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Sex dot com sexx storys janwr
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It was about ten o'clock on a warm, summer-like morning in southern California. As Jonathan looked out his second floor bedroom window, he could see his neighbor, Veronica. She had already come out onto her patio and was lying on a lounge chair catching some rays. Jonathan studied how the sun, reflecting off Veronica's tanned Latino skin, was in sharp contrast to her bright pink and very small string bikini, which barely covered her shapely assets.

Because he hadn't seen her during Christmas break, Jonathan watched Veronica through the window for quite a few minutes. He thought about how beautiful she had become since he saw her last summer. They had grown up next door to each other, though they never dated.

Veronica would be starting her junior year and Jonathan would be a senior, when they returned to college in the fall, but at the moment they had the summer off. After about ten minutes Jonathan decided that maybe he should go out and invite Veronica to join him for a frozen drink. Especially since their parents were at work, and any neighborhood kids were still in school.

Changing into cut-off cargo pants and a turquoise t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, Jonathan wondered into his backyard and peeked over the redwood fence.

To his surprise, Veronica was gone. Disappointed, Jonathan sat down on a nearby bench. However, within a few minutes, he heard a screen door swinging shut, as Veronica walked onto gorgeous eurobabe gagging and gets plowed european patio again.

This time she came up to her side of the fence and peeked over. "Hey good looking. How are you this morning?" she said sweetly, when she saw where Jonathan was sitting. "Hey Veronica…I'm good.

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How you doin'?" Jonathan replied as he stood up to face her. As Veronica tossed her long dark hair over her shoulder, she said in a melancholy tone, "Not to bad. A bit bored though…so I thought I'd take in some sun. "I'm a bit bored too," Jonathan replied as he brushed the dark blonde curls from his eyes. "My lifeguard job at the beach doesn't start 'til Saturday. You look real hot in that bikini," he then blurted without thinking. "Thanks!" Veronica said with a sincere smile.

"That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in quite some time. You don't look too bad yourself. Have you been workin' out?" Trying to hide his pride, Jonathan answered with a smirk, "Just some free weights an stuff." "It shows!" Veronica quickly responded. Feeling a bit blushed by her willing honesty. The two college students spoke back and forth for a few minutes, catching up on what has been happening in their lives lately. Most importantly, Jonathan learned that Veronica recently broke up with her boyfriend just before classes ended.

Since Jonathan was not dating anyone steadily at the moment, he enthusiastically invited her to sun bathe with him and have a frozen drink. Veronica had a part-time job as a waitress, but she didn't have to be at the restaurant until late afternoon, so she said she would be around in a minute after she grabbed a few things.

Jonathan bolted for the kitchen to mix up the drinks. He got out the blender and searched for some other ingredients he would need. Meanwhile, since Veronica knew the cipher-lock combination on the backyard gate, she let herself in.

Not seeing Jonathan anywhere, Veronica walked up the steps to the deck to get a better view. Thinking he might be in the back garden. "I'm in here!" Jonathan shouted through the sliding screen door. "Come on in." Veronica had been in this kitchen many times as she was growing up, since her parents and Jonathan's parents were good friends.

But this time it felt different. She was excited about the thoughts she was having ever since Jonathan told her she looked real hot in her bikini. She had sometimes fantasized about Jonathan, and even pretended Jonathan was on top of her when she masturbated. But now, it seemed as though circumstances were coming together to allow Veronica's fantasy to come true. "Can I help you with anything?" Veronica asked, in as sexy a voice as she could produce. "I've got the honeydew and watermelon. If you could get some ice and honey and put it in the blender that would be great.

I'll be right back. I'm just gonna get the Midori from the liquor cabinet," Jonathan said quickly, as he headed for the game room. "What's Midori?" Veronica inquired, in a loud enough voice for Jonathan to hear her in the game room. Jonathan hollered back, "It's melon flavored liqueur. I think you'll like it." After getting the ice and honey, Veronica started thinking of how the next couple hours would unfold. As her mind started to wander, she could feel herself getting a little moist and her pulse started to quicken a bit.

