Busty milf calls hotline for some dick

Busty milf calls hotline for some dick
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Sally was on her knees, a thick black cock thrust deep in her throat, her lips clamped tight on the throbbing organ as the john she was "servicing" moaned in expression of the bodily pleasure she was giving him.

She also moaned, although it was faked for his benefit. She was not excited about her role as a whore anymore and rarely got off, even though she was getting more sex these days than ever in her life. Working the streets for a black pimp was very exciting at first, and Sally enjoyed the exploding orgasms she experienced just from living dangerously and having sex with strange men.

But after she got down to the routine of sucking and fucking one dirty cock after another, and being forced to suck most of them to ejaculation, Sally eventually realized that the sensual thrill she was seeking here was going away.

She was getting itchy for even more dangerous action and began thinking about Deathmaster once again. Her john was almost finished. She knew all of the tell-tale signs. He was breathing heavily, and his hands were now on the back of her head, classically forcing her face down on his cock as his orgasm bore down on him.

She gripped his hard cock with one hand and put the other hand at the back of his legs, moaning in great anticipation as she jacked him off, her mouth sucking even harder on the swollen head. Suddenly he was ejaculating, his hot gooey semen spurting in great spasms into her mouth and throat. She gulped and swallowed he first wave, then pulled back, taking the next shots of his spunk in the face and feeling it drop down on her tits.

She groaned to simulate great pleasure as her client spent himself. Sally sucked the last bit of his seed, carefully licking the tip of his already retracting organ clean, gorgeous redhead tight pussy masturbates with toys getting to her feet and giving him a big kiss on his lips.

He laughed, pressing his still jerking, pumping cock hard against her naked body and tasted his own ejaculate on her lips. Minutes later, they were both dressing. She followed him out of the old hotel and into the street. Her client went on his way and she turned left and walked directly to a pay telephone. There she dialed what she always said would be a forbidden number. "That was it," she told herself. "I am through whoring on the streets." So, like a moth driven to the flame, she took punish teens compilation first time i am a deepthroater for a qb plunge.

******* Her heart was racing, her nipples hard as stones, her pussy already wet as the cab carried Sally to the point of her destination. . an old airport hanger at an almost forgotten private airstrip in a rural area, miles from the city; Deathmaster was waiting for her as she entered the dark and foreboding rusted metal building.

There was a small antique aircraft there, with a side door removed. And there were other men, one obviously a pilot and the other. . a big husky man standing naked, his large uncircumcised penis hanging limp between his legs. It was at least nine inches in length and thick. Sally found it difficult to take her eyes off his cock. Was this to be her lover? Sally was afraid of heights, and she had never been on an airplane, so she knew this was going to be perhaps the scariest experience of them all.

The idea was so frightening she nearly fled, but the sight of that very large cock fascinated her. She realized this was exactly what she craved. After all, it was fear that brought her to those great orgasmic experiences she longed for.

She was committed to follow through, even if it killed her. And she reasoned that this time, it probably would. "Welcome, Sally," the Deathmaster said.

"It has been a while, but we knew you would be back. Are you prepared to die today?" "No," she muttered. "You may get lucky.

You may not. The odds are building against you, however.

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You must know that." "Yes," she said. "And you still want to do this?" "I have to," she said. "I need the thrill to. . you know. ." "Indeed, we know," the Deathmaster answered. "Very well, then, remove all of your clothes, enter the aircraft and lie on your back, your legs spread. We have an exciting ride planned for you." Sally set about taking off her clothes. It was a warm, humid night and it was almost a relief to shed the cloth that bound her sweaty body.

As she removed her bra, exposing her full breasts racy doggy style sex for busty oriental already excited and swollen nipples, she noticed the naked man was watching her.

That massive cock was beginning to stir. She slid out of her panties, exposing a thatch of thick dark hair that covered her already swollen pussy. As she padded in her nakedness toward the open aircraft door, Deathmaster began explaining what was too happen.

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"This man, you need not know his name, will be your partner in this event," he said. "I see by the swelling of his cock that he already approves of your body and wants to fuck you. Indeed, it is such a fine body, it would be a shame if you lose your game today and perish. But then, that is what this is all about." Sally had to climb on her knees through the open door of the aircraft, where she obediently got on her back on a soft foam pad on the floor.

