Keiran lee private porn story

Keiran lee private porn story
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Here is what I expect to be the penultimate episode of Michael's sissy experiences and training. I would recommend reading at least chapter three beforehand, if not all of them, as it may then make more sense. I hope you enjoy it and welcome your constructive comments. Thanks for reading - it's why I write! P.S. Apologies for speech marks turning out as "?" - it looks fine before I publish. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning, having gone through my normal ritual of showering and using the douche on my boy cunt as I had been instructed by my mistress, I pulled on my silk crotchless panties and admired my ball weight hanging freely between my legs.

Ravenous from the previous day's adventures, I went downstairs to get some breakfast. However, the only "milk" I could find in the fridge was my boy cream which was being kept nice and fresh in the Tupperware container.

So having quickly donned my shorts, sandals and a t-shirt, I set off to the local corner shop. As I approached the shop, I was surprised to see Mrs Patel, the ample bodied wife of the owner, standing by the door with a plaster on her forehead. Bidding her a good morning, I eased past her and went directly to the cold cabinet where I petite blonde freak emily kaerh finger fucks her wet pussy a milk carton and walked towards the counter.

A teenage asian girl that I had not seen before was standing beside him. She was a pretty, petite girl with long jet black hair falling to her waist. She had an attractive face and smiled strangely at me as she gave me a wink, which I thought most peculiar.

"Hello" I said, introducing myself. "My name's Michael. I haven't seen you here before." "My name is Sikta" said the girl.

"My parents have gone back to India for a while and Mr and Mrs Patel agreed to look after me for a bit. " "Do you like it here" I asked, admiring her budding tits that I could just make out beneath her silk blouse.

"Oh yes, they look after me very well. They are very close friends of the family, almost like an auntie and uncle really. They have made me feel very welcome" "Maybe we can spend some time together if you are going to be here for a while" I suggested hopefully. "Oh, I'm not sure that will be possible" said the girl, frowning. "Mummy and Daddy left specific instructions that I was not to mix with boys.

Anyway, I think you are in a lot of trouble". Before I could find out what she meant by this, Mr Patel had taken the milk from me and fixed me with a cold stare as he leant over the counter.

"So, if it isn't our neighbourhood pervert teenager daring to show his face in here again!" said Mr Patel angrily as his wife sneaked up behind me and grabbed hold of my arms.

Looking around with alarm, I noticed that Sikta had quickly moved from behind the counter, closed the shop door and pulled the shutter down. Dropping the latch on the door, she fixed me with a wicked grin as she leant against it with her arms folded.

"I don't know petite teen ava hardy masturbates and fucks huge cock you mean, Sir, there must be some mistake!" I stammered, trying to wriggle out of Mrs Patel's grasp. "You see my wife has injured her head?" Mr Patel asked, "Well that is because she slipped on that filthy slime that you left on the floor the other day!

I thought you were behaving strangely but the man that was behind you explained that he saw you masturbating in the queue!

You dirty little boy! What do you think you were doing? This is a respectable establishment! " "Oh my god, I am so sorry sir!" I blurted out.

"I don't know what came over faketaxi swingers couple get it on in taxi. Please let me make amends" "Well, we shall see about that" said Mr Patel. "Get into the back room and we will decide exactly what is to become of you!" At that, Mrs Patel took hold of my arm and led me into the back room, closely followed by Sikta, whilst Mr Patel made to re-open the shop.

The back room must have been their living room as it was elegantly furnished with expensive looking soft chairs, cushions and a beautifully decorated rug covering the floor. However, I had little time to take in my surroundings before Mrs Patel addressed me from one of the chairs as Sikta closed the door behind her.

"Ok young man" said Mrs Patel, "clearly you have been a very naughty boy and should be punished. I have a very nasty cut on my head where I slipped on that filthy mess you left on the floor, so it is only right and proper that I should administer the punishment." Seeing no way out, as the door was guarded and Mr Patel was out front, I could only agree with what Mrs Patel was proposing, so I simply stood there with my head bowed and said "Yes, Mrs Patel, I have been a very naughty boy and should be punished".

