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Brazzers hot mom cheting sex
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Mrs. Aarti Chopra came into the classroom, wearing her usual white silk sari and white blouse that gave young Rahul a painful hard-on in his pants. Aarti had long and slim legs and her swelling buttocks swayed as she walked to and fro in the class room.

Rahul loved Aarti madam. He wanted to see her naked, feel her wheatish complexioned body. He groaned, thinking of how those legs would feel around him, the smooth silken skin rubbing against his bare skin.

He closed his eyes and felt his cock harden. He shifted in his chair uncomfortably. She turned, seeing him sitting there. She couldn't help but smile. She thought how good looking he horny blonde craves govibra toy sticking out pussy live cam sex, tall and big, and she shivered with luct as her nipples grew hard just looking at the boy.

He had asked for personal tuition which she never did but she changed her own rule for her darling student. She knew in her heart it was dangerous to teach him tuition in privacy. She got excited at the way he looked at her. She could almost feel his eyes traveling over her body, the same way she imagined his hands on her 40 years old body. She sucked in a deep breath at the thought.

She felt wicked and sensual as she day dreamt about him. Her thoughts wandered to Rahul as she was getting dressed in the morning. She had blushed as she wore her white panties and lovingly patted her mound which had swelled under her own touch. He was a little older than most of her students.

Hemust be 18 and very handsome with beard sprouting his young Kaam Dev face. She was a divorced woman at 40.

She had been without sex for more than 5 years. And men her own age bored her. They wanted only a fuck, with no strings attached. God, she hated older men. She wanted to fulfill her fantasies with a young angel like Rahul. He was so cute! He didn't realize that she felt the same way about him that he did about her. She wanted him, and today in te evenong they were meeting for the private coaching.

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Who knows she was going to have him. She had watched him for months, seeing him squirm in his chair, trying to hide his erections. But she knew; she always knew when he was aroused. "Hello, Madam," he said quietly as he watched her ample bosom from her white blouse. "Hello, Rahul," she replied, her voice husky and low.

"So coming to my house at 5 in the evening?" "Yes Madam," he answered, his eyes running over her body from head to toe. He saw an ant moving on her bare arm and he touched her to flick the ant awat. "Did it bite you, Ma'am? These ants can bite real hard and it burns where they bite." She looked up into his eyes, feeling an almost electric shock when his hand touched her skin.

She searched his eyes, looking for something deep inside him. She found it. Rahul was dying to touch her and the ant had given him the proper excuse.

She stepped closer to him, her breath almost brushing his fave," Thank you Rahul, you are so considerate!" His hand was still on her arm, his long fingers massaging her skin gently. She gasped at the incredible heat of his young body, and again looked into his eyes. She licked her full lips with the tip of her tongue wetly. He watched her, his eyes locked on her tongue, and she felt the deep shudder that went through his body.

" Rahul why dont you go with me now? You can see the way and take your first lesson too. That would give me your company too" He did not need another invitation. "Yes Madam, I&hellip.I& so thankful to you." She took his hand in hers and moved out of the gate of the school. He was so happy to be with her. He her hand and felt the heat radiating from her body.

She too walked close to him, her body almost rubbing against his. Once his hand accidently touched her buttock, making his cock twitch in his pants. She could't suppress a small moan of pure feminine pleasure. " I am sorry, Madam, I did not intend to …It was an accident." She smiled a naughty smile," Dont apologise darling. Accidents do happen. It was not your fault.

And moreover I loved it!" They reached her two room flat in 10 minutes. She opened the door and they went into her drawing-room where she threw her books carelessly. As she turned towards her bedroom, the most tasty years old pussy this grandpa has have had sex with feet were caught in a piece of dirty cloth and she lost balance.

Rahul caught her waist and held her tightly, keeping her from falling. He kept her in his embrace, his cock touching into the skin of her stomach. Her arm went automatically round his waist. She decided to take the first initiative. Her hand felt his cock growing in size. The bastard was bursting with lust. "Shhhhhhhhhhh, Rahul, hold me please&hellip.I was going to fall, thanks for holding me…You are a darling, you know?" she whispered.

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She placed her hands on his ass cheeks, and pulled him closer still. She spread her thighs wider apart, and he hugged her clutching her asscheeks.

They stood like that for some time, harlow harrison is a horny tattooed babe big tits pressing into his broad chest. "Oh God, I want him now. I want his cock in my cunt now" her cried out in lust. He cupped her tits and groaned a low sensual groan. She felt his raging hard-on touching her body. Her hands kneaded his firm ass while her thigh pushed against his cock. 'God, you are so beautiful, so sexy' he exclaimed at the woman who was old enough to be his mother.

Her cheeks were flushed, her mouth open slightly, her chest rising and falling gently. He placed his lips on hers, her soft lips felt like honey. He kissed her and she opned her mouth to kiss back. She pushed her tongue into his sucking mouth.

He sucked her tongue sensually, pulling her to him by cupping her buttocks. " Madam, undress for me, I want to see you. You dont know how long I have dreamt of you. You are my dream, take off your clothes, pleaseee!" Looking down, she began to unbutton her silk sari and blouse, exposing a white lace bra, the swell of her breasts above the cups.

Her breath was coming in short gasps. She felt the animal rise inside him.

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She knew he wanted to seduce her and to be seduced too. Letting the sari and blouse fall on the floor, she reached for the front sexy cougar nina elle loves sucking black cocks of the bra and undid it, freeing her full round breasts.

