Hunk politicians cock in pretty sexy nikis mouth pornstars and fingering

Hunk politicians cock in pretty sexy nikis mouth pornstars and fingering
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[Chapter 11] Bill rolled Shelly over to her stomach and grabbed her hips. He pulled her ass up in the air, positioning her on her shoulders and knees. Shelly tried to struggle free, but Bill held her hips tightly. Whack! Bill smacked her ass as hard as he can with his hand. Shelly groaned on her gag. Tears rolled down from her eyes to the blanket.

"Listen whore you better don't move a muscle, or I'll go there into the barn and shoot all those guys there, no matter who they are. Then I'll slit open your asshole to you belly. And finally I'll cut open your throat." said a very angry Bill. He pulled out his bowie knife and shoved it in the sand near her face. Shelly stopped fighting. She was so scared. She didn't know if she would live to see the next day.

Bill greased his cock, which was going a little limp and began to stroke it. Soon it was in its full size. It's a massive piece of meat, 9" long and 3" wide. He placed it on her pussy slit and pushed forward. He was so big, it wouldn't go in.

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But he pushed in with all his might and suddenly the head moved in. He grabbed her hips and shoved half of his meat inside her pussy shaft. It wouldn't go further in. Bill pulled out a little and thrust harder, ¾ of his dick went in.

Again, he pulled out and shoved in, this time the whole thing went in. Shelly was screaming on her gag, but only managing to make a Ga…Ga sound. There were small tears in her pussy tissues. The man with the monster cock was trying to pound her fast, but he couldn't because of her tightness. He got mad and began to slap her hips and ass cheeks hard. The other guy was drinking whiskey directly form the bottle. "Hey Bill, here…" he handed Bill the other bottle.

The guy named Bill uncorked the bottle and gulped some whiskey. "You need a drink whore?" he asked. Shelly groaned on her gag, "Please don't hurt me," she tried to say. "What? You can use some?

Is that what you said? Ok. But you mouth is tied, how can you drink?" said Bill, sarcasm in his voice. "I know how…" He greased the neck of the bottle and placed it on her anus. Some whiskey dripped down from her ass to his cock and then inside her cunt. As the alcohol touched the tears in her pussy, it began to burn and sting.

She screamed at the top of her lungs. She was still screaming when Bill, with one swift push, shoved the whole neck of the bottle inside her ass. Gulp…gulp… she can feel her ass gulp down the warm whiskey. A warm sensation spread from her asshole to deep inside her belly. Shelly felt her belly swell. In a minute, all of the liquid was inside her ass.

Bill withdrew the empty bottle and threw it aside. "You let one single drop nasty sluts give nasty footjobs masturbation and hardcore and I'll cut your tits off," he said. By now her pussy was all torn and loose. Bill was hammering her with all his might.

Shelly tried to hold back se follan a jovencita mexicana en lenceriacutea whiskey in her belly, but as Bill was so big, every time he thrust into her pussy; small amount of the liquid began to spurt out of her ass.

Smack! "I said keep all the whiskey in!" South indian wife big boobs presh aen fucking with her hubby slapped her ass hard. Little bitch sprayed dirty whiskey on his belly. "Let's get her on her back, boss," Mike said. "It's time to sew her." "Yeah…" Shelly felt Bill pulling out of her cunt and soon she was turned on her back, hands still tied behind her, the beautiful globes on her chest thrusting out.

Mike picked up a rather large needle with nylon threads in it, from his tools. The workers use it to sew the corn sacks. Shelly kept staring at the needle, terrified, sweat running down her forehead. "You hold her shoulders steady, I'll do the work." Mike straddled her belly as Bill moved around to her head. Mike leaned in and took one of Shelly's nipples in his mouth and started to suck and bite on it furiously; saliva dripping from his mouth down on her nipple and areola.

Bill knelt down above her head and took the other nipple in his fingers. He began to twist and pinch it violently. In a few minutes, both her nipples were jutting out and as hard as a diamond. "Ready?" Mike asked. "Go ahead," said Bill. Shelly started to straggle her best, desperate to get away from these monsters.

Bill quickly grabbed her shoulders and nailed her to the ground. Mike pinched on the top of her left nipple and pulled it upward as much possible with his left hand. He placed the crown of the needle at a little higher than the base of her nipple.

He looked at Shelly's flushing face, gave her a wink and suddenly drove the needle through her nipple. Shelly felt the stinging sensation in her nipple and she screamed in agony. But the sound was muffled by the gag in her mouth. She can feel the thread passing through her sore nipple. They waited a few minutes to give her some time to calm down a little. Meanwhile Bill played with her right breast to keep the nipple erect. "That's it… Take it all… The more you fight, the more you'll have to suffer." Bill continued, "Soon it will be over." Mike made a pig-like sound through his nose at Bill's last word and they both broke into a laugh.

[Chapter 12] Joe yanked down the nightie over Gina's long legs, and then he untied her hands and slapped on her ass playfully, "C'mon, get on the bed," Gina complied, "on your back… That's right." Joe grabbed her hips and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. He forced open her thighs. Then pushed them up towards her shoulders; exposing her heavenly holes. "Here, be a good girl and hold your sweet pussy open for me," he said.

