Busty latina hottie gets anal sex pornstars and hardcore

Busty latina hottie gets anal sex pornstars and hardcore
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Hi my name is Joe. Son blackmail mom sleeping fuck 22, 5'9 and have black hair and brown eyes. My girlfriend named Kayla lives in an apartment that's not too far away. I was on my way over there one Saturday night to surprise her for a possible date night, but by time I got there, it was storming out. So probably not the best night, but I was already there. So I went to the door and knocked, it took a minute for anyone to answer.

Her female roommate Hope answered the door. She was 22 as well and she was 5'4 with blonde hair, but she was wearing just a robe when she answered.

"Oh hi Hope, is this a bad time?" I asked. "Not two massive toys for a cute blonde. I mean you just caught me getting out of the shower, that's all, but Kayla isn't here though. She went out to meet her parents.

That was of course before it started storming all of the sudden," Hope replied. "Well OK then. Well if she's out with her folks, I won't bother her, but if she gets back in next couple hours, can you tell her I stopped by?" I asked.

"Sure. I can do that for you," Hope replied. "Well thank you Hope, I appreciate it, I'll see you later," I said. And as I was getting ready to walk away she stopped me. "Hey Joe, can you stay with me for a few minutes please? Pretty please?" Hope asked. I was a little skeptical, but she did look a little worried though and she a friend of Kayla's. So of course I couldn't just walk away. "OK what's wrong?" I asked. "Well can you come inside and just sit down with me for a few minutes please?" Hope asked.

I still wasn't sure what to think exactly, so I came inside and we both sat on the couch. "Thanks, truth be told, I'm just a little scared when it comes to being alone at night, and it's even worse when it's storming like this. It's not like I want you to stay until Kayla gets back, but it's just nice to have company, even if it's just for a few minutes," Hope said.

"OK then. I understand to some extent. Everyone has fears you have to deal with, I get it. Don't tell Kayla, but I had a problem being alone after I saw Scream for the first time. I was younger though," I replied. "Well thanks. I didn't know that, but I appreciate it. So how are things with Kayla?" Hope asked. I wasn't too sure honestly. We were seeing each other 4 or 5 times a week, and then it was down to like once a week. So I wasn't sure, it was one reason I came over for a date night.

"Well, I guess things are down right now, I'm not sure why though, I guess things just happen," I replied. "Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I didn't know. I guess now that you say something, I have noticed you haven't been here as much, but have you two been fighting at all lately?" Hope asked. "Well no, but I don't know what happened honestly Hope.

I don't know if she just wants to end it or what. She didn't even tell me she was going out tonight. I guess it's my fault I should have booked her when I had the chance. Has she said anything to you?" I asked. I think she wanted to say something about her, but didn't. "No, but if it makes you feel any better. I haven't had a boyfriend in like 3 months now.

So I haven't you know," Hope said. "Had sex?" I asked. "Yes, I'm guessing you two haven't done it for awhile now either?" Hope asked. "You are guessing right," I replied. We both were silent for a minute, then I got up.

"Well I guess I'm gonna go now. I'll try calling her tomorrow if I don't hear from her tonight," I said as I stood up. "Wait, can you please stay?" Hope asked. Once again I was skeptical, I wasn't sure what to think. So she got up and slowly took her robe off. Then there was a beautiful young lady standing completely naked standing in front of me. "I'll make it worth your while, I just need some company," Hope said. Even though I was going out with Kayla, I couldn't help but take a good hard look at her naked body.

She was beautiful, even more so than Kayla. Hope had nice C-cup breasts and temptation was standing right in front of me, so I got a very noticeable hard on. "I'm guessing that means you'll geeky teen gets pov sex by horny boyfriend for a little while?" Hope asked.

Then I sat back down and she didn't put the robe back on. She sat down with me. She didn't sit close, but not far away either. So there was about 2 feet between us. "Joe, can I ask you something?" Hope asked. "Well I haven't left yet, so yes," I replied not looking at her. "Well first would you look at me?" Hope asked. I turned my head and looked at her.

"Would you say I'm making you uncomfortable right now? I mean I know you are with Kayla, but would you say I'm making you uncomfortable by me being completely ?" Hope asked.

I hesitated for a minute. I was a little uncomfortable, but I wasn't sure what was going on, did she really think I wouldn't be uncomfortable? Was she trying to get me to do something? Or was seeing her nude making it worth my while?

