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Mom san xxx home mom room
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Where to begin. Under the intense pressures of teen life, one must wounder how to survive. For the most part, I keep to myself. My name is Andrew and I just finished freshman year of Highschool. I turn fifteen in a matter of two months. Yay! I have a few friends but I mainly just keep to myself and play video games. Oh, and think about girls; girls, what else? I guess the only action i get is my trusty left hand, woohoo. I always wondered what sex would be like. A lot of what I've seen through porn, although the smart guy I am knows its not exactly like that.

Its not like my looks are the reason I'm single. I have played soccer since I was eight. I have a normal toned athletes body and a six inch member. Jet black hair and brown eyes. Also my skin was of a sandy complexion. I suppose it was my shy demeanor that turned girls away from me, huh.

"Hi Andy!" I heard in the distance, lost in thought. "Andy?" She said as she slapped me. "Stop your daydreaming!" She said as she slapped me dead across the face. Finally, I was back to earth and I looked at her. It was none other than my best friend, Brooke. "Ugh, that hurt," I grunted while rubbing my cheek, "don't you have somewhere to be other then my house?" Truthfully I was glad she was here, but I wasn't about to let her know that.

"Why do you say that Andy? I don't bite," She grinned heavily. I playfully slapped her on the arm and finally said as I gave her a warm embrace, "So.

What brings you here, B?" --Truth is I dreamed of her all the time and this embrace was having its physical effects on me. Her brunette hair, tan skin, black eyes, supple legs, heart shaped ass, toned belly, all being accentuated by her tight tang top and short shorts for summer, and all being pressed against me. Not to mention her C-cup breasts. She flashed a smirk as she rubbed her knee against my crotch and said, "Just wanted to see whats.

up," Her lips smacked. Immediately I knew I was busted and a flash of red entered my face as I decided to save the situation. "Let us watch a movie!" I finally muttered out of my mouth, unable to break a smile, causing my cheeks to become slightly sore.

I popped in Inception, a long movie to give me more time to be close to Brooke, or what I tell her, that I simply love the movie. I gathered drinks, popcorn, and a blanket as we sat on the couch with amateur young girlfriend shaves pussy and gets cum on tits popcorn bowl on my lap to cover my erection. We did what we normally do, which is Brooke leaning against me with her head on my shoulder, her hair gently draped over my neck and chest, while I hold my arm around her shoulder.

I honestly couldn't, nor tried to, pay attention to the movie. To my pleasant surprise, she grabbed my hand and interlocked her fingers with mine, I'd have to say her soft hand wrapped onto mine was a great feeling. I had a mental battle with myself weather or not to try anything. I've never even had my first kiss, because I was too shy, and I always liked Brooke, but never had the courage to ask her out.

As I sat there in thought, I looked at her then I lost kelly broox got creamed in the bathroom mental battle; I held back her head and leaned into her lips to kiss her.

She got up and looked at me with angry eyes. "Andy! What are you doing!!!" I turned red all over and stiffened words out. "I-I J-ust D-d-don't know I--" "Whatever! Bye Andrew!" She screamed as she clenched her fists storming out of the door.

I sat there, dumbfounded, and lost. I couldn't believe she reacted that way and just left.

My parents finally came home and I was still there sitting silently staring deadly into the ceiling. I couldn't believe what had happened I just couldn't. They tried to get me to talk but I wouldn't budge, I just sat and tuned out the world. "Well, whatever it is, I'll bet you it is a girl." My mother explained to my father with a frown on her face.

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"Son, if you ever budge and want to talk, we are here." He said softly as he pat my shoulder. I finally stormed into my room to get out of the annoying questionnaire room. I couldn't take it anymore I didn't want to think about this anymore I was getting very very depressed and angry. I still had my hard-on, imagine that. I decided I should rub one off before it starts to really hurt. After a much sought after release I realized I had shot my cum all over my sheets and it was very visable.

Even though she made me so hurt, I used the thought of her, instead of running away, kissing me back and then reaching her fingers under my shirt, trickling her fingers in a circular pattern on my abdomen. Then slid my hand under my boxers and slowly moved the skin on my shaft over my circumsized cock-head. I long awaited sex for gorgeous hottie with jugs out a moan in my fantasy which made her grab and squeeze my dick hard which made me squeel in pleasure.

She started to pump me as she licked my neck and slid her tongue on my neck, striking a steep and loud moan from me and I had told her I was going to explode which only made her pump me faster and faster. Then I slowly drifted to sleep. After a few hours I woke up to my mother telling me dinner was ready. I looked at my phone and I had a text reading: Andrew, I can't believe you tried to kiss me, I don't know if I will be able to see you anymore.

-Brooke. I threw my phone down and stomped downstairs heated as ever and eat my food as if I was a prisoner. __________________________________________________________ After two months, I still had been thinking about her, with only one month of summer left, I was running out of time to see her before school started, I had to do something. I sat there in my bed after waking up from a well deserved sleep.

I hadn't left my house at all scince what happened with Brooke. I was too depressed and angry to even try to leave. She really did a number on me. I called her and no answer. Texted no answer. But She should know I know where she lives. I drove to her house and knocked on the front door to her little sister, Allison.

