Sister begs for brothers glasses

Sister begs for brothers glasses
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Second instalment! Lords of the manor Part 2 Lord Edgar looked on with admiration at the sight before his horny eyes. Lord Edmund, his childhood friend-cum business partner and heir to his father's vast cotton mill empire, was on all fours, his backside facing Lord Edgar and his companion Sir Kieran Veritice who were standing on the far side of the room.

His naked backside! His large pink anus winked at the on looking noblemen as Lord Edmund's head buried in between the open slender legs of a young peasant slut, his big tongue lapping at her damp aching slit.

At the maiden's head knelt lord Edgar's younger brother, Matthias Lovemore, his virgin penis plunging in and out of her hot mouth, a look of utter ecstasy upon his horny young face! 'Well bid girl sexy xx mom sexy xxx bid boods finally got going.

At least we didn't completely waste our money'. Sir Kieran muttered eying the scene with jealousy. Lord Edgar ignored his companion. Matthias had been somewhat hesitant in joining Lord Edmund and the girl in their passionate sojourn.

He had been taken aback by Lord Edmund's forwardness and the girl, Miss Robertson's apparent lack of interest in him.

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But with his elder brother's encouragement he had bought himself forth and was now enjoying his birthday present with relish. Sir Kieran and Lord Edgar were rather aroused watching this incredible scene and had removed their breaches so as to relieve their aching bones.

Lord Edgar slyly looked down at Sir Kieran furiously pounding his hard stem. Sir Kieran was somewhat bigger than Lord Edgar. His skin was pasty white and one could almost see his big purple head through the pale skin. His long, hard penis nestled in a neatly trimmed, yet thick bush of bright orange hair, much like his head of hair. Lord Edgar was only about 4 ½ inches in length, smaller than all the other men present his younger brother Matthias included!

He had a big, shiny helmet which represented about a third of his entire length.

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Suddenly the door slowly creaked open behind them. Sir Kieran started. 'What is the meaning of this!?' he spluttered, desperately trying to cover himself up. 'Can you not see we are "busy"?' 'Apologies, Gentlemen' Said the round faced barman who had just entered the room. He too was leering at the scene ahead of them, watching Lord Edmund's hips thrusting into Miss Robertson's tight opening. 'Do you mind? We have not finished' Sir Kieran said, pushing the barman toward the door.

A stab of anger shot through the barman's chest. How dare he?! But he quickly stopped himself from stepping into a brawl. This was his main source of income. He mustn't upset the customers! ' I beg your pardon sirs.' He said, still leering.

'But may I present Miss Cook? As there is one extra gentleman tonight I thought that you may require, extra.

"attention"'. He beckoned through the door from where he had entered and in walked the most beautiful females that both Lord Edgar and Sir Kieran had seen!

She was very slim, almost skinny. She had a petit rounded face, with pretty hazel coloured eyes, a small, pretty nose and a small, rounded mouth with thick cherry shaped lips. Her hair out of control bbc violating the big asses of the law a chestnut brown, similar to Mss Robertson.

It was tied back in a small pigtail and she had thin strands of hair falling down the sides of her cheeks. 'Why thank you my good man!' Sir Kieran, pushing the barman from the room and shutting the door behind him. Miss Cook was staring at the scene ahead of her in shock.

She knew what was expected of her, but she was still taken aback on viewing it first hand! She knew the girl laying on the cushions in front of her, naked, taking a big man in her vagina and another in her mouth and appearing to enjoy it! Suddenly she felt a rough tugging at her mock-ball gown, bringing her back into focus with a rude bump.

'Well, well, well! Hallo there my pretty young maiden!' Sir Kieran was slipping off her gown over her slender shoulders. ' Are you new to this?' Lord Edgar enquired.

' But of course she is!' Sir Kieran sneered. 'Look at the way she stares at her fellow slut!! Never mind the small talk, Lord Edgar'. 'Yes I am' Miss Cook answered in a strong Scottish accent, not dissimilar to Miss Robertson's. 'Hmmm, a virgin, I trust!' Sir Kieran sneered, somewhat annoyed at the way Miss Cook felt she could ignore his comments.

