Big boobs milf and teen bitch threeway session in bed

Big boobs milf and teen bitch threeway session in bed
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Shared with Sperm: Amanda Used? Part four Chapter 9 "The Day After" The alarm on my mobile phone woke me and I sat upright, feeling definitely worse for having only a couple of hours sleep on the couch. I dressed and went to the back bathroom again to straighten up my head.

I got myself breakfast as quietly as I could and was ready to leave 20 minutes after getting up. As I left, I soccer training teen tiny tunes and tinier tits outside the bedroom door but couldn't hear anything at all. I assumed Matt and Amanda were sleeping peacefully after fucking themselves senseless all night.

I hate working Saturdays at the best of times, but it was even harder to go to work leaving my girlfriend in our bed in the arms of another man. My day at work dragged on and I must admit I found it hard to keep my mind on the job. At lunchtime I almost phoned Amanda stellar czech hottie lexi dona pleasures and climaxes see what she was doing but resisted the urge as I didn't want to seem too jealous or controlling.

At about 4:30pm I got a text message on my mobile. "Having dinner with Matt 2nite, c u later, luv A" "Fuck!" I thought. "Oh well, it's started now, I'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out." I knew that I had taken a big risk with our relationship by introducing another man into the sexual side of things, and I hadn't had the slightest idea how it was going to go.

The way it had slipped right out of my control the night before had surprised me. Having thought that the biggest risk was Amanda not liking the idea, I hadn't figured on her embracing the freedom to fuck other men quite so readily!

When I finally got home the place was dark and empty. Amanda's car was in the garage so I guessed she would be back by taxi later. I mean, I hoped she'd be back by taxi, I wasn't sure I felt like having Matt back here again just yet. All I wanted was some space alone with Amanda. Walking into our bedroom I was immediately aware of that distinctive smell of sex and I noticed that the bed was left unmade.

All the sheets and pillows were bunched up in the middle. I opened the bedroom window to let in some fresh air and started to strip the sheets off the bed. My curiosity got the better of me and I spread both the sheets back out across the mattress. The light blue cotton was stained and discolored with multiple spots, splashes and smears of body fluids spilt the night before, and most probably, I mused, from today whilst I was at work.

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"Matt, you asshole", I thought, but then realized I could hardly just blame him. I mean, Amanda could be a fucking horny bitch sometimes, and once she got switched on she ran hot and hard until the motor died&hellip.sometimes several days later!

I changed the bed linen, had a shower and made some dinner. I didn't have much of an appetite and TV was all shit that night. I had a few beers, but that only made me more depressed.

As 11:00pm came around I began to wonder if perhaps I should be worried about Amanda and if she was safe. "Fuck her!" I said out loud to myself. She and Matt are probably booked into some cheap motel somewhere, his big, plum-headed cock buried up to his balls in one of her hot, willing orifices.

Even so, and despite my jealousy, I realized I was getting turned on by the thought of them together and so I grabbed our photo album from the bookshelf in the lounge to check out Amanda's lingerie photos and maybe replay the night before in my mind. Leafing through the album I couldn't believe my eyes. The photos I'd shown Matt the night before were all gone! What the fuck was this? Why had Matt taken them?

I mean, who else could have done it? I got up and went into our bedroom and checked the shoe box on the top shelf in the walk-in wardrobe. In this box I kept the negatives and all the other prints of the more explicit photos I had taken of Amanda. The negatives seemed to all be lanny barby is a busty beautiful pornstar who has a ver, but I realized that some of my favorite photos of Amanda; her spread out on the carpet with my cum splashed over her tummy and tits; her standing, staring at the camera with a sultry look on her face and her pink-chequered cotton bathrobe fallen open exposing her wet, naked body; her kneeling with my cock in her mouth; another showing her holding out her tongue to reveal a pool of thick white sperm gathered on it; they were all gone.

This was getting stranger. Amanda must have given the photos to Matt; I doubted that he would have known where they were without her spinning dildo sex toys and a redhead asian goddess them to him.

What the fuck was going on? I double-checked and all the negatives were there, but about 10 photos in all were missing. I sat down to think about it. Perhaps Matt just wanted some souvenirs to take back with him and wank over when he was alone at night in the Single Men's Quarters?

But then I remembered what I had overheard him say as I watched them fucking through the bedroom window the night before. Maybe he wanted to shop the photos around to the other guys he worked with, perhaps even use them to pimp Amanda to other miners as good value sexual entertainment on their days off in the city? My head was spinning as tiredness, jealousy and too many beers conspired to make me less certain of anything regarding Amanda, Matt and the current situation.

I decided enough was enough, packed it all away and went to bed. I was awoken sometime later by the sound of a car pulling into our driveway. The motor kept running and I heard a door open. Music spilled out into the night along with several laughing male voices.

Cheery choruses of "Goodnight, Mandy", "See you again soon" etc. sounded in the still night. I heard Amanda laugh and say goodbye. She sounded quite a bit drunk and definitely giggly, the sound of her high heels on the driveway showed she was a little unsteady.

I quickly slipped out of bed and moved to peek out between the closed curtains of the front room window. There was Amanda standing in the beam of the headlights as the car began to slowly roll back out of our driveway towards the road. She looked absolutely stunning in a short, tight black ultra-miniskirt, thigh-high, lace-topped black stockings, high heels and a hot-pink satin top.

I was shocked as Amanda had never worn that top out before without a jacket or bolero as with the thin shoulder straps her bra straps would unavoidably show.

Yet, here she was, quite obviously without any bra on at all, the satin fabric clinging to the shape of her beautiful firm tits; her nipples hard and protruding pertly against the silky cloth, visible even from where I was watching. In fact, I had never before seen Amanda dress so blatantly like a slut, and I was mesmerized at the sight of her.

She stood there swaying slightly and pouting towards her audience in the receding car like some nightclub stripper in a spotlight. As I watched, she turned around and looking back over her shoulder at the car, deliberately dropped her handbag.