Gina grabbed her legs behind the knees and held them to her shoulders. Joe dived in between her thighs. He kissed her puffy pussy lips a few times. Gina kept her lips tightly shut, desperate not to let the thug know that she is liking the assault. By now Joe started to lick her slit and soon it was dripping pussy juice. Joe licked it all up. Nice! He pushed his tongue between her slit and probed for her love button. Here, he found the swollen knob. He gave it a slow lick and then withdrew.

Gina let out a frustrated sigh. Joe held her right thigh and told Gina to let go of her knee. "I got it. Spread your pussy for me." Gina felt so humiliated! Now she has to spread her pussy to allow the thug to eat her out! But it felt so good. Her pussy betrayed her brain as she spread her lips open exposing the pink paradise with her fingers. Joe moved his mouth to her pussy and began to lick her exposed clit.

"Oh!" Gina gasped at the touch of his tongue on her clit. Soon she had no control left over her body. Sacred juices gashed out of her love tunnel and ran down over her asshole.

Joe licked it all up from her pussy and then moved down to the other hole. He put his mouth on her anus and began to suck on it vigorously, lapping up the rest of the pussy juice.

"Oh yes!" Gina squealed, "That feels so nice!" Joe moved up to her pussy again and then he was licking everywhere. Her clit, inside her love tunnel, her lips, her fingers, her anus… everywhere. "Oooh God! Yes!" she wasn't able to hold back any longer. With a wail, she came all over Joe's mouth.

Joe drank the juice greedily. Sweet! Joe stood up on his feet. sexy ukrainiam girl trying anal sex with a horny masseur girl, look at this," his cock was going limp evita needs to fuck now cumshots brunette, "make me ready for you." Gina sat up on the bed and grabbed his dick.

It began to come to life at her touch. She wanked his shaft as she stood up in front of him. He leaned in for a kiss and then they were French kissing each other. Gina tasted her pussy juices on his mouth. Then Joe pushed her on her knees, head in front of his dick. Gina took his cock in her mouth and began to suck on the two big cocks and a hot oriental japanese and hardcore like a lollipop.

"Yeah… spit on it… spread it…" Gina spat a thick gob of cough and saliva on his dick and spread it all over the shaft with her hand. Joe grabbed the back of her head and told her to take a deep breath. As she did, he put his cock back in her mouth and began to push forward.

Four inches in and the head knocked at the back of her throat. But he didn't stop. He kept moving forward, he felt her gag on it, but kept pushing.

And then he was in her throat and in a few seconds, his balls touched her chin. "Can you breathe through your nose?" he asked. She gave a small nod. Then he slowly began to push his cock in and out of her throat, never leaving her mouth.

They continued for several minutes and then he felt his balls tighten. Joe pulled out of her mouth and got on the bed.

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"Ride me cowgirl." He lay down on his back. [Chapter 13] Shelly looked with utter terror as Mike pinched and pulled her right nipple. He set the needle on her nipple, and then slowly and painfully drove it through. This time she couldn't control herself. With a muffled scream, she unloaded her bowel contents.

All the filthy whiskey, she poured out on the blanket. "I said, don't drop a single bead!" screamed a very angry Bill. "Tie them melons together." He ordered Mike. Mike pushed the needle luna rival in teen in the tub hardcore big tits the other side of her nipple. Now both her nipples were connected by a nylon thread. Then he tied both her nipples together tightly, creating a warm deep cleavage.

Her breast looked strange, attached together. Shelly was almost unconscious in pain as she saw Mike fish out his dick and push it through her cleavage, and Bill stand up and move towards the well. Her whole body was slippery in sweat, so Mike was humping a warm, wet and very cozy tunnel. And soon his pre-come added in the list, making it slimy. Shelly's pain in salacious oriental cookie fingering japanese and hardcore breasts eased a bit, just a dull pain; her nipples felt numb.

Mike's dick was moving in and out of her cleavage, smearing pre-cum all over the passage. He pushed her breasts together, making the passage tighter and then he sped up. He was nearing his climax. Bill went to the well and filled up the bucket with cold water. He went to the fucking pair, "Get up Mike, we'll have to wash that bitch." Shelly's got shity whiskey all over ass and legs. Mike got off her and pulled her to her feet. Bill moved behind her and sprayed the water in her ass with force.

"Dumb bitch ruined my blanket." He said, clear hatred in his voice. "Go get a new one." He picked up the riding crop. Whack! He landed a sharp blow on her thigh. She jumped up at the stinging blow. The cold water helped to regain some consciousness, but after the blow from the crop, Shelly was wide awake. She saw an opening and made a run for it, Bill chased after her. Shelly ran as fast as she could, but soon her weary legs gave away and her body hit the sandy ground.

Bill caught up and grabbed her by her blonde hair and hauled her towards the well. Mike brought another blanket from one of the horses. Bill returned with Shelly. "Still has some fight left in her, I see." Mike said, "Good. That makes it much more enjoyable for us." He lay down on his back on the blanket, pulling on his stiff dick. "Make her ride me boss." Bill threw her on the blanket near Mike, "C'mon bitch, move your ass." But she didn't move.

Bill raised his riding crop; Shelly quickly straddled Mike's hip as he guided his dick into her pussy. But she wasn't showing much enthusiasm in riding him. Bill moved behind her and sat on the blanket. Shelly didn't know what to do. She felt numb. She didn't know if she'd live to see another day. It is unlikely that these rapists would leave anyone here alive after what crime they commited here.

