Daisy dukes banged by a big banana

Daisy dukes banged by a big banana
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I welcome all comments both good and bad so please feel free to leave them. Or if you prefer email me direct on [email protected] with your comments or ideas for stories. This story may be offensive to some and contains scenes of hardcore sex, incest, religion and rape and underage sex. Please be warned and do not read on if you are offended by any of these things. It is only after an older man loses his wife to cancer that he rediscovers his true deviant sexual potential.

Roger's Laptop Paul entered his Father's study cautiously and glanced around at the tidy room. He still felt a pang of sadness after the recent funeral but knew he needed to go through his Father's things, if only to try and find out what kind of man he really was.

Paul walked slowly to the desk and sat down on his Father's big leather chair feeling himself sink into it. He remembered that he was never allowed to disturb his Father when he was alive and working in his study. Nor were he or his older sister Carol ever allowed into the room.

Although Paul had sometimes seen Carol entering the room late at night, when she had finally moved back in with her Father after her divorce. But Paul knew, he never really got to know his Father that well, nor his Mother who had died giving birth to him. Paul in turn had felt rejected all his life and left home to join the Army at 17, never really returning to the family home, until a month ago when he heard of his Father's death.

Paul glanced at the papers and flicked the button on the laptop and the screen perked into life. A blank screen appeared with a password prompt. Paul, guessing busty girl fucks pussy with dildo camdotnet Amy, his Mother's name. It was rejected. He tried Roger, the name of his Father and again that was rejected.

Carol next, yes the screen suddenly came to life and a picture of a very busty model in lingerie adorned the screen of Paul's 67 year old Father. "Dirty old Bastard!" Paul smirked as he eyed the model up and down. "I wonder what else amateur college teen getting fuck on camscom has on here." Intrigued now, Paul entered the main documents.

Folder after folder was named Pictures 1, 2, 3 and there was a Diary Doc. Paul felt his cock start to stir as he opened the first Pictures file; then second, all brother sister balatkar jabrdsti xstory busty models in various items of lingerie and poses.

The third folder was hardcore and if Paul's cock wasn't hard at this point he knew it wouldn't take long as he gazed in admiration at his Father's taste in porn. The cumshots all over heavy breasts were Paul's favourites and it appeared his Father's too. Paul's attention was suddenly distracted as his sister appeared at the door, in a black dress and matching hat.

Carol was 12 years senior to Paul and smiled at her younger brother from the doorway. "I'm going to make a drink, do you want one?" She asked politely. "Oh thanks sis, yes please. Whisky!" Paul said as he pushed hard on the on/off button and the screen disappeared into darkness. Several drinks later and once Carol had gone to her bed Paul returned to the study and once the laptop was up and running he clicked on the Diary Doc and started to read his Father's own words.

3rd April 2007 - am I came with a grunt and a loud moan. I always seem to moan loudly when I finally ejaculated these days. This time I was ejaculating into the tight rectum of the plump lady next to me. She is 23 years my junior. I have to admit that I do enjoy the stimulation of my large and very hard cock as it pumps shot after shot into her tight anal hole.

As I emptied my load I finally slumped onto my back, the tip of my cock still embedded in her arse. I know, as my erection quickly subsided, which always happens once I cum, it would finally slip out. And I know, she, the woman with whom I have shared my seed will give a disappointing moan when this happens.

Because she always does! And I know her so well, and so I should.

The fat arsed woman in question is my daughter, Carol! Paul suddenly sat back with a mixture of shock and horror as he read his Father's words. "Oh girl in stockings pleases a fat cock fucking god!" He exclaimed to himself. He closed the page sitting thinking curiously about what he had just read. Almost without thinking he opened another page. Roger recognized the date as being around a week after his birthdate.

27th March 1990 Today I went to see Liam at the Chapel. I suppose to confess my sins. Paul read his Father's words that had been written like a transcript of what had happened. "Forgive me Father……&hellip.for I am sinned." I almost whispered as I sat in the confessional of the local Chapel. "Hello Roger!" Replied the kind voice of the priest. "It's been a long time since you were here confessing!" To me this sounded more like a statement than a question so I refrained from replying.

bbw erika xtasy double penetrated by monster cocks is your sin, my Son?" "Well Father." I started. "I have been having sexual thoughts about other women.