However, when Jonathan re-entered the kitchen, it snapped her back to reality and Veronica composed herself. It was all Jonathan could do to pay attention to mixing the frozen drinks, since he frequently glanced at Veronica's near naked figure.

She could sense he was looking at her in a way that he never looked at her before, which excited her son fuck moms pussy sleeping time more. Just as Jonathan was pouring the frozen frisky lesbos fill up their big asses with whipped cream and blast it out from the blender, Veronica caught him looking at her ample breasts, and she gave him a re-assuring smile.

"It's okay," Veronica said, and as she placed her hand on Jonathan's muscular shoulder, heavily decorated with a swirling tribal tattoo that extended down his arm. Staring into his sparkling sapphire eyes, she sincerely continued, "I don't mind having you look. In fact, I kinda like it." With that remark, Jonathan seemed to relax and he broke out in a broad smile, making dimples form in his checks.

Something Veronica always thought was very sexy. Sensing his manhood starting to arouse a little bit, Jonathan picked up the large soft blanket he intended for them to lie on and held it in front of himself, concealing his potentially embarrassing bulge. He then grabbed his drink and motioned Veronica to take her drink, as well as the tote bag she brought, out into the backyard.

While Veronica was leading the way, Jonathan couldn't help but marvel at how sexy her firm ass looked as she walked. "So firm you could crack an egg on it," he thought to himself. Veronica knew he was looking at her ass, so she tried to walk in a way that would accentuate its motion. "Nice artwork," Jonathan stated matter-of-factly, trying to divert his attention, so that his pecker would relax and not embarrass him. Veronica stopped suddenly, and Jonathan almost bumped into her.

She looked over her shoulder, flinging her wavy trusses out of the way; her large gold loop earrings swaying back and forth. With a sultry look and a sexy smile formed from her full red-glossed lips, Veronica asked, "You mean my butterfly?" Referring to lesbians in lingerie licking and fingering in bed delicately colored tattoo, centered in the small of her back, framed by very thin swirls in a tribal style.

"Yeah," Jonathan replied. "When'd you get that?" "I got it for my birthday last November," Veronica answered as she twisted around, as if to look at her own tattoo. "Do you like it?" she asked. "Very much!" Jonathan said with enthusiasm.

Taking the lead, Jonathan then said, "Why don't we go this way." After descending the steps of the deck, Veronica followed Jonathan as they walked across a wide expanse of a well-manicured lawn, past the built-in pool, and down a series of stone steps to the entrance of the Japanese garden Jonathan's father had built.

This was his father's pride and joy, and one of Jonathan's favorite places to hang out. The couple followed the narrow pebbled path as it meandered through irregular undulating flowerbeds, small flowering bushes and exotic looking ornamental trees, mixed with purposefully placed stones and other natural-material artworks.

Soon, they crossed the small wooden bridge arching over the man-made water feature. Veronica paused to gaze at the small stream of water, which cascaded down a natural-looking rock formation.

It was dotted with mosses and ferns, and then flowed down a winding babbling brook under the bridge, eventually emptying into a small re-circulated pond filled with a dozen red and white Koi fish. "It's always so beautiful here," Veronica remarked. "Yeah, it's one of my favorite places," Jonathan said, as he took Veronica buy the hand and continued across the bridge. Traversing more of the meandering footpath, the couple came to a fork where the pebbled paths split.

Jonathan pointed down one of them saying, "Let's go over here." In a short time they came to a flat grassy area next to a small pavilion, with an Japanese style roof, at the very back of the garden. The grassy area was in full sun, though the redwood fence towered twelve feet above them in this section, and there were ornamental trees on two sides. They could still hear the cascading water, now mixed with the delicate sound of wind chimes hanging from the corner of the pavilion.

"This is such a great spot!" Veronica exclaimed, as Jonathan handed her his drink and proceeded to spread out the blanket. Jonathan sat down and motioned Veronica to join him. After getting settled and handing him his drink, Veronica observed "Wow…you can't even see your house from here." "That's one of the reasons I like this spot so much," Jonathan responded with a slight grin.

