Ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks

Ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks
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Jake sat in the middle of the two teenage girls. "Traffic shouldn't be too bad tonight. Relax and enjoy the ride, should only be about 20 minutes" The limo driver called out before raising his partition. "Perfect, Gives us a chance to mom and dad sex and son sleeping warmed up before tonight's events." Katie blurted incredible brunette babe plays with her juicy snatch, pawing at Jake's crotch.

His erection had subsided slightly during the brief walk from the dance floor to the limousine, but started to stir at the applied manual stimulation. "Exactly what I was thinking," Chloe added as her hand joined Katie's on his pants.

They worked in unison to unzip his pants and freed his girthy member from his pants. The two girls leaned in and shared a kiss near the tip of Jakes cock, which surged to it's full stiffness at the added visual stimulation. The girls' hands gently massaged their way up and down his shaft, still damp from the earlier blowjobs and the sweat from the dance floor. As the limo accelerated, the two girls took turns caressing his shaft with her mouth while the other exchanged tongues with Jake.

Halfway through the trip, Chloe repositioned herself and lay down on the floor of the limo. She hiked up the sides of her dress and exposing her navy blue underwear, which had a design of jewels in the shape of a heart on the mesh fabric. "Come here and eat this cunt, you Chinese prostitute!" Chloe called out jokingly. "Hey, I'm a Thai prostitute, get it right" Katie chided in return before she gave her boyfriend one last meaningful suck before turning around and getting on her knees.

She assumed a downward doggy style position, and started lightly kissing the inside of her friend's thighs before running her tongue along Chloe's slit.

The girl's new positioning left Katie's ass about 6 inches in front of Jakes face, which blessed him with a beautiful view from behind as his blonde girlfriend softly on her friend's pussy. Jake fingers moved towards the light blue fabric of his girlfriend's dress, and moved it up her body.

As Katie's ass was revealed in the dim light in the limo, it revealed a matching blue lace thong. Katie shook her hips playfully as she felt the air on her exposed ass. Taking in the sight, Jake leaned back into the seat and gave his cock a few strokes before squatting over his girlfriend. He moved the thin fabric covering her pussy to the side before he lined up his rock solid cock at the entrance to her glistening hole.

As he worked his way in, he felt some soft resistance, as if another object was pushing against his cock. He pulled the string of fabric between Katies ass further to the side, and could see a sparkle of light eminating from her asshole, Katie had been wearing a butt plug all night.

"That minx" Jake thought to himself with a grin, before inching his cock into his girlfriend even more, which resulted in Katie moaning into her friend's pussy, further eliciting a moan from Chloe.

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Jake picked up the pace, and started hammering his cock into his girlfriend, which increased the moans from Katie, who in turn caused Chloe to moan, but louder this time.

"You three Okay back there?" The Limo driver asked, after cracking the partition. "Yeah, we're good. How much longer do we have?" Jake grunted back, trying his best to keep his composure. "Almost there, another 5 minutes or so" The driver responded. "Fuck, not enough time." Jake thought to himself as he gave a few hard thrusts into his girlfriend.He pulled out slowly, and slapped his cock, coated in Katie's juices, against her supple ass leaving a small residue of her slickness on her bare skin.

"Better get dressed you two" He said, stowing his dick in his pants. "Awww, but do we really?" Chloe whined. "Haha, there will be more where that came from in the hotel" Katie laughed with her friend before leaning up and giving her a kiss. The two girls softly kissed and savored the taste of pussy on their lips, before the breaks on the limo snapped them both to reality.

The girls quickly fixed and flattened the seams of their dresses just as the driver opened the door for them. "Enjoy your night," The driver smiled as the teens exited his car. He gave Jake a knowing wink before making his way back to the driver seat. The teens quickly made their way to the front desk to get checked in.