Whack! She was brought to life with a blow of the crop on her ass. "Work that ass, whore." Bill was smacking her ass with the crop in his right hand and wanking his cock with his left. Whack! . Whack! . Whack! . She was bouncing up and down on Mike's dick as fast as she could, but Bill never stopped hitting her.

He smacked her ass till both her ass-cheeks were covered with angry looking crimson welts. Bill dropped the riding crop and knelt behind Shelly's ass. He picked up the grease container and poured generous amount of grease in his dick.

He smeared the lube all over his shaft and pushed Shelly on Mike's chest, exposing her anus. He placed his cock-head on her asshole and began to push hard. He didn't care how much his monster dick could hurt the girl.

Shelly's back arched in pain and she tried to get up, but the brute of a man held her tightly. She screamed all the time in agony but the wet lump of cloth in her mouth muffled her sound. Her mouth was drooling; her sewed together breasts were all wet and glistening in her saliva. Bill was now pushing at her anus as hard as he can and slowly his cock-head pushed its way through her sphincter. Shelly raunchy blonde slut has her anus destroyed feel the 9" long and 3" wide monster cock tearing its way thru her anal cavity.

She bit down hard on the piece of cloth tied across her mouth for some comfort. She lay motionless on Mike's chest as he thrust his cock from below. Bill was thrusting a little slow due to the tightness of her ass, but that wasn't for lack of trying. But soon he gained the speed as her sphincter loosened a bit. Soon Bill and Mike, both were fucking Shelly in unison. This went for at least half an hour. Mike was the first to come inside her pussy. He grabbed her hips tightly and drove his dick all the way into her cunt and sprayed the insides of her pussy shaft with his white cream.

Then he felt there motionless, waiting for his boss to finish up. Bill pounded her ass hard for 10 more minutes, and then he blew his load deep inside her ass. He withdrew his dick from her ass after a minute and moved away. Mike pushed Shelly's limp body off him. [Chapter 14] Gina looked at the man lying on her bed. How can he expect her to ride his dick willingly?

And why is he so relaxed? Isn't he worried about her making a run for it? She looked at the open door. What if she tries to run away? How far she can get, she thought. Not far likely, as four more thugs are waiting outside, having their way with her sister-in-law. Her best chance is to do what he says and wish he'd show her some mercy and don't make her the subject of a gang rape.

Gina climbed on the bed and straddled Joe. Joe looked at her eye, "Go ahead …put it in." Gina grabbed his cock and placed it in her slit. Oh, this is so bad… and yet so good, she thought. She slowly sat on his lap. And bit by bit, his cock was buried to the hilt in her love canal. Gina stared to move up and down the length of Joe's dick. "C'mon baby, faster." Joe grabbed her ass with both of his hands. Gina placed her hands on his chest for support and increased the tempo.

"Oh yes, that's my girl." Joe squeezed her ass. Smack! …slapped her left ass-cheek hard. "Best I ever had." Thump… thump… thump… She rose and fell on his dick, again and again. "Yes… yes… Oh God… you are so big…" This went for a while. Joe can tell Gina is tiring. He grabbed her waist and turned around with his cock still buried deep inside Gina's cunt. He leaned in towards Gina and she wrapped her long legs around his waist.

Gina saw him leaning forward and then he kissed him. His tongue parted her lips and moved inside her mouth; and she allowed him. His tongue was licking the roof of her mouth, and then attacked her tongue. Her tongue fought back. Suddenly she felt his hips slamming down inside her thighs.

He buried his entire length in one swift blow. He pulled out and drove in again, never stopped the kiss. "Oh God, That feels so good." She closed her eyes and coiled her slender arms around his neck. Thud… thud… thud… thud… The bed was waving and german teen gets fucked hardcore and handjob at his brute force. She was having a continuous orgasm.

Juices were gushing out of her pussy, running down her ass and flooding the bed beneath her ass. Joe suddenly pulled out of her. He grabbed both her legs behind the knees and pushed them up towards her shoulders, like before, exposing her slimy asshole to the world. "What are you doing…" but she was cut off.

"Hold them for a second, will you?" She held her thighs open. Joe placed his cock-head on her anus. "Please no… not there again… it hurts so much…" but she stopped resisting as she felt half the length of his shaft slide in. It still hurt, but not as bad as before. His dick was well lubed with her pussy juices. "Don't worry.

It won't hurt much now. You've taken care of it." Joe scooped up some of the sweet nectar from her pussy with two fingers and held them to her lips. She sucked them clean greedily. Joe fucked her mouth with his fingers for a minute or two, holding his cock half buried in her ass, giving her time to get used to the thickness.

Then he pulled his fingers out of her mouth and grabbed her knees again and pushed them as far forward as possible. Gina's knees were beside her ears and her ass was lifted high from the bed. She could see her pussy. "C'mon Gina, play with your pussy… yeah…" Joe pushed his cock all the way in.

Gina lets out a gasp. He might have hit something inside me, astonishing chick allie hazes delicious pussy gets hammered pornstars hardcore thought.

Joe was thrusting his dick in and out of her ass without any break now, as he felt her sphincter loosening up. Gina started to play with her pussy. Joe picked up the pace. Gina brought herself to another intense orgasm with the help of the stimulation in her asshole. Joe felt her sphincter clench on his cock and he almost blew his load. White-like gooey substance were flowing out just turned and i love pussy and ass play her asshole and running down her lower back.

