Kittys kat 83 tube porn

Kittys kat 83 tube porn
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I think the first story went over well other then the CAPS thing (sorry again) let me know if I should keep going with the series!! .Chase would certainly think about her offer for a min.

"well I mean we are already late… might as well make it worth it right?!". Jamie would just smile and nod her head taking his hand and leading him to a small patch of grass which already had a blanket waiting. Jamie first would strip chase down and have him lay on his back on the blanket, before proceeding to put on a little show. The skirt would drop off first, and then her black panties.

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Jamie would stand there bottomless but still wearing her tight pink tank top. Seductively she would nibble on her index finger trying to look innocent as her free hand slide down over her smooth kitten. Chase cold see she was wet already because she glistened in the moonlight. She'd move now to straddle his cupper hest and arching her legs slightly, pressing herself into his face. "Eat it up baby." would be the only whisper she would say as her hand went to his hair digging in as the other reached back and began sliding up and down over chases now hardening cock.

Jamie would moan slightly as she softly began riding his mouth.

Grabbing his hair and pulling him in more as his hands went to her ass. Jamie would lift up for a min before arching farther and chases knew what she wanted. Chase would make his tongue stiff as the tip of it softly began lapping at that tight little asshole of Jamie. She would move now too completely to straddle his face as her hands moved to her luscious ass cheeks and spread them slightly offering him more room. Chase really began to go to town, lapping at and pressing into that cute, clean, warm little ass of hers.

In the tree line Cody would lean against the tree and enjoy the show, sipping yet another beer. His expressions a bit laid back as he watched his best friend have his face fucked.

He remained to watch the rest of the free show, but big boobs mom bangs big dick in bedroom farther into the trees as he undid his belt and allowed his free hand to slide down into his boxers. Chases would suddenly sit up, laying Jamie on her back but sliding his sweatshirt under her lower back, lifting hr lower body off the ground slightly as he would kneel between her legs. Chases was very well off as a teen guy could be. He was working with at least eight, thick, throbbing inches.

The top of his fat pulsating mushroom shaped head was oozing with pre-cum as he placed her legs on his own hips. Chases would take hold of the solid base of his member. Placing the tip as that tightly puckered ass still covered in chases saliva.

Jamie would feel this and moan out no softly, but chase was already pressing himself into her. He was watching as the tight rim stretched over that large cock, as it gracefully forced its way farther…and farther.

before Jamie yelped out. Being about half way buried into that goddess like ass chase would lay downchest to chest and gently put his hand over Jamie moaning lips as he gnaw tenderly on her neck.

Chases ass would tightly as he forcibly rammed the rest of his dick deep into her, quickly followed by a second forceful blow. Her nails were carving into his back now as he shoved himself over and over into her.

Jamie could feel every detail of that bulky, veiny, striking meat that pounded into her. she would moan out loud in a exhausted tone for his not to stop.begging him not to stop. With his hand now removed from her mouth he would move to wrap both hands under her shoulders blades and up to hang onto her shoulders as he used this leverage to hammer into her.

She was whimpering and moaning.

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This would continue for a few moments, the speed increasing slightly, the abuse on her ass getting rougher and a deep as it could get. The slapping sound of chases body crashing into Jamie's and his balls smacking against those flawless ass cheeks.

jamie's head was thrown back in ectasy as she practically howled out in pleasure.Her hands moving down his back and over his solid ass cheeks, stretching some she would allow her fingers to tease at his own tight pucked ass, little circle motions made with her finger tips, just barely being able to reach, but knowing what her liked.

"I want to cum in you." chase would whisper in her ear almost imediatly. All Jamie could do was nod her head up and down as her mouth hung open and her aryas peachy tight cunt fucked by a massive jmacs cock snug closed tight.

Chase sat up and pulled all the way out except the head of his dick and begins to jerk himself off with his head buried in her now worn and beaten ass. He would moan and begin to fill her with his hot cum. Both of their hard, in shape, tan bodies drenched with sweat. Chase would thrust himself back into that now gooey hole and collapse on top of Jamie as they kissed passionately. "We're going to get bitched out…but this was very well worth it". In the tree line Cody would nod his head in secret agreement.

he would toss his bottle of beer off to the side after taking on long sip. removing his hand from his pants he would wipe it off in some grass and then button his pants and fix his belt before turning to walk into the tree line.