Rooney mara movie anal sex

Rooney mara movie anal sex
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Part Two to Let's compare This is the second part of my first story. Enjoy! Frank had gone into word document on my computer and typed out the numbers 69 with a winky face. I looked at him and I was speechless. I typed back are you being serious our just messing around.

He typed out you tell me, and he leaned down and took my dick into his mouth. His mouth was warm and moist. It felt so good and it was as if I couldn't move the pleasure was unbelievable. I took my hand a put it on top of his head and kept pushing it down. He stopped and stood up and put his dick in my face and before for he said anything I engulfed his dick. He started to move his hips back and forth at a nice pace.

His dick was going all the way down my throat that his ball sack kept smacking my chin. I stopped and motioned for him to lie down on my bed we laid opposite of each other and proceeded to suck each other's cocks.

The way he moved his mouth and tongue was like no other. He swirled his tongue around my shaft as he slid his moth all over. He would stop often and flicker his tongue around my balls. I was in heaven. I was so close to Cumming and he knew it.

He picked up his pace and tightened his mouth; I couldn't bare it anymore I shot my loud down his throat. He looked up and smiled and told me to lie on my stomach. I was excited because I knew what was coming next, but he did something that surprised me.

I felt him spread my ass checks apart and I expected him to shove his cock in my ass and start fucking me. But I felt something wet protrude in my ass. He was giving me a rim job and it felt so good, the feeling was amazing the was his tongue lubed up my ass and the feeling of him flickering his tongue around my ass and sucking on it was enough to make me wanna cum again.

He then got up and pulled something out of his bag. I looked up to see what he was getting and he pulled out a dilido. I asked him what he was doing with one of those. His response was that he's been exploring a lot of things lately.

I just smirked and turned my head around. He came over and pressed the dilido up against my ass and the dilido just slid right in. I had my own and used it from time to time.

He started off slow and soon enough picked up the pace. He was going hard and quick enough to have me moaning. He continued to fuck my ass with his toy for orgasms of a hot swarthy beauteous hottie good ten minutes. Then he switched to the real thing. He pulled the dilido out and slid his nine inch dick into my ass. His cock was bigger than the dilido and it felt so much better. His cock went deeper into my ass than anything or anybody has.

His girth stretched my hole out to it hurt but it teen son old mom sex the best type of pain that I ever felt. I turned my head around to see him fuck me. He leaned forward while still humping me and kissed me. I waited so long for that kiss. He gave a good thrust and I let out a loud aha and it broke the kiss.

The sound of his breathing matched the pace of his thrusts. His balls were smacking my ass and the sound of it wasn't exactly the quietest. His balls here big, and i loved when he went balls deep into me.

When he was that deep i felt his sack press against my ass and he would keep it in and move his hips in a circular motion. It felt amazing. He would pull his cock all the way out and thrust it all the way in and hard.

I was was getting the shit fucked out of me and was loving every second of it. It felt so right to have him side of me. Frank by far was the best person that i have ever been in bed with well male wise anyway. I could see why the girls liked him so much he had a big dick and he knew how to use it.

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dx porn haydee rough fucking big dick And boy did he use it right! He then motioned for me to get up so I did. I laid on my back this time. He then put my legs over his shoulder and slid his dick back in my ass he leaned forward and grabbed my shoulders and used them to pull me down as he fucked me. He let go of one of my shoulders and went down to my dick and started jerking it. I laid there in so much pleasure that I came again my load shot up and hit frank's chin and then his chest.

He smiled and started fucking me harder. I could tell that he was close to Cumming. I pulled his dick out of my ass and started sucking it. I felt his balls tighten up then a felt a warm sticky sweet liquid in my mouth I tried to keep up and swallow as much as I could but he shot too big of a load and cum started to drip out of my mouth. We both laid down on my bed together i licked my cum of of his chest.

I rested my head on his shoulder and fell asleep. Apparently we both had fallen asleep because when he woke me up it was ten o'clock. I didn't want the moment between us to end.

I asked him if we could just lay there for five more minutes he nodded his head. I said frank he said yeah? I said it with hesitance but i told him that i loved him. He looked at me and said i love you to and he leaned in and kissed me again and he said lets get washed up. We both took a shower together and round three started.

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If I get positive feedback I will write the next part!