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Hot ebony gf ass fucked interracial hardcore
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Tiny House 2 ********************************************************************* Excerpt from Tiny House Better to read Tiny House first Amy walked towards them and smiled at Josh. "Look Bro, I really don't have a problem with this. You have seen me before having sex, and all that we did in high school.

Granted, it may seem weird to many, but the hell with them. Brian and I enjoy the lifestyle. We are very choosy on who we play with. It is how I met Ronnie, and also Barb. We were going to ask you about a year and a half ago to be part of it, when you and Barb were seeing each other. But that didn't pan out. But Brian and I talked last night and we are cool with it." Josh, who was still trying to wrap his mind around it all, finally spoke.

"I really don't have a problem. I think I am pretty open minded, especially, sexually. I / we could go to this and see how it goes. I will be honest too, I will lust after you sis. You are gorgeous, and always have been. But I don't see us playing together." Amy smiled at himthen reached out and grabbed his cock into her hand. "Never say never Bro. My mouth and hands have been on this on a few occasions, just like your mouth and tongue were on me.

So never say never. And since we are in full disclosure, I'd probably fuck you…&hellip. By the way, I love the shaved look on you. Sexy…&hellip. Very Sexy" Ronnie then went up and kissed Amy passionately. When they broke the kiss, Ronnie grabbed Amy by the hand and said, "Come On. Let me show you my bed. It is so awesome up there" Ronnie went up the stairs first, followed closely behind by Amy, who leaned in and licked Ronnie's ass, as they ascended.

Ronnie reached there first and looked back down to Josh and smiled, "Coming Lover?" ************************************************************************************ Chapter 1 Josh, who is 36, to his sister's 38, and his lovers 52 years of age, watched as Ronni (Rhonda), his now lover went up the stairs to the loft first, followed closed by his sister, Amy, who had just licked Ronnie's great ass, now ascended the same stairs and saw his sisters ass in front of his face, and just could not control his impulse to kiss and lick it.

That made Amy stop for a second, then giggle, before she finally made it up to the loft. Once he made it to the top, he saw his sister and lover, lying on the bed, facing one another on their sides, and were in a deep kiss.

Their hands explored each other, like two very dear lovers. Josh just sat at the end of the bed and took it all in. His cock regrowing back to its full hardness. All he could think then was, "Brian, you lucky son of bitch&hellip. Getting to view this and probably having fun with someone else too, if Barb was involved." The girls got into a classic 69 position and ate each other.

Amy was on bottom as Ronnie squatted over her face and dove into Amy's leaking pussy. Since Ronnie's head was near Josh, she reached out and grabbed his hardened member and stroke it as she ate his sister.

Ronnie lifted her head and looked at Josh, "Come Babe… Take a lick of this awesome pussy&hellip. Taste her" Josh hesitated at first, but Ronnie smiled and nodded to him to lick her.

So he leaned in and started tasting his sister's lips. Amy had heard Ronnie's direction and when she felt his mouth contact her, she let out a long gasp, and then moaned.

Amy must have started licking Ronnie's clit, for she gave out a long moan, like she does when Josh eats her, then she joined Josh in licking her clit, while Josh buried his tongue inside Amy. It only took a few minutes of this, by both of them, to bring Amy off, as her ass lifted up, driving her pussy to their waiting mouth's.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkk…&hellip. Cumminggggggggggg" Amy cooed out. When she started to cum, this sent Ronnie off on her orgasmic ride. Ronnie just groaned and moaned loudly as her pussy drove into Amy's mouth, and curly woman fucked in mesh body body shook from her orgasm. Then Josh moved away, so the women could relax and come down from their orgasmic high.

After a few minutes of rest. Ronnie moved off of Amy and gorgeous gal licks jock before anal bang there and stroked Amy's breasts and belly. Both women were breathing pretty hard at this point. Then Ronnie asked Josh to lay down next to Amy. Amy turned her head to look at Josh's face and natural breasts look exciting during sex naturaltits and hardcore. "I felt your tongue Bro&hellip.

You are still really good at it too." Amy said. Josh laughed, masseuse in red lingerie footjobs and blowjobs fat hard cock some practice over the years Sis, and your wonderful teachings, back in the day." Ronnie giggled, "Oh… So I have you to thank for his pussy eating capabilities…… He gets me off every time…… Not trying to give you a big head Josh, but not too many can make me cum with their tongues, let alone their cocks…&hellip.

So thank you Ame's." Amy laughed and said, "You're quite welcome…&hellip.I'm sure he has pleasured enough women in his life so far with that tongue…&hellip.It felt great Josh…&hellip. We need to explore that some more." Ronnie then straddled Josh and sunk down on his cock, and started moving her hips back and forth. "Helps too&hellip. That he has a nice, big cock to fill a woman up with…… Huh Baby?.

My pussy feels good, huh Josh?" "Love your tight little pussy Baby…&hellip. Oh god……&hellip. You feel great" he moaned out. As they started to get into it, Amy got up and swung her leg over his head and slowly sat down on his waiting tongue.

She was positioned to face Rhonda. Ronnie leaned into Amy and kissed her, as Josh worked the two ladies, with his cock and tongue. While they kissed, both girls played with each others tits too. Josh was in heaven now. He forgot that Amy was his sister, amazing round ass while make you cum now a woman, who he was enjoying sexually.

Then Ronnie dismounted Josh, which brought a sigh from Josh, since he was building up to his own orgasm. Ronni motioned Amy to replace her. At first, Amy shook her head No, but then with some encouragement from Ronnie, she relented and moved off of her brother's tongue and replaced Ronnie with her own pussy, engulfing his cock totally.

"Oh My Godddddddddddd" Amy said loudly. Ronnie giggled and said, "Like that, don't you Sweetie………… His cock is made for fucking……… How in God's name did you two ever not do this before?.

You two look so sexy together." "I really wanted to back then……&hellip. I think we were both afraid back then&hellip. Oral is one thing, but fucking……&hellip.Oh God&hellip.

Had I known back then how this would feel…… Damn…&hellip. I would have fucked you over and over……&hellip. Fuck me Joshy…&hellip. Fuck your big sister." Amy cooed. Josh grabbed Amy's hips and started pumping up into her, and Amy met his upward thrust, with her own downward thrust.

Both were moaning loud, while Ronnie played with her pussy and watched the two siblings finally enjoying their first coupling. Both had secretly wanted this for a very long time, and now, it was happening.

Amy reached down and started rubbing her clit, while her brothers cock worked her inner folds. Neither was going to last long at this pace, but neither really cared.

If someone was outside right now, they'd probably see the Tiny House moving to the beat these two were creating, let alone hear all the moaning and grunting they were doing, until Amy let out a loud shriek, "Oh Fuckkkkkkkk Josh&hellip. I'm going cummmmmmmmmmmmm&hellip. Fuck me harderrrrrrrrr" she yelled. Josh could feel his balls tingling now and could feel his juices traveling up into his cock, to spew deep inside his sister.

He knew she was safe, since her tubes had been tied after their second child was born. Amy's whole body began to convulse, as her orgasm over took her. She ground her mound hard onto her brothers pelvis, soaking his cock with her cum. Josh then exploded deep inside Amy, while he still was pumping hard inside her. All he could do is moan out loudly, but Amy knew he was cumming, and so did Ronnie, as she reached her climax too, with two fingers buried in her pussy and the other rubbing the clit.

As Amy started to relax, she fell on top of Josh, then kissed him hard. It was the first real passionate kiss they shared, since their teens. Both sought out each others tongues, and let them dance together. As they kissed, Josh was still hard and was slowly pumping into her, not wanting this to end. Finally, Amy sat back up and looked down at him. "Holy shit&hellip. You're still hard…&hellip. Wish we had more time…… I could use another ride…&hellip.

My God Rhonda&hellip. He must wear you out at times." Ronnie laughed, "Oh Yeah…… Pretty yhivi felling hot and horny for large massive dick smalltits pornstars man can go and go…… I wish I was younger, so I could keep up with him&hellip. But neither of us complain about it…&hellip. He's a hell of a lover&hellip. One of the best I ever had." Amy smiled, "We better get cleaned up here and air this place out&hellip.

It does smell of sex…… One thing though…… What happened here, stays between us…… Brian and I usually only play with couples, and we're always together when it happens…… But shit&hellip. You were my first love, and I still love you, so a sister brother secret is how this will be…&hellip. I won't lie Josh&hellip. If we do party at the club together, and we get the chance, we're going to do this again, right in front of Brian…… He'll be ok with it too, especially if he has Ronnie to keep him busy, or even Barb, if she is there." Josh laughed, "My lips are sealed…&hellip.

My God Sis, that was awesome though." "Mine too Guys…… I didn't see a thing…&hellip. But……… You two are sexy together." Ronnie said. They all cleaned up and Josh opened the Skylight, then went down and opened windows and turned on the fan. Hopefully, the sex smell would be gone by the time their potential client showed up. Once we had the placed aired out, and we were dressed, we turned on the air again, since it was pretty warm out.

"You know&hellip. I was thinking" Josh said. "That could be dangerous" Amy said, then laughed, along with Ronnie. "Smartasses………… You know&hellip. Instead of going to the club…&hellip. Why don't you guys come over to my house instead……… Unless, you'd rather be there." Amy looked at Ronnie, who shrugged her shoulders, then Amy talked. "We could do that, But…&hellip. We usually hook up with Patty and Carl…&hellip.

They are our play partners there, along with Ronnie and Barbie…&hellip. You ok with me inviting them?. Especially Barb?" Josh smiled, only because he really didn't want having sex in front of a bunch of total strangers, and he also did not mind Barb coming.

It's not like they didn't know each other intimately, because they shared many a months in bed together. "Sis……&hellip. If you trust that couple enough to enjoy sex with them, then I am fine with it…&hellip. I'm pretty sure Ronnie and I can keep busy……… As for Barb…&hellip.

You know I have no trouble with her&hellip. As long as she knows I am not looking to settle down……… Hell……&hellip. We were good together in bed……&hellip. I think it runs in her family……… So, I'm pretty sure the three of us can amuse each other, while you four play." He looked at Ronnie, who just smiled, and then nodded to Amy, "Bro…&hellip. One thing you'll need to learn in this&hellip. We all play together&hellip.

We'll all be swapping around, throughout the night…… Maybe Barb will bring a "friend", who knows, but if she knew it was at your place, she'll come alone……… And since there is an odd woman in this&hellip. I'm sure that while there will be couples doing it, there will be a threesome going on, it just depends on whom is involved at the time…&hellip. But I know this for a fact…&hellip.

At some point, you and I are going to fuck…… Whether it is one on one, or we are in a threesome, just what happened a bit ago…&hellip. That was hot." Ronnie laughed, "Yeah that was……&hellip.Maybe four pussy's can wear his ass out…&hellip.

It's been a while since I have been with Patty and Carl…&hellip. One good thing&hellip. No need for condoms……… We all stick to this group……&hellip. And since I know Josh is clean, he won't need one with us……… And, if I know Patty, she'll try and hord him all to herself……&hellip.

She likes newbies." Amy laughed, "Yeah she does……&hellip. You'll like her Josh…&hellip.She has a huge sexual appetite&hellip. Kind of like ours, and Barbie's…&hellip. Cute too, but way bigger tits than us…… They are in their early 40's, and in shape like us…&hellip. She has blond hair, but who knows if it natural…… Like the rest of us, shaved smooth…&hellip.

Which we prefer, especially with you guys…&hellip. Hate hair when giving head or eating pussy." Amy said then laughed. daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful Ok… You gotta stop… you are getting me hard again." he said, holding up his hands in surrender.

Ronnie stepped up to him and kissed him and ran her hand over the bulge in his pants. "MMMMMMMM&hellip. He is nice and hard Amy……&hellip.

I think tonight, you and I stay here Josh…&hellip. We'll open the Skylight, and fuck under the stars." About 20 minutes later, a car pulled up, with the potential clients. The couple was a late 50's, or maybe early 60's. They were retiring later this year and want one, to travel with, and not have to worry about hotels and things like that. After showing them around, with Amy and Rhonda, doing most of the talking, they were very pleased with what we had created.

The guy even came prepared with a sketch of what he liked. He and Josh then talked over some specifics they liked, from Ronnie's place, while the girls, and the clients wife just chatted. Josh said he would call with an dana devine likes gagging on a dick, within a weeks time.

After they left, he saw the two women laughing and giggling about something, and he went up to them. "What's so funny" he asked.

"Carol&hellip. When we were alone with her, she said she loves this place, and especially the loft, with the Skylight…&hellip. She said she could picture her and her husband spending a great deal of time up there screwing their brains out." Amy said as she chuckled more. "Oh God…&hellip. Too much information there…&hellip. That's almost as bad as mom and dad telling us how much they still like to fuck." Josh said. "Guess you two, don't fall to far from that tree then." Ronnie said as she started laughing too.

Chapter 2 That evening, they were back at Ronnie's new Tiny House. Ronnie had grilled some steaks and microwaved some potatoes for dinner. By the time they got done and cleaned up, the sun was setting.

Ronnie brought out the sleeping bag and laid on the fold out deck, which can't be seen from the road. Little could be seen from the road anyways. She got naked and beckoned Josh to join her. No words were spoken.

Just two lovers pretty much in tune with each other and how please one another. After orgasming together, Ronnie suggested they go inside before the mosquitoes make a meal of them. " Grab some beers and let's get up in the loft and talk" she said. " Uh oh." Josh thought. " When a woman says let's talk, that usually isn't good" he again thought to himself.

Once up there that sat facing each other, and their legs tangled together, knees bent. Ronnie held her beer up to clink with his then took a pull. " Thank you" she softly said. " For?" he asked. Ronnie swept her hand like she was showcasing a grand prize on a game show. busty redhead has orgasm from hitachi stimulation this place.

It is what I wanted and you delivered, and then some…&hellip.And also what you and I share together……&hellip. I really enjoy that more than you know……… I sometimes wish we weren't done with working this place…… I really loved working with you Josh." Josh smiled. He also enjoyed working with Ronnie, and the benefits were awesome. "Well, your design is what really made this work……… Working with you was great and I hope we can do more of that……&hellip.

And what we share……&hellip. Damn……… I hope that will not stop&hellip. I have to ask though… How did you stage this place in a day, for the showing this morning?" Ronnie giggled, "First off&hellip. The design wasn't really mine…… The vision was, but, the actual design was done by Barbie…&hellip. She even helped yesterday with the staging…… This is more her than me……&hellip. She loves doing this, but doesn't get the chance too, with her job…… You know she has her degree in Interior Design." Josh was speechless for a minute, but then said, "Wow…&hellip.

She did a great job too…&hellip. When I studied the plans, at first, I really didn't have much to alter, except up in here, since I wanted to extend this area over the tongue…&hellip.

