Daddy patrons daughter threesome and her joins xxx cam girls

Daddy patrons daughter threesome and her joins xxx cam girls
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Introduction She first caught my eye when I visited the classroom of a professor who was a friend of mine. Her easy smile caught me by surprise and it took me a while to realize how voluptuous this ivory figure was.

A dead ringer for Jessica Rabbit. That's not her real name of course, but it'll do for the story. It was the early 80's and she had her shiny copper hair full and high in front and big boobs and big hips girls sex with boy cascaded around her shoulders.

Another surprise was that, as bright a copper that her hair was, her eyes matched her hair. She also wore these brightly colored, Capri length and form fitting jump suits a lot.

Or she was in insanely tight jeans with loose fitting and shimmering blouses. I began to visit regularly and my friend let me stay as long as I wanted. I kept trying to build up the courage to ask out this beauty who by far outclassed me. I learned later that my friend chased off other boys and she actually thought for a while that he was interested in her.

It wasn't until years later that we realized he was running interference for me. I wanted her so badly I dreamt of her in my fitful sleep. Then the semester ended and I lost her and the chance to take her with me. Or so I thought. The Party Another professor of mine threw and end of the year party.

There was drinking, hot tubs, parlor tricks (I read cards at the time and did hypnotic suggestion games) and no way for me to get there except ride my bicycle the 12 miles. My roommate agreed to go with me and drive.

At the party I was shocked as "Jessica" was there and looking hotter than ever. She isn't tall, standing about 5'3" but she is packed tightly into a body with full, high and firm curves. Her skin was perfectly white, save for a spray of freckles on her arms and her lips were wet and full and they would slide into a warm and welcoming smile. As the night went on, my roommate spent a lot of time talking to her and I would light a few minutes at a time but then would get nervous and move on to other mingling.

I finally got to the point where I was afraid I'd miss her again and pulled my roommate aside to invoke the wingman protocol. Before I could get a word out he started, "you have got to talk to that girl! Every time you come up it's like I'm not there and when you leave she asks tons of questions." I closed my gaping mouth and socked him in the shoulder.

Big boob slutty blonde hitchhiker picked up ampampamp fucked by big dick the end of the evening, there was a "final" from the class that involved everyone looking at and discussing their final compositions. I had already spooked a couple of girls with card reading and hypno-parlor tricks so when I pulled out the nude self portrait figure drawing, with all of its dark images surrounding my glaring form; a lot of hushed discussion of the symbolism was going around the room.

"Jessica" piped up and said, "I think he doesn't buy any of that junk and he placed those images there just to invoke this conversation." She had me dead to rights and I smiled at her and she smirked back with a twitch of her shoulders and a toss of her hair. Soon it got late and my roommate was ready to leave so I made a point of saying that my shoes were all I had (my Triumph had thrown a rod) as transportation.

She jumped up and said, "I can take you home." My dick twitched right there making it's thickened length push at the leg of my cutoffs. She had driven to a friend's house and had ridden to the party with him, he wasn't happy about her offering to take me home but he never acted on dating her and now she was definitely interested in me. On the way to his house to get her car, I talked about all sorts of dark things with a smattering of drug talk. None of which really applied to me but I wanted to see if she scared easily.

She didn't. As we pulled into the parking space in front of my apartment, I touched her arm lightly and she jumped.

"You wanna come in for a bit, maybe have some coffee?" Her eyes widened in the darkness of the car and she bit on her four teens one cock and brazilian lesbian ass pussy worship i should never have attempted lip before giving a quick nod. Seduction Attempt the First Once I got the coffee on and got her back to my bedroom and she sat on my bed I just about creamed looking at her.

She had opened the top of her jump suit just a touch and her magnificant DD cleavage peaked out from inside. I was thinner than when I got out of the Army, having lived three months in the woods but all of the hiking, surviving and riding had kept my thighs corded and heavy.

I was now 6'1" and 175# which was a full thirty less than what I had weighed when I got out. My own auburn hair was sun streaked as was my xxx lov xnxx sex hot and my shaft was trying to creep out of the bottom of my shorts.

I had to readjust or I would definitely scare her. We talked briefly and then the coffee was ready, I went and got us a cup. As I handed her the coffee I held the cup and her hand in mine giving a firm but gentle squeeze. I could feel a tremble as I pulled her hand to my lips and kissed it softly and a little wetly. She gasped quietly and almost spilled the coffee as she pulled away. She sat cross legged and the crotch of her fuschia jump suit had wedged into her vulva slightly, the sight torturing me.

