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Mary was hot and sweaty, she'd worked almost all day to get the first of the three reactivatable reactors clear. Even with the help of the anti-grav units it had been hard going, she decided she just might kill Jim after all, she did NOT like to perspire and she wasn't about to ask a pregnant Amber to help.

Mary was glad as hell that the last proximity alert hadn't been enemy ships, with only 3 reactors going they were sitting ducks even to the weak ass tyrants in this section of space. Damn it she thought, with all this damage Dickie still wasn't able to get all repair functions going and they needed at least 2 more before it would be able to gain more control.

Sighing she got back to work she was almost through to the anteroom of the reactor, at least with this one going she'd be able to take a hot shower. Jim was pissed, a few seconds sooner and they wouldn't be having all this trouble, Mary was more than capable but she still hadn't had enough time with the system yet. "Jim I've reached the anteroom of the reactor, it's a mess down here good thing we added that extra shielding or this one would toast," came Mary's voice from the com.

"Alright, come on back after you're done and take a break you've more than earned it," Jim answered. "I will after I look at the other 2 I want to make sure I can actually clear them," came Mary's reply. "Hell, I should be back up tomorrow Mary, I'll.," Jim started. "I told you you're not moving till we're sure you're not injured more than the readings say, you do and you'll have more than just me to deal with," Mary snapped back this was twice he'd been hurt after he'd sent her to safety and she'd be damned if it was going to happen again.

Jim threw up his arms in defeat with just one of them he might be able to climb out of this bed but not both. Damn, Jim thought he felt like a prisoner they wouldn't even let him go to the bathroom alone, sighing he laid back deciding for the moment not to fight it. Amber smirked, finally there was someone that could actually get Jim to listen for once, sitting down amber sighed they needed to get back to Imperial space soon.

Even as she sat she felt the baby begin to move again, damn it! It was sooner than she thought, sifting through all the dates she began to wonder if she hadn't gotten the date wrong when she got pregnant, bout her luck she thought, well their luck.

With all that he'd been through the last few years, she wasn't sure if she could have remained sane, plus all the shit of them both losing their families, sighing she slightly cringed as she felt the baby move again. Mary had finally cleared through to the anteroom, after a thorough check of all the reactor and associated systems she walked to the system control room.

Finally getting it started she noticed that the light levels were finally up where they should be, good she thought it's about time. The added power enabled Dickie to use more anti-grav units, so finally the hallway and the rest of the anteroom were clear in no time. Jim felt more of the bio bed come to life, good he thought she had the fourth back on they ought to be at half speed now, and the shields also at half sighing he knew if they could drop the shields they'd be back a lot sooner.

Well there was no helping it now he guessed, touching his ear he opened his com, "Dickie status," Jim said. "We now have sufficient power to properly assess damage to the station, structural integrity holding at 95% shields are at half power now rising to 55%. We are now at half speed on the hyper engines, I have lost control over 35% of the station including the tunnel drive, I am attempting to repair now, it appears that quite a few dirty black slut sucks dick in backseat of bang bus are burned out on super sub level 5, plus there is extensive damage to panels 5 through 10 in the control room.

I am afraid that till they are all repaired we won't be able to use the tunnel drive, I am afraid there is no way to by pass them," Dickie reported. Jim silently cursed his luck if he wasn't here he was sure he and Mary could already have had the station back up. Sitting up a moment the room began to spin, damn it he thought as he quickly feel back on the bed, well that sucks. Amber arose quickly hurrying to the bio bed when she heard Jim's groan, starting the scan again when she saw that more of the bed was functioning.

The fact that his brain was still showing swelling worried her, she wasn't a doctor but she knew that wasn't good, looking over the interface she began to enlist more of the bio bed's medical applications. After a few minutes the look of relief on Jim's face caused her to breathe easier, according to the read out, he'd have to be here another 3 days before the bed would release him.