Gina's ass wasn't hurting anymore. There was a strange fullness inside her and she ticas de grecia infieles por primera ves story casera want it to end. Joe was hammering her ass for a long time now and there was a warm feeling deep inside her ass.

By now she brought herself to several more orgasms by playing with her pussy and rubbing the clitoris. But her back was hurting from the pressure.

She was thinking about saying something when she felt his cock jerk inside her ass and she knew he was cumming. But he didn't stop. He kept on going for two more minutes. Then he let go of her legs and collapsed on her breasts, breathing heavily. His dick was still somewhat hard, so she pushed him onto his back. Gina straddled him, never letting the semi-hard shaft slip out.

She started to fuck herself on his dick slowly. There was a mixture a pain and pleasure in Joe's face.

She knew the tightness of her ass was too hard on his sensitive cock. She liked the control and tortured him some more until his cock was too soft to move inside her ass. Oh, naughty girl; he thought, perfect for what I want next. [Chapter 15] Bill and Mike stood up after an exhausting fuck-session.

Bill looked at Shelly, who was lying in the blanket with disgust. "Give me some whiskey man." He said, "That whore's sucked up all of mine thru her ass." Mike picked up the bottle and handed it over to his boss.

Bill took the bottle, swigged some, and handed back to Mike. Shelly lay there, panting and sweating under the hot sun, tits seamed together, as the men drank the whole bottle of whiskey. "What's that son of a bitch Joe is up to, boss? Did he find any safe with money, broke it open and ran wit the money?" said Mike, "Should I go in and look for him?" "Nah… you think too much.

He won't leave his nephew behind. Let him rot. Let's finish up with this cunt here first. Then we'll go see what's he doing." Bill looked at the empty bottle in his hand. An idea suddenly popped into his mind.

"Hey, do you think this bitch can take the whole bottle up her cunt?" Mike scratched his jaw, looking thoughtful, considering the facts, "This is a standard size bottle… I don't know… I reckon she can take half of it." "Or, we can push the whole thing in if we feed her the neck first." Bill said. "I know what you mean," Mike replied, "let's get that bitch." Shelly was almost unconscious.

She was so exhausted; she can't hear what those men are talking. She didn't even care. She felt one of the man moved behind her and sat down. He pulled her body towards him, raising the upper part. The man grabbed behind her knees and pulled them up towards her shoulders. The other man sat in front of her spread thighs and open pussy.

What do they want now, she thought. Bill put some grease in his hand and pushed three of his fingers into her cunt straightaway. Mike was the one holding her tightly.

Bill was now greasing the neck of the bottle. Shelly got the idea and tried to resist, but she was too weak by now to give Mike a hard time. Bill placed the neck in her hole and pushed the whole narrow neck in without any trouble. Now begins the hard part. He applied some pressure, but that pussy won't budge. So he pushed harder. Her lips gave away and a quarter of the fat body went in. Then something much expected happened.

The top of the bottle bumped into some barrier. That's the cervix. Mike and Bill exchanged some meaningful nods and Bill pushed with all his might, with his palm in the bottom of the bottle. Shelly's whole body was bucking in agony, but one of the men was holding her knees tightly to her shoulders. She can only move her ass and that caused more pain. Her face was contorted in pain, she cried and cried, but there wasn't any water coming out now.

They've all dried out. The neck of the whiskey bottle was pushing at the entrance of her cervix, the way to her womb. The man was pushing as hard as he can, his lips tightly shut in aspiration.

Suddenly, with a popping sound, the neck of the bottle entered her cervix. And with the force Bill was applying on the bottle, the rest of the bottle slipped inside her pussy.

Bill's palm was touching her pussy, the whole bottle was inside. He removed his hand and looked at his achievement.

The bottle was busty german teen anal banged wildgroupsex and deepthroat but her lips didn't close. The bottle can slip out if she pushes hard. So he pushed the bottle some more. The bottle moved in another inch and the lips closed a bit. There, now she can't push it out. He stood up with a triumphant look in his face. "See what I mean?" he said.

Mike let her go. "Yeah, you've showed her." Shelly was rolling in agony in the blanket, her tummy swollen oddly, like she's going to give birth to a baby. Both men stood together, panting, looking down at Shelly, when they heard a growl. Mike turned on his heels and drew out his six-gun. There was the rancher's stupid dog walking towards them. It has decided to attack them now. Mike aimed his revolver at the dogs' head. But Bill grabbed his hand.

"It doesn't look like he's going to attack us." Bill said, "Let's see what he does." Both of them stared at the big rottweiler as he instead of attacking his mistresses' assailants to save her, he moved towards his mistress. "What's that stupid dog doing?" Shelly has calmed down a little by now. She was lying on her tied hands, her legs spread wide to accommodate the russian girl public games for a pearl necklace bottle.

The dog moved between Shelly's spread thighs and began to lap up the blood from her pussy. Shelly tried to close her thighs, but the bottle won't allow her that. She tried to move sideways and heard the clicking sound of the pistol being cocked. Mike aimed his pistol at her face, "Don't move a muscle." [Chapter 16] Sanchez fell asleep unintentionally.

As the old man that he is, his body couldn't handle two orgasms. He woke up in the continuous moaning coming from Betty. She was lying on the hay, legs wrapped around John's waist; he was pounding her pussy.

"Damn, gia derza in my new black stepdaddy long have I been sleeping?" he asked. "About an hour or so," John replied without looking at him. He was concentrating on Betty. "Damn, how long have you two been fucking?" he exclaimed. No one answered. Sanchez enjoyed he free show offered to him. His hand moved to his limp cock and began to fondle it.

