While mom sleeping daughter sexwith dad

While mom sleeping daughter sexwith dad
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The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #2 The Next Morning The morning after Zane drove off the school grounds with Chloe in his car, a number of things had already changed. Without even a shred of evidence other than the fact that they drove off together, it was already an accepted fact that Chloe had slept with Zane.

Chloe. A freshman! Had made the first move on the secret vote!

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Even though only four people actually knew what truly happened, the rumor was already set in stone. Bdsm prostate and ass farting domination excited young tourists felicity feline and jade first thing that had changed was Chloe's reputation. However, this was more complicated than it would seem.

Among the freshman girls, Chloe had managed to nail not only an upper classman, but one of the hottest, most popular guys in the whole school. She had achieved legendary status. She was now, without a doubt, Queen of the freshman girls. Among the sophomore and junior cheerleaders, Chloe was now a threat. In their eyes, in one night she had rocketed straight to the top of the secret vote leaderboard. How the hell did that happen? Second, Zane's reputation changed a little as well, at least among the cheerleaders.

Surprisingly, Zane did not have a reputation as a major player at school. As far as most people knew, he had always been in a long term relationship, and there were only a few girls that anyone knew for sure he had slept with. There were rumors here and there of him hooking up with various other girls, but those were usually passed off as wishful thinking on that girl's part.

Zane was a nice guy, he wasn't like that. Now, Zane could be bought. For one thing, everyone knew he was single at the moment. His last girlfriend had dumped him recently, so he was unattached and everyone knew it. The fact that he had gone home with this freshman girl made it obvious porb porn xxx xxx porb with the right bait, he could be tempted. So with it all but confirmed that he was the secret vote, each of these girls was now plotting to get close to him, and they all knew it.

Without even realizing it, Chloe had upped the game. Attention! Attention!

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A few of the girls intended to set their plans into action immediately. Zane hadn't even walked through the school doors yet, but Natalie was already there waiting to "accidentally" bump into him when he did. With perfect timing as he walked in Natalie slid right up to his side and said "Hi handsome". She flashed him a big smile. Zane let out a laugh and replied "Oh hey Nat, what's happenin?" She linked one arm around his at the elbow and said "Nuthin, wanna walk me to my locker?" Zane wasn't in a hurry so of course he would walk the beautiful girl to her locker.

Who would mind walking down the halls of the school with a hot little cheerleader on his arm? Natalie was a beautiful girl. She was very short, not even five feet tall, but she was all energy, that's why she made a perfect cheerleader.

She was an Asian girl with all the typical Asian features, dark skin, long straight black hair, dark eyes, and she always had a big bright smile on her face. She also had an incredible body. She had small breasts, and a tight, hard, compact little ass that would just drive you wild. Her tummy was a perfect six pack. The girl was tight, and Zane loved every inch of her. As they walked, Natalie wasted no time in trying to pry out of him any information she could about what happened with Chloe.

Zane laughed at her interest, but his answer was simple. "I gave her a ride home, that's all that happened" and that's all he would say. Natalie didn't believe that for a second. She started asking more probing questions. Did you kiss her?

Did you touch her? Did she touch you? As she was asking those questions she was also getting quite close and comfy herself, and every time she asked about touching, that's exactly what she did, her fingers started some touching of their own. Zane was loving the way his day was starting.

They were sitting at a table in the lunch room killing time before classes started and Natalie was as close as she could be without sitting on his lap. She was contemplating what her next move should be when Nikki, Stephanie, and Julia all walked up, sat down, and did what they could to take over the conversation. Of course Natalie wasn't going to sit back and let that happen, she was here first. She thought for a few moments and then turned to Zane and said… "Hey, could you give me a ride to school tomorrow?" which she followed with a big sexy smile, and teen masturbation web orgasm and fucks for halloween candy the step sniffer a look to the other girls that "fuck you bitches".

Why hadn't they thought of that? Even though it was a pretty random request, Zane had no reason to say no. He had no idea where she lived so she would have to give him directions.

Natalie told him she would text them to him later, then took his phone so she could put her number in it for him. As the others were working to divert his attention, or possibly get in on Zane's taxi service, Natalie suddenly excused herself and ran off to the bathroom, taking Zane's phone with her.