They were greeted by an attractive twenty-something receptionist. Jake eyed her up for a few seconds as the girls checked them in, the receptionist's red hair and her green eyes sparkled behind her black rimmed glasses. "Your bags are waiting for you in your room. Enjoy your night, and thank you for staying with us," The receptionist said before they teens bee-lined for the elevator, wanting to vidya vikas college of mysore the activities in the limo as soon as possible.

"What bags?" Jake asked as the trio entered the elevator. "I told you that you were in for a few surprises tonight," Katie said with a nonchalant shrug, before throwing an arm around Chloe.

The ding of the elevator came shortly thereafter, and the teens quickly made their way inside their room. Once inside, all bets were off and the two girls quickly pinned Jake against the wall and started clawing at his clothes. Before he knew it, his shirt and jacket were crumpled on the floor and his pants were at his ankles. His cock, which had been toyed and teased with all night, was proudly standing at attention while the two girls each tugged on it gently before undressing each other. Katie was first and turned to face Jake, while Chloe stepped behind her and unzipped Katie's dress.

Once unzipped, Katie swayed her body seductively and her dress seemingly melted away as it fell to the floor. She stepped out of it, and nonchalantly kicked it towards the corner of the room. She was now standing in just heels, thong, and a matching bra.

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Jake reached his hands out and grabbed his girlfriend by the waist, pulling her in and kissed her passionately. When the couple broke their kiss, they turned their attention towards their brunette friend and quickly undressed her. Jake stepped out of his pants and the three moved their way over to the king sized bed. Jake playfully picked up Katie and tossed her on the bed, before climbing on top of her.

After peeling her panties to the side, his cock, like a heat seeking missile, found its target and 8th blue sky with sunny leone to her depths.

After sharing a few kisses with Katie, he turned towards Chloe and met her lips with his. "Go ahead, get on her" Jake said to Chloe after breaking the kiss. "I want to see you grind your pussy on her face as I fuck her." With no further invitation needed, Chloe peeled her panties to the side before straddling her blonde friend's head and resting her pussy lips on Katie's mouth.

As Chloe settled in, Jake's intensity of his thrusts picked up quickly, and Jake was soon taking out all the blue balled sexual frustration he had experienced that night out on his girlfriend's pussy. His carried a jackhammer like pace until he started to tire, and slowed down. "Don't slow down, I'm about to cum" Katie cried out into Chloe's pussy. Jake, not being one to disappoint, kept his pace, and was greeted with the cries of ecstasy from the blonde beneath him.

"I'm fucking cumming!!" She screamed into her friend's muff, as her pussy muscles clamped like a vise around her boyfriend's cock, bringing Jake's own orgasm to the surface. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum" He grunted, and started to pull out. Katie's legs instantly wrapped around him and blocked his exit. "CUM IN ME, CUM IN ME, CUM IN ME!" Katie howled in the throes of her waning orgasm.

A few thrusts later, he shot his load inside the walls of Katie's pussy for the first time. He was quickly met with a peck on the lips from Chloe, which led to a few seconds of french kissing as the remaining cum departed his cock. He broke the kiss and started to withdraw from his girlfriend's wet embrace, while Chloe un-straddled her friend and moved off to her side.

This allowed Katie to prop up on her elbows and looked down at Jake's spent cock removing itself from her pussy.

The three teen's eyes were all locked on Jake's fat cock leaving the wet sheath, and after its complete withdrawal some cum started to leak out. Chloe reacted quickly, and maneuvered herself so she could latch her mouth onto Katie's slit. She began probing her walls with her tongue and lapped at the mixed cum inside her.

Jake by now had taken a few steps back and was leaning against the wall, enjoying the scenery. Chloe resumed playing with Katie's pussy until she was satisfied she had gotten every last drop.

She maneuvered her way above Katie's open mouth and drooled the cum and saliva mixture into it. Once the last drop had left Chloe's mouth, she leaned down and locked lips with her blonde friend and the two girls passionately kissed each other, sharing Jake's cum between them. They broke the kiss as the taste of cum lingered on their lips before they both swallowed and looked at Jake, sticking their tongues out, as if to demonstrate what good little sluts they were by sharing and swallowing his seed.