'I am not.' she answered shortly. 'So you will be able to take this!' Sir Kieran said removing his rock hard penis from the loin cloth that he had hastily thrown over himself when the barman had interrupted. 'Well let me see…' Miss Cook said cheekily, attempting to hide her shock at this so-called gentleman's forwardness.

He took her hand, her slim elegant hand and guided it to his freshly shaven scrotum. She teased it softly with her delicate fingers, then slowly and softly she ran her fingers cute blonde with ponytails drills her trimmed pussy his proud, stiff shaft, standing upon end.

She wrapped her hand tightly round him and began to pull down, then up, then down, then up, rhythmically. Sir Kieran closed his eyes and grinned, gently rolling his hips in motion with her hands. The other three on the far side of the room had not noticed developments occurring opposite them.

They were too engrossed in their own soiree. Sir Kieran began roughly pulling the gown from Miss Cook's shoulders. He groaned with pleasure as he revealed Miss Cook's slim, yet beautifully shaped body. Her breasts were rounded and fitted neatly in Sir Kieran's hands as he caressed them.

Her vagina was bare, completely bare! Unlike Miss Robertson who had a neat strip of light brown hair, Miss Cook had shaved her haven completely. This aroused Sir Kieran even more and he plunged his left hand down in between her legs and began to wiggle his fingers around, exploring her clitoris and occasionally running a finger inside Miss Cook, making her squirm and squeal with excitement. Sir Kieran pushed her onto the large bed-cum sofa and re-positioned himself over her face.

Miss Cook was at first taken slightly aback at having this nobleman's big hard erection pressed into her sweet young face. Then she felt the sensation of his big fleshy tongue darting in and out of her love hole, teasing her clitoris.

It felt good, though she'd not wanted to admit it, it feels so good! Miss Cook decided to return the favour. Taking his hard bone in her hand she forced it down, into her mouth and began to suck. 'ha ha ha haaaa!' Sir Kieran sang in ecstasy. 'Now do you mind!' Started Lord Edgar. 'I have paid for this too. Now let me join in!' He protested.

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Lord Edgar had been masturbating in furious jealousy, attempting to get noticed by the female. 'Why, I had forgotten you were still her, my good man!' Mocked Sir Kieran looking up at his old companion, while Miss Cook's slim legs redneck got his dick creamed and sucked opened wide showing her inviting bald pussy.

'You snooze, and you will loose my friend!' Sir Kieran teased in his smarmy tone. 'Why, you.!' Lord Edgar started, pushing Sir Kieran back. This forced him back, making his hard bone to stab into the poor maiden's throat, causing Miss Cook to gag and splutter. Sir Kieran's pale testicles smothered her nose, making Miss Cook gasp for air.

This turned Sir Kieran on and he grunted in pleasure. He squatted over Miss Cook's face. 'Lick my anus, Miss Cook' He ordered. Grateful that she was able to breath again, Miss Cook obliged. Her slim, link tongue darted out of her thick cherry lips and in between Sir Kieran's big white cheeks and tickled his anus making him chuckle in horny pleasure 'ha ha ha haaa!

Oooh she is good Edgar!' this angered Lord Edgar even more, watching Sir Kieran squatting over her beautiful face, his stiff penis rigid against his belly, his purple head and eye gaping at Lord Edgar's horny face. Lord Edgar pushed Sir Kieran again, causing him to fall backwards. As Lord Edgar advanced onto Miss Cook Sir Kieran growled angrily, hauling himself up to face his horny rival.

'Who the devil do you think you are?' He snarled. 'She's mine, you took too long my friend, now you must wait. Maybe your brother has finished with Miss Robertson. He took long enough to get going I suppose she has tired of him already!' But Lord Edgar had already had the pleasure of Miss Robertson several times and he wanted to have first refusal on the new maiden! 'how dare you!' Lord Edgar snarled back. 'Too long you have taken liberties and shown a lack of respect to my family and I…' 'Oh you and your honour!' Spat Sir Kieran mockingly.

They ran at each other, locking arms about one another's shoulders in a wrestling stance. They began to push each other around the room, son mom 1984 full sex story the jug of wine over and puling curtain and cushions with them.