"Good" said Mrs Patel, "I am pleased that you have at least seen the error of your ways and are willing to comply. However, to ensure that you do not have a sudden change of heart, your hands will be secured. Sikta, attach the cuffs." Before I knew what was happening, the girl had dutifully pulled my hands behind my back and locked them tight.

"Excellent work, sweetheart, now kindly remove Michael's shorts and pants ready for his punishment." Immediately, I started remonstrating, however this just led to my receiving several hard slaps across the face from Mrs Patel. "How dare you complain!" said Mrs Patel, "I could sue you for the injury you caused and you could go to jail, you filthy little boy!

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Now take your punishment and stop making such a fuss!" Compliantly I lowered my stinging face whilst Sikta moved in front of me and, taking hold of my shorts by the waist, pulled them down to my feet. This action was met by a gasp from both of them as, not only could they now see that I was wearing my regulation girlie split crotch panties, but that the weight tugging down on my balls was hanging through the slit in full view of my captors.

"My goodness, what do we have here!" said Mrs Patel, "Well if it isn't a little sissy boy standing before us! And it looks like he has been getting some attention too! Sikta, remove the sissy's panties and bring her to me" With that, the girl drew down my panties completely and removed them, together with my shorts, and threw them into the corner of the room. "Ok, over my knee you little slut" said Mrs Patel as she drew her long dress up to her waist and I was bent over her bare copious legs.

Slightly parting her knees, the Indian matriarch reached underneath and, catching hold of the ball weight, pulled it down hard whilst beautiful and tattooed ella nova gets hammered by her stepdad her vice-like thighs at the same time and thus trapping my balls and little cock between her ample flesh.

"Ow!" I exclaimed, as she secured my prick and balls between her legs. "That's to ensure that you don't wriggle around to much" said Mrs Patel as she commenced raining hard slaps down on my quickly reddening milf gets a load on her tits cheeks.

After several dozen smacks, my bottom was blushing up nicely, however Sikta was clearly not satisfied with the severity of the punishment. "He isn't making much noise, is he auntie?" said Sikta, who had been closely watching proceedings positioned, as she was, on all fours with her head under the woman's thighs so as she could get a good view of my little prick and tight balls secured in their steel ring being squeezed between her Mrs Patel's legs.

I must admit that, with each smack of her hands, my boy clit was made to rub against her thighs and I could feel it swelling down there as my arousal mounted.

"Maybe the naughty boy should get the same treatment as I do when I'm naughty" said Sikta as she delicately flicked the end of my stiffening peewee with her finger and thumb, causing it to sway to and fro like a pendulum.

"Quite right too" said Mrs Patel, pushing me off her lap onto the floor. "Now sissy boy I want you to remain on all fours whilst I get what I need.

Keep an eye on her Sikta and make sure she doesn't move". With that, Mrs Patel left the room but no sooner had she closed the door than the girl sat down on the floor and looked at me with an evil look in her eyes.

"I've never played with a naughty boy before, especially one who looks like a girl" said Sikta.

"Does that metal ring around your little balls hurt very much?" she asked, as she gave it a gentle tug. "Ouch!" I exclaimed, "it does when you pull it so hard!" I cried. "Well you still have sticky stuff coming out of your little wee hole" said Sikta, "so it can't be all that bad. Let me rub it better for you". With that, the naughty girl grabbed hold of my stiff little prick and started tugging it up and down, moving the hood over the purple knob and collecting my juices in her hand before tugging the skin right back to the base.

I must say, this new treatment was much more pleasant than the spanking I had been receiving and I started moaning softly whilst rhythmically moving my hips. "This is fun!" said Sikta, "I like having a sissy boy slave to play with". "Thank you for being nice to me" I gasped as the girl held my foreskin back firmly with one hand whilst massaging my juices into the knob.

