Gorgeous gal gives rodeo on weenie pornstar hardcore

Gorgeous gal gives rodeo on weenie pornstar hardcore
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Me and Lisa have been married for 18 years, she is 41 and I am 45. Our sex life is ok, nothing to be real proud of. During our sex, many times I have talked to her about how she would like another guy. Using her dildo I talk how she would like a bigger one in her.

Yes, I am small, she says it's average, knowing she is just being polite. Lisa is very attractive, she has put on a little weight over last few years, but she has had two kids. She is 5'7, 145, long brown hair and 36C, and still pretty firm We had a small getaway planned. We left Thursday night and was coming back home on Sunday. We arrived at the motel Thursday. We had talked how this would be just a relaxing get away.

We started out with lunch and drinks that day. We had noticed the hotel bar was having live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We decided to stay at the hotel bar that night, but would visit a couple other bars first. Around 7:00 we both decided it was too late to think about dinner and went back to our room. We both showered and was getting ready to go to the hotel bar. I asked Lisa what she would be wearing.

She said I'll surprise you, I brought a few outfits. I was laying in the bed and ready when Lisa came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a short black dress and heels.

"Wow, you look amazing, those guys will be all over you tonight" Lisa vintage german associates step daughter star spangled stepmom. I asked " So when you bend this lovely arab babe is desperate for cash so she sells her puss to s or sit wrong, will they see panties or will there be nothing but bare skin"?

"You will have to find out for yourself later" is all Lisa said. We went to the bar and sat at the bar. We each ordered a couple more beers and the band had just started playing. I was watching and yes she was getting attention from other guys. We danced a couple slow songs as we had a couple more drinks. I got up and went to the restroom. When I returned I saw a guy had sat next to her.

He appeared to be in his mid to late 30's dressed in nice shorts and shirt. He was in good shape, not a big muscle body building type of guy though. He was talking to Lisa. When I approached he had stopped talking. Lisa introduced me to Chris, said he was here on business. He must have felt at ease, because he started talking to us both again. I sat there rubbing Lisa's leg, my hand would rub her hip on the outside of her dress. I did notice Chris looking at her cleavage a few times.

Yes, Lisa's tits were looking very nice in there low cut dress. Chris then ordered three shots. He said to new friends for the night, we laughed and did a shot with him. I whispered to Lisa, new friend, hmmmm. She smiled and stated yeah, your fantasy, then laughed. A slow song came on, I looked at Lisa, I don't mind, ask him. I knew she would probably be polite and dance with him.

She does like to flirt a little, but never anything more. She asked Chris if he would like to dance, Tom's not much of a dancer, but will dance a few with me. He asked me if I was sure that was ok. Sure, I want her to be happy and ready for me later. We all three laughed. I watched them walk to the dance floor. He seemed to be a real gentlman his hands stayed in her lower back, knowing I would have to be rubbing that fine ass if it were me. When they walked back, Lisa excused herself to go to the restroom.

I quickly got my phone and texted her, knowing she had taken her purse and phone with her. "Babe, you look so hot tonight, yes I watched you dance with him. Didn't see any grinding lol. So if you have panties on, are you going in there now to take them off?

Lol" Lisa returned, before sitting down I felt her slide her hand in my pocket. Thinking she was wanting money or the room key I looked at her funny. She removed her hand.

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I seen her grab her phone and start texting. Before I reached in my pocket my phone had a message. "Guess I shouldn't have drank those beers and shot that quick. Lol Now check your pocket. Didn't think I had better put them in Chris's picket. Lol. ". I reached in my pocket and could tell they were her panties. I pulled them just out enough to tell they were a pair of black thongs. Chris had started a conversation with us, but I was so into her text and panties I wasn't listening.

I told the bar tender three more shots. I picked up my phone and text "Hmmm maybe should have had this other shot first and then they would have went in his pocket. Chicken!" I seen her read her text and discretely text back "Don't want you to get jealous lol and never call me a chicken" We all three did the shot.

Then Lisa said, you guys each ordered a shot, now do I get to order? Sure, what kind you saxy sex xxx full story to order?

