Frisky lesbos fill up their big asses with whipped cream and blast it out

Frisky lesbos fill up their big asses with whipped cream and blast it out
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The trip was booked for March into an all-inclusive resort that catered to couples and boldly advertised a clothing-optional beach. My wife almost immediately went on a diet to lose a few pounds. I didn't think she really needed to, but she wouldn't be deterred. Picture this, shes 5'2" weighing 125lbs, firm B cups with dark hard nipples, flat tummy and a bald little pussy. Why would she need to lose anything, but her mind was made up. The two weeks before we left we went tanning to try to get some base color so as not to burn.

Even tanning naked in the machines was a turn-on and we had plenty of sex even before we left. My wife bought two new bikinis although I kept teasing her that she wasn't going to wear them. She was firm in replying, "I'll be the judge of that." The flight was long, the bus ride to the resort bumpy. Everywhere you turned a local was trying to do something for you for money or sell you something.

I was glad to get onto the resort where the near constant hassling ended. The resort was everything it was advertised to be. Beautiful, secluded, clean and posh except for one obvious concern. The people checking in next to us were in their mid thirties but they had two teens with them that seemed to be at the wrong resort. I asked the desk clerk regarding age restrictions considering we were under the understanding this was an adult only resort.

He said by law what we view on the Internet has to reflect whatever our laws are wherever we live. But if you come from different countries the age restrictions are different from country to country.

There are not many rules at this resort, but the main rule is men have to ask a woman's permission to even touch, but women do not have to ask at all. No means no, or you are asked to leave the resort. We had to sign agreements that any pictures, videos, or sex with anyone under our country's legal age would be kept private and what happens at the resort stays at the resort. My wife and I were a little uneasy about this, but with this type of resort you could basically do as you please. You could spend time alone and have a romantic vacation, or you could be frisky and slutty and do as you please.

We agreed to just have a good time and go with the flow. By the time we were settled into our beach front suite it was a little late for the beach, so we just strolled around the several pools and bars. Almost every hour was happy hour, and we enjoyed a finger food dinner with copious drinks. That night in bed I worked to get things started."So, are you going to be showing off this yummy pussy on the beach tomorrow?" I asked my wife as I slowly ran my tongue up her very slick slit.

"I don't know, we'll see." She said." Oh, I think you definitely should, it's so gorgeous." I replied. It was gorgeous too, she had shaved her pussy bald, my favorite way. My poor wife will be wearing out some razors on this trip, but I love the smooth legs, armpits and pussy lips. I brought her to within an inch of orgasm, and then slowly sunk my cock into her. She came hard and immediately. I don't know what had her so cranked up, the rum, my tongue or the idea of the nude beach.

I came seconds later, dumping a gallon of cum into her. I have never been one to last long. Maybe these things got me cranked too. The next morning found me gently rubbing her pussy to wake her. Since this was vacation we could have slept in, but I had better plans. My wife was in a frisky mood and instead of pushing my hand away, she pushed into it.

She was wet, and it wasn't just my cum left over from the night before. "Ohhh, if you keep doing that I may have to jump on top of you." She murmured."As nice as that sounds, I want you on the beach. Maybe you can jump on me on the beach." I suggested."We'll get in trouble." "Hold the thought."I jumped out of bed, leaving a smoldering wife behind. Breakfast was fresh fruit I picked up at the breakfast bar and brought back to the room.

When I returned, my wife was still in the shower, no doubt wearing out a razor. Afterward, we set out for the beach. My wife chose a daring white string bikini that I know she would've never worn at home.

She looked great. When we got to the beach the attendant Andre gave us towels and described the nude beach and the 'prude' beach for those who elect to keep their suits on.

He also mentioned that at the rear of each beach were screened 'veranda' areas for more privacy. I got the impression that lovemaking was discouraged on the beach but permitted in the veranda areas. We took our towels and cautiously headed to the nude beach.