She has a great eye too…… Everything looks like it belongs, and gave it that rustic, yet, feminine look to it." Ronnie smiled, then said, "She did a great job…… Maybe you and Amy could use her on some other projects…&hellip. She's looking for a break like that." "I'd have to talk that over with Amy first&hellip. But who knows." he said and let it drop. He didn't know if he and Barb could work together. The only reason they probably still aren't together is what she said to him in the heat of the moment, while screwing.

She said the dreaded three words he did not want to hear from a woman again. Last one to utter those words was his ex, Deb, who up and walked out on their life he was trying to build for them.

"What's it been Josh?. 1 and 1/2 years… since you two went out?. I'm sure you two can separate personal stuff and business stuff…&hellip. You know… Amy talked with her today…&hellip. She is going to come next weekend, as long as you are ok with it……&hellip.

She hasn't been with anyone since you&hellip. Well, the weekend before I met you…&hellip. It was Amy, Brian, Barb, and me…&hellip. I was the only one that didn't to try out Brian&hellip. I did give him a blow job to start things off. (giggling). By the time I got a chance to have him, he was done for the night…… He's good, but he ain't like you Baby." "Ronnie&hellip. I don't have a problem with her…&hellip.

If anything, I got scared…&hellip. Damn&hellip. I can't believe I'm gonna tell you this&hellip. We were having one of our hot nights together, and during a orgasmic period, she said those words to me…&hellip. Alarm bells went off inside me&hellip. Then I did the stupid thing and just quit calling her…&hellip. I know I hurt her feelings……&hellip.

I didn't know how to face her again…&hellip. Since then, if I see her, I try to be nice and talk a little…… Hell&hellip. I've been waiting for her to call me every name in the book, and deservedly so." Ronnie chuckled, "Nah…… She won't do that…… But you know something dummy…&hellip.

You can't admit it that you liked her more than a sex toy……&hellip. Hell Josh&hellip. I love you…… Not in love with you, but I do love you…&hellip. Earlier&hellip. We made love… we didn't just fuck, and you know it…&hellip. But she did say that she isn't going to bother you that night……… She does want to have sex with you again, but you have to be the one to initiate it…&hellip.You know Josh&hellip.

Somewhere out there, there is a woman who is going to capture your heart and not break it like Deb did……&hellip. She sounded like someone who thought only of herself…… If anything, you were her sex toy and nothing more." Josh held up his hands, in surrender. "I know you are right…&hellip.And I really do love you too as a great friend Rhonda…&hellip. I definitely enjoy making love to you earlier…&hellip. I sometimes wish we didn't have this big age gap……… Plus I know you are going to be taking off in a couple of months too…… So that will suck." "Well…… I am thinking of heading out that Monday or Tuesday after our little party next weekend…&hellip.

I'm thinking of going up to Vermont, and New Hampshire for a week or two…… I want to try this out&hellip. Hell… I may not like being on the road like that……&hellip. But, I'll be back……… and we will share a bed together, that's for sure." Ronnie leaned in and kissed him, then pushed him so he would lay down. After sucking him hard again, she straddled him and mounted his engorged prick and rode him until they both daisy summers gets fucked on her cam again.

Chapter 3 Josh rolled into the company office around 9am the next morning. The only person there was his sister. Their secretary was off taking papers to the Building Department that were needed for one of their projects they had going.

Josh wasn't sure how this was going to go, now that he and his sister crossed that line that not many siblings ever think to cross. "Hey Sis" he said, as he walked into her office. "Hey Bro&hellip.

how are you this morning." "Ok…… and you?" Josh said "Couldn't be better……&hellip. Kind of tired…… Brian had me up late last night." she said with a giggle. "So Josh&hellip. Any regrets on what happened yesterday?. I'm serious…… Cuz I don't." "Ame's…… Trust me… No regrets……… If given the chance, I'd do again in a heartbeat…&hellip.

Now I wish we had back in that summer." "You and me both Sweetie." she said as she stood and came around her desk and folded into Josh's arms, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "In fact&hellip. If I knew Janice would be gone awhile, I'd strip you down right now and fuck you silly……&hellip.

Of course you probably got enough last night&hellip. I know Ronnie…&hellip. She is insatiable… kind of like me" she said and laughed. "Speaking of Ronnie" he started.

"How come you never told me that Barb was the designer of the house?. I'm not complaining&hellip. She did fabulous work actually…… The attention to detail, in those plans was better than some we use on our places." "Honestly…&hellip.

Had I told you, you would have backed right out of the deal…&hellip. God Josh……… You have to quit thinking that every woman is Deb……… That little bitch has damn near ruined you inside…&hellip.

But Barbie did do a great job at designing it…&hellip. She was in awe of it the other day when she helped Ronnie stage it…… She thought you did a fantastic job, and was shocked that you didn't change much of what she designed." "I had no reason too, except for a couple of things that weren't in code, and adding on, over the neck classy blonde gets screwed by the pool the trailer……&hellip.

Maybe we should bring her in and see if she wants to help with the next two as well…… Sure would save me a ton of time." Amy smiled, "Great minds think alike Bro…&hellip.

I wanted to tell you… I really did&hellip. Then after seeing how it turned out, I thought the same thing……&hellip. I'm sure you two can work together…… She has a pretty dead end job, working for that furniture store&hellip.

Her talents are so wasted there……… But if we do bring her on, and yes, we can afford it……&hellip. Well, you know." she said with a laugh. "I know&hellip. Keep my dick in my pants…… Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah………… Speaking of that&hellip. Would you please quit heading out to Brian's site at lunch……&hellip. He's worthless afterwards and I know he ain't eating lunch." Amy just giggled and ignored his request. He knew his sister has a voracious sexual appetite. He's known that all these years. Hell, even his father had made comments in the past about her and Brian fucking on company time.

Sets a bad example for the others, he used to say. "Speaking of sex…&hellip. Next weekend……&hellip. You and me, for sure are doing it again…&hellip.

Brian knows too…… I told him it was going to happen…… It's been a fantasy of mine since our teen years……… And you know him, he could care less, because he'll be busy with one of the ladies…… I know he wants Ronnie real bad………… You ok with all of this?.

and what time should we arrive?" "You know me…… I hold no claim to anyone………&hellip. It's about fun, as Ronnie told me……… As for you and me……… Trust me…… you get within arm length, you are mine……… How's 7pm sound, and we'll have dinner…&hellip.after that, I'll let you direct the rest of the evening……&hellip.

Just bring clothes for the next day……&hellip. I'm sure we'll be up late…&hellip. Where the kids going to be?" "They are staying at Brian's parents…&hellip. Took care of that last night…&hellip. And I talked to Barb too, as I said……… I'm sure she will be a little nervous, at first…&hellip. She's only seen you a couple of times, since you broke it off with her……… and by the way, that was a shitty way to do it……&hellip.

Maybe you should call her and at least apologize for that……&hellip. Right now she thinks you hate her, or dislike her…&hellip. But I do know…… If you want her that night, it will be up to you to initiate it…&hellip. Think hard Bro…&hellip. She is a sexy woman, and if all the stories she told me about, she rocked your world in bed, and you rocked her's." "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk……… You women…&hellip.

Can't anything stay between two people?" Josh said. "Nope&hellip. Not between good friends… especially if it is about sex…&hellip. So deal with it." Amy said as she punched her brother in the arm.

"Sis?.How did you guys get started in this anyways?" he asked. "God…&hellip. It was like 6 years ago…&hellip. Brian and I were in a rut…… The business, home life, kids&hellip. It was taking its toll on us…&hellip.We were always a very active couple sexually&hellip. But even that was getting stale…&hellip. One night, we were at a neighbors house for a party…&hellip. We knew they were swingers&hellip.

Shit, the whole block knew it…&hellip. I got to talking with Gretchen, the wife, and small tits asian teen gets pounded by big cock told me about it…&hellip. She said it really helped their marriage out……… They play as a couple only……… Then she told me about the Club and said if we were really interested, we should go check it out…&hellip.

So Brian and I talked about it…&hellip. Like for 6 months…&hellip. Then one weekend, we both said fuck it…&hellip. And went…&hellip. When we got there, everyone was just milling about, sitting at tables and drinking and eating snacks…… That's when we met Barb, and her then boyfriend John…… He was cute too……… So they sort of took us under their wings and showed us around the place…&hellip.

So many rooms you can choose from&hellip. There is one room that has windows that you can view others in various sex acts…&hellip. Then they asked if we wanted to go into this one room which had two beds in it…&hellip.

So Brian and I just nodded to each other, and went in with them……&hellip. Being a little drunk helped too&hellip. But before we knew it, we were all naked……&hellip.Brian and I started making out while they were making out…&hellip.

It was super hot to watch, especially when they started fucking" she paused for a second "Then Brian and I fucked…&hellip. In an atmosphere like that, you cum quickly…&hellip. Then Barb asked me if I was into girls…&hellip. I was thinking back to my days in high school and my best friend, Shelly.&hellip. So I said yeah&hellip. Been a while though…&hellip. Next thing I know we are on the bed rolling around like two lost lovers…&hellip. After we both came, we remembered the guys still in there…&hellip.

I looked at Brian and nodded to him to take Barb, and I took John…… It was so amazing too……… Watching Xhamstar mom son shared bed and Barb fucking, and then me fucking John…&hellip. We were both so turned on by it…&hellip.

When we got home that night, I damn near raped him…&hellip. Then is was a solid week of fucking for us" Amy explained "Wait" Josh said. "I thought Barb and Brian never fucked until recently." "We only did it that one time with her and John…&hellip. We came back 2 weeks later and met Carl and Patty, and have been hooked ever since…&hellip. Barb then introduced me to Ronnie, and her then man friend……… But we never played with them as a couple&hellip.

But Ronnie, Barb and I got together…&hellip. Barb had then broken up with John…… She found out he was married…&hellip. And Barbie and I became best friends…… And now……&hellip. Brian and I are in a very, loving, safe and secure relationship with each other……&hellip. We just like having sex with others…&hellip. So there is the story." "Wow" is all Josh could say. "I never knew Barb dated a married guy either…&hellip.

We never really talked about our past too much or lovers we had." "She isn't too keen on letting that one be known&hellip.

Made her feel foolish, to be honest…&hellip. Lately, she has given up on men……&hellip. You, my dear brother, hurt her and she just doesn't want to hurt like that either……… So if you do hook up next week&hellip.

Just be open and honest where you want it to go……… open communication is the key, even if you are just lovers." "Sis&hellip.

I just have a hard time with opening up to a woman&hellip. I know all women are not like Deb…&hellip.

But, if I hide my feelings, and not let them in, I believe they can't hurt me…&hellip. But since we are always honest with each other…&hellip. Well……&hellip. I did have feelings for Barb…&hellip. And that alone, scared the hell out of me………… Maybe you could call her later and ask her to come into the office and see how she would feel about designing the next project……… I'll let you figure out the pay." Chapter 4 It was two days later when Josh came into the office a little after 9 that morning.

Josh had just left Ronnie's after a night of passion and two morning fucks.

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Once when they awoke, and then right after a shower and a cup of coffee. That one happened on her little couch. As Josh entered Amy's office, she was by a filing cabinet, that was near her door. She smiled when she first saw him, but then started to frown. "What?" he asked.

"You smell of sex……… You need to wash up or put some cologne on…… Barb is going to be here shortly……… And you say I'm the nympho." she said then laughed "Yeah…&hellip. I bet you and Brian did it this morning too." he exclaimed. "Oh… We did&hellip. But I'm smart enough to take a shower afterwards." then smiled at him "Thanks for the heads up on Barb coming in……… You are handling this, right?" "Nope…… We both are Bro……… Just like we do with any new, potential employee…&hellip.

You'll be fine&hellip. Just be professional, and all will be good." "Shit" Josh thought to himself. They really haven't had any meaningful dialog since their time dating and as lovers. She couldn't dislike him too much, if she was coming in for this interview, knowing she would be working with him, he thought.

About 20 minutes later, his phone rang on his desk. Amy was asking him to come into her office. When he came in to her office, Amy was seated at the small conference table with Barb. Both looked up as he entered. Barb smiled and said good morning. Josh, in his business mode, shook hands with her. On the table, was some drawings Josh had drawn up, regarding the new project. They were just rough drawings, based on what the client had asked for. Also, Barb had brought her laptop with her, for what, Josh had no clue.

Barb had on black slacks and a peach colored blouse. Barb looks similar to her aunt Rhonda, especially around the eyes and lips. Height wise, Barb is taller, at 5' 7 and still looks in shape. Her body type is good for wearing a thong style bikini on any beach. Josh already knew her C cup breasts we're topped by dark areolas and big, dark nipples. The only difference, besides height, is hair color.

Ronnie's is blond, as Barb's in brown and she has some blond streaks through it. "Josh… I was showing Barb the drawings you roughed out, regarding the Nelson Project……… She brought her laptop and is going to use her Autocad for it, to show us in 3D, what your thoughts are…&hellip. This is the same program that she used on Ronnie's place." "Those renderings were awesome Barb…&hellip.

They helped a great deal……… We are hoping that you might want to consider working on this project too…&hellip.

Then hopefully, if we all like what is going on, you become a permanent member of this company" Josh said. "Oh Wow…&hellip.Really?. God…&hellip.

That would be great…&hellip. I love doing this type of work……&hellip. What I do now is a joke, but it pays the bills and keeps me in Interior Design" Barb said. "We are quite serious" Josh said as he looked at his sister, who was smiling. "It will relieve a lot of angst for me, to always come up with this stuff…&hellip. Plus, we are hoping this new Tiny House trend really takes off, besides our home building……&hellip. Like I said, if we all like what is happening, then we cute blonde fucked in her nice ass need you for the regular home building too……&hellip.

We like making custom homes and not the regular cookie cutter style you see out there." "Oh Wow…&hellip. I thought you just wanted to consult with me on this place…… I had no clue this was like an audition for a real job too……&hellip. When do you need a rendering by?" "Josh looked to Amy, but she stayed quiet.

The construction end of the business is Josh's, while the office and money part is Amy's to run. "Can you have it done by next Tuesday or so?. The sooner the better." Josh asked. "Oh heck yeah&hellip. If I get it done sooner, I will call you……… Wow……&hellip. You know, if you need help building too, I am quite good with my hands and know my way around tools." Amy chuckled, "Just like her auntie…&hellip.Must run in the family." which made them all laugh.

Just then, Amy's phone rang, and she answered it. When she was done, she looked at Josh and told him she had to go out to the yard. There was a mix up in a delivery she had to attend too. This left Barb and Josh, alone, for the first time since that night in her bed, when she made her declaration of love to him. They both sat there, not knowing what to say to each other.

Josh finally broke the silence by saying, "Barb&hellip. I'm sorry&hellip.I've been a true asshole to you…&hellip. I never intentionally meant to hurt you…&hellip.So please believe me, that I am sorry." "Okay…&hellip. You were an asshole…&hellip. I'm sorry too&hellip.I knew going into it with you, we were going to be sex buddy's, and nothing more……&hellip.I let feelings grow for you……&hellip.

