Nice czech girls open up their butts with ass plug and thick magic wands

Nice czech girls open up their butts with ass plug and thick magic wands
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I awoke the next day in Lochy's bed from the sound of my phone getting a facebook message, I would've been covered in sweat from the heat but the cum all over my body had hardened and became all crusty.

His arms were around me, and my back was right up against his hot, cum-covered chest. His torso was also pressed right up against my naked ass, and his mostly limp cock pressed inbetween my ass-cheeks and rested inbetween my legs. Ahh Lochy. What a nice feeling this was.

Reaching for my phone I checked the time, it was only 7:00am but the sun was already heating up the air, making it thick and humerous. Lochy stirred in his sleep behind me, pulling me in tighter I could feel his cock getting pressed in deeper to my ass crack.

"hmmmm" I hummed quietly, this was a nice way to wake up. I laid there quietly, re-playing the event's last night in my mind, and it hit me. He was drunk then! But he'll most definitely be sober now, aww shit. What if he freaks out when he wakes up? What will he think of me? Will he hate me? Would I be kicked out of his house? Oh shit. what if. what if he told someone, or someones?! Each scenario played out in my head, each more devastating than the last, my heart beat begun to rise as I started freaking myself out.

I needed to find a way to get out of his room without waking him, just to make sure he doesn't freak. At least he can blame the mountains of encrusted cum on some sort of Bizarre wanking experience.

My mind reeled of the different possibilities for escape without waking him, or even possible excuses to talk my way out of anything. I finally settled on a plan of action. Because his arms were around me I can't try to move without waking him, and I can't pretend to freak out first incase he actually doesn't mind.

So I'll just stay put, I'll pretend to be asleep until he wakes up himself and if he does freak out, then I can pretend to freak out too, claim ignorance of the whole situation and last night.

So there I lay, covered in crusty cum, waiting to see how the stud behind me would react to our messy love-making. Unfortunately, I couldn't try to at least sleep some more, the feeling of his cock behind me was turning me on, my hard 7" prick was standing straight out, begging for attention. "shit" I thought, this could get bloody boring. I grabbed my phone, opened up formspring and sent Lochy an anonymous question "Hey stud, how big's yer cock?

I'd love to suck it ;) " After sending it I quickly but quietly placed my phone back on the bed-side table and waited. "Bzzzzt, Ding-Dong" His phone vibrated and chimed a little door-bell sound.

I pretended to be asleep, even faking a slight snore. I felt his heard rate increase and his horny sweetheart organizes a wild fuck hardcore blowjob becoming more prominent, He was awake. He rolled over onto his back and reached for his phone on the other-side of the bed-side table and I heard luna rival in teen in the tub hardcore big tits familiar sounds of him unlocking his phone and going through the menu's to see what message he got.

I continued to 'sleep' and after a small amount of time Lochy put his phone down again and put his arm back under my arm and pulled me in close. "Good morning cutie" he whispered into my ear quietly. OH THANK FUCK! He wasnt mad, and he didnt freak out. I pretended to 'wake up' "Heh, You know just how big my cock is buddy, but you don't need to suck it" he said in more of a, 'I know your not asleep so I don't have to talk quietly' voice.

"How'd you know I-" "Because you woke me up when you checked your phone" He cut me off mid-sentence. "Besides, I have something better in mind" he continued. Instantly I felt his cock become incredibly warm as blood begun to fill his rod. I knew exactly what he meant, so I scooted forwards a little bit. I heard the sound of a bottle's lid being opened and then snap shut and placed back onto a table. He smeared a massive dollop of cool cunt of lovely cutie is team fucked right onto my ass-hole and then smeared some all over his hardening cock.

He slid his hand that was holding me close to him, down my chest, stomach and navel until he reached my already rock-solid 7"cock and wrapped his hand around it, slowly moving it up and down as he tried to position his cock onto the entrance of my love-tunnel.

Because one of his hands where going to town on my cock and his other one was underneath me, he had a little trouble trying to gyrate his hips to get his cock into position.

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So I grabbed it with my hand and placed it at the entrance. "Thanks, sexy." He whispered seductively into my ear before gnawing lightly on my ear-lobe.

He begun to push his cock into me, and to my surprise, my hole gave-way almost instantly giving his well-lubed meat instant access to the warm depths of my hole. Once I was satisfied that he was in and wasn't going to suddenly pop out I released my grip of his cock and wiped the lube that got on my hands, off on his ass cheek.

I pushed my torso against his cock, making it sink faster and deeper into me until he was all the way to the hilt. The pain suddenly hit me, but was infused with immense pleasure. "Ahhhhhhhh Lochy" I purred, trying to turn my head as much as I could so I could face him.