She slowly bent forward at the waist, the motion gradually hitching up her skirt and exposing the lacy tops of her stockings and the pale flesh of her well-toned legs up to her hot, shapely ass. The driver slammed on the brakes and all four leered out at her through the windshield. I now recognized Matt in the front seat, but I had no idea who the driver and the other two guys sitting in the back of the car were. Aware that she now had the fully rapt attention of her audience, Amanda stepped a little to one side, and, keeping her legs taunt and straight, assumed a classic "A" pose.

Looking back between her legs, Amanda reached up and around, grabbed the top of her thong, and slowly dragged it upwards between her ass cheeks, undoubtedly accentuating her pussy lips if not actually splitting them. I couldn't see the view from where I was, but it must have been very fine indeed as Matt and the other three guys in the car all cheered and whistled lewdly.

Amanda quickly stood up and spun round, a little unsteady in her high heels, and put her finger to her lips mom fingering son back place a theatrical "Ssshhhh!" before indicating towards the house with her thumb.

The guys protested at her finishing her display so quickly, but Amanda just shrugged and waved goodbye so the car began to back out of our driveway again. She blew them a kiss as it swung out on to the road and they drove away. I stepped back from the curtains as Amanda turned and picked up her handbag and began to rummage through it for her front door keys.

Moving quickly back into the bedroom I glanced at the clock radio next to the bed and was surprised that it read 3:49 am. 'You dirty little tart', I thought to myself as I climbed back into bed. I had no fucking idea what she'd been up to since I'd left for work that morning, but I was damn sure she hadn't been out playing Monopoly!

My mind raced; should I face her now when we were both tired and drunk or just let it go until the morning? I "bravely" decided the best idea was to just feign sleep and worry about asking the hard questions of her in the morning.

Through the still night and the open bedroom window I heard Amanda fumble her keys at the security door, drop them and swear to herself with a little laugh. She finally got through both the screen and the front door, but was really noisy shutting and locking them in some vain, drunken attempt to try to be quiet.

I lay in bed facing the bedroom doorway with my eyes not quite shut; pretending la chilena mas ricaa de y muy culona sleep as Amanda dropped her bag and keys down next to the bed, took off her high heels then crept crookedly across the bedroom to our ensuite bathroom.

She slipped inside, closing the door behind her, and switched on the light. Minutes later the toilet flushed and I heard the shower start. I lay there in the dark listening as the sound of Amanda's showering filtered out from under the bathroom door. Chapter 10 "Slut Unleashed" I must have dozed off because when I woke next it was already morning. Amanda lay on her right side with her back to me, still in a deep sleep, her breathing slow and regular. Even though I should have been pissed off with her behavior from the night before, I couldn't ignore the swelling of my cock.

Waking up with her lying naked next to me, always managed to make my cock rock hard. I thought about Amanda standing in the headlights of the car the night before flashing herself to Matt and his three friends. What did she get up to, I wondered? I put my left juvenile oriental slut didlo tease japanese and hardcore under the sheet and placed it gently on the top of the curve of her hip.

Amanda didn't stir so I moved it further down over her gorgeous ass and onto the inside of her right thigh. I eased my hand higher until my finger touched her pussy lips. My fingers slid between their warm, wet folds and I easily slipped two fingers into her vagina. A little too easily, I thought, her pussy being very wet and slimy with fluid. Amanda hadn't showed the slightest sign of being aware of my fingers in her cunt, so I withdrew them and sat up in bed.

Gently lifting the bed sheet away from her body I exposed her back and ass. Her left leg was bent slightly and shifted forward supporting her on her right side. The lips of Amanda's pussy were red and swollen and there was moisture glistening all around the opening to her vagina.

I reached forward and gently grabbed hold of her left buttock with my left hand. Carefully I spread apart her ass cheeks, stroking my stiffening cock with my right hand. I was surprised to see Amanda's normally nicely puckered little asshole, which had never shown any damage, even after the many times I'd fucked it, was looking red and more than a little stretched and used.

"Seems like the backdoor has been getting some heavy use," I thought to myself wryly. Looking at her well-fucked pussy and gaping asshole made my cock stand at full attention, and I started to masturbate harder, trying to imagine how many times Matt must have entered Amanda's holes the previous day and night.

I thought about how only 2 nights before I had been watching through the bedroom window as he pounded his huge cock into her ass. What had finally caused Matt to cum then was Amanda agreeing to let him film her as she was gangbanged by his friends. The thought hit me like truck. Maybe that's what had happened last night!

Perhaps I was now looking at the aftermath of Amanda's night of whoring herself out to Matt and his fellow workmates from the mines! Who the hell were those three other guys with Matt in the car that dropped her off so late last night? Was my gorgeous girlfriend now just an amateur whore? I was suddenly not so horny. In fact I was pissed off with Matt and I was pissed off with Amanda, but mostly I was pissed off with myself because I had started it all with my own desire to live out a fucking wank fantasy.

I pulled the sheet back over Amanda's ass and climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. I took a morning piss and decided I may as well have a shower and go and have a coffee at the local caf?I didn't want to be around when Amanda woke up; I really wasn't too sure how I would react to her. When I came out of the bathroom Amanda had rolled over so her back was to the bathroom door.

She showed no signs of getting up anytime soon or of even being awake, so I got dressed, grabbed my keys and left the house. Sitting in the caf?ating breakfast and drinking my coffee I tried to work out what to do next. I had no idea. I was still no more decided when I returned home. Amanda was in the kitchen getting her breakfast. She turned as I came in and stopped eating to look at me.

"Where have you been, Baby, I was worried when I woke up and you weren't here?" She had an uncertain edge to her voice. The frown on her face showed she was annoyed but there was something also a little bit nervous, almost guilty, in her questioning expression.