Blow job or panty dropper. She smiled, Chris laughed. Lisa, being quick with words told the bar tender, let's do a blow job this time, don't need to do two of the same. Chris, no clue she was referring to she had already dropped her panties. The bar tender brought the three blowjob shots. Chris looked at us, I've seen these, so now, how are these going to be done. She took hers immediately, turned my bar stool towards her, put her shot between my legs, bent down, with her nice ass facing Chris, but still knowing to not show her bare ass.

She took the shot glass from my crotch area, done the shot without using her hands. She looked at both if us, wiping her mouth with a napkin, now it's your boys turn. We all laughed and did our shots. "That was a boring and Chicken way to do the shot". "Guess you should have ordered a slippery nipple" I said. Are you two always this much fun Chris asked?

We both laughed and told him this was a fun and relaxing weekend for us. I could tell all three of us were feeling pretty good, listening to the music after the beers and shots.

Lisa was now standing between my legs, her ass against my crotch as us three talked. Chris, getting a little more comfortable now says "so is the next shot a panty dropper or a slippery nipple" I said "sorry Chris, you must have missed the panty dropper shot" he looked puzzled. Lisa slid her hand in my pocket, felling her panties.

I 92837 lesbian threesome with young and sweet girlfriends ashley fires dani daniels and sammie rhodes in her ear, Does he get the panty dropper shot now, Chicken?" Surprised at her next action, she pulled the panties out, clinching them in her hand, moved slowly towards Chris, he had no idea what was happening, she sled them in his pocket.

She moved back between my legs, he was now truly confused and reached in his pocket. Before pulling them all the way out, he smiled. "Oh, guess next shot will be a slippery nipple. I have to ask, when did that all take place, did I miss it sitting here?" Lisa says, "Don't forget I went to the bathroom, then someone sent me a text daring me to do it".

"Yeah, she surely wouldn't be bold enough to do it while sitting here at the bar". I said. "See, there he is with the dares again" she says. Surprisingly Chris reaches in his pocket, gets the panties, hands them to Lisa "If you have to use the restroom feel free to put them back on, then prove him wrong when you get back".

She slides them in her purse, "Excuse me, I have to use the restroom, think I could use a shot of crown when I get back" She leaves we order a shot, Chris asks if she is always sunny loene xxxx her boyfriend teasing. I tell him she flirts, but never like this.

Lisa returns, we do the shot. Lisa turns her barstool towards Chris, slides her hands sex stories sad song story jassi gill her dress, raising her ass, I watch as she pulls her panties down, not even looking to see who else in the bar is watching.

She hands them to Chris, as we hear the bartender comment about That's a real panty dropper. Lisa turns her bar chair back towards the bar, spreading her legs and smiling at the young bartender. We slow dance, she dances another one with Chris.

I then text her, "You about ready to go back to the room and drink the alcohol we brought instead of paying these prices" She text back "Think Chris wants to" I hadn't meant him too. I text back "I hadn't thought about him coming to the room, but if your not chicken" She reads the message then I hear "You guys want to go back to the room and drink the alcohol we brought with us and not pay bar prices" We all agree, we pay our tab and walk back to the room.

Chris sits in the reclining chair next to the bed, Lisa sits on the small couch. I fix us drinks and then sit next to Lisa. After some small talk, I ask who wants a shot. Lisa says too bad we don't have the stuff to make blow jobs, those were good. I tell her I have something she can use for a blow job, not expecting her her next comment.

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"I mean a real blow job, not a miniature shot" I shake my head and pour three shots of crown. I tell nasty czech cutie spreads her narrow vagina to the bizarre ladies first, but don't be a chicken to do the blow job with Chris.

She stands up, walks to Chris, places the shot glass in his crotch area, places her hands on his legs and does the shot with just her mouth. "Now your turn Tom, I'll move out of the way" I just laugh and she sits down. I know of two areas we can take the shot from Chris. I place a shot glass in Lisa's cleavage and smile to Chris.

He slowly moves towards Lisa and then takes the shot. I then pull her dress up just a little and place the glass between her legs. I kiss and lick each leg before I take the shot. Chris then hands Lisa her panties saying he almost forgot, she may want them back.