With the arm he was laying on he lifted his body up a little and hovered his head directly above mine, We made eye-contact and he went in for a deep passionate kiss.

Our tongues begun exploring one-anothers mouth's as he begun his work on my ass. Releasing his grip on my hard cock, he slid his hand up my body to my neck while we were still kissing. Pure Bliss, is the only way that I can come close to describing the feeling of what was happening. Here I was, with one of the hottest guys I know, and I was in his bed naked, and he was fucking me.

sober! I never thought that I'd be able to get a root like this unless I went to some sort of Gay Bar, but nope. Turns out all you need is a little alcohol to start things off and away you go. We broke our kiss and lochy rested his head on his pillow behind me as he picked up the pace.

His hand returned down to my cock where he resumed where he left off, but going much faster than before. His normal breathing become heavier, a slight but deep moan escaping him with each exhale as he thrust his massive 8 1/2" cock in and out of my sore ass.

I too was starting the feel the effects of our early-morning fuck session. The movement creating cracks in the encrusted-cum from last night, with pieces falling off or re-liquefying as our bodies heated up and begun sweating.

"aaaahhhhhh fuck yeah" I sluured leah gotti with bruce venture in a moan. "Fuck me, Lochy. Fuck me harder" He complied by speeding up to a steady rhythm, my body thrusting in reverse with each inward movement of his, dividing the work between us to maximize sexual efficiancy.

That's right, Sex-Math. Never thought it was possible, right? Clearly you've never made a calculator say 'Boobies' "Dan breath breath* I'm getting really close man" he panted heavily into the back of my head.

"Fuck me harder! Cum in me, I want to feel it deep inside me" I pleaded. He went flat-out, smashing his massive cock in and out of my ass, which was beginning to go red from his torso slapping it with ever inward thrust. He removed his hand from my member and placed it on my hip, pushing and pulling it towards his cock to make his fucking efforts harder and faster.

"oh fuck, I think I'm gonna cum before you" I said loving this new abuse I was receiving from his massive cock. Gay caught public wank in car loud moaning with every exhale wasn't helping my early cumming efforts either and his humping had become somewhat erratic as he was trying to fuck me as fast as possible. Some of the thrusts would only plunge his cock half way in, and others were right, but it was the ones where his torso came crashing into my ass from a hard thrust that made my moans go loud and higher in pitch.

The moaning, hard breathing and the repetitive 'slap slap slapping' finally sent me over the edge. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, Lochy. I'm cuuuuummmmmmmming!" I yelled. I grabbed my cock and begun furiously beating on it as I shot load after load of hot-sticky cum all over the bed and floor.

The contractions of my body squeezing out the cum was also squeezing Lochy's cock inside of me which sent him over the edge. "oh my god dude, keep doing that.

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I'll be right with youuuuuuuuuu" he slurd his last word as he made one final thrust inside of me. That familiar of warmth deep within me, returned.

Lochy was groaning loudly behind me as he his body continued to pump his thick, white cum deep inside my ass. He pulled out slowly, the head of his cock making a 'pop' sound as it left my hole with cum oozing out of it. We laid there, panting franticly.

Our cocks slowly softening and the cum within my ass trying to escape. "*Breath* fuck *breath* ing *breath* hell!" was all he could say. I rolled over and cuddled into him, grabbing his still huge, but soft cock that was covered in his cum and slowly stroked it. I was on my side, but facing him and he was on his back, panting away.

He turned his head to look at me and smiled that still wonderful smile.

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"What're you grinning about, handsome?" I enquired "You should see just how sexy you look with my cock in your hand, and your skinny body all covered in our cum" he replied. That comment turned me on again, even after two massive fuck-sessions I just couldn't get enough.

This sexy man before me had done something to me, his eyes, his body and most importantly, his cock, had made me want him. And I wanted him, well at the time I did. "I'm feeling kinda dirty" I said to him "Gay sex is considered quite dirty by most" he replied.

I gave him a sarcastic look, "I meant, I feel physically dirty, look at me man, im covered in crusty-shit" He burst out in laughter and smiled at me again.

This time, there was a hint of a naughty grin mixed in with it. "What are you thinking up now?" I asked him. Looking hopeful and happy he replied, "Lets go take a shower together!" A massive grin swept over my face.

This would be an excellent opportunity to gawk at this wonderfully sexy beast in some natural light, and whilst sober. He gave me a small peck on the lips, "Lets go hun" he said as he got up to make his way to the bathroom. Strings of cum stretched from his back to his bed as he got up which made me wonder in his washing machine would even be able to clean his sheets without clogging up or just plain breaking down.

Food for thought I guess. Part 3 ? Yes/No?