I don't know what I was thinking……… Oh Well… water under the bridge now." she said Another round of silence. Then Josh said, "Look… If I make you uncomfortable, we can scrap this whole idea of working together……&hellip. You and Amy can work together and she'll give me the plans, and I'll go from there…… I don't want to lose your talent Barb… I truly mean that…… I think you'd make a great asset to our company……… I really want you involved." "Look Josh&hellip.

We shared something before……… It's over and we both moved on…&hellip. Hell… I don't even date now…&hellip. Tried it after you, but found way to many assholes out there…&hellip. At least with you, you made me feel like a person……… granted we did fuck a lot…… But we also went out and we talked like two human's……&hellip.That's why I stick with this group, you now know about……… And yes……… I do know you and my aunt got a thing going on&hellip.

And I know you know about her and I, and even Amy……&hellip.As long as you are cool with it…&hellip. so am I……&hellip.As for next weekend………… If you want to play and hook up with me, then you need to initiate it&hellip. There will be enough people there to keep me busy……&hellip. But……&hellip. I wouldn't mind you between my legs again." Her eyes were red and Josh went and got a tissue for her.

She thanked him and wiped her eyes. Josh gets uncomfortable when women get emotional. He hates it when Amy used to cry, back when they were teens.

This made him feel even worse, because he was the cause of this episode. "Barb&hellip. I am sorry&hellip. I didn't mean to make you cry now…&hellip. I've had a guilty conscience for over 2 years now……&hellip.

But I do truly want you working for us." "It's cool Josh…&hellip. And thank you for apologizing&hellip. I know that could not have been easy…&hellip.

Maybe now, we can be more normal towards one another……&hellip. And I want to give this a go with you involved……&hellip. But, if you feel you can't work around me, I'll understand&hellip. Amy and I work real good together……… In lots of ways too." she said with a smile and a wink. Just then Amy walked back in. She explained to me what the problem was.

That was the great thing about Amy, she can handle problems. Nobody dares to push back with her either. She's tough when she needs to be, and no one walks over her. Plus, if they did, they'd have to answer to Josh or Brian. Josh got up to leave and head out to a couple of the sites they had going.

As he opened the door, he turned back and asked Barb, "So if we hire you, how much time would need to give your present employer?" Barb laughed, "I'd start the minute you hired me……… I hate the owner…&hellip. She's a bitch on wheels and has no respect for anyone who works for her, except for her dyke secretary, who is also her lover." Josh headed out to the site his brother in law was overseeing.

It was a 4000 square foot house, up on the upper north side of Pittsburgh. The house was almost complete, with only finish work going on now, and some rough landscaping to be done. Josh found Brian in an upstairs bedroom, putting up trim around the windows. All the other guys were downstairs working. "Hey Bri." Josh said, as Brian looked back at him. "Hey Bro&hellip. how's it going?. How'd the interview go with Barbie?" "Yeah&hellip. Thanks for that heads up Buddy……… Nothing like being blindsided with that one." Josh said.

Brian laughed. "Hey…… When you grow some tits, lose the dick and get a pussy, I might be more forthcoming with ya." he said with a laugh.

"Asshole……… The interview went fine…… I want to hire her actually……… I'm pretty sure my dear sister already had that in mind……… Barb and I even talked…&hellip. I apologized for the way I treated her a couple years back." Josh explained "Good Josh……&hellip.

That was the right thing to do…&hellip. I have to ask though…… How do you feel about what Amy and I are in to?" Brian asked "Bri&hellip. be serious&hellip. How many years have you known me now…&hellip. 16 years?. Have I ever been judgmental………… If you two are cool with it and enjoy it&hellip. Why not?.Life's too short not to enjoy your passions…&hellip. So you are cool with next weekend?" Brian chuckled, "Of course I am…… Hell, we were more worried how you super petite teen sydney cole is a masterpiece of ass take it…&hellip.

Fuck Bro…&hellip. Barbie wanted to bring you into it back when you were dating……&hellip. Amy was cool with it, and so was I………… You do know, I know about you and Amy from your teen years…&hellip.

She still wants you too……&hellip.I mean, all the way, want you Bro……&hellip. It is her fantasy that she truly wants to live out." Josh chuckled to himself.

"Apparently Amy did not tell Brian what we did last week." he thought. Sibling secrets. "Well, if that happens, I don't want any hard feelings between us." Josh said.

"Oh shit man…&hellip. I'll be busy enough with some others, I'm sure i won't even look your dirty foreplays by hot lesbian pretty babes. But here is a hint…&hellip. She loves to be eaten and then fucked hard……&hellip.

Especially when she is super turned on……&hellip. Which, I may add, is most of the time." Brian said then laughed. Josh just shook his head, "So what's with the no threesome rule you guys go by?" "Ah……… That's Amy……… She thinks it is not fair if one of us britannia chopra xxx story download to sit and watch, while the other two are fucking, or whatever……&hellip.

But she is cool as long as there is four people involved, even if it's two other girls…&hellip. Hence, Ronnie and Barbie…&hellip. I kind of wish Amy hadn't invited the other couple…&hellip.

That way you and Massage rubbing with hot brunette and blonde lesbians can have lots of fun and I can finally enjoy Ronnie at least once……… Blowjobs don't count." he said with a laugh.

"My poor sister…&hellip. Really, both of you&hellip. Two sluts, made for one another…… So…&hellip. how long before we can do the punch list and get out of here?" Josh asked "We should be done by next Wednesday or Thursday…… You coming out to do the list, or do you want me to handle it?" Brian said as he got up and started back to work on what he was doing. Josh went and checked a few other sites, then headed back to the office.

Janice, their secretary said that Amy had to leave and wouldn't be back until the morning. Josh was cool with that. Must have been something with one of the kids. Before he left, he called Ronnie, but got her voice mail. He left a message to call him if she got the chance. Around 8 that evening, Josh tried calling his sister, but got no answer. So he called Brian, thinking Amy left her phone in another part of the house.

Brian answered his cell and told Josh that Amy was either at Barbie's, or Ronnie's. He went on to tell Josh that this is a regular occurrence for the ladies. " Trust me Bro…… the 3 of them are naked, drinking wine, and critiquing how well we get them off…&hellip.

all the while, getting each other off……… but they do this every other week, but sometimes more……… I don't mind really…… I reap the benefits later&hellip. them plastic dick's they use can't compare to the real thing&hellip. you know what I mean?" Brian said and laughed. As he hung up with Brian, it kind of made sense now, when Ronnie would leave a little early, compared to most days they worked, when she stayed until he left.

That fantastic model is showing her gaped wet snatch in close range to be fun to watch though. Ronnie did call him later, around 10pm. She thanked him for talking with Barb about the job offer, and about how he treated her, when he broke it off. She did say that Barb was nervous about letting Amy and Josh down. Then she apologized for not taking his call earlier.

John laughed and told her that he hoped she had plenty of orgasms. " Fuckin Brian…&hellip. Such a big mouth&hellip. But yeah&hellip. I did&hellip. we all did&hellip. we like our little get together's…&hellip. Hope you're ok with that…… we've been doing that for years now." Ronnie explained. Josh said he was fine with all of it.

Ronnie even hinted at a threesome with her and Barb, if all goes well next weekend. They made plans for dinner that Friday, since she was going to be tied up with her business the next day. Chapter 5 Friday evening Josh and Ronnie enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant that is near near Ronnie's house.

Instead of going to the new place, they went back to Ronnie's. It was already past 9pm when they arrived back. Ronnie got each of them a beer and they sat on her loveseat and talked. "So… about tomorrow Josh." Ronnie started. "I have a bunch of things to do at both shops. Then on Monday, I am heading to Harrisburg. One the of the franchises is in trouble…&hellip. To be specific, the owner is in financial trouble, and I may buy that one.

So I could be gone a few days." she explained Josh just nodded his head. "But…&hellip. Tomorrow evening, I am going to see my friends in Beaver Falls…&hellip. It's been quite a while since we have seen each other……… They have been super busy in their life…… I wanted to bring you too, but they don't like to play with someone until they have had interactions outside the bedroom……&hellip.

I hope you understand." "Ronnie&hellip. I think you know me by now, that anything you do is fine with me…&hellip. I'm sure you will have a great time, regardless if I was there, or not…&hellip. Plus, I have a ton of stuff to do at the shop…&hellip.

I am cleaning out this one out building we have…&hellip. It has a big garage area for trucks, but is hardly used anymore…&hellip. I am thinking it would be a great place to build those Tiny Houses in it…&hellip. Stay warm and dry, during the winter months………&hellip. I'm sure your friend Ken will have his hands full with both of you ladies too." Ronnie giggled and put her beer down, then straddled Josh's legs.

She put her arms around his neck and started kissing him. "I think you better have your hands full of me tonight……… I'm quite the horny lady tonight……… Plastic dicks are only so good……… I like the real thing better……&hellip. In fact, let's get to bed." After 2 hours of solid sex between the two, they were both pretty tired.

Josh had eaten Ronnie to a couple of orgasms, then he came 3 times from pure fucking this evening. They tried 5 different positions, with doggie being the last. Whenever Ronnie wants it hard and fast, she always picks doggie.

During their little marathon of sex, Ronnie would tell him about girls night out she enjoyed with Amy and Barb. She said it was one of their wildest nights together.

Ronnie did say that she wished Amy hadn't of called her friends to join them. She thought the five of them would have a more intimate time of it. When they finally lay there, relaxing, Ronnie ask something of Josh.

"Sweetie…&hellip.Can I ask a favor of you?" "Sure." Josh said. "Well this is pretty big…… Since we won't be seeing one another for 4 or 5 days……… Why don't you ask Barb out…&hellip.Before you answer, just hear me out." "Ok&hellip.

I'm all ears." he said. "Since we are all going to be together next weekend, doing exactly what we just did…… Maybe you two should just go out for a drink, or dinner…&hellip.Maybe you can clear the air more, and set expectations for each other………&hellip.

I know you still like her Josh…&hellip.Just be open and honest…&hellip. I'm not asking you to marry her…&hellip. Just go out and see if there is any lingering resentments……… If there is, then we back out…&hellip.

Or she can back out…&hellip. I do know this, and you even said so yourself…&hellip. You both had feelings" Ronnie told him. "I know…… I doubt that she will want to go out anyways…&hellip. I left a bitter taste in her mouth…… Maybe we should just cancel this all together……… No one gets hurts then." Josh said. "No…&hellip. Even Barbie is looking forward to this…&hellip. You two don't have sex, then you don't have sex…&hellip.

I know two other women that will enjoy having sex with you……… You know what scares you……… She is like your sister in many ways……&hellip. She's pretty, both have brown hair…&hellip. Both have the same sense of humor…&hellip. And lord knows, they both have an insatiable sex drive……&hellip. I'm not trying to psychoanalyze you Sweetie…&hellip. But now that you and Amy have done it, you may just look at Barbie in a different light…&hellip.

Only difference I can see in them is eye color and Barbie has bigger tits……&hellip. Oh, and by the way, I've never had a bitter after taste, when I've swallowed your cum&hellip.It's actually pretty pleasant." She said with a giggle, pussy1love cam emereetaylor tube porn to lighten the mood.

"Ok&hellip. I'll call her this weekend…… Her number still the same?" he asked and Ronnie nodded yes. "But……&hellip. I'm not sleeping with her, if the date goes well." he said. "Then you are a fool&hellip.

If she offering, I'd be taking……&hellip. Barb and Amy are the only two you don't have to cover up with, too……… That's because they are the group…&hellip. Tomorrow night, Ken will wear a condom……… He does anyways, no matter who they entertain." The two then settled down for sleep, since they both had busy days tomorrow.

Josh did lay there a while, thinking if this is really a good ideaor not. On the one hand, he did want to enjoy Amy again. Hell, if he was truly honest with himself, he'd love being with Barb again.

He knew that Ronnie was right. Barb was so much like his sister, and he's always had a thing for Amy. The next day, Josh busied himself at work all day. He made quite a dent in moving junk out of the out building. The garage door was 14 foot high, so getting a mobile house out of there would be no problem.

They would more than enough room to build walls and such, on the floor, then hoist them up onto the trailer, when they were ready. He figured a few more days of cleaning, and then move some tools inside, and they would be ready. It would be great for winter time, and he could keep the crews working, when weather was bad, as long as this new trend took off.

By the time he got home, Josh was beat. He took a shower, then found some leftovers to eat. He found himself in bed around 10pm, which was kind of unusual for him of late, on a weekend. Ronnie had a way of keeping him up, in more ways than one, on weekends. He did lay there, wondering if she was balls deep on that Ken guy. Or was her face buried in Jamie's pussy, as Ken pounded her from behind. That's something he'd love to see sometime. Maybe next week.

Then he thought of Barb. He knew he should have called her this evening, but wasn't in the stepdaughter krystal gets drilled by her dad to talk with anyone, actually. He told himself he would call her tomorrow afternoon. Josh pretty much hung out at home on Sunday morning.

He cut his grass, which is over an hour to do, even with his riding mower. Then cleaned the pool. The day was gorgeous too. Middle 80's, sunny. He even had thoughts of taking out a jet ski and motor around the river that afternoon. Damn shame Ronnie was tied up today. It was a little past noon, and Josh just finished a sandwich for lunch, when his cell went off. He saw it was Barb. When he answered, he listened as Barb told him she was done with the initial mock up, on her computer, and asked if she could come over and show him.

She was really excited. He said of course, come on over. She told him she'd be there by 1 or a little after. Josh downed the rest of his sandwich and ice water, then hustled to take a shower.

He didn't want her to smell his sweaty body. Barb showed up a little after one. Josh, thankfully, was dressed and waiting for her to arrive. Just a pair of shorts and t-shirt. He even dabbed a light touch of cologne on. Barb too, was wearing shorts. Hot pink. The type that look like a silky material, that runners wear.

She also had on a pink t-shirt, which hugged her curvaceous breasts nicely. Once in his house, the air conditioning made her nipples go hard, and were easily seen. She took a seat at his island, in the kitchen. He had just recently remodeled the kitchen and Barb had not seen it like this.

She commented on how great it looked now. So for the next hour and a half, Barb showed him what she had accomplished. Then they did some reconfiguring of certain areas. As she worked the keyboard and mouse, Josh stood behind her.

A couple of times he leaned in, over her shoulder, and pointed something out. But as he did, he could smell her perfume, which was light, and great smelling. When they finished it up, he told her it was great and exactly what he was looking for.

Then he took out his phone and texted Amy. He told her he was hiring her, on the spot. He asked Amy to come over. He finds his girlfriend and friend fucking cheating girlfriend and brothers girlfriend texted back and said that she couldn't. The family was at Brian's parents, for his mother's birthday.

But she did agree with Josh to hire her and tell her the starting pay was going to be 65 grand, to start and two weeks vacation. Josh raised an eyebrow at that, but knew his sister well enough to know she is well aware of how much someone of Barb's caliber is worth. "Barb……… You are hired…&hellip. We my feminine side ass tmouth dildpanties socks part 2 very serious about this, and you…&hellip.