She was directed to spread her legs to receive her lover. The man, whose cock was now hard and ready, extended to all of ten if not eleven inches, gently eased himself down on her, sliding the big organ directly into her. She shuddered as that massive penis filled her vagina, stretching the walls to their maximum. She was confident of an orgasm today, even if there would not be a challenge. She sighed and bent her long legs, wrapping them around his waist, feeling his massive cock plunge even deeper into her.

She put her arms around him and looked into his eyes, knowing that they may both be about to orgasm before they die. Deathmaster and two other men now stood over them, clamping iron bands over her lover's legs, buttocks and shoulder, thus binding them both in this lover's position on the floor of the aircraft. Wires were being attached to their heads, chests and pelvic areas. She felt the man's throbbing cock sliding deeper, then pulling slightly out as he fucked her slowly, his breathing getting heavier even now as the excitement built around them.

"This is going to be a game," Deathmaster announced once the binding and wiring was completed. We can control the straps from the ground.

We will be taking you into the air and the pilot will jump, leaving you both strapped in place and almost helpless. The trick will be to NOT come to climax until we tell you to. If you go out of control and come to orgasm, the sensors that record your body heat, your heart rhythms and brain will tell us and you will be left in chains until the aircraft runs out of fuel and crashes.

If you obey our commands and can big boobs guarantee hot sex for honey naturaltits hardcore in holding back, we will release the binding straps just before the aircraft plunges. You will then be faced with choices. There are two parachutes in the plane.

You can use them to bail out. Or fuck cute eighteen year old asian luscious cutie you ride the aircraft to its destruction. Whatever you choose, this old plane is making its final flight. Happy fucking," he laughed as the engine roared to life.

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Sally laid back, looking up at the man still embedded deep in her. He was staring back with wide, frightened eyes. His cock was still hard and hot and throbbing in her, and she was afraid it might explode at any moment, thus dooming them before the aircraft even got off the ground. "Don't." she whispered. "Please don't cum." "I didn't expect this," he said. "I am soooo close. I don't know if I can hold it back.

You are so hot. I thought I would get to fuck and cum in you more then once before we met our challenge," he confessed.

"I see now that was a mistake. Oh god, yes." The engine now roared to life and the old aircraft began shaking as the pilot opened the throttle, forcing the plane up off the old dirt runway and into a night sky.

Sally was frightened out of her wits. The noise was so loud she could not talk to the man strapped to her, nor he to her. All they could do was hold on to one another and try to think about anything except what was happening to them.

And try to get their mind off sex. The plane engine worked as the aircraft fought for altitude, constantly climbing into pitch blackness. The only visible light came from a few instrument lights from the cockpit. The seats had been removed so they could be laid out on an open floor, their legs shoved into the area where the co-pilot might have been seated. There was no co-pilot on this flight, however. Sally's eardrums popped as the plane gained altitude.

The air grew colder and she and her lover now were drawing on each other's body heat for comfort. His cock remained hot and hard in her, but he seemed to be holding his own.

He had not moved in her since the announcement, and she was glad of that. But there was a constant vibration of the aircraft and that old Whitney-Hughes engine that would not allow them to remain completely still. They were fucking in spite of efforts to remain still. The sensation in her was growing and she realized to her horror that she was approaching orgasm.

She knew he was too. She could see it in his face. Suddenly the pilot got out of his seat, slid into a parachute hanging on a hook nearby, and prepared to leave the plane. He stood over them for a moment, his hands groping for one of her breasts.

Then with a chuckle, he stepped to the open door and disappeared into the black. They were on their own. Sally was shocked when her partner suddenly seemed to forget himself and started fucking her without reservation. She screamed in his ear, calling on him to stop. He froze. . "What are you doing?" she asked. "You are going to get us both killed." "Sorry," he answered, his voice almost swept away by the rush of the wind and the roar of the old engine.

"I forgot myself." "Just lie still and think of anything about me," she yelled. "Right," he said. "But I don't know.I want to cum" "Well, you can't," she said.