You know, since Amy's passing." Paul thought of his Mother Amy, whom he had never known with some pity now. "I understand!" Said the priest sympathetically. "What kind of thoughts?" I thought for a moment and my mind drifted back to his beloved Amy. She was 19 when we met, 3 years younger than me, and to me at least, she was the perfect woman.

She had long dark hair, big brown eyes and a body to die for. In fact she was the perfect woman and perfect wife, or at least I had thought so at the time.

But things turned sour quite quickly. Paul was intrigued now and read on, at least to learn something about the Mother he never knew. Amy wasn't my first sexual encounter.

That had been Mrs Potts, from two doors down. Ten years my senior at 24, she had asked my Mum if I could be spared to do some odd jobs on Saturday. Mr Potts was away at the time, in the services I seem to remember. I remember as I spoke to the Priest I felt his cock start to harden. I cast my mind back nearly fifty years to that fateful moment. I had finished the jobs and Mrs Potts had said she had a dripping tap that needed fixing.

At fourteen I didn't think anything of it and walked into the bathroom. I can still see the vision today and it still turns me on. The plump and busty Mrs Potts was completely naked and lying in the bath. She was washing her big fat breasts with her soapy hands.

I remember I froze with a mixture of fear and excitement and almost immediately had an erection. But Mrs Potts 'showed' me the way as she closed her red painted lips around my young and very inexperienced cock.

And moments later I was unloading my first ever assisted cum over her mouth and breasts, relishing every second of it. But later that morning I also had my first taste of actual fucking with the same Mrs Potts. She didn't want to, I could tell. But I did and was determined to punish her for being a horny slut. I remember dragging her from the bedroom by the hair and ripping the towel from around her body.

I forced her to the floor in the hallway in the doggy position and shoved my cock right up into her tight cunt. I came within seconds. I wasn't proud of doing that but I have to admit it was such a fucking turn on.

Mr Potts returned later that day and would no doubt be using her as I had and thus our short affair was over before it really began.

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I don't know if she had enjoyed me raping her anyway, nor did I really care. She deserved it. Paul felt his cock rock hard in his trousers as he sat reading the dirty and depraved diary entry of his late Father. He lucky anal teen and black sucking riding first time it wasnt clever of marsha may to get reading. But Amy was different. Amy was a virgin, or so I thought at the time that we married. And the first year was great.

But then came Amy's first pregnancy that seemed to deprive her of all her sexual needs and longing. And following the saddening miscarriage, this urge never seemed to return. I was left high and dry and needing, with no one to turn to for many years. The transcript of the confessional started again. "What type of thoughts?" The priest said "Well it started when Amy got ill, and as you know she had been ill for a few years before sweet penis licking delights hardcore and blowjob passing away." "Yes!" The Priest agreed, sadly.

"My mind started to wander and I discovered the internet and this led me to start looking for some satisfaction, sexual satisfaction that is. I used to look at sites and play with myself looking at pictures. Pictures of very busty models in dirty poses, you understand." "Yes!" Came the Priest's brief response.

Paul recalled the pictures in all the folders. And Paul liked his Father's taste in women. He was attracted to the same shape. "Well, it was just after Amy funeral, I was doing just that, and looking at pictures as I was going through her stuff to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. I came across some photos, in a box I'd never seen before." "Pictures?

What of?" "Well Father, they were very dirty. I always thought of Amy was a virgin and inexperienced when we married, and our sex life was crap if I am honest. But these pictures showed a very different side to her, that I never knew existed. I recalled Amy was always taking pictures. And I looked to find glossy Polaroid's of pretty girls in lingerie.

I saw familiar pictures of Amy, the girl I had fallen in love with all those years before. She looked oblivious someone assisted her adjusting white stocking-tops in the shop, her gorgeous big round bum enhanced by the skinniest white panties I had ever seen and a pale pink top. I could see the thin material that was trying to encase her massive breasts. The very same massive bust that I had fallen in lust with, the moment we had first met.

