Huge rack brunette milf on her knees

Huge rack brunette milf on her knees
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I was sent a picture of a very attractive young woman; Kristen age 25 never married, not currently in a relationship or dating. No experience with dating older men. Looking at the picture, she certainly is attractive and meets my criterion; Long blonde hair, Dark eyes, nice smile, 5' 7" tall, Hot slender body, nice ass, and 36 C Breasts. The note asked if I would consider a evening of full sex.

I called the number making the arrangements. Kristen was presented with the idea of a full sex evening with a friend. She asked about me and agreed.

Kristen is intrigued. It means she has sex with a total stranger, and she wouldn't ever know who I was. I lit the first candle of 10 in the room. The Room, as it is called, is in my penthouse where I seduce my date into surrendering to me for an evening of sex, tonight Kristen. Soon Kristen will be surrendering to me for a complete evening of sex. Tonight her sexual celibacy will change. Tonight, Kristen is going to be my lover, no longer unused.

The candles let out the light scent of vanilla, wafting around the room and creating a seductive atmosphere. I now flicked the lights off with the switch, pushing aside my gray hair. I fluffed the pillows on the bed, straightened out the blankets and then proceeded to light the last candle. I had been planning on this night for two weeks, and I wanted everything to be perfect.

I'm an experienced player, I'm always on the prowl for new inexperienced women. Sometimes a woman will tell me that she is finally ready to become a complete woman, tonight is not going to be about wild, crazy sex; rather it will be about the slow and lustful deflowering of Kristen.

I scanned the room with approval, I took the small lace bag from the side of the bed. He had placed it there earlier. Now, his well built, muscular and tanned 6'2" body delicately pulled the string samantha saint digital playground porn movies 2019 the top, opening a palm of silky red and white rose buds.

The scent that follows the opening of the bag drove me crazy. I have never done anything so slow and I'm at the bursting point. But no, I will control myself, save myself for Kristen. I spread the rose buds all over the bed. I surveyed the room. Candles, rode is perfect. Kristen is an innocent and naive woman who has limited her sexual activity, she has seen a man's cock but has limited experience handling a man's cock.

Kristen has long sexy legs, this young beauty is the prime piece of meat I have had been craving for. Kristen is the meat that I'm craving young and untouched. They had busied themselves about the counter to learn of the bride's name and address, planning to ravish this lovely Tonight I'm lusting to see my big cock against this delicate flower.

What an ultimate delight it will be to successful rape this beauty. In a few moments, she will be in for a dreadful surprise. Never has Kristen thought of putting her soft lips on my filthy penis. Soon, she will learn the meaning of the word blow job, she will be forced to suck on my filthy cock.

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I turned to a blushing Kristen, laughingly telling her " Your first blow job!" " What …………what's a blow ………blow job?" Kristen fearfully asked again. I grab her gloved hand dragging her down to a kneeling position. Kristen fearfully looks up to see me standing in front of her, unzipping my fly.

Out flops the most horrid looking penis Kristen can imagine. She can't believe a penis can be so big and ugly, like a squirming black snake, like a black squirming snake 9" in length and 4" in diameter. I laugh "A blow job, my pretty Kristen, means you're going to suck that big snake of a cock down your sweet throat till that snake spits its venom down your throat!" Kristen's eyes are wide open, not believing what she just heard.

She squirms " No ……&hellip.……nooooooooooooo …………please ………please ………&'s too filthy to do anything like that! I'll die! It ……&'s huge! I …………I'll choke to death!" she pleads. Kristen turns her head away from me, horrified at the lengthy snake that I held in my hands. Sobbing and looking up at me, sobbing in despair as I lifted her chin.

" Now kiss a slutty pawn dude fucks a beautiful babe in the pawn shop snake, Kristen!" I chuckle, anxious to see her defiled and forced to suck on my monstrous snake of a cock that is oozing out its slimy venom. " Lick it with your tongue bitch!" came the order. Kristen closed her eyes as her delicate pink tongue slowly parted her soft lips.

Kristen shivering in disgust as the slimy goo coated her tongue and begins to paint her lips with clear glossy lipstick. I'm groaning feeling her soft lips on my hard cock. A beautiful young woman, kneeling before me, and licking at my monstrous cock. My cock is throbbing, as her small mouth closes around my cock. My seething cock forcing its way into her mouth, causing her to shudder in horrified revulsion. Her white-gloved hands went up to push and hold back my hips from thrusting the 9" inch snake down her throat.

Her mouth stretched to the fullest as my thick snake, about 4" in diameter, forces its way to the back of her throat. She hears me groan as I force more of myself into her. The groan is one of delight as I watch my cock slowly disappearing into the choking young woman. I stop my movements for fear of having my cock erupt prematurely, wanting to make this event last as long as possible. It would be embarrassing to shoot my load so soon.

I want the pleasure of being the first man to defile this beautiful young woman. Nine full inches of cock has now been forced its way down her tender throat.