I thought I had everything tucked away but later she told me my heavy balls had been peaking out at certain points during the night. She had witnessed a card reading that night and was a little disturbed by how scared a girl had gotten so she asked me about spirits and such. I told her it was just parlor tricks and I also did hypnotic suggestions.

She was feeling kind of flirty and asked me what all I did. I told her I could make a girl orgasm without touching an errogenous zone (I had no idea if I could but I wanted to see her reaction) and she blushed and said, "nun uh." I told her that if she would trust me I could show her. She was breathing heavier now and had gone back to biting the corner of her lower lip, "what are you going to do.touch?" I assured her I was just going to talk to her and I would not touch her anywhere but the face, hands and arms.

I was hoping to convince her otherwise momentarily but I meant the first part. She gave an almost imperceptible nod. I got up, lit my weird collection of candles and turned out the overhead light. She got really nervous but as her eyes adjusted she realized she could see fine and she visibly relaxed. As for me, my vision had changed in the Army, it was actually better at night and my eyes would hurt in normal lighting; I wore tinted glasses everywhere. I could now remove my shaded glasses as the light level was comfortable and look directly into her eyes.

She was beautiful and I could swear I saw her tits shift and her hips move in the dancing candlelight. Even in the dim, dancing candlelight I could see her begin to tremble as I leaned in and stroked her hair while speaking in a low, monotone voice. My left hand trailed down her neck and slid it's back across her clavicle as my right crossed her milky white cheek.

The entire time I was talking her into a relaxed state and talking her through becoming aware of her body and all of the sensations. A sudden gasp escaped her lips as I trailed my fingers Down the insides of her arms and I leaned in to whisper in her ear. I could feel her shifting on the mattress as I talked her deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation and self awareness. I took one of her hands and held it to my hairy chest as I began to ask her to imagine her nipples getting sensitive (this is where I usually lose them to laughter or end up pushing them back and fucking them) but she groaned and her nipples pushed bumps into the front of her jumpsuit's top.

As I leaned in I slipped another snap open and she didn't notice. I stroked her arms lightly and caressed her throat from behind and eased her back on the mattress. She was pressing her thighs together now but was rocking her hips on the mattress. I managed to slip another fastener apart and now she was opened to her navel and I could glimpse the perfect firm roundness of her magnificent breasts. The top slipped apart slowly and I could see her small pink nipples pressing hard against the translucent cups of her blue bra.

I was sitting next to her on the single mattress, the exposed areas of her luscious body shimmering in the candle light. I slid my hand across the smooth flesh of her stomach and felt her jerk under the touch. I leaned down as she writhed on the mattress and stroked her throat again and took her hand in mine and pressed it against the hair on my chest once more.

As I leaned close to her face she whimpered and squeezed my pec big ass girl shaking her ass free amateur porn video tube porn her delicate hand and shuddered and whimpered. She went completely rigid and squealed behind closed lips as her orgasm rolled through her body. She lurched, crunching her abdomen and thighs in on her crotch like something had been jammed into her and she collapsed back on the mattress.

I kissed her slightly and she moaned. I sat back up and looked at her lazy expression and open, wet mouth.

I didn't say anything as her breathing slowed from her brief but intense climax. I trailed my eyes down her exposed midline and noted the darkening in the crotch of her jump suit. " did you do that?" She panted and I shrugged.

I truly didn't know but I was sure she had gotten there because she wanted it to work. I took her hand in mine and sat her up, then I buried my mouth in her palm and kissed her hand while flicking the tip of my tongue across the skin. She shuddered again. I placed her hand on my bare thigh and she squeezed slightly.

As the fog cleared from her brain she squealed and half laughed when she noticed she was completely undone. I placed her hand on my shaft and she sighed. I rolled the right shoulder of her top down and slid my hand across her sweat slick tit. She jerked as if being jolted awake, "No, no, no, no. I can't. I'm sorry." And she jumped up to refasten her outfit. She stepped up to me and said, "nothing like that has ever happened to me before." "What, cumming?" She furrowed her brow at the crude word and then shook her head.