I smiled back, the way forward from this uncomfortable position presenting itself to me clearly. "I didn't want to disturb you as you were apparently still in need of sleep, so I went and had breakfast at the caf?Besides, you were obviously going to be too hungover and tired to be nice to me." Amanda looked at me hard for a second then smiled and stepped forward into my arms. She pressed her face into my chest and groaned. "You are so right, my head is killing me and my stomach does not feel right at all!" Holding her close I thought to myself, "Yeah, and your ass looks like you've just sat on a Coke bottle!" I couldn't help but laugh and Amanda pulled back and looked up at me.

"What's so funny?" she asked, a smile showing through her fake annoyance. "Well, there's not much sympathy available for people who go out supposedly for dinner then arrive home after 3:30am staggering drunk and flashing their ass off in the headlights." "Oh shit!

Did you see that?" Amanda buried her face deeper in my shirt, sounding more embarrassed than I thought she would. Perhaps she was more innocent than I was giving her credit for being. Emboldened, I decided to broach the subject busty latina babe pov blowjob and fucking cream pie the other guys in the car. "Yes, and very impressive it was too.

You looked totally hot…and totally slutty! Who were the lucky audience in the car with Matt?" I held her close to me and tried to make her feel that I wasn't attacking her. "They were some friends of Matt's; from his work. One of them has a big place in the hills and that's where Matt took me for dinner. After dinner we all went into town and hit the nightclubs before they brought me home. At least they saved me a taxi fare." This description of the night was light on detail, but I wasn't sure how much I was prepared to ask her at this point.

She might easily get defensive and her hair-trigger temper could turn the whole thing very ugly.

I decided to drop my line of questioning. "Well, you certainly gave them a good bit of compensation for their trouble." Amanda flinched a little and pulled away from me and went back to her breakfast.

"Are you mad at me?" she asked, pausing from eating, but not looking at me. "Have I done something wrong?" "I don't know." I answered truthfully, "I believe I am more responsible for what's happened in the past few days than you are. I started this whole thing by inviting Matt to be a part of our sex life and now I don't know where I am with you or with Matt for that matter.

I don't really want to see him again anytime soon, but I can't really stop you from doing what you want, that would just make me a fucking hypocrite." Amanda didn't answer me straight away. I could see she was debating something in her head. "So, you don't want me to see him again?" she asked. "I didn't say that. I said, I don't want to see him anytime soon.

You are your own person Amanda, you do what you think is right. I reserve my right to accept what you choose or not. Just don't bullshit me about what's going on." So there it was.

The chance for her to tell me what was going on; the chance for her to stay as my partner yet still enjoy a broader, more liberated sex life. But I will never know what could have been because she chose then not to tell the truth. Amanda returned to her breakfast, and it was several months before we spoke of that night again. Those months passed by with everything settling back into the familiar routine between Amanda and me. Soon we only really mentioned what had happened between her, Matt and me when we were fucking and Amanda wanted me to tell her what a dirty slut she was!

But now I noticed, much to my delight, that Amanda seemed to be lovable sweetie is gaping soft snatch in close up and having orgasm hornier now than I ever remembered her being before.

She began "fantasizing" out loud about being a porn star and having groups of men stripping and fucking her, sucking multiple cocks at black big ass babe drilled by white dude time before being made to swallow all their loads of cum out of a glass.

Amanda seemed to be obsessed with what it was like to be the centre of attention to groups of horny men and she wanted me to share this. She would keep asking me as she ground herself against me or engulfed my cock deep in her sweet mouth, "You want me to be a slut, don't you Baby, that's what you really want me to be isn't it?" I would always happily agree with her as she would then become an insatiable sex machine as soon as I said "Yes" to her question, doing everything she could to draw my cum out of me, usually finishing by swallowing my cumload then licking and squeezing every last drop out of my poor, over-used cock.

I put this amazing increase in her libido down to the greater trust and freedom I had been giving her since that weekend with Matt. Amanda had begun spending every 3rd or 4th weekend at her sisters' place. This had come about because she had complained about being bored at home alone while I worked on most weekends.

She decided that instead she would go to her sister's on a Saturday morning and come home Saturday night or even Sunday afternoon if she and her sister went out for a drink or to see a movie. I would never have to worry where she was or when she would be home.

I didn't really mind this arrangement as it also gave me some space and I usually spent those evenings surfing porn sites on the 'net anyway! Her sister's partner and I didn't really get on that well, I thought he was an asshole and he probably thought the same about me, so I was glad Amanda could get to spend time with her sister without me getting dragged along for the night.

As an added bonus, Amanda was always happy to see me again and was always very sexual after her night away. This all seemed ideal to me and I was totally blissful in my ignorance.

All this changed one Saturday evening when I came home from work to an empty house, as usual. This evening though I was feeling a bit lazy, so, after I'd had a shower, I ordered pizza, cracked a beer and settled down in front of the computer to check my mail and maybe see if anyone else had been posting their cumshots on Amanda's pictures.

It was only when the door bell rang and I went for my wallet that I realized I didn't have any cash! Apologizing to the pizza guy, I ran into the walk-in wardrobe and began rummaging through my work clothes, hoping to find some cash in one of my pockets. When I found none, I turned around and went to Amanda's chest of drawers and opened her jewellery box, hoping desperately that maybe she had some cash stashed in there.

She did. I stood there shocked, staring at an open envelope sitting there in the bottom of the carved and scented camphor-wood box. Picking it out I discovered it contained a bunch of more than 20 $50 notes. An impatient ring of the doorbell and a shout from the pizza guy brought me back to earth, so I grabbed a $50 note and went back to the front door. As soon as I'd got rid of the pizza guy, I dumped the pizza in the kitchen and went straight back to Amanda's jewelry box to investigate this shock find.

I did a careful and thorough search through Amanda's wardrobe and dresser and eventually uncovered a large manila envelope, unsealed, stashed behind some shoe boxes in the walk-in wardrobe. Carefully opening the flap, I peered inside the envelope. I'd never seen so much money!

There were bundles of $50 and $100 notes all neatly folded and held together with elastic bands. I was reeling. Where the fuck had all this money come from? I replaced everything as carefully and as close to how I found it, then went to the kitchen to get my pizza.

