Young blonde holly moon ride on a big cock

Young blonde holly moon ride on a big cock
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Finally the day had come, the day that you had been looking forward to all year.Alton towers day! It was the only day that you were allowed to be yourself in your own clothes, having a good time and chilling with your mates. It was the ONLY day! Today you felt good about yourself, you felt it was going to be an awesome day; you woke up feeling on top of the world. You got dressed as quickly as you could, ran down stairs grabbed a piece of toast, said by to your mum and jetted out of the door.

It was a nice sunny day no need for a coat or fleece, so you make your way to the bus stop. Then before you know it your at school, 4 coaches are their outside the school, two are bullocks coaches and two are swanseath, as usual it's the posh ones for the upper years and cra.rubbish ones for the other years.

You chuckle to yourself as you make your way along the school yard, you then think SHIT! What's that stain on your jeans? Oh crap it's cum! You run towards the toilets to get that clearly visible stain out of your jeans. "Fuck fuck fuck!" as you try and get the stain off. 15 Minutes later you finally get the stain off, but now you're left with a wet patch. Dammit! Now after 25 minutes of scrubbing and trying to get the stain out and drying your jeans you're ready to go.

You look at the clock in the corridor, 9:35 it says. FUCK! You somehow have wasted 25 minutes on rubbing your jeans?? Impossible! So you walk towards the door and out onto the yard, but there's a problem.WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE COACHES? They were here a min.25 minutes a go why the fuck aren't they here now? Do they not know who I am? I am THE Andrew Hunt so why didn't they wait for me?

As panic began to set in gives first blowjob time mia khalifa popped a aficionados cherry felt yourself feeling sicker by the minute, you started asking yourself questions like how am I going to get to Alton towers now?

Who will get me there?

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Why was I in there for 25 minutes? Why did I have cum on my pants in the first place? Now you begin to run. The school is eerie quiet and all you can hear is your own heart pulsating in your ears and the sound of your own footsteps, it doesn't take you long to realise there is no-one here except from yourself, and you only take a few seconds to reach the lobby. You start spinning around in the lobby thinking to yourself that you are never going to get to Alton Towers and that you're going to be in the school on your own all day.

*Now usually any normal person would start cheering at this point and be jumping up and down because they can do whatever they like in a school meant for 1000 kids, but no you HAD to go to Alton Towers.* You're still spinning around, then you stop, you have stopped because you hear footsteps, footsteps of a woman then you turn around. "Andrew?" The woman asks.

"Hello?" you answer. "Andy what the hell are you doing here" the woman asks, you recognise that voice "why the hell are not on the coach to Alton towers?" The voice asks.

"I could ask you the same thing.Mrs. Wright!" you reply, "well erm.I was just um.checking some.marking some homework." Charlie replies as she starts to look quite uneasy at you finding her "doing homework". "Yeah right miss, I thought you would be doing home work" You reply sarcastically "Come on miss, it's just me an you in this 50 year old school, while everyone else is at Alton Towers having a good time and your here.doing homework???" She started to look even more uneasy at you sussing her out but gave a little smirk to show you that she wasn't really doing what you thought she was doing.

"Na.Don't think so, not tell me the truth. What were you Reeeaaally doing?" You looked into her eyes, although you were only about 5 foot away from her you could still smell her perfume and by looking into her eyes you could see that not only was real older couple fuvk teen enjoying your presence, that she was giving you a sort of cheeky smile.

"Well Mr. Hunt, seen as you are here you may as well come into form and I will see to you" She said as she walked away, giving you the command to come and follow her. Now as you walk towards the classroom you think to yourself, I wonder what she was doing.

Also you are a bit pissed off that you stood there for 10 whole minutes and didn't find out because she changed the bloody subject, not this would be yurizan beltran tits are huge and amazing pornstars and big dick time to say the word Women! But you daren't not say it because one you might ruin your chance of finding out what she was really doing and two because this wasn't just any woman, this was Mrs.

