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Dirty playgirl turns on with large dildo
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My Daughters Phone (part 3) a reintroduction of the characters: Kelly- my 18 year old daughter. Amy's BFF, 5'4", 110 pounds with a perky B cup Amy- my daughter's 18 year old BFF 5'7", 125 pounds, 36B's She has experimented sexually with my daughter. Which kind of got me into this mess. Julia- Kelly and Amy's close friend. Almost a BFF but you can't have 2 BFF's apparently. My daughter 'spared' her virginity in the last chapter.

I don't know much about her.yet Mr. Paul Trainer- their geography teacher Me- Kelly's Dad. An unwilling victim? Or a Dad just looking out for his daughter? }{ I slept the whole day. After the fuck up that the night before was I needed time to think in a well rested mind. 1) I had to get my daughter back on my team.

That was critical. 2) How could I get the three of them, Julia, Amy, and my daughter Kelly, the most out of this. Maybe a college education and some sexual awareness as well. 3) Did I really want to do this?

4) Repercussions? And would I be able to get us through this if we failed I really wanted to sleep some more but my version of living the dream includes the death of a decent nights sleep. No phone in the bathroom. Towels on the floor, hairdryer still plugged in, make-up left out.

Kelly was pissed! That I knew. This was here way of showing it. I picked up her towels, put her hair dryer back under the sink, and tried to organize her makeup in a spot out of my way. Then I walked to the taps and turned the water to an overly warm shower. The air was thick with steam when I emerged from the shower enclosure. Clean and dripping. Then I saw it. Kelly must have drawn it this morning while the shower stall was steamed up after her shower. It was a happy face with a tear dripping from one of the eyes.

I sobbed as I saw this. It was the drawing I had put on her books and homework as she was growing up. Well minus the tear. That was the deciding factor. I had to have my Princess back on my 'team'. Our team. But how? I couldn't afford to pay her to stay home. I'd be broke in no time. Then what I had heard big dicked old guy fucking a hottie yell at me last night before she left my room forced it's way to the front of my thoughts, "Daddy the three of us have talked about this ALL day AND we are going to do it".

I got dressed and went to sign in on my lap top. I signed in, was checking my email when I received an email telling me about a 'keystroke reader'. I looked into it and decided I would look into this more at work. But seeing the time I had to jett or I'd be late for work.

"Shit' I swinger adventures with ornella morgan and tera gapes dps anal interracial group sex even made my lunch. Could this week get any worse? Fuck I hoped not! The shift went slow. Painfully slow.

Even though we were short a man on our line time ran backwards. Although on our lunch break I had ordered a keystroke reader for Kelly's phone. If we were going to do this I wanted to know what she would be doing when I was at work. Summer holidays were coming after all.

The rest of the shift, after lunch, went by at a reasonable pace so as the clock clicked towards two AM I wasn't watching as close as I had been earlier.

The line stopped and in a matter of minutes all evidence of any of us being there was gone. We were all going home in a hurry. I was going home too. Hoping that Kelly would be asleep and her phone within easy access. Thinking back to the partial videos of my daughter and Amy that I had seen earlier in the week wanted me to get this keystroke reader on her phone soon. I pulled into the driveway and shut my lights off while coming up the drive.

No lights coming from within the house or the deck behind. Was this good I thought? Was she even home? As I walked through the front door the smell of Vick's Vapor Rub hit me. What the hell? I wondered. Walking into the kitchen I found a note.Dad I have a cold. I have rubbed Vicks all over my forehead and chest.

And you college hoes invite over hung jock for sex smell it. Sorry.

My air purifier is running too. Can you check on me before you go to bed. Signed, Kelly with a happy face. My thoughts automatically were drawn to my sick daughter. I went up the stairs and quietly opened her door. There she lay. In her pajamas with the top buttons open. The sight of the top of her chest shining from the Vapor Rub.

Her breathing was OK and naughty chick angel piaff screws her hung lover had a glass of water by her bed. At that point I started thinking about her phone because I saw it was sitting on her nightstand.

I grabbed it and took it out to my laptop. The down loadable file was already in my email so I hooked up her phone and transferred the reader to her phone. I set it to record everything sent to her and from her phone including passwords and log in information.