"No one has made me.uh.orgasm and NEVER without touching me." Then she noticed the lightened Eastern light and panicked. "My parents are going to kill me!" And then by way of explanation "I still live at home." "Tell them the truth, the party went late and you were talking and didn't notice the time." She smiled and as I was about to decide she was never coming back after my "assault" she lifted up on her toes and gave me a tender, lingering kiss.

Then I watched her drive away. Not Scared After All I had learned enough about this girl whom Jessica Rabbit had to be patterned after to know that while she was very sexy and was flirting with a dangerous guy she simply did not fuck around.

There was a morality there that I simply did not understand and as the days passed into a week, I'd figured to have frightened her off. I had even called her house and left a message but did not get a return.

Damn shame but I would have to set my sights on bedding another when I got around to it (as horny as I was, I didn't fill my days trying to bed women. I didn't even masturbate very often.). The trouble was she crept into my thoughts at every idle moment. Her shining copper hair and matching eyes, full DD breasts and milky white skin with really dangerous curves.

Her moaning and writhing that first night and the tender parting kiss filled my imagination. Shit, she had done a number on me. I was pulling a personal protection gig at the time and I had come back a few days later and my ever impish (but giant) roommate held up a spiral notebook as I walked in and started shedding my leather and helmet from the long ride home.

He had a devious glint and said, "I have something I think you're going to want." I was tired and nonplussed. "Let's have it," I finally groaned and he handed me the tablet. It was a note from "Jessica" who had come by and said she and a friend were going on a mission trip and wouldn't be back for almost a month.

My mind started racing, "okay," I thought, "she came by to leave a note, but she hasn't been back and now she has left town for a month. She's going to the Atlantic seaboard in the summer but she said she'd see me when she got back." I wrestled with it for a minute or two going through all sorts of optimistic and then grim thoughts about what it meant. If I had a daisy, it would've been an endless round of "She loves me, she loves me not." I didn't understand why I even gave a rat's ass about whether she'd return or not.

It was about 4 days later, almost three weeks since I saw her that first night that a letter arrived from her in our mailbox. I studied the envelope for a while as my roommate watched. There was trepidation there and he knew it. "Want me to open it?" He offered. "Fuck no!" And I tore into it. The first part was inane updates on what she and her best friend were doing and then she started into that night together.

She confessed having never been so turned on before and almost in the same sentence said that my closeness frightened her. Then she wrote words that made my always stoic face crack a smile, "I want to see you again when I get back." She actually signed it with "Love, Jessica".

Seduction Attempt the Second Almost from her return we started seeing each other. Either we went out somewhere (cheap) or she came over and spent hours with me.

I had eaten some of my starving student fare, smoked oysters and Tabasco when she realized that as a college student on an Army stipend, with occasional art commissions, my side of the pantry stayed pretty sparse.

So she decided to take mercy on me and ran to the store for some groceries. She was gone way too long and I worried that something brunette records herself masturbating for her husband have happened. I borrowed my roommate's BMW bike and went searching for her.

When I couldn't find her I returned to find her cooking in my kitchen. "Where were you?" She asked almost nonchalantly. "You were gone too long, the stupid store was right around the corner," my anxiety over her safety was now coming out in too sharp of a tone. She backed up and looked afraid. I came up to her and pulled her resisting into a tight hug and whispered, "I was afraid you had been taken or raped." She laid her head on my shoulder and whispered, "it wouldn't be the first time." I pushed her away and held her at arm's length to study her face, "what?" I finally managed to rasp out.

She told me that when she was in a different college and as a Christian she was saving herself for marriage. She had dated a member of the basketball team and when she visited his dorm he threw her down, ripped her shirt off and as she struggled pulled her jeans off. She was crying and screaming and he choked her and said he'd kill her if she sucking a fat cock on cam homemade amateurs shut up.

She said he wasn't very big but without being ready he tore into her and fucked her until he dumped his load. He also bit on her tits leaving bruises and choked her to the point of chafing her throat and almost causing her to lose consciousness.

Shame and the thought of getting kicked out for visiting a boy's dorm kept her from reporting it. My anger burned and I demanded the guy's name. She refused as did her best friend months later so it was always just the three of us and the rapist that ever knew what had happened.

Once she was healed, she said, she went through a phase of sexual activity in some kind of rebellion to take control back. She struggled with the guilt but never lost her faith, however the sexuality switch had been thrown and now it was a husband films friend cumming inside his wife for her to date and not sleep with those she found attractive. So here she was, standing in the kitchen with a bearded ex soldier who wanted nothing more than to track down this rapist and castrate him.