While sitting next to each other and sipping their drinks, Jonathan noticed Veronica was wearing a delicate silver ankle bracelet with a small star. Knowing what the answer would be, Jonathan still asked, "Is that the ankle bracelet I gave you just before you went to your junior prom?" "Yes…I've always liked it," Veronica answered eagerly. "I was so nervous back then when Chad asked me to the prom, but I still remember what you said." "It was a long time ago," Jonathan remarked, pretending he didn't remember what he said.

Veronica replied, "Don't you remember? You reminded me that when we were kids, we use to gaze at the stars at night, and we picked out our own special stars that would watch over us. When you gave me the bracelet, you said the star on it would big cock stud gets blowjob and analv11 fullscreen tso[5 tube porn like my special star and watch over me also.

It made me feel so much better. It was so sweet…and I even gave you a hug and a kiss." With a teasing smile, Veronica pushed Jonathan's shoulder while asking, "How could you forget that?" Recovering to his sitting position, and with a smile and a giggle, Jonathan answered, "I was just kidding…of course I remember." Poking Jonathan in the side and giving a little tickle, Veronica warned with a smile, "I'll get you for that!" Chuckling as he pulled away, Jonathan alarmingly said, "Hey.don't spill the drinks!" "You've almost finished yours anyway," Veronica teased as she drank the rest of hers.

"That was really good," she said, while putting down her glass and reaching for her tote bag. Pulling out a plastic bottle, Veronica squeezed some clear oily liquid onto her hands and started to rub it on her long legs, slowly massaging every inch. She then worked her way up to her stomach, and while she was massaging the oil over the parts of her breasts bulging out from under the restraints of her bikini top, Jonathan could not help but stare.

After coating her neck and arms, Veronica then looked at Jonathan and asked if he would rub some of the oil onto her back. Jonathan instantly responded by taking the bottle. Before he could squeeze out any liquid, Veronica had turned over and was laying face down with her arms extended outward at right angles, on either side of her head, anxiously waiting for his touch.

With the fragrant lotion in his hand, Jonathan gently started to rub the oil onto Veronica's lower back. Her skin felt so very smooth, and Jonathan could feel her body responding to his every movement.

When he ran his hand across the lowest part of Veronica's back, spreading the lotion as far as Jonathan dared to touch, he let a couple fingertips slip under the top edge of her bikini. Veronica responded with a slight giggle, saying, "That tickles." "This smells good," Jonathan observed. "What's in it?" Turning slightly to face him, Veronica answered, "Some extracts from tea tree oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, something called ylang ylang, and a couple other items I can't remember." "Oh," Jonathan replied, trying to hide the fact that he didn't know what she was talking about.

"Is it some kind of fancy sunscreen?" he inquired. "No…it just keeps my skin soft and moist. Besides, it feels good and smells good too," Veronica said, as she returned to a prone position. What Veronica did not mention, is that she had also poured some human pheromones into the massage oil just before she came over, hoping it would act as an aphrodisiac.

Reminding herself of this thought, Veronica smiled knowingly. Working the lotion further up Veronica's back, Jonathan paused at the bikini strings across her back. "You can pull that down a little bit if it's in the way," Veronica said softly, enjoying the sensations. Carefully, Jonathan inched the bow-tied strings lower and massaged the lotion into the skin where they previously had been. Little by little, Jonathan massaged a bit closer to the edge of Veronica's back, letting his fingers caress the soft protrusions pressing out from her bikini top at the sides of her breasts.

"That feels good," Veronica assured Jonathan, while in an almost dream-like state. She could feel herself getting moister than before, and though she was lying down, she could sense her nipples getting harder. Her pulse had quickened again, as she started to visualize what could happen very soon.

Jonathan proceeded to spread the oil around Veronica's neck and shoulders, massaging gently but firmly, making Veronica moan appreciatively. By this time, the combination of caressing Veronica's smooth body, and inhaling the luscious teenie climbs on top of a large one eyed monster fragrance of the massage oil laced with pheromones, Jonathan could not suppress his arousal any longer, and his manhood became stiff and hard.

Just then, without warning, Veronica lifted herself up onto her knees, and faced Jonathan saying, "Okay, now I'll do you." While Jonathan was also kneeling and squeezing his legs together so that his now full erection would not be noticed, Veronica proceeded to lift his sleeveless t-shirt over his head.

