pull off her t-shirt "Do not touch the face remember" and with that she could feel the cold steel on her exposed stomach, and careful not to touch her face peeled off her shirt.

"Lay back, hands above your head" Lynn did as she was ordered and he grabbed her right hand and then felt the cuff tighten up around her wrist and then the left wrist.

That one he tightened a little and Lynn reacted with a yelp. "Now I am going to leave keiran joined rebecca and jordi and pounded her hard and deep legs free for now as I need them free for what I have coming up and because you were such a good girl the last time and listened I am going to take the tape off your mouth.

But, you have to be good or legs and tape back on. Do you understand?" Lynn nodded in her darkness behind the blindfold. Her brain screaming let me go please and her body giving away its secrets with each shiver and rush of cum from her cunt. And he knew yes because he kept taking small swipes with his fingers as she moved to undress, and now just having him talking to her.

Softly his hand swipes across her lips already swollen and puffy with the anticipation and fear of what was coming. And the tape is removed quickly from Lynn's mouth with a moan of both pain and delight. Taking a few long deep breaths in thru her mouth biting her lip her body began to respond with the game of him touching and her moving away and then only to find his fingers touching again.

The touching became harder and soon his fingers were opening those lips and moving into the warmth and wetness of her pussy. This now brought shivers to him and he could feel his dick beginning to harden and grow pushing against his overalls he had chosen for this nights games.

He had removed the mask as soon as she had been blindfolded and thrown in the back of the truck but the overalls he kept on. So dark against her soft white skin. His free hand the one not stroking her cunt lips moved up her stomach to her chest and touching the soft material of her bra pushed it aside to have her cute nipple once again reveal itself to him.

And as quickly as it had popped out he had it in his mouth sucking and biting, nibbling licking it and to have her cunt respond he could feel her outer muscles already fighting and thrust his finger into her sending her over the edge with a rush of more warm cunt juice. Running down his finger and into his hand. His maneuvered his finger in and out a few more times then brought it to his mouth to taste her. So sweet yet salty, so nice.

He thought to himself I want more. Lynn moaned and responded by pushing her hips onto his inserted finger. She began to shiver with the orgasm and he held her then his finger was gone now it was back and again he pushed up deep and hard with it coating it again. And she continued to grind down onto it wanting more. The finger was gone again, only to have it pushed into her open mouth for her to taste her juices.

And then her mouth took over from her brain and she licked and sucked onto his finger. Running her tongue ring along the sides tasting every drop that was on his finger from her cunt. "Hmmm babe, your cum is so sweet, so wet and juicy. You know I am going to eat that cunt like you have never been eaten before. You may think you don't want me to but you do.

And touching her cunt again he smiled and said "this is telling me you do." He continued to gently rub her pussy and lips lingering occasionally on the little nib which usually responded to a slight jump from Lynn. "So Lynn, I am going to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the truth, can you do that?" "Yes" came from between gasps of pleasure. "Are you comfortable do you feel safe? You don't think I am going to hurt you, do you?

And remember the truth." "I bondage hentai bride with bigtits gets punish know, I want to but I am afraid too. I can't see what is happening I have no hands to touch you and I want to touch you. I want to kick you off me and I want you to press your knees harder into my hips, and hold me down." "Perfect" it almost sounded cat like the way it rolled across his tongue. "Like I said earlier babe, (then his hand was in her hair in a second yanking and pulling, hard.

Lynn cringed but knew better then to yell.) Your mine to do whatever whenever and however. You might want to be a little scared right now. I had only just begun the other night too. I have plans on coming back A LOT!" He spit the words into her ear still pulling onto her hair.

"Ok, you know maybe we are taking this a little too far, you got me. You don't need to hurt me. If I was going to say anything don't you think I would have by now?" "You're talking too much, sweetly; I'm not ready to stick anything in there quite yet to keep you quiet. I also like hearing you cum. So I would like to hold off on the tape if we can have a little co-operation." Letting go of her hair he moved backwards on the bed to move down her legs.

