Lesbian threesome double licking and chubby slave i trusted him and he d his priesthood

Lesbian threesome double licking and chubby slave i trusted him and he d his priesthood
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Part 2-- I made it to class about five minutes late and slid into a seat in the back. A couple of people glanced at me and I felt like they knew that I'd been jerking off with a guy just half an hour before. One hot guy I'd talked to a few times kind of smiled at me before he looked back at the professor. I knew they didn't know but I couldn't get it out of my head. And that's all I thought about for the rest of class.sex.

Girls. Guys. Tits. Shapely curves. Muscular asses. Hard cocks. Damn. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around the night and what it meant. Or did it mean anything? I made my way back to the dorm. My roommate, Zack, wasn't back from class yet so I stripped, wrapped myself in a towel, and hit the showers.

There was no one else in the community shower that time of the morning and I stood there under the hot water, lost in thought. A guy from down the hall came in the bathroom to piss; he selected one of the few urinals that could be seen from the shower and I noticed him glance at me as he turned around and zipped up. I thought his eyes lingered for a minute on my body before we made eye contact; he nodded and disappeared from view.

The heat in the shower and the sexy thoughts I was having had me semi-erect. Was he looking at my cock? I turned off the shower and stepped out to get my towel but he was already gone. Shit. I couldn't start imagining sexual encounters everywhere I went. But I was so damn horny. I put my towel back around my waist and walked down the hall, enjoying the cooler air on my back and chest. Mark, a short guy with a gymnast's physique was walking toward me wearing only shorts.

"Hey, man," he said as we passed each other. Was he checking me out? "What's up?" I replied. Damn, he was cute. Shit. I could feel my erection growing under my towel and stepped up my pace to get back to my room. By the time I reached my door my towel had come undone and I was holding it in front of me, hiding my erection. I quickly stepped into my room and tossed my towel aside as I closed the door.

"Hey, bro, where the hell were you last night?" asked Zack. "And put that wood away, dude. Shit's scaring me," he joked. Holy fuck.

I hadn't even thought about Zack being back and I was standing in the room right in broad daylight, butt naked and totally erect. I laughed at his comment and tried to brunette babe moans in pleasure while slamming nonchalant.

Nudity was nothing new in the dorm; we'd only met each other about six weeks ago when we moved in the dorm but you get to know a roommate quickly in close quarters.

Zack was more shy than me about being naked, but he wasn't a prude. We'd even seen each other with bulges in our underwear from morning wood before, so this shouldn't have been a big deal. But after last night, it was an intense turnon to be standing in front of him with a hardon. I knew I had a nice body and I intentionally lingered there for a moment before turning to get a pair of boxer briefs out of my cabinet. My horniness was getting out of control. "Well." I said, pausing for dramatic effect, "I got a little action last night and stayed over." I had my back to Zack now and I imagined him assessing my defined glutes, though I knew he wasn't.

Probably. "No shit!" smart lingerie and pantyhose on girls with strapons exclaimed. "For real? I'm so jealous. Was she hot?" I turned back around, my package still bulging but now at least covered by fabric. "I wouldn't have fucked her if she wasn't hot, asshole." I grinned.

Zack and I had become good friends in a short time and had the easy banter of guys that had been friends for years. Zack was cute. Brown wavy hair that had gotten a little shaggy since the start of school, an easy smile, and a slim but defined body.

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He was a little shorter than me. He wasn't very experienced with girls--he'd had a steady girlfriend all through high school who kept him frustrated. She'd given him an occasional blow job and let him cum on her tits a couple of times but wouldn't go all the way.

He was technically still a virgin but liked to talk about sex--constantly-- and enjoyed my stories. He laughed. "You'd probably fuck anything with a hole," he said sarcastically. My dick twitched inside the athletic shorts I'd just put on when he said that. "Let's go eat," I said. "I'm starving." "Me, too," he said. "And I want to hear all about this chick." And off we went to the cafeteria. I told him a lot about April.but left out the part about Shane being there. I was still processing whether that was "normal" or not.

Zack was enthralled. "Damn, I need to get laid," he said. I knew he hadn't sampled the local college population yet. I made a mental note to help him meet some girls and bust his cherry.

That night we talked about sex for probably an hour after we turned off the lights and were in our beds. I told him more about past encounters---I'd already told him some---and he told me more about his former girl and the things she'd let him do without penetrating her and about things he wanted to try.

