Exceptional petite chick gets her spread snatch and tiny butt hole banged

Exceptional petite chick gets her spread snatch and tiny butt hole banged
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She held a copy of the Kama Sutra, as she sat on the sofa.

It described various types of sexual encounters. All types should be experienced, it implied. The categories started with romantic love, love between friends, clandestine love, and love with a courtesan.

Cherise told Ron she was a courtesan it went right over his head. Somewhere he had heard it but, sitting with sexy Cherise distracted him too much.

Ron couldn't focus on the meaning. Cherise slowly offered another euphemism and then finally she said one of the unmistakable words, escort. Ron slowly asked, "You mean.prostitute?" Cherise nodded and smiled affirmatively.

"I can't believe it," Ron said. "You mean.?" It felt so off the wall Ron did not know what to say or do next. They sat in their friends living room alone together. Cherise led the conversation back to the Kama Sutra. There were three sizes of men, Bull, Horse and Deer.

Corresponding to Huge, Average and Small. She indirectly asked him about his size. They had met at one of those summer music festivals, with craft vending and outdoor camping. Everyone congregated at Valerie's house which belonged to her boyfriend Leon. People from out of town lay strewn around after shows but, Cherise and Ron both lived nearby, allowing them to meet alone like this.

Cherise looked hot. Tall enough to show off long thin legs and curved out hips. Those legs legs set apart enough to offer open access where they met.

Her breasts stuck out like small cones and did not sag a bit. Her large aureoles covered them nearly completely. Ron caught glimpses and wanted to see a little more. Ron suggested that they go cycling or boating sometime but, Cherise had always hesitated.

Months passed sometimes they saw each other and other times they did not. Pets and music predominated Valerie's house and Ron forgot about the Kama Sutra conversation. Cherise lived in with a boyfriend for a short while and Ron looked for other possibilities. Sometimes a loner, Cherise moved in with her employer, a professional woman that often traveled with her daughter.

Cherise had an easy time with an older child to "Nanny" and she continued in her "Secret Profession" unnoticed. The folk festival attire did not match her working girl business. Cherise had a good thing going, new stock market companies needed to entertain investors. That need fit perfectly into Cherise's set of skills.

A lot of guys could come just looking at her bending over a cocktail table to reach her drink. Her cute little bottom looked very accessible to the eyes and what else? She took a few dance classes at the University and taught ballroom but, the bedroom dance made a better living.

She did not know that Ron felt sex work was a private matter that didn't bother him. Ron had secretly fantasized about marrying a hooker in nearby Nevada. That way, if she did other men, he could probably incredibly busty babe delivers a kinky handjob other women he imagined. Ron had fucked a street girl years before. It did not inspire him but, when a friend told him of a certain massage parlor, he went. The Philipina girl pasted the condom inside herself somehow making it seem bare until he realized he'd been sheathed.

She had a tight feel but his time had run out because he did not understand her earlier hings about something special.

He came once and enjoyed the massage, never returning. He had fun with his room mate and didn't get massages either. One night a neighbor must have seen Ron's cock through the kitchen window late at night. There came a knock at the door and an elderly lady propositioned 27 year old Ron on his doorstep. She said she was ready to pay for what she wanted. In the middle of the night in between sex with his room mate made it totally unexpected and dismissed.

She did not go away and stayed for a long time. Ron, himself, had been offered sex work, years before. He did not find it wrong It just felt completely off the wall at a moment with someone else. Months went by and the festival season led to fall and winter venues.

Ron tried asking Cherise out but, she would say she didn't really date if pressed. Still, Ron kept encountering her until one day Cherise invited him to a place she had been house sitting. Ron quickly agreed and met in a familiar neighborhood. Cherise and her friend Donna, wore their thin swimsuits. Cherise then changed into a tan through one piece suit.

I kind of had a tiger or leopard pattern but, if you looked closely, it looked nearly transparent. The three lounged in the sun and cooled off in the water. Unexpectedly someone else showed up.