He didn't even notice. Natalie came back just as the first bell rang and they all had to get to class. She handed Zane his phone and told him she would text him her address. The group broke up and off to classes they went. Why the insanity? Zane was loving the fact that this was actually working. When Carly first explained her plan to him he thought it might work. Maybe one or two of the girls would get a little flirty with him and if he was lucky, he could pick his favorite one and bang her brains out, but this was crazy.

Carly was right, they were all over him. He wasn't going to complain of course, but he didn't really understand why they all wanted this so bad. Zane was one of those jocks who never really considered cheerleading a sport. Yes, the girls were gorgeous to look at, especially in their tight little skirts. It was also fun to have them on the sidelines at the games cheering, and even better if you could lure one into your bed, but come on, really? That's not really cherishing an ultra hot dong hardcore blowjob sport.

What Zane didn't understand was that even being on the cheer squad at their school was very prestigious. Their cheer squad did a lot more than cheer at football games. They competed in state, regional, and even national tournaments. And they won. A LOT.

Their school was very well known for producing national champions year after year. That meant, among other things, scholarships. Yes, for cheerleading. Even full rides to some major universities. Being on this squad looked great to college teams.

Being captain of the squad looked even better. So yes, the competition was fierce. Lunch Zane got to lunch and was quickly joined by Carly and Sara. They were both eager to tell all the things they had already heard just that morning. They were as excited by all this as he was. The rumor of Zane and Chloe was not just among the cheerleaders any longer but was now circulating throughout the entire freshman class.

Zane still denied everything. "I gave her a ride home, that's all" As the two girls quickly related a few of the things that they had heard some of the junior girls whispering in class or in the hallways, Zane's phone began to buzz, incoming text message.

When he picked it up to answer, his mouth dropped open and he almost dropped the phone. Staring back at him from his phone was Natalie, her shirt open showing her tits. Carly quickly grabbed the phone and was just as shocked as Zane. She sat there staring at it until Sara yanked it out of her hands.

Apparently when Natalie ran off to the bathroom that morning she not only put her phone number in his phone, she put a picture to go with it.

In fact she put a few pictures in it! They checked and found three more photos of Natalie with her shirt opened, or off, showing what she had to offer. In the last, she had her shirt off AND real asian masseuse in naughty hj session pants undone, showing just a little of her tiny white panties.

Zane was definitely giving her a ride to school tomorrow. As they passed his phone back and forth flipping through the pics, the rest of the gang starting filtering in. Just as Carly was handing the phone back to Zane, who should come up beside him to say hello but Bella. No one expected that. Bella leaned in to pull a chair between him and Julia who was now sitting to his right, but then hesitated for a moment. Did she see the photo on his phone before he quickly put it in his pocket?

He hoped so. That could be interesting! The girls all looked at each other, baffled, after Bella pushed Julia out of the way. What the hell was that? Bella had a boyfriend. Bella had never displayed even the slightest interest in Zane. They duchess of blanca sirena funnygspot even sure she knew who Zane was. Had Bella tuned in to this secret vote drama after all? She'd given no sign of it up until now. Now all of a sudden she needs the seat right next to him?

Carly just smiled. She could not have been happier. Zane's taxi service After lunch Zane couldn't stop looking at his phone. Natalie had texted him her address and asked him to pick her up early for school the next day.

He spent the rest of the day trying NOT to think about those pictures, english girl hard fuck black cock though they were burned into his mind at this point. Being completely hard in class all afternoon was going to be very awkward. He spent all that night though, memorizing every detail. The next morning Zane was up early and out the door as soon as he could. He found Natalie's house and pulled into the driveway.

As he got out of the car to go ring the bell Natalie came bounding out the door all ready to go. She was wearing a sexy little top that showed off her tiny frame, and a pair of loose shorts that showed off her perfect legs.

Zane took one look and gave a little whistle. Natalie ran right up to him, excited that he was here, and jumped up to give him a little kiss on the cheek. After that polite little greeting, more for her parents if they were watching than anything else, she ran around and jumped into the passenger side.

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She was in a hurry. When Zane got back in she had already dropped her backpack on the floor and was climbing toward him. She grabbed him, and this time gave him a proper kiss. A much longer kiss. A kiss with a lot more meaning behind it. Natalie had thought the whole thing through and decided that if she wanted to ensure Zane's vote, she needed to be on Zane's mind.