On some level I was even angry with her for not telling me who it was. Still, she held back as she knew what I would do but even then, she admitted 25 years later that she wished she had told me. My rage abated and I pulled her in close and held her tight. Her magnificent chest crushed against me and my denim covered cock pressed into her abdomen and began thickening.

She kissed my neck and stroked my hair and I let my hands drift down to her flared hips and high, round ass. But I didn't press the issue and just swayed with her to some inaudible music. I stroked her hair and lifted her chin and watched as silent tears streamed down her cheeks and began to soak her blouse.

I took her by the hand and we went back to my bedroom, I tossed the shoulder holster rig onto my desk and gently laid her back on the bed. I knew that she would be tired after this catharsis. As she settled onto the mattress her breasts seperated ever so slightly and she twisted her perfectly shaped hips so that her artistically curving thighs bent toward me as I sat on the edge of the bed.

I was casually rubbing her leg from her hip to the back of her thigh and she reached for my hand and pulled it to the side of her waist. It was agonizingly close to the underside of her right breast. I had stiffened and my cock now ran down my jeans leg to about the top third of my thigh. I stroked her hair and kissed her soft lips and smooth throat until she was almost asleep.

I tried to rise and she tightened her hip on my wrist. "Lay with me," she whispered.

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I kicked my boots off and slid next to her on the narrow mattress and she rolled into me, pressing her soft tits against me. I rubbed lightly from across her shoulder to the small of her back and she pulled tighter to me.

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I brushed the hair, still wet from her tears from her face and kissed her on the cheek and then the lips. Oh those succulent, full lips. As I caressed her back and hips I pressed the kiss and she responded by sighing and letting me enter her warm mouth. We kissed deeply and I couldn't help but press my hard dick against her tightly shielded sex.

I pulled on her ass and she moaned as she pressed her pelvis against me. I slid my hand up from her hip to just under her right breast and squeezed gently eliciting a small gasp and another moan. Suddenly she froze, "I can't. I'm sorry; oh God I'm sorry." I stopped moving and pulled her resistant frame into another embrace. As I kissed the nape of her neck and then her lips lightly, I whispered, "it's okay.

I'm the one that is sorry (I really was). I don't want to hurt or scare you." As she squeezed me hard I added, "just sleep for a while. I'll finish cooking." She kissed me deeply then mouthed "thank you" as her eyes watered. At least she knew she could trust me now. Where my restraint had come from I still don't know; any other girl in the same circumstance would be fucked by now. But I treasured this girl and wanted to protect her, I wanted to be with her, I wanted to father children with her.

Is this what love is? My friends use to call me Spock because of my unflappable persona. Well my Vulcan psyche was in cognitive dissonance, it was illogical. I rarely masturbated in those days, I kept busy enough. But that night I jacked off at least five times, filling my hands and splattering the tub or toilet with huge globs.

I went to sleep only half sated and my thick cock only halfway soft. Falling for Jessica Rabbit Over the next couple of weeks, I challenged her resolve and she always held to it citing her faith but with great struggle. I tried to destroy her faith with logic and studying the Bible and found my own world view changing in the face of insurmountable evidence.

I still didn't have any money but when I'd get a decent commission, I'd take her out, in her car, trying to find a place some other boy had not taken her. It wasn't until we were engaged months later that I finally hit on one. Mostly she would come over to my apartment and we'd swim at the complex pool or sit up into the wee hours talking. We talked about her other men and my previous women. What fascinated me was this chaste girl didn't freak or run away when I talked about the rough times and the bondage I had experimented with with other women We talked about her faith and as we studied together, me trying to undermine hers, I found myself creeping to her side.

The only time she gave pause is when she learned about my divorce and that I had a daughter. Her parents hated me when we finally met. One time we were leaving the apartment for the pool. The complex was long and narrow and the utility room and manager's office abutted the pool area.

She was wearing a deep necked, French cut black one piece that should have been illegal when she put it on. There was a guy carrying a basket at that other end headed for the laundry room and he saw her and watched her up to the point he racked himself on the steps' railing. I laughed, she hadn't seen it. After we swam we came back into the air conditioning of my apartment and her bee sting nipples pushed hard against the fabric of her suit.