It was then that he noticed Veronica's nipples were creating little visible bumps though her bikini top. She could see that he was staring at her hardened nipples, and gave him a broad smile.

Tossing his t-shirt aside, Veronica then focused on the old Chinese coin with a square hole in the middle, suspended from Jonathan's neck on a short rawhide thong. "That's the coin I gave you for good luck when you entered that surfing competition!" Veronica excitedly observed. "You're still wearing it?" she asked.

"Yeah…I may have only placed fifth, but at least I didn't have any bad wipeouts, so it must've had some good luck in it," Jonathan answered. Veronica quickly responded, saying, "You may have come in fifth place, but you were only a senior in high school then; and there were lot's of other surfers that were older and had more experience.

Fifth place wasn't bad at all…considering there were twenty-three entries!" Jonathan was impressed by Veronica's expression of loyalty and compassion. "Now lay down!" Veronica commanded in a sweet tone. In a flash, Jonathan turned and onto his stomach.

As Veronica leaned over him to get the massage oil bottle, he felt her breasts gently brush against his back. The sensation of her perked nipples rubbing against his bare back was an instant turn-on, and though it was pressing into the ground, his erect pole pulsed even more. Veronica was very gentle as she applied the massage oil to Jonathan's back, and explored every muscle, occasionally sneaking a hand under his loose shorts.

Veronica then slapped Jonathan's ass and commanded him to turn over. Without hesitation Jonathan turned over. Before Veronica started to rub the lotion onto his chest, she noticed his large and bulging package, with a small wet stain at the top, formed by some pre-cum that had already escaped. "There's no turning back now," Veronica thought. She was determined that since she was on the pill, they would go all the way. "What have we here? Veronica said teasingly as she gently grabbed hold of Jonathan's ever stiffening cock.

"You're just so hot and sexy…I can't help it…you turn me on so much," Jonathan innocently pleaded. Releasing her hold, Angry gamer fuck his stepmom cathy heaven straddled Jonathan's hips, pressing her now very wet pussy beneath her bikini, against his love muscle beneath his shorts.

She slowly moved her hips, teasing him and pressing her swollen labia lips across the length of his pole. Jonathan closed his eyes for a moment to quickly ponder his good fortune. He too had fantasized about Veronica many times, and now his fantasy was coming true.

Caressing Jonathan's well-developed chest muscles, Veronica worked her hands down to his rippled abdominal muscles. Then with one hand remaining on his six-pack abs, Veronica's other hand quickly untied the strings of her bikini top, releasing her firm breasts from their bondage, and tossed it aside.

When Jonathan opened his eyes, he was surprised to see that Veronica had removed her bikini top. He saw the most amazing breasts ever. "Just perfect," he thought. They were well rounded, but firm like mountain peaks. Jonathan marveled at the contrast between her tan, and the pale portions of her soft breasts that had never seen the sun.

He studied the perfect form of Veronica's sensual mammaries for a few moments, with their perked and puffy, nut-brown areolas, topped with protruding nipples, before gently cupping them with his hands.

Then, taking the nipples in-between his fingers, he gently squeezed them, and Veronica began to moan. As she closed her eyes and licked her lips, she let her head fall backwards. Impulsively, she arched her back and pressed her chest forward. After gently massaging Veronica's nipples, Jonathan sat up. Taking each nipple into mature slut sucks cock like a pro mouth, he gently suckled them and occasionally flicked at them with his tongue, stopping just long enough to nibble them a little.

Veronica leaned forward and with her hands cupping both sides of Jonathan's neck. She gently kissed his bottom lip, moved to his top lip, and kissed his bottom lip again. Jonathan looked into Veronica's beautiful chocolate eyes with deep desire, and with excited passion, she looked right back into his. Jonathan's hands then slid down to the sides of Veronica's slender waist and held onto her hips, as he returned her kiss. His kisses were gentle at first, but gradually with more and more passion.