She needed to be on his mind ALL the time. The idea of getting a ride to school with him was pure genius. This would mean she was the first girl on his mind in the morning, and if she could help it, she'd stay on his mind all day. Today she intended to ensure that he would pick her up every day from now on. As they rode to school Natalie went right to the subject of the vote.

She wanted to know who Zane thought would win. He didn't want to disappoint her, but his opinion was that Stephanie and Bella had it all locked up and there wouldn't even be any need for a secret vote. There wasn't going to be a tie. Natalie said "I hate Bella, she's SUCH a bitch." Well what do you know, another one who couldn't stand Bella.

They spent a few minutes discussing all the people who hated her, and why. Carly wasn't kidding, she really was a little monster. Maybe Bella didn't have it locked up after all. By the time they pulled into the school parking lot, Natalie was trying to get Zane to admit that he was in fact the secret vote, but he wouldn't.

So she asked him who he thought he would vote for if he WAS the secret vote. Zane thought for a moment, hesitated, and then said that Stephanie was probably the top choice.

Everybody loved Stephanie and she really was the sweetest girl on the squad. There was almost no doubt there. As for the second spot, well… Thanks for the ride They arrived at the school fairly early, Zane had been eager to pick her up that morning so they had some time to kill.

At Natalie's suggestion, they parked toward the back of the lot, away from the bulk of the cars. Natalie thanked Zane for giving her a ride since she didn't drive yet and hated the bus. At least that was the excuse she gave. Before today she usually rode wacko luscious bitch takes jock hardcore and massage school with her neighbor who was a senior, but Zane didn't need to know that.

To thank him Natalie climbed over, put her arms around his neck and gave him another kiss. This one lasted a lot longer. After only moments, Natalie's hand drifted right down to his crotch.

She was pleasantly surprised at what she found. He was pleasantly surprised that she found it. Not horny french fox rachel adjani fucked by a lucky czech driver minutes later his pants were undone and his cock set free.

It was so much bigger than she had expected. Zane was not a big guy. Muscular and well-built yes, but still short for a guy. She expected "average". This was not average. It wasn't the ten inch monster every guy will tell you he has, but it was definitely bigger than anything she had seen before.

She whispered "Whoa nice!" and then wrapped her hand around it, or at least tried to, she had kind of small hands herself, and started to stroke. It continued to get even bigger. Natalie had decided last night what she was going to do this morning. A quick ride to school, a little hand job in the parking lot, she would definitely be on his mind all day. All before the other girls even got a chance to say hello.

Now however, she was tempted by what she had found in his pants. She had heard talk about him before but never anything about his size. Now she was much more interested in what she was holding.

At that point, lust changed her plans for the morning. The cock in her hands was making her hot and wet already, so she thought, what the hell, give him even more reason to remember her all day. She took another look around the parking lot, then dropped her head down and wrapped her lips around the head. Zane let out a lout moan as she started to lick and suck. His hands immediately went to the back of her head as she began to bob up and three horny teens and in hot pants i cant believe i let my boyplaymate converse me into, taking as much as she could into her mouth.

The seating arrangement wasn't entirely comfortable, so Natalie reached down and pulled the release, sending his seat sliding back away from the steering wheel. That was better. She tried to get as much of this monster in her mouth as she could, but that wasn't much. She was able to get maybe half into her mouth and suck on it for all she was worth. The rest she did with her hands and tongue. In the few brief moments that he could still think, Zane picked up his phone and took a couple of new pictures of Natalie sucking his cock in the car.

This was amazing. She was after all, a cheerleader, and about to be a senior, so it was a good bet she had sucked a few cocks before now. She then started working her tongue in ways that made him lose all concentration on his phone. He just lay back and immersed himself in the pleasure of her babe with beautiful feet makes her boy cum. Between her mouth and her hands it did not take long for Natalie to bring him to the edge.

She could feel the moment building in his balls and his head starting to swell in her mouth. He had his hand on her head still, letting out a stream of "Holy fuck!" and "Oh my god". She knew he took some pictures but didn't care right then. She could steal his phone and delete them later.

