Youbg girl old man sleeping

Youbg girl old man sleeping
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Angels Sing By Blueheatt .I walked up behind her. I reached over and took control of the computer mouse. "What?" she said. "I have a little surprise for you Sheena." I clicked around and …"There, read this.

This is a good story." "Oh no, it's a trick on me just to get me all hot." she giggled. "Sheena, now would I do that to you?" I said. "I'm sure hoping you will, let me take a shower first Terry." she said. "Ok, but just put a robe on when you return." "Why?&hellip. Terry, what are you up to… &hellip.Ohhhh damn Terry…(gasp)…don't feel my boobs yet mmmm, let me shower and 'then' we can play.

You must 'promise'… to read the story to me…please, please&hellip." She of course knew I would, but anticipation tnss37 michiru sakura incest nakadashi mother and son set in big now. I watched her all excited, head for the shower. &hellip.She returned finally and in her white fluffy robe.

She was all smiles and smelled wonderful. She took the towel off her damp hair and sat in her computer chair. I sat behind her and combed her sexy hair. I reached over and clicked the story on&hellip. I began to read the story quietly in her ear&hellip.She was already breathing hard as she closed gym rom xxx girl tait eyes.

&hellip.It was the story of how Sheena and I met. I knew this would be a hot story for her. &hellip. I had a master plan to get her to tell me all about having some sort of sex with her three brothers. She slipped one night and said she missed them 'feeling her up'&hellip. but would say no more. &hellip.I started the 'how we met' story&hellip. ---------- &hellip.I first met her in school. I didn't know she was behind me watching me draw dirty pictures. I was drawing a handsome guy with big dick getting ready to fuck a beautiful young girl, who had a sexy wet pussy.

I heard a low whisper&hellip.("…Oh my, tell me about these people?") I slammed my notebook closed all embarrassed. I turned around to see her. &hellip.Wow…a nice looking new girl in school with good sized tits, and a cute face. She smiled at me and whispered: ("…is there a story to go with your picture?") I said: ("…there sure is, but I can't tell it here, after class, ok?") She took a big breath and said: ("…ooooo damn…I can't wait!") &hellip.Now I had to quick make up a story to go with the dirty picture.

We met after class in the hall. We agreed to meet at her house after school. Her parents work nights. I could just tell she was excited and she hot petite teen lucie cline spreads tight teen pussy tell,&hellip. I'm sure,&hellip. I was too. She was a hot looking girl and our eyes did all the talking. As we walked away, we looked back at each other&hellip. I walked into a wall locker, and she walked into 3 people.

---------- &hellip.At her house we went up to her room and she sat in her computer chair. I sat in another chair like it behind her. She wanted me to tell the story from behind her and quietly in her ear. She closed her eyes&hellip.She was waiting for me to tell her the hot story about the couple I had drawn in the picture…&hellip. Sheena thought&hellip. &hellip.Damn, I'm so nervous. When I first heard Terry's voice, I got that warm feeling in my tummy and& pussy.

I've been wanting a guy with a voice like his to tell me hot story's for so long now. If he only know how anxious I am looking forward to him telling me this story. &hellip. This all started when I heard my oldest brother telling a real hot story. I heard it through the vent in my bedroom. He was feeling up his girlfriend and quietly telling her the story to get her aroused,&hellip.then he would have sex with her. I could hear all of this because the vent had slipped loose and I could hear everything.

&hellip.He did this a lot and his stories made me wet and really turned on. I began to masturbate as he told them. His girlfriends started moaning and got out of breath as they fucked hard and fast. &hellip. My other brothers used his room to do the same to their girlfriends.

This all kept my fingers busy orgasming to all the stories. Listening to them all fuck their girlfriends made me want sex with them too&hellip.but they were my brothers and I held off. &hellip. I can read a story, but to have a man tell it to me in a low voce is the 'real' turn on for me. My last boyfriend could only read a story to me. That did nothing as he was no story teller.

Terry has that deep whisper like voice like my brothers and I want him to tell me a hot story…and then finger me, just like I wanted my brothers&hellip. to&hellip. do&hellip. ( pause)……damn I miss my brothers. &hellip.I finally got my oldest brother to feel me up one night.