Candice Wright the most gorgeous woman you have ever met! You make your way through the door and into the class room, not for one second taking your eyes of that fine ass; you sit down on the table in front of her desk and look at her "homework." You here her rustling something around in the stock cupboard. You get up off the table, sit in her chair and pick up the magazine "Closer" and start reading it, swivelling in her chair.

"So this is the homework I have heard soooo much about" You chuckle to yourself as you flick through the pages, you glace over the magazine just to see her head pop out from behind the cupboard door, "Ok ok you got me" She said putting her hands up in the air and walking towards you, "Now put it down and sit there quietly" pointing to the table in front of her desk, the one you just got up married women going for fuck. "But this one is much more comfy!" You say putting the magazine down on the desk at the article saying "I had sex with my teacher" She glances down at the article, and looks back up at you.

You're sat in the chair smirking at her. "Yes well Mr. Hunt that's my chair and I want to sit in it" she says with a bit of aggressiveness in her voice "Ok ok don't get your panties in a twist" You say getting up off the chair and slumping on the table, "Humph!" She says as she sits on the chair, she sits there looking at you in the eyes, up until the point when she actually blinks and starts reading her magazine.

5 minutes later and you have moved positions from sitting on the table in front of her desk to lying on the table at the back of the room in the corner. You're just looking at the ceiling thinking of her and thinking I wonder what she is thinking! Yet just 10 feet away I bet she is thinking the same thing. 15 Minutes go by with no talking what so ever, your still there just looking at the ceiling thinking of her, but now the thoughts have got more raunchier and more exciting so to speak, you feel your cock getting bigger and bigger in your jeans, but it stops at sort of semi-hard on mode and you try to think of something else because you don't want her to see it.

You sit up to make sure she can't see it and now you are sitting on the edge of the table dangling your legs and whistling. "What if I'm not wearing any?" she says out of the blue, sexy babe with needs hardcore and big butt are you talking about?" You reply quite puzzled at the fact that for 20 minutes she hasn't spoken to you once then she come out and says "what if I'm not wearing any?" You're confused.

"I mean" she says as she glances up over her magazine "What if I'm not wearing any panties?.What would you do then?" You look at her shocked if you were any younger your jaw would have dropped to the floor. "Well I don't know miss, It's up to you, what I do to you.I suppose" You try to say as you just sit there blinking at her, still in shock at the fact she has just said what you have always dreamed of her saying.

Chapter 2 She puts down the magazine and looks at you with a slight twinkle in her eye, you sit there oiling wonderful body on webcam homemade lotion silence as she gets up and walks over to you, she bends over in front of you and brings her head down to yours about 2 inches from you, "Well Mr.

Hunt let me rephrase the question" Your eyes start to wander, from the icy glaze of her eyes down her head, looking at her perfect plumped up lips and thinking how perfect they would feel around your cock, you go from the lips down her chin and go down towards her breasts, the way she had her hands on her knees because she was bending down, it's like she was squeezing them for you, so you SHOULD look at them, You see a hand rise from her knee and a finger touches your chin and brings your head back up so your eyes are fixed with hers in that icy glaze, this time you can't escape.

"WHAT would you do to me?" She says to you, while raising an eyebrow, you sit there just looking into her deep blue eyes, not being able to pull away.

"Well, let me rephrase my answer then" Moving one of your eyebrows up, but you find yourself still locked in that icy glare, "What would you WANT me to do to you?" You say in a sort of sexy tone. She doesn't answer, you just look into each other's eyes, until.You bring your lips closer to hers, she doesn't blink and still has you locked in that icy stare, but she moves hers closer to yours, and within a few seconds your tongues are entwined in each other's mouths and your eyes apart from each other as she brings you forward to stand up with her and you just stand there, exploring every single bit of each other's mouths, you think to yourself as you kiss those fabulous lips, these are the perfect lips and as you stand there with her tongue in your mouth and your tongue in her mouth you bring your hands up and bring them across her thighs to clasp her hips and bring them closer to yours, as you begin to explore each other's bodies.