Her glowing body, her magnificent tits pushed together and the pointed nipples caused me to immediately harden.

She came to me and pressed against my bare chest and she allowed her hand to slide to my clock head as it dropped out from the hem of my trunks. "I want you too. But we can't.please don't hate me." I pulled her hand away and crushed her into my body. I wanted to rip the suit from her and fuck her in the living room, but something had changed in me and I reigned in my lust. I assured her that I could never hate her, that she was worth how ever long it took and then without thinking it came out, "I love you." She looked into my face with watery eyes and pulled away to go change without saying a word.

"Now you've done it asshole," I thought, "she thinks you're using that to bed her. She'll be gone for sure now." When she came out in her short terry cloth cover, her tits were unrestrained by a bra. The barely moved as she came over to me. She didn't say a word but laid her head on my chest, held me for a moment and the kissed me softly. Then she pulled away, gathered her purse and sundries and left. I fell onto my wicker couch and thought about what had happened. My hard, emotionless heart had turned toward her.

I wanted to place her first, I wanted to protect and be with her every waking moment.I had fallen for Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Comes to My Bed It had been a week since I had said the "L" word. Jessica had occasionally made tender contact but was careful not to start anything which was impossible as I'd grow an erection whenever she came near. I learned later that her dad had warned, "that boy is sweet on you." During all of this she had never said it back to me.

She didn't drink and she was scared of drinking when she was around so I had told her I wouldn't every time she came over. She came over so often that soon it had been weeks since my last beer. We had learned august ames and isis love shares a thick cock lot about each other including the darkest points in both of our lives.

She had learned the scariest parts of mine and had even witnessed a flashback; yet she kept coming. It was late at night, we had watched a movie on the VHS.

My roommate was asleep and all was dark and very quiet. That is when my senses would kick into overdrive and I would get very intense, listening to and identifying each sound as a threat or non-threat. Sometimes she'd just watch me as my focus turned from one inaudible (to her) sound to the next.

There were times when it seemed to frighten her a little. On the other hand she never felt as safe in the dark as when she was with me. We sat quietly, drinking a limeade I had made. My arm was draped over her shoulder and she leaned against me as we talked quietly. "Did you mean it?" She asked out of no where. "What?" "What you said last week." "Which part?" I knew what she was driving at but I wanted her to say it too.

"That.that you love me." Her voice halted like she had almost choked. "I have never known what love was. Until now.yes, I meant it." She studied my face as I thought.

"I love you Jessica, I can see being with you forever but." She looked skittish. " I just don't know where I stand with you. I mean you still date, your ex-boyfriend came down and tried to rekindle things with you. I mean your mom let him stay at your house.shit, for all I know the two of you fummmph." She had straddled my lap and pressed her lips to mine and forced her tongue nearly down my throat.

She pulled back long enough, "No! He was supposed to be a writer no you are the only one who ever wrote me a story." Tears were welling up and she threw her mouth against my neck and kissed and licked as she unbuttoned my shirt. I was rock hard and pulled her blouse apart and slipped a hand over her bra encased tit and rubbed and pulled her hardening nipple. "Jessica, I don't want to hurt you." She pulled back and I sipped my fingers lightly and imperceptibly across her clasp in the front of her bra and it snapped open exposing her porcelain tits and their translucent, pale bee sting nipples that were puckering and stiffening.

She gasped, "how did you do that?" Then without an answer she pressed her tits into my face. I suckled and nipped at her nipples until her moans turned into complaints. I lifted her by her hips and lowered her to the floor before opening the zipper to her brightly colored denim shorts. She lifted her hips as I slid them off of her smooth white thighs and tiny feet.

I left her teal panties in place but laid her back and kissed my way from her tits, across her twitching stomach to the moistening crotch of her panties. I pressed my mouth to the fabrics and sucked and kissed her mound. It was only as I slid the gusset aside to go down on her that she grabbed the side of my head and said, "no, please don't" but she encouraged me to kiss my way back to her tits, elegant and shining throat and to her lips.

She pushed on my shoulder and I rolled onto my back. She did the same thing to me, pausing to suckle on my hair covered nipples. I had never had that done before and electricity shot through me. I felt a cool dribble from my raging cock which was half way above my waist band and leaking into the hair above my navel.

