Attractive cutie is pissing and pleasing trimmed twat

Attractive cutie is pissing and pleasing trimmed twat
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My brother married Amy when I was just 15 years old.

She was 26 and absolutely stunning. She reminded me of Katherine Heigl, standing about 5 foot 9, 36 C breasts (I checked a bra from her room when my brother first brought her home to meet the family), and a large, but firm, ass. She reminded me of Katherine Heigl not just because of her cute face (she had amazing eyes), but because she was curvy, not some stick figure model that you see on the cover of those fashion magazines.

My new sister-in-law had shoulder length blonde hair, which she constantly fiddled with at the dinner table, or as we watched TV. Growing up with only brothers, I was pretty excited to have such a hot new sister-in-law enhancing the scenery at family events. She didn't disappoint. While her clothes were never slutty or even particularly revealing, she always wore a top just tight enough to show the shape of her largish breasts or one with just a hint of cleavage.

During the day she often walked around in a pair of loose fitting sweats, but on lucky days she exposed her long lightly tanned legs in a pair of tight jean shorts. She would sometimes sit and watch a movie with me in these, sitting down on the floor and stretching her legs.

As she did the butterfly stretch, or spread her legs fully to get her inside limbs; I would indiscreetly glance at her sparsely covered crotch, but to no avail. Her jeans shorts were so tight around her muscular thighs that I could see nothing. A few times I think I imagined some camel toe, but I really couldn't be sure. The first year she was married to my brother they lived just a few miles away, so I saw her fairly frequently. Our communication was cordial, but hardly flirtatious. She would ask me about my school, sports I was playing and our mutual interest, the Denver Broncos, she was a huge football fan, which made her that much more sexy to me.

I didn't really know that much about her except the basic background information. She had been an All-American soccer player, which was probably why her legs were so toned and strong, and the most invaluable piece of information relating to this she was extremely competitive.

At 15 I was a thin 5 foot 7 and she was a toned, 5-9, high level athlete that still could push me around if we played one-on-one basketball or soccer. Nothing really happened during these matches, an occasional bump or post up move by Amy sent her butt into my crotch, but it wasn't long enough or sexual in intention to really have an effect. Right before I turned 16, disaster struck, or so I thought at the time.

My brother had gotten a job offer in Arizona that was too good to pass up. He and Amy were moving down there and as quickly as I had gained a sexy sister-in-law it seemed I had lost one. But their move had unexpected benefits as I realized months later when my mother told me that my brother and Amy were spending his two-week vacation with us in Colorado.

Since they had obviously sold their house, they would occupy the guest bedroom right next to mine for those two weeks. I was ecstatic to say the mature neighbor came to visit the son of a friend. I hadn't had the opportunity to check out my sister-in-law's underwear and bra's since the first time my brother brought her home, and I was desperate to see if her modest clothing hid some naughty lingerie.

I had changed a lot over the past year growing from my small 5-7 frame to a 6 foot broad shouldered 17 year old. I was looking forward to taking her on in basketball with my new found height and strength.

But by far the most exciting part of the next two weeks would be finally getting to see Amy in a bathing suit. My father had hired contractors to put in a large in-ground pool in our backyard. I had never seen Amy in anything less than those jean shorts horny french mom hard anal pounded and facial jizzed in some with papy voyeur a tee shirt and couldn't believe my luck.

The day of their arrival finally came and Amy did not disappoint. Arizona had done her well as she walked around the side of their rental car. She was still just as toned as before, but had a bangbros pawg gianna nicole sucks multiple random big dicks in gloryhole tan from the Arizona sun.

"Hi David!" she said, "Hey, how are you doing?" I responded, trying not to look at her chest or her short-shorts. We had a moment of uncertainty as we awkwardly hugged and I felt her firm breasts, held in only by a baby blue tank top, press into my chest. She certainly was wearing more revealing clothing, probably because it was almost 100 degrees and because Arizona's climate had forced her to change her wardrobe.

God, how I love Arizona! "I'm doing well!" she smiled. "No respite from the heat though. I never thought I'd wish for winter, but I'm sick of sweating!" I smiled back, trying not to think of her all hot and sweaty. " I know what you mean" I answered, "Well, we got a pool installed, so you can cool off there," I said, trying not to sound too eager.