Yet Sally appreciated his concern. She also was on the brink of orgasmic pleasure and desired release. The adrenalin rush brought on by the deadly situation in which they were finding themselves was almost too much for her. She was fighting to keep from cuming. That massive cock remained embedded deep in her, always there, throbbing, jerking, heated and eager.

She longed for the feel of his hot sperm pumping deep in her. If it happened, she knew it would send her over the brink as well. And there would be no way of escape if they could not get released from these iron straps.

She had already run her hands over the straps, and knew there would be no way for either of them to wiggle out from under them while they remained locked and in place. Their only chance was to wait for release before taking their pleasure. They remained fixed, no longer talking or even moving for what seemed to be a very long time.

She felt him slide deeper into her a few times, then withdraw. She knew she remained constantly at a state of the very brink of release. Her nipples were hard. Her pussy was dripping. His cock was throbbing. "Oh God." She moaned. "Are you cumming?" he asked, an alarm in his voice. "No.No.but I want to so bad." "Me too," he shouted. "Do you want to anyway. We could cum and then face the consequences. Right now my cock tells me I can't hold it." "You must," she said.

"I need to cum, but I don't want to die." "Right," he answered They continued lying there, waiting, their bodies locked in constant embrace, his great penis still deep in her. Suddenly he kissed her, and she felt his hard cock driving into her, knowing he was giving in and was about to ejaculate.

"NO!!!" she screamed. "PLEASE DON'T!!" He froze, the thick member buried deep, jerking.she held her breath, expecting to feel the hot ejaculate starting to pump into her.the juice of death. It did not happen. After a moment she began to breath again. "You scared the shit out of me," she yelled. "I can't wait much longer," he answered. "I gotta cum in you." "I know baby. You can," she yelled. "Just wait until we are released." The aircraft flew on, and on, and on.

She thought the ride would never end. Suddenly there was a shudder and the engine began to choke. She realized it was running out of fuel before they were set free. As cold as the night air was against her face, she broke out in a sweat. This was it. They were going to go down strapped to the plane.! Even as the thought came to her, there was a snap and the iron straps released.

"Ohhhhhh," he said, and she felt him fucking her, not willing to release her just yet. She responded, now accepting his kiss, her body submitting. They fucked hard, unwilling to stop even as the aircraft engine choked its last and the plane began its death dive from rough sex ending with facial for tied girl fingering hardcore unknown altitude. How much time did they have? Did they care? They fucked to powerful orgasm, neither of them willing to tear away from what could have been a fatal embrace.

She felt his hot semen pumping, filling her. She was lost in her own ecstasy. Then it was over. They wasted no time pulling apart now, their hands groping wildly throughout the cockpit in search of the two parachutes that were promised.

They were soon found, tucked away under the fuselage at the rear of the aircraft. Her body was still shaking in the final stages of her orgasm as she struggled to put her parachute on, even as the plane was going into a spin toward the ground far below them. Sally knew this was a critical moment. She had never worn a parachute but she knew it had to be properly strapped on or it would not save her. She had no idea how to deploy such a device, but reasoned that there had to be saucy blonde bounces on a hard member kind of handle or strap to be pulled once she fell away from the plane.

No longer lovers, Sally and the mystery lover frantically scrambled to save themselves, not worrying about the other party. He jumped first, leaving her alone to finish attaching the parachute. Finally, she reasoned, she was out of time and jumped through the open door. The spinning tail section swung around and nearly struck her head as she fell into the void. Sally didn't wait long before pulling on a metal handle she had found protruding from the bag now strapped to her back.

She made sure the handle was in easy reach before she jumped. She had guessed correctly. When she gave the handle a hearty yank, she felt the parachute fall out and within seconds, it opened over her head. She began breathing easier.

She was now likely to survive this new adventure. And she had experienced a powerful orgasm, even if she was not in a mood at the moment to fully enjoy it. She wondered if her lover was going to be waiting for her on the ground. Still sensually excited from what had just happened to them, she allowed herself to consider going another round with him if he was willing.

Within seconds she realized the ground was coming up. They had taken a chance and lived, even as they were running out of time. The chute had opened only a few hundred feet from the ground. She hit hard, her legs absorbing the shock. The chute suddenly came down around her and she found herself struggling with it, fighting to get away from it. She unhooked the straps and clawed her way out of the fabric as it settled down around her. There had been no wind. She landed on dirt but in the dark had no idea where she was, or what was nearby.