"Yes a little. Even though you are very beautiful Hope, but this is wrong. You are very attractive though, but I'm with Kayla," I replied. Then as I was about to get up, she got closer to me, my heart started beating very quickly, I just couldn't take me eyes off her really nice rack, oh she was ravishing. Of course my erection just got bigger and bigger. She seemed to notice very it easily and then she started rubbing my shoulder.

"Well someone is definitely turned on right now, tell me you don't like this, being around a very attractive naked lady," Hope said. I couldn't answer her, I was just breathing in and out steadily trying to keep my cool. Then just to make matters worse, she gently put her hand onto my dick.

I let out some soft moans and she knew how much I wanted her even though I was with Kayla. She was beyond sexy and she was naked too, how could I resist? "Well, can I see it?" Hope asked. I wasn't sure what to say, she did let me see her completely nude, although I didn't ask her to show me herself like that. "Would you mind if I undid your pants?" Hope asked.

Then she didn't even wait for me to answer. Maybe she knew I wasn't going to answer. So she just undid my pants and my hard dick poked out through my boxers. "Wow, that is huge Joe. I can see that Kayla is missing out big time, if i were her, this cock would be in my mouth and pussy every single night," Hope said. "Thank you,I guess," I replied slowly.

"We can do this once, Kayla never has to know," Hope said. Then I thought this was happening too fast, why would she be so into me all of the sudden? "Is this a test?" I asked. Then she kissed me once on the lips.

"No, it's not, now I'm gonna suck your big tit milf gets titty fucked after sucking, I hope you like it," Hope replied. Then she leaned down and took my dick into her mouth, it felt absolutely wonderful despite the fact that I was cheating. I just laid back and took it all the best I could without getting emotional. "Oh yeah Hope, that feels so damn good," I said. She didn't answer me, I think she might have wanted to, but she didn't.

She stopped for a minute and had gotten onto her stomach while on the couch. Then she took my dick back into her mouth once again and I put my hands onto her head. She started going up and slowly rather slowly and as I felt her lips around my dick, I knew she was a lot better that giving blow jobs than Kayla.

I just couldn't get over it, I was sold at that moment. So I was breathing in and out as slowly as Brazzers cute teen stella cox rides her friends brother at the sleepover could just trying to control myself just a little to make sure I didn't shoot my load right down her throat, but it it being her, it was too difficult.

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"Oh shit, oh shit Hope. I'm gonna cum already," I said. Then she got away and watched. I couldn't help it at all, this woman I had a little thing for was blowing me completely unexpectedly, so that was quite an experience. "Well, I didn't expect you to cum so soon Sexy playgirl is addicted to wild fuck hardcore and blowjob. Damn, I must be a better dick sucker than I thought, snd that was a lot cum," Hope said before she leaned over and kissed me again.

Then I was just breathing in and out slowly for a minute. I couldn't help but stare at her boobs. "Joe, would you like to feel them?" Hope asked. I couldn't resist such an offer, her boobs were great. So I put both of my hands onto her boobs and they felt even greater than I imagined in my hands.

I squeezed them a little firmly, but not too tight though. And she seemed to like it, I was small tits blonde teen babe gets her pussy pounded in bed bigcock and petite breathing pretty steadily and I hadn't shot another load yet even though I had 2 really sexy tits in my hands. "On a scale from one to ten, how good do they feel?" Hope asked.

"50 I think. Wow, does your mom have a rack this good?" I asked. "Maybe, why, you wanna feel her's too?" Hope asked. "Not when I can feel yours Hope. Are you sure your last name isn't Dworaczyk?" I asked. "No, I'm not Hope Dworaczyk, but I could be the next 'Hope' to be playmate of the year though.

You never know," Hope replied. Well she was probably even sexier than Hope Dworaczyk honestly, but it's not like I could feel Hope Dworaczyk's boobs though.

Then Hope leaned over to my ear. "You know what? With you feeling my tits like this. My pussy is getting really wet," Hope said. Then I asked something I knew I'd mostly likely regret later, but I asked it anyway. "Well these tits are absolutely great Hope, but do you have any condoms here?" I asked. Then she just grinned at me and stood up, she put her hand out and we both went into Kayla's bedroom.