She made her way down and slid the constraining elastic under my balls. She studied my anatomy as she caressed and squeezed my swollen testes. Then she pursed her lips and kissed the tip of my cock, dipping the tip of her tongue into the dribbling slit. "Shit!" I hollered before I hot blonde baby sitter fuckes for extra cash blair williams babysitter fantasy about my roommate and grabbed her chin.

"Jessica, what are you doing? You." Jessica smirked, gave my shaft an almost painful squeeze and slid the head and about the top third of my shaft into her hot mouth before she gagged slightly. Only a few women had ever succeeded in making me cum with a blow job. This was electric and I knew it wouldn't last long.

She started sucking as she milked my balls and would pause at the head to swirl her tongue around and lick into my slit. I grabbed a handful of hair but stopped short of fucking her face. She repeatedly sank down my dick until she gagged and then started to push further. I could feel her throat start to spasm as she deprived herself of air and as suddenly she would draw off, sucking hard and lifting up with drool bridging from her tiny mouth to my dick and balls.

She took just the top third of my cock again and sucked in pulses alternating with a tongue wallowing mouthing. It came without warning but my climax shot through my cock and started to empty into her mouth in massive surges. She sputtered and a little dribbled from the corners of her mouth and back onto my balls but she buried the rest into her throat and gulped.

This intensified my cum as the undulation of her swallowing traveled the top half of my cock and she rolled her fist up and down the bottom half. She pulled off finally and sat back on her thighs and one last dribble leaked out and fell to her right tit.

The thick and pearly drop rolled to and hung on the tip of her pale pink nipple. She looked down, wiped it up with her finger and sucked it into her mouth. "Sorry," she shrugged. "Are you kidding? I have never had anything like that." Then I felt a twinge of jealousy, "just how many april amateur babe flashing her tits and acting naughty in public have you blown?" She looked hurt, " does it matter?" "A little, yeah." "Some, I learned to swallow pretty quickly.

One just pounded my mouth until he came." She wiped a single tear from her cheek and my heart ached. "I wasn't very good. I read about how to do it after I met you. And I couldn't even take you all the way." Another tear welled up and I jerked up, took her by the face and kissed her cum stained lips deeply.

"My turn," I whispered and slid my hand into her panties and slid my finger along her dripping slit. He was already wet but started dripping and moaning after just a few strokes.

I withdrew my hand and she looked startled and questioning. I stood and offered my hand and led her to the bedroom. I walked her backwards until the edge of the bed stopped her and I kissed my way down from her face, to her neck and then her nipples.

She was holding on to my shoulders as I knelt and started to work the sheer panties over her hips. As her fine and sparse copper triangle came into view I leaned in and kissed her just above her vulva. She ran her fingers through my hair until I took a tentative lick and she gently but firmly pulled me up from kneeling.

"Please don't," she whispered. That's when I found out that no one had ever gone down on her and the two that had tried (myself and one other) were rebuffed. She would choke herself trying to get half of my cock in her mouth but she felt it "gross" to eat out her pussy. I stood and pulled her to me, kissing her hard and kneading her unbelievable tits before I just pushed her back and she fell across the mattress with a squeal.

I laid on her, crushing her into the mattress and rubbing my cock along her wet slit causing her to twitch and moan every time I made contact with her clit. I kissed her all over her face and neck and returned to her sensitive nipples, sucking licking and pulling as my right hand returned to working on her sex.

She was the most responsive lover I had ever known and she writhed, moaned and grunted with every stroke and intrusion into her incredibly tight sex. Jessica was getting very active and loud enough she grabbed a pillow and held it over her face. I studied her as I assaulted her inflamed labia and clit. She was jerking and thrusting and sensual nuru massage led to incredible lesbian sex between sasha heart and alix lynx full white thighs were corded and her toes pointed straight out.

Her breathing became erratic and suddenly she grabbed my wrist as I shoved my finger into her convulsing vagina. She was squealing behind clamped lips as she went completely rigid and started a staccato grunting kind of moan as she jerked writhed and humped my finger. The pressure of her cunt clamping down on my finger with each contraction made me wonder if I could even pull it out. Finally she calmed and laid with my finger still deep inside, jerking and rasping out complaints as I occasionally moved it within her or pressed against her swollen clit.

I knew how she felt about sex before marriage, despite her sexual reaction to being raped. But she had surrendered herself to me. In the moonlit room she glowed and shimmered as the light played on her sheen of sweat and the pure white two lesbians have fun with sex toys her skin.

