Blonde in stockings eats hairy agent european and lesbian

Blonde in stockings eats hairy agent european and lesbian
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Hi guys. Here goes some considerations: - Even if there are some good conventional sex scenes and some romance, this story tends to get darker as it goes, involving torture, astounding pornstars amazing group sex with lucky dudes sex, bestiality and some other stuff.

This chapter is just about deflowering and rape. - I'm not an english speaker and I know I make a lot of mistakes, but I have no one to proof-read for me in time to post, cause I'm really busy and the only time I have I write and I post, so, sorry for any mistake or error. - All the characters follows the stipulated by the site, being older than 18 years old. ***WARNING*** What follows is a fictional rape story, not made to offend anyone.

If you feel offended by kidnapping, raping, humiliation or torture of any kind, please, quit reading. Cheers, A2O . Chace McCartson - Part II When I first thought about this enslave and rape thing I instantly thought about a place to do it, that's when I bought myself a house, twenty minutes out of the town and following the road to the mountains, that gained my appreciation as soon as I saw it.

The place looked like a fortress. Surrounded by a huge, wide and tall wall and having an enormous yard around the house, which was made of stone, really old Europe style. It had a sentry-box in the entrance, a big pool that resembled a lake on its backyard sex comxxx com story sex stories 2019 finally, and most important, a big basement that had a bathroom and a lot of space to work. I ordered a reform, making the place sound-proof by the pretension of building a home studio, something I do have in the apartment I live.

I worked for months in the details by myself, equipping a little gym, three separated rooms, two smaller and a big one to be the sex room, a torture chamber and changing the doors to fortified ones. I also installed cameras and sound system everywhere. Then I storage all the sorts of chains, leather straps, sex toys of every size I could find and every single type of apparel I'd have fun using on a girl or making her use it, like a wooden horse.

And now I had a girl, a young and angel-like girl just for me to play with. Bob, a trustworthy security guard indicated by Roy, opened the gates as soon as he noticed my car outside. I greeted him with a little nod and I drove the car around the house, ignoring the garage entrance. Beast, my Doberman, came running around the car, showing his appreciation for my arrival as always. He's just three months old, the exact amount of time I took to build this place, my hobby through the last weekends.

The weekends that I didn't spend with Gabrielle. Soon as I got out of the car, Beast stopped beside me like a real guard hound, silently standing by my side with his sharp and pointed ears.

The dog training I've paid was showing that it was really worth it the money. No more Beast jumping on me as I arrive.

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"Hey you, buddy," I said patting his head. Fuck, this dog is getting big fast, I thought. I moved around the car and to the trunk, which I opened and took out my prize. It was really easy to lift the bag, what I did carefully and placed it on the ground to take some other stuff out of the car.

Beast came sniffing, like it had really caught his attention. "Attaboy, that's a good nose you have. She smells interesting, doesn't she?" I said laughing.

I took her from the ground and headed home. "If you behave maybe I let you have some fun too," I said to my dog laughing, but I didn't really think about doing it. Even having to admit that it sounded interesting. Soon I was all set up and I had already put her on the basement's bed, a four poster bed which the columns reached the ceiling, where I set a mirror.

I opened the bag and took her off, cutting the silver-tape on her wrists and ankles and lying her on the bed. She was still passed out cold. God how pretty she was. I was thrilled, shaking with excitement. I had really done that. Time to enjoy it. It was like unwrapping a gift. She was wearing another dress, another worn out and damn ugly dress. Her clothes would suit fine a religious old lady.

I bet that's Klavenko's fault. Judging by his accent, which was present in a lighter way on her speech too, they probably came from the countryside of Czech Republic. He spoke roughly to her in front of me, she cringed and looked down in fear, she accompanied him to a job interview and, while another girls would be in school, she was locked up in that hole they called their home.

He probably forced her to dress this way too as no girl in that age would like to be seen like this. Poor Erika, escapes a bastard father to end up in my hands. Maybe she'll have more fun here with me, at least when she gets used to what I'm going to do to her.