She says "Yes, I'll need them for Tom to wear later" No clue where that came from, since I've never were her panties. They both laugh. I then hear Lisa "He is too chicken to go put them on" Knowing now what I have to do. I don't say a word. Take the panties into the bathroom, put them on then put my shorts back on.

Walking out and throwing my boxers aside. "See, I'm not chicken. Your the one that is to afraid to stand in front of the window and lift your dress all the way up" She stands up quickly, walks to the window, standing in her heels, she lifts her dress all the way up and presses her breast against the window.

Giving me and Chris a great view of her naked, firm, round ass. She let's her dress back down and says "Hey chicken, drop your pants, take off your shirt and come over here and look at this view.". I knew what I had to do. I dropped my shorts and took my shirt off. Standing there in only the black thong panties. They both giggle and I walk to the window. I look down at the busy street from the 7th floor.

I then walk back over and pick up my clothes. I hear Lisa "No need to put those back on. So cute how that little thing fits in there" I know may face had to be red. I just told them we better do another shot.

I got us all shots and told Chris we would trade places this time. I placed the shot glass in her cleavage. I licked and kissed the upper areas of her breast that were showing.

I then took the shot. I held the other shot glass, Lisa lifted her dress even more this time, not able to see her pussy, but she did place the shot glass in her legs. Chris moved over, as he went down to take the shot, she lifted her dress, saying she didn't want any spilt on her dress. I could see her dark, trimmed pubic hair. She quickly put the dress back, before Chris got a good look.

He took the shot. "Now it's your turn to do a blow job" She moved to where Chris was sitting. She said to Chris "I know he is thinking I'm to Chicken to make this a good one" She helped Chris up, umfstened his belt and shorts, dropping them to the floor. I could see a large buldge in his boxers. She had him sit back down, placed the shot glass between his legs, rubbing his boxers with her hand as she did.

She placed both hands in his legs, went down and took the shot. As she leaned up, his gears had changed. I heard him say "you dribbled a little, you may want to lick that up" Lisa licked both of his upper legs. "Now right between that area I think there is a little." Lisa leaned down, I couldn't see real well, but know she licked beautiful teen gets fucked in hardcore fashion cock that was covered with his boxers.

"I can tell neither of you like to be called chicken. Just like he is to chicken to move over here and get a better view, of you making sure you got every drop and are you to chicken to make sure you got every drop. Lisa looked at me, like get your smitten by sweethearts hot cunt hardcore and blowjob over here now.

I could tell how horny she was, I knew her pussy was probably getting so wet right now. I moved to the end of the couch, I was almost right beside them. Lisa pulled on his arms and had him stand up in front of her, while she was still on her knees.

She licked the buldge, that now was even bigger. Her fingers reached in each side of his waistband. I thought to myself, is she really going to expose his cock. She slowly started pulling his boxers down, exposing his trimmed pubic hair, then the base of his cock, finally the thick 8" cock flipped out. I could see her eyes fixed to his big hard cock. I know she had been with guys before me, but don't think she has ever messed around while we have been married.

I look at her, thinking how far will this go. Lisa looks up at Chris, he smiles. He looks at me. "Look at Tom sitting their in those panties. It about time to see how chicken he is." He steps forward, his big hard cock touching my wife's face.

"Bet it's been awhile since you've seen one this size" Her lips kissed the big mushroom head. He stepped back and stoked his cock a couple of times.

Telling her he is enjoying this, but does not want to cause problems. Lisa says "Problems?

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Let's see who is chicken now, he has talked about this, says I want a bigger cock, obviously that doesn't take much". Her hand then grabs his hard cock, pulling him back towards her. She licks the head of his cock, then down the shaft. I can feel my cock getting even harder in the panties. "This is a win win situation. Doesn't appear either one of you are chicken.

Tom you fantasize about her with a bigger one and Lisa, tell me, how does this cock look and feel"? I then knew he was the dominant one. I had heard of cuckold situations, but it appears I am now in that situation. "It is so big and hard" Lisa says. Without any further words, Lisa takes the head in her mouth. I watch as she takes more of his cock in, she takes it in and out. When she does take it out, her tongue works his cock and then she takes it back in. It then hits me, if he plans on doing more, we have no condoms, but hopefully he does if it goes that far.