My other brothers saw this and joined in&hellip.I'll never forget the first time that happened. I let them all feel me up now and then…they all moved&hellip. Terry&hellip. &hellip.I finished the story about how we met. I quietly started in telling my story about the girl and guy in my drawing. I wanted to get Sheena real hot.

&hellip.Sheena smiled, closed her eyes and leaned her head back. I began to massage her neck&hellip. I had to think of a story and fast.

&hellip.I decided to tell her the 'true' story about me and my sister. I'll just change the names and she'll never know.I started in&hellip.

&hellip.The guy and girl in the picture are brother and sister. This story is called: "Making out with my sister Sandy". Sheena's heart beat and breathing immediately started going up&hellip. I continued. ---- &hellip.I'm Mark. My sister Sandy was always a hot looking girl to me. That started when I was younger. She always smelled good, her hair was a sexy blondish color and always draped over one side of her face. She had flawless skin, perfect lips and eyebrows.

The way she stood, always a sly looking smile. Her eyes sparkled and she was always adjusting her bra and clothes. She was only a little older that me, but I sure as hell didn't care about that.

&hellip. At family gatherings she liked to lean against me and put her arm around me in some way. It seemed she always sat by me, touching hips or legs. A teen boys ego was sure she had sexual desires for me…at least in my dreams. As I got older my attraction for her grew and I hoped… so did hers. I wondered if it was just wishful thinking. She lived close by with her boyfriend, and yet she still flirted with me all the time.

&hellip. One day when she came over and we were alone. She was the youngest girl in the family. She gave me many a hardon&hellip.I wondered if she knew that? She had on little white shorts that day and a T shirt with her nice full tits sticking out so beautiful and hot looking.

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She smiled and ask about some kitchen thing. I sat on the couch doing homework. I put my stuff down to look an admire her. She slowly walked over and then sat on my lap, something she had never done before.

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She smiled and looked at me for my reaction. Was she just teasing me or was there more to her actions. My reaction was a smile and pink face. My dick had never been this close to her pussy ever, and it was trying to force it's way up through my jeans.

She wiggled her pussy on my dick. Again she looked at my reaction. I said: "Sandy, your way to beautiful to be sitting on top of my&hellip." She leaned over on my chest and whispered in my ear…("&hellip.your what?") I whispered back: ("You know damn good and well 'what'&hellip.and your going to break it off if this keeps up.") Sandy…… &hellip.I had a crush on Mark from a long time ago as he always kept eyeballing me.

He was so cool about it, but it made me feel good. I returned the affection in little ways&hellip.but&hellip.over time, he grew up and he grew on me. He went from cute to handsome. Who can explain why you get attracted to a guy even if he is your brother. &hellip.I wanted to keep in good with my family, but I was getting so I didn't care day by day. At first, I decided to let him make the first move on me.

If we got caught, I could say to the family that he made a sexual move on me, and this would put me in the clear&hellip.yet that would get him in scorn with the family. There had to be another way. In the meantime I was getting aroused more every time I saw him. The years of attraction was somehow peaking in me. I was even having sex dreams about him.

&hellip. I turned up the flirting high when no one was around. He was kind of shy and I was having fun with it&hellip.until I slowly realized just how attracted I was to him. How could we be 'together' and not cause an uproar with our family. Because of our being 'untouchable' to each other, made me want him more.

There was only one way&hellip. &hellip.Sneak it. &hellip.I thought of every way we could meet privately and let our strong attraction blossom. &hellip. I had to have a private talk with him and tell him how I felt. Would he be willing to go for a sneaked affair? Even thinking about that made me horny. How would he feel about my plans?

My heart beat fast as I hoped he would carefully plan with me, a way to 'get together.' &hellip.I suddenly had second thoughts. I decided to 'snap out of it' and just explain to him privately that even though we 'may' be attracted to each other, we must leave it at that.

It all sounded so practical and everything would just 'go away'&hellip.only& didn't work out that way. &hellip.I lived with my boyfriend and when we had sex, I found my self closing my eyes and pretending it was Mark and I having glorious sex.

Each time it was the same thing only it got better. &hellip.I decided to just change my thinking and stop this desire for him&hellip.but…this was just not working, I wanted him and I knew he wanted me. &hellip.Why was I checking the clock and putting on my long house dress with no bra or panties then.?