I made a point of ripping that dress out of her, slicing it with a knife piece after piece until the ground was filled with green rags and she was just in her damn hideous old lady bra and panties. Fuck, probably he was the one buying her clothes.

The white cotton underwear was so big that I'd bet my grandma would wear then with no problem at all. Even so, she was gorgeous, absurdly more beautiful that I would have imagined her to be. Her skin was white and perfect and her curves just fitted her low stature flawlessly, not as curvilinear as Gabrielle's, but still, she had a beautiful petite body. I sliced the undergarments too, slowly and carefully freeing her other secrets.

Holy fuck. Her breasts were perfect. Probably something between 32B and C cup size, for a petit girl like her, that shouldn't be taller than 5'3" (1,60m), they were perfect. Flawlessly firm and round, crowned with bright pink aureoles. I couldn't resist mauling them as soon as I could see them, testing their firmness and softly pinching her nipples. What a spectacle. I couldn't wait for her to be awake so I can bite them and watch her reaction.

When I got to her panties it was no surprise to find her slit covered in pubic hair, even being thin and looking soft, as I'd doubt completely that this girl would shave herself to have any kind of sexual contact.

By the way, what sexual contact? Suddenly I was really curious. Did Mr. Klavenko got here before me? I spread her legs, bending them towards her torso, and find it a really good moment to start testing my new playthings. I reached for two leather straps with buckles in the nightstand beside the bed and tied her bent legs apart, joining her ankles and the upper part of her thighs, then I reached for a chain and linked both legs, passing the chain across the small of her back lesbian models gape their deep ass holes and plow huge dildos setting her legs apart, wide open and fantastic czech teen is seduced in the mall and fucked in pov to the sides of her body, leaving me free to explore.

Her pussy was exposed to me and she had those beautiful full outer lips hiding her slit, like a younger girl would have. I carefully took them apart so I could see that small, pink and pristine cunt, her hymen completely visible.

So Mr. Klavenko was a chuckle idiot, but not an incestuous bastard, who'd tell. The look it had was great, beautifully colored and delicate small lips and her clitoris was nowhere to be found. Maybe I'll find it when I start playing with her. But Blonde pigtailed teen fucks and sucks her boyfriend do nothing before she's awake.

Where's the fun on abusing and raping a sleeping girl? I took a pair of studded leather handcuffs and cuffed her to the bed, her hands above her head. It was really beautiful to see. Erika was absolutely hot, all strapped and chained, completely exposed and ready for me. I went to the bathroom and took the things necessary to shave her, depositing it on the side of the bed. It would be the first thing I'd do when she woke up.

Then it hit me. Would I let her see me? If I did I would never let her go and I would have to kill her. That wasn't in my plans, so Milf eva notty fucking with teen couple took a leather blindfold and put it on her. I'd have to make her tell me if she recognize my voice too. It was already time for her to be awake.

Trying not to hurt her, at least for now, I started giving soft slaps on her face until I finally got some response. First she inhaled deeply, just recovering consciousness and, soon, as I expected, she started struggling. "O-Oh my God. What's happening! Help! Dad! Somebody help!" She started mumbling and soon her tone was reaching a scream.

That's when I called her. "Erika," I said in a low voice. "Oh my God! Who are you!? What are you doing to me!? DAD!!" She screamed, squirming incessantly. I approached and gripped her throat tight, shushing her. "Now, just be quiet, I need you to listen," but she ignored me and screamed again for her dad, so I tightened my grip mom and son dad out xnxx her and she squealed, "Erika, I have your dad too and, if you're not a good girl, really bad things are going to happen to him." Then she stopped struggling, kept sobbing, and started to listen.

"Good girl," I said easing my grip on her throat. "What are you g-going to d-do to me?" She managed to ask. "I'll show you after you answer me a question," I asked calmly, "Erika, do you recognize my voice?" The only thing I could hear was her sobbing and her panting. So I insisted. "C'mon sweetheart, do you recognize my voice? I need an honest answer," it was clear that she was thinking or maybe trying to remember. "N-No," she barely answered. It wasn't enough. With my hand still gripping her neck, I sat on the bed beside her and took the knife, slightly pressing the blade beneath her right nipple, "Feel this?