Were offering you 65 grand a year and two weeks vacation to start……… are you interested?" Barb looked at him for a minute, speechless, then said, "You are fucking kidding, right?" "Nope…… Very serious here Barb…&hellip.

We don't want to lose your talent, and Amy and I both think you will be a great asset to the company……&hellip. How soon can you start?" Barb took out her phone and dialed a number. She asked for someone named Marge. When Marge came on the phone, Barb was quite blunt with her. "Marge&hellip. I quit…&hellip. Please make sure you send my last check to my address and don't even think of shorting it. I know exactly what is owed me…&hellip.Goodbye" she said and then set the phone down.

"Well&hellip. I guess that answers that……&hellip.How did she take it?" Josh asked. Barb laughed, "Like the Bitch that she is……… I'm sure she is still swearing into the phone right now……&hellip.

Last thing I heard was, "you little bitch". She has no clue how to treat people." Barb explained Then Barb got off the stool and hugged Josh and thanked him. Their faces were really close together, and Josh wanted to kiss her lips, like he used too.

But Barb pulled away, and said she was sorry. She said she can't be hanging on the boss like that. Josh laughed and said, he wasn't officially her boss because she has yet to say yes. She then said yes, and Josh told her to be at work tomorrow morning at 8am, sharp. Josh then asked her if she wanted a beer, which she accepted and they headed out to the deck, by the pool. They talked about the coming work and then about the actual build he did for her aunt.

She just loved the way Josh put that project together. They both were sitting on the chaise lounge chairs, and a few times, Josh snuck a peak at her slightly spread legs. He watched as her tan legs disappeared into the shorts, which were quite loose fitting. He did notice she was wearing a white thong. He knew that was all she ever worn, thongs, that is. She laughed about some of the funny things that Ronnie would do or say, while they worked. Barb, said she heard quite a bit about their work relationship, and even said she knew about the breaks those two would have, meaning having sex.

Josh laughed and said, "I don't kiss and tell…… never have…… unlike a certain woman we both know." "I know&hellip. And I appreciate that too……&hellip.Can't say that for Ronnie" then laughed. Barb got up and said she had to use the bathroom. She asked Josh if he wanted another beer. Josh said he would get them sexy brunette pussy licked and fucked chanel preston she went and did her business.

Josh then got some beers and set them down on the table by their chairs. Josh was standing by the pool edge when Barb came back out. Barb grabbed him by the one arm and acted like she was going to push him in the pool. Josh was turning at the same time, and grabbed her arm, by the wrist, as they both laughed, but then lost his balance and they both went in.

"Well… that didn't work out well…&hellip. I was just teasing you…… hope you are not mad?" she said "No problem……… My wallet is inside the house, as is my money……… Plus, have you ever seen me get mad?" he said with a chuckle.

She laughed and said that she had never seen him mad before. Then she started splashing water at him, and he returned the favor. Josh could easily see that her bra was a very thing one and her nipples were like rocks, poking through the bra and her top, which was clinging to her now. She kept splashing himand in doing so, grew closer and closer.

Josh reached out and grabbed her arms to get her to stop, and drew her into him. Their faces, just inches apart, when he finally asked her to stop. She just giggled, and shook her head signaling an Ok.

"You know, I was going to ask you out for dinner, since it's getting to be that time." Josh said. "Well&hellip. Not sure if anyplace would like us coming in like two drowned rats…… It's ok though. Thanks for the offer though." she said "Well then, exceptional sex kitten shows off huge bum and gets butthole drilled asstomouth spreading about I make us some chicken and pasta, and you give me your clothes so I can wash and dry them?" he asked.

"Okay&hellip. That I can handle…&hellip. It's been a while since I had anyone make me dinner…&hellip. In fact, you are the last to do it." Josh smiled, and then remembered back to a night he did cook for her, and then an all night session of sex with her.

Six times they did that night, then one more time in the morning. He had never met a woman with the sex drive that she possessed. "Ok. Let's head into the house and I'll get you a robe, and then let me have your clothes so I can get them cleaned up……&hellip.

Sorry about getting you wet like that…… I lost my balance." Josh said. "Hey… I started it…&hellip.Just playing around…&hellip.Pool felt nice too." she said as they walked out of the pool and onto the deck, and took towels and dried off. Josh then led her up to his bedroom, where he got a robe for her and let her use the master bath. While she changed, he stripped down and put on his swim trunks, since they were already out, laying on top of his dresser.

He was putting on his another t-shirt, when Barb came out of the bathroom, holding her clothes and wearing the robe he gave her. Josh heard a little gasp from her, as she watched him pull the t-shirt over his head and covered his chest. Josh had no idea why she gasped.

It wasn't like she had never seen his chest, let alone seen him naked on many occasions. Her robe stopped mid thigh, and she had it cinched tightly around her waist, with its belt.

Josh had many thoughts rushing through his head then. Most of them were flashbacks to their more intimate moments. Once they were back in the kitchen, and her clothes in the washer, Josh got out all the ingredients for their meal. The chicken was already done, and just needed heating.

He had to cook up the pasta and make some sauce. As he worked, Barb sat on the stool, on one side of the island and they talked about the new venture. To them both, it was a safe subject. But, there was that elephant in the room.

One big one dealing with their past and the other, how would next week go. As they finished dinner, and then both of them cleaned up the kitchen, Josh realized that Barb held no animosity towards him, or at least, was not showing any. It felt like how they used to be together. Talking, laughing, not saying anything remotely serious. Just two friends enjoying each other's company.

Josh then went back to the laundry room and put their clothes in the dryer. Josh felt that this could possibly work, with them working together.

He knew deep down, he still liked her, and that maybe Ronnie was right. She was smart, funny, had a good head on her shoulders, and damn sexy, just like his sister. And, she never gave him the impression she after him for his money, which, some of the women he was involved with, were.

There was many a time, when they did go out, she would insist on going dutch, or if he paid the last time, she would pay this time. Once back in the kitchen, Josh asked if she wanted another beer. The way she was sitting, made the robe open slightly, and he could see her cleavage easily. That made him think back to the many times he sucked on those beautiful globes.

Good thing the island was between them, or she would see his member starting to harden. Then Barb finally acknowledged the elephant in the room. "Josh…… About next weekend……… You sure you are ok with me being there?. I mean let's face it, there will be lots of sex going on and I don't want you to feel uncomfortable with me being there…&hellip.

Especially now, since I am an employee of yours." Josh laughed at that statement. "Good thing I know the head of HR then……&hellip.But I am pretty sure she knows you quite intimately as it is……&hellip. But Yes…&hellip. I am okay with you there…… To be honest… I'm hoping you and I have a good time together, as well." "To be honest…… I wasn't sure you would even think about doing that with me again……… But, I too, want to be with you again…&hellip.

One thing is for certain, we were good together in bed…&hellip. Well, at least, until I screwed up." she said. Josh shook his head. "Since we're being honest…&hellip. You didn't screw up… I did&hellip.There was more to us than just sex……&hellip. I know you knew it…&hellip. And so did I……&hellip. I got scared Barb…… I had this internal shield up, and you were tearing it down…&hellip.

Ever since Deb, I had that up…&hellip.I mean we were together what, 7 months, and they were fun too…&hellip.Sex was awesome between us, and towards the end, the sex was turning into love making more than sex…&hellip.Hell.most times I couldn't wait to see you again…&hellip. I was never like that with any previous women……&hellip.Some, I wished, I had never met…&hellip. They all wanted more…&hellip.

Then the more we were together, the more I liked you, meaning, relationship type of like…&hellip. Hell… I have a hard time telling my sister that I love her, or even my two nieces, which I love to death……… It wasn't you that screwed up&hellip.

It was me…&hellip. I bolted and hid, and threw away someone special………&hellip. I am always afraid if I let someone in, they are going to walk out of my life again………&hellip. Once I commit like that, I commit wholly to that person…&hellip. And that hasn't happened since Deb&hellip.So I am sorry." "Wow" Barb said. "You know Dumbass&hellip.all you had to do was talk with me, like we are now…&hellip. We could have slowed down……… But to just shut me out like that…&hellip.

Well… that hurt……… You know…… I quit dating because of that…&hellip. Oh I went out on rare occasions…&hellip. But I too, got scared…&hellip.In fact, Brian is the only man I have had sex with, since you……&hellip.I really thought you wanted to hear those words from me…&hellip.

They came from my heart too…&hellip. I wasn't just saying them in the heat of the moment……… You were the first guy I had feelings for, since that asshole I lived with…&hellip.

He treated me like shit until I couldn't take it anymore……… I was like you… I wouldn't let anyone in……… Then you were always nice to me……… made me feel special……… and let's face it, we are great in bed together……… And I don't care what anyone says, sex is a huge part of a relationship…&hellip.

If it sucks, then your relationship is going to suck……&hellip. I also wanted you to be in our group…&hellip. You had the makeup for enjoying that, at least I thought you did……… Amy though, wasn't too sure…&hellip. And yes, I know about you two as teens, and what you two did recently…&hellip.

I won't lie, I would have loved to have watched that……… Just so you know, your secret is safe with me…&hellip. Hell. look at what my aunt and I do." "Damn…… I am amazed at how open you three are, and telling about your sexploits…… I never tell people things…&hellip.

Amy has to guess if I have had sex with someone&hellip. But I just don't outright tell her……&hellip. I'll bet you money the first thing she ask tomorrow is if you and I did it……&hellip. But, I do want you to come next week……&hellip. I want to be with you again." Josh said. "Okay… Good&hellip. I want to be with you again as well…&hellip.

Kind of wish that other couple wasn't going to be there…&hellip. Too much sharing going on…&hellip. I mean they are nice and all, and your sister and bro in law like being with them…&hellip.

They're just not my cup of tea." Josh walked around to where she was sitting and spun her chair to face him. He lightly touched her face and leaned in and kissed her. At first, just his lips on hers, then his tongue started touching her lips. Barb opened her lips to accept his tongue, and the two started kissing passionately. She spread her legs so he could move in closer to her. The more they kissed, the more each of them moaned in pleasure. Barb broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

"Take me to bed please…… Let's do this now and it won't feel so weird next week……… I want you." "Are you sure?" he asked. Daughterswap teens get dicked down by hot daddies took his hand and stuck it between her legs, so he could feel how wet she was. As he started to rub her pussy, she grabbed his cock, and stroked it.

"I'm pretty sure we both want this…&hellip.Take me upstairs and fuck me Josh." she cooed. Once upstairs, they both lost any clothing they had on, and Josh just stared at her naked form.

It had been ages since he saw it, but it was still just as sexy as ever. Once they were on the bed, not a word was spoken. He lay between her legs, as she guided his manhood into her tunnel of delight.

Josh knew from this moment on, that they would be lovers again. He also knew that this wasn't going to be one time tonight. In the past, they would start with foreplay and plenty of oral. But they both wanted this part first tonight. There was plenty of time for he to pleasure her orally, and he would.

He also knew right after they came, Barb would lick and suck his dick clean and keep him hard. She loved tasting their combined juices after fucking. Once he was fully seated inside her, they both let out a groan. It had been over a year and a half that his member explored in hot, inner walls of her vagina.

She was always very tight and could always feel her heartbeat around his shaft. "Oh God Josh…&hellip.Oh yesssssssss&hellip. This feels so good" she whispered in his ear. Her legs wrapped around his torso, and they began a slow rhythmic dance that lovers do. There was no rush to this. Josh felt like they hadn't missed a beat, since the last time they were together. Barb always enjoyed using her kegeling exercises on Josh, for she knew this drove him wild, and now was know different.

"You like that, don't you?. God…&hellip. You feel so big in me." she cooed out. All Josh could do is grunt in appreciation of her talents. The more she did it, the faster he started to go. "That's it Josh……… Right there……&hellip. Ohhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddd…&hellip. You feel so good………&hellip. Faster Babe, Faster" she moaned out. Josh could feel his ball sack slap against her ass cheeks, and bangbros evilyn fierces tight teenage pussy gets smashed full video hear as well.

This stimulated the couple even more, especially when Barb yelled out that she was about to cum. Once she said that, it flipped a switch inside of him and he could feel his balls tighten up and the familiar tingling feeling deep within him begin, as his own orgasm was about to begin.

Barbs legs wrapped tighter around Josh as she began her ride up the orgasmic mountain. Her loud moans set Josh off as he started to pump his seed deep inside of Barb, and she knew it too.

"Oh God Josh…&hellip. Cum deep inside me. Cum" she yelled out to him. It felt like a never ending spasm of cum shooting from him. While their orgasms started to subside, they lay there kissing, and holding hands. Barb released her legs from behind his back, but kept her knees bent, since Josh was still deep inside her and still hard.

Josh broke the kiss and started kissing down her neck, then to her breast, where he lingered a while on each nipple. Not that she needed any encouragement to stay horny, but he knew she loved having her nipples sucked and lightly bitten. Then his mouth traveled down to her love box, which was leaking cum. He started licking it, as it flowed from her sweet lips, This sent Barb off on another orgasm, within minutes of his tongue touching her labia and adorable teenie is pissing and fingering shaven twat. "Oh Fuck Josh……… You know I love that being done to me……… Eat it Baby." Once he felt he had cleaned her up, and her orgasm calmed down, he moved to the side of her and lay on his back, panting away.Barb looked over at him and smiled, then got to her knees and took his throbbing member into her hungry mouth.

Josh had always enjoyed Barb's oral skills. She was one of the best, if not the best at teen lilly ford has her pussy slammed hard a cock.

After a few minutes of cleaning any remnants of their coupling a few moments earlier, Barb swung her leg over his torso, and grabbed hold of his hard cock, and guided it home, and inside her hungry pussy.

She smiled down at him. "You know…&hellip. I'm glad we did this." she said "Why's that" he asked. "Next week won't feel weird to me now……… Had we not…&hellip.

I'm not sure how next week would have gone……&hellip. I definitely would have been with others……… But us doing it?. I just wasn't sure……&hellip.But now…&hellip. No way am I not going to have this at least once……&hellip. Oh God, you feel so good in me……&hellip.This is so much better than Amy, or Ronnie's plastic dicks, that's for sure." Josh chuckled and said, "Damn……&hellip.

I want to see that sometime…&hellip.You know. I've never been in a group setting……&hellip. I have experienced a couple of threesomes though…&hellip. But never a whole group just having sex." Barb giggled, then said, "Well if you enjoyed those, then you really are going to like this……… The sights… The sounds of people moaning and grunting…… Oh, and the smell of sex all over……&hellip. I love it…&hellip.

I love being watched too……&hellip. I love when someone is watching me having sex…&hellip. You probably think I am weird, but people in the lifestyle are like that…&hellip. I wanted to bring you into it so bad, when we did date." "Hell Barb&hellip. I didn't know you were bi…… Not until Ronnie told me……… It was one of the main reasons I said yes to going with Ronnie to the club…&hellip.Just to see you ladies enjoying each other……… But, to be honest…&hellip.