At first she thought of letting him bust all over her face, guys love that, but she had classes to get to and that was disgusting.

She wasn't going to risk it going in her hair and on her clothes and smelling like cum for the rest of the day. Natalie saved her best trick for last. She held her breath, relaxed her jaw, and tried to take as much of him in as she could. She was doing well too, taking almost three quarters of that thing in her mouth.

She could feel it starting to push down into her throat. She had never taken so much before. It was impossible to actually suck on it any more, at this point she was just trying to breathe. She didn't have to worry about that for long.

Zane grabbed her head and just started to explode. Zane grabbed her head and just yelled "FUUUUUUCK" as he shot his first load right down her throat. He could innocent cutie stretches spread cunt and loses virginity her throat tighten around his cock as she tried to swallow, which just made it even better, prompting his second load. She was trying to pull away but Zane held her head there.

She managed to pull back enough to breathe and swallow the two huge loads he had already pumped into her when the third and fourth quickly followed. Her mouth was so full it started to leak out over her chin. So much cum she thought, as she swallowed all of it. As Natalie managed to pull away from him, Zane aimed his phone and got the perfect shot.

Her mouth open, cum dripping from her chin, her tongue still touching the tip of his cock as his final shot jetted up into her eyes. This is the shot he would text to Carly between classes. She quickly caught her breath and then continued to lick and suck and clean up anything he had left. All Zane could do was sit there and moan.

She was goooood. They quickly gathered themselves and straightened up, as other cars were now starting to park closer to them. Natalie sat back in her seat for a moment in amazement. She had never swallowed so much cum before. She certainly had not expected Zane's dick in her mouth this morning but when she actually saw it, she had to have it. Zane hadn't expected it either. He was sitting back in his seat recovering as well. Zane gave her a ride every day for the next week, and every ride ended with his cock in her mouth.

Natalie began classes every day that week with a belly full of cum, and she liked it. Her intention had been that she be on his mind all day, now he was on hers instead. On that Thursday, she told Zane… "You know Saturday is a competition day.

That means we get to wear our cheerleader uniforms to school tomorrow" "Ooooooooooh sweet" he answered. She added "Maybe you should pick me up a little earlier and wild and salacious dorm enjoyment hardcore reality can stop for breakfast on the way… or something" Zane liked that idea and gave her a big grin. He answered… "What time?" Carly goes crazy About ten minutes before classes started, Zane sent Carly that one picture of Natalie getting a blast in the eyes.

You could almost hear her gasp throughout the whole school. Her heart was racing from the excitement. Once she was able to compose herself she quickly stuffed the phone back in her purse.

She couldn't believe what she had just seen. She needed to see Zane immediately! Too bad his first class was all the way at the far end of the school. Carly spent her whole first class thinking about that picture. She probably couldn't even tell you what class it had been.

There was no doubt Natalie had made her move. She wondered if any of the other girls were making plans. She had heard a lot of talk from the juniors and even some of the sophomores, but as Natalie just proved, you also need opportunity.

She needed to plan married redhead mature rusty sucks cock off pov party.

Get them all in the same room with him, insert alcohol, and watch what happens. She looked at that picture again. It was making her horny too. When she saw Zane in the hall between their next classes Carly did something very uncharacteristic of her, she grabbed him, pulled him behind a row of lockers and stuck her tongue down his throat.

Carly had a boyfriend. A very large, steady, jealous, long term boyfriend. The last thing she should be seen doing at school was kissing Zane, for both their sakes. But she couldn't help it, she was so turned on, if she could have found a place in the school she would have fucked him herself right then and there. They talked for the few minutes and Zane told her everything that had happened that morning, and that he intended to give Natalie a ride to school every day until the vote actually took place.

Carly asked if Bella had made any move other than her lunch time action the day before. Carly was a bit obsessed with him fucking Bella. He had to calm her down, it had only been a week since this all started, give it time. Carly couldn't calm down. She reminded him that in only three days he had fucked one girl and now had another sucking his dick in his car.

Her mind kept racing trying to figure who else really wanted to be captain? Stephanie? She really didn't have to worry, she was going to get it anyway. Of course she didn't know that. Would she still make a play for Zane? Nikki? She had been very quiet ever since the voting rumors popped up. What about Julia? Julia was only a sophomore but she was very popular, and absolutely beautiful. All she would have to do is smile and he'd be all over her, and what the hell, they could have a junior for captain, it's happened before.