I was rock hard again and I rolled to where my dick was pressed into her lower abdomen with my balls resting against her bed soaking sex.

I gyrated my hips against her as I kissed her and fondled her slick tits. She relaxed her legs and her curvy thighs parted as her hand dropped to my ass and she encouraged me to come between them.

I nestled my cockhead between her lips and pressed slightly, communicating my need. She pushed back with her pelvis and locked eyes with me as she nodded slightly. There was desire and a little fear on her face as I wedged my cockhead just inside of her opening. Her mouth opened and she sucked air in as I forced another little bit into her and began to stretch and wedge her tight muscular vagina open enough to let me in. I rested on my elbows so I could hold her face as I forced more in, "ow, ow, easy." I was being easy and going slow but I just held still and let her become accustomed to my size.

It was driving me to madness, feeling her cunt spasm and milk the top part of my cock and yet not just shoving into her.

Had she been any of the other girls I had known, I would have torn into her. But this was lovemaking, a totally new feeling for me and I actually cared about what she wanted. She pulled on my ass again once she had opened a bit and I started to gyrate my hips and slowly pushing against her incredible resistance.

She was jerking and quivering as each ridge and fold of her wet sex squeezed and molded my dick with each new inch. It was almost uncomfortable, how tight and resistant to entry she was, even soaking wet.

She had arched her neck and had her mouth open as a blush spread from her tits to her forehead. She groaned and whimpered as I pushed until I pressed into her cervix. I stayed still as she froze and didn't move. I leaned down and our tongues intertwined as I drew out. My second push was more of a hard thrust and Jessica screamed into my mouth as I crashed into her womb's entrance again. The feeling was amazing; her tight tunnel rippling along my length, her sweat slickened flesh sliding against me and her beautiful face scrunched up in a mix of pleasure and pain.

She started to gyrate her hips and the milking sensation it created on my straining cock coarse banging of indecent milf hardcore and blowjob beyond belief. It was only by the grace of her incredible blow job that I didn't blast her by the time I made first contact. The tightness and the ripples of her cunt squeezed and distorted the corona of my cockhead and she whimpered or gasped with each "speed bump" I rolled over.

I started a slow rhythm of tugging and pulling until just the tip nested against her opening and would force my way back in with a steady effort. She whispered in my ear, "do it, do it to me hard." My cock twitched against her flattened cervix. Both of us were soaked in sweat and she had her eyes locked on mine as the slow steady stretching and pulling became forceful thrusts and the pace steadily quickened.

I could feel the firm opening to her womb push back against the eye of my sensitive cock with every thrusting blow. She was clawing my back and grunting and I started to lose control. I sucked a sensitive nipple into my mouth and clamped it with my teeth and pulled pretty nympho gapes juicy snatch and gets devirginized she complained and repeated the process again on the other tit.

Soon her pale, bee sting nipples had turned into engorged and reddened posts sitting high and proud on her milky white tits. I was becoming animalistic, my battering her womb and her clawing and thrusting back was loud and almost violent. How we didn't wake my roommate I'll never know.

But even as our coupling turned hard, I felt a connection I never had before. In less time it takes to have read the last three paragraphs I crashed into her cervix hard, forcing a grunt from her chest and crushing it back into her womb. I felt the stinging pulse of my sperm burn its way through my urethra and splatter against the back of her vagina.

It kept coming and coming to a point I thought I would pass out and until it began to splatter against my balls around the tight seal of our joining. She began whimpering and almost crying as I flooded her with my hot jism. Finally my orgasm subsided and I twitched a few more spurts into her and took sharp, short jabs at her cervix. Finally I collapsed on to her shiny wet body and reveled in the milking she was still giving my overly sensitive cock. I never felt anything for any girls I have had before but this was cognitive dissonance.

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I didn't know what to do. I held my face next to hers while stroking her wet hair, "I love you." Her breathing had begun to slow down and she pulled on my ass, "trapping" me inside of her.

She was tearful but not crying and she kissed then nibbled at my neck. "I love you too." Epilogue She almost immediately regretted succumbing to her passions as she had wanted to put her sexual post rape rebellion behind her. But she never blamed me. I ended up becoming a Christian (I know, writing pornography, refer to my pen name) and still am. We stopped having sex or even very intimate contact until one day, six months later and 35 years ago, I married Jessica Rabbit.