She could see the jerking cock salute her naked beauty. She wanted to feel the sexual beast in him to come out.

She knew instinctively that she had found her object of love and lust. She can have complete power over the beast, She could contol this young beast to serve her hunger. Her bra fell on the floor and he put his fingers into the elastic of her white panties, resting his hands on her bare buttocks," Ohhhh Madam, my Madam, you are a Goddess!" " Dont call me Madam, call me Aarti, your Aarti. Madam is only in school. Here in my house you are my lover, my God, Rahul my God is in your pants, let me take my God out of your pants.

Woman's real God is a man's cock." Her fingers undid his belt, and pulled down his jeans. She pulled his underwear down too and found his manhood. She gripped his cock tightly, sending his pants and shorts down below his hips. 'Oh Bhagwan, it was beautiful, It is sooooo beautiful and big and throbbing with life!' she moaned.

Hard and throbbing cock had been her weakness. She bent down to bestow her God with a wet kiss. She watched it twitch, and felt a tingling sensation deep in her pussy. He looked into her eye and groaned huskily," Aarti, suck me, lick my cock. From this moment this cock is yours, all yours and your cunt is mine!" She looked up into his face, and bent down to put her own cock into her wet mouth, her cunt wailed and cried and ran juices as she sucked the cock, the lovely young cock.

She was wet and ready for the fuck, her cunt was oozing juices and she gave up the cock. She took a deep breath, and said, "Fuck me, Rahul, sucking can wait, but Aarti can not, fuck me with your big hard cock, fill my hungry cunt my CHUT with your LUND, three russian blondies gets fucked by a black cock me yours!" She saw the change come over him at her shameless language, calling cunt her CHUT and his cock LUND.

His hands rose to cup her breasts, and he molded them against his palms, the rigid nipples getting even harder in his hands. He lowered his head, and his mouth, his hot, wet mouth, devoured her left nipple as his hand felt her soaking wet pussy. Her back arched, and she whimpered. Her hands fisted in his hair, holding him against her. He nibbled and licked her neck, pushing his body against her and he bit her sensitive skin.

She grunted, and opened her thighs more. She could feel his rigid LUND pressing against her CHUT. 'Aarti, my lover, you are soaking wet,'.

He slid two fingers into her wet pussy and finger-fucked her, shoving his fingers all the way inside her, cunt.

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She moaned and pushed against his fingers, wanting more. " Dont tease me lover, give me your cock, fucker, fuck meeeeee" He carried her to the bed and spread her legs wide open. He slapped her throbbing swollen pussy and gripped his cock in his hand, and guided his LUND to her CHUT.

He wanted to watch her face when he slid his cock into her cunt for the first time. He pushed his cock in gently, slowly and watched her cunt-lips separate to allow his cock a free entry, a welcome with wet lips.

The school teacher thrust her breasts up, and she lifted her hips in welcome. He sank his monster cock into her wecoming cunt, as far as he could go, and held himself there. Her body shuddered, adjusting to his thickness filling her. Her hands gripped his forearms, and begged "Fuck&……fuck the slut&hellip.I ahve been lusting for my student, fourway sex ed with deep gagging and fucking boy but I dont care&hellip.fuck mee hard," she stuttered, barely able to form the words.

Strong hands slid under her ass, and he pulled her onto hiis cock harder, deeper. And he fucked her. Long sure thrusts, driving his LUND into depths of her CHUT. The horny student watched his cock slide into his teacher's pussy again and again, coming out wet from her juicy pussy.

Her hips moved up to meet his thrusts, trying to get more friction. He touched her throbbing, swollen clit, and stroked it in rough circles. The sounds she uttered were of pure uncontrolled lust, her words a pure vulgarity" Fuckkkkk me Rahul&hellip.smash my cunt with your cock&hellip.make me cummmmmm…ohhhh fucking bastard&hellip.ram your LUND in my hungry CHUT&hellip.Ohhhhh Motherfucker…&hellip.fuck meeeeeee&hellip.fuck your mother you bastard!" He fucked and rammed his cock in and out of the sex crazed teacher untill he saw her explode under his cock-attack.

" Ooooooooooo&hellip.Rahul…I am cummmming&hellip.fuck me harder…faster…deeper&hellip.your cock is ghitting my womb&hellip.chodo ……chod&hellip.fuckkkkkkk&hellip.I am cumming!" She cummed and cummed and went on uttering obscenities. Keeping his cock buried in her pussy, he rubbed her clit. Her body stiffened, and she cried out, a hoarse, deep groan, her hips jerking almost violently against his beastly cock.

He groaned as he felt his own cum rise from his balls. He gushed forth in a flood of hot jism into her wet cunt, filingher with his cream. She became hotter, wetter, and he filled her cunt. Slamming his cock into her cunt completely, he fucked her.

She shuddered under him, her legs lifting to wrap around his waist. She moved with him, taking his cock deeper and deeper. His hands gripped her asscheeks and kept pouring his cock-juice into her cunt.

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For long moments they shuddered together. Slowly he withdrew his cock from her clutching cunt. " It was heavenly, Rahul, really wonderful.

You can come and cum anytime at my house, my lovely boy. Tuition is just an excuse. In reality, you can teach me a thing or two in bed. Sach, you can be my teacher and lover and fucker! I love you! Ready for the next part .