Miss Cook squealed as they blundered toward her. ' Gentlemen, please! There is enough of me to go round!' The threesome on the other side of the room had come to an end and Miss Robertson was covered in pearly white sperm and watching the scene unfold with an expression of intrigue upon her lightly freckled face.

Lord Edmund was lying back watching the fight with mild interest, his naked penis lying flaccid and fat across his leg. 'You- you get off my brother!' spluttered Matthias coming round from his state of post ejaculatory ecstasy. 'Oh isn't it so very nice' Sir Kieran grunted. ' The brothers in arms, always having to fight one another's battles!' the wrestling pair plundered toward Miss Robertson, knocking into her. But she was a feisty young lady.

'Just stop this stupidity! Why do you have to do this? You are ruining an enjoyable evening!' 'My brother is defending our honour, Sir Kieran is spoiling this evening!' Matthias protested. 'Oh fuck to your honour!' Miss Robertson laughed. 'we are here for fun, not fighting for honour, I thought!' Matthias was somewhat annoyed at this peasant girl's insolence.

His father would give her what for had he been present! The wrestling gentlemen were still locked in combat. Over the far side of the room next to Miss Cook. Their stiff bones were facing one another, just like the rivals' faces. Bravely Miss Cook leant forward onto her knees in between the warring pair. She grasped the two hard pricks in her delicate slender hands and rubbed the swollen, bulbous purple heads together.

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She then added her soft pink tongue to the bella morgan smitten with big cock beard guy she met in dating site, tasting their rival pre cum as it intermingled with each other. Miss Cook wanked the two men soothingly, in an attempt to calm them both and sooth their egos. This seemed to work, both men relaxed their grip on one another. She then took one gentleman into her mouth and sucked, alternating, one then the other.

'Well done Amy!' Whispered Miss Robertson smiling at her friend. 'You will be paid handsomely if you keep this kind of service coming!' She laid back and both men followed suit. She then straddled Sir Kieran and lowered herself gently onto his aching bone. 'mmmmmmmmmm' Sir Kieran muttered in deep satisfaction. Miss Cook leant forward over him, gyrating gently upon his genitals. Her small rounded smooth buttocks were perfect globes of flesh rolling back and forth, back and forth on Sir Kieran's ginger bone.

She stuck her fine perfect buns in the air and reached round to spread her right cheek apart, she looked round at Lord Edgar, who had begun to grow jealous again. She looked at him invitingly.

Then he realised. Her anus! He was being invited into her tight, pink, tiny anus!! Slopping oily incense from the oil lamp onto his stiff little twig Lord Edgar advanced on top of Miss Cook. He pressed against her tiny hole. Gently he pushed forcing her sphincter muscle to open, slowly at first then, the harder he pushed, the more she opened, until…POP!

His big inch of juicy belend was in her rectum! Miss Cook moaned softly as Lord Edgar fed his final four rock solid inches inside her. And they were off! Both men pumping at their allocated holes, trying to outdo one another, trying to outlast one another!

Through the key hole the round faced barman gasped and began pounding his hard stumpy dick faster than ever. His view consisted of Sir Kieran's ginger mop of hair and pale shoulders, straddled by Miss Cook's slender legs and her thin arms supporting her body.

He could see her breasts perfect round little orbs sitting perfectly on her flat chest. She had a look of pain mixed with pleasure upon her pretty face and she was emitting gentle moans from her cherry-like lips. On top of her was Lord Edgar, a stupid grin upon his horny face as he trusted into her tiny botty.

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The two men could feel one another inside the thin walls of Miss Cook's pussy and anus respectively. This, along with their big ball sacs occasionally meeting and rubbing together made the situation all too much to bear. 'Uh uh uh UH UH UH! UUUH!' groaned Edgar as he squirted several hot jets of white hot spunk into Miss Cook's tight botty hole.

It tickled her insides, causing her to spasm. This, in turn pushed Sir Kieran over the edge. With a silent 'WWWWwwwwOOOOOOAAAAAH!' he fired his milky scrotum contents deep into Miss Cook's tight, wet, warm tunnel.

Lord Edgar was fat inside her. He wriggled himself free and his marble white semen followed. It gushed from Miss Cook's gaping anus and down onto Sir Kieran's shaft and then dribbled down onto his sac.

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