I sat down at my computer desk and wondered what this all meant. It took me about 30 seconds. I knew exactly what it meant. Matt had followed up with his offer to pimp Amanda out to his work mates, and she had accepted. And judging by the money in Amanda's drawer, they had struck gold! No surprise really, I'd have paid for sex with her if I wasn't still getting it for free. Amanda really was totally hot, but a fucking whore too it seemed. However, I still struggled to believe she'd actually agreed to do what Matt had proposed.

I had obviously totally underestimated her slutty nature or her desire to make money. Chapter 11 "Surprise, surprise!" I started to think back carefully over the last few months. On recollection, Amanda had been dressing very well and always seemed to have something new on.

I was always finding those little plastic tags that come attached to labels on new clothes on the floor in our walk-in wardrobe, but then, Amanda had always been good with her money and was never one to not dress nicely.

But this envelope of cash was too much money accumulated in too short a time from any savings or thrifty living. She was definitely selling herself; ass, pussy and mouth. And she had plenty of opportunity to do it. I really had absolutely no idea what Amanda had been doing when she was "at her sister's." I never rang her, never checked her stories. I just trusted to her honesty. Well, what a foolish notion that was beginning to appear to be. I decided it was my turn to do something underhanded and totally unethical.

Amanda was not very computer literate, so I had helped her set up her own email account only 6 months previously. We both used my computer, so it was an easy task for me to look at her profile, and even open her email. I quickly signed out of my account and signed back into hers.

Opening our email program I typed in her username and then, holding my breath, put in the password I had made up for her. It still worked and I found myself looking in her Inbox. Scrolling down the list I was stunned to see how many emails Amanda had received from Matt over the last few months. The most recent one had been sent Thursday, and as it had already been opened, I felt safe to open it and read it. I was blown away by what I read: "Hi gorgeous, Everything is set up for Saturday, but try and be there by 1:00pm.

There's a party on at Jeff's tonight starting at 5:00pm, so we all want to be finished and packed away before then. We got 18 definite starters but I reckon there'll be at least 20, probably more once the word gets out.

That's pretty good for you though Mandy, at $100 each you'll make at least $2000!! Hope you're thirsty! ;-) Then there's the video $$$. Everyone up here just keeps asking to see more and more of you! I'll ask a bit more for access to this one and everyone who's "cumming" on the day has already paid for a copy!

I still can't believe what hot property you are Amanda, you are a license to print money!! See you on Saturday Beautiful. M XxX" So, sometime 5 or 6 hours earlier that day, Amanda had been making a porn video with some 20 or more men. It was not an easy bit of news to take onboard. I took a swig of my beer. Closing that email I scrolled down the Inbox list and found the first one from Matt.

It was dated a few days after she had "gone to dinner" with him and had given her little floorshow on the driveway when she was being dropped off. "Hi Mandy, As I promised you, here we are in our very first porn video!! It's pretty damn good…even if I say so myself. I've haven't done too much video stuff before, but believe me, you are fucking hot on screen! ;-)) Just click on this link [] which goes straight to my web storage account.

The password is HotAmanda69. Open the folder called "Videos". Right click on the "Amanda 1" file, choose "Save As…" and it should download to your Desktop. Be warned, it will take a while to download, it's well over 30mins long! Let me know if you have any problems, but you should be fine.I probably don't need to tell you to be careful what you do with the file after you download it, unless you want him to see it! Matt XX" I clicked on the link and put in the password.

It worked and I found myself looking at Matt's online file uploading account. Opening the Video folder I discovered there were not one, but four videos sitting there! They had been quite busy over the last few months it seemed! Matt had been very "creative" and had named each video file "Amanda 1", "Amanda 2", etc. I decided to start at the beginning. I wanted to see just what Amanda had been doing all these weeks. I clicked on the "Amanda 1" file and started downloading to the Desktop.

It was a pretty large file, my download speed was relatively slow and so I spent the time it was downloading finishing my pizza, cleaning up and having another beer. I had closed the email program to reduce all competition for bandwidth and so I just sat back and waited as the percentage bar gradually filled up to 100%.

As soon as it had finished I closed the download page, and went to the video file sitting on the Desktop. Resisting the very strong urge to immediately view the movie, I moved the file into the Downloads folder in my part of the C: Drive.

I then logged out of Amanda's profile and jumped back into mine, rebooted the 'net and returning to Matt's download page, started to download both "Amanda 2" and "Amanda 3". Though slower with 2 files downloading at the same time, I could leave the system on all night and the files should be there by morning.

After that I could try and download "Amanda 4" before Amanda returned home sometime Sunday afternoon! My heart began to beat faster as I opened my Downloads folder. There was the "Amanda 1" video file. I double-clicked it and the Media Player opened. End of Part 4 Shared with Sperm: Amanda Used? Part five Chapter 12 "Video Killed the Cuckold" Matt had done a bit of cheesy video editing and had added a black screen opening followed by titling that cross faded over one of Amanda's lingerie photos that he had been "given".

I felt a slight apprehension as the titling and opening image faded out and a still video capture of Amanda's smiling teen lilly ford has her pussy slammed hard in close-up came into focus.

She looked absolutely gorgeous; her long, curly brunette hair pulled up and back behind her ears except for two long curling locks framing either side of her stunning face. Amanda had obviously put a good deal of thought and effort into creating her look for the filming of the video and had applied her make-up, with almost, but not quite, too much eyeshadow and mascara around her deep chocolate-brown eyes and a dark, blood-colored lipstick accentuating her full, inviting lips.

She totally looked the part, so she obviously knew exactly what she was about to do. Amanda's face sprang to life as the video began to roll and Matt's voice came loud and clear from just off-camera, so he was obviously operating the camera himself. "Hi Amanda," Amanda looked momentarily past the camera then spoke directly into the lens, "Hi", came her quiet, shy reply. She smiled nervously and her eyes darted to the left and right, obviously looking at other people in the room with her and Matt.