A exact replica of Brooke, but with blonde hair, and two blonde cougar nina shared with dauhters bf dick younger. "Hey Andy, what did you need? Brooke is in her room you want me to get her?" "Yeah, that would be great, infact, I'll just go to her room, ok?" "Ok." I made my way to her room climbing what felt like nine hundred steps, while in reality it was only twenty-five.

I was having a hard time thinking at the moment because I was finally going to see her again. When I opened her door I was shocked at what I saw. She was crying in her bed and her room looked messy as if she'd been there for weeks.

I sat in the bed next to her and she started yelling and slapping me all over. "How could you do that to me Andrew!" "I couldn't resist kissing you, Brooke. I have always liked you, as more then a best friend.

I've been too weak to tell you." "You just. You let me run! You let me run away and you didn't even try to stop me!" "I was too shocked.

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I thought you were going to hate me forever." "I do! I love you Andrew and you let me run!" "I've been trying to talk to you!

And Brooke, I love you just as much!" "Then this time don't let me run, and hold me and never let go." I moved in and held her close and kissed the tears online big boobs and big punishment xnxxx of her face then she twisted her head towards mine and kissed me dead on the lips. "Why wouldn't you talk to me for those two months." I said in between kisses.

"Shut up," She hissed. She kissed me more intently this time using her tongue swirling it around mine and sucking on my tongue gently and lovingly. I became more bold and reached around her shoulder and slowly massaged her left breast. "Mmmm." I became more confident and gently placed her nipple in between my index and thumb and moved them against each other back and forth.

She let out more moans of pleasure and I kissed her neck more and more.

I took off her tang top and grabbed her bra-less chest. "Mmm that feels so good Andy." "I'd hope so, B," I grinned happily." I laid her on top of me and we cuddled and kept fondling each other and kissing. "Andy." She whimpered out with a sincere look on her face that made me fall in love with her right then.

"Yes, B?" I asked concerned. "How long have you wanted to be with me?" "Since the day we met, two years ago." I blushed. "Same. will you take all of me if I give it to you, and therealworkout busty teen stretched out by dads friend beautiful and cumshots let it go?" she asked as she slowly kissed my neck in between the words.

"Yeah, forever." "Then take me Andy," She pleaded as she started to take off my shirt. I lifted my arms to help her then pushed her to get on top of her and slowly unzipped her pants and pulled them off. To my surprise she was wearing a black thong with sexy white lace.

I kissed from her neck to her chest to her stomach to her mound of light trimmed pubic hair. "Mmm that's good baby." A new sense of power arose within me and I gently licked her pussy through her thong, evoking small electric waves within Brooke, causing her to shake and moan violently.

"Oh. keep doing that Andy!" The metallic, sweet, savory flavor of her pussy made me go wild. I lifted her legs and pulled off her thong revealing her treasure. "What a sexy little pink pussy you have baby." She blushes. "Andy!" I laugh then lock her thighs around my head as I slowly make my first lick on her bare pussy. She moaned loud and soft at the same time. Knowing I was causing this pleasure to overtake her body I became so hard I was about to break my boxer's fabric.

I made a few licks on her labia then spread them apart with my fingers then licked within her pussy and she held tight to my head and squeezed my hair as I tongue fucked her to a mini-orgasm. "Oh! Andy that is so good please don't stop!" I smirk a little then see her fingering a small button on the top of her pussy, then replaced her finger with my lips, sucking hard on it, then she squeezed my head tight and pushed my head in further and screamed loud.

"Annnnndddyyyyyyy. Oh. I've never felt this good before.Suck me harder, I'm cumming!" blown away looker in underwear is geeting pissed on and poked "Fill my mouth with your pussy juice baby!" She leaked a thick and tangy liquid from her pussy and I lapped it all up with my tongue then sucked her pussy clean.

After her body stopped shaking and she settled down from her orgasm, she pulled me up and stared me in the eyes. "Andy, I love you, you made me feel so good. I hope you enjoyed the taste. I thought it might be gross." I decided to let her know it tasted great by slowly rubbing her cheek with my ebony babe sucks and fucks white cock then leaning in to kiss her deeply.

"Mmm," she moaned into my mouth, "I do taste good." "That you do, babe." "Would you like me to do to you, what you did to me?" "You mean a blow job?

Of caurse! I'd love it baby!" She kissed me once more then held my thighs as she slowly licked her way down to my member. She stared at it inquisitively then slowly grabbed it causing it to throb.

She licked the head causing me to moan at the pleasure. I could feel it throughout my entire body. She started pumping my shaft like earlier, although this time she had her soft luscious lips around my cock head and sucked the skin over the head she was sucking so hard.

She would let her lips slide then apply suction as she moved her lips upwards. I was amazed at the feelings I was having. It was heaven. This being my first blow job, I knew I wouldn't last long.

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"Baby. I'm going to cum." "Mmm." She said causing vibrations on my cock sending me to the edge. She picked up speed then I clenched my fists, closed my eyes hard, and tensed my whole body up then exploded my first rope of thick, hot cum into her mouth. Her left eye closed tight but she kept bobbing her head and pumping my shaft. I unloaded what seemed like a pint of ejaculate into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

After what seemed like forever and I came down from my orgasmic bliss. Brooke and I lay there content and satisfied in each others loving arms. We both drifted into a lover's sleep as we gently toy with each others bodies.

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__________________________________________________________________________ Part 2 coming soon. A lot to do lately not enough time to write. This is all from my life and I remember it all too well.