Horny mom cum drenched by hard meat

Horny mom cum drenched by hard meat
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This story is complete fiction. Note: Consenting adults acting out fantasies on the other hand, writing stories of imaginary events (like this one), or discussing these topics with others; is quite all right, and entertaining as well. by Morbidream --------------------------------------------------------------------------- It all started innocently. As they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions.?I don't know if that is true, but it's well worth the trip.

I moved down here to teach History and Philosophy for the 11th and 12th grade classes at the local High School in a small Alabama city shortly after my divorce. I figured moving across massive boobs slut christy mack asshole screwed up hard country and putting some distance between my ex-wife and myself would be a good idea, allow me to start fresh, concentrate on my job, and start dating again without running into one of her friends or worse yet, her.

Not to mention I had heard that the women in the "dirty South?were a spicy lot, and I was hoping I'd have the chance to find out. "Get back in the saddle,?so to speak. Despite wanting to test the night life, I also take my profession extremely seriously. I enjoy being a teacher, molding young students into their future adult self.

Hoping my lectures in History and Philosophy will help them later in life. As such, I usually go out of my way to help them, and often find myself spending too much time working on my class, grading papers, or tutoring after school.

That was part of why my marriage had failed. Unfortunately, the best laid plans often go awry, and boy did it ever. It started slowly enough, with the school year, and my 11th grade History class.

Like normal, the first day of class I introduce myself, "Mr. Finch? and explain the course for the year.

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I tell them my lesson plan, what I expect of them, and then offer assistance in after class tutoring (at a coffee shop), and give them my AOL e-mail in case they have any questions. I try to go the extra difference, and it shows. Every student I've had has passed, and done very well on advanced placement tests. I usually get one or two girls in my class that get a little flirty with me, I'm used to that.

I'm 5?0? with short brown hair, a goatee, grey eyes, and 210lbs of muscle due to spending a couple hours at the gym every morning before class. The little girls don't interest me, other than making sure they were prepared for collage because I had a wife, a kid, and a career.

Or?I did anyway. It never occurred to me that the change, the divorce not having a woman could change everything. She was in my 2nd History class of the afternoon, and I could tell right off the bat she would get flirty. She sat in the front row, and just had those eyes. The ones that look at you, following your every move and have a twinkle of something naughty in them. I naturally ignored her, as I always did, thinking her like the others would be a tease and any naughty twinkle I saw, was just that "a tease?

She was certainly pretty though, and I couldn't help but admire her milk chocolate skin, lovely curves, boys fucking outdoor tube porn eyes, and luscious lips. It was obvious she had everything going on, including a cute style about her reminiscent of Japanese pop music. Every day she would sit in the front row, looking at me, occasionally winking. Every day I pretended like she didn't. However, I couldn't completely ignore it.

I would erotic chick is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet snatch late to grade papers, prepare for the next day and then go home to an empty house. Having a girl winking at me every day did make me feel good, even if I knew I couldn't do mature lady gives a blowjob and enjoys fucking about it.

"Wouldn't do anything about it,?I told myself. After the first two months of class though, I couldn't help but smile when she winked at me, and it was quite obvious she noticed.

When we were getting close to mid terms, I let the class know that I would be at one of the local coffee shops on Tuesday and Thursdays.

I both hoped and feared she would show up. I knew I could keep professional at the school, but in the coffee shop it would be a bit harder. Hopefully if she DID show up, other students would too. That would make it easier; though it had become harder and harder to hide my erections in class when she winked at me; especially as her looks had gotten more suggestive.

I got to the shop early and found a nice comfy spot. I came here on a regular basis and knew that it wouldn't get too crowded, especially on a week night so there should be plenty of room for the students that showed up. I got my latte, sat down, and began reading a novel that I had picked up a few days ago. It wasn't long before I heard someone cough and say, "Mr. Finch??Sure enough, it was Lee, the first one to arrive. She was wearing a long black coat, and I was momentarily worried that she may not be wearing anything underneath.

When she opened her coat though, she was wearing a modest white button up blouse, and a nice brown skirt. Her skirt was short, but it wasn't immodest.

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After she sat down though, she looked at me and smiled, the same smile she would give me in class. Then she bent over to pull out her history book from her back pack. It seemed innocent enough to anyone looking over, however the loose button up shirt she was wearing didn't leave anything to the imagination as it hung open for me to look down.

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She looked up slowly to make sure I was looking down her shirt, and gave me that naughty wink she has. She then slowly spread her legs so I could also look up her skirt and see her pretty, pink, cotton panties; before sitting back up and slowly crossing her legs.

The sudden bulge in my pants made how I was sitting instantly uncomfortable and I had to adjust myself to her giggles. I was just glad none of the other students were here yet. "I wonder where the other students are,?I said, foxy blonde lesbian enjoying getting eaten out some small talk and trying not to think about her pert breasts or panty clad pussy she just showed me.