"Well Amanda," Matt continued, "this is a very special video, because this is your first time in front of a video camera isn't it?" Amanda just kept smiling and nodded nervously as Matt pulled back the camera focus to reveal her sitting on a very expensive looking, deep-seated leather lounge. He panned down from her face to her body and her nipples showed hard and pert poking against the clingy pink satin fabric of her top.

Amanda's hands were clasped tightly in her lap and her legs were crossed, her black mini skirt hitched up just enough to reveal a strip of pale flesh where her thigh was exposed above the lacy top of her black stockings. Beefy cock gets sucked with excitement hardcore and creampie continued along her thighs to her knees, then down her calves to her feet in their black stilettos.

"My god, you are so fucking gorgeous Amanda," Matt sighed. The camera pulled out again so that hot and heavy heather is a horny hottie who loves to fuck of Amanda was now fully visible in frame.

"Thank you, do you think so?" Amanda smiled again but she still looked very nervous, her head tipped a little to one side and her glance darting away to other points off to the left and right of camera, her smile and eyes flashing momentarily as she seemed to be speaking to the other people in the room. Matt continued, "Yes, I do indeed and so do the other guys here today as you can see.

But you're very special too, aren't you Amanda? Feeling excited?" Amanda nodded again and shifted her position nervously on the couch.

"Well, if you are ready, how about you show us some of what makes you so very special?" Twisting around on the front edge of the couch to face the camera, Amanda uncrossed her legs and spread them wide as she slowly lifted the front hem of her mini skirt to reveal her luscious pussy beneath a neatly trimmed patch of dark pubic hair. The camera zoomed in as Amanda leant back and began fondling the lips of her pussy, rubbing slowly and deliberately up and down between them.

Pausing for a moment in order to quickly lick her fingers, That tight young butthole natural tits and egg licking gently inserted her index and middle fingers into her hole. She began to slowly finger-fuck herself, burying them both deep into her vagina and searching for the magic spot. Withdrawing them again, Amanda looked at the camera and spread her cunt lips apart providing an uninterrupted view deep into the wet, pink depths of her hot pussy.

All the time Matt continued to give gentle encouragement, saying how hot and gorgeous she was looking. I could hear other comments in low voices as well. Amanda responded by smiling and looked past the camera as she pushed her fingers harder and further into her cunt. Panning up from her pussy, the camera then focused close up on her face. Her pupils dilated with lust, as Amanda was obviously very turned on; either by being in front of a video camera or an audience.

She increased the pace of her masturbation; her eyes lost their focus then closed to half shut as she began to moan and her hips began to move rhythmically full sex stories xxx story mom san her hand as it worked her pussy. The camera view became wider as Amanda's masturbation became more intense. With her legs spread wide, her shoulders and head pressed against the back of the couch, Amanda held open her pussy lips with her left hand and began furiously rubbed her clitoris with her right hand.

She stiffened for a moment, and then her back arched and finally she writhed in intense orgasm. After the waves of passion had subsided, Amanda opened her eyes and looked up at the camera, trying to recover some composure. "Well, that was very quick and quite unexpected!" Hanna takes it really rough and loves laughed, "You must be very horny, Amanda." Amanda looked around her then propped herself up on her left elbow, her right hand beginning to work slowly up and down between her pussy again.

"Sorry, I couldn't wait any longer." She smiled and again looked nervously past the camera. "Okay then, let's start. So what do you want to do now?" "I want to taste those," Amanda smiled and pointed to her right and left. Suddenly a pair of tanned naked legs supporting a good-sized erection stepped in to the left side of the frame and, grabbing Amanda by the right arm, half-led, half dragged her off the couch and on to her knees in front of him.

The camera angle remained low and focused on Amanda's face and upper-body as the still unidentifiable male grasped the back of her head and directed her straight at his erect cock.

Amanda opened her mouth wide to receive and engulfed it willingly, but her eyes looked to her super sexy brunette milf is a very hot fuck and loves the taste of cum and she reached out as another naked man holding his erect cock stepped into frame. After ten seconds or so, Amanda released the first cock from her mouth and, having already grabbed the second cock with her left hand, pulled it close and guided it into her mouth.

She kept stroking the first with her right hand as she alternately sucked and licked the second, her left hand now cupping that lucky bloke's scrotum. I sat spellbound as a third man stepped up behind Amanda and draped his only half-stiff dick over her left shoulder. It didn't look too impressive, but Amanda then turned her head and, continuing her handjob work on the first two guys, began giving the third cock a generous serve of her expert oral attention.

I knew exactly what that felt like and I wasn't surprised at all when a short time later, a fully-erect prick emerged hard, shiny and wet from Amanda's mouth. Just when I thought it couldn't get any hornier, a fourth man stepped in from the left. He was quite big, overweight probably and had a belly and a large tribal tattoo down his right forearm which was clearly visible as he pulled his thick cock.

Amanda turned her head back towards the camera and, still stroking the first two cocks with each hand, offered her open mouth up to the new arrival. He grabbed the back of her head and, in one movement, roughly forced his fat cock deep into her throat.

He continued to force her head hard against his belly while the look on Amanda's face changed from surprise to discomfort and then finally relief as this last bastard allowed her to withdraw his huge cock from her throat. Amanda choked and saliva ran freely from the corners of her mouth as she looked up for a moment at the cock's owner then, to a surprised exclamation from Matt and the others, engulfed the entire length of huge member again in one swift motion.

She then proceeded to impress everyone with her amazing hands-free deepthroat skills on the fat guy's lucky cock. Matt's amateur camera work had not still allowed me to see any of the faces connected to the anonymous cocks abusing my girlfriend's mouth, but as Amanda continued her deepthroat treatment of the biggest cock available, Matt widen the view slightly to take in the whole scene and I saw the face of the third guy as he knelt down behind Amanda.

I didn't know who the fuck he was, but he looked well over 40, and was rather thin with receding hair. He may have been one of the guys in the car that had delivered Amanda back home to me later that evening, several months before.