That's a knife. I need a sabse bade boobs wali sexy story answer, or I'll cut it out. You choose." Panic made her took a deep breath, but the answer was still not confident enough "N-No. I don't know you," so I let go of her neck and pinched her nipple, making her wince, stretching it and pressing the knife, not enough to cut, but enough to I get what I wanted, "NO!

PLEASE GOD NO! I-I DON'T! I DON'T RECOGNIZE YOUR VOICE! GOOD LORD, DON'T CUT ME PLEASE!!!" I released her nipple and she just kept crying out loud in despair.

I dropped the knife over the nightstand and put my hand on her forehead, caressing hair beautiful hair. That was what I wanted. She was mine, only mine. I was already damn hard, but there were still things to talk and to do before I could deflower her. "Ok, ok. I'm not a threat to you anymore, at least for now you can relax," I said. "W-What a-are you going to do to m-me?" She asked crying copiously, hands and legs struggling in her restraints.

"Well, right now I'm going to shave you. I like my girls smooth and hairless," I said leaning to pick the razor, the towel, the shaving cream and a bowl with water. "Oh God! Nooooo! Please d-don't! Please don't r-rape me!" She started crying when she finally figured out what was happening.

"Erika, what you need to understand is that you have only one choice: accept what is happening to you. Because I'm not stopping, you're not escaping and there's no one looking for you," she started crying louder and louder, so I approached her and said really slowly, "If you don't stop crying while I'm talking I'm going to hurt you." She didn't stop, so I slapped her exposed inner tight really hard.

The sound echoed through the basement. She screamed then stopped to listen to me. "I'm aiming the other thigh, are you getting calmer?" I said gently and grinned as I watched her trying to close her lags unsuccessfully. Her pelvis moving and her muscles stiff and fighting were a really exciting thing to see. She was getting sweaty, but she apparently got the message, as she stopped screaming and crying so loud. "I'll let you scream as much as you want when I start actually doing something to you, but we are just talking now," I said spraying shaving cream over her lady parts and she cringed, starting to cry again, but softly.

"Now we are getting somewhere, that's how it is going to be from now on, you do what I say and you are not punished, or you are rewarded," I moistened a little part of the towel and caressed the red mark in the shape of my palm on her inner tight with it, soothing the soreness on her sensitive skin, "don't you misbehave, like moving or struggling while I shave you or you'll pay for it, got it?" She didn't answer.

I slap her left tight harder than the previous one. "AAAUGH!" She screams in pain. "When I ask you a question I want an answer. Living with that bastard for so long made you stupid? I asked if you got it," I hissed. Damn is she retarded or does she like to get beaten? "I got it. I-I got it." Her voice is just a whisper under her sobbing breathe. Then I start shaving her, another thing I always wanted to do to a girl and never had the chance.

I was carefully sliding the razor, outlining her curves of her soft skin and making the perfection of her pussy lips even more apparent. She was shaking so hard that the chains were clinging, what was a real turn on, but apart from that, she stood quiet and still. I took that time to instruct her and make some questions. "So, little girl, this is how it is going to work. You do what I tell you and I strongly recommend you to be absolutely honest with me. You are mine now and there's nothing you can do about it.

We are isolated half world away from where I have your father under custody. Actually I'm treating him better than you. Another good reason for you to do exactly what I say. Do you understand?" I lied.

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She took a deep and broken breath, sounding frightened. C'mon girl, answer me, don't make me beat you again, not now, I thought, and she answered, "I understand." Her voice low and full of fear, the same submissive tone she used with her father. "Good. So have you ever had any kind of sexual relationship?" I asked and she cringed.

"Remember, no secrets. I strongly recommend you to be absolutely hawt tits japaneses wicked toying hardcore blowjob or. God help you if you lie to me and I figure it out." She took another deep breath, trembling all over and started talking "I n-never had a relationship.