"Your sweet mouth is so hot and tempting," Jonathan thought. They both took turns to explore each other's mouths with their tongues. Before too long, Jonathan's hands were exploring every inch of Veronica's back. When his hands got down to her lower back, he gently slipped them under her bikini and massaged a butt cheek in each hand, making sure he parted her cheeks every time he thrust his tongue into her mouth.

Kissing and licking his way to Veronica's neck, Jonathan started to run his hands further down her ass cheeks, giving a gentle squeeze now and then. By now Jonathan was extremely hard and Veronica was very wet. She was moaning and responding to his every touch.

Then Jonathan gently guided Veronica to the blanket on her back and she willingly parted her legs. While on his knees in-between her legs, Jonathan started to kiss Veronica's abdomen. While running his hands up the sides of her stomach, he caressed the sides of her beautiful breasts. When Jonathan's mouth damn hot teen london gets fucked by dudes massive cock Veronica's navel, he gently placed his tongue in the hole and locked his lips around its edge.

He then began sucking and tonguing her belly button. Veronica had never felt a sensation like this before, but it turned her on so very much, she swooned with the increased pleasure. While his tongue caressed Veronica's navel, Jonathan slid his hands up her body again and gently cupped her breasts.

Leaning her head forward, Veronica took one of Jonathan's hands and started to seductively suck each of his fingers while keeping eye contact. The sensation of Jonathan's hot tongue probing Veronica's navel was too intense for her to stand, and she released his fingers; her head falling back to the blanket once more.

Jonathan could feel Veronica's abdominal muscles contract, as she started rhythmically moving her pelvis, indicating that she was extremely horny. Confident that the time was right, Jonathan kissed his way down Veronica's lower abdomen to the edge of her bikini.

The pleasure of the sensation caused Veronica to moan louder. Her bikini was soaked, and Jonathan could smell her sweet wetness. He could clearly see her pussy, since the wet bikini clung to every contour of the most private of her very feminine assets.

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Jonathan kissed Veronica's pussy lips through her bikini and started to lash his tongue against her slit. She continued to moan loudly, which made Jonathan want her even more. Suddenly, Veronica reached down and untied the strings on both sides of her bikini.

Rising up, Jonathan looked into Kendra lust wet ik shower glazed eyes, earnestly trying to communicate desire, trust, and respect in seconds. He then gently peeled off her wet bikini to reveal an incredibly sexy, and wonderfully bare pussy. Veronica lifted her hips in the air, and Jonathan pulled the bikini free and tossed it aside.

Veronica's bikini line had been recently waxed, leaving her loins pale and smooth as satin, except for a small narrow strip of closely clipped hair in the shape of a triangle, with it's point just above her clitoris. Caressing Veronica's smooth skin on both sides of her vulva, Jonathan exclaimed, "You are so gorgeous and so sexy, you could be a centerfold." Veronica seemed to blush at the compliment, but it made her feel even more sexy and secure. Just then, the wind chimes started to tinkle and Veronica felt the coolness of the breeze on her wet and protruding labia.

Bending down again, Jonathan began slowly licking Veronica's hot slit, only this time, savoring the taste of her sweetness. Then, Jonathan probed her bright pink and very wet vaginal tunnel with his tongue, causing Veronica to spread her legs wider, while gasping in ecstasy. She wanted him inside her so badly, and when Jonathan gently flicked and licked her stiff clit protruding from its hood, Veronica let out a high-pitched whine while clutching at the blanket with tightening fists.

Occasionally, Jonathan would move his hot tongue away from Veronica's love button, in order to concentrate his licking and sucking on her swollen, light brown pussy lips. While continuing to lick and suck at Veronica's labia, Jonathan slowly thrust first one, then three fingers into her widening vagina.

Arching her back, Veronica continued to moan. Jonathan pressley carter gets pussy stretched big black cock and monstercock gently pressed his middle finger against Veronica's G-spot. Gasping from the sheer ecstasy, Veronica's moan became increasingly higher in pitch.

Before long, Jonathan could feel her love tunnel beginning to tighten, signaling she was about to cum soon. Carefully placing his lips around Veronica's entire vulva, Jonathan started to suck at her engorged inner lips while extending his tongue, probing it as deep as possible. As if in an ecstatic daze, Veronica placed both her hands on Jonathan's head and started to grind her pelvis into him. Feeling her thigh muscles contracting and her grip on his head tightening, Jonathan knew Veronica was very close, and he started to taste her hot cum on the end of his tongue.

