Gorgeous redhead tight pussy masturbates with toys

Gorgeous redhead tight pussy masturbates with toys
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What I am about to write describes my first sexual experience as a 17-year-old guy.

It all began last summer when I got a summer job at my neighbour's house. I was saving up for a school trip to the US and really needed the money and she was willing to pay me for filing her old cases away (her being a solicitor). I had never really thought of her in a sexual way before, but I was soon proven very wrong indeed.

So anyway, about a week into my "job", I was sitting in her attic room filing, (which was pretty boring) and decided to take a break. I leaned back on the chair I was sitting on and a box of pictures fell into my lap. I was about to put them back when I noticed the one on top.

It was Samantha, (my neighbour) in lingerie!

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I couldn't help it, my cock went rock hard under my shorts. I flicked through the rest, each one more arousing than the last. She wasn't even that hot, but I had never seen anyone I'd known as a friend naked before. It really exited me!

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After some time of looking, I could resist no longer. I pulled my erect cock from my shorts and began to rub gently. It was awesome, and being in someone else's house really added to the experience.

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Unfortunately after only 2 minutes alone Samantha's head popped up out of the stairwell leading downwards. She saw everything, even as I tried to stuff my cock into my pants! I literally couldn't speak I was so embarrassed. But she just smiled, asked me if I wanted a drink and then left me to it. Amazed at my luck, I finished up quick and ran home. But the story doesn't sweet lovely teen in butt slam act there. Two days later I was back, this time helping in the garden.

Sam was inside working, and I hadn't seen her for about two hours, but she came out just as I thought of her. "How goes it?" she asked, but dropped off as she looked at me. Now, I'm not boasting, but I am quite a well built guy; as I do about 300 situps a day, along with free weights, despite being quite stocky and broad.

After working in a garden in the middle of a very hot day, I had been sweating perfusely and had taken my top off, reveiling my six pack and pecs. She licked her lips! Even then I could feel an erection growing, but then she said "wow! You've taken care of yourself and stroked my stomach and lower abs, just above the waistline.

They were sweaty, but she didn't seem to mind. After about a minute of uncomfortable silence I started digging again, but she interrupted.

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"I'm going in the jacuzzi for a while, would you like to join me?" I was so tempted by now, motivated by testosterone alone; so I said "Sure".

I followed her to the top of the garden where the jacuzzi was with a few towels on the side. She took off her shirt and shorts to reveal a fairly typical female body, with slim small breasts under her bikini. She clambered in and then said "Come on, it's nice and warm." I replied " I haven't got any trunks though" "Well go nude I won't watch." She turned away, so I stripped down naked and slipped in opposite her.

We were silent for a while, but then we began talking about school. Suddenly, I felt her foot stroke my leg. She just kept on talking though as though nothing was happening. Then again and again until she had found my cock.

That made her stop. Despite being about 5 inches long, it was thick. Her feet began to massage my dick and it became harder and harder. She took off her top to reveal small, but very delicate breats.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked "No" I gasped - her feet moved so fast - up and down my shaft. "Well, would she do this for you?" "Probably not!" I cried. I couldn't hold it any more and came very audibly over her feet: "Jesus!" "You're very welcome; now how about a shower to wash off?" I followed her into the shaved and brunette nami dahlia jumps around and gets fucked with just a towel on and up to the shower room.

She stripped of her bikini slowly, and I instantly felt my dick stiffen. She slowly bent down and peeled back my towel to reveal my hard dick. "Oh wow!" she said, rubbing it through her fingers, "it's so thick!" She held it and led me into the large shower enclosure and began to suck my dick hard and noisily. I groaned and held her head under the shower head.

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After 5 minutes she stood up and kissed me, and then took off her thong to reveal a bald pussy. "Fuck me right now against the wall" she ordered.

I was only too happy to oblige! I picked her up and balanced her against the wall and eased my dick slowly in and out again. She moaned in delight. I pounded harder, and she gripped by arse cheeks as I pounded her pussy, harder and harder. Inside I could feel her pussy clenching my dick. My bellend swelled; "I'm gonna cum!" I shouted and put her on the floor where she leaned down and rubbed my pulsating cock with her small hands.

I ejaculated over and over again into her mouth, the thick creamy wads landing in her throat and eyes. I stopped and she happily gargled it, and then swallowed it! I couldn't believe this woman! She straigtened up and kissed me on the cheek. A few minutes later, after collecting my clothes I left for home, with one thought clearly in mind.

I couldn't wait for next Summer!