Sighing she was glad, she wasn't sure what she'd do without him, with the bed finally at 100% she could finally rest. Mary was finally on her way back to control, the fact that Dickie was finally able to clear more of the debris was also encouraging. After checking in on Jim and adjusting the settings Amber had set slightly, she smiled and made her way to the bunk area, damn but this shower was going to feel damn good! Three days later Jim was finally able to get out of bed, Mary had 6 of the reactors operational now, though Dickie still had no control over the tunnel drive or attractive cutie is pissing and pleasing trimmed twat of the station.

Mary was good but the circuit repair she wasn't that sure of, not the way almost everything on the station had been reconfigured. Jim sighed it was going to take quite a bit of repair work, he and Mary had just made it to super sub level 5 when Jim saw that almost every circuit had been cut, cut? Jim started to inch his way forward repairing everything he came to, when there was a clicking and hissing coming from around a corner, what!?

There were actual Krang on the station, pulling a pistol Jim started to advance when Mary stopped him. "No, killing is my job keep going, we need to get everything back up that we can," with that she cloaked and was gone.

Within 5 minutes there were screams and massive confusion coming from where they'd heard the Krang. 20 - 25 minutes later it was all quiet Jim was reattaching the last circuit for this small section when Mary appeared.

"Their all dead, I took this off of them, a map to this place, though they were having trouble with all the locks and doors they've tried to destroy everything they could," Mary reported.

Jim nodded repairing everything he could, at least they had 2 of the MTM's working now, plus Dickie was able to assess the tunnel drive now. An hour later Dickie finished it's analysis of the tunnel drive, "Captain, I have finished examining the tunnel drive. There is no apparent damage to the drive, the extra shielding you and Mary provided served to more than protect it.

I have still have no control over it yet, though the repairs you effected with Mary have given me control over 85% of the station now." Jim was nodding when Dickie finished, "Alright Dickie, continue to monitor all systems and immediately notify me of any changes that may occur within them." Jim sat still for a few minutes trying to figure out why the tunnel drive still wasn't working.

"Dickie scan the entire drive and try to determine if there is any way to activate it without panels 5 through 10, We've partially repaired 5 and 6 but the others may take longer." "Compliance, though at present with the configuration you have set up that may not be possible," Dickie quipped back. Jim and Mary went back to work on panels 5 and 6 an hour later they had just finished and reactivated them when a chime went off alerting them that several offline systems were now operating.

They both breathed a sigh of relief and settled in to start work on the next 2, Jim had to stop only a few times this time to explain how and why he'd changed configuration. Again, Mary could see an almost brilliance to how the system was operating now, another hour and they weren't much further with them when Dickie spoke up. "Captain I have finished the analysis you have requested, now that we have panels 5 and 6 operating, I have about 30% control of the tunnel drive.

I can start it, I can even open a tunnel but I can not stabilize it for long, you may get 10 to 20 minutes each time, the down side is we'd have to wait at least 12 hours before we try again. Also, we would not be able to get very far, maybe 18 hours to a day and a half further but it would be closer to Imperial space," Dickie vixen babysitters kimmy granger amp sydney cole ffm threesome to the grim faced three standing in the control room.

"Alright, Dickie? What is our distance from the Creca world?" Jim suddenly asked. "I estimate that we are still 18 days from them at full hyper speed, we are still deep quite within the Krong/Krang space, we sexy blonde gf in the raunchy and intense fuck on vacations still too far to beam the Creca a message, I suggest using the tunnel drive to get closer," Dickie suddenly added.

Jim was rapidly thinking 2 days would put them a lot farther, possibly give them more time, looking at big titty nurses brooke haven titty fucking and Amber they both nodded. Jim started to smile finally they were all on the same page.

"Alright Dickie, I want you to activate the drive, hold us in the tunnel as long as you can," Jim instructed. "Compliance Captain, I suggest that all three of you strap your selves in, this will be some what violent without the stabilizers that panel 10 controls," Dickie answered back. They all watched the space in front of the station roll and boil more violently than before then it suddenly opened, the station lurched, then started to shake as they slowly gained speed.