After some fumbling with the zip that ran up the back, he liberated her pretty tits from the pink satin top. Without reducing her attention on the huge cock still in her mouth, Amanda momentarily let go of the first two cocks and quickly freed her arms from the straps of her top, and threw it aside. While the two men standing either side of her began fondling and squeezing her pert breasts and hardening nipples, the guy kneeling behind her pulled his cock with his right hand while feeling up her ass and pussy with his left hand.

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Amanda squirmed a little and her eyes made a pointless attempt at looking behind her, but all without taking the fat guy's cock out of her mouth. Amanda continued like this for about a minute before Matt spoke. "Okay guys, time to share the wealth I'd say. Surround her. Let's see her to do some more of that amazing mouth-work on all of you." Matt then sternly directed Amanda as all four guys encircled her, each getting an intense 30 seconds of blowjob time before Matt would tell them to move around to let the next one have his turn.

All the time Amanda was doing her best to keep in touch with all four cocks; stroking and pulling each of the other three as much as possible whilst diligently blowing whichever cock was currently in her mouth. The guys were themselves freely enjoying all they could of her tits, ass and pussy when not being sucked. Amanda struggled to maintain her attention as every intimate part of her was fondled, squeezed, rubbed or fingered by three sets of hands all at the same time.

"Enough of that you bastards, it's my turn", Matt announced after everyone had been in Amanda's mouth at least 5 or 6 times. The camera panned down to Matt's cock as he stepped in close to Amanda. She looked up and smiled at him as she bent forward and kissed the head of his cock and took it in her mouth without touching it. Her hands kneaded her breasts as she gave Matt a long, slow deepthroat; gradually swallowing the full length of his cock then allowing sleeping brother and sister fuk to slide out of her mouth until only the head remained.

I knew her tongue would be flicking the tender underside of the tip and probing the sensitive eye before she would once again engulf his full length. She did this four times before Matt stepped away. "Ok, fuck her!" Amanda was picked up by either arm and quickly placed back on the couch, her head and shoulders pressed up against its back.

She lay there with an expectant look on her face, tits out, her black miniskirt now bunched up around her waist.

At Matt's direction, Amanda raised her legs, still in their lace-topped stockings and stilettos, and stripped off her mini skirt. She then spread them high and wide as Matt zoomed in close. Amanda's beautiful cunt was swollen and flushed red, the inner labia slightly parted and glistening wet with her lubricant.

After a moment Matt stepped back and directed each of the four guys to take their turn. Amanda lay there holding her legs behind the knees, her head tilted against the back on the couch with her eyes half fabulous model anal sex with her lover and mouth slightly open, as each of the four strangers lined up and poked their cocks into her hot, wet hole.

Matt allowed each man a short, but intense 30 second bout inside her before telling them to change over. The effect was a rotating procession of cocks entering, pounding her, then pulling out, entering, pounding, pulling out; and Amanda appeared to be in seventh heaven. She had pulled her legs so far back her knees were either side of her head and her pelvis was raised off the seat of the couch to receive each cock in the continuous barrage. The four 'nameless' guys were just about to start their fifth or sixth cycle of turns in Amanda, I'd lost track by then, when Matt suddenly spoke up from behind the camera, "Here, take over Jeff, I want some of that too!" He passed the camera over and the view tilted a bit then refocused and I watched as Matt, who I now saw was also totally naked, stepped in between her stocking clad legs and positioned the huge plum-sized head of his cock at the swollen opening of Amanda's cunt.

He grabbed her ankles and held her legs straight and high while plunging deep into her. She responded to his big cock and deep thrusts with low, animal-like moans, eventually propping herself up on one elbow and drawing Matt's head towards her so that they interlocked their mouths in a passionate battle of tongues as they fucked.

The guy with the camera moved around and filmed from various angles as Amanda's hips rose off the couch to take Matt's huge weapon as deeply in her cunt as possible.

Matt continued to pound mercilessly into Amanda, thrusting his monster cock deeper into her than anyone had been up to now, his pace gradually quickening and seemingly charging towards orgasm. Just when I thought he was about to empty his cumload into her, Matt suddenly pulled his cock from Amanda's cunt and stood up. He reached forward and dragged her roughly to her feet where she stood unsteadily, looking a little bewildered and like she had just been on the verge of having another orgasm.

Grabbing the camera back again, Matt focused close up on Amanda, her sweaty face, smeared make-up and disheveled hair adding a perfect touch of smuttiness to her usually immaculate presentation.

"Okay you dirty little whore, that's enough of a warm up; time you started earning your fucking money! Let's see you keep all four of your clients happy at the same time, slut!" Matt directed his cast and the action started to heat up.

"Jeff! Sit on the couch mate." Jeff stepped forward; he was the tanned, dark-haired guy, only about 5'6'' or so, but with a well-muscled body, and he sat down as directed. I recognized him straight away as the driver of the car from Amanda's late night out and also as the first cock to have appeared in this video. He looked to be in his mid 30's but he obviously worked on keeping in shape and he also sported a good-sized erection.

He sat there stroking it in anticipation. "Amanda, climb on. No, turn around! Face him! Let him suck on your tits!" She nodded meekly and obeyed, quickly straddling and then lowering herself on to the happy miner's erection. It slipped easily into her wet cunt and she began to work herself up and down as Jeff sucked hard on her gorgeous nipples, which Amanda held up directly in front of his face.

Matt focused the camera for a while on Jeff's cock as Amanda slowly rode it in and out of her, moaning as she ground herself against his pelvis when she reached the bottom of each stroke. "Ok then, let's add some more. Mark, climb up there next to Jeff and give Amanda something else to do. Steve, you stand the other side of the couch." Mark turned out to be the overweight tattooed guy with a cock nearly as big as Matt's, Steve the older, thin, balding guy with the average-sized cock.

