Brazzer com ultra sex stories story

Brazzer com ultra sex stories story
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Chapter 39 THE COW By the time Claire began to lactate, she had already noticed several changes in the way she treated her breasts. First, she had gradually found herself completely unable to move her hands in front of her tits. She assumed this was a result of her tapes - over long months, she'd been conditioned to loathe the idea of covering her breasts using her hands.

A side effect of this was that she was also unable to protect her breasts in any way. When her father whipped her large fuckmelons, she couldn't have raised her hands to stop him even if she had wanted to. On several occasions she bruised her breasts after accidentally walking into things and being able to make no effort to take the force of the impact off her tits.

Claire still saw Sluthole on weekends, and once the other girl realised how Claire had been conditioned, she tested it out by stripping Claire naked and shooting at her udders with a paintball gun.

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Claire could do nothing but let the hard paint pellets burst painfully against her fuckbags, leaving deep purple bruises, and cry, and lick Sluthole's pussy to thank her for the abuse. This torture wasn't so bad, though, as Claire had started to notice several kinds of anxiety about her breasts. Firstly, when her breasts were covered - by cloth, or a bra, or anything else that stopped them from being seen - she started to feel guilty and upset.

It was only when she was able to expose her nipples to public sight that she felt normal again. She began to dread having to wear clothes for those few remaining times when she was obliged to act like a lost teen cummie the painal cum cat girl. (Not that Claire thought of "normal" girls this way anymore. "Normal" girls were the ones who were naked, on their knees, sucking cocks. The ones wearing clothes were brats and bitches and deserved to be raped.) Also, and more worryingly for Claire, she was starting to notice when her tits weren't experiencing pain, and feel insecure about it.

When she was aware of no sensation of torture in her breasts, Claire began to feel guilty and worthless and unloved. Having her boobs hurt still felt unpleasant - and often excruciatingly painful - but it also felt right, and relaxing. She began to look forward to the tit-whippings from her father, and in sex with cuntslike Slutkitten or her sister she often begged them to pinch and slap her fuckhandles to help her cum. She was conscious of this change, and was scared of it - she didn't want her tits to be in pain all the time - but there was nothing she could do to resist the conditioning, and in any case she knew it was what she deserved.

When Claire first discovered colostrum leaking from her tits on her last day of school, it didn't bother her too much, as she had been expecting to begin expressing milk at some stage during the pregnancy.

The man her father had arranged to fuck her that night was amused that little trickles of fluid came out when he squeezed her tits, but otherwise her day was as normal.

The following day, though, Claire returned to Titcage after her months at school, and when she reported to Michael at the office in the morning, and reported all her experiences to him, he was very interested to hear she was lactating. "I'm going to give you a pump to take home with you tonight, Fucktwat," he said.

"You'll probably find you can't touch your own tits at all now unless you're ordered to by a man, which will mean you can't milk yourself either. Once your tits are nice and engorged you'll have to beg a man to milk you several times a day to relieve tha pain caused by fullness.

You'll find the amount of milk your tits produce grows depending on how often you are milked - in short, the more you're milked, the more you'll need to be milked. Normally, the body also reacts to pregnancy, childbirth and the needs of your baby in fairly complex ways to control your output, but we'll be making sure you keep a consistently high production from here on." He showed her the pump, and explained to her that it would need to stay attached to her tits all night long, constantly sucking at them, for the next several days.

"It doesn't need to be painful, if it's adjusted right," Michael said, "but I've included instructions for your father on how to make sure it hurts anyway." He showed her that there was an attached special vibrator, paired wirelessly to the pump, to vary its speed depending on the intensity of the pumping, and help her associated being milked, and the pain that came with it, with sexual pleasure.

It turned out that Claire wouldn't need the pump while at Titcage for the next few days, as Michael had arranged something else. He had Claire get down on all fours in a corner of his office, with her udders hanging down and her legs spread as far as she could.

He then brought in three of the newer female Titcage interns, and one of Claire's male co-workers. One of the sensual babe sophia leone gets her pussy destroyed positioned herself between Claire's legs and began to gently lap at Claire's pussy.

The other two lay on their backs on either side of Claire, their heads underneath Claire's fuckmelons, and began to suck vigorously on Claire's boobs. The man knelt in front of Claire and stuck his cock into her mouth for her to suck on. That was how Claire spent her entire day, and the next few days, with her udders constantly being sucked, her cunt constantly licked, and with a dick in her mouth.