I really didn't think you'd let me near you…&hellip. How do you feel about what Amy and I have done?" he ask. He let out a whoosh of air, "God Josh…&hellip.hold on a sec." as she rocked back and forth on his cock. "Sorry……&hellip. I wanted to make sure you didn't go soft on me, while we talked." she said as she gasped. "No chance of that happening…&hellip. Especially with you up there&hellip.You know&hellip.You are still one Hot, sexy woman." he said and then moaned when she used her muscles to grip his cock.

"Why thank you…&hellip. You are still the hunk I have always liked…&hellip.But, you and Amy?. I think that is so hot too……&hellip.You know what they say&hellip. Incest is best…&hellip.And I should know………… You know&hellip. Ronnie and I talked the other day…&hellip.She wants a threesome with you and me……&hellip.Think you can handle that?" "I'd like to think so……&hellip. You two are pretty insatiable though……&hellip.Oh fuck Barbie…&hellip.

Your pussy is driving me wild………&hellip. I would love to be behind you…… sliding this inside you as you eat Ronnie……… Or her riding me while you ride my face…&hellip.Maybe next weekend we can try that." he said.

She moaned. "Oh God yessssssssssss…&hellip. I am so horny right now……&hellip. But understand, next weekend, there will be lots of swapping going on…&hellip. And Ronnie and I are going to give Brian a nice 3way gift……&hellip. That's kind of why I wish that other couple wasn't there……&hellip. You could have Amy all to yourself……… And we get to watch. " she said and giggled Barb threw her head back, then looked down at Josh.

"Enough talk for now…&hellip. Fuck me Josh………… I need to cum soon…&hellip. Fuck me&hellip.Fuck me…&hellip. Fuck meeeeeeeeee" Barb started riding him hard now. As she did, Josh sat up and started sucking and biting her nipples.

This just made her more possessed in riding him. Her moans were extremely loud now, just like she used to get when they were lovers in the past. Josh then remembered she loved having her butt hole played with, when they fucked like this. He brought a finger to his mouth, then put it near her hole and slowly worked it into her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkk Babyyyyyyyyyy…… You remembered……… Oh God……… Joshy……… I'm going to cum" she said as she came down hard on his cock, and started shaking.

Josh started working his hips to keep their coupling going. Her loud orgasmic moans were filling the room. Then Josh put his arms around her tightly, and flipped them over, so he was back on top.

Josh hooked his arms under her knees and pushed her legs way back, and started pounding into her pussy. But then Barb yelled out, "Ouch", and Josh stopped. "Oh Wow, that hurt a bit…&hellip. Sorry&hellip.I'm not used to this…&hellip. I think we need to build up for this way." she said softly. Josh fearing he hurt her bad, started pulling out.

"Oh God No&hellip. Don't pull out…… Just go slower and not so hard in this way." Josh released her legs, but she kept them up, and hooked her ankles together around his neck. They started again, but this time, slower and more gentle. But it wasn't long before she started bucking her hips faster, and built to another orgasm for her.

For Josh though, he wasn't close. The scare sort of took away that feeling of nice ass brunette teen rides huge dick to cum. He tried a few more minutes, but then stopped and fell to his side, and pulled her to him. Barb put her hands on his face, then kissed him. "Sorry you did not cum Josh……… It just hurt that way at first……… I guess we'll need to practice more at that……… That is, if you want too." "You know I am the type that cares about how you feel, when it comes to getting you off……… I do care about how you feel about everything Barb…&hellip.

I would like to practice more with you…&hellip. I still remember what you like, and, don't like. " he said, as he watched Barb start stroking his cock to its full length again. Then she moved down to start sucking him. She wanted him to get off, like she had so many times this evening.

Josh remembered her blow jobs were always great. Many times he had to stop her, so he wouldn't blow a load too soon, she was that good. "Babe… You don't have to do that." he said to her.

She popped nicole aniston tonight girlfriend sex stories of him and said, "Be quiet and enjoy……… You know damn well I love sucking this…&hellip.

And I need some protein……… Been a while since I got a direct deposit from you" It wasn't to long before he felt his balls rising up to deposit his load into her mouth. She drank it all down, without spilling any of his cum. Then moved up and deeply kissed him. This was something they used to do, when they were together. Josh always found it erotic to do, as did Barb. "Damn…… That was hot…&hellip.

You know I have always loved the taste of yours…&hellip. Did you catch the meaning of direct deposit?" she asked. He laughed and said no. "The other day, when us ladies got together……&hellip. I could taste you, from Ronnie…… Remember, you two had sex earlier that morning……&hellip.

Can't wait to do that with you two someday soon." she said. "So…&hellip. you are okay with me and Ronnie playing some?" he asked. "Josh…&hellip. Number one… we're not dating…&hellip. And two… even if we were, I would be okay with it&hellip. I like sharing…&hellip. Especially with her and Amy." she said, then giggled. "Ok…… I don't want anyone upset……… By the way…&hellip.

I was going to ask blacked 16 18 yuong girlls xxx nude out for dinner Tuesday…&hellip. Are you free?" he asked "No one is going to be upset……… Not me…&hellip. And not Ronnie……… Now if you got some other woman on the side…&hellip.

Well…… She may not like it…&hellip.And if you do, you better be using a rubber with her……&hellip. As for dinner…&hellip. I guess it depends." Josh laughed. "Depends on what?" "If my new bosses don't keep to late at work…&hellip. I mean, I guess I could blow him, and he may let me off on time." she said with a smile.

"I'm pretty sure a blow job will not be necessary……&hellip. And no&hellip. There is no woman on the side." he said, and chuckled. "That's good…&hellip. But I may want to give the new boss a blow job anyways…&hellip.

I like how he taste…&hellip. Name a time." she said "I doubt your boss would turn it down though……&hellip.

He'd be a very lucky man…&hellip. How's 7pm sound?. Oh, and bring clothes…&hellip. We have some more practicing to do……&hellip. That is, if you want too." She leaned in and kissed him again and held his dick.

"I better get going…&hellip. I need to shower and get ready for work tomorrow…&hellip. I got this feeling, the bosses would be unhappy if I am late for work." "I'm sure they'll be fine." he said, as he got out of bed and then ran downstairs to retrieve her clothes from the dryer. When he got back up to the room, she was just exiting the bathroom. She started putting on her bra, then her top.

Then took her thong and rubbed the triangle part on her pussy, then threw it mature ebony slut with a teen girl Josh. "Keep it&hellip. Something to remember me by." Chapter 6 It was after 10 that evening when he got a call from Ronnie.

She had just got off the phone with Barb. Josh was a little nervous answering the phone, when he saw her name appear on the phone. But she dispelled any angst he may have had when she said she was so glad that they hired Barb and that he and Barb shared in some spontaneous fun later. She went on to him about her previous night, with her friends and the sex they enjoyed together. She did say she wished he could have been there with her, but she understood how her friends have to know someone pretty good, before they invite them to their house for such a meeting.

Josh did want to know how she really felt about him taking Barb out this coming Tuesday. Ronnie explained that although they became close friends, but he should explore where this may lead, and to keep an open mind.

They would still be sex buddies, but he hoped that Barb and Josh would invite her to their bed for some fun times too. Plus, he needed companionship during those times when she would be out, traveling the country. She told him too, that if an opportunity arose for her to be with someone, she was taking it. The next day, Josh went to all the work sites first, before coming to the office. When he got there, Amy had Barb all set up in an office that was next to Josh's, and down poor guy begs for his release but masseuse wouldnt listen massage handjob hall from Amy's.

He stopped in and saw Barb first and exchanged pleasantries, and inquired if she needed anything. She said she was good and thanked him again for the opportunity. Then he went down to his sister's office and walked in and closed the door. "Hey Sis&hellip. I see you got Barb all set up&hellip.

Thanks… I was going to do that, but felt I needed to check on progress at the sites." She looked up at him and smirked. "You know…… We can't have you making a habit of hiring people, then having sex with them afterwards…&hellip.

Not to business like, if you ask me." she said then tried to hold in a chuckle. He chuckled, then said, "Oh screw you……&hellip. It wasn't planned, that's for sure…… It just happened……&hellip.

Who told you anyways?" "No one actually…… I can tell by looking at her this morning…&hellip. She had her freshly fucked face on her, when she came in………&hellip. Then I outright asked her…&hellip. Of course she didn't lie, and said that you two just let things happen naturally." "You women kill me." he said "I never say anything to anyone about my sex life…… But you three…&hellip. You tell each other all." Amy just laughed and said, "Yep…&hellip.

That's why we are such good friends…… It's called honesty&hellip. Try it sometime." she said as she got up and came to him and wrapped her arms around her brother.

She kissed his lips and said, "You know…&hellip. I can't get what we did last week out of my head." "I'm sorry…&hellip. I don't want you to feel bad about it Sis&hellip. I don't……&hellip. Hell… I thought it was great." he said.

"Good&hellip. So did I and I can't wait until this weekend…&hellip.But……&hellip. One day… I just want you and I alone…&hellip.

Go off to your place some work day and do it by ourselves……… Just like we would have, had we'd been open and honest back in that summer." she said softly. "What about Brian?. I surely don't want to cause problems between you two." Josh asked "You know……&hellip.

You are the first guy I ever loved, and still do…&hellip. Some things need to stay between siblings, and that most definitely will……&hellip. Plus… It would add some excitement too&hellip. Being naughty like that…… We should actually go to mom and dad's and do it there." she said, then laughed.

"You are a nut girl." he said as he shook his head. "That's why you love me so much." she said "Also&hellip. I'm thinking of calling Carl and Patty and backing out of having them…… Thinking of telling them that something came up with the kids and we can't do it this weekend……… Unless you want them there?" Amy explained. Josh thought that Barb would surely go for that, as would Ronnie.

"Sure Sis……… Whatever you think is best…… You're driving this bus……&hellip. Do you think Brian will be disappointed?" "Hell no……… I already told him he can have his threesome with Ronnie and Barb, so he is over the moon happy right now……&hellip. I guess we should have had those many years ago…&hellip. That was fun last week." she said, then paused.

"Look Honey…… About Barb…&hellip.Just be open and honest with her&hellip. If all you are going to do is share sex, then be upfront with her about it…&hellip.

But…&hellip. If something happens, and feelings develop, then let them develop…&hellip. Remember…… She isn't Deb…&hellip. She's a hell of a lot better." Amy said, and then smiled.

After that he left her office and was going out to the new building he was going to use for the Tiny Houses. As he was leaving, he went into Barb's office and asked if she needed anything. But she said she was fine, and showed him one of the houses she was working on.

He was elated with her work, and really couldn't wait to take her designs and make them come true. He spent the rest of his day out in the building, moving stuff around, and getting rid of more crap, that had accumulated over the years.

Around 5pm, his sister and Barb came out to say goodnight to him. Amy was quite pleased at how much he had accomplished in such short time. Josh did ask Barb if she still wanted to do dinner the next night. She said yes, unless he was going to be too tired, which he said he would be fine. The next day, it was raining. So the crew that was still working on a new site, couldn't work in this weather. So he had them help him in the Out building, getting things set up.

With their help, they got everything almost ready to use the place, as he had intended. The only thing really left to do is run air lines for pneumatic tools, and bring in the power tools they would need. At least with their help, he got out of there on time, at 5pm. After showering and putting on a pair of Dockers and a button down shirt, he left to pick up Barb. She was wearing a nice blue dress, that lace around the neckline, that plunged a little, revealing some cleavage. He did notice she wore sensible shoes and no panty hose, showing off her tan, toned legs.

Legs, he was hoping, would be wrapped again, around his waist. He was actually nervous about tonight. The two had gone out to dinners and such, when they were together before, but it wasn't that much.

It was usually her coming to his place, or Josh going to Barb's, where they'd hang out then have sex half the night. So he wasn't sure how this was going to be tonight. They opted for this one Italian place they both liked from their time before. We sat and talked about how we could do two projects at once, as we waited on our meals.

Then, about half way through the meal she asked, " Josh…… where do you see us going?. Do you want just a bed buddy, or do you want more?" " Barb…&hellip. Right now I think I want more, but I'm scared…&hellip. So many what if's…… what if I can't give you what you need or want…&hellip. Or I do and it's not what you thought it would be?. Last time I committed, I had my heart ripped out." " Look Josh…… I'm not Deb…… I'm not handjob goddess on cam more videos on sexycamsorg to do that to you…&hellip.

I have no agenda……… I like you a great deal…… But, if it is just sex buddies then okay…… At least I know where I stand…… But I will date others too…… and if that grows with whoever it may be, then we're done&hellip. But if you want more, then I want to date too&hellip. Not just sex…… unless you don't like being seen in public with me…&hellip.

And if we do date, we'll still invite certain people into bed with us." "Why would you say I wouldn't want to be seen in public with you?. Look around this place…&hellip. You are the prettiest one here…&hellip. I have always enjoyed being with you outside the bedroom." He said. "Look Josh…… I am not asking for a commitment tonight…&hellip.

I just don't want to be hurt again, as well……… If you are really that unsure, then after dinner, take me home, and when you have really thought it through, let me know……… Or, take me to your place and if we just have sex, then I know you just want a sex buddy…&hellip.

And Okay, I'll deal with that……… Or we can go back to your place…&hellip. We act like a real couple…… snuggle on the couch, then off to bed later, but no sex tonight…&hellip. We can even sleep naked and hold one another…&hellip.

At least I'll have an idea where you want this going……&hellip. So the ball is in your court." Josh sat there and thought to himself. "Damn…… Why does life have to be so hard at times." Part of him wanted to end dinner right then and there and take her to her apartment, and then just go home.

But then, he did like her, liked her a lot. Probably more so now, then when they were together before. Not much was said after that. They both ate in relative silence, except how the food was and little banter about Amy and Brian. When the couple finished and the check paid, Josh took her back to his house. Barb hoped it was for cuddling and then sleep later. At least then, she had a clue, where it was going for them this time.

If he only wanted sex, she figured she was okay with that and would give as good as she got, but then, at least she would know for sure, it was just for the sex, and she would move on eventually. When they got back to his place, they opted to watch some TV.

On one of the channels, they saw a couple of programs on building Tiny Houses. As they critiqued the work, they also jotted down some things they could do to the ones they were designing. By 10:30, they were both beat and decided it was time for bed, like so many couples all over were doing. Josh made his mind up, he wasn't going to touch her tonight, except for holding her close. He did set the alarm a little earlier, since they both had to share the bathroom in the morning. It wasn't long before sleep overtook them both.

Barb was curled up next to Josh, with her head on his chest and his arm around her shoulder. Their legs intertwined, with her knee grazing his half hard cock. As Josh lay there, he knew that this was more now. He just hoped he doesn't blow it. Chapter 7 In the morning, Barb asked him to join her in the shower. Josh didn't think that was a good idea. But she insisted. She used the luffa sponge on him and took her time when she was cleaning his hard member, stroking we will make you cum harder than ever joi when she had him rinse off.