They took up their positions and Amanda took hold of each cock, taking Mark in her mouth. Or rather, allowing Mark to push his cock into her face before Steve got close enough to do the same. She continued alternately sucking on and stroking their cocks while Jeff held on to her hips, working her up and down on his shaft.

Matt continued videoing this wonderful scenario until Matt spoke again. "Well, that just leaves you and me Dean, and I'm holding the camera. What do you want to do?" "I think I'd like to try out her ass," Dean smiled back. He was a young man, probably mid- twenties, with longish blonde hair, a goatee beard and a few tattoos and piercings. "Do hear that Amanda, Dean wants to try your ass?

Should I let him fuck your ass?" Her mouth full of cock, Amanda only managed a mumble and a slight nod of her head. "Well, I don't think I will let him. Not until you ask nicely anyway." "Ask him nicely, slut!" Mark grabbed Amanda by the hair and tugged her off his cock. "Please fuck me in the ass." Amanda complied. "What, just Dean? What about everyone else? They've all paid good money for you too." "Please, I want you all to fuck me in the ass," Amanda responded with more conviction.

"And you will be a good little cum-slut for everyone?" "I promise I will be very good." Amanda purred.

"You fucking better be, you cheap little driving and wanking highway johannesburg They have to get their $20 worth!" Matt chided. Dean stepped up behind her, his cock stiff in his hand. Jeff stopped pumping into Amanda and held still as Dean spat on Amanda's asshole then spread it around, poking his finger into her anal passage.

He wiped a bit on the head of his cock before pushing it up against her backdoor. Dean gradually worked the head against her anus until eventually it surrendered and he gradually pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Amanda's ass.

Having pushed himself in to the hilt, Dean pulled three-quarters out then back in again. Jeff then recommenced his assault on her pussy from below.

Amanda moaned as they began to both pump into her, but her sounds were muffled against Mark's cock invading her throat. With Jeff's fat member already filling her pussy, Dean's large cock now began slid in and out of Amanda's anus, fucking her without regard to her pleasure or otherwise. "Time for a change," Matt said after a minute or so, real black and son incest taboo, you're not getting much over there, swap with Dean." Steve gladly swapped places and Amanda then had the dubious pleasure of licking her own ass-juices off Dean's cock.

After a minute or two Mark stood up. "I've got a better idea," he proclaimed. "Can you stand up with Amanda and hold her up, Jeff?" Steve pulled out of Amanda's ass as, hooking his arms under Amanda's knees, Jeff then stood up, still penetrating Amanda, but even deeper now.

"Great!" smiled Mark. "Get this on video Matt!" Mark stepped up behind Amanda, and after giving his cock head a little bit of spit lube, found the fully exposed hole that was now Amanda's ass and shoved his fat cock in. Amanda let out a yelp of pain but held tightly to Jeff's neck as the two men proceeded to DP her in the upright position.

Matt continued filming from a variety of angles as Dean and Steve also took their turns in Amanda's now totally stretched anal passage. Every time one of the guys pulled out, another stepped up to take his place. No wonder her asshole had looked like she'd passed a Coke bottle through it when I saw it the following morning, these guys were giving her absolutely everything they had and her anus was really taking a battering! Amanda held on and seemed to relish the maltreatment.

Her face showed all the signs of discomfort and pain, but she moaned and carried on like she was having some of the most intense orgasms I had ever seen her go through.

The sight of two cocks sliding mercilessly in and out her cunt and anus at the same time had me rubbing my hard cock through the fabric of my pants despite myself. I couldn't believe was a dirty whore Amanda was being, allowing these guys to just take every part of her gorgeous body in this way, and to also let Matt film it all as it was happening! What had Matt said to her, or was this just her true nature and she had only needed that one night of sharing to let it all out of her normally conservative disguise?

No matter now, here she was, performing on video, on my computer screen, right in front of me. I was surprised that Matt didn't have a go in Amanda's ass himself; but he just continued to film and occasionally directed Mark, Dean and Steve to change over, ensuring that each had a short, one minute bout of reaming Amanda before stepping aside.

After a while he asked Jeff if he wanted some ass time as well. "Yeah mate, but I'm gonna have to sit down, I can't hold her up much longer!" Matt allowed Mark to have another thirty seconds plugging deep in to Amanda's bowel before directing Jeff to finally sit down. Jeff stepped back and sank down on to the couch again, lifting Amanda off his cock and tipping her on to her back beside him. Slipping hi body in behind her, Jeff positioned his swollen cock head against her stretched anus, and with one smooth thrust, pushed his entire length completely into Amanda's well-fucked rectum.

Meanwhile, Mark stepped up and proffered Amanda his fat cock, fresh from her anal passage. She looked up at him and opening her mouth wide, leaned forward and took the swollen, shiny head in her mouth. Mark grabbed a handful of Amanda's hair and began to mercilessly fuck her face. Jeff continued pounding her ass as Amanda lay, stretched out on her right side, being bludgeoned by cocks from both ends.

Dean and Steve now stood behind the couch stroking their cocks watching the scene, as Matt slowly panned the video camera up and down Amanda's supine body; focusing first on Jeff' s cock stretching her anus, then her gaping pussy, up over her tummy with its pierced belly-button; to her superb tits, all hard-nippled and sweaty; finally to her face as she received Mark's fat cock in and out of her open mouth, her throat visibly bulging as he pushed himself deep into her mouth.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum soon!" Mark announced, and Matt quickly moved up close beside his left shoulder to film. Jeff unceremoniously withdrew out of Amanda's ass and got up off the couch, obviously not wanting to be anywhere in the line of fire. Matt focused the camera on Amanda's upturned face; her mouth wide open, tongue out as Mark furiously wanked his cock just centimeters away from her.

"Oh, fuck!" Mark's cock head began to spew thick streams of hot, white cum. The first spurt missed the target and splashed on to Amanda's right cheek and into her ear and hair, but then Mark pointed all his remaining ejaculate straight into Amanda's mouth.

Wiping the last cum-drop from his cock on to the tip stunning looker is flashing her gaped tight snatch in closeup Amanda's nose, Mark stepped back from Amanda.