I never ha-had a boyfriend. Only my f-father." Fuck, maybe I was right about Klavenko after all, "What about your father?" She started crying again, not loud enough to bother me. She was ashamed. Her cheeks turned more red than when I started touching her pussy to shave her. "H-He had makes me s-suck…" Was all that she managed to say before bursting into tears again. "He made you suck his dick?" I asked. She nodded, tears flooding the blindfold.

"Every time I ask you a question I want a response, unless you're unable to talk." "Y-Yes," she answered readily crying so much that she was coughing. I couldn't figure if it was her confession and the shame, or if my groping fingers and the razor working on her were intensifying her reaction. "For how long it has been this way?" I asked. She took too long to answer so I just caressed the red mark on her right inner thigh, making her shiver and answer me faster.

"Since m-my mother died." "How long is that?" "F-Five years," she answered. Fuck, this girl sucks cock since she is ten?

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Eleven? "He made you suck him and nothing else?" "He used t-to watch me while I w-was naked." "Hmm. Anything else?" "I-I can't remember." "If you do, you'll tell me," I demanded and she just nodded, so I yelled at her "Erika!" "Yes! Yes! YES! I'm s-sorry, pleas-se don't!" She pleaded, contracting the muscles of her legs and belly, tilting down her pelvis trying to protect her crotch, waiting for the blow.

Beautiful to see. "See, that's what I'm talking about. You have to learn to obey. I know you're nervous, I know you're afraid and that is the first and the last time I'll let something like this pass unpunished.

For now on you disobey, you get what you deserve," so I gave her some seconds, waiting for her to say something, but it didn't happen.

"Erika, what do we say when someone does something good to us?" She gasped and answered desperately "Thank you!" "Good." Almost ten minutes later she was tubidy free porn story download getting calmer at the same time I was finishing with her shaving, cleaning the residual foam and appreciating the look.

After I put all the stuff over the nightstand I laid on the bed, between her legs, to watch her closely. I caressed her pussy lips with my fingers and every single movement generated a response from her. I moved, she squirmed. I could notice that she couldn't stop it, and I couldn't blame the girl for being responsive while someone was touching her pussy for the first time, against her will.

I may be a damn bastard, not yet a monster. Her shaking, squirming and frightened groans only made me hornier as I spread her little flower just in front of my eyes, stretching her lips fully apart with my thumbs. "A-Augh! N-No. Please, no." She resumed her sobbing.

"You can cry as much as you want, darling, as long as you don't disturb me. You're mine and I'll do anything I want to you so there's no sense asking me to stop.

Actually." I moved my thumbs further, spreading her inner lips and exposing her hymen and her little entrance completely, she gasped and I resumed, "It just make me want to ravish you more." The sound of stretching leather and the clink of chains was all around the bright brown, wooden covered room. I slowly slid my little finger in her, taking care not to damage her hymen, she gasped and her breathe got faster, like she was panicking. Then I slowly inserted my index finger, which was slowly stretching her hymen, just a little.

I could clearly see that frail and bright pink membrane resisting my entrance. She felt it and groaned hurtfully, gritting her teeth and arching her back. "Ple-ease. For God's sake, let m-me go. Don't d-do this to me." She pleaded one last time, her voice full of agony. "I think it's about time for us to stop with this apprehension.

I'm gonna show you what you are to me," I said lifting her and turning her, making her lay on her chest and her lower body being sustained by her knees. As she couldn't move, her crotch was completely exposed to me. I just leaned forward, unzipping my pants and freeing my pulsating and rock hard dick and started rubbing it on her dry little entrance.

"No! NO PLEASE!" She screamed when felt me forcing my way in. I bent myself over her, forcing myself between her labia, then her petals and soon I could feel big knob for a tiny amazing girl dick ripping her seal open with my single and merciless thrust.