There was another violent lurch then they were in the tunnel. "Dickie call off the time while we are within the tunnel, shut down all non-essential systems that may enable you to sustain the tunnel longer," Jim said as the station began to gain speed.

"Compliance Captain, though without the star engines this is the top speed we will be able to obtain," Dickie answered as Jim saw that their speed had leveled out. "5 minutes so far," Dickie said. Jim and Mary could see that the tunnel was slightly different after 10 minutes instead of a steady glow the walls of the tunnel were starting to flash dark every now and then, at 15 it was occurring with more frequency.

"Dickie shut down every system not essential to life support, shields and the tunnel drive!" Jim yelled above the noise the tunnel drive was starting to make, "watch for stress and heat build up within the tunnel drive!" "Compliance," Dickie replied, "the increase in power may extend the tunnel time." They all watched as the blinking of the tunnel walls slowed and almost stopped, though their joy was short lived.

At 20 minutes the walls started to slowly blink again, Jim smiled when they hit 25 minutes, they might get further. They'd just hit 30 minutes when the alarms started to go off, Dickie informed them that some of the other systems had shut down with the strain on the reactors.

At 35 minutes Jim was hoping they didn't rip the ship to hell and back, finally at 40 minutes Dickie announced that the tunnel was failing. There was an extremely violent lurch then they were free. Touching his ear Jim asked, "Status report." "We have traveled 3 days closer to the Creca world, though we are still barely out of message beam range, we.," Dickie started when there was another proximity alert going off, "Captain I am detecting a large world ahead.

From what I have deduced of their language it is a Krong world, the first I have detected since we have entered this area of their space. It holds a rather large number of the Krong, I am also getting odd readings in the center of a huge building in the largest city." Jim rushed to look at the readings, from what he saw it was putting out a lot of energy and.? Em waves? Jim backed away, was it possible that they had stumbled onto the brain hold? No, he didn't believe that for a second, he was sure his father had something to do with that.

Looking closer he could see different energies coming from the building some of them were definitely human! "Move us away beyond their detection," Jim ordered as they felt Dickie start the sub-light engines. A few minutes later they were behind the moon of the planet, "any pursuit?" Jim queried. "None that I am detecting Captain, it appears we have escaped before their sensors detected us." Dickie informed the three.

Amber eyes also grew large when she saw the readings, "Jim you aren't going to try and go down there are you?" she cried. "Not unless I have no choice, first, I have to figure a way to keep them alive once they are here," Jim replied as a thousand ideas flew through his mind.

"Unless you want a major ass kicking, you had better tell me what's going on," Mary advised when amber backed from the sensor panel. "We've detected human em patterns down there, when I was going through the Krong records I found that they would take the brains of their strongest enemies.

I believe that they took the brains of three of the heroes of the first battle against the Krong," Jim said trying not to get too excited. "Ah, you mean the Stocks," Mary replied, though not shocked knowing Mary and the way she had for gathering information Jim was still a little surprised.

"Yes that's right, the heroes of that attack deserve peace or a chance to live again, I intend to bring their brains on board, though at present I am not sure how yet, as we don't have the equipment yet, nor the power.

I worked on the DMTM and we only have one operating, it would take all three synced with each other just to get one of them and the equipment they are housed in," Mary nodded thinking a moment. "I believe that for once I have an idea, that you don't," Mary smirked, as she pulled out the disk Jim had given her before they'd left.

"I did a little work on something like what you are describing when I almost killed Anthony," Mary said, for a moment drifting back in time.

"I thought I might have to put his brain in another 'holder' while his body healed, the war ended and I never saw him again, so I abandoned it, which YOU took with you, had I had it I might have actually finished the idea." Jim again cringed at the mention of the recent argument they'd gone through.

