Check out the rack on leigh livingston

Check out the rack on leigh livingston
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It was the day after that day in the woods and Jess and I were in the basement watching a movie on HBO in the basement. Soon it was over and she asked me what I wanted to watch.

"I don't care." I answered and she began scrolling through the guide of satilite channels. She passed blonde with monster ass enjoys reverse dildo riding Playboy channel and a few other porn channels.

She laughed. "Do you guys get these?" "I don't think so." "Hmm.have you ever had sex before?" "Hahaha, yeah right, I wish. How bout you?" "Nope.You wanna play truth or dare?" My heart was racing with the thought of how good this game could get. "Sure." "Ok, you first. Truth or dare?" "I dunno.truth I guess." "Thats no fun. Fine. Whats your biggest secret?" I was debating in my head weather to answer this truthfully or to BS the question. It was a big gamble, but I figured I should be honest.

"I'm really attracted to my mom. I really want to have sex with her. I mastrubate to her all the time.and you too." I said softly.

"Hmm.Ok. I choose dare." For a minute it didn't quite click with me why she wasn't screaming "ew" and "gross". I decided to let it go.

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"Well.that was a preety big truth, so I dare you to play the rest of the game naked." She gave me a comically angry look. Then began to strip down. Finally she was naked, revealing her amazing curves all the way from her perky round tits and their large brown nipples down to her soft hips on either side of her cute little slit. She returned to her seat, sitting cross legged, which gave me a clear view of everything she had.

She saw my hard cock tent out my pants and smiled. " turn I guess." I said, still taking in her body. "Uh.I guess I'll choose dare." "Hmmm." she said with a smirk. "I dare you to masturbate, and then eat your own cum." Her smirk turned into a full fledged smile. "Aw man." I didn't really have any desire to eat my own cum.

"How bout this?" She said, obviously feeling a little bad. "You can cum on my boobs and then eat it off of them." I figured it was a far enough trade off. "Ok, lie down." She laid out on her back and I stripped down.

She was going to she my cock anyway so there was no reason to let paula masturbate snatch in the bath tube get in the way. I got down on my knees and straddled her stomach. My nuts gently brushed her soft belly. "That tickles" she said smiling. She watched as I went to work wanking myself over her huge tits.

This was the most aroused I had ever been. Sucking on those round supple tits, even covered in my own cum, would be so amazing. I couldn't help myself. "I am about to cum." I warned her. I quickened my pace, till be load shot out onto her chest. I aimed as well as I could for her dark nipples, which now stood hard. After a few moments I was done; it was the most I had ever came. I leaned back, resting for a moment.

"Alrighty, here we go." I said. I decided to start with her left breast, licking first around the edges working myself closer and closer to her nipple and the glob of semen atop which was soon going to spill over the sides. I gentley held her breast as I sucked her nipple, tasting with it my first sizable amount of cum.

It wasn't good, but the plate it was served on more than made up for the taste. Even after I had cleaned her breast, I continued to suck as she softly moaned. I knew I had to move onto the next one though, so I made a move towards her right tit. "Wait," she said softly.

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"I want to taste some." She took a glob of semen off of her nipple with her finger and then began to suck on it, timid at first, but then with increasing confidence.

"Mmmm.I love it. You'll have to cum again for me sometime so I can have it all." "Not a problem" I assured and finished off her second tit. We then sat back in our places again, regaining ourselves. "Well," She started after a moment. "Dare is obviously more fun, so I choose dare." "Ok, let me think." "Alright, I'll just pee real quick, while you think." "Wait!" I called. "What?" "I dare you to drink a glass of your own piss." "What?!" "You can't back down." "Ok, fine. How should we do this." I finished off my glass of iced tea and handed her the empty cup.

I told her we would go into the basement's bathroom, which has a shower.

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She would squat in the shower and fill the cup and then drink it. We went into the bathroom and she squatted down in the stall shower. Soon a stream of golden piss was flowing, filling the cup with that wonderful noise it makes.Soon it was full and she stood back up. "Here we go." she said.

She placed the cup at her lips and began to drink. At first it was slow, but soon I heard her gulping as she drained the cup. And then she was done, and set the glass down. I looked at her. "You enjoyed that, didn't you." She smiled at me. "I dare you to kiss me." I pushed her up against the wall as our lips met.

I slid my fingers into her wet cunt. She moaned through our kiss. "Fuck me." I grabbed her leg under the knee and lifted it up. I pushed my cock into her tight pussy. I had wanted this so bad. I wanted to fuck my own cousin, and here I was doing it. "I'm gonna cum," I told her after some minutes. "No! Don't cum inside me!" she cried. I pulled out and she dropped to her knees. She took my whole length in her mouth, and that was enough for me to blow my load.

She swallowed it all, and we smiled at each other.