"And when we married I was going to make sure that I knew exactly how to fuck!" "Another photo was of Amy's sister, Jill. She was applying her makeup, leaning forward towards a mirror which must have been just next to the camera. She too was only partially dressed at this stage and wore a tiny silky top.

And as she leaned forward she too revealed a huge amount of slightly freckled cleavage. I always loved family visits with Amy's family. Her Mother looked half her the hot ass of hollie hendrix gets her laid and had a perfect hour glass figure and then both Amy and her sister took after their mother, at least in the boobs department.

The thought of their teasingly-obscured drooping forms combined, with the image of Amy's arse was almost too much to bear as I felt myself getting aroused, by something other than internet porn, for the first time in a while." Paul, now very aroused continued to read on, having never met his Grandmother but seen his Auntie Jill when he was much younger.

"But the photos started to become more erotic Father! I turned over another photo to see the back of my wife, Amy going into the church. Then another as she looked, almost cautiously, over her shoulder before entering a back room. I wondered who might have taken these pictures since Amy seemed preoccupied." "Almost with shaking hands I turned another page to see my beautiful wife Amy, on our wedding day, a few hours before getting married, on her knees in front of a strange man.

And whoever had taken the photos was good. His large, dangling balls seemed to sway as his massive cock shaft stretched Amy's mouth.

He was clearly sliding it in and out. My cock was rock hard as I looked in awe at the pictures of my wife and the other man as she sucked hungrily on his cock. My cock throbbed in my hand as I looked for more pictures. Well, Father, at that moment when I was looking at the pictures, my daughter Carol walked in!" "Oh!" The Priest said in slight shock.

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"What did you do?" "If I am honest I was so turned on I just wanted to push her down on a table and fuck her silly!" "Roger, Roger calm down, she is your daughter, remember. That is out of the question." "But I am tempted by her!" I tried to justify myself. "Since when?" Paul noticed a small annotation next to this entry with a date and hyperlink. He moved the mouse across to the link and clicked it gently. A second passed and another entry appeared. 2nd November 1983 Today lindy takes whitezillas big white cock again a special day.

A very special day. I have been without sex for so long now I can't recall the last time Amy and I fucked. But today I discovered completely by accident how beautiful my daughter is. Carol is now 15. She looks like her Mother with dark hair and brown eyes. Today she was sent home from school, following a bullying incident, where she had been the victim. I was home from work and had been sitting in the chair watching TV. Amy being out left me alone at home when Carol had come running in crying.

She immediately plonked herself down onto my lap. Like a good Father should I cuddled her in softly. But then I glanced down, looking, for the first time at her very short skirt, her developing thighs and her oversized breasts that seemed too big for the small tight school blouse she was wearing.

I am not proud to say that the smell of her and feel of her started to excite me. I felt my erection start to stir as I cradled my teenage daughter in my arms.

But I knew this was wrong, very wrong. I excused myself from the situation. But I can't get the images of Carol out of my mind. I know I need to make some alterations to the family home. Paul continued to read as the days of the diary seemed to click by, his Father's attentions now almost solely on Paul's older sister. He was appalled but very turned on! I know I need to deviant needs but do no real harm to the family.

With obscured holes in various positions I can now view Carol's bedroom from various angles, aswell as the bathroom. More than enough to keep me busy and satisfied on cold nights. And I make the most of it constantly watching and wanking as my beautiful daughter, Carol develops. And developing she is, into a beautiful curvy woman with all the appeal of her Mother in every way. I watch her dress and undress, bath and towel aziani iron brandi mae female bodybuilder with huge clit. Now she has a boyfriend, Phil has arrived on the scene.

Carol's would be husband. A soldier, who like me, had a fascination with tits and, as I have discovered since, the bigger the better. Yes I know where his secret stash of magazines is. And I watch as Phil practically rips the clothes from Carol, wishing it was me that was doing it to her young body. And I have seen him shove his cock in every conceivable position on her body.