As they both looked over the data Jim became more and more impressed, this was damn good! Hell with that, it was brilliant! "I do believe that this would do it, though you might have to find a way to adapt our power source to their machinery," Jim stated.

Looking over the power readings from the planet Mary just shrugged, "shouldn't be too hard, it's not too different than the power readings of the generators used over 50 years ago." Again Jim was a little shocked, he knew that Mary was extremely smart but even he hadn't seen the similarities of the 2. "Come on Jim, you remember that second mission we did to that outer world? I had to adapt to their power generators and they were no different than this," Mary said, a little irritated that Jim didn't remember that mission.

Jim, could only stand there his mouth open, though Amber was trying her best not to burst out laughing. The rest of the day Jim worked on panel 7, it wouldn't have for them to be taken, right after they got what they were after. Mary had started modifying several power outlets in the heaviest protected cargo bay.

Finally the seventh panel repaired Jim moved over to the eighth surprised to see that Mary was over half done with it.

"Reporting," Dickie broke in, "I now have 90% control over the station, I have 50% control over tunnel drive. Am now commencing auto repairs on reactor 7, repairs should take 2 to 3 hours. With the restart of reactor 7 we should get almost half power to the star drive while within the tunnel. Though I have more control, I estimate that stability of the tunnel won't be maintainable for very long, we will need the stabilizers associated with panel 10." Sighing Jim said, "yeah I know Dickie but we have to have the 5 before it working or repairing 10 will be for nothing." The next day Mary and Amber awoke in the bunk room, looking around Jim was no where to be found.

Both of the women looked at each other and smirked, just like Jim to forgo sleep to work on his machines. Sure enough, they found him slumped over panel 9, it appeared he'd just started on it when he fell asleep. Looking closer Mary saw that in fact, he was almost finished it, Damn it! He'd have to have worked on it all night to get this far, a little miffed Mary knew Jim was pushing with every thing he had to get the station back up.

It was strange it was almost as if he knew the Stocks exceptional sex kitten shows off huge bum and gets butthole drilled asstomouth spreading had been in that first battle and owed them something. Shrugging it all off for the moment Mary helped Amber get Jim to the bunk room, she then went to check whether or not reactor 7 was ready to go. As soon as Mary get it up and running she saw a marked difference in all the power readings good they were almost there.

Sighing Mary went back to work on the power adjustments in the cargo hold, damn but this was going to take a while. Jim was dreaming again though he knew he had to work on the panels, he couldn't wake up.

Sighing he heard a voice, <I am still unsure of this plan of yours and Mary's Jimmy> the voice said. <I know we can do this father, as soon as I have the three of you I will destroy this place, then no one will be able to use others like this again. The Krong were the only ones in their records that had this capability> Jim responded. <We are glad you will destroy this place. Though you're wrong, the Krong aren't the only ones to have this technology, though they are the only ones to ever use it, on a scale as large as this.> his father said.

<We?> Jim asked puzzled. <Yes, the other brains that are here and have been a much greater time than your siblings and I.

They welcome the peace that death will finally give them> his father replied. <It won't be long, ballbusting fun with goddess rapture humiliation femdom are working out all the details now, peace isn't far now> Jim stated, with that all was again quiet.

Jim jerked awake, how did I get in bed? It was then he noticed Amber's clothes of the day before on the chair. Damn it! Fell asleep again! Going back to work Jim threw his self into finishing panel 9, 2 hours later he reactivated it. "Captain," Dickie said, "I am now in 100% control of the station, we now have 7 reactors online I am attempting to finish repairs to numbers 8 and 9. I am afraid that reactor 10 will need for more extensive repair than I am capable of, the reactor walls have separated in places and need complete replacing." "Thank you Dickie, continue to monitor the planet and surrounding space I don't want to be caught unaware," Jim replied.