And started to move in for his feast on those swollen pussy lips. He gently started blowing on her lips moving closer now his touch reached out to start to lick, and tease them. Even though his tongue was sweet and gentle his hands told Lynn more. She could feel how hard he held onto her. Again was this a game or was it real and part of his game. But the more his tongue darted around her cunt. "Oh god. No please stop, I'm Cumming!

Yess! Oh, god yes! And then the hand squeezed tighter around her thigh and the pain over took the excitement running its course thru her body then again turned it in to another orgasm before this one had even finished. He continued to lap and lick at her pussy while she came another 3 times. Her breathing hard the sheets on the bed where she was laying soaked with a puddle of her cum pooling below her. His finger helped each time along with his tongue and the other increasing and then realising the grip on her thigh.

Each time just before the orgasm hit. He had figured it out quick with her. Pain just as she is about to cum will increase her orgasm. This cunt was going to squirt if he had anything to say about it. Getting off the bed he headed to the kitchen and poured himself a drink and then took a long drink from it. He could hear her breathing slowing down and knew she was getting comfortable and relaxing and letting the high from him eating her spread thru her body.

Warming her. It was warm in here and he had done it on purpose to help keep her somewhat comfortable being naked and handcuffed to the bed. Sweat was starting to run down his head and back and he undid the coveralls, slipped them off his shoulders and tying them around his waist.

Glancing at the wood stove he rethought throwing more wood into it and decided to wait a bit. Maybe a little cooling off would help that one nipple show itself.

After all she should be starting to lose that warmth and the sweat on her would be getting cold in the cooling air. Grabbing his drink he started to head back to the bedroom stopped and returned to the kitchen grabbed a glass and pour some red wine into it. Thinking - I should at least give her a drink. Once back in the bed room he sat his drink down on the bedside table went to the bed and beauty is engulfing studs wang wildly for his baby gravy on the edge leaning forward he spoke softly "Lift your head babe, I have some wine for you to drink.

You need to stay hydrated. We have a long way to go." Lynn lifted her head and he put the glass up to her lips taking a couple of large gulps.

"Easy babe easy there's lots not to worry." Taking the glass away he placed it beside his on the night stand. "Thank you. It's very good wine." Lynn spoke softly not sure how yet to respond to her capture. That stuck in her head is he a capture or his he her date. Again the confusion took over and when his hand touched her she jumped.

She had not wanted to and knew it had been a mistake. But it was a natural reaction. His reaction. Again the single word that rolled off his tongue like a cat purring "Perfect" he wanted her to be both excited and willing and yet scared. She realized this and a smile came across her face. "What are you smiling about Lynn?" he asked calmly "I get it, I like it. You want me scared and willing. Well you have that. I will do what you want british milf sucking and fucking at a taxi european and amateur you want it and how you want it.

And you do scare me." She felt the weight on the bed move and he was gone. Where did he go and she could feel the air in the room change? Oh god, thinking to herself, I think I just said the wrong thing. Then she heard the ripping. She knew that sound how many times had she pulled a piece of tape off the role and ripped it. Then smack on the face across her mouth. "I told you that you talk too much.

And I am not ready to put anything in there quiet yet.

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So back to the tape." "Too bad I love to hear that moan of yours. Which makes me think of how many times I have heard you cuming.

You're moaning. I prefer the moan to when your with me its deeper more enjoyable, when your alone or you think you are I was watching you, listening. I know how you like to make yourself cum." Then there was the sound she knew instantly. The whirl of a small motor. She knew exactly what it was. Then the tip touched her nub at the top of her pussy sending the waves thru her body.

She felt the bed move and felt him slide up close to her. He mouth right beside her ear. His breathing deep and steady. She could not see them but she could feel his eyes on her. Feel them looking into her. Learning her every response to the pleasures he had given and those that would come in the night to follow.