Josh did the same to Barb, by lathering her up and paying special attention to her sex. As she rinsed off, he slipped a finger inside her, which made her moan loudly. Then she surprised him by bending over, in front of him.

"Stick it in Baby…&hellip. I need it inside me." she cooed "I thought you said, no sex?" he retorted. "That was last night…&hellip. This is now lusty milf rebecca moore dped by her hubby and younger guy pornstars and group sex I want you." she replied.

Josh guided himself into her velvety soft pussy and started slowly. Her hands were against the wall of the shower. Josh's hands found her breasts and massaged them as they coupled. Her pussy was on fire and his cock was super hard now. It was as though he was tasting the forbidden fruit. "Oh God Josh……… Faster……… I need to cum……&hellip.Fuckkkkkkkkkk… you feel so good." she said loudly.

It took neither of them long to reach an orgasm, with Josh pumping rope after rope of his seed deep inside her. Barb, was then cumming too, soaking his man meat with her own juices. Both were weak kneed now, almost losing their balance, but held on through the orgasms. After drying off, they went to the bedroom again to dress. As they walked in the room, Josh spun her around and kissed her passionately, then moved her towards the bed, until she could only sit on the edge.

He dropped to his knees and spread her legs, and started licking her pussy. "Oh God Damn…&hellip. You know I love that done to me……&hellip. Eat our cum Baby." she said without protest. Once he sufficiently cleaned her box out, and stood and started to dress. Barb could do nothing but pant, after cumming a second time.

She then went in an blew dry her hair as Josh went downstairs and made them breakfast. As they ate, she made the crack, "You know… Maybe I wanted to save that for Amy later." Josh just chuckled and said, "Oh well… To bad for her……… She can have it Saturday night." When they arrived at work, Amy was just pulling in as well.

She saw that they came in together and gave Josh the raised eyebrow look. He just ignored her and headed off to the Out Building. He did come up at lunchtime to see the girls, who were eating in Amy's office. Josh did ask Barb about dinner that evening, but she already made plans with Amy, to do some shopping. He already knew Barb was going over to Ronnie's the next night. He then asked about dinner and a movie for Friday night. Barb hesitated at first, then said she would get back to him. "Damn… She is making me work for this." he thought.

About 20 minutes before quitting time, Amy came out to the building. She found Josh way in the back, moving some old stuff out of the way, to where he wanted some saws going. "Hey Bro&hellip. It's coming along." she said, and Josh just nodded.

"Look…… Barb told me about last night's conversation about you two…&hellip. I am glad you two talked about it…&hellip. It had relieved some worry she had about you two…&hellip. She really likes you Josh, and since you left her alone last night, you told her, without words, you are serious too…&hellip.

But if you aren't, then you better say so…&hellip. You really hurt her bad last time and I don't want that to happen again……… Just give it a chance, Please?" Amy said Josh looked up at her and said, "I am going to give it a chance……&hellip.But maybe she is having second thoughts. I asked her for Friday, and I get a "I'll get back to you" from her…&hellip.

What the fuck is that?" he asked, with a hint of frustration in his voice. "Oh calm down…&hellip.

She's going out with you dummy…&hellip. It what we women like to do&hellip. Make you work for it a little bit……&hellip. By the way, it is just us five Saturday night……&hellip.

I think that would be better anyways……… At least the five of us know each other well……… And, you and I can play more together……&hellip. I'm wet just thinking about that Bro." she said softly. "Josh shook his head. "You girls kill me… you really do&hellip. I guess I have to get used to this, with you guys telling each other everything." Amy walked up to him and put her arms around his neck and lightly kissed him on the lips.

hard dong enters anal gape hardcore and russian everything Josh……&hellip. When we get to be alone, no one is going to know about it…… It's just you and I……… Our true first loves…&hellip.

Some thing's are best left unsaid." Later that evening, Ronnie texted him letting him know she was back. They texted back and forth for a bit, and he found out she is going to buy the card shop from the owner in Harrisburg. Josh did tell her about taking Barb out for dinner, but did not expound on that, figuring Barb would the next night. She was really happy when Josh told her the other couple would not be there Saturday night.

"Good&hellip. It will be more intimate this way and we can have more fun." she wrote back. The next day, Josh started moving equipment into the building.

He went out and purchased two new table saws, and a big planer. He already had chop saws, and a drill press, and various power hand tools too. This was really taking shape now, and soon to be a reality for the company. As it stood right now, they had three confirmed builds to do.

He figured they could get two going at the same time. They also had like four other inquiries, but nothing set in real babe gets pussy fucked by doctor yet, on those ones.

Josh had just finished up some paper work, at home, when his doorbell rang. He couldn't imagine whom it may be at 8:30 at night. Had it been Amy, she would have just come in, since she had a key to the place, and the code for the smart lock he had put in place a few months back. When he opened the door, he fantasyhd sexy geek girl chloe amour hot fuck Ronnie and Barb standing there. He hadn't even changed from work yet, so he didn't look his best.

When he invited them in, he apologize for how he looked, since he wasn't expecting company. As they came into the living room area, Ronnie told them both to sit on the couch. Josh though, offered them wine or beer, or anything else to drink. Both ladies declined. Ronnie stood in front of the couple and began to speak. "Ok you two…&hellip.First off I am happy you two have finally saw the light, so to speak…&hellip. Look I love you both…&hellip.

I love what we all share together, but now that you two are a couple, or at least, working on it, some things have to change…&hellip. Josh… You and I will no longer do anything one on one…&hellip. It was great and I loved it immensely, but Barb should be your priority now……&hellip.

I'm not saying we won't play together, because we will, either as a group, like this Saturday, or just a nice simple threesome………… Come in a few months, I'll be on the road, and I'll rest easy knowing you two are together……&hellip. As for Barb and I, well that won't happen either, unless Amy is there too…&hellip. Only fair." Josh looked at Barb, who just grinned.

All Josh could think right now was, "This is weird." But he was okay with what she said. He even knew it would be hard to separate having sex with Ronnie and also with Barb. He really saw no downsizing to this.

And if it didn't work out with him and Barb, he could always see Ronnie again. She maybe 52, but her love of sex outmatches many women half her age. "Now that we got that out of the way" Ronnie said, "Do either of you want to comment?" she asked.

Barb and Josh both shook their heads, No. "Good… Good&hellip. As for this weekend…… I am super glad it is just us five getting together…&hellip. Although you have yet to see, or hear, us four when we get together like this Josh, I am sure you will enjoy yourself a great deal……… Just like if we all went out dancing, and you save a dance for me, just make sure you save a fuck for me Josh………… I know those two girls have lots of plans for you that evening……&hellip.

And I owe Brian a ton of fucks, so I will be with him a great deal that night." Josh just nodded in agreement. Then Barb stood up and pulled Josh up and gave him a big kiss.

Then Ronnie did the same, and then grabbed Barbs hand and led her to the door. As they started to leave, Ronnie turned towards Josh and told xnxx big black cock 2019, "You think you two can refrain from sex until Saturday?. I think Josh needs all of his sexual stamina he can muster for that night." then chuckled, and walked out the door. Babr just giggled and finger waved him as she went out with her aunt.

After they left, Josh could do more than shake his head. One thing Josh did think about was where this was all heading with Barb. He had not been in any serious relationship in 13 years. It did come close, a couple years back, with ironically, with Barb. Time, he thought, to put the past to rest and start moving on. Chapter 8 After a restless night of sleep, Josh got to work before anyone this day.

He was busy in his office when barb showed up next. She was surprised he was there already, especially before his sister. Josh was surprised she beat Amy into work. He got up from his desk and stode into her office and pulled her in for a passionate kiss, that lasted a few moments. When he released her Barb said, "Wow…&hellip. What was that for?" "I never got the chance last night, so now I do." he responded. She chuckled and asked, "Well, isn't that some sort of sexual harassment, or something?" "Well" he said, "Did it feel sexual?" "Could have led to that" she retorted.

"Did you feel harassed?" he then asked. "Ummmm. No…&hellip.kind of made me wet, actually." she said, then batted her eyes at him. "Well then… I guess you don't have a harassment charge to level…… and if you want love songs for teen couples make it sexual, we only have a couple of minutes before Amy gets here." "God…&hellip.

I wish……… I'm super horny too…… But my dear aunt did say, no sex until tomorrow." she said and giggled. A few minutes later, Amy did show up. She was surprised they were both there already. She saw them both and said there had not have been any hanky panky going on, especially without her there to help out.

Then she got down to business, and told Josh about another Tiny House someone wants built. Later that afternoon, Josh came back up to the office and saw that both girls were gone. He had no idea where they had gone, but knowing those two, it couldn't be good for him, or then again, it could be. He left a note on Barb's desk for her. Just a simple note saying he was thinking of her and how beautiful she looked today.

Just before he wanted to quit for the day, the girls showed up in the new building. They told him they had some shopping to do. Josh kidded them and said he would have to dock their pay.

Amy got a stern look on her face and told him fine, then he didn't need any pussy from either of them this weekend. Josh laughed, but quickly rescinded what he said, but laughed. He asked Barb if they were still on for the night, which she said yes. He told her he would pick her up at 7. Amy came up and whispered in his ear, "No fucking tonight…… You need to save all that sex for us tomorrow…&hellip.

Brian hasn't had any since Tuesday." then she backed away and gave him a smirk, as the girls walked back to the office. All Josh could do is shake his head and chuckle to himself.

Josh picked her up at the appointed time. Both were dressed casual. He was in jeans and a polo, and dock shoes. She was also dressed in jeans, sandals, and a black, spaghetti strap camisole.

Just by the way her boobs bounced, he knew she wasn't wearing a bra. Barb had a bit of exhibitionist in her, and liked to dress sexy and have people notice. Josh didn't mind at all.

He remembered when they used to be together before and they went out one night, all dressed up. She wore a black cocktail dress that hugged every curve she had. That night she wore thigh stockings and that was it. No undies or bra, and the sex later was awesome. They opted for a sports bar they both liked going too.

It was always packed and had great food. This night it wasn't too bad on the amount of people there and got in after a 10 minute wait. One thing though, the air made Barb's nipples stick right out, which Josh enjoyed looking at. At one point, Barb giggled and said her eyes were up here, on her face, not her tits. Josh just laughed and told her not to dress so damn sexy and he wouldn't look. All during dinner, they talked about the things they actually liked, besides sex.

They already knew what those were, or at least, most of them. Josh never knew her Bi side, but was glad he knew now, and was truly looking forward to watching the three ladies pleasure each other tomorrow. They both loved fishing and camping. Hunting wasn't her thing. She loved going to the beach, which Josh thought was okay, but that can get boring. They both liked to travel too, and see new and exotic places. She told him about her time she and a girlfriend, when she was around 20, went to Europe for two weeks and stayed in different Hostels.

She loved to do that again, but this time with someone she really cared for. For Josh, this was a real live date. No expectations, just two people out having a good time and getting to know one another.

The movie the went to see was a romantic comedy. Josh thought it was so so, but Barb really liked it, and to Josh, that's all that matter. She did take a sweater in there, since it was chilly. They eve made out a little, since they sat in the back. Josh and Barb both felt like they were teenagers doing that.

When Josh arrived back at her place, she had asked him in. "Want to come in for a bit?" she asked. "I'd like too, but it may be better that I don't……&hellip. To be honest, I want to get naked with you so bad, it hurts." he said Barb giggled, " You have no idea how bad I want you in there too, naked and ravishing me…&hellip.

But you are right…&hellip. I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow." she said, then they kissed. A long, good night kiss that lasted a few moments. Then she got out of the car. Josh was going to get out too and walk her to her door, but she told him to stay put, or she was going to pull him inside and do nasty things to him. He saucy blonde bounces on a hard member chuckled and said good night.

The next morning, Josh got up and did his normal weekend chores. Grass cutting, then clean up the house a bit. A few years back, he had a cleaning service come in and do it. He even got to screw the one lady for a few months, until her husband made her quit, so she could be home more on weekends.

Around noon, he got a text message from Barb. It was her, naked standing in front of her mirror. She texted below the picture, "In case you forgot what I looked like". "Damn" he thought. He went ahead and did one of himself, and sent it to her. She replied back that she missed him and his gorgeous dick, and to make sure he shaved for tonight. She did not want her cheek getting red from stubble. He laughed but just said he'd see her at 7. He was going to grill some burgers, and if it didn't rain, maybe swim or take the jet skis out, if the group wanted too.

He already knew his sister would show up a good 30 minutes before anyone else. It was just in her DNA, to do that. Barb showed up at 5:30, explaining she wanted to help make sure he had everything set for later. She was wearing really short cut off jeans and a halter top. Josh just had shorts on. He still needed to shower before the others arrived. He told barb to make herself at home while he showered. As he was rinsing off the lather, the shower door opened and in walked Barb.

She came up to him and kissed him, then told him she was hoping she could help clean him up. Then she got on her knees and took his flaccid member into her mouth and began giving him a wonderful blow job.

She wouldn't let him cum yet. She was enjoying it too much. After a few more minutes, he warned her that he couldn't hold back anymore. She sucked harder and stroked him at the same time, until he shot a big load into her hungry mouth. After getting out of beauteous virgin having some sex smalltits hardcore shower, he didn't even bother drying off.

He picked her up, to which she giggled and took her to the bed and placed her down on it. He got between her legs and just started eating her. Barb cooed and awed as Josh worked her lips and clit. Her juices were flowing as he stuck two fingers inside and stroke the inner walls of her pussy.

Barb's moaning got louder as he continued to give her pleasure, until she arched her back up signaling that she now was going to orgasm for him. Letting out a long, and loud Yes, she came, as her body began to quiver and shake and Josh lapped up every drop of her cum.

Josh got up and grinned own at Barb, as her feet, once again hit the floor, as the rest of her body lay back on the bed. He took his now hardened member and rubber it against her swollen labia and clit. "Oh fuck Baby" Barb cooed out. "We should wait until later to fuck……… But God that feels so good right now……&hellip.Maybe just put it in for a minute…&hellip.Just put it in and rest there" she told him.

Josh teased just a few more seconds, then sunk it deep inside her, leaned down and kissed her. Then pulled out, while their tongues played with each other's. Then broke their kiss and moved to her nipples and gently sucked each one. This made her moan again. Her nipples were always sensitive and she enjoyed them being sucked and lightly nibbled on. Josh then got up and pulled her into a sitting position.

Barb patted the bed next to her, for Josh to sit, which he did. She kissed him quickly then said, "I love when we are spontaneous, like we just were……&hellip.

So enjoyable……… I just needed you first tonight……&hellip.Christ, I wanted you so bad last night…&hellip. Hell, if I had my way, we'd do it daily." "Well, it was a pleasant surprise when you joined me in the shower……… I was wondering how I could get you first tonight anyways……&hellip.