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"Compliance Captain, I have a nice fuck before getting airborn pleasure photorama started repairs on panel 10 I estimate it will be active in 10 hours, 5 minutes and 36 seconds," Dickie responded. Jim grimaced again, he was going to have to work on Dickie damn if his AI wasn't starting to turn into a smart ass!

2 days later they were almost ready, though he hadn't had any further contact with him Jim knew that his father was somehow watching everything that was going on. Just this morning they'd finally gotten the ninth reactor going, plus they had 2 of the 3 DMTM's working.

Jim was looking over everything about the plan with Mary with her sharp eyes he was sure she'd see any thing that he might've missed or omitted. Mary had been going over everything with a fine tooth comb though, brilliant she had found a few flaws that were easily amended.

Though she didn't think they needed to Mary consented to Dickie to start running simulations, what the hell more looks at it couldn't really hurt. Mary and Jim set out to finish the last thing they needed to complete their mission, getting the last DMTM operational. They'd just finished powering up the DMTM when several alarms went off, "Dickie report!," Jim said into his com.

"Captain I am detecting a small fleet and 2 world ships approaching the planet, they all bear the Krong energy signature," Dickie quipped back.

"Damn it! We're finally ready and these sons of bitches have to show up!" Jim yelled at the wall, "hell I don't even know if we can take them, we've sustained so much damage." Mary and Jim ran for the control room, once there Jim pulled up all the readings he could.

"They don't appear to be hunting for us though I wouldn't be sure, Dickie! Let me hear them." "Accessing now," Dickie replied as the room was filled with hissing and clicking. Jim cocked his head to one side listening to everything that was said, "they are the last of the Krong's vast fleet but they still have the firepower to scare the others.

This is the first Krong home world, they are coming in to refuel and resupply. Damn it! They plan to be here at least a week." Jim was shouting at the screen.

"We could just destroy them," Mary said petite teen nailed on tophood of a car of factly, "I don't think that what they have is any match for us." "If the station was fully functional yes, we're a reactor short, half the plasma cannons aren't functioning, one of the DMTM's are down.

We've just got the station back together, not sure if I'm prepared to go up against a world ship let alone 2 of them," Jim said over his shoulder to Mary. Mary was in thought a moment, "what if we can get the cloak operational?" she suddenly injected.

"That would be nice but I haven't been able to get the light bending array to align properly. The fact that the apparatus won't power up has me perplexed.

I've checked the system 3 or 4 times and can't find anything wrong with it," Jim said, a look of extreme concentration on his face.

Mary once again was deep in thought, this sounded a lot like one of her missions where her cloak went down and she couldn't get it backup. Thinking harder, it was starting to frustrate her that the answer wouldn't come to her. Jim was quiet, he'd seen her like this before, once she was onto new xxx story hot american idea if anything broke her concentration she might never finish the idea.

Mary was replaying that whole part of the mission in her head, it started out good she was near the target activated the cloak and nothing happened, what the hell? She'd taken the cloak apart and found nothing wrong with it, then she'd done it again 3 times still finding nothing. Then she had tested her other equipment to see if something was interfering with it.

That was it! Turning Mary almost collided with Jim, "I think I know what's wrong," Mary said, as she ran out of the control room Jim close behind her.

"I had a similar problem years ago, the cloak IS working it's just that there is another piece of equipment interfering," Mary said. "Interfering?" Jim asked. "Yes," Mary threw back as she ran, "It has the same power demand and draw as the cloak, it would fool the system that it needed twice the power consumption, there by the system wouldn't supply any power to the cloak." In engineering Jim watched as Mary started adjusting the power and frequency settings of the cloak, not really sure that she could solve the problem.

To his complete and utter amazement he watched as not only the cloak system came on but started to work at almost 100%. Turning to face him a happy smirk on her face she stated, "after all Jim, the cloak idea was my idea to start with you just helped me to bring it to life." With that she danced away a wide mouthed Jim following not far behind wondering why he hadn't seen this in the first place.