"You definitely surprised me there," Jake said, breaking the silence. "I've always had to pull out, but it felt so much better cumming inside you babe." "Yeah, I figure we had to up the game sometime," Katie said, awesome girl fondles big penis pornstar hardcore she began rummaging through the bag that she had staged at the hotel.

She pulled out a package and lightly tossed it at Jake. "I'm on the pill now, so we don't have to worry about any minions anytime soon." "Yeah, well it was my idea for her to go on the pill," Chloe chimed in proudly. "She made a big deal about you not being allowed to cum in me until you dumped a load in her first.

So, we made a deal. Now that you've cum in her, I get to feel your thick cock pulsate inside me next" She said with a wink. As Jake and Chloe talked about what was to come later that night, Katie had started the shower, and before long Katie and Chloe were removing the last articles of clothing from prom. The matching bra and panty sets were soon discarded on the floor the two girls jumped in to clean themselves off.

Jake followed minutes later and the three teens washed off the sweat and grime from the both the dance and their recent sexual encounter.

Jake ran his hands down the crack of his girlfriend's ass, he was surprised to still feel the butt plug in from earlier. "Damn you really like your ass plugged don't you babe?

I figure you would have taken it out" He asked as the hot water cascaded down his back. "I like what feels good," she shrugged with a smile before reaching back, covering his hand sunny leone full romance xxx full sex stories download free story gently pushing his fingers against the plug, shooting a light wave of pleasure through her body.

The rest of the shower progressed without much further sexual play and once everyone was clean, the teens dried off and returned to the bed. Jake took the middle and Chloe took the spot on the right.

Katie was standing at the other end of the room bent over her bag, her ass cheeks were slightly parted and Jake and Chloe could see the blue jewel glitter in the light. As Katie stood up, Jake could see that she had pulled out a USB drive and a few toys. She threw the toys on the foot of the bed before inserting the USB into the room's TV and joining the other two on the bed.

Chloe turned the TV on and started to load the contents of the drive. Within a few seconds the image of two girls aggressively making out appeared on the screen. "Really?

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Porn? Isn't that a little cliché?" Jake asked. "Yeah why not," Katie replied as she sorted through the handful of toys on the bed. "Keeps everyone in the mood, and I know I'll get wet as fuck seeing two sexy bitches making out and fucking each other, I even loaded some MFF on there as well." Katie grabbed a bullet vibrator and a vibrating cock ring and tossed them at Chloe and Jake respectively before taking her place on the other side of Jake.

The two girls quickly turned the vibrators on, and begun strumming them against their clits while Jake fit his cock ring around his member. As the two girls on screen picked up the pace, so did the girls on the bed and within a few minutes, Chloe positioned herself in the middle of the bed on her stomach between Jake's legs.

With one hand beneath her, she applied the vibrating toy to her clit, while her free hand started gently stroking Jake's cock and caressing his balls as she teased the head of his cock with her tongue.

Wanting to savor his cock, her pace reflected it, and she opted for a soft and gentle approach. She kissed his shaft gently, giving it light kisses before licking the head like a lollipop. Jake leaned over and kissed his girlfriend as he relished the slow and steady fellatio he was receiving. The couple made out for a few minutes while Jake's cock fully engorged itself in Chloe's mouth. Katie broke the kiss and got off the bed, making her way back to her bag and pulling out a strap on.

After stepping into it, she secured the straps around her waist and thighs before moving her way towards her friend and boyfriend. She straddled her friend's legs and after spreading them, she entered Chloe with a quick thrust.

Katie's pace jav collection amateur japanese pussy wankers babes and asian and soon the three were in sync with each other.

Katie kept a steady pace but still varied her strokes, after every five strokes she gave a little extra emphasis and she slammed her hips against Chloe's.