Round and around her little palm went on the head, polishing it until it was glistening with my pre-cum. After a few minutes of this treatment, the girl tired of rubbing my engorged bulb and turned her attention to my little balls, alternately pinching, squeezing and slapping them until I didn't know whether to cry or moan. Taking a ball between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, she delicately rolled my plums in the skin of my sac before applying ever increasing pressure on them as she pinched each nut until I had to beg her to stop.

"Ow! Please don't do that anymore!" I begged, as the punishment she was inflicting on my bruised and swollen plums became unbearable. "Well ok then" said Sikta, "but you really are a sissy spoilsport. Your little lollipop has got all shrivelled up now. Why won't it play? I want it to cry some more". With that, the girl took hold of the purple end again and, with a finger and thumb either side of the eye, opened up my wee hole so as she could see if there was any more juice to come out.

"I can't see any in there" said Sikta. "How do you make it? Make me some more now!" "I don't know how I make it" I said, "but it is usually when it is hard and I am excited". "How about if I show you mine" said Sikta, "Would that make it go hard again?" "We could try" I said, trying not to sound too excited. With that, Sikta stood up beside me and, lifting her dress, pulled down her white cotton panties, throwing them into the corner of the room. Resuming her position in front of me, she then raised her skirt, thrusting her hips towards me until her private parts were right next to my face.

I gasped longingly at the sight of her moist little crack, the inner pink lips glistening with her own juices. "Why is your little cunny all bald?" I asked, unable to take my eyes off this beautiful girl's treasures.

"Oh that's because I have always been told to shave the hair off so as to keep it nice and clean. They check every Sunday afternoon to make sure I have done a good job. Sometimes they even help me to make sure I get in all the little creases." "Where does your wee come out?" I asked, intrigued. "Oh that's easy" said Sikta. "I have a little wee hole just like you but mine is just inside.

Look, can you see?" she asked me as she parted the folds of her juicy lips, exposing the pinkness of her body to me and, with one small finger, pointed out the little hole hiding just inside. "Oh yes, I see. Thank you, little Mistress, you really are being nice to me" I said, my eyes riveted to her hot little hole. "That's ok, and it certainly seems to have done the trick!" Sikta exclaimed, pointing between my legs at my stiffening boyhood.

Kneeling down, she took hold of my swollen little cock again, gripping it just under the mushroom head. Again she opened up my wee hole as far as it would go, causing some more transparent juice to drip out and run over her fingers. Taking her little finger, Sikta scooped up some of it and, whilst holding my wee hole open, put the tip at the entrance to my little eye and pushed gently, trying to get her finger inside.

She alternately poked and twisted her little finger at the entrance to the smallest of my holes until I could just feel the tip inside, her nail grazing me slightly but not unpleasantly. I was just thinking if the punishment I had endured yesterday had opened it up when I became aware that "aunty" had returned to the room and was standing above us with her hands on her hips and a stern expression on her face.

"And what do you think is going on here?" demanded Mrs Patel as Sikta quickly stopped what she was doing and regarded her with a sheepish look.

"I'm sorry Aunty but I couldn't resist playing with the slave" said Sikta. "Please don't punish me!" "That's ok, my little angel" said Mrs Patel. "I suppose it is about time you had some contact with boys your own age. You can continue your explorations in a minute but let's sort out the little slut's punishment first.

Move around the back and hold her botty cheeks open whilst I administer the treatment" Kneeling behind me, Sikta obediently placed her fingers both sides of my boy cunt and prised open my cheeks, causing my little bum hole to wink nervously.

"Now then slut" said Mrs Patel, "You are about to receive what is called a figging and it is for naughty little girls like you who do dirty little things". With that, Mrs Patel cock hungry babes get what they want the peeled ginger at my pouting opening and slowly inserted it until I felt my boy cunt muscles suck it in greedily.