After we stopped talking and the room had been quiet for several minutes I heard the telltale rustling of his sheet and his mattress springs blanche bradburry amp karina grand dap again together sz slightly.

I could tell he was jerking off. I'd heard him do that before---and I'm sure he'd probably heard me, as well, because I loved masturbating---and it had always been somewhat of a turnon because pretty much everything remotely related to sex turned me on.

This time it was intensely exciting to me.

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My cock became rigid. I wanted to stand up and walk over to his bed and help him out. I'd seen his flaccid dick almost daily in the room or shower. It was cut and was about average size when hanging limp but he had these big balls that hung impressively low. But now I really wanted to see his dick erect with those balls hanging below.

I wondered if it curved or was straight. How long was it? What did the head look like? And then Shane's erection came to mind. That beautiful cock that I shared a pussy with last night. That fantastic dick that I watched explode as Shane jerked it in front of me early this morning. Fuck, I was horned. I grabbed my cock and started jerking, slowly rubbing my glans with one thumb and stroking my shaft with the other hand. I noticed Zack became still and realized he'd probably heard me.

I kept on. In a minute or two, I heard his bed squeak again. There we were, both rubbing one out in the darkness, each aware of the other but not saying anything. I heard him speed up and then came a soft moan.

I knew he was cumming, busting a sticky load under his covers. I felt myself tighten and my balls coil ginger anal fucks pov milf pov and big tits I squirted my own hot load. Neither one of us got up to clean up---it seemed we were both waiting to see what the other would do---and I drifted off to sleep, my cum drying on my belly.

Over the next few days we talked about sex a lot and Zack became a little freer with walking around naked in our room. Did that mean anything? And I swear he would intentionally wait for me to go to the shower so he could go at the same time but I had to be imagining that. Who knew. I just knew that I was horny all the time. I found myself looking him over when he was naked, admiring his lean arm and chest muscles, his very thin waist, and his surprisingly muscular legs. I had to get laid again before I lost my mind.

That weekend I spent hours finishing a big paper that I had put off that was due Monday and so I skipped the usual Friday and Saturday night fun. Which made my horniness worse. I hadn't seen Shane since that night with April--he lived in a different dorm--but Monday afternoon he texted and asked if I wanted to go play pool again. Zack was studying for a test and I was a zombie after working on the paper all weekend so it sounded good to me.

Really good---I really needed the break---so I met him at the same bar. "What you been up to?" he asked nonchalantly when we greeted each other. "Didn't see you at all this weekend." "I was at the library" I said. "Had to spend the whole damn weekend working on a fucking paper.

I'm not putting anything off again. I gotta have my weekends free!" "I hear ya. I wondered what happened to you. I asked Zack if you'd gone home for the weekend and he told me you were being a model student." I laughed.

Zack and Shane had met through our group that occasionally hung out together.

For some reason I felt a little twinge of jealousy that they had talked about me and yet it was strangely exciting, too. "He was bragging on his roomie for scoring with some chick last week. He looks up to you." Shane looked at me and smiled knowingly. "I gathered you didn't tell him I was there." "No," I admitted. "Wasn't sure how to explain that part so I just left it out." "Oh yeah, I completely get it," Shane nodded.

"Not everybody goes for that kind of scene." We had started playing pool and I was watching him lean over the table, admiring the way his ass and legs looked in his khaki short. Those legs. What exactly did he mean by "that kind of scene." I mean, I knew what we'd done.a tag team.a threesome.but it sounded different when he called it a scene. Was he talking about an attraction between us? Dammit. I was thinking too much with my little head these days.

I was thinking about that when April walked in with another girl---shorter and slimmer than her with long blonde hair. Very cute face. They looked in our direction and April smiled and pointed. My penis moved. Shane waved and they started our way. "I hope your pecker is rested," breathed Shane in my ear as busty tattooed babe likes some hard shagging girls approached.

April introduced her friend Leslie to us and we all settled in for some pitchers and pool. Over the course of the next hour or so I got to know Leslie better. She was April's best friend and they'd known each other since before college. Leslie was the girl who didn't show up because of the boyfriend fight last week---they were broken up and I got the distinct impression she was looking for some fun.

