Legal age teenager changing positions on jock

Legal age teenager changing positions on jock
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"So where's my money, motherfucker?" I yelled at Murph while my boys Ed and Jimmy held their guns to him. Ed had his Glock on Murph's knee and Jimmy's Beretta was ground into his ear.

Murph owed me $3,300 and was way overdue for payment. I am a fairly large pot distributor and Murph is one of my regular guys who deals for me.

He was always good to settle up after I'd front him what he needed, usually a QP (that's a quarter pound for you novices). We both made a lot of money and business was always good. Unfortunately for Murph, he got caught up in gambling of all, poker games both in casinos and private games and sports betting with a scumbag bookie he met at one of those poker games.

Like many before him, he started off winning and ended up losing money he didn't have. He did what he could do evade people, borrow from someone to pay someone else and make excuse after excuse to buy time. Finally, it all came down to his owning me big money. And I wanted it. You don't get to where I'm at by being a nice, understanding guy. I didn't expect him to be able to repay me, but I had another idea in mind. I had been looking for him for a few weeks and finally caught him at his girlfriend's place one night.

They ordered a pizza and the guy at the pizza place was one of my customers who knew I was looking for him and tipped me off that night in return for an ounce of weed. He called me after they ordered and told me her address.

I figured I had some time to get Ed and Jimmy and get the drop on them. We rolled up to her place and staked it out. Liz lived alone in a small apartment complex beauty gets fucked in doggie hardcore and blowjob parked her car out front. We decided to wait a while before storming in and bracing them, figuring if they left, we'd see them and could follow them.

We saw the pizza guy come and go. After a couple hours, it was after 11 and the perfect time to strike. Ed and Jimmy were cocked and locked and we headed inside. Liz lived in apartment 317 and we crept up the back stairs to her door. It was in the back of the complex on the top floor, which was good. Nobody saw us and the places beneath and next to hers were unoccupied.

We'd have relative privacy to do what we had planned. Taking a last look around, I knocked chelsey sun shows you up her pink pussy her door. "Who is it?" Liz asked. I had my finger over the peephole and answered "Pizza delivery." She opened the door and started to say how they had already gotten their pizza when Ed barged in, followed by Jimmy and I.

I slammed the door, Ed grabbed Liz and covered her mouth so she couldn't scream. Jimmy had his gun out and pointed at a shocked Murph who was sitting on the couch.

"Hey buddy, what's up? Haven't seen you around much. I bet since you owe me all that cash you've been avoiding me, huh? So do you have it for me or what?" I asked. He started to get up and ran some bullshit doubletalk about how he needed more time and blah blah blah. I nodded to Jimmy and he gave Murph a good hard crack to the mouth. His mouth started to bleed as he sagged back onto the couch.

Liz screamed under Ed's hand on her mouth.

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"Murph, you'd better shut that bitch up." I ordered. He looked at her and begged us not to hurt her. "Well, that depends on you, buddy. You got anything for me? Fuck man, it's been almost to months here. I'm not a fucking charity and from what I hear, you have money to play poker and gamble on the ponies. Am I some sort of jerkoff you don't respect?" "Not at all" he stammered through bloody gums. "But I need more time, man. Come on, how long have we known each other? Give me a break, huh?" he begged.

This was where my plan began.with begging and pleading. I grabbed Liz from Ed and him and Jimmy stepped to the couch and drew down on Murph. My heart was pounding from the excitement of putting this plan into action. Let me tell you why. I've known these two for years. Liz is a real gorgeous little tramp.

She looks like a cross between Emma Stone and Bree Olson. Blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes and a mouth that looks like it could suck cock all night and never get tired were some f her best features.

The others were multiple.perfectly perky tits that weren't huge, but sure weren't small, and round ass that always was clad in something tight and made it obvious she didn't wear panties and legs that couldn't have been tighter or firmer. In short, she was a knockout. She was also a snotty cunt, always trash-talking when we were out at a club or whatever.

I've always wanted to fuck her brains out and that's what gave me this idea. "So unless you have something for me, I've got another idea for repayment." I leered at Murph.

"What do you say to some trade?" "Like what? You want my TV or something? I think I could throw in my laptop or full audrey bitoni tonights girlfriend birtsex storiesay gift download he asked hoping I'd settle for that shit.

"I don't need your shitty TV or anything. What I was thinking was this. I'll forget about that 3 fucking large you owe me for some time with Liz here." With those words, she shrieked and tried to pull away from my grip. I grabbed her tighter and held her tight, trembling body close to mine.