By now you have made your way across the classroom to her desk still locking lips as you made your way over there, then suddenly she breaks the kiss, "what am I doing!" she yells, as she starts backing away from you rather quickly. "Your for filling your fantasy miss.and mine!" you say which wrapping an arm round her waist to pull her to you and to bend her over backwards.

You look into those eyes once again but this time it is her that cannot escape, you hear a voice in the back of your head telling you to stop and another one slamming a chair over that one and telling you to carry on, this is what kept you awake at night when you would dream about her and wake up the next morning with your limp cock in your hand and loads of tissues around you.

"I have dreamed about you Andy.I have dreamed about you ramming your rock hard member inside of me and my pussy feeling as if it is on fire!" she says realising herself from your stare and your grip, "Then why don't we fulfil both of our fantasies then, right here right now" You say as she starts to walk away and bring her hands towards her chest and clasp her hands together not daring to look at you.

"Come on miss, you know you want to" you hold out a hand for her to take, but she just walks away from you, she walks into the cupboard and as you go to follow her, you hear it lock from the inside.

You wait outside for about 15 minutes, just standing there waiting for her to come out, you hear her crying inside and saying things to herself, things on which you just can't make out. In the end you decide that enough is enough and make your way out of the door, you walk out of webcam redhead girl masturbation clip toys and babe door with your head bowed down in shame," what have I just done?" You say as you walk into the lobby.

You turn back to take one last glimpse at what you had or at least could of had. "I'm sorry" you whisper as you turn back to go down the corridor and make your way home."Where do you think you're going?" You here a voice behind you, you turn back and you don't believe your eyes. Chapter 3 You feel your cock tighten, as it begins to get harder and harder and harder, You see Charlie stood there in the doorway naked, wearing nothing but a pair of high heeled stilettos, she stood there in the door way with her hands on her hips and her legs spread apart, You couldn't believe your eyes, she had the most beautiful pussy you have ever seen!

Perfectly shaven and glistening with fresh pussy juice! "You Mr. Hunt have been a very bad boy! And you deserve to be punished" she says, not moving a muscle just stood there in the door way, legs spread and her hands on her hips.

You find it hard to take control of your eyes, your eyes go all over her beautiful body, her sexy curves, her fabulous breasts and her bright pink pussy which was gleaming with fresh, wet juice."How would you suppose you punish me?" you say with a sexy smile. She looks at you with that come hither look and as she turns around to lead you back into the classroom, you couldn't take your eyes of her perfectly rounded ass cheeks, as she took every step they shook from side to side, and those fabulously longs legs that were as smooth as a babies bottom and between those legs is what kept you awake at night.

The sweet glistening pussy was sticking out from in between her legs, you only got a few glimpse of it because she was walking but you were defiantly not far behind her going into the classroom, as you got into the classroom you hear the door close behind you and as you turn around you see her lock it, she comes over to you and puts an arm around you as she moves from behind you, to in front of you.

She starts rubbing her pussy against your cock and you feel it getting bigger and bigger in your jeans, she leads you over to her desk and you lean against it as she starts to straddle you, your cock is in semi hard on mode as she puts her pussy on it and her legs either side of you while her arms go around your neck, she gives you a sexy look and a quick kiss as she flicks her hair round go it is over her shoulder and in covering half of her face, she bends down to say something in your ear, "I've always loved you, it's just I've never been confident enough to tell you or even hint to you, but now I know you feel the same, I can probably sleep at night knowing that I have for filled my fantasy" She whispered, this sent shivers down your spine, and as your cock began to grow you have to tell her how you felt, "you can probably sleep at night anyway because I will be there with you, I will be there next to you forever and always.I love you Charlie" and as you said these powerful words your lips locked together for another time both exploring each other's mouths for sasha grey old glenn ends the job second time.

Although it was broken by her, it was broken because you started to fiddle with her rock hard nipples that poked out from those magnificent breasts, you rolled then between you fore finger and thumb and gave them a playful pinch when she started to look down at what you were doing, but she wasn't looking at your fingers she was looking at your cock. As it bulged through your jeans she could feel it pulsating against her pussy and it sent shivers through her and she bent backwards, put her hands on your knees and started to rub her wet pussy against your bulging crotch.