"I heard! I'm so excited to see it! It looks like you've been using it a lot," she said smiling coyly, as she playful grasped each of my shoulders. "You got so much bigger this past year I can hardly believe it's the same David" as she slid her hands down and off my arms looking me up and down. It was the closest thing to flirting between the two of us and I was a bit shocked that she had seemed to let her eyes travel down my body and briefly take in my bulge.

She quickly looked back up smiling pleasantly as I blushed and mumbled, "Thanks." The night was uneventful as we had a family meal and my brother and Amy went off to bed early, tired from the day's travel.

The next morning, though, Amy knocked and entered my room in pair of tight athletic shorts and small tee shirt that barely met the waistband of her shorts. "You wanna play some 1-on-1?" she offered. "Sure. I'll meet you outside in five minutes" I said. As I got out of bed I started to put on a pair of jockey shorts, but suddenly decided to go commando under my athletic shorts.

It was a risky move that I never would have tried the year before, but I was more sexually confident and I highly doubted she would tell anyone I had gotten an erection while playing basketball against her.

As I walked out into the hot air, the outline of my cock was clearly visible to Amy if she chose to look. I thought I saw her glance quickly down, but I wasn't sure. "Shoot for ball" I said, confidently. She drained the foul shot and the game began. At first, we were both driving to the hoop, but as the air got hotter and we got tired, Amy started to post up and my experiment went into action. Her effect on me was instantaneous. As she tried to back me down toward the hoop, her ass inevitably met by thinly covered, rapidly enlarging cock.

I knew she felt it; as her body tensed and her butt wiggled deeper into my cock until my member was nestled, almost like a hot dog in bun, in her ass crack. There was no way she didn't feel it, but as I had guessed she was not ready to expose me and create an even more awkward situation.

I took advantage of her moment of indecision and leaned around her, lunging at the ball. She reacted just in time, pushing the ball further away from her chest and out of the reach of my grasping hand. In doing so her butt pushed further up into my crotch, causing my dick to run the length of her ass crack. She breathed out heavily and not from fatigue. My sister-in-law Amy had moaned because of me!

It was a dream come true. But I needed to think ahead, I took her moment of "weakness" to successfully lung for the ball and lay it in for the winning basket. With my back still turned after the shot, I skillfully stuck my dick into my waistband to avoid the obviousness of my current state. It was the first time I had beaten her in game of basketball and I knew I could later use her competitiveness against her. She was clearly a little dazed from the sexuality of our game, but more frustrated now that she had lost to me.

I teased her about losing all the way back to the house and clearly got her ticked off. She said she was too tired to play another game, but would challenge me at water basketball after she changed into her bathing suit. As we walked into the house I was finally given the chance of a lifetime. My mother told me she was going to the store and that my brother and father were out golfing.

I would be home alone with my sister-in-law for at least an hour, in the pool, it was now or never to make my move. As I walked out of my room in swimsuit, carrying my towel. I passed by the guest room where I heard the shower running. I cautiously opened the door and saw the bathroom door closed and the shower and bathroom fan loudly running.

As I scanned the room I saw the clothes she had just worn to our game of basketball draped over the dirty black slut sucks dick in backseat of bang bus basket. I tiptoed over and lifted away the shirt and bra to find her shorts.

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I stuck my hand into them and withdrew a pair of modest, but small, white cotton panties. I confirmed my earlier belief.

They were soaked, and not with sweat. I smelled her vaginal juices on the underside of the panties and knew she had been seriously aroused.

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I quickly rubbed them against my hard cock and placed everything back in their original positions. As I left the room, I heard the shower turn off and knew she would arrive to the pool momentarily. Amy came out in a stunning pure white big bikini and smiled sheepishly as she tried to avoid my ogling eyes taking in her tan skin juxtaposed by the whiteness of the material. More hypnotizing was the puffy nature of her crotch area covered by those small bikini bottoms.

She had a patch of dark, downy pubic area faintly visible through the bikini bottoms! I was stunned at how sexy I found her hairy snatch, intensified by the fact that the rest of her body was so well-shaven.

She quickly waded into the pool to avoid my prying eyes, keeping her head low and glancing up intermittently at me. I boldly yelled "Heads up!" as I passed the ball across the pool to her.

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She smiled and said, "It's game time!" That it is I thought to myself. It didn't take long for the casual touching to begin. I made the first move letting her go by me, only to reach out and graze her breast. She scored and chimed in "Winner's ball!" I blocked her next shot and moved quickly through the water to capitalize on her turnover. She swam behind me wrapping her arms around my chest and throwing her body and me down into the water, preventing me from getting off the shot.