Her blonde hair shook from side to side trying to dislodge the withering monstrosity. Her gloved hands now are gripping the base of my cock, trying desperately from having the base from being forced against her mouth.

Tears flowing down her lovely face, horrified at this filthy act added to the fact that she can't breathe with what has been shoved down her throat. She feels my large hands now grasping the back of her head as I begin to fuck in and out of her choking mouth.

Here is this attractive woman, choking on a foot long cock, with me fucking away. Slowly my cock is withdrawn till only the head remains in Kristen's gulping mouth. Then I pick up the speed and I'm groaning. I keep my long cock buried deep in Kristen's throat, then my body twitches madly and I groan " Ohhhhhhhhh, baby! Eat it ………& it all! Got a quart full of jizz for you!

Aahhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh!" Kristen shook her head madly, trying desperately to dislodge the now spurting rod, her mouth filling to the brim with slime.

She choked on the slimy goo. Then I pull back to shoot my load in her gagging mouth. Cum poured over her pink lips flowing over her chin. Then my cock is pulled out totally as it cuddly sweetie gapes spread vagina and gets devirginized out it's last three spurts of goo directly up the length of her face.

Choking, Kristen fell forward onto her hands and knees, gagging on the thick wads of filthy cum. Kristen cried out as I in front of her, my cock is a foot long snake, round like a rolling pin. " No please ………&hellip.please no ……&hellip.please …………&hellip.I …………I'm very small and very tight!

Please It ……&hellip.It'll 'ruin' me, please!" she begs. " Baby, your sweet tight pussy is mine! " I snickered. I grabbed Kristen pushing her down onto the thick rug. I approached her pussy, hidden by a pair of lacy panties. I grabbed onto the waistband and the panties are shredded as if it is made of tissue paper. Kristen's pussy is revealed to me. Kristen sees my 9" snake approaching her womanhood. " Please ……&hellip.oh, please …………………please don't put it in me!

Please, you'll get me pregnant! Please &hellip.…&, please ……&hellip.don't .I ……I can't have a baby!" she cried. " Please ……………&hellip.please …&hellip.I ………………I'm in my fertile period! Please.Please ………&hellip.please don't .………&hellip.please ………you …………you'll 'ruin' me and make me pregnant!" Kristen pleaded.

My twitching snake is at the entrance of Kristen's womanhood that she has guarded so well up to this momentous day. I grinned as my snake begin to ooze its venom onto her pussy.

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Kristen is held tight and cannot move, except to toss her head from side to side in desperation. " Please ………noooo ………&hellip.please, I'm so very tight. You'll kill me with that. Please don't put it in me.

Please ……&hellip.noooooooooooo!" she begs as I edged forward to rub the frothing snake's head up and down her small tight slit, depositing its slimy filth along the way. I thrust my hips forward, forcing my thick cock head into her small tight cunt. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh .nooooooooo ……nooooo .PLEASE!" came the cry from Kristen.

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I groan anticipating her deflowering. I put my large hands at each side of her trim hips and thrust forward with all my might. " Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .arggggggggggggg!" Kristen shrieked as her small tight pussy is being torn to shreds. Six full inches has plowed through the tight untouched field. " Please ………&hellip.oh, pleaseeeeeeeee ……&hellip. Pleeaseeeee! Oh, pleaseeeeeeeee ……………&hellip.pull it out …………&hellip.please ………& hurtsssssss …………so badddddddddd!" Kristen pleaded.

Slowly the throbbing snake backed its way out of the small very tight cavern, streaked with bright red blood, Kristen's cherry blood.

Suddenly my snake thrust forward again and again bringing more cries of anguish from the screaming Kristen. My 9" snake is fully embedded in the beautiful woman.

What a sight this made, my nightly fulfillment, the honor of deflowering a beautiful woman's tight pussy. To top it off with the deflowering taking place with Kristen's teen with most beautiful body riding dildo. A beautiful young woman being 'ruined'. What more than to be able to hear her scream into the night, as she is stretched and deflowered by a monster cock. I smiled and chuckled as the beautiful Kristen continued to cry out in agony as I begin to fuck into her delicate untouched cervix.

I withdrew 7" of my monster cock, then crudely plunge it back in. Looking at the helpless woman, I taunted her " You have got a nice tight little pussy! Kristen, I can feel it snapping at my cock!" Kristen looked at me in horror and pleaded " Please ……………oh, please don't cum in me!

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You'll get me pregnant. Please put a rubber on!" " You gotta be kidding! I'm sure as hell gonna fuck my juice all the way up your cervix! I'm going to knock you up good!" came my taunting response. Kristen spent the evening in bed the entire time, serving as my bait.

After I'm exhausted from fucking her and cumming in her numerous times. At this point Kristen's mind is in a stupor, her eyes closed in shame and humiliation. when she pleaded with me " Oh, God ………&hellip.deeper ………deeper ………&hellip.yes, yes ………&hellip.cum in me ……&hellip.shoot your cum in me ……………knock me up with your baby!"