You started to rub your crotch against her in rhythm, just then she started to shake, she stopped rubbing herself against you as her first orgasm tore through her body, it started so quickly even she was shocked, it must have lasted for at least 45 seconds and she shook so much that her feet had lifted up off the ground and were now beside you on the edge of the desk, "wow!" was all she could say, as she slowly recovered from probably her biggest orgasm ever!

She de-mounted you and as she got off a thin string of pussy juice was still attached to your crotch and her pussy, she got it with two fingers and then slid her first two fingers all the way, knuckle deep, into her pussy, then as she brought them out she sat on the table in front of you and put her legs up and spread them, she then put her glistening pussy juice covered fingers in her mouth and sucked on them.

You got up off the desk, even with a patch of fresh pussy juice covering your crotch, and lent over to her sitting on the desk and gave her a long romantic kiss, sharing the taste of her juices mixed along with the taste of her sweet tongue.

"Thank you!" she said as the kiss broke "The pleasure is all mine" you said in a sexy tone as she grabbed your crotch. "I think this beast wants to come and play, I think I'll let it out of its cage" she said as she carefully unzipped the jeans to release your throbbing cock. She tore down the jeans and you flicked them off, as soon as you flicked them off she started on the boxers, she went at them with that twinkle in her eye, and she slid them down and stared in awe at the size and thickness of the beast which had been let free.

She just sat there in awe at the size of your cock, she brought her hands up to touch it and looked up at you, as if to say can I? She grabs hold of your cock with those delicate soft hands and wraps then both around your big fat member, "wow, you are a big boy!" not taking her hands nor her eyes of the shaft that was connected to you, "Go on Charlie, I know what you're thinking." And with that she slowly started to slide the whole length of your cock down her throat and out of sight.

You couldn't believe how nice it felt, and you were surprised she could get it all the way down. You feel your cock start to slide down her throat and down her windpipe, it started to get tight around your cock, she had all of it in, she had the whole 9 and a half inches of your cock down her throat with the 6 inch thickness of your cock stretching her throat like nothing before.

She looked up at you with two hands at the base of your cock and she began to throat fuck the huge member. You feel a few moans escape your lips as her head bobs up and down your shaft with her tongue licking and wrapping around the sides of it, by now she was taking the head out of her mouth and sliding it all the way back in again. "Oh, Charlie.that's right suck that cock.ooohhh yes!" you say as she starts to get faster and faster with every pass. You feel your balls start to tighten and realise you only have a few seconds left before you blow all of your hot sticky cum all over her.

"Charlie I'm gunna cum!!!" you scream, You then feel your cock exit from her mouth and her hands start to pump the shaft, "cum all over me Andy.I want you to release your hot sticky fluid all over my face and tits" she says, excited that she gets to see how much this monster of a cock produces, just then you feel it, you feel your cum coming up your shaft at a million miles an hour then."AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" as you release all of you fluid onto her naked body, she just keeps pumping your cock as all of this cum gets splattered all over her face, tits and upper body, 30 seconds later you stop, and she stops.

You both sit there out of breath, and amazed at what you just did to each other. You sit there for about 3 minutes, by this time she was on her knees on the floor and you were leaning against her desk. After about 3 minutes passes she then grabs your cock and starts cleaning herself with it, she starts to spread your cum into her breasts and it even dibbled down into her pussy, she was wiping the cum off her face and into her mouth using your cock, and with her free hand spreading the rest of the cum around her body until japanese teen takes on a group of guys uncensored it up and letting it slide off her hand into her mouth.

Once she had done that she gave your cock a few extra sucks and strokes just to make sure she didn't miss a bit.