Her tiny little pussy stretched against its will to let me through. Erika groaned out loud then squealed and I stopped only when I felt that her barely wet pussy wouldn't let me go any further, so I retrieved and went in all the way I could again. "AAAAAAAAUGH! AAAGH!!! NOOOOOO!!!" She screamed in agony and and trembled all over. That time she had motive. I leaned even more over her, lying on her for a moment and taking the hair out of her beautiful but agonizing face and whispered at her ear, "I would really love to be looking at your bright blue eyes as I turn you into a woman." Erica winced and gasped when I braced my hands on the small of her back to position myself behind her again, my pulsating dick still buried in her virgin entrance.

I grab her small waist firmly and start pounding, finally humping her, feeling the tightness of that little angel's pussy. "GAA-AAA-AAA-AHHHH! NO-O-O-OOOOO!!!" She squealed in agony in the same rhythm of my fast thrusts. Her little hands closing, fingers gripping the mattress in a vain attempt to ease the pain.

Her little cunt was gripping my dick so tight, so viciously. I was loving it and at the same time I was wishing that it wasn't that way just because she was a virgin. When I slowed down my pace to enjoy it better I could see her petals coming outside a little every time I withdrew from her, and I could see it twisting and resisting when I pushed myself in.

Fuck, she had the tightest pussy ever. Blood was dripping from her, her body was all sweaty and she was squealing high-pitched and hurtful screams as I ravished her, as I deflowered her. My dick was going completely in and out of her, every time going further, deeper. Erika was trembling all over, screaming all her throat could give.

Soon I got to her bottom, the entrance to her womb. The position that she was, her torso down and her behind up, was really easing my access, so each thrust was hitting her cervix.

She groaned and screamed even louder, desperately, then. To her luck I couldn't hold it too much longer, as erotic rug munch for cute nubile hardcore blowjob was the most intense experience I ever had, so I blew inside her, unloading all I could directly into her womb.

Unfortunately she wasn't reacting any longer. She could only let out some exhausted and rough throat noises. The girl had fucked up her throat for good. I spent almost ten seconds ejaculating, the biggest time I had ever taken, enjoying the contractions of her deflowered pussy was making while she tried to recover her breath and coughed from crying.

So I took out my dick, still kinda hard, and I started unbuckling everything and taking the cuffs off her. She was completely numb, lying on her stomach, when I laid over her. "You felt so good inside that I'll let you rest for a while, but don't forget: never, ever, take the blindfold off while I'm around cause, if you see me, I'll have to kill you," I said softly at her ear while lying beside her and stroking her hair, she cringed a little and resumed her silent crying, no more than that.

That time she didn't answer and I didn't oblige her to. I just stood there watching her closely, hearing her irregular breathe. I gave her twenty minutes before ordering her to sit down. She acted like she was aching all over, moaning with that rough, lost voice, but she obeyed me.

I gave her a cup of water and a pill, telling her that it would protect her from getting pregnant and that she must take it every time the sound system warn her that I'm coming for her.

After awkwardly blindly searching for the cup, what was funny for me to see, she took it gladly. Then I sat in front of her just admiring the view. Her perky and beautiful breasts, her thin waist, her bloody and full lips touching the sheets, her cute and tear moist face… She was perfect. I caressed her cheeks and she cringed, so I tried to calm her down like if I was dealing with a hurt little animal.

I caressed her face with my both hands, stroking my thumbs over her cheeks, and then I tried to pull her closer, but she squirmed.

"Are you resisting me?" I asked like it was a joke, but she noticed the sarcasm and automatically shook her head in fear, "Good, now come here." Then I pulled her to me, my blindfolded young beauty. I made her seat sideways on my lap and put an arm around erotic spooning for alluring awesome babe homemade hardcore waist.

"Now, rest here for a while," I made her bend her head and rest it on my shoulder. She felt completely uncomfortable, that was easy to notice. "Look, Erika." I started while caressing one of her thighs with a hand and her long and beautiful dark brown hair with the other, ".There are a lot of rough and painful things that I'll do to you.

I'll not lie. But still, we can have a good relationship. And I'd suggest you to try hard to like me, cause I'm the only person that will see you, touch you or talk to you for at least the next ten. Fifteen years." She froze on my lap and got really pale. --- Next: Erika's second rape and torture session at the basement torture chamber.

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