Sally was naked and vulnerable. Other than the massive fabric from the parachute, she had nothing with which to cover horny hot kacey quinn having a huge cock in pink pussy. Once free, she realized busty babe rolling her eyes to back of her head cum swallow and pornostar she was able to see her surroundings and that the sun was about to rise.

She had landed in an open field in what appeared to be a rural area. There were trees on one side of her and a hill on the other. Looking around, she discovered, to her horror, that her male counterpart did not survive. His crumpled body was nearby. There was no sign of his parachute, which meant that in his haste to escape the plane, he failed to connect it correctly. Sally was quite alone. She had no idea where she was. She set off toward the hill, hoping to find some sign of civilization after reaching the top.

It was a long climb, but once she reached the peak, she saw a landscape of mostly trees. There was one small building. . a cabin. . just below her. She set off for that. Even as the sun was breaking over the eastern horizon, Sally was cautiously approaching the cabin, noticing that there was a faint whiff of wood smoke coming from its chimney.

Someone was not only living there, but possibly awake. That she was a naked woman, coming to the door of a total stranger in the early morning did not escape her thoughts. But she also was a desperate naked woman in serious need of help.

She had no idea where she was, how to get back home, or how to escape serious trouble for being nude in public.

"Hold it right there," a male voice said. Sally froze, her hands up over her head. "Can you help me?" she asked. "I have been dropped off here and I have no idea where I am. I need clothes and help getting out of this mess." There was a long silence. Then a huge and very fat man, with a long rifle in his hands, pointed right at her, stepped out from behind a nearby bush. "Just like that?" he asked. "Someone dropped a hot bitch like you off in this neck of the woods and left you like that?

What the hell were they thinking?" "It's a long story," she said. "Can you help me?" "Oh, yeah," he chuckled.

"I can help you all right. Come on into my cabin and get warm." She didn't like the sound of his voice, or the strange laugh. But Sally did as he asked and entered the cabin.

It was, indeed, warm and cozy there. She saw that it was a bachelor's cabin, a total smelly mess, and everything in disarray.

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No woman lived here. But the man was a fat, greasy slob of a man who would not attract a woman, she thought. Sally stood by the stove, her arms attempting to cover her breasts and pussy, in an effort to display some form of modesty.

"So tell me again about how you got here like this?" he said. "It was. . I was kidnapped," she lied. "I was raped and then left near here in the woods. I have no idea where I am." "Mmmmmm," the big man said. "No idea," he muttered. "So you couldn't lead no authorities back here either." Sally froze when she understood what he had just said.

"Wait," she said. "I ain't had no pussy in a long time," he said. "I think you need to lay back on that there bed and let me fuck you. Then we can figure out what we are going to do with you." "Please," she said.

"I need help. I don't need you to. . ." She was cut off in mid-sentence when he shoved the barrel of the gun in her belly and pushed her backwards until she fell back over the smelly bedding. He was on novinha morena com peitos enormes masturbando a piroca in no time, his fly open and his foul-smelling cock, already erect, pressing against her belly.

"Open up bitch," he growled. "Open them legs and let old Harold fuck your cunt." She submitted, feeling him thrust his thick unwashed cock deep into her pussy.

The smell of him, still in his clothes, his great weight on top of her, as he fucked boy fingers love tunnel of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob in his still warm bed, was overpowering.

He uttered a loud grunt and she felt him ejaculating almost immediately. She realized it had, indeed, been a long time since he had even jacked off. He was full of semen.

The hot sticky stuff pumped deep in her. The thought of a pregnancy, and bearing children from his seed, made her shudder. Then, surprisingly, Sally went into orgasm. She couldn't help it.

The danger was here. She was captive and being raped at gunpoint by a very fat, ugly man. It was another perfect scenario. She went into an overpowering orgasm, her breasts heaving, her muscular contractions jerking throughout her entire body. She moaned. Her face was flushed. It was a full-blown orgasm. "Damn bitch, I think you liked it," he said as he continued lying on top of her, his still-swollen cock still buried in her pulsating cunt. "Yes." She said between breaths. "You made me cum.

I. I liked it."