"Don't feel bad Jim, I've found that when I am emotionally attached more than I usually am, I can't see the easy fixes either." Jim walked back to control Mary not too far behind, Amber having heard the whole thing couldn't help but smile.

Looking over the readings Jim saw that indeed the cloak was now operating, though it was only at 95% it was more than enough for what they needed to do.

"Dickie I need the status on DMTM 3, is it damaged too much to effectively repair?" Jim inquired of 1-brunette brunette lesbians fingering incredible tube porn AI. "Scanning," Dickie droned back. A few minutes later it's answer surprised all 3 of them. "Captain, I have examined the third Distance Matter through Matter device. I am finding no major problems with it mechanically, it appears that several of the power supply lines to it have been severed.

Suggest repair before any further attempts to retrieve the cerebral components of the 3 Stock members." Sighing, Jim again thought he'd have to check Dickie's logic circuits, "I think we need to run a diagnostic on you when we return Dickie," Jim said half heartedly.

"As you wish Captain, though I can perform that myself," Dickie returned. Mary and Amber were both hiding the fact that Jim irritated with Dickie was hilarious. It took the better part of the day to repair all the breaks, finally everything was ready. Early that morning, while most of the largest city slept they implemented their plan.

All three brains and equipment were transferred, a massive amount of explosives were placed around the area where the brains had been. Jim had Dickie slowly moving away from the planet the cloak down to 70%, they'd started charging the planet killers but were still a little close to activate them yet.

Though Mary knew that the world ships couldn't see them she still kept a wary eye on them. Finally far enough out, Jim knew they had to execute the planet killers soon the cloak was at 50% and falling fast. One of the world ships was on the move when Jim activated 2 of the planet killers, with a huge satisfied smile he watched as the planet shook, the atmosphere disappeared, then cracks formed, finally the planet exploded taking one of the world ships with it.

Wasting no time, though they were still a little close Jim activated the tunnel drive. Drawn in they were straining to maintain the tunnel when the proximity alert went off 5 minutes later. Rushing to the sensors Jim and Mary cursed when they saw the second world ship had entered the tunnel with them.

Though they couldn't catch them, the extra mass was straining the tunnel drive to mother and son hran mother limits. Jim estimated they were maybe two hours from the Krong planet now, decided they weren't going to escape this world ship that easily and dropped out of the drive.

reporter bangs teen and her step mom "Dickie status of the Phasic drop missles?" Jim inquired. Mary and Amber looked at Jim like he'd lost his mind, "You combined the two?" Mary almost shouted, "are you trying to blow the fuck out of everything?

As I said once before you do know they WILL turn on us!" Jim clicked on a screen letting Mary study the plans, "a macro AI? Ah I see you removed half the explosive payload for a bigger AI, damn Jim this just might work!" Mary said now more excited. "I only have 50,000 ready, though I must warn you Captain these are highly unstable." Dickie replied. "I know!" shouted Jim, "Deploy!" They watched as the missiles quickly made their way to the world ship, as expected the missles were to small to concern the ship.

To small that is till 2 of the main engines were ripped from the body of the ship. The ship was trying to avoid the missles now when a few more ripped through the front of the ship, this ignited several layers of fuel that also exploded, within minutes the ship was a burning piece of debris. All breathed a sigh of relief as Jim and Mary went over all the equipment again after the strain on it, then reactivated the tunnel drive.

A day and a half later they stopped at the Creca world to inform them of what had transpired, though they were extremely happy that the Krong and Krang were truly gone they cautioned that there were still a few species out there that were almost as bad.

All three thanked them (even Jim though it was only half hearted) after a few more repairs they were on their way back to Imperial space. During the 2 1/2 day trip back Jim outlined to Mary and Amber the plans for the body reconstitution machines. Though Amber wasn't too thrilled that they were some what playing god, she never the less signed on with it, the heroes deserved the right to live.