It was still early, perhaps 9am and the beach was only sparsely populated by perhaps four couples. Two couples were obviously together and seemed a little older than us, maybe early fifties. The other two couples were younger. My wife had seemed pretty reserved peculiar cutie is brought in anus nuthouse for uninhibited treatment until now, but as we sat down upon the towel I was more afraid than she was.

She glanced around and then untied her top bringing her breasts into view of anyone that wanted to look. She looked at me and said my turn. I hooked my thumbs into my shorts and eased big tits maid mandy dee pounded real hard on the bed pornstars and hardcore down. Each of the couples had observed us as we entered the beach, but nobody said anything till blonde jiggles jizzy jugs pornstars and big tits. "nice cock!" from the woman next to me.

I was embarrassed at first and looked at her and said thank you. I immediately recognized her and her husband from check in. They were the couple who brought the teens.

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The four of us chatted for a bit, exchanged info and found out that they originally lived in Sheboygan Wi and his work transferred them to Spain, where they currently live. Small world considering we live in the next town over. They have been there now for the past 7 years and have grown accustomed to the different laws of the countries. Their twin son and daughter both became teens last week, and since they both have been showing curiosity regarding sex, they figured what better place to let them explore and enjoy it openly where they can monitor it and avoid some other stranger abusing or taking advantage of them at home.

It was warm. It was a perfect day, no clouds, warm sun, light breeze. We lay together sharing small talk and an occasional kiss. The beach slowly became more crowded with couples arriving and stripping. The twins finally woke and joined their parents on the beach. We were introduced to Zach and Tiffany. Clothing was optional, but so far nobody had elected to retain their suits.

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Their dad spoke up and said that if they wanted to stay on this beach, that they needed to take off all their clothes. Zach did not object at all as he shed his trunks rather quickly and seemed proud to show off his little cock.

You could see he was already excited sporting a decent size erection for his young age with barely any pubic hair. My wife was just in shock and stared with a slight smile. Tiffany was a bit more hesitant but slowly untied her bikini top and let her apple size breasts enjoy the warm Jamaican sun.

Zach was the first to speak up and tell her she needed to remove her bottoms as well. She pointed at my wife and said she still has her bottoms on. Zack spoke up first again and told my wife "well you can take them off as well".

I'm thinking it was the early morning alcohol already speaking, but my wife replied with "if you want them off you'll have to take them off". I was in shock and disbelief hearing her say that but I was not going to stop it. There was no hesitation at all when zach walked up to my wife and hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them down and off, my wife even lifted her ass to help an assist him sliding them off.

Looking over at Tiffany I nodded in her direction and she got the hint and she slid her bottoms down as well. I have never been into the younger age before, but I must admit it was the most beautiful bald young pussy I have ever seen. Their mother told them that being in the Jamaican sun, they needed to make sure to keep on sunscreen. The 4 of us adults watched as the 2 twins applied sunscreen lotion to each other and rubbed it in and explored each other right there in front of us.

It was an extremely erotic moment that I could not help but provide an erection myself. I thought for sure their parents would be upset if they saw me in this condition, but then I noticed she was stroking his cock while watching their children explore each other.

My wife just sat they're still staring with that little smile. The sexual tension throughout the day was keeping my cock at half staff. When one of the thirty-something guys stripped while standing nearby I teased my wife: "What do you think of that guy." "He's nice, but I only want you." "I'm sure he's getting a nice eyeful of you." "I doubt he's looking at me, his wife is younger and prettier than me." "Younger maybe, but not prettier.

And there is no way she could be half as hot as you are in the sack." "You're sweet." "No, YOU"RE sweet, right - here." And as we turned and kissed I slipped a finger into her pussy. Very wet. "Keep that up and I'll have to drag you to the veranda." "I thought you'd never ask. Want to go right now?" My wife raised herself up and looked around, especially at the verandas. They really were very little other than fabric screens set up away from the waters edge perhaps eight feet square.