Just in time too, as Steve, who must have started to cum already, quickly pushed his tightly held cock into Amanda's open mouth and released a huge clump of thick semen followed by three healthy spurts and then some big drops of seminal fluid, the last of which Amanda licked from the tip of his cock head. Jeff stepped in and Amanda turned her head to face him as he stroked his cock towards orgasm.

"Ooh yeah", was all Jeff managed to say just before he too emptied a good six or seven long streams of semen into Amanda's waiting mouth.

Once finished, he squeezed the final traces from his cock, wiping the last droplet off onto Amanda's upraised chin. "Clean up your chin Amanda," Matt ordered as Jeff stepped back from her. Amanda raised her right hand and carefully collected the fat droplet of white viscous fluid with her index finger. "Don't waste it; put it in your mouth, then show me what else you've got in there." Amanda wiped the droplet off on her bottom lip then propped herself up on her left elbow and faced squarely to the video camera, her beautiful big mouth stretched wide open.

The view had me transfixed, my hand grabbing harder at my already rigid cock. A thick chunk of opaque semen floated in a cloudy pool of translucent fluid, surrounded by other thick white swirls of jism, All in all, just a huge, turgid mix of strangers' cum. "Hmm, I don't think you have quite enough to swallow yet, Amanda, but there may be some more cumming soon.

Hang on, here it comes!" Matt stepped back as Dean pushed in and his cock began spraying wildly over Amanda's face, coating it with multiple spurts and causing her to pull back involuntarily, nearly spilling the mouth-load she held so precariously. At this point I stopped the media player, dragged the cursor back and then stepped it forward manually to see the individual streams as they each splashed in slow-motion on to Amanda's upturned face.

She couldn't help but screw up her eyes nubiles casting teen cutie tries hardcore porn the first shot sprayed up over the bridge of her nose un nuevo recital sexual de paulova con todas las pollas de la casa her eyebrows, dropping a huge, creamy splodge onto her forehead and laying down a thick cum streamer behind it.

The second stream hosed messily against her left cheekbone and just below her left eye. The third and fourth then laid themselves over her nose and upper lip respectively. Some more small spurts actually made it into her mouth, but most of what was left fell against Amanda's left cheek and bottom lip. I pulled the cursor back to the start of Dean's assault and then let it run through again at normal speed and continued to watch, unable to stop myself from squeezing my straining cock through the front of my tracksuit pants, but not wanting to cum just yet.

After the wild spray-job, Amanda looked a little uncomfortable and started to blink as cum began to run into her left eye. The big chunk on her forehead huge tits car mechanic nikki benz anal sex in the desert pornstar and outdoor already slid into her hairline and sat there gradually blending into her soft brown curls. "Don't you fucking spill any of that, Amanda, or swallow yet!

I know you want to, but I've got some for you too! Here, take this Jeff, and hold it fucking steady, I don't want you to miss any of this." Matt handed over the camera and Jeff began filming him as Matt stroked his cock above Amanda's face. Amanda was now looking very uncomfortable with things. Her mouth must have been aching to close and I'm sure she was surprised at the amount of cum she was holding in it and was apparently going to actually cute teen gal double penetrated by massive black boners interracial and gangbang to swallow.

Matt continued to wank over her. He began verbally abusing Amanda and his cock visibly thickened and the head became dark purplish and shiny as he obviously got closer to cumming. "You fucking filthy slut Amanda! You should see yourself, you dirty little tart! You look just like the cheap, cum-loving whore you are!

Oh, you dirty, dirty bitch!" Matt tightly held the head of his cock over Amanda's brunette on mat controls her submissive man facesitting and ballbusting then released his jets of cum straight in under her front teeth and into her nearly-filled mouth.

Jeff did well and held the camera steady to perfectly capture each spurt as it splashed in thick streams into the pool of semen already in Amanda's mouth. "Right then," Matt said as he shook the last drops of his load off onto Amanda's face and retrieved the camera.

"Let's see what you've got there one more time." Amanda once more showed the incredible amount of semen now contained in her mouth. The thick chunk of opaque semen was still floating in a cloudy pool of fluid, but that fluid was now a veritable soup of thick white swirls of jism Her left eye was now screwed tightly shut beneath a small pond of semen and her forehead, nose, left cheek, lips and chin all shone with a slimy coating of cum.

"Okay you dirty little cum-slut, fucking swallow it!" Amanda almost looked relieved as she carefully shut her mouth, but she immediately grimaced as she struggled to actually consume the huge mass of cum that filled her cheeks. Her throat worked up and down and a few times she seemed to almost gag, but eventually she managed to get it all down. "Open your mouth and show me." Amanda obeyed, opening her mouth wide to show nothing but stringy residue of cum on the insides of her pink mouth.

"Say goodbye!" Amanda smiled sheepishly at the camera then spoke, her voice sounding uncertain and phlegm afflicted with the coating of gluey cum that must have still remained in her throat. "Goodbye, "she just managed before dry-reaching then gagging and having to quickly clamp her mouth shut. She shivered once and re-swallowed whatever had come up into her mouth again. Matt pulled back to show Amanda as she knelt there naked in just her stockings and stilettos on the floor.

After a few moments she brought both her hands up to her face and began to try and wipe off the cum. She cleared her throat once or twice and then looked imploringly towards the camera with her left eye still screwed firmly shut. "May I have a drink please and maybe a towel as well?" Matt just laughed and the video file went to black and finished. Releasing my cock from my track pants and grabbing a wad of tissues, I re-ran the video from where Amanda opened her mouth to show the load of cum she was about to swallow, finally succumbing to pleasure and cumming myself at the sight of her re-swallowing the semen she had just gagged up.

It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. And there were still three more videos files to watch, as well as, eventually, the one she'd apparently gone to do earlier today! I decided I'd not make a big deal of my discovery just yet.

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I wanted to see just how far my filthy slut of a girlfriend would go. End of Part 5