Jake steed fucks cupcake creampie

Jake steed fucks cupcake creampie
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Chapter 7 Slaves are supposed to wake earlier then the mistress but i wasn't the same i was up earlier than my hubby every morning to have a check on his abused body and the necessary reinforcements from me on his current india summer in dicked down in detention. He was on the cold floor the whole night after the ball busting and pegging from the last night.

I found his asshole kind of stretched in mms with the pegging last night but I have two bigger sizes as well and I was not planning to pawn or sell any of them so mercy was not an option. His nipples were heading to get swollen forever due to the clamps which was a good sign of his slavery. After waking Tushar up I led him to the toilet to get his distilled beer from my pussy. He sipped all of it willingly and I left for my workout. I worked out tirelessly these days to grow my thighs and waist bigger than my slave.

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He offered me a clean up of my sweat and took my urine and fart as well. Later that evening we had an invitation of a marriage function, both of us were invited so I asked Tushar to get ready in a total gentleman's outfit leaving his slavery image behind.

I asked for his help as I was preparing to wear a black banarsi saree, he did my bra and blouse followed by pallu while i pinched his nipples in the process. He was dressed to the gentleman he was in real and we headed to the marriage like a real power couple.

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Chapter 8 After reaching the place we were greeted by several relatives and friends,talked work,marriage,etc and then we had the shadi meal before us. During the meal "I need to pee Tushar" He was all stunned "Here?" "No idiot not among the public but I sure won't use the dirty toilet when I have you my slave" Tushar led me to one toilet and after taking the panties down he straddled his head inside my Saree and I released all the rich aroma in him, it was so relieving.

Doing my panties and saree again we entered the hall, had the dinner and left for home. I drove meanwhile he again led me to few orgams in the way.

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"We are not done yet slave you would be fucked harder today following your actions tonight" He was shivering already. We reached home and i didn't even bothered to change the saree and called directly for my naked husband in the garage. Once he was there i tied him to the chains and applied the clamps. "If i ask you for an urination you are no fucking nonce to ask where, you will focus on finding a solution directly, Do you understand?" He answered in a pig's voice "yes Mistress" "You will receive 15 on each cheek in two sessions twice followed by a chilli powder rub after each" I whipped his ass brutally that made him scream out of pain followed by the chilli rub which made him cry out of pain instantly, following this twice in successions he almost fainted out of the pain.

I left him there for few hours and returned with few drinks and snacks to energise my hubby up. I asked Tushar to meet me upstairs as we had to discuss something.

I started with a gentle voice "Do you know why you have to suffer all this Tushar?" "Yes mistress because of the lack of control I have over my stress which has me in sexy year old beauteous cutie gets drilled hard state." "Good, do you know by whom are you controlled now?" "You mistress." He answered.

"Yes ofc baby now I want you to start a job soon which is quite easy to find based on your qualifications." I ordered. "But?" I gave him a hard slap across his cheeks "Don't you get that bastard?" He agreed in seconds "Okay Mistress" I had my hubby over my lap in a moment and rubbed some ointment on his ass.

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We cuddled while I rubbed my pussy over his cage to cause him trouble and we fell asleep. Next day we started normally,pissed twice in him and he licked my sweats clean. I was informed after breakfast that we were expecting guests at ours for the lunch.

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I was not planning to appear with Tushar so I had some other ideas for him. Tushar helped me to get in the White Kurti and orange cheetah leggings whilst I enjoyed pinching his already thrice swollen nipples. I greeted them in my attire and heels and we had some formal talks on the couch. After a while I invited them to the dining table and made them to sit on the chairs facing mine. We had a 3.5 feet large table in which I made Tushar to hide and sit at my feet to entertain me through these boring guests.

We talked wife finds husband cheating with blonde bbw he caressed my feet and thighs through the leggings whilst I pinched the heel on his balls. Later the guests left and I made him leave his place and get bent over the bed. I returned with the 12.5 inch strap on fixed over my leggings and topless showing off my bulgy belly.

I entered the heels at first in him leading him to a fuss, later on i rubbed the lube and pegged him hardest after bending over him, grabbing his hairs to the hardest I fucked his ass without any stopping entering the whole of it in,he didn't experienced much problem this time and we were off to sleep.

In a short time Tushar got employed but under my control he led his life away from inferiority only staying inferior before me. Our practice lasted a bit long until we started a family. I was so glad that I got my man back.