Pretty teen babe elektra rose pounded by pervert guy

Pretty teen babe elektra rose pounded by pervert guy
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He watched as she walked away with him. It was the Fourth of July, and with fireworks blasting in the background, all he could do was see his girlfriend walking away with another guy. They had been together for 2 years and even lost their virginity to each other, but none of that mattered now.

With his stomach churning, Jay could hardly move. Suddenly, calmly, he sensed a mounting excitement. He knew this wasn't the last he would see of Lauren.

She would pay, no matter how long it took. Jay took out his computer and sat down at his dorm room desk. He pulled up his favorite porn site and started to beat off. Out of nowhere, a girl popped her head in the doorway. "Hi I'm Natalie. What's your name?" Jay scrambled to hide his boner. "I'm Jay," he weakly managed. Natalie gave him a knowing look and slipped in his room. "You know Jay rumor has it you're from Los Angeles.

I LOVE California boys. Out here in the Midwest we don't get too many hot surfers." Jay could feel his cock getting harder. He wasn't at all nervous, he'd seen Natalie in her room when he first arrived and knew he was going to fuck her. He just didn't know how long it would take. "Well," Jay said, "I am a surfer and a drummer. So I ride in the morning and hit it at night." Natalie gave a nervous laugh and bit her lip.

Suddenly, Jay got up, closed his door and look directly into Natalie's eyes. "What are you doing?" Natalie asked looking concerned. Jay just smiled.

He looked at Natalie's body. She was by no means perfect, but he liked that. The girls who know they aren't the hottest are usually the ones who will let you fuck them in the ass.

He was going to fuck this little slut in every one of her holes, and he was going to do it soon. "Get on your knees Natalie," Jay commanded. Natalie felt scared. She knew he wasn't going to let her leave until he got what he wanted, but she didn't care. She was so used to abuse she almost craved it. All her life, every man she had ever known had hurt her, and instead of feeling sorry for herself, she succumbed to it. Pain was easy to find, and since she had learned to love it she never had a problem getting off.

"Jay…I don't know…I mean we just met…" Jay felt no sympathy. "Get on your knees now you little slut. Don't make me ask you again." Natalie slowly did what she was told. She could already feel interracial hot sex pamela sanchez and max rajoy fuck on stage by getting wet.

She looked up at Jay who was rubbing the outside of his shorts. Please hurt me Jay, she thought to herself.

I want to be your little whore. Jay pulled down his shorts to reveal his 7" cock.

He looked down at Natalie and felt angry arousal. He grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her mouth.

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He didn't want her to suck his cock, he wanted to fuck her throat. He was surprised at how deep he was able to go without her gagging, but he could feel her stomach rejecting his member. As his boner get as hard and straight as it could, he gave one final thrust down her throat.

He could feel her whole body convulse as she gagged and coughed up all over his cock. Jay pulled out, slapped her little red face and said, "This is only the beginning. Do not fight me." Natalie was getting wetter every second. She wanted to be a college slut more than anything, and Jay was letting her know just how easy that could moaning cumshot compilation and amateur first ass robbery suspect apprehended. She would do anything he told her to.

"Now," Jay ordered," lick my asshole." Jay laid down on his back, legs up and forced Natalie head between his legs. He mashed her head into his asshole as he jerk himself off. She started slowly at first, but after he slapped her, she finally started really tonguing.

He was in heaven. He suddenly remembered his whore ex-gf and decided now was a good time to pay her back. He stood up and told Natalie to get on all fours. She did as she was told and tried to catch his breath. Jay pulled out his phone and dialed Lauren's number. As it began to ring, he bent down and slowly started to fuck Natalie tight little pussy. Natalie could hardly contain herself. He Jay thrust in and out of her, she screamed his name over and over.

Then she heard a voice say "Hello? Jay is that you?" Suddenly, Natalie realized what was happening. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

JAY FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK!!!" Jay was surprised but Natalie's compliance, but knew he had to hurt Lauren more deeply. He took at his cock, and with one labored thrust, he stuck his whole cock into Natalie's ass.

Natalie screamed in pain and pleasure. Lauren had never let Jay fuck her ass before, and he wanted to hear Natalie scream. Natalie was about to orgasm. She leaned into the phone and screamed as she came: OH YAH FUCK THAT LITTLE ASS JAY! FUCK MAMA IN HER TIGHT DIRTY HOLE!" Jay was really hammering Natalie and couldn't believe Lauren hadn't hung up.

He knew he had to hurt her one last time. As he was about to come, he pulled his cock out of Natalie's ass and into her pussy. He rammed his cock as deep as it would go into her pussy and released every molecule of his juice into her pussy.

He came over and over and covered he cervix with his cum.

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Natalie begged him to fill her up. She had cum twice and was more than happy to have her pussy filled with Jay's cream. As she pulled out, she heard the girl on the phone sobbing.

Natalie smiled. The only thing better than feeling pain was giving it. She looked back at Jay and licked her lips. Jay picked up the phone and said one last thing to his ex-love: "Hey Lauren. Go fuck yourself."