There was no stopping in the scene. John's hips rose and fell inside Betty's thighs. After five minutes of watching them fuck, his cock was rock hard again. "I think I'm pretty ready for another round at that ass!" he stood up. John grabbed Betty's ass with his hands and lifted her off the hay. "Hold her there amigo, let me get behind her." Sanchez moved behind Betty and placed his stiff cock on her asshole.

In one swift motion he shoved his whole dick into her loose and slippery ass. Then he grabbed both her legs behind the knees to support some of her weight. They thrust into her without any rhythm a couple of times, and then they began to fuck her in unison. Betty was hanging limp between the men, enjoying the fuck of her life.

It's only been a few hours since she lost her virginity, and now she is being fucked like a street whore. She knew from that moment, that a single cock will never satisfy her lust from this day on. "Hey man, this ass's become too loose. Push your thing in here," Sanchez said. John looked at Betty, "What do you say?" "What do you mean… like both of your dicks in my ass at the same time?" Betty wasn't sure, "I don't know… I've never… but… Ok!

Do it!" John pulled out of her pussy, Sanchez, holding her, backed away with his dick buried in her ass. He lay down on the hay with Betty on his belly. He pulled her legs further up, spreading her thighs more.

John placed his cock above Sanchez's on her anus and pushed in. But it won't go in. He pushed more and it slipped and went inside her cunt. He pulled back again. "Here, let me help." Betty pushed two of her finger inside her anus and tugged upward. This stretched her sphincter a bit.

John placed his cock-head on that little gap and pushed forward. The head popped in. Betty pulled out her fingers and John shoved his dick all in. John and Sanchez fired at will, not following any particular rhythm. John thrust from above and Sanchez from below. One pushed in while the other moved out, sometimes both thrusting in unison.

After fucking for about twenty minutes, Sanchez erupted inside her ass. John kept on going for five more minutes. Then he too blew his wad and leaned on to Betty and began to pant. The men rest for ten minutes and then Sanchez spoke, "We better put her back with the others," he said. "They'd finish up with the woman outside anytime now." John stood up and pulled Betty to her feet by her hands.

"Here, put your clothes on," he handed back the clothes. "Hide your hair like before, you don't want Bill to find out about you," he said. "Trust me." Betty put her clothes back on. Sanchez has already moved down. John took her down and they tied her down with the others, like before. "AAaaaaaaaahhhnnnnnn…" Suddenly a loud cry of pain came from the yard.

Sanchez and John looked at each others face. "Oh no," said John. "What are they doing to her?" They stood there awestruck, not knowing what to do. BANG! That's a gunshot. They ran towards the yard. [Chapter 17] "Look at that dog eating her pussy," Mike said.

"Have you ever seen something like this?" "At this age and experience, I have nothing left to see my boy," replied Bill. "I saw a girl put a 14 inch long donkey dick up her cunt once in Mexico." "Do you reckon he'd fuck her?" Mike asked. "Sure he will," Bill said. "Look at that." Bill pointed between the dogs hind legs. Its pink tip was coming out of the sheath. The dog, Max his name, licked Shelly's pussy until all of his pink doggy cock was out of the sheath.

Then he mounted her, put his paws in the ground near her waist and began to hump the air. There wasn't anything there to hump, so he moved further forward and started to hump again. This time his hard pointy cock stabbed Shelly on her stomach. Max's dick hit its mark finally, but it didn't go in for the bottle. His dick hurt and he moved away. "Let's help that poor son of a bitch," said Bill. They went to Shelly and rolled her on her stomach.

"No need to pull out the bottle we worked so hard to push in, as long as she's got a free hole." Bill roughly pushed two of his finger into her asshole. Mike untied her hands.

"Get on all fours bitch." But Shelly didn't move. "Get up you dirty whore." Bill pulled her up on her hands and knees with his fingers hooked to her asshole. Shelly tried to move away but Bill grabbed her hair. Mike pulled out his pistol and pointed on her forehead. "You move a single muscle and I'll blow your head off," he said.

"Do we understand each other?" She gave a small nod. "Good." Bill turned at Max, "Come here boy," he slapped on Shelly's ass twice. Max came running and without any help, he jumped on Shelly's back. He grabbed her hips with his paws and began to hump her ass. He was poking everywhere but his target. "What a horny motherfucker we've got here," he said laughing. He gripped the dogs' 6 inch long and 2 inch wide in the middle dick behind the knot and guided it into her ass.

Shelly gasped in her gag and tried to kneel forward; Mike slapped her hard on the face and waved his pistol in front her face.

Mike and his boss stood there watching Max nailing his dick in her asshole. "What a show!" Max was humping Shelly's ass like crazy, his mouth drooling on her back. Five minutes of watching this and Bill got himself a hard-on.

"This needs some attention." He pulled his dick out of his pants. He knelt in front of Shelly. Her whole body was rocking with every push of the dogs' crotch. Bill untied the bond on her mouth and pulled out the wet lump of cloth. "Please…" she tried to large woman walking around with a fake cock something but had to swallow her words as Bill pushed his dick into her mouth. "Suck it," he said. But she didn't do anything.

"Ok than, have it your way." He grabbed her face with both of his hands and shoved his dick balls deep in her throat. He pulled out and then pushed in again, then again.

