Naughty milf jerks off a naked young dude

Naughty milf jerks off a naked young dude
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"Ryan open up!" Charley continued to knock on the door. Lane started to stir. Not wanting to disturb the beautiful angel that was lying next to me. I quietly got up and threw on the underwear that I was pretty sure weren't even mine, but it was the first thing that I grabbed.

Thinking it would be quicker than putting on the pair of jeans that I had last night, I quickly climbed the stairs until I reached my room. Lying on the floor by the door was a pair of Nike running shorts. I hastily put them on as I descended down the stairs, and then a sound caught my attention on my way to the front door.

Looking out the window I could see Charley's blue mustang turning around the block. Spinning out down the street from where I live. I exhaled deeply.

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I was glad that I didn't have to confront Charley, and explain the sleeping wonder on my living room floor. I thought about it for a moment and then decided that I needed to take a shower to russian college girls fucking sex my nerves settle down a little. I slowly pulled my shorts off and then took the underwear that I was wearing and threw it in the middle of the floor.

I looked down at the red briefs. It said Diesel on them. That must be the Aeropostale of underwear or something. Being that half of the locker room wore the same underwear.

I jumped in the warm jet of water that was bursting out of the head of the shower. I replayed the last few hours in my head. The movie. The kiss. The fucking. The cum. Ohhh the cum. Thinking about it made my dick twitch and I could feel a stiffie coming on. I couldv'e spent all night in that shower.

Reminiscing about events that took place prior to my shower. Then I thought of what happened when Charley awoke my perfect paradise. Wait.

When Charley knocked I don't remember him saying "Brock.Open the door." No. I remember him saying "Ryan.Open the door." But Ryan? He was over 300 miles away from here. My heart panicked as I bent over and turned the nozzle off.

I jumped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and ran to Ryan's room. Nothing. There was no sign that Ryan had been there at all that night. Then I remembered something else Charley said. I can see you car here so I know your home." Quickly I ran down stairs and slid across the kitchen until I got to the door that exited into the four car garage I noticed my Avalanche and beside there was my brothers old Camaro.

The other vacant spots were reserved for my mom and dad's vehicle. I went to the kitchen and dialed in my Brother's number on the telephone. Ring Ring. "Hello?" "Hey its Brock." "Uhmm hey." We sat in a silence for a moment. "Hello?" He asked again. "Ya im still here." "Did you.uh.need something?" "No, I was just wondering where you were at." "I thought we talked about this." He said.

"I'm in Wisconsin. With the rest of the family. Why?" "Oh I was just wondering why you didn't take your car?" "To save on gas." "Oh." I said.

I felt like an idiot. "Is that all?" He asked. "Ya sorry bro." "Its cool. Bye." "Bye." I felt like I could walk on top of the world. I felt like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. I opened up the fridge and got me some orange juice. In all this commotion I forgot about the reason I was worried in the first place.

Lane. I stepped into the living room and found him lara with matures sex funny episode again ever so peacefully.

Man this guy was a heavy sleeeper I joked to myself. I threw my towel across the room and joined my new friend on the floor. The next morning I woke from the sound of my phone going off. It was slightly saddened to find myself alone on the floor. I reached over to grab my phone and looked at the screen and saw 'Charley' in big letters across the top.

"Hey" I answered. "Where the crap were you last night?" He said.

Getting right down to it. " I must have fallen asleep or something." I said. Trying to hide the lie in my voice. "And Ryan?" "Ryan is up in Wisconsin." "But his car was there." I then explained the situation to Charley as I got myself dressed and ready to go out and present myself to the world. We hung up and decided that I was gonna go over to his house later on. As I wolfed down the last of my cereal, I grabbed my keys and walked out of the garage door to head on over to Charley's.

But there was a note on my windshield. It read: Last night was awesome babe.

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Can't wait to do it again sometime. -Lane. p.s. heres my cell 918-555-0978 I typed the number on my phone and saved it under Lane. I then sent a text saying that I enjoyed it just as much as he did and that I would love to do it again the next time hes available.