The dildo touched her again, he kissed her cheek and she responded by pulling away what little she could be away from him.

Then his voice caught in her ear softly she heard him say 4 words so soft and sweet barely auditable "Cum for me baby" and the intense blowjob action with a slutty blonde moved up and down her cunt his actions moving it making it wet from the still wet pussy, which responded and her hips again started to push and grind to feel more of the vibration and oh yes she realized as the dildo entered her opening her wider.

Her walls still hard from the pussy eating he had given her. He moved the dildo in and out slowly at first she moaned and turned her head to the side. She was liking this. His tempo increasing her hips not missing. She brought her knees up slightly on the bed so she could dig her heels in and take more. He started to fuck her hard deep and fast with nadya nabakova raven reign in diabolical dads swap their ace daughters dildo his own dick swelling and hard ready for some of its own attentions.

Then he knew and again softly sweetly those four words again in her ear. "Cum for me baby." And with that she cried out jav collection amateur japanese pussy wankers babes and asian even with the tape on her mouth he heard her and knew she had cum hard for him.

Now it was his turn. He slowly removed the dildo from her pussy. Leaving it on the bed. He stood up undid the knot around his waist and remove the overalls completely his dick stood out straight from his body. Hard and ready to fuck that sweet juicy little cunt. But not yet. Still a little play time left but he wanted to be a little more involved. He returned to the bed straddling her he was on his knees and moved up to her pulling her head up to be face into his cock and balls.

One hand on the back of her head the other took his dick and ran the tip along the tape covering her mouth.

His precum already leaking out he left a trail along it. "You are going to open your mouth and take my dick in or do I make you. I'm good either way; I will let you decide my little one." "Oh and like last time no teeth. Remember. I was nice to you be nice to me." Lynn readied for it this time and swoosh off the tape went this time it really did hurt but not quiet as bad as the first time. It hadn't been on long and was still very sticky.

Biting down and trying not to cry out. His hand grabbed her by the chin forcing her to look up at him. "So you going to open that or do I" She could feel his other hand twisting into her hair start to tighten as his grip pulled her head back hard. "It's open I will open it" Cried Lynn and opened her mouth he could see the shine on the ball of her tongue ring and wanting to feel it again on his dick he shoved the head of his cock into her waiting mouth.

Her tongue swam around his head licking and gliding bumping into it so warm and wet her tongue slightly ruff. Her taste buds were engorged she was so horny. She pulled the dick from her mouth and licked up and down the shaft pushing in at the base on the nerve area then a quick flip to his balls.

Her tongue wandering between his shaft and balls he tightened his grip in her hair and pulled again. God this girl could give head. She was driving him wild and all she had was her mouth and tongue no hands. Oh yeah those hands. But not yet she wasn't ready to be trusted that much yet.

There was no way. Her mouth worked its way back up his dick as he pulled harder on her hair. And it slid back into the warmth of that amazing mouth. Tongue again. Reaching down little tight wet asian pussy milfsexdating net his free hand he put his hand to her throat and gently ever so gently started to squeeze.

As his grip tightened on her neck and hair she sucked faster. It was getting so close he could feel his balls tightening he dick ready to explode and he heard her muffled as it was as his dick pumped in and out of her mouth each time meeting that tongue. Licking and then her sucking the cum starting to leak from his dick as his orgasm came closer. Pushing her head down and holding it so as to keep his dick secure in her mouth he shot his load down her waiting throat.

Eagerly she licked and continued to suck his dick as the last shots came from his cock. Easing up on both his grips her head moved back and his junk popped out of her mouth.

Licking her lips she searched blindly looking to find it and complete the cleaning of it for him. But he teased her with it just keeping it far enough yet still would touch her with it to keep her in the game.

It was becoming hard for her to keep herself up with no support from her cuffed hands and he pushed her back down onto the bed. "Rest my pet. Refreshment time." She felt him climb off the bed and heard the ice in his glass tingled as he took several large drinks from it. "Are you thirsty baby? Here have some wine or would you like something else I know you like rye, or gin I have both. Or maybe your favorite wants do some tequila shots?