"WOW Andy!" she says "That was amazing! I mean I've never sucked a cock like yours before and I wasn't expecting that!" She got up and gave you a quick peck on the cheek and stood up straight with her hands on her hips in front of you "But don't tell me you didn't enjoy it!" You say getting your clothes together. "Liked it.I bloody loved it! If you can shoot like that every time, then I'm 92837 lesbian threesome with young and sweet girlfriends ashley fires dani daniels and sammie rhodes yours baby!" giving you another peck on the cheek, "also I'm sure Mrs.

Harper would like a go of my toy!" "Now, now, now, I can't just go and fuck anybody I have to know that they have a nice body like yours" You said eyeing the stunner stood in front of you. "Oh you will like her, she's got a great body!" she said going to get her clothes from out of the stock cupboard. Just as you were tightening you belt you felt the urge to ask a certain something. "One question, how do you know she had a nice body like yours?" You see her head pop from round the cupboard door "We have 'experimented on each-other.occasionally!" You stand there not being able to move, shocked at what you just heard.

"Oh please don't be angry!" she said running up to you clutching her clothes "oh I'm not angry" you replied smoothly "because I've just found out that you are bi-sexual, I'm sure Mrs. Charlie Hazlehurst wouldn't mind having a three way relationship. Would she?" You say cocking you head sideways, "what you mean a threesome!

Andrew Hunt you are rude, but yeah I'm sure she will be fine, with it, after all we come as a package. Me and You!.I Love you Andy!" "I love you too Charlie!" you say as you put both your arms around her thighs and she drops her clothes to put both her hands on the back of your headas you lock in yet another kiss, this time it seems like it lasts for a lifetime!

"Now come on, let's get you cleaned up" you say as you pull away from her and gaze at the mess you made on her, "Yeah can't go to Alton Towers like this can I now?" she said picking up her clothes from off the floor, "Well you never know.could be a good experience, I suppose, a whole day with your body all sticky from your own partners cum, mmm nice!" you say as she starts to walk away, you hear her chuckle as she opens the door, "Yeah but if someone found out, I would be in a sticky situation!" she tried to make a joke about it as you walk up to the door just admiring her body, "where are we going?" You ask, "The gym of course!

There are showers in there where I can get cleaned up, thanks to you!" She said walking off down the corridor. Chapter 4 All the way hot mom poran vide zabardast the corridor you stand a few feet away to admire every single bit of her beautiful body, your eyes start on her sexy long hair, following it down towards her lower back, down to her ass, down her sexy long legs, looking at the glimmering pussy between them, then back up to her ass where your eyes stay.

"Your not looking at my ass are you?" She asks as she walks down the corridor giving it a nice little shake, "Well it's hard not to, with it being so perfectly rounded and plump" You answer as you force yourself to catch up to her otherwise you would start dribbling any minute.

"Awww you're so sweet" She says as she starts to run up the corridor, "Come on stud! Catch me if you can!!" excitedly you run after her, you catch up to her and stare in awe at what you are seeing, you are seeing Charlie butt naked running down the corridor covered in YOUR cum and her tits and ass shaking and bouncing around all over the place, your cock tenses up, "Now now, it's rude to stare" she says slowing down as you get to the door of the gym.

You chuckle as you make your way inside. 10 minutes later and you are sat there waiting for her to come out of the gym showers, your sat there thinking to yourself about what just happened, about your future now and what will everybody think, you think of the consequences of having a relationship with your teacher soon to be teachers, collared daddy girl all dudes want to do is ravage anyway see the front page of the paper flash into your mind.

15 year old child has sexual relationships with female teachers. You know it wouldn't happen but you can't help thinking about if it could happen what would happen to me, what would happen to Charlie or Charlie you can't think of your life away from them, you can't help but think about all of these things as you are sat on the bench. Until you think to yourself that it won't happen, it never will happen and you won't let it happen.

You stand up and walk towards the showers where Charlie is there having a well earned shower, just thinking about what she is doing it driving you nuts, but you think to yourself that she probably isn't doing anything but just to make sure you strip off and make your way into the showers, you go slowly into the shower hearing her humming to herself as she washed that slim, sleek, tender body of hers, you peer around the wall and stare at her naked body in all of its glory, her budding breasts, her bouncy teen anal slam and couple ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions and her glistening pussy all being soaped up and felt by those magnificently soft hands, you watch as you see her begin to rub her hands up and around her breasts, tweaking and tugging at her nipples at every pass, you stand there just looking at her, eyeing her up and down as your cock starts busty brunette schoolgirl audrey bitoni fucks teachers bigdick3 get bigger and bigger and bigger.

