Blonde chick rides a monster dick driver as payment for the ride

Blonde chick rides a monster dick driver as payment for the ride
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How I went from her husband to being his wife. After 25 years of marriage and 2 kids 2 grandkids I ended up divorced. After being bored and depressed I ended on the net one night. I met Ken on line he went thru the same thing. We talked for a while and decided to meet Friday just kicks around and have few beers.

After a while he came up with idea that we could may be satisfy each other's needs sexually, at first I said no but after thinking about it I said ok. So I asked how this will happen he came up with the idea that one of us be the bottom bitch for the night and next morning.

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The problem was how to decide who was who for first. I came up that whoever had the biggest cock would be the top man.

So we both stripped down and measured me being just over 6 inches while Ken full 7 inch.

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So I was the bitch first it took about 30 minutes before I could start sucking but I did. After a while of licking and sucking he started fucking my mouth then his cock started to swell "he yelled get ready bitch you're going swallow my cum" squirt after squirt he was shooting off about 6 times I just kept swallowing. The whole time my cock rock hard. Then next he went and got some Vaseline, when he returns he had me suck him hard again just as soon he was he had me bend over.

He lubed up my ass stuck his head in slowly then he pushed a little more I scream loud as he was hurting me but he kept going till he was all the way in. then it started feel good he fucked me a good hour then he finished.

We went to bed his cum still in my ass, the next morning I was still sore but he climb on me any japanese brother suck sister big boobs while sleeping started fucking he did this for about 30 minutes then he came again. We got into a shower and I sucked him again soon after the shower he had me to bend over again so he can fuck me.

All the time my cock was hard as I was his bitch. But when it was my turn I could not get hard so I told him I would just be his for rest of the weekend.

Monday morning I went home and was ashamed for 2 weeks didn't answer his email then there it was and email that read in subject line "proposal" I opened it he said I have a proposal for you come over no sex just beer and talk.

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I answered it and went over there he stated here it is you become my wife dress as a woman 24-7 cook, clean, and take care me sexually I'll take care of you. Two days later I called him and we met I told him I would do it.

So I asked how we going to do this, he called a couple friends of his which are lesbians. When they got there Beth was the butch of the 2 she was about my height and weight. Ken's plan was he marries Beth and I marry Debbie so we all went to court house got married. Once we returned to his house the plan started Debbie worked for the DMV so I became Beth and Beth became me.

The girls took me to the bathroom where they shaved me from neck down then put full sex stories all sex vidoes com up on me wig. We all went down to the DMV after dark had license made my photo with Beth's info and hers with mine.

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Next Ken being a doctor got me female hormone pills and Beth with men's. For a wedding gift to me he gave me a BMW unlimited check and credit card that night I sucked him off and swallowed his cum and turn around he fucked me this went on for 3 days then the training of being proper wife started.

How he turns me into proper wife, when he got home from work his dinner was not done, and few other things was not either. He went to the bedroom after about 15 minutes later he called for me when I entered he pulled me over his lap pulled up my skirt whip my ass with belt about 20 times while I was kicking and screaming. When he was done I lean against the wall looked at him.

He said this how it's going be if you don't like it you leave. I started walk out but stopped turn and said ok. His rules was dinner ready by time he gets home, I will stand at his side till he takes first bite and gives the ok to sit his bath ready as he comes in.

And if all his rules was not met I would be spanked I agreed. But that night at dinner I stood and waited he looked and said no your dinner tonight is my cum get under the table I did. Next day I drove to his office and back see how long it take but when he got home nothing was done and he was going spank me again I refused to enter the room.

I told him if he wanted dinner and bath that he call when he left the office. He agreed later that night he wanted to fuck I told him I was his wife then he make love to me which means he suck my nipples lick my outward pussy. And I wanted massages as well which he agreed. Now he calls before he leaves the office when he gets home his slippers beside his chair his bath is ready dinner kept warm till he is finished I stand till he nods his head that dinner is good.

Our sex life is great I suck his cock all the time he makes love to me fuck my back ava devine and brandi mae play with toys I love his cum swallow it all the time. I am his cum loving wife and I love it. Every now and then I do slip up while shopping get home late not have his bath and dinner ready so he whips my ass and my dinner that night only his cum.

3 months has pasted my hips starting to curve and I am growing small tits in about 9 months we are getting my breast enlargement with all the hormone pills my cock or my outward pussy never gets hard but I do cum during sex. Next year we are going have my outward pussy turned around making me into a real woman I love this life I now have