My cock was already stiff and pressing into her back. "No fucking way, you asshole!!" Liz yelled at both me and Murph. He looked pleadingly at her and she continued to say no. I nodded at Ed and he cocked his pistol, implying one helluva threat. I'm not sure who was trembling more at this point.Murph or Liz.

Murph's eyes filled with tears as he struggled for a solution that didn't involve money or trading Liz to clear his debt. I knew he had no chance of paying me back and was counting on some other solution. I also knew he had no outs, to borrow a term from his beloved poker. "It's either that, or we're leaving here with you crippled, pal. If Ed pops you in the knees, you'll be a rolling motherfucker the rest of your life. You ever try fucking in a wheelchair, Liz?

I bet it aint easy." Sobbing, Liz begged me to not hurt Murph. I responded by grabbing her tits and squeezing them hard. She squirmed and tried to wrench away from me. Jimmy cocked his gun to make another threat and she stopped.

I let Murph cry like a bitch for a minute or so to think about his options. As the silence grew to be deafening, he looked at Liz, both of them with tears in their eyes. ".please, I don't want to be in a wheelchair.please?.I'm so sorry." Murph managed to sob. Shaking her head, Liz cried harder, hoping this would all just go away. "Looks like it's up to you, slut.

Your boy over there is either going to never walk again or you're going to have to agree to this. I'll give you 30 seconds to decide. Ed, when I get to 30, you blow that motherfucker's knee off. 1.2.3." I started. Crying even harder now, both of them knew there really was no choice to make.

".15.16.17." I continued, kind of surprised she didn't submit yet. ".20.21.22." ".okay.I'll do it.just promise me you won't hurt him and that you'll leave him alone after this." Liz stammered. I grinned at Ed and Jimmy and agreed. "Here's how this is going to work. Since I'm kissing $3,300 goodbye, I'm going to be anna polina secretaire tres particuliere marc dorcel little short on my end, cashwise. Well, Ed and Jimmy will be short since they get a piece of what I make, obviously.

Doesn't seem right for them to get nothing out of this, does it?" I laughed.

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"So, before I fuck your slutty brains out, you're going to give my boys a little something for themselves. Think of it as them getting paid after all!" Liz tried to break away until Jimmy gave Murph another smack, this one in the ribs. Murph doubled over and fell off the couch.

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"Don't worry, they're not going to fuck you.I'm not up for going third on you. No, you're going to suck them off while we all watch. Then, it's going to be my turn and you better believe I'm getting my money's worth.

Now strip." I ordered. Resistence was futile by now and I figured she had probably fucked two or three guys at a time before anyway and the shock wouldn't that great.

She slowly pulled her Metallica t-shirt over her head, exposing those gorgeous tits. I undid the bra strap and let it fall away. She was still sobbing as Ed pulled Murph back onto the couch. She undid the button on her skintight jeans and peeled them off and stood there naked.I knew she didn't wear panties. "Ok, you guys decide who goes first." I told my boys.

They told me to pick a number between 1 and 5 to decide. Ed guessed 4 and Jimmy guessed 1. I told them I was thinking of 5, so Ed was up first. "Hahaha.leave us something, big guy." Jimmy laughed as Ed undid his fly. Ed is about 6' 5" and 250 or so. He makes a great muscle guy for my business and is really intimidating.

As Liz found out, he had the cock to match. At least 10" and thick as a beer can, he was already at full-mast as he told Liz to sit on the couch, next to Murph.

Sitting down, she kept her legs tightly closed, just like her eyes. "Look at me, bitch." Ed ordered. She opened her eyes and was horrified at how big that cock looked up close. Jimmy kept his gun on Murph to dissuade any heroic ideas he might have had. I stood right there and watched as Liz opened her mouth slightly and licked her lips. Not in anticipation, but in fear. Ed grabbed the back of that bitch's head and rammed into her gullet like he was crashing a car in there.

There was simply no way that monster was getting all the way in her mouth, but Ed isn't the gentlest guy in the world. Laughing at her struggling, he kept ramming as far as he could go, story girl orgasme sex klimaks fucking her gag and choke with every hard stroke.

Liz kept trying to spit him out, but was no match for him. Soon, her tits were covered in drool from her own mouth. Well, drool and tears. Tears of pain. "Man, she sure sucks cock good, Murph. No wonder you didn't want to share!!" Ed chortled. He withdrew his monster and slapped Liz's face with it, covering her with her own spit. SLAP SLAP SLAP it went, claire james is an year old high school student head of his swollen cock threatening to give her a black eye it seemed.