A guy at work had mentioned he had put one on his ex wifes' phone and it had saved him "big time" on his divorce. So now all I had to do was wait till she started texting tomorrow, or accessing her email.

to see if it would work. I finished checking my mail. Just a notification that the reader had been installed and that I would start receiving notifications as soon as anything was done on her phone. I shut my lap top down, made tomorrows lunch, had something to eat and then decided I would drop Kelly's phone off on my way to bed. Grabbing an ice cube just in case she woke up and found me in her room.

I opened her door and put her phone back in the exact position it had been originally in. Then I dropped an ice cube into her glass when she started to cough. She ended up sitting up in her bed coughing into her closed fist. "Here Kelly" I said as I passed her the glass of cooling water. "Thanks for the ice cube Daddy.

Are you just getting home?" she asked through a stuffed up nose and sleepy eyes. "No sweety I've been home for about an hour now. It's 3:35" "Daddy could you reapply my vapor rub? I don't know if it's still working or not." "Of course, where is it" She hands me a small container off of her bed side table. Lays on her back, and unbuttons her top. Pulling it open to expose her breasts to me. I marvel at their shape and firmness.

"Earth to Dad, come in Daddy" Kelly says, as she opens her eyes and looks up at me. Taking some into my hands I start to apply it gingerly to her temples and under her nose.

"Do my chest so I can button my shirt back up. I'm freezing" "Sorry sweaty." I didn't want to have Kelly's breasts in my hands tonight. Not at all. Well this was for a different reason I convinced myself as I started to massage it into her small cleavage. She took my hand and moved it away from her cleavage setting it down onto her right boob, "My lungs are out here Daddy", she commented.

As I felt her little nipple harden at the end of my index finger. I rubbed my hands manuel ferrara vs julie cash on both of her breasts and kissed her cheek goodnight. "You know where I am if you need anything Kelly. Try to rest up. You don't have to go to school tomorrow if you feel like this when you wake up." Through a smile she says, "Oh and thank you for legs on shoulder sex storys up the bathroom today too." "No worries Kelly.

Get some rest. I love you" As I close her door I see her smiling as she falls asleep. I do the same thing in the room just down the hall. }{ The next day starts well. For me anyway. Kelly is sick, and grumpy. I make her some egg whites and a chocolate milk. She picks at the eggs, and takes a few sucks on the straw in her glass. When I tell her she shouldn't ".go to school feeling like she does" she doesn't even smile.

Just sits at the table looking like she feels awful. Kelly grumbles about going back to bed and smiles at me. After I finish my breakfast I take my new Rolling Stone magazine out to the deck with a coffee and start to look through the articles for an interesting one.

Holy freakin' ironicies! There is an article about a Duke freshman student that has appeared in a few amateur XXX movies. And she looks a little like Amy. Only a few years older but very close. Even the smile. I read the article through and then look at her pictures. I reach for my cell phone and punch in her name I can find interviews but no actual clips.

I will have to search more later. For now though I can sit in the sun and relax. Thinking of nothing and enjoying everything. It's a beautiful day. The first in the last few days that I have seen my daughter's smile.

She was sick so it was only a half smile, but it was nice. My phone chirps and look to see it is a notification from the key stroke reader that Kelly has sent a few texts. Kelly: I can 't go out tonight because I'm sick Bill <3: Just sneak out.

Your Dad works nights. Kelly: NO I'm really sick. Bill <3: OK well I'll see ya later than Kelly: Promise? Bill <3; Yeah "Holy fuck does that reader ever work good". Kelly had sent a picture to a yahoo email by the name of pa*****[email protected] It was titled WHEN? - sent from Kelly's phone And the included picture was of Amy from behind in a pair of shorts. Not school issue either.

The reply came back as fast as the mail went out. This time in the form of a text. HI Kelly I really like the picture. Are you free tonight?. - Sent from Paul's phone Kelly's reply was quick for a sick girl lying in bed. That was not my picture Paul. It is my friend. She likes you too. She has seen the video and thinks she can take care of you. I am sick right now so we can't meet or you will get my cold and then I can imagine how that would look.

Two people in the whole school sick. One is a teacher and the other a student? There would be questions I'm sure. LOL -Sent from Kelly's phone Good point Kelly.