Then without warning, Veronica cried "Oh my God!" and Jonathan's mouth was filled with a torrent of gushing sweet liquid, almost making him choke. Jonathan had heard about women that squirt, or have female ejaculations, and had seen some pictures on the Internet, but he had never known any girls that had the capability.

After pulling his head away, in order to swallow and catch his breath, Jonathan looked at Veronica in amazement. "I'm so sorry," Veronica said. "That's never happened before." "Are you kidding?" Jonathan quickly replied. "That's sooo HOT! Not very many girls can cum like that." "Really?" Veronica questioned, with gratitude in her eyes.

"You're not just saying that?" So as to reassure her, Jonathan kissed his way up Veronica's stomach and licked his way through her cleavage. She wrapped her arms around him, and Jonathan kissed and licked Veronica's neck, before moving up to her mouth. They kissed passionately and Veronica whispered, "It's not fair." Intrigued, Jonathan inquired, "What's not fair?" "You still have your pants on," Veronica said with a coy smile.

Pushing Jonathan onto his back, Veronica guided her hand down his washboard abs to his shorts, slowly undid his button and pulled down his zipper. She carefully slid his shorts down, and proceeded to remove his boxers too.

For a moment, all Veronica could do was stare at Jonathan's beautiful stiff cock. "It's about the same size as my vibrator," Veronica thought, as she admired the details of its bulging veins and rosy helmet.

While kneeling at his side, Veronica firmly grabbed hold of the base of Jonathan's thick pole with one hand, gently fondled his testicles with the other hand, and began licking the tender spot just below his helmet.

Jonathan laid his head back and moaned with pleasure. Unexpectedly, Veronica then raised her head, keeping a firm grip on Jonathan's cock, and tossed a leg over his torso.

While straddling him, and still on her knees, Veronica pressed her quivering wet pussy into Jonathan's face, as she engulfed his cock and began sucking its length. With his fingertips my hot horny black stepmom complete series her outer pussy lips, Jonathan thrust his tongue into Veronica's very wet tunnel once again, probing it's soft interior.

Then, reaching underneath with one hand, he began circling her clit with his thumb. Muffled moans emanated from Veronica's throat. Jonathan found it difficult to focus as he was starting to moan from the pleasurable sensations he was experiencing as well.

Veronica could feel herself building towards another orgasm, as she enthusiastically sucked Jonathan's throbbing cock, while bobbing her head up and down. Occasionally she would twist her mouth around his love muscle, pressing her hot tongue against its smooth and throbbing exterior. The more intense the ecstatic genital sensations became for the couple, now becoming moist with sweat, the more enthusiastically they continued their oral stimulations.

Intrigued by the movement of Veronica's puffy anal sphincter, and while continuing to stimulate Veronica's clit with his thumb, Jonathan brought his other hand up.

After submerging his other thumb into the wetness of her slit, he rested the now lubricated thumb in the center of her moist anus, to see what would happen. Responding with a deep moan, Veronica lifted her ass higher, pressing her anus into Jonathan's thumb. Sensing approval, Jonathan slowly eased his thumb into Veronica's puckered anal opening. She wiggled her ass from side to side and rocked her pelvis, causing Jonathan's thumb to slide in and out.

Since Veronica had never had her anus stimulated before, the intense erotic sensations she felt surprised her. Momentarily stopping her sucking of Jonathan's stiff cock, Veronica moaned deeply saying, "Oh my God, that feels so good." With confident enthusiasm, Jonathan worked his thumb deep into Veronica's anus, while he plunged his other thumb deep into Veronica's soaking wet pussy, twirling and probing faster and faster.

Like a hungry lioness, Veronica's hot tongue and wet lips kissed and licked the area between Jonathan's thighs and his tightening scrotum. Then, while stroking his cock with one hand, she licked and kissed his underside of his balls.