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The sluts were rotated out and replaced by new interns every couple of hours, and a new man stuck his cock in her mouth whenever the last one orgasmed, but the action was constant throughout the working day.

By now she was used to being on all fours, and it was easy to stay that way for an entire day. Her boobs quickly became sore from the constant attention, but that felt right in its own way.

After work when she went home, her father affixed the pump to her tits painfully tight, and it went to work sucking at her nipples, only being removed if someone fucking her that evening objected.

She left it on all night, and dreamed of tit pain and degradation. By the weekend, Claire's milk had come in fully, and she was producing a significant amount each day.

Her Titcage ID was upgraded to reflect her milk flow and quality. When the constant milking was disconnected on Friday to test her flow, she found her tits got painfully heavy and full quite quickly, and she needed to be milked every six hours or so to avoid horrible pain.

Claire also discovered a horrid new effect of her conditioning tapes on that weekend. As her tits became fuller and the pressure in them increased, Claire found herself starting to make involuntary mooing noises, like a cow. Her face went bright red the first time she did it, but she couldn't help it. Whenever she stopped concentrating on trying not to make the sound, she would respond to an awareness of milk pressure with a vocal "moooo", growing in volume and intensity as her pain increased.

She didn't even really sound like a cow - her vocal cords couldn't do that - but it was clear that she was TRYING to sound like one, and even in her degraded state Claire still found that embarassing. When she was milked by hand, she mooed as well, and found it intensely erotic. She couldn't help but wiggle her ass as she was milked by her father, wanting attention paid to her cunt. Most times her father complied, and fucked her vigorously after milking her, but sometimes he just whipped her cunt with a belt instead for being such a slutty pregnant cow.

Claire's sister hadn't started to lactate yet, and when Ben visited he was always disappointed that his bride-to-be wasn't making milk yet. He loved that Claire was lactating, and enjoyed squirting milk from her tis by pulling on them, and sucking the milk directly from her fuckbags.

He would violently milk Claire's sister's tits, making her cry, trying to stimulate them to lactate. He got Claire to do the same, and asked her to continue the abuse when he wasn't around. Claire gladly helped abuse her sister's tits. These days she thought of her sister exclusively as Cuntcandy. She knew that her sister used to be called Stephanie, but red head teen strip tease and brunette fucked on bus i didnt know what to expect the old name didn't suit the crying naked slut that Claire spent time with these days.

It didn't properly convey how her sister's best part was her delicious-to-lick twat, and it didn't properly convey how Cuntcandy deserved to have that twat raped and used the way that made Claire wet to watch.

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As Claire's milk had come in, her tits had increased even further in size from their already large dimensions. She couldn't fit them into any of her old pre-boob job clothes at all, but her father made her try anyway, his dick hardening as he watched her trying to cram the large melons into comparitively tiny bras and halters.

Eventually she had to give up and go topless, and a part of her realised that she was never again going to have clothes covering her tits like a normal girl unless it was a special occasion. She felt simultaneously horrified and pleased. Her lactating breasts became more tender and sensitive, too. Suckling at them drove her to the brink of orgasm.

Pain, the more normal sensation in her boobs, was magnified. Whatever she was feeling in her tits was now the most dominent and distracting sensation in her body, and even when they weren't bruised or bound, the pressure of needing to be milked was there.

Claire found herself thinking about her slutmelons all the time - aware of them every minute of every day - and began to understand on a direct level Titcage's position that she was nothing but a life support for her tits and cunt. Her tits WERE more important than any other part of her, and the way they were commanding her attention constantly told her so.

When she finally returned to Titcage on the following Cam blonde teen masturbating visit website for full, Michael was pleased to find Claire to be a confused mass of nerves. He watched as aggresssively hand-milking her breasts made her flush with arousal and cry with pain at the same time, and enjoyed the humiliating little "moo" sounds she made as she tried to cope with the rush of sensations.

"Just think, Fucktwat," he said, as he plugged up her cow sounds by pushing his dick into her mouth, "this is how you're going to be for the rest of your life. We're going to keep you lactating forever.

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You're going to be a cow now. Isn't that wonderful?" Claire sobbed as she sucked dutifully on his penis. "And now that you're a cow, you've got one last preparation to go through before I marry you.

You've already learned to be a good slut. Now you just have to learn how to be a good cow, and a good little house pet. We're going to send you out to the Slut Ranch, Fucktwat.

Won't that be nice?" Claire felt him orgasm into her mouth as he said this, and because her mouth was full of semen knew that it must be a very nice thing indeed. (To be continued.)