Laundry day deepthroat with big tit neighbor

Laundry day deepthroat with big tit neighbor
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this is a 2 part perspective story, so just keep that in mind. Joey: It was the summer right before high school and i was so glad it was my last year with that stupid babysitter jackie. She was fat and lazy and I never liked her.

I told my mom about her and she said she'd put an ad out for another sitter but until then i was stuck with her. During the day it was pretty boring. But on occasion there was some action going on across the court.

I lived in this town home community where my house faced the court and i could see the houses across the way. Well for some reason, the curtains in the top bedroom window were always open. I would always watch this guy go into that room, so i assume it was his. He was an older teenager probably 18 or 19. Some days he put on a real show over there. He would busty babe moka mora gets bang by lexingtons inch cock home these girls that seemed like the girls you see online.

They were always blonde and from what i could tell had nice tits. Now, Im only about 50 feet away from his house so i can get an ok view of his room. Like i said, his window is always open so i could always see what he was up to.

I would watch as he would strip girls naked and get head from them. His bed was in view of the window so i was able to watch as he fucked them.

I jerked off all the time watching him fuck. Because it was the summer it didnt get dark till late. So after he was in his room just hanging out, he would turn on his computer and watch porn. I couldn't see the screen, but i assume porn because he would jerk off. I loved watching him jerk off, his cock seemed so big, but i was too far away to really tell. Still though, he always did it in front of the window, so i could always see. On this particular day, i was looking through his room watching him change.

I was just staring at his naked ass when i saw hands wrap around his cheeks. I got excited and pulled my cock out thinking a show was about to start. But then he turned to the side and i saw he was getting a blow job. But this wasnt a girl, it was a boy! Not only that, it was a kid from my english class! I was so amazed i was just staring in plain sight as this kid sucked him off.

He was more into sucking his dick then id ever seen a girl do it. I watched as bobby (my friend who was over there) stood up and let him take his shirt off. He took his pants off too. I saw bobby turn around and let him grope his ass. He looked like he loved having xxx story of shruti hasan ass touched. Now When i watch, im usually in the corner so he cant see me, but this time i was so amazed at this new sight that i was in the middle of my window.

I saw him pick bobby up onto his shoulders with his cock facing his the guys mouth.

I thought oh my god that looks awesome! He threw bobby down onto his bed and bobby turned over with ass up.

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I thought to myself holy shit hes gonna get fucked! I saw the guy get his cock closer to bobby's ass when my world ended. Mike: It was the summer right before senior year and i was happy to be almost done. I had already gotten into college for basketball so i was set. I was pretty popular i'd say.

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During the day i didnt have much to do. I would try to get some games going on xbox live, but you know, i cant really find many good games. So i would pass a lot of my time with sex. I dont know why but getting girls was pretty easy for me. I would always get the swings up in my room, it was pretty sweet. But the one thing ive always loved is being watched.

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From time to time i would see this kid across the street watching me in my room. So i decided id leave the window open so he could watch me fuck this one chick. I kept seeing him in peripheral and he was always watching, trying not to be seen. Once i found out he liked to watch me, i started doing everything so he could watch. I babysit a lot to earn some money. Lots of jobs in the neighborhood around here. I live in a pretty medium sized community and im always aware of what kids need to be babysit.

This one kid i used to babysit, bobby, he was a real toy. I caught him jerking off one day and he just didnt stop. If i was a 13 year old, and my babysitter just caught me, id stop.

But not bobby, he wanted me to see. So we started messing around. Well one day, i brought him to my house, and i told him blow me in front of the window. He was so scared, but i told him dont worry no one will see. He said, fuck my tight pussy with your big cock cezar capone not what im worried about, what if it hurts when you fuck me?

The question rolled in my mind, because to this date i havent fucked him, my dick was pretty big so i never thought to try it.

I said, today im just going to pretend, but i wont actually do it. ok? He said ok, but didnt understand why. So i have him bent over on my bed ready to get fucked.

At this point im well aware of that kid watching me and im thinking what would happen if i look at him. I thought about it as i rubbed my cock against bobby's ass. I said to bobby, what if you were fucked by a smaller dick? He said that would probably be a better start. So with that, i just turned and stared at that kid.

He ducked so fast i thought he could have blacked out. I ran over to his house to see if he was ok. On the way over, i realized the street address, he needed a babysitter. Joey: With a very distinct maneuver the guy looked over straight at me to my window. I feel down onto my floor and my heart was pumping so fast. I just sat there not thinking, i couldn't think. After about 5 minutes i peeked up and saw bobby getting dressed, but no guy.

I then heard a door dirty playgirl turns on with large dildo and i looked down a bit and saw him leaving his house on his way over to mine!

I freaked out and just sat there with my heart pumping. I heard my doorbell ring and then the door open. I cumming on show times hanging tits tube porn my mother greet the boy at the door.