This caused Chloe to slide forward, which in turn, allowed Jake's cock to bury itself deeper down her throat. Katie slid her hand underneath her friend's hips, and grabbed the bullet vibrator from Chloe. She traced it between her paige gets a shot in her face ass cheeks before toying with Chloe's asshole.

The teasing lasted less than a minute when Chloe abruptly stopped sucking Jake's cock, "I can't take it anymore, I need this cock inside me." She demanded. Katie reluctantly withdrew the toy cock from her brunette friend, and allowed Chloe to position herself on top of her boyfriend. Chloe reached down and turned on the vibration from the cock ring before impaling herself on his rigid pole.

She sat there for a few seconds allowing the vibration to stimulate her clit as her vaginal walls stretched to his girth. Once adjusted, she started grinding her hips against his cock until her juices coated the fat member inside her and she lifted and slammed her hips down on Jake's fat cock.

"Oh fuck, that feels so…&hellip." Chloe cried out while pausing her hips, "Good" she finished after a pause, which Jake soon found out was due to Katie's tongue working its way around Chloe's rosebud.

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"Fuck yeah, eat my ass you two bit whore" Chloe moaned to her friend. "Prostitute! I'm classier than a whore at least" Katie corrected her before continuing their efforts. Jake had started sexxxx fuck pakstan new por sex stories more of a lead as he raised his hips off the mattress and pounded into Chloe's slick pussy as his girlfriend tongued her asshole with vigor.

Once Chloe had enough being on top, she climbed off and almost immediately after Jake's cock was out of Chloe, it was immediately replaced with Katie's mouth, who cleaned off the pussy juice with the same ferocity that was applied to eating Chloe's backdoor. Chloe had positioned herself on all fours and busty blonde teen has an amazing white round ass holy babe loudly in order to get the couple's attention. "Better not keep me waiting," Chloe mockingly teased.

Jake and his girlfriend gave each other a knowing nod as Jake's member was released from Katie's mouth. Jake took his position behind Chloe, and re-entered the soaking wet pussy he was just in minutes before. Katie stood in front of her friend's face, and forcefully grabbed Chloe's hair and shoved her fake cock down her throat.

Chloe let out a squeal of excitement which was muffled the plastic phallus in her mouth, as she was enjoying being filled at both ends. "C'mon, Eiffel tower," Katie called out as she held her hand out for her boyfriend to hold. Jake's hands met his girlfriend's and they shared a smile before resuming their focus on Chloe. Both members of the couple independently picked up their pace, using and abusing Chloe's holes to their content. causing They continued like this for a few minutes with Chloe squealing in excitement between them, before Katie instructed Jake to get on his back.

With a little bit of maneuvering, Jake was on his back and Chloe was once again riding him reverse cowgirl. Katie relocated and stood over Jake so in order to squat over her friend. As she squatted above him, her cheeks naturally spread, giving Jake an eyeful of the glittering jewelry that was still emplaced in her asshole. Katie pointed the fake dick down at her friend's asshole and lined the tip up towards Chloe's rear opening.

Jake felt the increased pressure around his penis as his girlfriend continued inserting her dildo into Chloe's asshole. "Oh fuck, it hurts so good," Chloe cried out in pain and pleasure. Jake's tempo slowed as he allowed Katie to thrust inside her friend easier. Katie waited a few seconds to allow her friend to acclimatize to being double penetrated. Once she sensed Chloe was ready, Katie started slowly swinging her hips forward, increasing the pressure on Jake's cock and shooting a wave of pleasure through his core.

Jake remained motionless as his girlfriend pumped her way in and out of her friend's asshole, allowing him to admire Katie's amazing ass hammering back and forth. Chloe's moans of passion increased as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her pussy juices to drip down his cock as her asshole was being plowed by Katie.

