D animation cutie hard poking from behind

D animation cutie hard poking from behind
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Family Conspiracy- Chapter 1: Glory-Hole Adventure I sat in my truck, in a nearly marta la croft noemilk public asses parking lot that sat across the street from local adult bookstore.

Though it was never advertises here, for obvious reasons, one could pay money for a private booth with a glory hole. At least, those were the rumors Mike, a friend and coworker was telling me. He had told me about his experiences, having some girl sucking him off through a wall, totally anonymous.

Occasionally, the girl on the other side would be adventurous enough to slide his cock right into her wet pussy, fucking through the wall, especially this new girl they hired. It added to the excitement. "Just go in and ask for a private booth", he had told me. So why was I out in my truck instead of inside getting my cock sucked by an anonymous whore? I was fighting a moral dilemma.

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You see, I am married, happily married in fact, with two kids, a teenage son and daughter. But with Brittany's new promotion causing her to work late most days, and both the kids at various sport practices after school, I found the weekday afternoons home alone to be empty.

Add the fact that my wife and I haven't touched each other sexually in months. This left me frustrated, and is why I even entertained the idea of coming to a place like this.

After a few more moments of debate, I made my decision. I considered the act no worse than masturbating, or visiting a chat room. My heart would not be involved, only a release of pent-up frustrations. With that logic racing through my head, I left my truck.

I easily made my way across the street to the vacant parking lot of the adult store, and rushed inside. The door opened with a familiar ping, letting the cashier know that someone had come in. The walls were plaster in posters of adult videos, some signed by the actresses. The aisle were lined with DVD's, of nearly every category imaginable. "Hi there. Can I help you find something", a young woman asked in a distinct Texan drawl. She came from the rear of the store, holding a few DVD's in her hands.

When she came better into view, I saw that she was wearing skin-tight jeans, and a plain white t-shirt that was too small for her large chest. Her bra beneath was a vibrant purple color, and easily noticeable. She must have noticed my staring, "I'm up here", she said playfully. I guess she was used to the weirdo, freaks, and perverts that came into a store like this.

"I'm sorry", I stammered. "It's alright, hon. But now that I got your attention, what are you looking for?", she asked, getting behind the counter. "All of our videos are buy five, get one free, or any along the discount wall are ten for a $100". My alexis fawx arya fae the perfect son was pounding in my chest, "Actually, I was looking into getting a booth.

A private booth". She smile, and her conversation took a more conspiratorial tone, "Okay sweetie. That'll be $50 for the first fifteen minutes, and $25 for every fifteen minutes after that. You pay $100 up front, and we refund whatever time you don't use", she explained the situation with practiced ease.

She had clearly done this before. "Don't pass anything through the hole, and only insert your penis, no fingers, toes, tongue, or anything else. If ever you feel a hard tap on the head, it's over, and you come out, or we call Brutus to drag you out. Any questions?" I was flabbergasted. It felt like everything was happening so fast.

"Um, no, I guess not". "Alright sugar. Just pay the lady", she was indicating herself, "and wait about five minutes. We only have one girl working today, and someone else is with her right now", she smiled. "In the mean time, feel free to look around the store". I nervously walked up to the desk, and laid down a $100 bill. She took the money, then looked at the wall clock, and gave me a little receipt with the time on it and her initials, but nothing else.

I waited anxiously, the minutes ticking down. I heard the door in the back open, and a large black man came out. He was easily six-foot-six, and two hundred pound, lean and fit. I questioned why a man looking like that would need to get with an anonymous cocksucker. He walked past me, smiled at the clerk, who quickly refunded $50 to him. She saw me looking, "Don't worry, hon, our girl always cleans up between visits", she smiled.

"She should be ready if you want to go on back". I didn't know exactly what to expect when I went in the back room. I stepped in, and locked the door behind me. The room had sticky floors, a single plastic chair, an adult video running behind a dingy plastic screen, and a large hole in the wall, right at hip level. Graffiti covered the surface of the wall, many calling the girl on the other side 'best cocksucker in Cali', and 'Cum in her Cunt'. The audio of the playing movie was low, but still unmistakable, as two girls moaned while sharing a large pink dildo between them.

Two slender fingers poked out of the hole in the wall. I took that as the signal that she was ready. I unzipped my jeans, and fished out my cock.

I had always been proud of my size, at eight inches long, and fairly girthy. With only a few more second of hesitation, trying to once again convince myself that I was not cheating on Brittany, I slid the first couple of inches of my cock into the hole. I was instantly rewarded with a sensation I have never experienced before. Before we were married, my wife had sucked my cock only once or twice, and only once or twice more in the sixteen years since we'd been married.

The rare times she considered it, she always found some way to weasel out of it. And when she did actually take me in her mouth, it was never to climax, as her efforts were clumsy, to say the least.

The girl on the other side of the wall, however, was sucking my cock like a pro. She knew it wasn't all about the suction. I felt her tongue gliding over the head, stopping to play with the slit. Her hand was playing too, as I felt her thumb gently rubbing the vein along the bottom of my shaft, and forming small circles right beneath the tip. With those efforts, the excitement of the situation, and how pent up I'd been, I could feel myself about to cum in only the first two minutes.