At the moment they were all vacant, with the fabric 'door' draped over the front 'wall'. "It's too obvious." She declined. "Maybe later." I sexy brunette pussy licked and fucked chanel preston and said "I'll get us something to drink." With that I headed up to the bar and picked up a couple of Bahama Mama's. The beach was definitely getting more crowded and couples were now in the water as well.

When I got back I noticed that one of the verandas was now occupied. "Did you see that one of the verandas is in use?" I asked as I handed my wife her drink. She looked over."They didn't close the door!" She replied, shocked. "No. Maybe they want an audience." From our angle, you couldn't see too much inside the veranda, although you could tell that two people were inside and were involved together.

Out of courtesy, people walking along the beach kept away from the veranda doors. As we watched, a thirty-something couple walked by from the water to another veranda and closed the door.

She was a petite blond and he was average. "Looks like legal age teenager cant live without cum on her face schoolgirl and japanese are heating up." I remarked. "Yes." as she sucked the last of her drink through the straw. "Thirsty one aren't you." I said kissing her. "Want another?" "Later. Maybe we should go up before they're all taken." The drink must've worked. I didn't expect her to go this easily.

Taking her hand, we walked up. The sun was now directly overhead and shone down into the veranda. Inside was a platform with a cushion about the size of a queen sized bed. A large clean towel was over the cushion. My wife said to leave the door open and sat down." I sat next to her and kissed her. She responded strongly, british milfs red and lucy gresty in sheer tights pantyhose and stocking me down on top of her as she laid back.

It was very exciting, making out with my beautiful nude wife in the sunshine with just the slightest hint of risk from the couples further down on the beach. I turned her so that her head was towards the back side of the veranda. Of course this meant that her legs were more towards the open side. I slowly worked my way down her body, kissing.

Her nipples were now rock hard and while I sucked one, she pulled and twisted the other. She was really turned on. Lower and lower I went. I gave her pussy one long lick and she gasped.

Looking toward the beach, I noticed Zach standing a discrete distance away, looking back towards us. It was pretty obvious that he was watching and looking to see my reaction. I smiled at him and nodded my head." "there is someone watching me eat your pussy." "Ohhh." Was all she seemed able to reply. I looked back and he had walked closer, about as close as you could get and still be considered courteous.

His cock was at full staff. At this range he could pretty much see everything. I licked her pussy some more. "He can see you clearly now." I teased. This was similar to a fantasy we had shared many times before where I would fuck her in front of another man. That fantasy always went much further with him joining us in a threesome. I was certain that she remembered that frequent fantasy. "Show him how yummy your pussy is." I commanded.

This was our signal for her to do something that has always turned me on incredibly. She took her left hand away from pulling her left nipple and slowly slid it down her body until it was at the entrance to her slit. I backed away far enough for Zach to have a clear view of her as she slid her middle finger all the way into her snatch and plunged it in several times. Panting, she then pulled the sopping wet digit out and placed it into her mouth sucking off her juices.

Zach moved still closer, his eyes wide. He had his hand on his cock, stroking it. "Should I invite him in?" I asked.

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"I don't know." She panted. This was her signal for a guilt-free yes. I motioned with my finger for Zach to come into the veranda. As soon as he stepped inside I motioned for him to stop. Now she could see him through half-closed eyes, when she realized who it was her eyes flew open all the way. I kissed her passionately and told her to just go with the flow. He was slowly jacking his cock off. I could hear him breathing heavily and wondered if he was about to cum. She continued to masterbate for him while watching him do the same.

I sensed that she was getting close and I didn't want her to cum just yet. "I think it's time for you to show him what a great cocksucker you are". With that, I laid on the cushion next to her, and she moved down alongside of me.

Looking first at me, then at Zach masterbating, then again back to me, she took my throbbing cock into her mouth. Both then Zach and I moaned softly as she worked her mouth up and down my rigid cock.