Immediately, Jonathan gasped and loudly moaned in ecstasy. Feeling his groin muscles and his scrotum tighten and his cock getting rock hard, Veronica knew he was going to cum any second. Wanting to taste his sweet production when it erupted, Veronica once again engulfed Jonathan's helmet in her mouth and licked her tongue against the tender spot just below it.

Veronica was so turned on, sensing Jonathan's immanent orgasm, her pussy muscles contracted and let go another gush of sweet fluid, covering Jonathan's neck, as her body twitched with wave after wave of multiple orgasms.

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Just then, Jonathan let go his own orgasmic fluid, as his cock exploded with the most intense orgasm he could remember ever having. Uttering unintelligible grunts each time his warm semen filled Veronica's mouth, Guys team up to fuck her hard lay back and rested bracing hands on her thighs.

Swallowing each time her mouth was filled with Jonathan's sweet cum, Veronica continued to have her own orgasms in lessening frequency and intensity. With in minutes, Veronica raised herself up, and while gently keeping a firm grasp on Jonathan's still erect but softening cock, she swung her leg around, and positioned herself so that she was facing Jonathan with her legs straddling his hips.

"You're not giving up so quickly are you?" Veronica teased. "Nooo, not at all," Jonathan replied. "I just need to catch my breath. You're incredible!" "You haven't seen anything yet. That was just the warm up," Veronica said with a sultry smile. Veronica started to stroke Jonathan's cock up and down the length of its shaft, giving him a better hand job then he had ever given himself. Each time she sensed there was too much friction, Veronica rubbed her hand against her wet pussy and then smeared her slippery juices all over his cock.

Slowly Jonathan's love pole began to stiffen once more. Leaning forward, Veronica pressed her pussy against the base of Jonathan's cock, her engorged soft labia clinging to both sides of its girth. Then, propping her arms on his chest, Veronica gently started to rock her pelvis against Jonathan's cock, rubbing her wet pussy against the length of it without allowing it to enter her yet. Jonathan swooned at the intense feeling of Veronica's hot pussy lips sliding against his cock.

Then, with a mixture of concern and disappointment, Jonathan realized something important and blurted, "Crap! I just remembered…I don't have any condoms with hairy japanese teen slut gets fucked and jizzed Veronica said reassuringly. "I've been on the pill for some time now." Jonathan had known Veronica since she was six years old, and since he always knew her to be honest with him, he had no cause for concern anymore.

Giving Jonathan a quick but passionate kiss with a probing tongue, Veronica's hand then slowly guided his now rock hard cock into her welcoming pussy. Watching his cock enter Veronica's cavern of delight turned Jonathan on almost as much as the tremendously pleasurable sensation it produced. The muscles inside Veronica's vagina contracted rhythmically, squeezing Jonathan's hot cock, as she lowered herself onto his stiff pole.

When she had taken it all in, Veronica started to rotate her pelvis, affectively squeezing and massaging Jonathan's throbbing cock even more.

"I want you to cum inside me, so gimme all you got," Veronica challenged.

After voicing her challenge, Veronica then leaned backwards, supporting herself with her hands on Jonathan's knees. There she raised and lowered herself over the length of Jonathan's stiff pole. Jonathan reached out and with one hand, slightly pressed the skin upwards directly above Veronica's vulva, which pulled back her clit hood. Then with his other hand, Jonathan began massaging Veronica's clitoris with his thumb once again.

"Wow!…It feels so incredible to be inside you. I've thought about how it'd be like for quite some time," Jonathan confessed. "Really?" Veronica replied. "Why didn't you ever say anything?" she questioned, while still moving her pelvis, massaging Jonathan's love muscle.

"You always seemed to have a boyfriend, and I didn't want to interfere," Jonathan explained. "Besides, I didn't want to ruin our friendship." With a big smile, Veronica made her own confession saying, "I've had a crush on you since I was a freshman in high school. I always hoped that you would ask me out, but you never did. I even had dreams about you taking me to some romantic place and making passionate love to me all night long." Breaking into his own big smile of serene happiness, as a result of what he had just learned, Jonathan replied, "You've got to be kidding!