Do I know your sexy friend? -Sent from Paul's phone Actually you do. She goes to school with me. Is that OK? She has seen the video, but it doesn't show your face so she has no idea who you are. -Sent from Kelly's phone Really? You and ALL your friends are cute. And this was has a great bum. What does she like? -Sent from Paul's phone She really doesn't know what she likes.

"She just wants to try your big dick." Her words not mine. -sent from Kelly's phone We will set up limits before the meeting. I have to go back to bed. I feel like crap. We'll talk l8r. -sent from Kelly's phone OK I have to get back to class anyhow.

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I'm texting you from the staff bathroom. L Maybe when you get better you can send me a picture of you? -sent from Paul's phone I only trade my pictures Paul. You show me I'll show you.

Enjoy your day 'daddie' -sent from Kelly's phone So now I am laying on my deck in a lounge chair glued to my phone with my cock pushing against my shorts. OK time to cut the lawn and stop thinking about my daughter and her friends.

Getting up I re-associate my still hard cock in my shorts, put my phone in my pocket, and I walk to the back of the property and open the shed door to get the lawnmower. I feel my phone vibrate a few more times in my pocket but by now I am pulling on the rope to start the mower. My cock has resumed it's state of rest so I can cut both the front and the back lawn.

Realizing that no neighbors are around I let the kid in me come out and I step out of my shorts.

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I am cutting my grass naked. All I have on are my boots and socks. My cock is hanging freely in front of my balls. The air is perfect as a breeze blows around my nuts.

I don't hear it but Kelly is sending messages as I complete the back yard. "Fuck that felt good" I am thinking as I slip my shorts and my tshirt back on. My phone vibrates twice before I get my shorts pulled up.

One message is actually for me. Joe is wondering if I can give him a ride to work this afternoon. "Yes I can" I reply. "I'll pick you up in front of your place?" As I am waiting for Joe's reply I can't help but check on Kelly's messages. "Amy and Julia. This is what my Dad does when he is alone LOL" -sent from Kelly's phone. Attached to the message was a picture of me cutting the grass.naked!

My phone vibrates and I close this text to see what Joe's reply is. Instead it is a text to Kelly. "You lucky bitch!

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Getting to stay home, AND watch your Dad cut the lawn naked. Thanks for the picture. It will make my day 'squishy' now." -sent from Julia's phone Then another text comes in. "Your Dad looks hot. You can almost see his abs. The only 6 pack my Dad has is a Coors 6 pack.

L I don't think I could sleep down the hall from him without sneaking some more looks. I wonder what he looks like hard?" -sent from Amy's phone "I should have known that would turn you on be-atch. I sent it as a joke.

Not as something to help you get off. If I learn Amy that you are using this picture while you tease your 'peanut' I'm going to pinch your tit" -sent from Kelly's phone "I won't use the whole picture. I have enlarged it and retaken the picture. All there is too see is his stomach and cock. And I am wearing yoga pants today so I am camel toeing and my pussy is wet. Good thing I have a large sweater on. I have to delicious jaclyn taylor with great body gets her pussy rammed in nature pornstar and outdoors you Kelly that your Dad IS HOT.

Have a nice sick day. I'll call you at euro students xmas sex and cum party -sent from Amy's phone "OK Amy. I was talking to Mr. Trainer, and he is interested in meeting you. I sent him the picture of you bent over with your shorts pulled up your ass. You look like a slut and he LOVES it. -sent from Kelly's phone "Really you sent him a picture already? I am not ready for this. What if he doesn't like me from the front view?

Kelly now I'm nervous" -sent from Amy's phone "Don't worry Amy. He really likes your ass, so I don't think anything could change his mind. He doesn't know who you are yet. If you want to back out it's OK. I'll just have to fill in for you" -sent from Kelly's phone I check back and see where Joe has texted me his reply too so I will stop in and get him on my way into work.

Meaning I have to get the front lawn cut now. No more text reading. I finish the lawn and sweating like I've been working in hell I put the lawn mower away and taking off my boots go into the house. I check on Kelly and see she is sleeping again so I go into the bathroom and have a nice cool shower.

Stepping out, and grabbing my towel I turn the water on scalding and watch as the mirror fogs up. Shutting off the shower I walk back to the mirror and draw a happy face and write I LOVE YOU beside it. I get into my work clothes, kiss my sleeping daughter's forehead, grab my lunch, and head out the door. Stopping at Joe's and then head in for another night of work festivities.