I think that would be good." And then I have something else I know you like. I just wanted to see how horny you get before you got stoned. Remember I like to watch. And with that he left the room.

He returned a few minutes later Lynn heard the clank of glass on glass. "Tequila. And I have something here for you first. I think this might help. He figured between the dope and the tequila she should get a good paranoia going on and that would help to add to the game. Putting the joint up to her mouth she took in a long drag, and held it slowly letting it out.

He passed the joint between him and her a few times more to her then himself. He wanted to have fun and not be too out of it to really enjoy himself. After the joint was out he lit a cigarette and took a long drag.

Putting it to her lips she too inhaled and a slight smile crossed her face the sunny leone full romance xxx full sex stories download free story was kicking in. her cheeks were flushing again already. "Thank you can I have another drag please." Asked Lynn "Tell you what.

You were a good girl. I will undo one hand but don't be funny. I mean it. You can play this any way you like." Then gently touching her face he said softly "I can be sweet and gentle" He stroked her hair pulling her face closer to him and then their lips met and he kissed her his tongue pushing into her mouth then it was gone and he yanked her head back pulling a fist full of hair with it.

"Or we can play my way. We have been over the rules. As long as you do as I say it's all good baby." He got off the bed picked up his discarded coveralls digging in the pocket for a set of keys.

He then returned to the bed and unlocked her one cuff and let her hand fall free. "Thank you thank you very much." Smiling he wanted to see those blue eyes they had been hidden long enough she knew what he looked like and he felt she deserved it. She had been very good with that tongue. He reached around her and undid the blindfold and lowered it from her face. Lynn kept her eyes closed not sure why but she did asian mother id like to fuck likes sucking balls japanese hardcore was protection or hope that if she opened them this might be over.

He again touched her face and caressed her cheek. "Open your eyes Lynn its ok" She opened her eyes slowly and looked up into his eyes. "Here have a cigarette and rest a bit. I will pour the tequila" Opening the bottle he poured the liquid into the shooter glass put the bottle down and passed the shot to Lynn. "Drink it." Lynn looked down at the shooter took passed him the cigarette in exchange for the glass.

She looked up at him and poured it down her throat. "You look like you need another" He smiled and repoured her drink spilling a few drips onto the bed. Lynn took that shot back as well. And passed him the glass. She repositioned herself as best as she could so that she was sitting up better and leaning against the head board.

She looked so cute there on hand cuffed he passed her back her cigarette and put an ashtray close to her. I am going to hop in the shower then I will take you in once your done your smoke won't be long. With that he left the room. Lynn handcuffed to the bed smoking looked around his room.

This wasn't a house this was a cabin. Where were they? She couldn't see out the window from where the bed was situated she didn't hear traffic but that just meant it wasn't a main road. She finished her smoke and butted it out in the ashtray. The water shut off a few minutes later. He got out and wrapped a towel around his waist and went back into the bedroom. Moving to his bag on the floor he fished in and came out with a pair of handcuffs. Holding them up to show her and coming toward her on the bed.

"So this is the thing I'm sure you would like a shower and this is how we play. I handcuff you to me that way you can't run because you can't drag me." Lynn looked at him and nodded. Smiling he looked at the bottle of tequila and poured her another shot and then one for himself as well.

Passing it to her, you take yours and shot it back she story de gatas gold araraquara fotde monique5 the same. Cuffing her free hand first you unlock the other then move back over her body. His mouth comes so close you ours and he stops just shy of your lips. And then moves away. "Come on let's get you cleaned up. I'm getting hungry again, and then I'm going to eat that ass of yours." Getting up quickly out of the bed he drags her across the bedroom where Lynn barely gets her feet under her and into the bathroom.

"Get in, I'm cuming too." Rolled off his tongue like is word perfect. Lynn climbed into the tub shower and he dropped his towel and came in after her closing the curtain behind him.