I kept seeing April whisper in Shane's ear and they'd look over at me and Leslie. I was uncomfortably firm in my shorts anticipating what could happen. Finally Shane, bold as ever, took the bull by the horns and suggested we all go chill at April's place. This time April drove us to her apartment and Leslie and I began kissing in the backseat. I tested the waters by putting my hand on her breast and she leaned into me close. Yes, I was going to get some relief besides my right hand, I was sure.

Shane looked over his shoulder and grinned with his tongue out big boob amateur sex in the backroom he caught my eye. He looked so deliciously evil when he did that. Once we got to April's apartment, there was no courtship, no hanging out, no "chilling", just lips locked with frantic kisses and clothes coming off in a trail from the front door to the bedroom.

We were young and we were all horny as fuck. Leslie and I stopped in the doorway to the bedroom, kissing intensely, leaning on the doorframe. I had my tongue as far into her mouth as I could push it and my hands were all over her ass. My shirt was off and my belt was undone.

Her miniskirt was gone and her panties were around her ankles. Her sexy green bra cupped her heaving small breasts. Her hands were fumbling with my zipper and she finally succeeded in pushing my shorts down my thighs.

She practically ripped my throbbing cock out of my underwear and began rubbing it with her small hands. I slid my middle finger into her pussy as I kissed her harder. "Yessss," she sighed. We had our bodies tightly pressed together and I was horned and ready to go.

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I continued thrusting my finger in and out of her vagina, making her moan and shudder as we leaned on the doorway. Her hand was still wrapped around my cock, which was throbbing and ready read to feel her hot wetness. I glanced over. Shane and April were already on the bed. She was naked and Shane's face was buried between her legs. She was moaning as he ate her. Shane's was shirtless but his shorts were only halfway down his muscular ass. He ground his pelvis into the bed as he continued his oral assault on April's clit.

She was writhing and her hands clutched the back of his head. My shorts and underwear slid the rest of the way down my legs and I stepped out of them.

I deftly unhooked Leslie's bra with one hand and she grabbed my cock and led me by my hardon to the bed. She lay down on her back at the foot of the bed with her legs hanging off.

Her face was right next to where Shane's head was still buried between April's legs. "Let's go, Travis," she said. latin whore with awesome big boobs pounded in public hardcore outdoor want it in me." Well yes, ma'am, I thought. I had kind of wanted my cock sucked first but I surely wasn't going to complain if she wanted to skip straight to the fucking. Still standing at the foot of the bed, I got between her knees and bent my legs slightly.

I felt the head of my penis touch her labia.

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I slapped my dick on her shaved pussy a couple of times and she moaned. I inserted the tip of my cock and swirled it around. She squealed.

I thrust forward and felt the length of my shaft slide in her tight but velvety pussy. It felt so damn good. I loved sex so much and this was incredibly exciting.

And then Zack's face popped into my head and I wished he were here to sheath his sword in a willing body for the first time. Soon, I thought. I began to thrust, feeling the tip of my cock touch something deep inside her with every thrust.

Shane lifted his head and looked over at Leslie. He twisted to his side and kissed her deeply as I was fucking her. He looked back at me, fucking the deal ndash jayden jaymes keiran lee between her legs.

That grin again. With the tongue out. Damn. He quickly got up off the bed and pulled his shorts and boxers off, flinging them to the side.

Then he was standing right beside me, his stiff cock pointing at me and Leslie. "Come down here, " he said to April. As she was sliding to the end of the bed to lie beside Leslie, he actually put his hand on my pumping ass and pushed me further into Leslie. "Fuck that pussy, Travis," he said.

He was right beside me, leaning into me, his chest touching my shoulder. And his hand stayed on my ass, pushing me. "That's it, Travis. Fuck her, good. Damn. Leslie, does that feel fucking good? You feel Travis's big cock in that tight little pussy?" What the hell, I thought, as I pumped away, did his lips just nuzzle my shoulder? "Uh, huh, I feel it" she moaned. Damn, Shane was hot. Fucking hot. Get me all confused hot. He was quite simply a sexual beast.

Or else he'd watched too much porn. Either way, it had me practically quivering with horniness. I began thrusting harder and faster, long powerful strokes, sliding my dick all the way in and out of her.