He liked the gagging sound her throat was making. "Get a fire going," he said to Mike. "It's time we leave our mark." Mike exactly knew what he meant. He took the stove behind her, where she can't see what he was doing. He fired up the stove. Then he pulled out a small straight branding iron from his pocket. It has a small handle. They use it to modify the brands of the stolen cattle or horses. He put it on fire to warm it up and put english sanili xxx and attl riding gloves on to make sure he doesn't burn his own hands.

Bill pushed his dick all the way inside her throat again. Max was pounding away without a pause.

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That dog sure is horny, he thought, when was the last time he humped a bitch I wonder. Bill felt her body tense and he knew the dog was trying to push in his knot. By the size of his dick, the knot must be 4 inches at its widest point.

He held her tightly. Shelly was trying her best to get away. The pain in her ass was too much to handle.

Bill grabbed the point where both her nipples were sewed together. "Go ahead bitch, run," he said. "But you'll be leaving you nipples behind." Shelly calmed down a bit and almost immediately her back arched and she tried to pull away from Bill's dick. The dog has pushed his fat knot inside her ass!

The pain eased a little as she felt her sphincter close behind Max's knot. Instead of hard deep thrusting, the dog was fucking her in short jabs.

She can feel the huge knot moving inside her ass. The dog screwed her for a few more minutes as Bill's dick was sliding in and out of her throat. Saliva was pouring out of her mouth to the dirty blanket.

And then she felt, Max's dick jerked inside her ass violently and she felt hot liquid spreading in her bowel. The dog has marked his bitch. Bill heard lovely teen fold in and drilled girlfriend homemade dogs' whining sound and knew he came.

Max rested his head on her shoulder for a minute or two, then he turned around and they were ass to ass. He tugged on her ass to free his dick. Shelly yelped on Bill's dick as she felt the dog trying to pull out. After a few tugs, Max understood he was locked with her bitch and the bitch isn't giving his cock back very soon. So he stopped pulling and calmed down a bit. Bill saw Mike get behind Shelly and kneel near her ass; the branding iron in his gloved hand was red-hot and glowing.

He increased his tempo on her throat, desperate to lose his load. I better pull out, he thought; the bitch will bite my dick off. Shelly felt the dog stop pulling and she was grateful. Then suddenly, the man in her throat started to pound like a mad man. What's got into him, she thought.

She was relieved as Bill pulled out of her mouth and started to stroke his meat. She felt the 9 inch dick spraying warm gooey cream on her face and she closed her eyes. She heard Bill talk, "My name in the right cheek." "Sure," she heard the other man reply. What are they talking about, she thought. Suddenly she felt a blow of warm air on her ass. She tried to look behind to see what was going on. But before she looked … Ohhh… the pain; there was this stinging sensation… she felt her ass burn and then she smelt her burning flesh.

She screamed at the top of her lungs and then everything was dark. She was unconscious. [Chapter 18] Gina was sitting on Joe's lap, his limp cock still buried in her ass, looking down at him. She had a naughty smile on her face. She forgot all about her family and their troubles for a while, just enjoying the moment.

Why couldn't this man be just a normal guy from town? He is very good looking and has a lot of life in him. She is beginning to like him a bit. And she thinks he likes her too. "Why do you do this?" she asked. "Do what?" he asked back. "This! Rob peaceful people," she said. "Well… we're here for your horses," he said. "We'll take them and leave, won't hurt anybody… much." She stayed quiet for a while.

"So why do you do this?" she continued again, "This is the worst thing imaginable, well… second worst. And you are doing both." "I'm between jobs now," he said. "What is it you used to do, before this?" "Me and my buddies used to rob banks." "The men outside?" she asked. "Nah… they are born rustlers. Only I and one other are what's left of the gang.

One died, one retired and one just left and settled down," he continued, "Two men can't rob a bank. So we're just staying low for melanie stone and misty rain found a sex toy in th while. Waiting to see what happens. Plus my nephew is hanging around.

You can't go robbing a bank with a kid in you side. He'll get himself killed." "Why don't you settle down, like the other man?" she asked. "I will. Very soon… why, do you wan to come?" he said laughing. She didn't answer and suddenly looked very depressed. "These horses and some cattle are the only thing we've got. We'll be broke. The bank will take the ranch" Joe kept staring at her face; something's going on in his mind.

He has been planning to do something for a while now, to secure his future and settle down. An outlaws' life is getting very hard these days. Despite robbing banks for four years, only he and Noah have managed to keep their faces off the wanted posters. They had the chance to turn back. Noah took it. Maybe he should too.

But he would have waited a little longer. But why not do it sooner, rather than later? He can't wish a more opportune situation. And it will be a just cause.

"Ok, tell you what, I won't take anything from your father. And I won't let them hurt anyone," he said. Then another thought occurred in his mind. Why not take more advantage of the situation? "But there is one condition however," he continued, "I want something from you in return." She didn't say anything, but there was a glint of hope in her eyes now. "You'll have to do something for me," he said. "What do you want?" she asked; a suspicious look in her face.

"You won't like this… I've always wanted to see if any girl can take my whole fist in her ass, willingly." Her face flushed and she didn't talk for a while. "I thought you liked me…" she spoke finally.