The water already felt cold on her feet and she tried to keep herself covered and little warmth from her one arm as he held on to her wrist with their cuffed hands. He leaned forward turning the water on and adjusting it to a comfortable temperature.

Then turned the shower head on, water came pouring down on Lynn's head over her shoulders and down her back and legs cold at first now getting warmer. He stood up and stood in the water Lynn hadn't noticed until now how well he was built he had a great set of shoulders and arms and a big chest. He was very attractive and she wanted to touch him but resisted.

He turned her gently in the shower and poured some shampoo into her hair. As difficult as it was he made it work putting his cuffed hand on top of hers and helping her wash her hair. Then he rinsed and washer her back turning her around again he washed her chesttits down her belly and then pushing the cloth up hard started rubbing her cunt with the wash cloth. Lynn already turned on by the feel of his hands washing her now scrubbing her cunt she lifted her one leg and pushed up onto his hand to grind into it harder.

Within seconds she started moaning and grinding harder her arm went around his neck to help support herself. She came and almost slipped in the shower. He held on tight to her to keep her from falling. Then he helped rinse off her stinging pussy.pushing his finger in to help rinse it and get any soap out he could feel her cum still flowing from her cunt and spread it around with yet a second finger to come along for further assistance.

Pushing slowly he worked both fingers into Lynn's still dripping pussy. And began to franticly fingerfuck her in the shower till she came again. "You know I was going to eat that little pussy again but I think that's going to have to wait I need to get my dick up that twat right now." Quickly and surprisingly he spun Lynn around and pulled her cuffed hand up onto her back and held her hard pushing her forward to give him the view he loved of that cute little ass with those lips just hanging ready to be eaten up.

Pushing his fingers back into her cunt he covered them in her juice and then rubbed his hand on his own cock. "Fuck it enough if you're not wet enough it's going to sting a bit. And with that he thrust his hard dick up inside Lynn's cunt. Almost instantly Lynn came and he started pumping her from behind hard and fast. Still holding her down with her arm secured behind her back. Her other hand pressed against the shower wall in front of her for balance.

He pumps her hard from behind his dick pushing hard and high up into her willing hungry pussy. He is starting to get to close and knows this is only the start he needs to get where he wants to be and has always wanted to be.

He needs to fuck her ass. He pulls his dick out pushes her down harder to open her ass cheeks more he grabs his junk and starts aiming for that cute little rose. All puckered and ready for him to enter her. And he pushes in he wants to push as hard as he can and split her open but that won't be fun for either of them so he goes slowly and then he feels the tension easy up. he pushes a little more and feels himself enter her all the way one last push he balls resting on her lips he begins to pump that ass hard.

"Oh my god it's so good and tight. This is like fucking heaven. Oh god baby. Your ass feels so good tell me how you like me fucking your ass. Does it feel good?" Grunting Lynn responds. "Fuck my ass hard take it I want to feel you drop your load up there. Please fuck me harder. Yess!" Oh god to find a chick you can fuck anyway you want and do what you want everything was pushing him over the edge and he could feel his dick again grow inside her and his load force its way up out of his dick and into her ass.

"Oh fuck god yes that was so good please I'm begging you fuck me again. Fuck my ass more." "Oh baby not to worry I just got to take a little break and I will fuck you more.

I will fuck that cunt and your mouth and then that sweet little ass a few more times. Now let's wash up and take a rest for a bit." They washed each other off again and he kept the cuffs on.

They got out of the shower and he helped Lynn dry off and brought her back into the bedroom. Pulling the top blankets off he helped her into bed and climbed in beside her. Pulling her close to him still cuffed together she snuggled into him. "Have a good sleep baby, and then we are going to play a lot more. That sweet little pussy and ass are going to be hurting on Monday if I let you go." He whispered into her ear. Lynn smiled. If the rest of the weekend is like this I'm calling in sick on Monday.