Cherise did not know what other friends might have access so, she and Donna decided they should leave. She explained her invitation as they left smiling. Donna exited via another gate and disappeared. Cherise and Ron reconvened where she lived as a housekeeper and personal assistant for a single mother professional.

The large house always sat empty in a tiny teen teacher smokeyeyed honey jojo kiss is broke and alone neighborhood off the beaten path.

Her boss left town with her daughter giving them an undisturbed private house. Ron fantasized about Cherise and gave her gifts even though he dated someone else too. Now he gave her some sheer silk lingerie to model for him. She tried on thigh high hose and a see through slip. Cherise looked so sweet, Ron wanted to eat her on the spot! He approached her and began to inspect .

the fit. Then Ron began to touch and tickle her and the on her ribs and belly. It did not take long before Cherise convulsed helplessly in laughter. She wailed uncontrollably and begged him to stop but, Ron knew she did like it too. His touched wandered to the undersides of her breasts and the inside of her thigh. "Ok, I'll do it! Just stop ticking and I'll do anything!" She begged. Ron relented and she scurried to the bathroom.

After a couple of minutes she returned with a big smile. "What do you want to do?" she asked. Ron knew how susceptible, to tickling, Cherise was but, did not expect mom is fucking a nigger tumblr to happen so quickly. He took her back to her room and reached under the thin silk to softly touch Cherise's breast.

The undersides sat so exposed and responded to his touch. Cherise allowed him to continue and Ron needed no further encouragement. Grazing touches led to subtle squeezes. Soon Cherise's boobs were on fire. Like a highway ramp they led nerve responses straight to her pussy. "Oh yes!" she said, emphatically.

"That's good." Ron loved foreplay and oral both so Cherise got tickle tingled into high hear all over her boobs and belly fondled right down to too huge for her mouth girlfriend and homemade soft bush. Cherise loved the natural look and it fit her folk arts persona. As Ron started his tongue down her little treasure trail, from belly button to clitoris, Cherise balked. "Wait!" she suddenly said.

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"There is something I need to tell you or talk about." Ron looked puzzled. She pulled out a video and slipped it into the machine. While the FBI warning ran she brought drinks. The watched "Pretty Woman" her favorite movie, she said. Ron thought about what this implied and slowly looked into her eyes.

Cherise felt like a deer in the headlights; she had no idea what Ron's reaction would be. She was a corporate escort, a tanning parlor hostess, a party girl, a call girl, a bar girl, a working girl. a.whore.that's right she was a whore any way you thought about it. It scared her because, she kind of liked Ron.

Ron didn't show interest in the money thing. Ron had forgotten about her earlier confession as had she. It did come back when he thought of where his make out stopped ~ before he started licking her used body down there. It did not matter. suddenly he found it turned him on.

He kissed Cherise on the lips and held her to him. Slowing his touching and returning to her face and looking her deeply in the eyes, Ron let the emotion build. With so many men lusting for her, Cherise habitually kept a distance.

Some men were different. Ron wanted her to like him not just pay. His kissing started to make her feel really close. Ron felt a tension give way in her embrace and began to explore down lower again. His slow hand found her soft furry leg junction.

Cherise purred as he brushed her kitty. Now Ron began to finger bang her in earnest. He got her clit wet and lubricated. Pressing on in indirectly through her labia, he found the perfect pressure to keep her writhing in ecstasy. Nothing turned Ron more that eating pussy and he began to munch on Cherise's steaming slice. Her orgasms started to pop like a string of bootleg Chinese firecrackers on the last week of June.

It was exciting and felt a little forbidden to play with a prostitute but, Ron found it turned him on. The more he hard dong enters anal gape hardcore and russian about Cherise fucking and sucking other guys, the more it made him want to hold her pussy in his fingers of face and make her scream. He did have a little sadistic streak that kept him making her come until she could no longer protest.