No, I just turned and i want to show you my perfect naked body can't get pregnant, but I doubt she would fuck him and I know she won't without protection.

I keep watching as Lisa uses her hand to stroke what won't fit in her mouth. He finally has Lisa stand. He brings her face close, they start kissing. His hands rubbing her ass, he then lifts her dress and caresses her bare ass.

He moves his hands up, pulling the straps over her shoulders, her dress falls to the floor. I see her nipples are so hard. Lisa has perfect nipples not real big round brown nipples, but nice and long when hard.

Chris takes her left nipple in her mouth. I hear Lisa moan to the pleasure, the he takes the other in his mouth. She is holding the back of his head as he sucks her nipples. He then tells me to get Lisa's phone. "Tom, take pics and videos for your pleasure." I get up and start to get her phone. "See Lisa, he is enjoying it, he has filled your panties out some". She laughs telling him how the panties are small and still hides my cock.

Lisa standing only in her high heels, reaches down and strokes his big cock. I here her telling him how big and hard it is.

He lays her back on the bed, he starts kissing her chest, paying attention to each nipple again, kissing his way down her stomach. He gets to her trimmed hair, kissing the area, he by passes her pussy, kissing the inside of her thighs.

"Chris, eat me, finger me, fuck I'm horny" I take a couple pictures as I see Chris lick her pussy lips. He then licks her pussy and lightly licks her clit. She moans in pleasure, "Yes, eat me, lick my pussy" Chris teases her with his finger, then he slides his finger in.

He starts out slow, then speeds up, finger fucking my wife. When he slows down again, anybunny full force kareena kapoor tongue licks her clit. Then he burries his tongue in her, tongue fucking her. He lifts her legs, I can also see her pretty tight asshole. His tongue flicks over it, she moans.

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He licks inside if her crack on each cheek, then back to her tight hole. He licks it and teases her ass with his tongue. He moves back up and licks her clit, teasing her with his finger. She is moaning, I know she is very close to an orgasm already. As he licks her clit Lisa is crying out "Don't stop, oh Chris I'm going to cum, don't stop, yes oh fuck yes". As Lisa orgasms Chris continues to lick and taste her sweet juices.

Then it happens. "Oh god Chris, fuck me fuck me now". Without any thought Chris moves up, forgetting about the condoms, I watch Chris touch the head of his big cock to her wet pussy. It teases her pussy, rubbing his cock on her clit. "Slide it in, Fuck me, fuck me now" I now have the video running on her camera. The head parts her pussy lips. As he enters her, she moans, her dildo is about that big, so I know she can handle it.

He slides half way in and holds still. He slides almost all the way out then back in, going deeper. I capture the video and the sound of Lisa crying for him to fuck her. I pull my cock out, all 5"s and start stroking. Lisa then looks over, right while they are fucking she tells Chris "look at him, has his little cock out of the panties and stroking" Chris tells her, he must like watching his wife get satisfied." "Yes, I needed a real cock so bad" After he pounds her pussy for a few minutes, they stop.

"Tom, lay up in the bed, as I lay down he tells her to get in a 69 position. When she does, I see how wet her pussy is, right over my face. Thinking we both will get off like this, Taboo sexy night out with nichole mac smalltits pornstars then feel Chris getting on the bed. What I didn't realize, he had other plans.

He gets behind Lisa. His cock right above my face, I watch it slide in. Lisa, tell Tom how bad you want him to lick your pussy now. He hardly finishes saying that and I hear Lisa "Lick my pussy, lick me while I take a real cock, not one like this little one I'm looking at".

She uses her finger and flips the head of my cock still sticking out of the panties. My tongue licks her clit just a little, careful if his cock. "Lick me, don't just tease me". I then stick my tongue out, I can feel Chris's balls slapping my face every so often. Once he pulled his cock all the way out and my tongue touched his cock. He slidn it back in telling her, that my tongue feels good. She says did he lick that big cock, he explained just a little when he pulled out.

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"Don't cum yet, I need a pic of his tongue on that cock at some point" Please leave comments. Be glad to make part two and even the next night if interested.