She looked both frightened and excited as she bobbed up and down. Zach was only perhaps three feet away from us. "I bet he wishes it was HIS cock you were working on." With legal age teenager attractive babe likes large dick, we both looked at him, and he was nodding his head up and down as he continued to stroke his little cock. Just thinking about her sucking his cock got me a little too close to cumming, and I pulled her off of me.

"Time for you to take a seat I think." She climbed up on top of me and reaching down, lined my cock up with her sopping snatch. "Slow." Was all I said. And slow was how she lowered herself onto me, sinking ever further down until I was buried in her. She let out a gentle sigh as she began rocking on my cock. I was afraid that she might cum immediately and that the fun would be over, but she didn't.

Good. Now with a nice slow rhythm going we both had a chance to look over at Zach, who was still stroking himself.

This whole scenario was going much further than I ever expected it would, and so far it was very hot. Did I dare let it go to the next level? Would my wife? With her rocking above me she licked her lips and told Zach breasty legal age teenager adores lecherous sex hardcore blowjob come closer to the front of us so she could get a closer look at what he was doing.

He inched up closer onto the bed now and was kneeling next to my head. he placed a hand on her shoulder for balance as he resumed stroking his cock now inches away from us.

She still looked a little scared, but based on how wet her pussy was she was definitely turned on. I decided that we may never again find ourselves in this position and as hot as things already were, I risked making them hotter. "Maybe you could help our friend out with that." I suggested.

"How?" "You know, use your hand instead of his." "I don't know." she answered. "It's just your hand." Zach removed his hand from his cock.

It dangled before him, red and hard. She looked at it, then at me. Finally she made up her mind and reached out, grabbing Zachs little cock. He let out a sigh as she began stroking him. The scene was so erotic I had to stop her rocking on me for a moment to control my orgasm. I hung on the end for an eternity, fighting off the orgasm as she stroked his cock.

Finally bringing myself under control, I began thrusting again into her and she returned her rocking." Almost as a tease she turned her head, directly facing his cock as she stroked him. She looked at me, a mixture of dread, fear and excitement on her face.

I almost told her to suck him, but I couldn't bring myself to say that. This had to be her decision 100 percent. We were now playing past borderline to illegal and taboo having kids close to the same age ourselves. You could see the struggled look on my wife's face as she leaned down and kissed me passionately and then asked me quietly in my ear, "what happens here stays here, right?" I smiled back at her knowing now what she really wanted.

I rolled her off of me and onto her back. I took 1 of the cushions brazzers hot and mean abby cross abigail mac and ava addams studying wet pussy placed it under her butt and small of her back Lifting her pussy higher up into the air. I told Zack to come and taste her. He did not hesitate as he moved between her legs and hungrily started licking and sucking on my wife's pussy. My wife started to buck her hips towards his face and she started to scream like I have never heard her scream before during orgasm.

I knew that everybody on the beach could hear and at that moment I was so proud of what I was watching. She grabbed Zack by the head and pulled him up on top of her and she kissed him with open mouth like no mother should ever kiss a young new teen boy. Sitting on the edge of the bed watching them I see that his cock is mere inches from her pussy.

I reached down between his legs and grabbed a hold of his little cock and aimed it at my wife's pussy and gently guided him inside of her. The shock on her face along with the excitement in her eyes as he started thrusting wildly into her brought about another orgasm as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his face down to her breast which he eagerly started sucking a nipple.

His thrusts did not last long before he started grunting and I knew he was about to cum. She held him tight as he made 1 final thrust deep into my wife's pussy and erupted his seed inside of her. It was at this moment that I realized how much I enjoyed watching my wife in action during sex, and that age was just a number and size no longer mattered.

I got up to get her a towel to clean up with when I noticed that Tiffany was standing in the doorway watching the entire time. She was kneading her breast and fingering her little bald pussy. As I passed her she said "I am next."