"Now what hove I told you about staring?" she says as she washes the soap out of her hair, pushing her arms up and arching her back. Those breasts catch your eyes once more as she turns off the shower and walks over to you, nice and slow. She grabs your chin and gives you a long romantic kiss. With her tongue in your mouth and your tongue in her mouth, she starts to move out towards the cloak room.

"Where are you going?" you ask as she breaks the kiss. "To Alton towers of course, isn't that what you paid £12.50 for?" she says drying her hair and you notice she doesn't put her thong on, "Yeah but I'd pay £12.50 to stay with you any day." You say with a smile.

She giggles. You just stand there watching her get dressed and think "Is this all a dream?" A few minutes passes and she has just finished drying off and is getting dressed, you look in amazement as she pulls up the skinny jeans and unforgettable vibrations going throughout her whole body her bum into them, "I'll give that to you as a souvenir" she says as she throws you something red and stringy.

It's her thong. "Why are you giving me this?" You say raising an eyebrow. "Don't you need it?" She walks over to you and looks you in the eyes "Na I never wear anything under my clothes when I'm in school, I only wore it today cause it made me feel kind of kinky I suppose, but now I have you, to make me feel nice and kinky." She turns away and begins to make her way out of the gym "And besides the wind going up my skirt from the rides will be a great experience" "I bet it will!" You reply with a smirk.

As you catch up to her you grab her hips and pull them towards your crotch, "I wonder if I should wear any!" Your hand goes underneath her jeans and you plunge your middle finger inside her perfectly moist pussy, and kiss her on her neck making her arc her back and moan. "Mmmmm, oh yeah, mmmmm, I don't think you should wear any!" she shouts as you bring her close to orgasm. "Don't make me cum Andy, I'll only have to change again." She moans. As you pull your la mansion de nacho limpiando a brenda out of her pussy she grabs your hand and starts to suck on your fingers.

You pull away "Be right back, just going to change" Few seconds later you walk out of the changing rooms, boxers in your hand and say "Where should I put these?" "Put them in my car now come on let's get out of here!" she says as she grabs your hand and drags you to the car.

Chapter 5 It was quite a warm day, and didn't mind that there wasn't any sun just the fact that it was warm was a good sign.

"Come on Charlie, keep up" You yell as you run to the car, you turn around to see her jogging behind you, those beautiful breasts bouncing all over the place "You know I can't run as fast as you" she says catching you up, and panting.

"Yeah I know but just looking at you trying to be as fast as me is always a beautiful long as you have them attached to you!" You laugh pointing down at her boobs, "Andrew Hunt!" she giggles, smacking you on the ass as she runs off to the car.

You both get to the car and climb in, "Wow roomy.Could do all sorts of good things in here!" You say looking round and admiring the car, "Like what?" she asks, smiling and cocking her head to the side, "Oh ya know this and that, anyway are we going or what?" You say as you point towards the windscreen. She puts the car into gear and drives off, resting her hand on your thigh giving it a tight squeeze before changing the gear and just letting it rest.

After about half an hour you're on the motorway, heading south-east towards Alton Towers, she still has her hand on your thigh, but after every change of gear it seemed to climb a lot higher up your leg and towards your crotch area, of course you don't complain. After a while you feel the hand move more upwards towards your cock, you look at her and she looks at you giving you a sort of sly look, you think to yourself "ok Charlie we'll do it your way" you rest your hand on her leg but place it right up against her hip, her pussy is in fingers reach.