I couldn't hear what they were talking about but then i heard my mom yell for me. "JOEY GET DOWN HERE". I very apprehensively walked over to the steps and came down about 3 steps just so i could see who it was. Sure enough it was him and he had an angry look on his face. Mom said "Joey this is Mike, he's offered to take the babysitting position for the rest of the summer.

Aren't you excited?" I faintly said woo and crept back upstairs. Mom said "oh hes just tired, you can start tonight, were going to the movies". Mike said sure ill be back in 20 minutes. Mike: When i saw joey i was amazed at how cute he looked. I thought wow this is gonna be fun. Joey: I was so scared, but i kept thinking about what he did with bobby, and how maybe he could do that with me. Maybe i could get fucked. 20 minutes went by, and my mom left, and mike came in.

He immediately came up to my room and just stared at me. I was sitting on my bed looking down. He told me he saw me watching him. I told him i was sorry. He said sorry doesnt cut it, and he told me i was going to get punished. I thought to myself, whenever i heard that in pornos it meant the girl was going to get some leather chaing shit.

But mike took out some rope and said to get in my underwear. I didnt argue because i didnt want him to get anymore angry. He smacked my ass, and then he grabbed it and said nice chunk of meat you got there.

I smiled with my back turned, but i played scared. he said do you have any other briefs. I told him no, but that was a lie, i have tons, but i thought maybe if i said no hed make me take these off. He said lay face down on the bed and spread out. I did as told and i was getting really excited, luckily able to hide it due to being face down. he tied my arms and legs to the bed and i smiled to myself.

He ripped my boxers off, that hurt. I said ouch outloud but he just said, you shouldn't have been spying. so now im butt ass naked tied to my bed. I was in heaven, but i acted scared. He got on top of me and i could tell right away his cock was hard, and huge. I thought, what the fuck how am i supposed to take this. He crawled over to me and before i knew it he had his cock in my mouth.

He kept talking about privacy or something, i was just trying not to bite his dick. After a few minutes i guess he pulled out, which was good because my neck was kiiiiling me. He got back to my ass and stared rubbing his cock on my asshole. I felt warm as some liquid was poured all over my ass and i felt his hands rub it all over my ass and onto my hole.

It felt good to get that kind of massage. He started to press his cock into my ass. He must have been surprised to find out i wasnt a virgin there, that was my own escapades. He was able to get a lot of his cock in, and i forgot to scream. He said "oh you like that you little bitch!?" I said no, but then i kind of laughed and it ruined everything. he slammed his cock into my ass very hard.

I liked it. He started pounding my ass so hard that we would bounce up off the bed and then slam back down forcing his cock deeper into me. I was ready to cum from all this, but he pulled out to soon. He came over to my mouth and said bad boys have to eat cum, and im just thinking fuck fuck ive never eatin cum before.

But he shoved his dick into my mouth and i felt the cum pour into my mouth. He didnt pull out though, and there was way too much cum. So it dripped out the sides of my mouth and onto his cock, he pulled out and told me to lick it all up. As he untied my he said, next time, keep your eyes to your self. he told me he was sorry. Pretty teen nikki kay gets her pussy banged by big dick pornstars and hardcore goal was to fuck the shit out of this kid.

But i knew hed be scared so i thought that id make it seem like he was wrong. So i told him how he needs to respect peoples privacy. He seemed scared. I made him get into his underwear.

I wanted him to think that i was gonna spank him. But first i thought, it would be great if he had some sexier underwear on. When he told me he didnt, i got pissed, and just tied him up anyway. I completely forgot about his underwear he had on, and i said wtf and just ripped it off.

He didnt like that at all, but hey, he was in trouble. So now there is this naked kid on his bed and he thinks hes supposed to get punished. I got so horny just thinking about it. But first i needed him to lube up my cock. So i went over and made him suck my dick. I didnt let him say a word before i put it in his mouth. He kept scraping his teeth on my cock, guess it was too wide for his mouth, im sure ill teach him to do it better.

Long summer ahead. So after i was really fucking hard i couldn't hold back. His lack of struggle made me want to fuck him more, but i kept wondering why he wasnt more scared.

It all made sence when i started to slide my dick in. He liked it. he had been fucked before. i dont know if by another person or not, but but i do know it only took about 6 minutes to get my cock all the way in. When he laughed i got pissed. I started fucking him wildly and he seemed to love every minute of it, he even moaned. I thought, this kid is a gold mine. When i was about to cum, i pulled out, and jumped over to his mouth.

I pushed my cock in, but i couldn't get it to go past his throat. So i just came in his mouth, and i wanted it to go down his throat so i kept my cock in there. But he just let the cum drip out so i made him lick it all up. I told him he should respect privacy, and he told me one last time, that he was sorry. I looked out his window to mine, and gave saw bobby was watching. I gave him a thumbs up, he was on his way over.