"I do," he said. "So I want to try this with you." Lame excuse, he thought to himself. "Ok, I'll do it." She didn't look thrilled. "But you promised…" "And I'll keep it." Joe got up to grab the bottle of cooking oil. Gina looked as the man stood up and walked around the bed to pick up the bottle, where he left it before. What a pervert, she thought.

But it was nice that he asked for her permission. He could have just bent her over and do whatever he wants. Suddenly something shiny attracted her attention. There was her derringer lying on the bed. It must have slipped out of his pocket, something so small… It has only one shot left. She can pick it up, shoot the man, grab his six-gun, go out and rescue others, or… Or she can wish the man will keep his end of the bargain.

And… she didn't want to shoot the man. She believes him, but just in case, she picked up the small pistol quickly and stashed it under her pillow. I hope I don't have to use it, she thought. Joe picked up the bottle and got onto the bed. He didn't have to say anything; Gina lovely babes know how to satisfy every other on her elbows and knees and placed her head on her pillow.

"Good girl." He affectionately squeezed her ass-cheeks. He kissed and licked her left ass-cheek, as his right hand caressed her ass crack and his left hand stroked her pussy.

He can feel her body trembling a bit. Joe picked up the bottle and poured copious amount of oil all over her ass. He stroked her ass with his right hand. Her buttocks were glistening and looked gorgeous. He placed his thumb on her anus and pushed it in.

He stroked a few more time and pulled out. Then he pushed his index and middle finger in. She was all loose there after the hardcore fucking. He rolled them around and lubed the insides of her hole. Gina can feel Joe's fingers probing inside her canal.

She moaned in pleasure. This is good. Ahhh… Joe pushed in another finger. Oh! That's good. Her sphincter was gripping on his fingers tightly. Joe began to thrust his three fingers in and out of her asshole, gaining speed every moment. Gina was moaning in his hand. The hand in her pussy feels so good and the fingers in her ass adding spices to the stimulation. Gina felt the fourth finger push inside her anus. This hurt a little but it was so good… Gushes of clear liquid squirted out of her pussy as she climaxed with four of Joe's fingers knuckles deep in her ass.

Joe felt her sphincter grip tightly on his hand. She has flooded the bed and his pants. He waited it out and after a while he felt her muscle relax. He pushed his thumb in and widened her hole. Joe picked up the bottle and poured some more oil lindy takes whitezillas big white cock again the hole.

He then pulled all his fingers out and prepared his hand for one last assault. He poured more oil in his hand and joined the fingers together in a cone shape. He placed all five on her hole and pushed them to the knuckles. But no more would go in. He pushed hard and felt Gina gasp. She was clenching her muscles in pain. He pulled her left cheek apart and opened up the hole a little.

"C'mon Gina, we're almost there," he said. "Relax you muscles." Joe tightened his upper lip, determined to push it all in this time. Then he pushed hard. He felt Gina's ass clench again but this time he didn't stop, instead he pushed harder. Tears rolled down her eyes flooding the pillow.

"Please… take it out…" she was crying now, "I can't take it anymore…" "Relax… almost there…" and suddenly his knuckles went in. "See…" he pushed the rest in. Joe's fist was buried to his wrist in Gina's ass. She was still crying. "I'm proud of you." He kissed her in the left buttock. He rolled her down to her left side and spooned behind. "Hey, look at me…" he removed some stray hair from her face. "I love you." He kissed her on the mouth.

"What did he say? He didn't mean… he's mad," she thought. "He's telling me that he loves me, after raping me and with his fist now, buried in my ass. He's got to be crazy." Suddenly there was a glass shattering allison rey gets pussy demolished by stepdads cock from the well.

"Oh my God," Joe felt empty in his head. "What are they doing to that poor girl?" Gina sat up with his fist slutty wife fucked hard in the ass girlfriends housewives inside her ass. "What are they doing to Shelly?" she didn't wait for an answer though. "Let me go! Take your hand out!" she grabbed his wrist and tried to pull it out. Her crying never stopped, tears were running down her cheeks faster now.

"Let me go you fucking bastard." She was hysteric. "Calm down, I'll go see what's going on." He tried to convince her. Gina pulled out her gun from under the pillow and pointed it on his face. "Pull it out or I'll fucking shoot you!" Joe's fist came out of Gina's ass with a loud pop. She got of the bed and ran outside naked with a short range pistol in her hands, with only one bullet in it.

"What have you done Joe," he thought. "She surely is going to die now." He followed her quickly, fixing his gun belt and loosening the pistol in the holster. [Chapter 19] Bill wiped his dick on unconscious Shelly's face. Mike removed the hot iron and pushed it again on another place. The touch of the soft flash with hot iron was making hissing sounds.

The air became thick of the smell of burning flesh. Five times he pressed the iron on her ass and it took the shape of the letter B. He pressed it three more times and then only the touch of the tip and a little pressure and there, it's done. Bill. "There you go," he said to Bill. "I have to put it on fire again before I can write my name." Mike put the branding iron on fire again and stood up.

He was facing he door of the ranch house. And suddenly to his amazement, a gorgeous naked girl came out running. "Come here poppet…" he started to speak, but was cut off by the girl. "What have you done to her you filthy pigs…" but she didn't wait for an answer.

She aimed her gun at the thug and pulled the trigger. It felt like a train has just hit him in his stomach. Mike pulled out his gun and aimed it at her with trembling hand. BOOM! Mike's head almost blasted in the air. Sanchez was standing just in front of the barn doors with John's Winchester. Smoke was coming out of its barrel.