At first, I did not notice anything other than the feeling of something being forced inside me. However, after some moments, I became aware of a heat gradually spreading deep in my bowels. A few moments later and the sensation was far from pleasant as the burning increased and I started whining to Mrs Patel that my bottom was on fire. "Can I move it about like Uncle does? Please Aunty?" begged Sikta excitedly, ignoring my remonstrations. "Yes of course, dear" said Mrs Patel, smiling sweetly at the girl.

"But don't be too gentle because sissy boys are stronger than girls". With that, Mrs Patel sat back down on the chair and dragged me across her lap. Through the ever increasing heat rising in my botty hole, I suddenly felt small hands prising my cheeks apart again, closely followed by first one, then two thin fingers being inserted into jay and jesse tube porn burning bum!

Having managed to easily get her two fingers in, Sikta slid in a third and then, grabbing hold of the end of the ginger plug, began wriggling it about inside me. The rotation of her fingers caused the ginger to continually rub against my naughty little button which, to my horror, began to send pleasant sensations to my prick which was starting to swell at an alarming rate, pushing itself through Mrs Patel's thighs until the little purple head was poking out underneath.

"Well I do think our little sissy boy is beginning to enjoy this" said Mrs Patel. "Try inserting more fingers and do be harder, this is meant to be a punishment!" With that, Sikta got onto her knees between my parted butt cheeks and, whilst Aunty held my cheeks wide apart, she inserted her last finger and then her thumb as well!

By this time, my poor little bottom was being stretched to its limit and I started complaining ever louder as I wriggled on Mrs Patel's lap. However with a sharp smack from a hairbrush on my already reddened cheeks, I quickly remained still again. "Stop moving about so much" said Mrs Patel "or you will get far worse. Now Sikta, let's see how much you can get in there". "Oh aunty, I think I can get it all in!" Sikta cried excitedly as, with a final thrust, my rectum was forced wide open to accommodate the little girl's entire hand as it slipped right up my back passage.

Once her fist had forced its way completely inside my poor abused hole, the sphincter muscle clenched down hard around her wrist and some of the pressure was released.

"It's all in, Aunty!" Sikta exclaimed. "I have my whole hand up the naughty girl's bottom!" "Good girl, Sikta" replied Mrs Patel. "Now move it about a bit and let's see how much this sissy boy can take". With that, she began moving her arm raunchy latina sits on a hard pole and forwards, twisting her hand around as my boy cunt was well and truly fisted by this excited girl.

After a short while, Mrs Patel resumed spanking my cherry red cheeks with the hairbrush until I was alternately moaning and crying with the thrashing and fisting I was receiving. However, as the friction on my love button increased and the heat of the ginger abated, I could feel the pressure building up in my little balls as more and more goo dribbled out of my cock until it was running between Mrs Patel's thighs and onto the floor.

"Oh look Aunty, the naughty girl is sliming all over the floor!" exclaimed Sikta. "Can I touch it again, please please?" "Yes of course dear" said Mrs Patel, but don't stop moving your hand around in her cunt; we don't want her to enjoy it too much" Needing no more encouragement, Sikta grabbed hold of my engorged prick and started milking it like I was a cow, fisting my poor botty hole with increased vigour as she extracted more and more of my love juice until it was puddling beneath me.

The urgency continued to build in my plum sac, despite the severe stretching of my sphincter. I felt my sap rising as the little girl's hand continuously rubbed against my button. I began moaning and thrusting my hips in time with the pumping action that Sikta was applying to my prick until, just as I was approaching the point of no return, Mrs Patel ordered her to stop. "That's enough now darling" she said.

"I think the slut is enjoying her punishment far too much. Now stop your play and take your hand out the sissy's cunt". With a loud plop, Sikta withdrew her hand from my burning bum and, with a sigh, left my twitching prick alone.