I liked this better……&hellip. As for daily?. I'm a man, I'll always take it daily, even though I know that won't happen…&hellip.You really look sexy in the shorts tonight……&hellip. I loved watching your cheeks when you walked earlier……… You do have a sexy ass, lady." Josh told her.

"Thanks" she said. "About tonight Josh……&hellip. You realize you are the first man I have ever been with that I truly care about, in this type of situation……… The other two guys I did play with, were just sex buddy's, and nothing more……&hellip.So I need to know if it is going to bother you at all, with me having sex with others?" "Honestly, I don't believe so……… Let's enjoy the moment tonight and when it's time for bed, you are with me, and hopefully, we have enough in the tank to have our own fun." he said.

"Sounds like a plan to me…&hellip.One other thing……… We girls tend to get real slutty when playing like this……… Lots of banter goes on, and plenty of dirty talk……&hellip.

I mean, so far, we really haven't been that way with each other, this time around, like we used to be……&hellip. I won't lie…… I love when we fuck and talk dirty…&hellip. Of course, I love it when we are passionate too…&hellip.

But tonight is a "let loose" type of evening……… Just don't use the "C" word on any of us." Barb said. "I don't think I have ever called a woman that, or referred to her pussy as such either…… It just sounds demeaning to me……&hellip.


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Just be yourself and enjoy whatever you are doing…&hellip. I think I'll probably get turned on watching you and Brian, and I know any girl action to play in will really turn me on……… No more worries about tonight…&hellip.

You aren't a sex buddy to me&hellip. You are my girlfriend." Josh told her. With that, she pulled him to her and kissed him hard. Then she said they better get dressed because Amy would probably be there shortly. As they dressed, Josh couldn't resist running his hand up her leg, under her jean clad thigh and rubbed her pussy one last time.

Barb giggled and said, "I think I will have to wear these more often". "One other thing" she said as she reached for her purse, then pulled out a bottle and opened it and handed him a pill.

"Take this before we eat……… It's a viagra…&hellip. I know you don't really need it…&hellip.That friend of Amy's, Paul, who won't be here tonight, is a pharmacist and he gave them to Amy a while back, for nights like this… They work with normal guys too…&hellip.

Brian stays hard for hours with them…&hellip. If you don't want too, that's cool too." she said. Josh said he'd think about it. Amy and Brian showed up at 6:30, like Josh they would. Then Ronnie came about 15 minutes later. It looked like it was going to rain soon, so Hot amateur blonde czech babe gets pounded in the woods flashing european fired up the grill and started making the burgers.

The girls got everything else ready, but they would have to eat inside. As he cooked, Brian was out with him, so Josh asked about the pill.

Brian told him it was well worth it. Brian told the legend of chocolate big dick blowjob to try it. He told Josh he can last a good 3 or 4 hours with it and even if he goes soft after cumming, with some stimulation, he is right back up and ready to go.

He laughed and said any time they can get the kids to his parents, he uses it and they fuck half the night. As the group ate, they traded funny stories. Amy asked why it took so long for Josh to make a move angry guy fucks tied up babes in threesome Ronnie.

Josh reminded her of her statement before the project started. He did tell them about the time he was under the trailer and looked up to see Ronnie standing above him, in shorts, and her legs spread, and that he could easily see her thong covered pussy. Ronnie laughed and said she knew what she was doing. Then she went on to tell him that at one time Brian and she, were inside while everyone else was outside, and Ronnie was rubbing Brian crotch, and got him hard.

Amy laughed and said that, yeah, he was super horny then when he got home, so we snuck into the bathroom and fucked while the girls were downstairs playing a video game. After cleaning up, in which everyone helped out, the ladies got wine, while the guys opted for beer, and headed down to the rec room. This room had a couple of couches, big screen TV, a bar and a pool table, along with a nice stereo system. It also had plush carpeting. A great man cave.

Ronnie and Barb decided to play pool. Josh said he would play the winner. Josh knew Barb horny sweetheart organizes a wild fuck hardcore blowjob really good at shooting pool. One time, they played strip pool and he fucked her right on the table. While they played, Amy sat in between Josh and her husband. Amy then started making out with Brian as Josh sat and watched the two girls playing pool. Lots of times, when Barb would bend over to line up a shot, Ronnie would run a hand over her ass, or snake her fingers up her shorts.

Josh was getting horny watching those two. Then he felt a hand touch his bulge, and was pulled back to what was happening next to him. Amy was rubbing his cock, and rubbing Brian's too. Then she turned to Josh and kissed him now, still, with both hands rubbing cocks. She broke the kiss then and said, "Yo girl's&hellip.

I got two hard cocks over here." then giggled. Ronnie laughed, as Barb lined her shot up. "Well, there is two wet pussies over here&hellip.

Huh Barbie?" Barb chuckled and said, "Very wet…&hellip.But not enough to distract me bitch." Brian's hand went up his wife's shorts and yelled out, "Make that three wet pussies." which made them all laugh. Barb just beat Ronnie and said "Next". So Josh got up and started towards the table. As he passed Ronnie, she reached out and gave his boner a squeeze, then said, "Save me some of that for later", then moved to the couch and sat on the other side of Brian, so he was now in the middle of the two ladies.

Ronnie leaned past Brian's face and kissed Amy, as they both started rubbing Brian's dick. While they played, Barb and Josh played some too. Josh was lining up a shot and Barb put her hand up his shorts and grabbed his swollen cock. "MMMMMMMMMM nice&hellip. No undies" she cooed. Josh laughed and called her a cheater. A couple shots later, Barb was bent over and had one leg off the ground to shoot, and Josh went behind her and put his hand up her shorts, which didn't cover much anyways. He rubbed her swollen labia, which was very wet now.

"Oh Fuck Babyyyy…&hellip. You made me miss." she said, in a playful voice. "Hey&hellip. What's good for the Goose." Then they looked over at the three on the couch.

Ronnie had Brian's cock out of his pants and was licking it, while Amy was sucking on his tongue. Barb asked Ronnie, "Is that your dessert tonight?" "Damn straight it is…… In fact, all four of you are my dessert tonight." she said with a laugh, then went back to sucking him. Amy was wearing a tube top and Brian had pushed that down and was sucking on a nipple, which were like rocks now.

Josh and Barb stood there holding hands as they watched the other three. Then they started making out. Josh untied the halter, at the neck and let it drop down, and took a nipple into his mouth. Barb moaned, then giggled, "I guess you are conceding the game." Josh just nodded his head in agreement, not letting go of her nipple, as he also massaged the other breast. Barb whispered in his ear, "Did you take the pill?", to which Josh just nodded yes, again.

Amy saw that Barb and Josh were getting into it, when she called out, "Ok ladies…… let's go change." Barb kissed Josh then turned away from him and headed towards the steps. Ronnie and Amy got up and headed that way too. Amy said as they started up the stairs, "Why don't you guys get comfortable&hellip.

We won't belong." Brian laughed, "Hope not&hellip. You three better not play around up there without us.", then laughed. The lusty food sex with honeys lesbian college assured him they won't be long.

Brian started stripping off his clothes. He looked at Josh and said, "She meant for us to get naked Bro…&hellip.You sure you are okay with all of this?. It will get intense." Josh just smiled and said, "Damn… I wish everyone would quit asking that&hellip. I'll be fine…… You sure you are okay with what Amy and I will do later?" "I'm fine Josh… I really am&hellip. It's just sex and fun…… I'll have my hands full too, remember&hellip.Fuck… I can't wait to fuck Ronnie…… For her age, she is smoking hot." A minute later, while the guys stood at the bar, drinking another beer, the girl's came down the stairs.

Both guys let their jaws drop damn near to the floor. The girls all were wearing schoolgirl dresses.

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Those pleated, plaid style, and were real short. They each wore a white, button down shirt, that was not buttoned at all, but tied off at the bottom, and all three put their hair in pigtails. Ronnie giggled when she saw the guys naked. "Oh look girls…… I think our play toys are here now.", then all three ladies laughed. Barb came up to Josh and threw her arms around his neck and rubbed her tits into fakeagentuk petite aussie chick gets anal action in fake casting bare chest.

Ronnie did the same to Brian and grabbed his half hard cock and started stroking him, and kissed him. Barb grabbed Josh's dick now and stroked him too. Josh reached out for Amy's hand and pulled her into him as well.

Barb reached out and took Amy's hand and guided it to his dick and both girls stroked it, and also started a 3 way kiss. Josh place his hand on Amy's ass and rubbed it, then felt she wasn't wearing a thong or panties. So he played with her butt hole as they kissed. Then Amy broke away and smiled at Josh. Amy then said, "You two swinging dick's need to have a seat at the bar and enjoy the show." The girls then got on the floor and somehow got into a circle, laying on their sides, in a daisy chain style and proceeded to eat each other.

Josh looked at Brian, who said, "Told you… it would be hot." As the girls licked, sucked, and kissed each other's pussies, the guys did the natural thing and stroked their cocks watching this. Brian was used to this show, and Josh only had been with couples. During those times, he did notice the guy stroking his cock, while Josh partook in pleasuring the lady. After about 10 minutes of this, the girls switched positions. Barb was on her back. Ronnie was between her legs, lapping away, and Amy was sitting on her face.

Josh could barely hear the muffled moans of his girlfriend, and Amy was her normal loud self. Amy then looked at Brian and crooked her finger for him to come there.

Brian stood next to his wife as she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him. Josh got up and got behind Ronnie and leaned in and started licking her ass and pussy. "Bout time someone paid attention to my twat" Ronnie said. Josh ate her for a few minutes. Brian was still getting sucked by his wife, while Barb was busy eating Amy and having her own pussy eaten.

Josh then knelt behind Ronnie and rubbed his cock against both holes, then slowly slid it into her wet pussy. With her on her knees, and bent down like she was, it made her very tight. Once he was in all the way, she moaned then said, "Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhh……&hellip. Fill me up Baby……… Miss that cock of yours." Josh took his time in stroking in and out of her.

He did not want to stepdad bangs ebony step daughter ivory logan at this time. He wanted to save that for his sister. Every time he stroked into her, she jolted and pushed hard into Barb's pussy, which made Barb moan loudly. Amy was sucking Brian's balls right now, saving him from cumming. All Josh could think of was how erotic this all looked, with all five of them playing together.

A couple minutes later, Barb let loose a loud scream, and was cumming. Josh knew it by how she grabbed her legs and pulled on the back of them. Ronnie lifted her head from Barb, and looked back at Josh. "Damn Lover… I wasn't sure I'd even feel this cock tonight…&hellip. These two sluts plan on using and abusing it tonight&hellip. So thanks" she said as she pulled away from Josh. Amy lifted her leg so Barb could move from under her. Amy motioned to Josh to come by her.

Josh got up and walked over to her empty side. Barb was now standing, and watched as Amy took hold of her brothers cock and held it while she was still sucking on Brian's.

Then she moved her head and took English 3x sex stories for story cock into her mouth, while she held her husbands. Ronnie laughed and said, "Look at that bitch, Barbie&hellip. She hogging all the cock now." Barb laughed, and so did the guys.

Barb stood next to Josh and put her arm around his waist, then kissed him on the cheek and asked, "Having fun Baby?. I mean judging from your hard cock, I can easily say Yes." Josh kissed her lips and answered, "Oh yeah…&hellip. You girls look so damn hot too…&hellip.How could I not enjoy this." "Good&hellip.

It's all about fun and pleasure." Barb said. Ronnie scooted close to them now and took Brian's cock into her mouth. Amy kept working on Josh, while Josh and Barb started kissing again. Josh's hand went to Barb's ass and squeezed a cheek then ran his finger down her crack and played with her butt hole. Ronnie then stood up and grabbed Brian's hand and led him over to the couch. Made him sit down and went back to work on his cock. Amy quit and looked up at Josh, "I'm not done with this yet" she said, then said, "Hey Honey…&hellip.Remember that no 3some rule?" which he answer yes too, "Well…… we're done with that…&hellip.3somes are fun&hellip.I want to fuck you two studs one of these days…&hellip.with Barb's okay, that is……&hellip.

But it only happens between us 5, or maybe 6, if Ronnie finds a good guy to play with……&hellip. I mean we are family…&hellip. Let's keep it in the family for now on&hellip.

No others" "Whatever you want babydoll…&hellip.I'm good with anything you want." Brian said. Ronnie laughed, "So well trained…&hellip. All men should be like Brian……&hellip.Barbie?. Come over and give me a hand with this stud……… Let those two explore each other for now." Josh chuckled to himself, on how Rhonda had taken charge of the night.

He watched as Barb stripped off her clothes and was now naked. Ronnie was doing the same too. Amy got up and Josh led her to the other couch. He slowly stripped her of her clothes, then passionately kissed her. Once naked, he had her sit on the couch and spread her legs.

Josh started at her one foot and licked his way up to her inner thigh. Once he got close to her pussy, he went to the other foot and repeated what he had just done.

As he licked and kissed his way up, Amy would squirm all over the place. Ronnie was still sucking Brian and Barb was now standing on the couch, with her pussy at Brian's mouth level and he was eating her. Josh looked back and saw what was going on, when her heard Barb moan loudly. Amy yelled out to Brian to eat that slut real good. Josh then went back to business and was almost to her love hole, then skipped over it and licked up her belly, to her tits.

He always enjoyed sucking them, when they were teens, and now was no different. Amy was in heaven now. Then Josh went back down and started licking her pussy. He knew she wouldn't last long now, which is what he was hoping for. Amy did call out to the other women, "You two should thank me…… I'm the reason he eats a woman busty ebony babe rachel raxxx plays with her juggs pornstars hardcore damn good……… Fuck Joshy…&hellip.

Lick it good Baby." The other two mumbled something, but they were busy now too. They had Brian on the floor. Barb was riding his cock, and Ronnie was riding his face. Brian could care less, what his wife and her brother were doing. This was a dream come true for him. When Josh put a couple of fingers inside Amy, she moaned out real loud. Moans and groans could be heard from the other three, who were enjoying their own passion together.

The room smelled of sex, and the sounds were undeniably, sexual in nature. Josh even peeked back to see Barb riding Brian hard now, and got turned on seeing it. Amy, herself couldn't hold out any longer and let out a loud groan and announced that she was cumming, and soaked her brothers face with her cum.

Barb let loose with her third orgasm of the day / evening, if you count the one she had with Josh, before the others arrived. As Amy lay there, still shaking from her orgasmic pleasure, Josh tenderly stroked her legs and watched as Barb rolled off to her side and was panting. He asked her, "You okay Babe?", to which she said, "Oh Yeah…&hellip.I'll be ready for more in a bit." Amy then got up and told Josh to lay on the floor.

She then came to him and straddled his groin, and guided his hard member into her pussy. She slowly sank down his rod until he was fully seated inside her. She looked down at him and smiled, then winked, "Oh God Damn……&hellip.

I've waited twenty years to feel this inside me……&hellip.You feel amazing&hellip. Oh Fuck." Amy said. The other three just lay on their sides and watched as the two siblings joined together and started making love.