Her face became bright red and she quivered and cried yet smiled. Ron loved it. He had never been so turned on and he had not even let her touch him. The head of his circumcised dick had a little trail of pre come oozing out. She pulled at Ron's head to bring it out of her crotch. He met her mouth with his and kissed a messy kiss with her come juice all over his face.

Cherise loved it.! Here, she had a man that did not find her distasteful! He seemed to love her taste, even knowing what she did. It felt so right and so good, like it was written in the stars or something. He felt it too.

Cherise specialized in oral and had married regulars, who never strayed. She didn't use condoms with them and did not need birth control either. The problem was that Ron had not anticipated how far thing would go and had no preparations himself either.

Things were headed straight for penetrating ejaculation and Cherise pulled his dick inside herself. She had the best feeling pussy Cuddly sweetie is gaping juicy cunt in close up and cumming had ever experienced.

Cherise practiced squeezing her kegel muscles and pelvic floor contractions. She felt like she could squeeze him from end to end like a python swallows a piglet. He held out and smooth fucked her inside now giving her more orgasmic waves than a typhoon.The sensations from her expert squeezing made the bottom of his spine tingle through his balls and to the end of his dick.

His nut sacks tightened up and his pumping contractions ascended his dick like an alternating electric current. He blew his balls inside out and they nearly pulled inside from the momentum of the sperm shot. Her pleas for salvation and his cry of climax met in a frightening animal howl. The neighbors probably thought bigfoot had returned from the mountains or something. They lay together in a heap.

As the sky turned to sunset they made love again. The dirty girl and her bad boy. He wanted to fuck her as much as he could but, he wanted to fuck anyone else as much as she wanted to also!

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It made him stiffer every time he thought about it. Their passion and mad lovemaking continues all evening and the following day too. They made no effort to seek birth control because, it felt so good and right.

If they had a baby that might be the sign that she really was "the one". It was fine with Ron. It was a good thing he did not mind because, Cherise got pregnant of the first squirt. After a few weeks of overnight and weekend visits they took the test to confirm what they knew. She got pregnant and Ron had done it. Strangely or not it made Cherise doubly horny. She wanted to do her work even more and had plenty of energy for Ron when she got home from a meeting. She didn't show for a while and when she did she could charge more for kinky guys that wanted prego prostitutes.

Ron's business did ok and they decided to tie the knot and consider another child if things went well. They decided that they would raise their children in the most open minded way. No taboo would be imposed in their free world baby!

Cherise always said, "Everyone should fuck everyone!" Age or relationship shouldn't matter. He realized they agreed on that too. Even family sex was right, even best at the right age anyway. No specific time meant mom son daughter and father porn anyway but, there were legal and social conventions to navigate.

Cherise had a normal childbirth and let Ron suck a little breast milk before she did, to get the flow going. She loved that feeling and let him nurse a little along with their new little girl Kelli.

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She had such a cute smile the both fell in love with her at once. After just a few months their talk started to include "the next one." They realized how much the idea of a family felt right. Only a year after little Kelli, Cherise gave birth to a son. They decided to name him Don after a friend from out of state. Ron did his share of child care and pixiee little taking mammoth load of cum his sales business.

Cherise's new marriage and family thrilled her sense of belonging. Her husband loved to hear about things she did. Some clients remained anonymous but, often Cherise shared naughty details with her horny husband. It always made him hard to think about her sucking off her clients. From time to time she would call him to some big hotel where she used a suite. She could let him watch and tell her John that he was a regular and gave a special bonus if he could watch some action too.

She might even make a special offer to the John to bring someone else, if she thought he might know someone. She knew it really turned on Ron to watch her take on more than one. It made her hot too knowing she had so much fun to give.

Having a romance and keeping her suck-cessful work made her smile every morning knowing how much her husband liked it. Once both kids were in school the had more time for each other too. They went to PTA meetings and wondered what sports or music the kids might like.

Then they went home and fucked and thought about what kind of fun their kids would have as they got older. . time would tell.