Ball batter loads for a seductive adorable girl

Ball batter loads for a seductive adorable girl
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It was the summer Samantha and I had both tuned seventeen. We where the best of friends, inseparable as far as I can remember. She was a delicate blonde with ocean blue eyes, hot circuit 1971 tube porn had the most beautiful features I've ever been drawn to in a woman.Over the years she grew from a tomboyish child, into a flawless young beauty. We both changed so much over time. She is quite the mysterious type, always has been.

Always sneaking off to explore the unknown. One summers day, we both ventured into the woods a few miles off from our homes.

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We came upon a tree with a rope and tire crafted swing attached to it. Samantha loved when I would push her on the swing. When we got tired, we would rest beneath the tree and talk for hours. We did this every day until the sun teen s on floor companionly family competition set. In the setting sun, Samantha had the most beautiful way about her. I couldn't help but stare. I was in love with this girl, my best friend.

She eventually started showing signs she felt the same for me. Holding my hand, gripping me close to her,resting her head on my chest when tired, and kissing my neck softly now and then. It was incredible. Every afternoon Samantha and I walked together to the tire swing in the woods.

One afternoon she didn't show. I became concerned. This wasn't like her. After looking in the usual places she would spend time, it dawned on me to walk to the woods. Maybe she would be there. As I came upon the tree we usually rest under, I saw white fabric flowing in the air from the tire swings direction.

It was Samantha. She was in a white dress that was flowing in the wind. As I got closer I noticed red streaks down her legs. "Samantha!", I called out.

She stood up and was startled. Tripping over her long dress, she fell to the ground. I ran to her side. Blood ran down her legs, and on her right hand.

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She began to cry. This blood wasn't from her fall, I thought. She rolled over into the long grass. "Samantha", I said timidly, "A-are you alright?". Her crying began to subside. She looked up into my eyes and began to speak. "Carter, I-I-I'm sorry." "for what?" I asked softly. She timidly lifted up her dress to her waist, revealing the source of the blood. "I-I tried to wait, I just couldn't help myself." Embarrassed, she sunk deeper into the grass.

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It all made sense to me now. The blood on her hand, and down her legs. It was her doing. I brushed her golden hair out of her eyes, and then stood up.A few feet away was a small stream. I removed my shirt, and wet it partially in the water. I walked back to Samantha, and began wiping the blood away with the shirt. She gazed into my eyes, and then at my revealed chest in wonder.

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After the blood was gone, I set the shirt on the ground behind me. I gazed into her eyes, as she did mine. I reached for her chin, and drew her closer. With a deep breath, I leaned in, and kisses her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and quickly I wrapped mine around her waist. We kissed, slowly, over, and over again. Some force inside me caused me to reach for her dress zipper, pulling it down, I let go half way.

She stopped kissing me for a moment. "Oh please Carter, please?"she seemed to plea. So I continued unzipping her dress, and then slipping it over her head. A shear white bra had only remained. She nodded, as if giving me the ok to continue. Unhooking the bra from behind, it soon fell to the ground. She soon grabbed my hands, and placed them on her chest. Her breasts where unbelievable, bouncingwith every movement made. I held them firmly and began to squeeze.

She smiled.

Looking down, she motioned forward. Her fingers gliding across my stomach, soon met my belt buckle. She tugged, pulling it closer to her, again and again. I reached down and removed the belt, along with the rest of my clothing. We both just seemed to look at one another, taking in the sight of our bare bodies. "Samantha", I began, " I've never seen you this way." "You truly are the most beautiful girl I could ever imagine, and I'm in love with you."She smiled. A single tear dripped down her cheek.

She replied, "Carter, I've always loved you, always." I brought her close, and kissed her gently. We rolled over to the point where I was on top of her. I could feel the warmth of her stomach pressed against mine. She brushed my back with her fingertips lightly, as I kissed her forehead. She motioned her hips closer to mine, and began pulling me in with her legs.

"you're sure about this?", I asked her. She nodded, and closed her eyes. With her head tilted up, and a hottie alix plays with a toy in her pussy breath, she replied, "ok, I'm ready." I kissed her, and began Sliding in slowly. She cringed, I went slower. Halfway in, it was warm. She began to bleed. "keep going, I'm fine." she said, so I did. I pushed in further, she let out a faint cry, quickly that turned to quiet moans.

I didn't want to hurt her, but I thought getting the pain over with fast would be better. I closed my eyes, and with a powerful thrust, I pushed all the way into her. She yelled out, "Carter! It hurts!

It hurts so bad!", I began to slow things down. Her bleeding had stopped over time, which was a good sign. I could sense her body was less tense than before. she was still tight, but not as much as when we began. While holding her, I pulled out and sat up, my back against the tree.

I gently began pressing her down, going deep back inside her. She pushed my face into her breasts, and began moving up and down on her own. Picking up speed, she was no longer in pain. I began to get a feeling blonde hottie serves a large shaft on gloryhole me. I gripped her back, and brought her body down on my lap to a halt.

We both let out loud, deep, breaths, as I came into her. We both rolled over into the grass and began laughing. Liquid was visibly pouring out from her, down her legs and into the grass.

I laid her down for one more thing. I began kissing and rubbing her belly, going lower and lower. She was getting hot, her stomach was on fire. She looked down at me, as I looked up at her. I positioned myself closer to her face to seem as if I was finished. She smiled at me, and ran her fingers through my hair. As soon as she thought it was all over, I slipped in my middle and index finger into her.

Her face turned red with excitement immediately. My body tingled watching her.

She was biting her lip, as if trying to hold something in. "You're almost there, don't be afraid to let it out.", I told her. Moving swiftly, before I new it, she came. I held Samantha in my arms the rest of the day and night.

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We slept underneath the stars, and talked like we would do every night. Carter had gotten Samantha pregnant that day. Her belly grew, along with the couples love. Months later Samantha had given birth to a son. At seventeen, he also found the tire swing, with the girl of his dreams. A new journey began.