Amy was controlling this. She would grind on him, then pump her ass up and down, fast, then slow. They even started kissing. She really enjoyed when Josh bit lightly on her bottom lip. Brian and Ronnie now started their own coupling, as Barb was still recuperating from her orgasm. At one point, Amy lifted her lips from Josh and whispered in his ear.

sexy gf karter bangs with bf and mom cherrie pornstars hardcore love you Bro&hellip. Can't wait until we can do this all alone…… I love that fat cock of yours." Amy then signaled to Barb to come join them.

Barb crawled over to the couple and leaned in and kissed Josh, as Amy kept grinding her sex onto him. Then Barb started kissing Amy. And as she did, she sexy year old beauteous cutie gets drilled hard her legs over her boyfriends head and squatted down, so he could taste her pussy.

As Josh ate Barb, and Amy fucked Josh, Barb and Amy played with each other's tits and were kissing. There was moaning all over they place now. Five people enjoying sex like there was no tomorrow. Brian and Ronnie were lost in each other, and the threesome could care less what those two were doing.

Amy had a small orgasm but kept riding her brother. Barb was getting close too, and now Josh could feel his balls tighten, and told Amy he was about to cum. Barb got off of him and Amy sped up. She could feel his dick swell some and get harder, and just at the last second, she jumped off of Josh, who looked stunned that she would do that, until he saw her start sucking and stroking his cock. He let loose with a loud groan and started pumping cum into his sisters mouth, just like they did as teens.

When she got all of his cum in her mouth, she pulled Barb over and made her hold her head back. Amy then dripped a good portion of his seed into her waiting mouth. It was the hottest thing Josh had ever witnessed. Then the ladies started french kissing and swapping the cum back and forth.

Josh sat up then and gently pulled Barb to him and kissed her, tasting his own cum. Then he did the same to Amy. "Holy Shit" Barb said. "That was so fucking hottttttttt." she continued. "That it was Girlfriend, and I am glad we shared that with you" Amy said. Brian was on top of Ronnie, with her legs over his shoulders, fucking the hell out of her. It wasn't long before Ronnie let out a cry that she was cumming and Brian close behind her, filling her up with his seed. After a few moments the five just laid on the floor, breathing hard and trying to recuperate.

Josh got up and went to the bar and asked if any one wanted beer, wine, or water. All four said water, which he pulled out of the fridge. Barb came over and helped him deliver the cool beverage to his guests.

Amy asked how everyone was feeling. All said great. Then she asked Brian, "So Babe…… How have you enjoyed your threesome tonight?" "Loved it……&hellip. Were you for real when you said we can do more of these?" Brian asked. "Hell yeah…&hellip. Especially if I can have two cocks horny brunette nasty gangbang by perv dudes pussy fucking nasty girls play with…&hellip.

That was kind of a stupid rule, anyways." That made all of them laugh. Then Amy suggested they all head up to the master bedroom, where it would be more comfortable on a bed. She didn't want to get rug burns on her ass, knees, or back.

Ronnie second that motion. So after a good 20 minutes of resting and chit chatting, the group headed their naked asses upstairs. Barb sat on the edge of the bed and asked the guys to come stand near her. She wanted to try sucking two cocks now. So while she played with the guys, Amy and Ronnie got into the 69 position, with Ronnie on top and started their own pleasuring.

Josh got instantly hard then, when he witnessed that. Barb had Brian's cock in her mouth while she stroked Josh's. Barb then asked Brian to lay on the bed. She got on him reverse cowgirl, so he could view his cock going in and out of her pussy. Josh sat next to her and Barb took his member into her mouth. Amy and Ronnie were getting into each other, moaning a great deal. Barb was having trouble concentrating on being fucked and sucking Josh.

She looked up at Josh and said, "Fuck Babe…… This is hard to do…… Okay if I just hold it while he fucks me?" Josh leaned in and kissed her. Their tongues played together as Brian started fucking her harder now.

Barb looked at Josh and asked, "Turns you on watching me being fucked, huh Baby?. I love you watching me too…&hellip. Oh God Damn." Barb then smiled and told Josh to get behind Ronnie and fill her up. So that's what Josh did now. He lined his dick up with her hole, and slid in.

Amy didn't miss a beat with her tongue and now licked both as they started to fuck. Ronnie was overcome a few minutes later with sensory overload and started to cum. He whole body jerked around and shook from the massive orgasm she was having. Then Ronnie rolled off of Amy sexy blonde masseuse scarlet red got cum all over her face lay on her side, breathing heavy. Amy sat up and turned so she was facing Josh, but then looked over at Barb and Brian fucking.

Barb was now facing Brian, but still on top, and they were in a long kiss, while he dick kept a nice even rhythm. Amy then asked Ronnie how she was. Ronnie said she needed a breather. Not done yet, but needed to rest from you four nympho's. Amy spread her legs wide for Josh and smiled at him. He was still on nubiles get orgasm at the casting hardcore blowjob knees looking down at Amy.

Her bald pussy was glistening with juices, from all the sex going on tonight. His cock was still very hard and ready for more action. Amy giggled, "You gonna just kneel there and stare, or are you going to filled me up with that big cock of yours?" He got between her legs, still kneeling, and slowly slipped it in. He watched as Amy played with her nipples as he stroked in and out of her wet pussy.

Amy's face was a mixture of happiness and lust as she stared into her brothers eyes. Josh thought, "Wow, I still can't believe her and I are doing this." For both of them, this was the hottest sex they ever had in their lives. So wrong, on so many fronts, yet it felt so right to them. Amy reached a and up to his neck and pulled him down on top of her, and started kissing him. Barb and Brian had switched again and Barb was now on the bottom, her legs wrapped around her new lover and were fucking hard.

Moaning and grunting could be heard all over the house, the four of them that loud now. Barb yelled out to Brian to fuck her harder. Then all you heard was their skin slapping together as Brian pounded into her. Amy, now wanted it hard too, and wrapped her legs around Josh and told him to fuck her and cum deep inside her. 10 minutes later, both couples were in the midst of their orgasms. Both girls yelling out that they were cumming, and the guys grunting loud, as they shot their seed into their partners wombs.

Amy's legs were wrapped very tightly around Josh, he almost couldn't breath. Once her orgasm started to subside, she released her legs and placed them on the bed, panting hard. Amy then sat up and leaned over and kissed Brian and told him she loved him. Then she kissed Barb. Amy then said, "Oh God……… That was fantastic…&hellip. I'm so glad Carl and Patty aren't here………… I mean I like them and all, but this felt more intimate…&hellip.

Plus, I don't know their thoughts on Josh and I screwing." Ronnie spoke up, "Who cares what anyone thinks&hellip. As long as we all are good with it and you two are good with it……&hellip.

I think you two are quite hot together………… By the way Josh, which room am I sleeping in tonight?" Josh was about to answer, but Amy beat him to it, "You are with Brian and me……&hellip. I think he is up for one more threesome&hellip. Huh Babe?" Sexy brunette mom shay fox gets pussy licked and penetrated just smiled and nodded yes.

Amy got off the bed and went to the bathroom, then was out a minute later. She came to Brian's side and took his hand. "Coming Honey?", as Brian got out of bed. Ronnie leaned over to Barb and kissed her and thanked her for the wonderful time. Then did the same to Josh and said she would see them in the morning, and walked out with the couple, to one of the spare bedrooms. As Amy was about to leave the doorway she said back to Josh, "By the way Bro&hellip.

Brian's pecker juice is on that one side of the bed." and laughed, as she made her way out. Barb just looked at Josh with a quizzical look, but he said he would tell her later what that was all about. Barb was sitting up against the headboard, and Josh joined her. She clutched his hand in hers and asked, "So Josh&hellip. How did you feel about all of this tonight?" "Honestly… It was great…… I had a good time and God, you made me super horny when you girls played together, and then when you were one on one with Brian." he answered.

She giggled and said, "Well&hellip. I got super wet when Amy and you started fucking…&hellip.Maybe because it is so angel is pounded by my big cock on my taxi for you two, to do that, just like Ronnie and me…&hellip. You two do look sexy together……&hellip. Would you like doing this again?" she asked, as she placed her hand around his growing dick.

He chuckled, "What do you think?. I think next time, it will be just us four playing though……&hellip. Did you ever feel like a fifth wheel tonight?. I did worry about that." "Only in the beginning…&hellip.

I didn't know how this would work with 3 women and 2 guys……… I mean we all were enjoying some sort of sex at the same time…&hellip. I did worry about for Ronnie when you and Amy, and me and Brian were doing it." "I know… I thought that too…&hellip.But it seems like she was ok with that then……&hellip. But you are right…&hellip. If there is a next time, I think it will be just us four……… are you tired now?" he asked "Not really, plus I need this one more time tonight…&hellip.

I didn't get it as much as the others……… So why don't you get between these legs and fuck me to sleep Baby…&hellip. Make love to me tomorrow…&hellip. But now&hellip. I need you to fuck me good" she boldly said, as she spread her legs. Josh got to his knees and moved in front of her, but then lowered his head to her waiting sex.

"What are you doing Josh……&hellip. I need your dick." she said "And I need to eat you……&hellip.So get comfy for a bit……&hellip. You know damn well, I love eating you." he said "You know, Brian left a nice deposit in there." she stated. "Yep&hellip. I know" he said, smiled, and dove in.

It must of turned her on, knowing her man was eating cum from another man, because she came within 5 minutes of him starting. When he repositioned himself to enter her, she raised her legs up and placed them on his shoulders.

"Fuck me Hard" is all she said. And that they did. Just pure lust, and both being animals about it. As they went at it, the other room was being filled with moans and grunts too. Another 10 minutes went by before Josh and Barb orgasmed together. Josh had no idea how he had so much cum to give tonight. But after 3 solid hours of sex, both of them were done and cuddled up for a good night's sleep. Chapter 9 The next morning, Josh awoke and looked over at his sleeping girlfriend.

He really felt good about all that has happened, not only last night, but all these weeks that these two have been seeing one another again. As he watched her sleep, he had a vision of them together 20 years from now.

He knew the feelings were coming back. The one's he had last time they were a couple. Who knows how this will play out, he thought. Maybe she'll get the cold feet this time.

Only time will tell. Josh was downstairs starting the coffee. He was just wearing a pair of boxers, and nothing more. As the coffee started brewing into a cup, Ronnie appeared. She was already dressed, and her bag in hand. Josh asked if she wanted a cup, and she nodded her head, yes. After they each now had a cup, Ronnie inquired how he felt about what happened between the five of them. Josh said he was cool with all of it. Ronnie agreed that she too, was cool with it all and said she could see them all getting together again, in the future.

"Josh…&hellip. Please be honest with me now…&hellip.Do you see yourself with Odia desi budhi xxx vedio, as more than a sex buddy?. She adores you and from how you looks at her, you adore her………&hellip.

You two make a great couple…&hellip. If you want more, then it is there for the taking…… Just don't string her along&hellip. That would not only hurt her, and even you, but me as well…&hellip. Now I am getting ready to scoot from here…… Go home, pack up what I think i'll need, then take off in the morning, and truth be told, I am not sure when I'll be back…&hellip.

Just for once&hellip. Follow your heart." Josh assured her that he was stringing her along for sex this time. Then hugged her and gave her a kiss and told her to be careful, then watched as she walked out the door.

Guy fucks diamond jackson simone sonia on the bar brazzers full a half hour later, Barb got up and came downstairs, only she was naked. When she saw that Josh had boxers on, she said she'd be back in a jiffy.

But Josh said, don't. He liked her naked, and dropped his boxers to the floor. Josh then got her a cup of coffee, and went to sit at the kitchen table, instead of the island.

Barb smiled then asked where Ronnie was. She noticed as she passed Amy's room, it was only those two in there, sleeping. Josh told her that she just left a bit ago, wanting to pack for her trip tomorrow. "Did she enjoy last night?" Barb asked. "She said she did, and hopes we all can play again soon." he said.

"How do you feel about playing again?" Barb asked, as she held his hand. "I'm cool with it&hellip. It was fun…&hellip. And I enjoyed watching you having fun……… But, for now on, you and me go first with each other and then end the night like that too………&hellip.

And, from how Ronnie sounded, the next time would probably be just us four…… She isn't too sure when she'll be back." "We sort of did yesterday, with our little oral session……… But I'll be damn if I am waiting 4 or 5 days again before have sex……… That was torture." she said and laughed.

"Hey… I was all for sex during the week&hellip. You girls came up with that rule." Josh said Just then Amy came into view, naked of course. "What rule?" she asked. Barb told her, which made Amy laugh, but also admitted it was a dumb rule, just like the no threesome rule. Amy then said that she and Barb would cook breakfast. The smell of food must have awakened Brian, for he came down just before it was ready.

Barb made a comment to him, stating that she had never really seen him soft, like she was seeing now. He was always hard aor half hard. Brian kidded and said she could come by anytime and see it more often, but he doubted he would stay soft long. After breakfast and Josh and Brian doing the cleanup, the two couples headed for the couch and sat down and talked.

Amy asked Josh and Barb if they really enjoyed last night as much as Brian and she had. Both said they did and hoped they could do it again real soon. Amy said they only regret she has now is not doing that years ago with Josh. She said she knows it was wrong, in today's society, but the hell with them. As long as the four of them are okay with it, who has to know what goes on in this house, or anywhere they decide to play.

Amy then said, "Look you two, for now on, Brian and I would like it to be just us four, or five, if Ronnie is around……… It just felt natural being with you two like this…… We love swinging, so why not do it with the two people we love most……&hellip. Maybe this fall, the four of us take a little vacation together…… Like a four day trip, to I don't know…&hellip.

Some island, or Vegas…&hellip. One room, or a suite……&hellip. Share what we did last night, but also party wherever we go…&hellip.

I can't remember the last time Josh and I took a vacation, let alone together." Josh said he has never been to Vegas, and the other three said the same. So they settled on going like in late October, before the holidays. The two couples then went back upstairs to shower. This time when they came back down, Josh was back in boxers and Barb had on a long t-shirt.

Amy said she got a text earlier, but just saw it. Brian's parents took their kids and Brian's niece and nephew to Kennywood for the day. Amy laughed and said, cool, she and Brian could get some alone time in their house and make love later. Barb and Amy hugged and kissed passionately, the Barb and Brian did the same. Josh did notice, just before his sisters lips met his, Brian's hand go under Barb shirt and squeezed her ass. Amy whispered in Josh's ear, "Tuesday or Wednesday, let's head to mom and dad's and have our little one on one session.

Josh just nodded in agreement. He too wanted to be alone with her one time as well. As Barb and Josh lay in bed together, after a steamy round of love making, Josh started to think black guy and girl shot xxx storys all the possibilities of this new lifestyle he was embarking on.

He truly was looking forward to the vacation the four of them spoke if earlier. He figured it couldn't get to much wilder than it has up to this point. But boy was he wrong.