If I had known you felt that way, I would have asked you out a long time ago." With that, Veronica leaned forward and gave Jonathan another deep and passionate naughty showing of hot milk shakes hardcore blowjob. Jonathan returned her kiss and their tongues mingled with a new level of passion and excitement.

He then started brunette milf sara jay group fucking interracial cumshot thrust his shaft in and out of Veronica's pussy, as she ground her hips against his. "Harder and faster," Veronica whispered in Jonathan's ear. He was determined he would not disappoint her, and began pumping his love muscle with harder, more sincere thrusts.

Pushing his cock as deep as possible, representing the deep passion Jonathan had for Veronica. With every thrust Veronica moaned and gasped. Her moans were getting louder and it was turning Jonathan on, knowing that he was contributing to Veronica's ecstatic pleasure. So as to have greater leverage, Topsex porn xstory com ebony sister and brother pulled up his knees, with his feet flat on the blanket.

Then, holding Veronica's waist and pushing with his legs, he significantly increased the power of his thrusts. As Jonathan would thrust upwards, sending his bulging manhood deeper, Veronica would push her hips backwards, allowing her tightening pussy to embrace it's welcome guest. With Jonathan's increasingly faster thrusts, Veronica's very aroused breasts would jiggle in a matching rhythm. As he wiped the dripping sweat from his forehead, Jonathan was aware that he was lasting a long time, even though he felt like he was going to explode.

In between her racing heartbeats, time seemed to slow down for Veronica. She became aware that her senses had become heightened. She could feel the warm sun on her back and buttocks. She could feel herself covered with droplets of sweat, made cooler by the slightest breeze. Veronica breathed in the erotic odor of musky sweat and sweet pussy juice, which filled the air, and was aware of the sound of the wind chimes once again. Suddenly, Jonathan rolled Veronica onto her back, looked lovingly into her eyes and said, "I'm going to make love to you." Then, Jonathan resumed the thrusts of his rock hard cock into Veronica's pussy, wet with anticipation.

She wrapped her long legs around Jonathan's butt cheeks, pulling his groin closer to her with every thrust. As Jonathan pumped his stiff pole faster and faster, Veronica's vagina contracted, sucking his cock inwards.

Still pumping faster and faster, Jonathan leaned forward and kissed Veronica wildly. Her muffled moans were quickly broken by a high-pitched cry of ecstasy as Veronica once again squirted and gushed warm pussy juice, as a tremendous orgasm cascaded through her abdomen.

Over and over she continued to cum. Veronica wrapped her arms and legs around Jonathan, squeezing as tightly as she could, as Jonathan continued to thrust his cock in and out. Within a few minutes, Veronica's orgasm sent Jonathan over the edge, and he came inside her.

Veronica could feel stream after stream of Jonathan's warm semen, as it spurted into her throbbing cavity. Jonathan's thrusting began to slow down as his ejaculations became less intense. Veronica's pussy was still contracting and throbbing as Jonathan collapsed in a heap on top of her; his head resting on her breasts, as he gasped for air. Both their bodies were covered in sweat as the lay there motionless, feeling serene, joyful, and satisfied. After quite awhile of just laying still, enjoying the moment, they finally had the energy to get up.

Veronica then helped Jonathan put on his boxers and shorts, and in turn, he helped her put on her bikini. "That was truly awesome," Veronica whispered in Jonathan's ear. "I know what you mean," Jonathan replied. "It's never felt that good with any girl I've been with." "We'll have to get together again sometime soon," Veronica said with a wink. "You wanna go out together after you get out of work Friday night then?" Jonathan asked. "I'm going out with my boyfriend Friday night." Veronica said with a straight face.

Jonathan's heart sank, and after a moment, he courageously inquired, "I thought you said you and Bobby broke up just before classes ended." "We did, " Veronica reassured him.

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"You're my boyfriend now, silly." Taking a deep breath and giving a sigh of relief, Jonathan pulled Veronica close to him and kissed her passionately once again.

Looking deep into her eyes, Jonathan said with a broad smile, "It's gonna be a long, enjoyable summer." Nodding her head in agreement, and with a twinkle in her eye, Veronica quickly said, "I'll race you to the pool."