Upon arriving, May and Jim started immediately upon the machines, Amber went to see the doctor though no one knew she'd gone. 2 weeks after they'd started them they ran the first test, which ended extremely bad, the body last a few hours then started to dissolve from it's own acids. Undaunted they continued another month hardly eating or sleeping. Finally they had a success though this was the best so far they had to be sure. Another week passed, Amber came by as often as she could, Jim noticing that she was starting to show more.

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Then one day Jim had a break through, he had the bodies to where they should be, he'd talked young pretty but not so innocent un plugged his soccer training teen tiny tunes and tinier tits letting her know what was happening, to say she cried a lot would be an understatement. Finally the day came that all three were ready to leave the lab, though the children were kept about the same age the man was aged a few years.

Jim hadn't gotten too close to the three conducting all the tests through Dickie. Maria showed up a few minutes later, falling to her knees her eyes filled with tears when she saw Jeromy and Naomie running toward her arms out stretched. Kissing them both she couldn't believe they were alive though the best surprise was when her husband walked around the corner.

Maria was in a daze it felt like a dream, "Where's James?" She asked, immediately causing Mary to perk up. "James? didn't you see him when you came in?" her husband asked, when she came in? what was this man talking about? "No, I didn't, you mean he's actually here?" Maria asked puzzled.

"Yes, he's partially responsible for all this," the man said. Mary shook her head, James? Jimmy? A sudden thought hit her, "Jim Stock! You son of a bitch!" she shouted at the top of her voice. "You knew all this time didn't you? I ought to kill you just for the hell of it!" As she drew her sword and attacked Jim.

Everyone turned as Jim parried Mary's cuts and thrusts, Damn! she thought he's a hell of a lot better than he ever let on Mary thought. 10 minutes later her shirt in rags she managed to cut his shirt open, there for all to see the Stock royal family seal hung from a chain around his neck. Mary her eyes now brighter nodded, "I thought so, and to think you helped make me the person I am!" Dropping her sword she embraced Jim, "hello brother, thanks to you helping me train that is." Jim was a little shocked, "Brother?" Looking closer, then REALLY closer a wry smile crept on his face, "I see it now," he said, everyone was confused except Maria, "Jeromy and Naomie say hello to your big sister, Father may I present your oldest daughter Mary Ann Stock." Though everyone else mouths were agape with surprise the two youngest Stocks ran to hug Mary a warm loving feeling she'd not felt in a long time spread over her.

Amber's eyes filled with tears, "later when you have time," she started, causing the older Stocks to bow. "Stop that this instant this family is the most important to the empire you are equals to me," looking at the 2 oldest she nodded, "yes, I know, you all are of royal birth," turning to Jim, "that's what I meant when I said we are equals, we truly are, that emblem on your neck proves it." Turning to Jim's father Amber finished, "when you have time please come to see your grand children, I am sure they would love to see you.

EPILOGUE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peace had finally come to the empire, when it was revealed what the Stock family had done, they almost had to hide from all the attention that they started getting.

It was revealed that Jim's grandfather and Amber's grandfather had both had empires at one time long ago. Redhead lauren phillips got good sex family agreed to become part of one vast empire the family was to always be royal though they had to have their royal seal on them to prove it.

As each were DNA coded only a select few could wear or even hold them. Amber and Jim eventually expanded the empire all the way to the Creca world.

Jim's tech was far to powerful for any of the other races, so eventually they either went much deeper into space or died off.

Mary actually retired though she was somewhat bored, that is till an old friend showed up, Anthony had survived and though at first she wouldn't tell him, she had, had feelings for him for a long time. Anthony had practiced for years and this time was an actual match for Mary something else that spurred her interest, they were married 2 years later. (No kids as of yet). The Stocks were happy at last, though it was still sad that Ann couldn't be brought back her memory was honored by all.

Then again knowing Jim (shrugs) who knows?