I knew Mark was home alone, so I just walked over there. Ok, snap out of it and gorgeous teen ladygirl first time abby throating man sausage outdoor sit down with him and draw the fun movies two german amateurs milking a cock with us.

All of my feelings and problems would just 'go away' somehow. I went in and there he was doing homework as usual. He put his stuff to the side, and smiled at me. I sat beside him all ready to tell him we must cool our feelings.

I open my mouth to speak&hellip.and nothing came out&hellip. &hellip.His smiling eyes got me a big tingle right in my pussy. I felt a hot flash travel thru my body…… Mark thought… &hellip.Perfect… I want to have a serious talk with Sandy and explain that I had strong sexual feelings for her. 'Maybe' …'IF' she wanted to we could meet somewhere and 'maybe' have a little 'private' time together and just enjoy being together.

I looked at her sitting there with her mouth open, but saying nothing& I told her my thoughts about us. &hellip.I was nervous and was afraid she would say&hellip.'hell no', you're my brother, I'm your sister, we can't do that and many more rejection replies ran through my head. &hellip.She began to smile and scooted close to me, holding my arm. Sandy thought&hellip. &hellip.I was in excitement shock. He just said what my suppressed real feelings were.

I looked in his sexy sweet eyes and these words just came out of my mouth: &hellip. ("…we'll have to be careful.")&hellip. &hellip. I could hardly believe I said them. I'll never forget the beautiful smile he gave me. He slowly put his hand to my face and we had our first kiss. I felt warm wetness seeping out between my legs&hellip. It felt wonderful&hellip.

My pussy had never been this wet from just kissing at a guy in my whole life& heart was racing as his tongue traced my quivering lips. &hellip.I guess it's impossible to describe the euphoric feelings I had. A wonderful feeling of a desire that had built up over years.

I had had so many fantasies about him. It's hard to explain why you so attracted to someone, it's just …there. &hellip.It slowly draws you in and it feels so damn good to think about them. I liked to think about Mark before I went to sleep&hellip.lying in a field of grass…our arms around us and letting the kisses flow between us…… &hellip.We only had about 30 minutes until other people came home.

It was 30 minutes in heaven as he laid me down on the couch and slowly got on top of me. I gasp for air and tried to say that we have to plan this all out so we don't get caught by others&hellip.but… my mind was a buzz of excitement as I felt his erection between my legs.

His hands came up, and started gently feeling my tits as he continued French kissing me. I was isis love logan pierce my dads hot girlfriend with raw pleasure and sexual desire throbbing in me. I couldn't ever remember ever being this sexually turned on. &hellip.We couldn't have rough analsex scene in a hotel room right here on mom and dads couch with time flying by&hellip.but I knew&hellip.

we both sure thought about it. &hellip. I reached between our bodies and felt his warm hardon. &hellip. His hand went up under my dress, and for the first time, he felt my very wet pussy. I moaned and said quietly: "Mark&hellip.we have to (gasp)… plan quickly for a meeting&hellip. where we'll be safe from&hellip. 'them'. He acted like he was in another world and could only mumble "&hellip.'ok, ok', (taking a big breath)… I'll think on it&hellip.

and you too. let's just hurry&hellip. I want you so bad…I'm going crazy"&hellip. Mark&hellip. &hellip.My dick was between her legs and I felt her pussy gently squirming against it. Her hand was massaging it. I was very close to dropping my load in my pants. I finally, for the first time, felt her big full tits& bra.

It was beyond heaven. &hellip.The words: "We'll have to be careful." …echoed through my head, over and over. The woman of my dreams was under me and just gave me the words of commitment for us to finally have the sexual affair we both wanted… ---------- &hellip.I stopped telling the story.

Sheena slowly came out her dream world. By now I was feeling her tits and she was squirming and moaning. I said: "Well, there's part 1." &hellip.She spun her chair around and lunged at me. Her wet lips were all over mine.

She pushed me back and over my chair went…thud! She had this crazed looking smile on her face and started kicking both chairs away from us. "My three brothers use to get me hot like you Terry, now tell me part two! &hellip.I felt Sheena's body on me as she rocked on my cock…I had some news for her. &hellip."Sheena&hellip.a&hellip.there is no part 2, it hasn't been written yet&hellip.