"Katie, I love you, but I need you to stop so I can catch my breath," Chloe panted, much to Katie's dissatisfaction. Katie obliged and brought her hips to a halt, leaving about half of the dildo inside her friend. When Chloe finally caught her breath, she started rocking her hips back on both Jake's and Katie's cocks.

She started off slow to get accustomed to both cocks sliding in at the same time, but she soon found her rhythm and rode them for all they were worth. Jake's hands lisa ann gets penetrated in hardcore fashion up Chloe's thighs, before jumping to Katie's and lightly caressed them before reaching girlfriend's ass, and giving it a squeeze. He gently spread her cheeks apart and used one his thumbs to place pressure on the emplaced jewlery, which resulted in a squeal of approval from Katie who involuntarily thrusted deep into Chloe's ass.

The chain of pleasure cascaded, as Chloe gyrated her hips on Jake's cock, resulting in a grunt of approval from Jake. "Oh fuck, if you keep doing that I'm going to cum," Jake groaned. That only seemed to encourage Chloe more as she enthusiastically rolled her hips around on Jake's waist. Katie slowly withdrew her strap on from Chloe's ass to maximize the pleasure her boyfriend was receiving.

Katie moved her way to the front of the bed and presented her cock to her friend. Chloe gingerly sucked her ass' flavors off of her friend, while keeping a ferocious pace on the wonderful cock buried deep inside her pussy.

"I'm going to cum" Jake cried out. Katie quickly maneuvered herself into position, and placed her hands on Chloe's waist, thrusting her friend's pussy down on Jake's fat cock. "Shoot that load deep inside her baby, I want you to fill her full of every drop of cum you have." Katie seductively said.

"Ohhh, yeah, cum for me, cum for me, cum for me, OH FUCK!" Chloe muttered as all of her attention was focused on milking every ounce of jizz from Jake's balls. Jake was pushed over the edge as Chloe's kegal muscles contracted on his cock and he dumped his second load of the night into her pussy. "FUUUCCK!" Jake groaned, as the last spurt of cum left his cock. "That was fucking amazing!" "Thanks, you were pretty good too," Chloe said over her shoulder, raising her hips slowly, only to fall back down with a quickness onto his member.

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"Katie, are you ready for it?"Chloe asked her friend. "I'm definitely ready," Katie said as finished stepping out of her strap on harness, and moved her way next to Jake and Chloe. Chloe lifted her hips just off of Jake's tip, and after holding it for a few seconds, let all of Jake's seed drip out of her cunt. Katie marveled at the sight, as Jake's jazzed drooled from her friend's pussy back onto the cock that recently shot it out.

She licked her lips young oriental doxy didlo tease japanese and hardcore moving her way towards her boyfriend's groin and started licking up the drizzles of cum coating Jake's shaft.

"I can't feel anymore, am I good?" Chloe asked the room. Katie looked towards Chloe's pussy, latched her mouth on it, and sucked the remaining cum out. "You're good" Katie stated before returning her attention to her boyfriend's cock. Chloe quickly rotated around so that she too would be able to savor her juices mixed with Jake's seed. "Ugh, you bitch, you just couldn't wait could you?" Chloe half-joked, which only drew a slight shrug from Katie.

Both girls worked in tandem and had quickly cleaned up every drop cum that had dribbled on Jake's groin, sharing a brief kiss when they were done. "Thanks for a great night you two." Jake graciously stated to the two girls, who had moved to his sides. "Oh we are just getting started, are you saying that an eighteen year old stud like yourself can't hang with us?" Katie asked.

"Yeah, you can't be done yet you pussy, I want to ride that cock until the sun comes up," Chloe added. "Relax, I can definitely hang.

Just saying thanks for everything so far." Jake defended himself. The two girls giggled, "You're welcome" they said in near perfect unison. "Wanna watch a movie while you recover?" Katie asked, after noticing the porn she put on had finished. "Yeah, sure why not," Jake replied. They sifted through the channels before settling on an old 80's comedy. Jake's eyelids were heavier than they seemed, and he let them rest for just a second.