"Fuck that fucking pussy, Travis," he said in a low voice right behind my ear. "Working on it, boss," I panted. April was now at the end of the bed lying beside Leslie. April and Leslie turned toward each other and began kissing.

I could see their tongues wrestling. "Hell, yeah," said Shane and stepped between April's legs. I felt a twinge of disappointment that his hand had left my ass. But I turned my head a little and now had a great view of Shane's cock as he grasped it and pointed it at April's pussy. He rubbed it on her pussy lips and tickled her clit with it and then pushed it in, the mushroom head disappearing into her wet cunt.

April groaned into Awesome girl with precious ass bounces on knob mouth. They continued kissing, their tits rocking as Shane and I fucked them side by side. Our sweaty, muscular bodies right next to each other, shoulders practically touching, both thrusting and panting, focused on the pleasurable feeling of friction on our joysticks.

A pair of friends fucking another pair of friends, our fucking fulfilling a basic human urge. Shane would look over at me, I'd look at him, I'd look at his big prick pushing into April's vagina, I'd look at Leslie kissing April, I'd look down at my own pole skewering Leslie and I'd think, "How can life possibly get better?" Shane grabbed April's ankles and pulled them up and apart and began pumping furiously. "You getting close?" he asked. "Yeah," I grunted, fucking relentlessly. "Tell me when," he breathed, "and let's pull out." "Yeah, Shane," whined April, "cum on my titties." "Oh, yeah," moaned Leslie.

And she came, moaning and arching her back. I felt her vagina clamp down on my cock. I could feel myself getting close. My balls, slapping against Leslie's ass, were riding a little higher and I could feel my groin tense.

I glanced over at Shane, sweating, fucking April, his masculine profile beautiful in the dim light. I was losing it. "Now," I said, and pulled my cock out. I hurriedly climbed up on the bed, straddling Leslie, stroking my cock as Shane did the same. My orgasm was incredibly intense. "FUUUUCKKK". I shot load after giant load onto Leslie's tits, groaning as I watched Shane's cock twitch and jerk as he ejaculated on April. "Holy shit" he shouted as Leslie reached over and grabbed his dick and finished milking his load onto April's chest as I finally stopped squirting my juices on Leslie.

April climaxed as Shane rubbed his cock head on her tits, smearing his load over her breasts. I watched as he lay down on April, kissing her and then turning to kiss Leslie as well.

The three of them made out for a bit as I continued to straddle Leslie, watching, my boner slowly subsiding. I reached down and fingered one of Leslie's nipples, still quite hard, and she shuddered. This had all been so quick. I wanted more but wasn't sure what. Cumming had been great, but I still felt a tension in my groin.

After a few minutes, Shane got up and began to dress. The girls pretended to pout a bit but understood when he reminded them he had an early workout with the tennis team and had to head back to the dorm.

I reluctantly dressed and we headed out, walking together in the muggy night air. It was hot for early October. Storm clouds had been gathering in the late evening and the wind was starting to pick up. It was about a 20 minute walk from April's to the area where our dorm buildings stood and the first five minutes we walked in silence, so atypical for Shane.

"Man, that was hot," he finally said. "Yeah," I agreed. "I thought we were all about to go again," I added. The breeze was a little stronger. "Should have," he said. "I'm still horned." "Probably the weather," I joked. But I was still in the young brunette cassidy klein take a large dick, as well.

We talked through a few of the details of the evening, which didn't help my horniness. My dorm was just past Shane's; as we approached his he said, "Why don't you come up for a bit?" Sounded good. "You've got that workout in the morning, man," I said. "Well, that was just an excuse to slip out of there," Shane said. "I actually don't." "What the hell? We left some willing pussy back there." I teased. But I was confused. "I know." Shane grabbed his crotch in an obscene gesture.

"And I'm feeling it.

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But I just needed a breather for some reason." Odd, I thought. The horndog intentionally calling it quits early. Must not be feeling well. Or something. "Come on up and hang out for a while," he said again. "Adam is staying at his girlfriend's tonight.

We can just chill." Thoughts were racing through my head. Being invited up to hang out with a friend shouldn't be a source of tension or confusion, but it was tonight. Maybe I was just making it weirder than it was. Suddenly, lightning flashed and a loud peal of thunder followed.

The rain started and we ran the rest of the way to Shane's dorm. My decision was made. TO BE CONTINUED.