Lay back and enjoy the handjob massage

Lay back and enjoy the handjob massage
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She had me close the door as soon as we got to her bedroom before I immediately turned around and planted my lips against hers. She only moaned and wrapped her arms around me as she hungrily sucked on my tongue as I slid it into her mouth, wrestling with hers. We hadn't seen each other in weeks, hell months to be exact, I wasn't a damn bit ashamed when my cock bulged against my pant leg, not in the slightest.

I needed her, needed her body, her moans, her heat, her lust, just as badly as she needed mine. We'd been moving during the kiss and she playfully young amateur rides cock and takes pounding me back. I smirked as I let my body fall back on the queen sized bed behind us like she wanted.

She bent over pressing those lovely massive 42 E's against my chest as she kissed me again. Then I felt her hand on my belt and knew just what she wanted. My baby loves giving head, loves having my cock in her mouth almost more than sex. So I kicked off my boots and she began to slowly undo my pants. She looked like a little girl unwrapping a present as she pulled the fly apart and eased my boxers down. She moaned again as she uncovered my already half hard cock.

I was already pushing past seven inches and I wasn't even at full mast. "Oh I've missed him so bad, I love your cock baby" she giggled to me in that porn star voice. I groaned as she opened her mouth and sucked on the head. My wide cock always made her lips stretch and look like her mouth was full. The feel of her mouth on dick is like nothing else, no girl can give head like my baby.

It's like a warm enveloping sleeve, no force at all, almost undetectable as she slides it deeper and deeper into her mouth with each bob of her head.

"Oh fuck yes baby, mmmmmmm god you suck my cock so good" I groaned as I curled my fingers into her hair. She never looked away from my eyes the entire time, she knows I love looking into threesome with babes in stockings and pantyhose eyes as she sucks on my cock. She only moaned and slurped loudly like a slut.

Eventually I had her stand and pulled her onto the bed under me.

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I fucked her mouth again with my tongue as my hands grabbed and squeezed at her tits. Her chest heaved in raw excitement as I practically ripped her shirt off and pulled her sports bra off. My cock jerked as I saw her huge globes free from their confines, even with their huge mass and size they had great perk and didn't sag, the dark brown nipples were hard with lust.

I couldn't help it as I wrapped my mouth around one and started sucking like a baby hungry for milk.

She never stopped moaning as she ran one hand through my hair and another along my back. She gasped as I would repeatedly bite down with my teeth softly and roll it back and forth. Eventually neither of us could wait any longer and she didn't even yell at me as the white fabric of her pants tore and frayed as I ripped it and her panties off and tossed them onto the floor. I quickly took my tee off and there it was. God she has a beautiful pussy.

Perfect lips and color, perfect clit, and always, ALWAYS, snug, warm and very wet. She moaned as jammed my fingers into her and immediately started rubbing at her G-Spot. I felt the coarse brush of her untrimmed pubes as they ground against my knuckles but I didn't fucking care. I fingered her good and steady for a few minutes making sure she would be sopping wet and ready for me.

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I slowly spread her legs and guided my head into her. Her eyes rolled back before she tilted her head back and moaned so loud I thought the neighbors would hear us across the street. She was insanely snug, even our first time together she hadn't been this tight. Her pussy squeezed and pulsed around my cock as I drove it deeper into her. I always love the feeling of the first thrust, the slow dip into that nice, warm, wet pussy before you own it. She dug her nails into the backs of my shoulders so deeply I felt blood run down my arms.

I bottomed out after what felt like an hour of just sliding in and then with a grin thrusted a bit and mashed my cock head into her cervix.

She bucked wildly as her back arched and her toes curled before she howled loudly. She dug her nails into my back again as she road out her first orgasm before shrieking at me. "Now, NOW, do it, FUCK ME NOW!!!!!" she nearly growled at me, her voice still throaty. I pulled out and rammed my boy home and started pounding her pussy raw.

She screamed and gasped again and again as I fucked her wildly and without care. I'll be the first to say I love my girl dearly and she loves me but this wasn't love in the slightest. We were both pent up and needed to fuck more than anything, and that's just what we did. An hour went by but we barely noticed, when we're like this time has no meaning, our focus is entirely on each other.

I have stamina that some guys would kill for. My cock continued to pound and beat her pussy stretching her back to fit me again. She had already cum twice and we'd switch to doggy style and I felt myself bottom out in her pussy with each thrust.

She moaned but gasped when I curled my fist into her dark hair and yanked back. "Oh yeah pull my hair, own me like the little slut I am for you" she moaned I spanked her again and she squealed "God I love your fat fucking cock you stud, I needed you in my pussy so bad I was going to haul you out of your house and ride you in the front yard, mmmmmmmmmm god no one ever gets as deep or fills me as full as you my stud, Oohhhhhhhhh god cum in me, fill me with your cum, make me your slut, empty those balls and fill my pussy up!!!" I loved it when she talked like a whore and being honest she was my little slut and slave when I wanted her to be, she loved me as her dominant master.

But I felt that familiar rigidity take over and my balls began to hug close to me. She gasped "Oh yes, Intense pussy dildoing with ebony lesbos lesbian and black feel you throbbing in my tight cunt, oh god you're gonna cum and fill me up!" "Oh fuck yeah I am" I grunted through clenched teeth.

"Oh yes, fill me with your cum, make me your little cum slut, oh god, here it comes, yes, yes oh god I'm cumminnnnnnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!" she shrieked as I through my head back and bellowed.

My cock pulsed and throbbed in the tight confines of her pussy, squirting out my thick, hot, white cum in over half a dozen blasts just as her pussy clamped down and rhythmically milked all the cum out of me. Eventually we both felt numb from the fires of orgasm.

I collapsed onto my side next to her as my cock shrunk and slipped out of her and my cum oozed out of her now red, gaping pussy, a beautifully raunchy creampie, just how we liked it.

She rolled over in my arms and curled herself up to me as she slowly came back down from her orgasm, her body shuddering with every breath. Not soon after we both showered off and I headed for home. We miss each other during my college time, and we prefer having long and pleasing bouts of sex. But these quickies have their own appeal as well, and we're learning to enjoy them.