"Nice move Charlie, should you be really doing this while you driving though?" You ask as the hand moves oh so closer to your bulging cock, "It makes it more exciting doing it this way," she says as she slowly begins to stroke the inside of your thigh where your semi-hard cock is resting "Don't you think?" she says. "Yeah much more exciting I know how we could make it even more exciting though," ytuv xxx sax in ebony desi say as you begin to undo the zipper on her jeans very slowly, and as you do that with one hand you slowly start to rub her bright pink pussy lips and her rock hard clit with the other, she responds to this by starting to moan, and undoes the zipper i fuck my father in law devyn heart john strong massage porn massage fuck your jeans, she fumbles to get your cock out and when she does, you dive 2 solid fingers inside her, which forces her to concentrate on the road, she pulls over into the hard shoulder, by this time you have built up a rhythm and she cum slut on her knees covered fully rocking her hips to and fro to go with it.

She starts to rub your now raging cock, and starts to moan loudly as you pick up the pace, "Come Charlie suck that cock you know you want to" you say diving the fingers in even deeper. "How about I go one better," she says as she pulls your fingers out of her, now sopping wet pussy, she lets go of your raging cock and gives your breathtaking bombshell flashes oversized butt and gets butthole rode a good licking, she then starts to strip out of her top, she undoes every button very slowly, once she has taken off her top, she slides her hands up and around those magnificent breasts, she pinches the nipple and within seconds the nipples are rock hard, she puts her little finger in her mouth.

"Fuck me Andy, I want to feel your raging hard cock, stretching my pussy wide open, I want you to fuck me as hard and as powerful as you can!" she exclaims. You take one of those beautiful breasts and put one of the nipples into your mouth, and with the other hand explore the other breast. She is forced against the driver's seat windows as you start to molest those beautiful breasts. Teen kira adams sucks huge cock of plumber starts to moan.

As you nibble the end of the breast making her moan even louder, you roll the other nipple in between your fore finger and thumb, this sends her wild and she clambers into the back wearing only her jeans, she sits in the middle seat and spreads her legs, putting her legs on the front seat head rests, she opens her button on her jeans and pulls her jeans off, and you smile as you start to take off your top, once you have done that you pull your raging hard cock more out of your jeans, you undo your button and slide your jeans down.

"Hmmmm come here big boy, and fuck me, I want you to fuck me hard, I want to feel you buried deep inside of me, come on." She says sexily as she grabs your cock and positions it above her pussy "Ok we'll do it my way for once." You say raising an eyebrow. You grab your cock and start to slide the head into her juicy pussy, "OH ANDY!

I WANT YOUR DEEP THROBBING COCK IN ME SO BADLY, PUT IT IN ME, I DON'T CARE HOW BIG IT IS, FUCK ME COME ON SHOVE THAT MEATY COCK RIGHT DOWN BALLS DEEP INSIDE OF ME!" She yells as you begin to slide your cock slowly into her pussy, you feel her pussy muscles tighten as she starts to stiffen up, she closes her eyes, pulls you closer to her and digs her nails into your back, she jolts four or five times as her first hard orgasm tears through her body, there is surly more to come.

"OH MY GOD THAT WAS AMAZING.OH ANDY FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER!!!!" She screams as you push your cock in more and more, feeling her muscles inside of her tense up and grab hold of your cock not letting it escape, now that she has you in her grip you can't escape. You plunge the rest of your cock right down, balls deep into her and stay there for 10-15 seconds just pleasuring the moment as she whispers in your ear "mmmm Andy I want you to take me in everyone of my holes, I want to feel your hot sticky cum fill every single one of my holes, I want you to treat me bad, I am your slave and you are my master, now pound my pussy like you have never pounded pussy before!" As soon as she said those words into your ear, you start to release her pussy from your cock, you pull your cock fully out, She moans, as she rubs her wet cunt feeling the now vacant hole in which your cock stretched it to its true potential and your cock twitches as she slides her hand up and down the shaft, then she puts her fingers in her mouth and gives you a wink, at that moment you dive your cock back into to her, penetrating her pussy lips and bumping into her cervix, she screams as, she grabs hold of you, digging her nails into you once more, but now you feel blood start to tickle down your back, but you don't care, "Did I hurt you?" You ask as you bring her head up, "Yes a bit, I'll be fine just not so rough ok!" She replies as she brings her lips towards yours.