I was wondering why we were in her room. "What are we doing in here? Wouldn't it be better to do it in your room?" I asked. "Yes it would be," Hope said as she got into Kayla's dresser for a minute. Then after a minute of going through her dresser she finally got something out of there. "Well, since she's out with her parents tonight and you are here, she won't be needing this," Hope said holding a condom.

Then she came back over to me and took my hand. We both headed back to her bedroom. We were both standing in front of the bed and she took the condom out of the package. She got down on her knees and pushed me onto the bed. She took my pants and boxers off completely. Then she put the condom onto my dick, then she got on top of me and I inserted my dick into her while we were in cowgirl style. "Holy shit Joe. That is some cock you got down there," Hope said.

"Thank you," I replied slowly. I was still stunned that this was happening, it was unreal to some extent. She started bouncing up and down slowly as she rode me. I saw that very nice rack going up and down and it was paradise. Her nipples were perfect, with size and placement, she had the perfect rack. Not too big or too small either. "I know, they are really great aren't they?" Hope asked.

"Damn fucking right they are Hope. You really should be in Playboy, seriously," I replied. Then she leaned down to me for a minute. "Would it turn you on to know that, Kayla is jealous of my great rack?" Hope asked.

I just heard that and I was like the happiest guy in the world, it turned me on big time. "Yes that would," I replied slowly just before I kissed her again. We kissed each other passionately for a minute. I held her as close as I possibly could and then I felt her really big and nice boobs press up against me.

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And Hope's tits were bigger than Kayla's, how could Kayla not be jealous? Then she dangled her boobs right over me. I grabbed both of them and began licking her nipples softly. It tickled her as I thought it would, she really seemed to like it judging by her laughing. "Oh Joe, don't make it tickle so much," Hope said.

I really didn't take that under advisement honestly, I just kept at it, well of course as you can imagine, it was pleasuring her to no end. She had stopped bouncing up and down and held still, but with me tickling her with my tongue, that wasn't easy for her to do. She began moving around some laughing even more, so she was having fun. "Holy shit you make that feel so damn good," Hope said. Then I made us switch positions stimulating honeys own poon tang deepthroat and blowjob missionary, it scared her a bit though.

"Whoa shit Joe, aren't you a feisty one," Hope said. Then I really began thrusting my nice dick into her deep. I made her moan softly for a minute. "Oh shit Joe. Yeah, get in there deep for me. Deeper than you would ever go with Kayla, make me moan really loudly now," Hope said.

That order, I did take under advisement. So I began thrusting my dick in and out of her a little roughly as we were really close. "Whoa shit Joe, that's what I'm talking about, keep it up like that.

Don't stop, keep fucking me like that, ram me like mad," Hope said. So I did ram her the best I could anyway being in missionary position.

I kissed her a few times on the head as well. She kept moaning loudly though. I feared a little that maybe if Kayla came back she might hear, but I was horny at that point and I didn't care too much. "Oh shit, yeah this is good Hope. You are a very sexy lady," I said. "Thank you Joe. I always appreciate compliments from sexy guys. And you are a very sexy guy, make sure you hang onto that nice dick," Hope replied.

Then it was time, I couldn't hold it anymore and neither could she. I pulled out and took off the condom and I shot my load onto her stomach. And she had an orgasm as well, of course I felt proud i could give her an orgasm, then I laid down with her, we kissed a couple more times, but stayed for silent for a minute. "Wow, and that's the sex that Kayla hasn't been having for like what a month now?" Hope asked.

"Yes, I don't get it, I thought our sex life was great, and all of the sudden, we're like never doing it. I have no idea what the hell happened. Maybe she's like doing someone else lovely and tattooed arya fae gets fucked by codey steeles hard cock for all I know," I replied. "Well don't let that get you down, you got to have sex with me. I know you have wanted to for awhile now.

I've seen you sneaking some peaks in the past, when I get out of the shower or just in my bra and panties," Hope said. Then I was a little embarrassed to say the least. "You caught me checking you out?" I asked.

"No. I was just bluffing. You really have been checking me out?" Hope asked. "Yes a few times, but I've been with Kayla, so I couldn't make a move though," I replied. "Well, it looks like we both have tonight," Hope said. Then we kissed again. Then we heard some footsteps coming towards the door. "Oh shit, it's Kayla," Hope said. Then as I was about to hide, Kayla opened the door, she looked at us for a minute stunned. "What the fuck?" Kayla asked.