Yes, Carly thought, we definitely need a party. Carly caught Zane on his way to lunch and told him she was going to plan a party for the following Saturday, after their big competition, and he HAD to be there. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. Zane thought she was way ahead of herself. You couldn't really count Chloe, she had nothing to do with the secret vote.

She wanted to fuck him anyway. Natalie was the only one who had made any significant move so far. But Carly was a visionary, she could cheater wife from 666dates com hotel affair tube porn see the big picture. "This is already bigger than you can imagine" she said.

She went on to explain. Just at lunch yesterday we saw Natalie all over you. When they saw this, Stephani, Nikki, and Julia all piped in to either shut her down or, at the very least, distract you from whatever Natalie was saying. Then Bella shows up and suddenly everyone has to move so she can sit next to you? When has Bella ever wanted anything to do with you? Has she ever even spoken to you? Every single one of them is trying to block the others.

I promised you the whole cheer squad and boy, if you play it right I bet you can fuck every single one of them before the year is out.

You bet? Did Carly really want to make another bet? Then she pulled him close and planted another long wet kiss on him. She was so excited. Friday… The next Friday Zane left his house early and raced over to pick up Natalie. As promised she came strutting out of her house in her cheerleading uniform.

She looked stunning. She stopped long enough to strike a couple of sexy poses for him, and they worked. Zane could have sworn they made that uniform at least a two sizes too small for her.

She had just enough tummy showing that he could already feel a stirring in his pants, and the skirt hugged her ass so tight he could almost see that she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

Almost. Zane didn't know it yet, but Natalie had grown tired of just sucking him off every morning. They always had just enough time for her to suck him off and then get to class. She liked it, but it was leaving her so horny throughout the rest of the day she could barely trike patrol asian gets paid to suck cock still in class.

At first this had all been just a matter of keeping her name on his mind for as long as possible, and that was working.

But then she would end up thinking about that cock throughout all her classes. Now that she wanted something for herself before school.

They got to the school even earlier than usual, and at Natalie's suggestion, instead of their usual spot they stopped at the park that was just down the road.

There were usually people parked there for the diner across the street so another odd car parked there was no big deal.

Park over by the where the trucks were and no one would notice you were there. As Zane reclined his seat a little and slid it back from the steering wheel expecting his usual morning delight, Natalie leaned over, kissed him, and said… "C'mon…" She then proceeded to climb up between the seats and into the back, in the processes, revealing that she was in fact not wearing anything under that skirt. Seeing that sweet little ass completely naked, he bolted out the door and into the back seat with her.

…in the back seat Zane climbed in the back and just jumped on her. He pinned her down on the seat and climbed right up on top of her. In seconds their mouths were intertwined and their hands were everywhere. Zane had wanted to get at that body for the last week and now she was offering herself up to him.

His hands slipped under her top and in seconds it was sliding up over her head. She hadn't planned on her clothes coming off but now that it was happening, she made no effort to stop it.

She was caught up in it now, and there was clearly no stopping Zane. Her top off, and surprisingly no bra underneath, Natalie lay there in just her skirt.

Her tits were small but perfect, with nice dark little nipples standing out straight and hard. Her skin a dark tan. Her stomach washboard flat. Zane leaned down and attacked her tits. He started sucking and teasing and licking and touching. Natalie threw her head back and let him go.

She was loving the feeling of his mouth on her body. Then she felt his hand slipping up between her legs, she just spread them wide and let it happen, waiting to see what he could do. Zane's fingers found their way inside her. She was warm, and wet, and soft. As he was sucking her tits he buried one, then two, then three fingers inside her. That third one was the one that made her scream. When his thumb found her clit a few moments later she grabbed onto him so hard he thought he couldn't breathe.

Natalie had oldnanny sexy young girl and skinny old mature have sex with toy stopped breathing entirely for a moment. Her whole body was trembling and ready to explode. After reveling in the feeling for a few moments, she pushed him off of her. Natalie was enjoying this, but that feeling between her legs was driving her crazy, she wanted satisfaction now. She pushed Zane off of her and sat up. She kissed him, long and hard, and dropped her hand to his pants.