Murph was trying to avoid watching, but we told him he'd better not look away or we'd fuck her until morning. Ed slammed his cock back into her mouth and told her to massage his balls. As she kneaded those nuts, Ed began to pant and I knew he was close.

Stroking hard and quick into her mouth, he grabbed a handful of her hair and thrust all the way into her throat. Liz's eyes slammed open in pain and the surprise that that beast was lodged in her mouth, balls-deep. With a bellow, he loosed his load inside her throat. Since he was past her gag reflex, swallowing wasn't much of an issue for Liz.

Ed's balls pulsed and constricted with each spurt into her mouth and right into her stomach. As his orgasm subsided, she pushed him out of her throat and tried not to gag up the cum. Ed stepped away and nodded to Jimmy."You're up." Liz was limp as a wet noodle after that throat abuse and could barely sit up. Jimmy pulled her head to the edge of the couch and laid her head back. Pulling his sweats down, he invaded her still-quivering mouth with his cock.

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She must have vanessa cage brother blackmail corey my sister some relief as Jimmy didn't sport nearly the massive wang as Ed does, but he made up for it in sheer violence.

As she lay on her back and had her throat raped over and over, Ed zipped up and laughed about how she was nice and broken in for us. Jimmy agreed with a snort and jackhammered away inside Liz's tight little mouth.

Murph was beyond anger, disbelief or anything more than watching us violate the shit out of this bitch because he owed me money. I reached between Liz's legs and fingered her incredibly dry pussy. Not only was she not turned on, she was truly frightened. Jabbing a finger inside her, she tried to object but Jimmy's cock blocked any words she said.

With spit bubbling out of her nose and mouth, coating her face with a nice gloppy mess, Jimmy continued to thrust all the way inside her mouth. He too was balls-deep and ramming as hard as he could, even grabbing the back of her neck and ramming her head up to meet his thrusts. With one sunny leone and akshay kumar real xstorys, I slapped, squeezed and pinched her tits and nipples while I tried to work some wetness up in her tight little fuckhole.

She moistened up quite a bit as I strummed her clit and got two fingers into her. Her hips began to meet my thrusts and her legs were opening a bit more with each stroke. Her cunt smelled great.nice and clean and musky. I couldn't wait until my turn with her. Jimmy started going into the short strokes as he was getting close. He grabbed ahold of her tits with both hands and pulled her close to his thrusts.

Suddenly, his eyes opened and rolled back and he exploded in her mouth. Grunting with each glob he let loose, Liz struggled to swallow it all. She was struggling because she was starting her own orgasm from my diddling her pussy and clit. Wave after wave of spasms grabbed my fingers as she rolled her hips with an incrediblly intense orgasm. Screaming with Jimmy's cock still occupying her mouth, she pushed him out of her and panted hard as her orgasm subsided. Her whole body was covered in sweat and spit.

She looked fucking great. She sat up and started to apologize to Murph. "Oh God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to come, but I couldn't help it. He was playing with my clit and you know how that turns me on. Please don't be mad at me!!" she cried.

Murph just looked at her. "Whatever." he said. I think he was in shock after watching my boys fuck her mouth so hard. She kept sobbing at him that she wasn't liking this and was only doing it for him. All he could say was "Whatever". Now, it was my turn. With that, she started to retch and promptly threw up both loads of cum onto the floor.

I guess two huge loads in such a short time was too much for her to handle. Coughing and spitting the remaining jizz up, she looked even better on all fours, shuddering and spasming as she wiped her mouth.

"I can't fuck you like this. You need to be cleaned up before I settle Murph's debt. Let's go." I grabbed her roughly by the arm and pulled her naked, dripping body off the floor and shoved her towards her bedroom. "I'm going to hose this bitch off and then take what's mine. See you guys later, this aint no peep show for you. Keep an eye on Mister Murph there guys. Maybe you can all compare blowjob stories!!" I laughed as I closed the door behind us.

"Hop in the shower. I want you to be fresh for this." xxx storys of cute small girl sex with old man We went into her tiny bathroom just off her bedroom and I ordered her into the shower.

She got in and turned the water and and began to jb dark-meat-dark-treat ice la fox havana tube porn herself off. I quickly stripped and waited for her to finish. "Make sure you clean your pussy and asshole real good. Trust me." I told her. As she finished rinsing, my incredibly stiff cock was begging for attention. Watching my boys get theirs was an incredible turn-on. She turned the shower off, got out and dried off. "Ok, get over to the bed.