I came up yelling foul as she laughed and said "Just a good, hard play." As she tried to wade by me on the next possession I aggressively swept my arm between her legs with my forearm pushing into her crotch, while my other arm swept under the small of her back. She groaned as I catapulted her out of the water, watching her flail before hitting the water again a few feet away. She came up hissing, "Ok mister, you wanna play rough, you're on!" With that she dove underwater, making a B-line for my ankles.

I recognized the attack and started to swim over. I reached her ankles before she reached mine. I pulled her lower body out of the water as she struggled below me unable to see what was going on at the surface.

I took the opportunity to stick my face as close as I could to her exposed crotch. Since I was still holding her ankles, I just slightly spread her legs so I could fit my face within an inch of her pussy without brushing the sides of my face against her thighs. I knew she need air so I quickly sniffed her sex smell and got a closer look at her nearly translucent bikini bottoms showing off her brown hairy snatch.

I released her ankles from my grip as she surfaced choking and saying that you can't hold someone under water like that. She prepared to climb the ladder out of the pool, but I knew this was a rare chance. I desperately grabbed her around her torso and kept her in the water. I needed to think of a way to take this to the next level, without clearly making the first move.

I knew it was unlikely that she would make the first move or accept my advances unless she was in a state of ecstasy. Knowing I had the clear physical advantage I feigned wrestling with her for a minute more before launching my full-on attack. I wrestled her near to a wall where I knew there was a jet feeding water into the pool.

I then skillfully dove under her pushing both of us closer to the edge. I weaved my legs into hers, spooning her from underneath, until I could use my lower legs to lift both of our legs out of the water. I then swung my legs onto of hers pinning them pretty molly manson wanted to get banged by hard meat the ground along the edge of the pool, causing her knees to bend and pushing her ass into the side of the pool.

Amy struggled as I tried to find where we were in relation to the water jet. We were just to its right. As she fought and yelled for me to let her go, I acted oblivious to the sexual position she was in and continued fake laughing at her predicament while shifting us to the left to place her vagina over the water jet.

She hadn't seemed to figure out the plan, but when I firmly pushed her crotch into the jet's stream, she knew she needed to get away from the pressure or risk having an hot asians lusty gangbang group sex and japanese in front of her younger brother-in-law. She pushed with all her strength as I watched those strong legs of hers flex helplessly as there was nothing for them to push against with her heels grounded solidly against the walkway around the pool's edge.

Her wiggling further allowed me to push the nozzle into pussy and split her engorged lips. "Ah! David stop, I can't breathe!" I didn't respond; I just listened as her breaths became shorter and louder.

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Still feigning blonde teen witch granting old guy wish reverse cowgirl, I finally said, "Don't be silly, your head's above water…" Almost moaning out the words she said, "No David, I…AH!!" I finally had given into my urges and was grinding my dick into her large ass. "David stop…this is not ok!.mmmphh" I had boldly stuck hand down her bikini bottoms, feeling the scratchiness of her pubic hair and quickly finding her clit beginning to furiously finger fuck her.

"DAVID!!" she squealed, trying to grab my hand out of her bottom, but all the while thrusting her pussy into my hand. I took this opportunity to release the knot on one end of her bottoms, lifting her midsection closer to the surface with my pubic muscles, so I could see the treasure of all my work. She squealing all the while, trying to cover up her pussy lips.

I again used this to her disadvantage, untying the other side of her bottoms, then reaching under and between her spread legs snatching them away, throwing them out of reach.

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I forced her hands away and dug two fingers deep inside her, as she let out a shriek of pain and pleasure. Using my other hand, I pulled off my swim shorts and ground my bare dick into her ass. It was time to have her completely. She had stopped struggling as I lifted her out of the pool and carried her to a lounge chair. Pulling off her bra, I admired her whole body, removing her top and kissing over her large pink nipples.

She inhaled violently as I pushed my 7 inches into the back of her tight canal. As I thrust my dick in and out she began to openly enjoy the attention, exhausted from the struggle, her flushed face reacting to each vibration in her pussy.

Finally I sped up my thrusts, preparing to cum, she orgasmed again groaning seconds before I pulled out and shot my load up from her trimmed patch of pubic hair all the way to her full C-cup breasts. I kissed her lightly on the lips, whispering how I hoped we could do this again sometime.

I didn't find another chance that vacation to seduce Amy, but it's only weeks until they make their next annual visit…