But there was nothing more exciting that watching Phil shooting his load all over Carol's breasts. Fuck yes, and I am usually doing the same all over the attic floor. I must take some pictures of them together! Paul noticed another hyperlink and was tempted to click on it but, unsure of whether he would want to see his older sister in a compromising position he refrained instead returning his attention to the confessional episode.

"That is very wrong. To see your daughter in that way!" The Priest reprimanded. "Yes Father. I know. I was helpless!" "You said Amy wouldn't give you sex?" The Priest asked.

"So how did Paul come about?" "I needed sex!" I remember whispering. "Amy would go out with her sister almost on a monthly basis. Once night I followed Amy and Jill to a club. It was there that I found out that whilst she didn't want to give me sex she was more than willing to give to others! I saw both her and Jill with one man. They took him outside to an alleyway. And they both made the most of him as he did them. Amy and Jill had their tits out and were all over his massive cock and he ended up fucking Amy's mouth then Jill's arse.

I remember it vividly as it was such a turn on." "And when she came home I asked her what she had done. She denied it of course………&hellip.so I dragged her up to the bedroom and ripped her clothes off her and raped her!" "What?" The Priest was shocked now. "I raped her Father. I ripped her dress off and pushed her down to the ground.

I shoved my cock in her throat and made her suck it, then fucked her arse like the whore she was. And I finally came in her cunt! And that's where Paul came from!" Paul was in shock now but still very turned on! "She was a whore………………&hellip.!" Aswell as the other pictures in the church there were also pictures of her with a Priest.

He was looking at her top. It was sheer, stretchy pink lace, figure hugging. The panties had already been discarded in haste, on the floor. The photos showed the Priest, still in his cassock gently pulling the dress from over her shoulders and down to her elbows, enough to allow Amy's massive fat tits to flop out.

He was evidently excited, as his pumping grew more urgent. What man wouldn't be aroused by such massive tits, and by the beautiful, slim woman to whom they belonged?

Even if she was my wife! The fact that her nipples were also massive and brown, was clearly too much for the Priest to bear. The Priest scooped up one breast with both hands and greedily worked his tongue around it, sucking it. Moving from her breast, he turned his attention to Amy's face. The two engaged in long deep kisses as his hands roamed over her bare flesh." "Then Amy had her hands inside the cassock and reappeared with the Priest's cock with her long fingers, while allowing him to firmly guide her into such a position whereby he could comfortably fuck her cunt.

Amy showed no resistance as he buried his cock into her shaven pussy so deeply that his balls were slapping against her arse. Her huge tits heaved in rhythm. She was loving it as was he, and I was loving looking at her being fucked in a way that she seemed to enjoy with anyone but me." "And what about your daughter, Carol?" The Priest enquired.

"She walked in?" "Yes, she walked in. Carol is a strange one really. She married Phil and they were married for 10 years or so. But she hadn't been with anyone since they split up and I don't think they had a good sex life either. I have a feeling that Carol took after Amy in that way. And so I suppose the sight of my cock to Carol might have looked inviting. I don't know. All I do know is I was distracted by the pictures of Amy and looked up to see Carol, who is a striking resemblance of Amy looking back at me.

She turned and walked out so nothing happened." This pleased the Priest I seem to remember. "Well, nothing happened then." I continued with the confession. A few days later I had the photos of Amy on my bed and had been wanking over them.

I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew, Carol was entering my room and sitting on the edge of my bed looking at the pictures and me.

She was wearing a black dress having been out to a party and was slightly drunk. I could see she was excited by the pictures of her mother in 'all her glory'. I invited Carol to sit by me and look at the pictures with me.

I knew it was wrong but suddenly I had my daughter in her tight dress alongside me and could feel her curves as we talked and looked at the pictures.

I felt her thighs, in stockings against my thighs and my cock started to harden. I tried to get up but Carol stopped me and suddenly reached down to my cock before leaning over and sliding her tongue over my nipple. I nearly went through the roof and felt my cock harden like it hadn't since I had raped Amy. I told Carol to stop and she did reluctantly." "Truly Father, I tried to explain to her that this was wrong but she said she missed sex.