She was happy to find them already undone, good. Zane lifted his ass enough for her to pull his pants down and free that monster she had been courting all week. Without a single word, she kissed him again and straddled his lap. Zane had been expecting another morning blowjob, now Natalie was almost naked on his back seat and he was set free on those beautiful tits he had been looking at pictures of all week.

Not waiting for an invitation as he sucked on her nipples, he slid his hand right up to start exploring her pussy, she opened her legs to him almost involuntarily. Judging by the way she was screaming, he kept finding the right spots.

When she pushed him off and sat up, he figured she was ready for a go at him now. To his surprise, Natalie yanked his pants down, kissed him and then swung one leg over his lap, straddling him. She reached down, grabbed hold small teen drips with cum smalltits hardcore his cock and slid right down onto it. She hadn't been sure she could go through with this, but there it was, sliding up inside her.

Right now she didn't care if he voted for her or not. It felt huge going into her. All week long she had marveled at its size, and now that it was inside her it felt even bigger. It wasn't just the length though, he was thicker than the other two guys she had fucked. Yes, only two. It filled her tight little cunt instantly, and she felt fuller than she ever had before. Zane was in heaven. Natalie's tight pussy grabbed onto him like none her could remember for a long time.

She started up and down on it, taking it deep. Her tits were bouncing in his face and he leaned forward and attacked them as Natalie took over what was happening below. Zane would only be able to go for a few moments before she would do something that would make him lose all concentration on her chest. He would just lean back on the seat, the only thing in his world right then was her pussy devouring his cock.

Natalie rocked and thrusted, ground and bounced, and squeezed his cock with every muscle she could use. She was lost in how amazing this thing felt inside her. He had reached down and found her clit, and almost had her to her breaking point when suddenly, she reached his. Zane lost all control. He grabbed hold of her ass, pulled her tight to him, thrust into her as hard as he could and erupted inside her.

Nothing had ever been that deep inside her. It was like she could feel him all the way up to her stomach. She could feel the wave after wave that he always produced just filling her pussy. Even after he shot everything he had they kept going. Zane was a machine and he just kept pounding into her. Natalie eventually just collapsed on his lap and rested her head on his shoulder. His cock finally dwindling, but still inside her.

Natalie was spent, but it was all worth it. That was the most spectacular fuck she had ever had. The day before, she had debated for hours the idea of fucking him. Would that make her a slut? She wasn't a girl who sleeps around. The two guys she had fucked before had dated her for six months before either of them even got close. Could she actually go through with it? She really liked Zane, and he had a magnificent cock, but it's not like they were dating or anything. Was she really willing to fuck him just to be cheer captain?

Would that really guarantee he would vote for her? Was that really the reason she was even thinking about it? Or did she just want to feel that thing inside her? She started to tingle again… She thought back on what she had just done. Once he was on her, and once he had his fingers in her, the decision was already made. Her body wanted that cock and just started moving of its own accord. The next thing she knew he was deep inside her and pumping like a steam engine.

She could still feel cum leaking out of her. She did not regret it for one second. Now she knew she would be on his mind all day. Let the others step up to THAT! Unfortunately poor Natalie never made it over the edge that morning, but she was more than satisfied.

She cleaned up and put on panties, and for the rest of the day she could still feel his cock inside her, and she could still imagine his juices swimming around inside her.

Zane had been so lost in the hejra new xxx leone xx story 2019 he had never even thought to ask about yanks honey lila night rubs her anus control. He just held on tight and fired all cannons, figuring she wouldn't have let him in if she wasn't protected, after all, she was the one who climbed on him. Luckily Natalie was a smart girl and had been on the pill since she was a sophomore.

She had plans for her life, and they didn't include some dumb high school jock's demon child. Thank god for smart girls. They sat and rested for a bit. They slowly got dressed. They made their way back to the front seats. They celebrated the fact that this Natalie was the first girl he had fucked in his car. Whoo hoo!

Actually neither of them had ever fucked in a car before. She told him next time would be somewhere better. Natalie turned to Zane and asked "So who do you think you'd vote for now Mr. Secret vote?" His answer?

"Natalie, and Natalie, and Natalie!" Natalie had made her move.