"Oh, they aren't coming,?She replied. "What? What do you mean they aren't coming??? "Well, Jen's parents flew to Vegas the other day, for their second honeymoon. Soooo, there is like a party at her house.

I told everyone that you heard about the party, and decided to cancel tonight's study session so they could go. Awful thoughtful of you, by the way.?She giggled. I felt my cock twitch again, at the thought of having her all to myself tonight; and resisted the urge to look around nervously. She just sat there and smiled with duchess of blanca sirena funnygspot history book sitting open in her lap; but I did notice that her skirt had slid a few inches higher, and it seemed she had undone another button on her shirt slowing just a bit of cleavage.

"It's Thursday, a bit odd to have a party then instead of Friday isn't it??I queried to be sure she wasn't teasing me.

"Oh, her uncle is supposed to drive down tomorrow after work to 'watch the house?for the weekend. Tonight's the only night she'll have to party.?

"Hmmm. And you didn't want to go?? "I think I'd rather have a different kind of fun tonight.? As she said that, I noticed she uncrossed her legs very slowly, spread them and then crossed them the other direction; giving me another very good look at her panties, that I could tell were very, very small. It also eased her skirt up another inch giving me an even better look at her smooth, ebony legs.

"How are you getting home??I asked, staring into her eyes, and trying not to look at her body. "Well, I was supposed to get a ride home with Kim, but it looks like she went to the party. I don't suppose you would be able to help a girl out, huh Mr. Finch?? "Sure?after we finish studying. That IS why you hot ebony stacy fuxx big boobsblack ebony hardcore stockingstits here isn't it??

"Oooh. Yeah. One of the reasons anyway,?She said, with another giggle. An hour and a half later we walked out to my car, ready to take her home. Going home though, didn't appear to be on her mind. She was constantly rubbing up against me as we walked to my car in the Alley a couple blocks from the shop, keeping me hard though I wasn't sure she noticed that. When I went to unlock her door though, she came up behind me reaching around and started feeling my hard cock through my pants.

I gasped as her hands played with me, as she slowly unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard member. That's when I lost it, which seems to be exactly what she wanted.

I turned around quick and grabbed her arms; holding them away and pulled off her coat, throwing it on the top of the car.

She looked at me, surprise in her wide eyes; her lips moist from having just licked them. "Is this what you want??I asked as I grabbed her and forced her over the hood of my car; holding her squirming body down. Holding her down, I raised her short skirt, and saw her pink panties were just as small as I thought they would be, barely covering her ass and pussy. I quickly pulled them down, revealing her tight round ass, and glistening pussy. She was wet from teasing me, but the teasing had gone too far.

I pressed my hard cock against her pussy, getting ready to finally take what she had been teasing me with all year; but then the last bit of reason I had left intervened.

I couldn't get her pregnant, and I didn't have a condom. I quickly spit into my hand and rubbed it on my cock. Then I repositioned my throbbing member against her puckered rose bud, and started to press in. "Wait!

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No!?she gasped but it was too late. My hands on her hips, I slowly pushed my hard cock deep into her, till I was all the way in. My hips pressing against her round ass, my balls laying against the lips of her cunt. I slowly pulled my cock out, till just the head was left inside Lee, then rammed myself all the way back in, as she let out a grunt. Her ass was tight, but it was obvious I wasn't the first man to explore this tunnel. I worked myself in and out of her, enjoying the tight passage, listening to her moan and whimper, and grunt as I thrust my raging member into her.

I thrust faster and faster as her ass loosened up, accepting and sucking in my hard cock. I reached under her, grabbing her blouse and ripped it, and pulled her bra down freeing her breasts to the cold night air.

Her nipples hardened instantly as I squeezed and pinched them, pulling them as I fucked her young ass. Pressing her body hard against the hood of my car, her breasts mashed down, rubbing the cold metal. I lifted her up off the hood then, and continued pumping inside her, ramming in and out and enjoyed the site of her breasts bouncing, the nipples hard.

I enjoyed the site reflected off my windshield, her mouth open in a moan as I fucked her. I grabbed one of her breasts and each hand and squeezed cruelly, and her whimper just encouraged me. Thrusting into her, making her ass my play ground as I nibbled on her neck, licking and kissing her. Telling her how much I loved her young ass, and how naughty she was to tease me with it. As I drove into her loosened sphincter, I reached under Lee with my right hand and began to rub her clit with my thumb.

Two of my fingers easily slid into her sopping pussy, opening her and rubbing her at the same time. It was obvious she wasn't a virgin their either, but like her ass, her pussy was very tight. It was too bad I didn't have a condom, because I would have enjoyed stretching that out too.

I began working my fingers in and out of her sloppy pussy as my throbbing cock tore into her ass. Gradually working up to a faster and faster pace. My left hand teacher and girl xxx school story squeezing, pinching and pulling on her erect nipples. The sloshing, and squishing sounds coming from her ass and cunt filled the alley almost as much as her moans and grunts.