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I got to Charley's house in about fifteen minutes. We sat in his room and talked about the new track coach and much of a dick he could be. But no matter what the subject was I could get my mind off of last night. And that note he left. Babe. Thats what really kept me hooked. I might have been the most popular and ONE of the many hottest at my school but Lane Gregory was the hottest.

Followed by Charley and a few others. After about three hours I went by McDonald's to pick me up something to eat. And thats when I seen him again. He was driving a white two door pickup across the four way in front of me. I let out a short honk and watched him look in my direction. Even from here I could see his dimples forming sunny leone xxx sex story wacth free his muscles bulging out out of the tight tee (that matched his blue tinted glasses) he was wearing.

He smiled and then waved in my direction. He turned into McDonald's and pulled up right behind me. My house was minutes away and so I crossed the intersection, with him on my tail, and drove about two miles before pulling into my garage.

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I signaled for him to follow me in and just use one of my parents places. He seemed to understand and pulled in next to Ryan's car. As soon as we were inside he grabbed my hand and spun me around. Just like the previous night he took ahold of my face and kissed me but this time I knew what to expect and vigorously kissed him back.

We scrambled up the stairs and into my room before we started to remove each others clothing. I noticed the new smells that were began to flow off his skin. The warm sweet fragrance of Usher cologne. Sprayed the perfect amount around the perfect parts.

He took hold of my belt buckle and undid expertly. He then got on his knees and began to deep throat me.

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He had his wet juicy lips spread wide and with his tongue began to make circles around my crown. It felt so damn good I began to moan and beg for more. He then moved his left hand around my body and slipped his finger in to crack of my ass.

He ran it back and forth over the sweat that was being produced. He then stuck that same finger deep into my anus and began to fuck me with his index finger. It felt so good. I began to scream and yell out in pleasure. He then stuck another finger in there. And then another. Three fingers deep into my ass, I couldn't take this anymore I grabbed the back of his head and began to fuck it. Now I might not be nine inches like Lane but I was eight.

Thats still pretty big! But Lane didn't gag once while I was fucking face off. I felt a hot rush come over me and then it reached the base of my penis. It was like someone had took a hold of my lungs. I couldn't breathe as I empty countless loads of sperm into his wide open throat.

I was tired. I couldn't stand. My knees collapsed and I landed on my bed. Lane was there in an instant. "Babe! Babe. Are you all right?" "This is my fault. Please don't be mad babe please.

All I wanted to do was please you. Are you all right?" Even though I just shot out enough sperm to start a bank. I was NOT about to let Lane think he did something wrong. I reached up and grabbed the back of his neck pulled him to me. I crammed ours lips masseuse fingers babe on her all four in massage room fingering and european and forced my tongue into his mouth.

I didn't care if I could still taste my own sperm. I needed him to kiss me like we never had before. We kissed a good 5 minutes straight. It felt like not one breath was permitted in that time. I rolled him on his back and then went down on him. I stroked him at first then using nothing but tongue I licked every inch of this god and then submerged myself all the way down until his bush was tickling my nose.

I sucked and sucked that cock for what seemed like hours. He came at least three time in this process. He then looked at me and said without a hint of doubt."Fuck me." He turned over after giving me a wet suck on my dick to substitute for lube.

I cogiendo con mi amiga con derechos friends and coupple it in about halfway and then pulled out. This went on for about two minutes until he demanded to be rammed. I went full force into that ass. Oh nothing in the world felt better. Oh My God! Without warning a came into his ass it filled him up and then I turned over for my turn.

After the fucking was over we layed and cuddled for a little while. I was tracing the six pack that he was sporting. And then out of nowhere he took my face and looked into my eyes with those mesmerizing eyes and with 100% seriousness he said, plain as day, "I love you." I silently gasped. What?! Me? This god loved me?! No there had to have been a mistake somewhere I couldn't just get this lucky in life.

And I could tell he was waiting for my reaction the look in his eyes as he searched for any signs of doubt. I didn't know how to answer. And so on impulse and purely hormones I responded, "I love you too." Lane smiled huge that hot smile of his and pulled me closer to him and then we fell into sleep. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part Three coming out Soon.

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