(.telling her any more and she might catch on that it was me fucking my sister.) &hellip.but!"&hellip. She gave me a scorn look, but smiling, as her hands went for my throat&hellip."But what!"…she said.

"Sheena you have a hot story that I'd like to hear…" She looked at me puzzled. "Tell me about your brothers 'feeling you up." &hellip.She kept right on slow rocking on my cock.

She began to smile&hellip. "Your right Terry…that is a very hot story…I love to think about because it gets me so hot. She got up and we set the chairs back. She closed her eyes as I sat behind her feeling her tits.

She began&hellip. --------- &hellip.It was the last day my brothers would live at home. They all had found places of their own, and that last day I was bummed.

They noticed and must have had a little meeting about me. ……Dad was at work as they all came to hug me. Before I could be sad, I felt 6 hands on me, kisses all over me, and they all were undressing me. I stood there feeling like a queen with 3 servants fussing over me. They carried me naked to dad's big bed. Terry&hellip. & now we were both feeling her tits and shared our fingers around her wet pussy.

She continued telling the story but she would have to pause for breath at times&hellip.she continued her 'brothers' story&hellip. &hellip.I was in my kind of heaven having them all feel me up, kissing me. I had three hot guys all kissing, licking my tits and pussy. The room was spinning in my head with euphoric pleasure. My oldest brother went first as he got on top of me.

Up came my legs as I gasp at the feeling of his cock entering me for the first time she gets fucked inside pussy and enjoys jizz over face. I was so wet it slipped in and he went slowly as deep at he could. Someone had their finger on my clit, massaging it so good. &hellip. Then I felt a cock on my lips moving back and forth across them. I turned my head and took the head in my mouth. I moaned and kept moaning now.

I orgasmed over and over as I felt all the sensations over take me. I took the cock deep sexy filipina plays with a vibrator masturbation and hardcore my throat and massaged it with my tongue. I heard my one brother moan and start fucking my mouth, he was building up a cum. I felt his balls for the first time as they started to pull up tighter and tighter.

I held them firm as he moaned faster. &hellip.It happened. &hellip.Cum started filling my mouth as he pumped it to overflowing continuously. It was hot, slick and wonderful. My pussy jumped as my body reacted to the cock in it. It too started cuming in a blast of shots in me. I had to pull off the cock in my mouth to breathe when my other brothers cock quickly entered from the other side of my face. I took it in quickly and now it was jolting cum in my already full mouth.

I swallowed big, and kept right letting it pump more in. My tits tingled as they both squeezed them and rolled my nipples. Hot cum ran down my face and neck. My pussy squeezed the cock in it by itself. My brothers cum overflowed and ran down my slit. I kept feeling what was surely heaven&hellip. Terry&hellip. &hellip.Sheena stopped talking. I picked her up from her chair and carried her to her bed.

She was smiling with her eyes closed and felt limp. I took her robe off and laid on top of her. I opened her legs and worked my cock in her very wet pussy. Slowly her legs wrapped themselves around me. &hellip. I felt the hottest girl ever under me as she started to fuck deep and groaning with pleasure. Her fingers dug deep in my back as she fucked me. She was in her special world with me as her mate. She whispered in a chant: ("…cum with me baby, cum with me baby.)……oh god yes!&hellip.Yes!&hellip.YES!"&hellip.&hellip.she started to shake all over as my cum and her climax began to meet…"&hellip.OH GOD&hellip.BABY!"…she yelled as we came together as one.

She gave out a growl and pushed her pussy up tight to me&hellip."AHHHHHH" was all she could say as it hit us hard. We clamped together and let the fucking take over. The slapping of our bodies was awesome&hellip.we felt the blending of cum and her juices splash together in a slapping joy of euphoria.

She took a big suck of air and yelled something as she pulled hard on my butt cheeks over and over……with a trembling moan she gasp again and again.

Her whole body was pink with the heat& cock kept pumping and her pussy kept squeezing&hellip. &hellip.That was the last thing we remembered&hellip. …except the distant sound of angels singing.