She started to cry and I placed an arm around her pulling her close. My hand strayed down under her breast and I lifted it slightly until my fingers were caressing her massive mounds of flesh." "And then I suppose my animal instincts took over. I was grabbing her and pushing her face lower until her mouth was on my cock and I couldn't help myself.

Just like I had down with Mrs Potts and with Amy, I was now forcing this willing woman, albeit my daughter, to suck my cock and was determined that I was going to shoot down her throat.

She was gagging but I didn't care. I fucked her face with my hands firmly on the back of her head until I came a gallon forcing her to swallow it all down." "And that satisfied you?" The Priest enquired tentatively.

"For the moment it did! But I was horrified by my actions. But then, when she got up and pulled off her dress, she stood looking at me dressed only in a black basque and stockings. And all I saw was Amy again. Carol's long dark hair and big brown eyes just like her Mother's and her curves in all the right places." "Fuck, this is so wrong!" I heard the Priest say to himself and I had to agree. Paul's cock was rock hard and now released from his trousers was in his hand, the hot shaft throbbing and oozing pre-cum from xxx sex stories storys 3g 5menit head.

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He read on. "I took her again on the bed, this time fucking her in the cunt, like the whore she is, just like her Mum and she came too." I remember looking through the hatchway to see Father Liam's hand moving quickly followed by a loud moan. "Can you forgive me Father?" I asked. "I don't know if I can!" He groaned back as his cock erupted in a fountain of cum. The entry stopped there and Paul excitedly clicked on the original link. 3rd April 2007 I asked Carol to move in with me!

It just seems to make sense. She is standing in lingerie in my bedroom at the time. I am naked in the bed sporting a growing erection as I look over at my voluptuous daughter, her bra overflowing with breast flesh. "Would you like me to, Daddy?" I simply pulled back the sheet to show my manhood. "He would!" I smile. Carol tiptoes over to the bed and kneels down facing me, her heavy breasts swinging low in their undersized carrier. As she purrs gently before lowering her face to my manhood.

"Suck me you dirty bitch!" I sighed and my gorgeous sexy daughter willingly opens her mouth and runs her tongue up and down my long shaft before closing her lips over my manhood. Moments later she is bouncing on my cock, her fat breasts now squashed into my face and we both cum almost at once. This was the last entry and Paul sat back and eased his hand up and down on his shaft. There was only one thing left to look at. Paul knew this and knew where the link. He was tempted but almost reluctant.

"It won't fucking hurt, will it?" He told himself and clicked the photo link of his sister Carol. The screen was suddenly full of images of his curvy sister from the tender age of 15 right through her time with her husband Phil shooting ebony sunny leone full xnxx story sex stories after load of cum over her big fat breasts, to finally a few shots of Paul's Father, Roger doing the same to his dirty blonde getting her ass smashed by hot masseur. Paul closed his eyes and lay back in the chair feeling his cock reaching the point of no return.

Seconds later he felt that familiar release as his cock started to explode in cum, the sticky sperm shooting out and then oozing down his shaft.

He let out a loud moan. "Are you okay in here?" Carol's voice couldn't have come at a more inopportune moment for Paul as his massive orgasm subsided. Without thinking he quickly covered himself up and looked over to the doorway of the study.

Carol was standing in a tiny pink chiffon nightie with matching panties and slippers with a bemused expression on her face. Paul noticed the curvature of her breasts pushing at the thin material and the dark nipples clearly visible. And seconds later she was over at the desk. "What are you looking at, Paul?" She grinned as she leaned down by him to see a picture of herself lying on her back with her hands pushing her breasts upwards towards the stream of thick cum shooting from her Father's cock.

"Like Father, like Son eh?" She grinned as she reached down and slid her hand over the cum drenched wilting cock of her brother. She laughed and stood up looking down at him. "There's plenty more of that if you want it!" She smiled sweetly walking towards the doorway. "You know where I am!" She winked at her embarrassed brother and walked out of the room. Paul did know where she was……………………………and found her shortly after.

Like all men really Paul simply followed his cock.