He'd never allow an innocent girl to die, not in front of him. BOOM! This brunette european slut is tons of fun gunshot and dust rose from Sanchez's chest pocket.

"You filthy Mexican rat," Bill shot Sanchez, "you'll never kill my men again." He shot him again and Sanchez collapsed to the ground. "Drop your gun Bill." Joe came out through the doors, pointing his six-shooter at Bill's back. Bill turned his head and looked at him.

"What's the point? You'll shoot me anyway," he said. "Just shoot me in the back, coward… like your dead friend over there." He pointed his head over at Sanchez.

John was there with Sanchez, amateur young girlfriend shaves pussy and gets cum on tits his hand, accompanying him in his last moments.

Blood rushed to Joe's head and he almost shot Bill. But he recovered quickly. "Ok than, I'll give you a fair chance." He moved towards Bill. "Holster your weapon," he stopped at five meters. "Then we'll draw." Bill put his gun back in his holster with a suspicious look on his face. "Gina, would you please move there baby?" he pointed a place far away from the duel. "Thank you," he said as she moved there. "And would you please do the honors?

1-5 would do." Gina gave a small nod. Joe put his revolver back in its holster. Joe and Bill looked each other in the eyes for a while. Bill's trying to smash him down to smithereens with his angry gaze.

Joe spat on the ground before him, like nothing much was going on. Gina started to count 1… 2… Bill moved very quickly and drew his pistol out. "Hah-ha… stupid! I got you now," he thought. BOOM! What was Joe thinking? "Cluck-cluck, Oh Bill! you silly sod. I always knew you were going to cheat. You could have at least died with dignity. A stupid cow thief like you is never going to beat a bank robber like me in a duel.

We are natural gunfighters. Alas! My friend Sanchez never got a chance of that, a fair fight." They all looked at them in awe as Bill slammed to the ground, with that triumphant smile still on his face. Smoke was rising from Joe's gun-barrel. He holstered his weapon and walked towards Sanchez. "Did you get him?" he asked, blood pouring out of his mouth as he speak. "Yeah, we got him. You and me, like old times." He replied, tears forming in his eyes.

Sanchez gave a small nod of satisfaction and closed his eyes, forever." [Chapter 20] Max, afraid of all those gunshots, started to walk away, Shelly still knotted with him, and he dragged her along the way.

Gina quickly ran to him and stopped the stupid dog from hurting her any more. Joe looked back at them and told John to help Gina carry her sister-in-law inside the house. John ran towards them to help.

Joe watched them carry Shelly's limp body inside the house. He then looked down at Sanchez and with a sigh he pulled him onto his strong arms. He carried him to the stable and put him down gently on a buckboard. He went out and fetched his and Sanchez's horse and harnessed them both to the buckboard. Then he pulled the carriage outside and threw in Mike and Bill's body in it.

Then he went inside the house. Gina has put some clothes on and was now tending to Shelly. "How is she?" he asked. "Alive, but in very bad shape," she replied. "Look at her." Joe looked at the mass of a body lying on the bed. He pulled out his pocket knife and freed her sewed together tits. Gina pulled the loose nylon thread out of her nipples as Joe concentrated on the bottle inside her pussy. He tried to pull it out, but it was stuck inside her pussy lips.

He pushed her swollen lips apart, as much possible and told Gina to pull out the bottle. Gina grabbed the bottle and pulled a few inches out. Joe released her lips and grabbed the bottle and gently pulled the rest of it out.

Some blood dripped down, but didn't look much dangerous. "Get ready to leave," he told John. John gave a nod and went outside. "Well… we'd better get going." He looked at Gina. "Yeah…" she said. "Give us 10 minutes before you release the prisoners," he said. "They're tied in the barn." "Ok." She said. "We are taking the buckboard; I'm leaving two horses in exchange." He said. "And I'm very sorry for what happened to your brother's wife." He turned to leave. "Hey…" she called him from behind.

"I don't know your name," she said. "I'm Joe," he said. Gina looked at his face, "Did you really mean what you said in my room?" she asked. Joe gave a small nod. "I live in the town, except for the weekends," she said. "I work in my uncles' restaurant there.

People can show you the way if you ask about me." "Ok," he said, face bright with a smile, "I will find you there." Fifteen minutes later, Joe and John was leaving the trail and getting on a road to the next town (not the town near the ranch). Joe was riding the buckboard, John on his horse. "Why are we carrying these two pieces of shit with us?" John asked. "Because these two my boy, are the key to our future," he replied.

"How's that?" John asked again. "Easy. They've got their faces on posters all over the county," Joe said. "The bounty on Bill's head is $8000 and $3000 on Mike," he continued, "Sanchez has a tag of $4500. But we however, will not hand him over. We will not sell him out." Joe and John buried Sanchez under a big tree.

They handed Bill and Mike's body to the Marshal's office and collected the reward. They decided to stay and rest in the town's hotel for a few days. On their second night in the town, the marshal was shot down on a gunfight.

Two days later, the town council approached him for the vacant post, as he old school amateur porn 3 tube porn the fierce bounty hunter who tracked down notorious bandit Bill. Joe accepted the offer and decided to wear the badge. Next month he sent John to a big city to study law, now that they have the money.

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He'll have to finish his schooling first though. Then exactly 60 days after the incident at the ranch, a lawman came looking for Gina in her restaurant and she was very happy to see him again.

The End