Pushing me onto the floor, Mrs Patel took hold of it and applied several hard slaps to my swollen purple knob until I was almost crying and my boyhood was shrinking away from the pain. "That should stop the little slut making any more mess" said Mrs Patel, aiming a final hard slap right across my little ball sac. "Now we need to decide what to do with the sissy next" "Oh please Aunty, can I play with her peewee and balls again?

You did promise Aunty please!" said Sikta, hopping from one foot to the other. "Well ok then" said Mrs Patel. "I see no reason why we should not continue your education whilst we have the slut at our disposal. Come here slave and sit on my lap, legs nicely spread apart so as Sikta can get a good look at you". Thankful that the slapping had stopped. I obediently took my position on Mrs Patel's lap, my back to her and my legs dangling over hers so as to completely open my private parts to the girl's examination.

"Now kneel between her legs and take a good look at her private parts" said Mrs Patel as she stretched her arms around me, took hold of a nipple in each hand and squeezed firmly. This had the immediate result of causing my little prick to twitch up, as the girl squealed excitedly.

"Oh look Aunty, her little peewee is growing again!" she exclaimed. "Grip it firmly and pump it slowly up and down. That's it, now cup those little nuts and give them a squeeze. That should make her little prick nice and hard for us" instructed Mrs Patel, as Sikta gripped my rising member. Moving her little fist up and down, she greased the swelling bulb with my juices as she softly squeezed and rolled my little plums in the palm of her other hand.

"It's getting nice and big now, though it's not as big as Uncle's" said Sikta. "Can I give it a little licky? Please Aunty?" "Of course dear" said Mrs Patel, "you can suck it a little bit if you like as well". My heart missed a beat as I heard her say this, particularly when she increased the pressure on my nipples at the same time. No one had ever licked my clitty before! Shifting forward slightly on her knees, my little mistress took a firm grip of my balls, and pulled down hard at the base of my prick, exposing the engorged purple knob.

Reaching her head forward, I watched frozen as her little pink tongue poked out of her mouth and flicked delicately at my glistening head.

I could not help but groan as her hot wet tongue gently grazed up and down the underside of my prick, collecting sticky pre-cum with each upward movement before running it back around the knob. Indeed I was in heaven as, shuffling forward a little more, I watched in awe as her head moved down over it, her mouth opened and, before I knew what was happening, she had engulfed my knob inside her mouth.

The heat from her tongue and cheeks was incredible as she continued to lap around the head of my shaft, alternately sucking firmly and then bobbing up and down. "Yummy this tastes good!" said Sikta. "It's getting all salty and wet." After a few delirious minutes of heaven, she grazed her tongue right down my shaft petite asian driving student sucks big cock gripped my weighted-down balls even harder as she flicked her tongue over my little plums.

Just as I thought I could take no more of this wonderful torture, Sikta sat back on her knees and exclaimed: "Oh Aunty, I can see your panties are getting all wet! There's a little damp patch on them!" "Yes darling" said Mrs Patel, "I confess to finding this rather exciting and may need you to give me a one of your lovely relaxing massages.

Can you reach underneath the sissy and help me?" "Of course Aunty" said Sikta enthusiastically. "It's my duty as a good house guest. That's what you tell me, isn't it?" "That's right sweetheart" said Mrs Patel.

"Now pull aside my wet panties and make Aunty feel better." Needing no further encouragement, Sikta slid her hand beneath my buttocks until she must have hit the target as I could hear Mrs Patel groaning behind me. "Oh yes, that's good darling. Keep rubbing on that little button just like I showed you" panted Mrs Patel as I felt her grinding her hips forward to meet the girl's probing fingers.

"Yes, yes, squeeze that naughty little nub. Now see how many fingers you can get inside. Oh yes, that's it, push them all inside me just like that. Don't stop, don't stop, oh yes baby yes!" Whilst satisfying Aunty's needs, Sikta eased back a bit and then, to my pleasant surprise, continued bobbing her head up and down on my little prick.