I hammered into her with all I had, relieving months and months of frustration and lust into her once tight ass. Enjoying every second as I pounded her, my hot breath against the back of her neck, my grunts matching hers, and I felt her pussy begin to twitch on my hand as her body began to do the same, her breath jerky with her climax.

My body also quaked and shivered in the explosion that was my impending orgasm. My cock twitching inside her dark passage; ready to erupt into her. My teeth clamping down on her shoulder; biting into her. My fingers pulling her pussy open and her hips back against me as my hot sperm rushed into her. The release, the climax, cumming. I filled her with my hot seed, my sperm, shooting into her with my thrust. Holding myself inside her as wave after wave of pleasure traveled through my body.

Slowly I pulled myself out, and stepped back with her still collapsed on the hood of my car. Her ass was still open, gaping at me. Some of my white cum dripped out, and ran down her ebony cheeks to gather in her panties. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of just how beautiful she looked to me just then.

Vulnerable, open, freshly fucked. Her classroom gangbang session with an asian broad creampie big tits coated in a think sheen of sweat, reflecting the dim night lights. I pulled her panties up, nice and tight till they were hard against her pussy and ass. I pressed them till her juice and my own cum was soaking through them and then stepped back for another look.

"I really need a camera?I thought. I pushed them into her pussy just a little so that her lips bulged around the sides, and marveled at what a hungry and sweet pussy she had; wondering if it was as succulent as her ass.

"Let's go.?I busty blonde nurse stinks a large cock to sex hot sexy blue movies com, taking one final look at her panty clad ass and pussy; before walking around to get in my car. She slowly stood up, grabbed her coat and got in without saying a word. When she got in, I looked over at her, sitting next to me, her legs still slightly parted; and couldn't help but get hard again.

She had been teasing me, and teasing me for the whole year, winking and licking her lips at me. If I was in for a penny, I may as well be in for a pound. Reaching over, I grabbed her neck and pulled her down to my crotch. "I want to feel those dicksucking lips that you keep teasing me with. I want you to suck me dry.?I told her. Without saying a word, she unzipped my pants, and then I felt her lips, those luscious, large lips slide around my hardening pole.

It didn't take long for her to get me fully hard again, her hand cupping my balls and her lips sliding up and down me. Her tongue teasing the underside of my shaft when she went down, and playing with my hole when she came up.

I marveled at her skill. She was no novice, she was an artist and she played my flute as if she was giving the performance of a lifetime. There was no way I could have lasted long with such ministrations, and I felt my balls filled once again ready to erupt.

She could tell too, and she started working even faster up and down my shaft. My hips bucking, practically fucking her face I could feel my cock sliding down her throat. Finally taking me all the way in, she slid one of her fingers into my ass and I exploded into her mouth, my cum shooting down her throat as if I hadn't even cum once tonight.

She sucked it all down, gulping and swallowing; and then she sat up. I looked over at her as she licked a little bit of cum off her chin that had dribbled out.

I wish she had hot sluts want to enjoy their dicks it. I longed to see her beautiful face covered in my cum, but she spoiled the mood slightly by looking over at me with a blank face and saying, "I think I'm ready to go home.? I drove her home in relative silence; She only spoke to tell me which direction to go.

I dropped her off a block from her house, so no one would see me and watched as she walked the rest of the way home to make sure she got inside ok. By the time I got home I was hard again, thinking about how good her tight young ass had felt; and remembering her moaning as I thrust into her. Slowly I began to worry what would happen if she told someone. Sure she had led me own, but she was still one of my students, and at the same time she had said "no, wait?

But since she was so young, it wouldn't have mattered if she had said, "more please? There was nothing to do now though, the dead was done, and my hot seed was in her ass, and soaked into her panties.

Nothing to do now but wait and see what happens. The next day was uneventful for a Friday, and I anxiously waited until her class. When the class came, I could feel my palms sweating in anticipation. She sat on the front row like normal, but she was wearing jeans and a sweater.

Nothing in her demeanor suggested she was upset, but it also no longer held the sexy lust that it once did. She no longer winked at me, or subtly licked her lips. It made me worry. When the day ended, I decided not to stay at the school and grade papers. I needed drink to calm my nerves, and fast.

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I quickly packed up all my papers to grade at home, and then put on my coat only to notice a slight bulge in the pocket. When I stuck my hand into the pocket I felt something soft, and slightly wet. I pulled it out for a look and noticed that it was the small pink panties that Lee had worn the night before, still soaked in my cum and her juices. A piece of paper was folded up and put in them, I quickly stuffed the panties back into my pocket and opened the note to read.

"Here's a gift in appreciation for last night. I masturbated till I came when I got home, and used them to wipe the juice off my fingers.

I look forward to tonight. See you!