But I paid for the time, and I wanted to really enjoy this, so I resisted the urges that were nearly overwhelming me. I guided more of my cock into the hole, about half way. Her hand slid further down the shaft, and I could feel her head starting to bob. Each time my cock slid further into her throat, her efforts intensified, as did my urges.

I wanted to unload deep in her throat, and listen through the wall as she gagged on my cum. Her hand was jacking me off, lubricated by her saliva as she continued to blow me.

The sensation was overwhelming. I mentally imagined a cute little blonde girl on the other side, naked with her large, 38DD chest swaying back and forth as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft. I imagined her other hand slowly trailing a line down her body, caressing her clean shaved mound, and her fingers dancing over her clit as her tongue danced over my shaft.

I pushed my full length into the hole. She did not disappoint. I zcollege blonde ex girlfriend daisy stone doggystyled outdoros not surprised that she couldn't deep throat me, but I was surprised how close she gotten.

Her hand continued stroking my length, pausing near the base, as her head envelops as much of my cock nagpuri bipi xxx story jarkand she could.

I felt her other hand lightly play with my balls, as they also went in the hole. There was no pain with how she grabbed my sack, but it was an interesting, pleasurable experience. I knew I couldn't last much longer.

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Then, without warning, everything stopped. Her mouth came off my cock, and her hands let go. I instantly felt the cool air on my wet cock, and I briefly wondered what had happened.

It took only a few moments before I came to realize what she was doing. She had guided herself back against the hole, easing my cock into her tight, wet pussy. My moral dilemma had returned, knowing full well that I was now cheating on my wife.

And I didn't care in the least. If this whore wanted me to shoot my cum in her cunt, I was going to give it all to her. I felt her velvety pussy sliding up and down on my eight inch shaft, thrusting deeper into her each time she bounced against the wall. For my part, I tried to match her rhythm, bouncing my hips against the same pregnant bitches need a good fucking too with each thrust.

My mind, in fact every other part of me was screaming for me to stop. But I didn't care. All I knew at that moment, was this slut was going to get a massive load of my cum pulsing into her pussy very soon.

I have no idea how long we had been fucking like that, with her wet pussy gripping my cock like a vice. It may have been minutes, it may have been years. My heart was pounding out of my chest, my knees were weakening, ready to buckle. My breathing had turned from heavy, to strained gasps to just get air, to the grunting I was now doing now getting close to cumming like a torrent in this slut's cunt. My grunting became more forceful, and I started to hear her moaning, much louder than the speaker from the movie I was ignoring.

With a few final thrusts, and a loud grunt, I came. Her pussy clenched down hard on my cock, causing massage teen 6 tube porn shoot my load right inside of her tight cunt. Each grunt I made matching another burst of semen into her. It was the greatest sexual experience I had ever encountered. Once I had finished unloading into the anonymous girl, I pulled my cock free of her still clenched pussy.

I had just pulled out of her pussy, and was ready to pull myself back into my own room, when I felt her hand gripping my cock. It was slippery enough between my cum and her juices, that I could have pulled free if I wanted to, but I had a feeling it would be worth finding out what she was up to.

A few second of her hand sliding up and down my still hard cock, and I felt her tongue again. This time, instead of her head bobbing on my cock, she licked it, much like a lollipop, trying to savor the taste of our combined cum. She had licked my cock clean of our cum. I felt her efforts stop, but I wanted more. I waited, wiggling my semi-erect cock in the glory hole, hoping she would continue. I felt a quick kiss on the head, followed by a hard tap. Remembering the warning that the cashier gave, I withdrew my cock from the hole.

With effort, I pushed it back into my pants, and zipped up. With shaky legs, I came out of the back room, and headed towards the Texan cashier. "Whoa there, Sweetie. Looks like someone had a good time", she then glanced at the wall clock, "You were in there for a little over half an hour". She opened the cash register, and refunded me some of my initial deposit, and handed it to me when I got close enough. "I gave you a little discount for it being your first time", she smiled.

I was a mess. Besides the fact that I just came the isis love logan pierce my dads hot girlfriend in my life, my guilt returned about cheating on my wife.

Where most of me was riddled with guilt, another, more savage part was already planning for when I could do it again. "You know what, sugar?" the Texan cashier called after me before I had left the store, "Normally I don't do this, but I can let you see the girl that you were just with. She usually goes out back for some fresh air after an appointment. If you drive past on Hacket street, and look over through the fence, you could catch a glimpse of the girl that made you feel like that", she smiled.

I thanked her, and made my way out of the store, and across the street to where my truck was parked.

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All the while, I was again fighting with my guilt and with my hormones. I climbed into my truck, and just sat there, hunched over the steering wheel for a moment.

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"Fuck it", I said out loud, only to myself. "I want to see that whore", I said as I started my truck. I pulled onto the nearly deserted Hacket street, and slowly headed past the store. My heart was pounding in my chest. As I cleared the building, I spotted her through a chain-link fence. My heart nearly stopped dead, as I easily recognized my own sixteen-year-old daughter Marci behind the building, wearing a short levi skirt, and a tight t-shirt.

I hit the gas, and headed straight home. As always, comments and constructive critizism are always welcomed.