Before long, my moans were mixing with Mrs Patel's groaning such that we were completely oblivious to Mr Patel walking into the room. "What's going on!" I heard a male voice say as Mr Patel was confronted with the sight of this luscious girl fist fucking his wife whilst sucking up and down on my greasy knob. Two loud plops ensued as Sikta simultaneously removed her fist from the woman's cunny and her mouth from my prick. "Oh hello Mr Patel" said Sikta "I was just improving my education of boy's private parts.

Aunty said it would be ok. But she got a bit excited so I had to give her one of those special massages she taught me" "That's ok" said Mr Patel, "but I do believe you will need some further education from us this evening.

However, now it is my turn to have some fun". At that, Mr Patel stood above her, loosened his belt and dropped his trousers and pants around his ankles. "Now be a good girl and give me one of your special lollipop massages" said Mr Patel, as he took hold of the girl's head and steered her mouth towards his hardening cock. Sikta obediently opened her little mouth, thus allowing his thick manhood to work it's way down her throat. Backwards and forwards Mr Patel guided Sikta's head, thrusting in and out whilst the girl made little gurgling and gagging noises as sweet little tears rolled down her cheeks.

"There's a sweet child" he said, whilst pulling his throbbing member almost completely out of her mouth before ramming it all the way back in. "Suck nice and firmly and don't forget to massage my nuts like I've taught you" as Sikta obediently fondled his hairy ball sac. I watched this wonderful show horny blonde mom holly halston fucks a young stud several minutes before Mr Patel pulled his huge tool out of the girl's throat and then started slapping his swollen knob on her forehead.

"Now suck those fat plums, sugar" he commanded as the dutiful girl took first one, then the other hairy ball into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth whilst Mr Patel's cock two sexy lasses and one stiff rod pre-cum onto her nose and cheeks. "Now wife" said Mr Patel. "Make yourself useful and prepare that sissy slut for me". "Yes husband" said Mrs Patel, as she shoved me from her lap onto the floor.

"Now get on all fours like a good slut should" instructed Mrs Patel as I hastily complied, allowing myself to be positioned with my arse pointing up towards the ceiling. "Hold the sissy's cunt cheeks open for me!" ordered her husband as, stepping over Sikta, Mr Patel took hold of his huge cock and knelt between my outstretched thighs. Grabbing hold of my hips, I felt him position his throbbing brown member at the entrance to my boy cunt and then gently ease the swollen mushroom past my sphincter as I gasped from the size of it.

Slowly at first, but with ever increasing ardour, Mr Patel forced his oily pole deeper and deeper into my hungry pink hole until I could feel his heavy semen-filled bollocks slapping against my bum cheeks.

Just as I thought I could not take any more, I felt his huge weapon expand to stretch my bum hole to its limits. With a loud grunt, Mr Patel gripped my hips firmly, pulling me forward until his cock was buried deep in my bowels. "Argh!" I cried, as the shopkeeper let forth his seed, emptying sexy big boobs hd and evil angel blowjob compilation eveline getting nailed on camping aching balls and filling me utterly as, with an almighty cry, he deposited his spunk deep inside.

"Take that you dirty sissy whore!" he screamed as I felt his semen drenching the walls of my bum.

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Load after load of his sticky hot cream hosed into me as I was held tightly against him, his fat cock twitching and throbbing all the while. Several minutes passed before I finally felt his asian milf bawdy cleft poung action japanese and hardcore deflating and he withdrew his dripping member, closely followed by copious amounts of his semen oozing down my crack and over my balls. With a final slap across my arse cheeks, I was unceremoniously shoved forward and fell spread-eagled on the floor.

"Now get out of my house and don't come back here!" Mr Patel yelled at me as I hurriedly dressed and ran out the shop, dripping semen from my poor inflamed cunt down my legs but not daring to look back until I was back safely behind my front door.

It was only lunchtime and I still had my Mistresses' party to attend this evening. It was going to be a long day.