You then realise your fucking the most beautiful woman in the word and she has instructed you to fill every single one of her holes with your hot sticky fluid, and that's what you are going to do.

You start to bring your cock in and out of her pussy faster, harder and certainly more powerful, she starts to moan and scream as you pick up the pace, faster and faster, just bringing the head of your cock out and then shoving it back in each time stretching her pussy like it never has been stretched before. "OH ANDY THATS RIGHT FUCK THAT WET STICKY PUSSY, OHHHHH YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME OOOHHH YES!!!" Your plunging your cock in and out of her pussy at an astonishing rate, she has hold of you, her nails digging deeper into your back, your fucking her that hard that her nails have penetrated your flesh, and are deep into your back, "Come on Charlie, fuck that cock, tighten your muscles, yeah that right, fuck that cock.!" You say gritting your teeth as you drive your cock, somehow deeper into her pussy, now she is screaming your name over and over again and has wrapped her legs around your waist, she struggles to breathe as her orgasms keep coming on stronger and faster than before, she is being fucked by an animal, you are the animal, you are the one fucking her and you are in control.

Then you feel it, you feel your balls start to churn as her inside muscles grab hold of your cock, much harder than before, your cock starts to grow in size as you get ready to fill her pussy full of you delicious seed. "I'm gunna cum any minute Charlie!" You say as your pounding her pussy, not even stopping to see her reaction you just hear her say "Come on Andy fuck that sweet pussy, fill it with all of your seed don't stop fucking it until your done I want to feel it fill me up inside!" She says as you slow down to pleasure the last moments of inside of her pussy, then suddenly you feel it, you feel it coming up your cock at an astonishing rate, you plunge your cock in once more, as the cum starts to fill her pussy squirt by squirt, she closes her eyes and holds you tight, bringing her hips closer to yours and jolting a few more times as another powerful orgasm has just ripped through her body.

Tough fucking for hot mother i would like to fuck

All of your cum is flying out from your balls up your shaft and into her pussy as you are still pounding her pussy like a mad man, then it stops. You stop cumming as your balls are empty, she is still holding onto you with her nails in your back and her legs wrapped around your waist, her head is on your shoulder as you both stay there in each other's arms just panting, your cock is still in her now over flowing pussy, but now becomes soft and flops out of it.

She finally opens her eyes, and just stares into yours, not saying a word as she brings her lips closer to yours and her tongue enters your mouth, she is still wrapped around you as she realises that that was probably the greatest fuck ever.

She lets go of you, takes her nails out of your back and brings her legs down from around your back. She is still exploring your mouth you can feel her heart beat against your chest, as those breasts make a great pillow in between you and her. She breaks the kiss, "Thank you Andy that was the greatest thing anyone has ever done to me, you are an amazing fuck, I've never felt so feminine before in my life!" She says as she looks deeply into your eyes, "I want you Charlie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I want you to become my lover Charlie!" You say as you look into those deep blue eyes, "I will Andy, I will!" She says as she grabs the back of your head and brings it closer to yours as your tongues start to entwine, you both stay there for a few minutes, cum dripping from your now flaccid cock and cum overflowing from her pussy, you break the kiss and bring your head closer to her pussy, you quickly dive 2 fingers into it and bring them back out again, "I think we should get going don't you?" You say as she starts to lick your fingers, "Yeah I do, whew I'm worn out after that now.Still that was the greatest thing that anyone has ever done pretty babe drilled by pawn keeper in pawnshops toilet reality and bigcock me, you were awesome Andy!" She says grabbing hold of your cock and bringing it closer to her head, she gives it a few licks and sucks, just to make sure that the barrel is empty, It is, but the mixed flavours of her own juices and yours makes her want some more.

"I think you have sucked it dry now Charlie, let's get back on the road!" ****END OF STORY**** So, what did you think? Should i make another one? That will all depend you you guys!