Lie back and spread your legs." She did as I told her and spread those gorgeous gams, exposing her shaved little pussy and asshole. Normally, I love to eat pussy and couldn't pass this up, even though I was dying to get inside that cunt and paint her insides. I got between her legs and started licking her hard, talking shit to her the whole time. "You fucking liked that, didn't you, whore? Only a whore cums that hard when two guys fuck her throat so hard.

Admit it, cunt, you were hoping Muprh would say yes, weren't you?" I asked as I tasted her delicious pussy. Flicking and sucking on her clit, which was hard as a rock, I slid a finger back into her pussy and found her g-spot. Her body went rigid as I knew I had hit paydirt. I pushed down against my fingers inside her with my other hand on her stomach.

Moaning, she started to say how she hated my guts and wanted me to fucking die on the spot. That is, until she squirted on me as she came harder than before. "OOOOOHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKKKKK RIGHT THERE, OHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDDDDD DON'T FUCKING STOP I'M FUCKING COOOOMMMINNNNNGGGG!!" she yelled while coming. I can only imagine what Murph thought as he heard it!! I finished her off with another few licks and scooted up to finally get inside that pussy.

Pressing my cock against her soaked and steamy-hot pussy, she started to cry again and begged me to stop. "Please, you made your point. Can't you let me go now? You've humiliated both of us enough." she stammered through a fresh batch of tears. "You made me come in front of Murph and in here. Isn't that enough for you? she pleaded. I laughed right in her face and laid it out.

"Listen, you've been a cunt since the day I met you. Murph is a good dude, but he owes me. All he has that I want is you. I'm not here to make a fucking point. I'm here to rape every hole you have, cunt." With that, I tore into her pussy with a fury. Fighting me with whatever strength she had left, she tried beating me wth her fists, tried to scratch me and tried to wriggle out from under me.

I had enough of her pathetic struggles and belted her a good one across her face, leaving a red smackmark. She quickly calmed down and stopped fighting me. Then I hooked both her legs behind her knees, tilted her up and began to piledrive that tight little moneyhole. After a couple minutes of fucking her after that scene in the living room, I couldn't hold back and was ready to cum. I pulled out and straddled her chest. Slapping her tits around my cock I began to fuck those titties and talk more shit at her.

"i'm going to fucking cum in your face, bitch. I'm going to mark you as my whore and you're going to swallow what I give you. You've always wanted this, and don't act like you haven't." My first splurt hit her dead in the face, splashing her hard. The next two or three found her open mouth, her tits, chin and forehead.

I had so much cum built up inside me it seemed like I could cum forever. Three or four more big globs spurted out and completed the job.

She was covered and crying again, my cum being washed off her face by her tears. I squeezed the last drops from my still-hard cock and slapped her tits with my member. "Can I go now?" she asked between sobs. "Please?" "I told you I'm going to rape all your holes, cunt.

I'm not interested in your mouth.Ed and Jimmy took care of that. That leaves one hole unfucked." I grabbed her and turned her over onto her front before she could protest.

I grabbed her silky hips and pulled her asshole close. I didn't care about lube or her comfort. I really wanted to hurt this bitch as it was and thrust into her tight little shithole. "NNNOOOOOOOOO!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

THAT HURTS PLEASE STOP I DON'T LIKE THAT!!!" Liz bellowed as I pounded her from behind. I felt like I owned her and wanted to take her traci lords sucks john holmes cock me and fuck her forever.

I know, silly fuck fantasy!! I grabbed a big handful of her hair and pulled hard, wanting to cause as much pain as I could. She continued to scream and plead, but all it did was turn me on. Ramming hard, I was going balls-deep with every powerful stroke. She tried to clench her sphincter with each outstroke of mine, but I wasn't going to be denied my pleasure.

"MURPH, PLEASE HELP ME!!! HE'S HURTING ME!!! MAKE HIM STOP!!!" Liz resorted to. I heard a scuffle from the living room and a thud. I would find out later that Ed had clobbered Murph who jumped up to play the hero and knocked him out. "Murph isn't going to help you, Liz. It's just you and me, bitch." I told her. Since I had come once, I was able to hold off for a while, but my time soon came. As my balls began to curly hair teen orgasm with sextoy masturbation and small tits, I went as hard as I could manage.

Liz was crying and sobbing again, just waiting for this to be over. As it was, it soon would be. I tensed and let loose inside her asshole, scalding her insides with my second load of cum. She whimpered with each squirt she felt inside her. As I spent myself, my now-softening cock slid out of her wrecked asshole. To complete my humiliation of her and Murph, I decided to have her clean my dirty cock with her mouth.

"Come here and suck this clean, cunt." I said as she convulsed with disgust. But she did it, licking every bit of assfuck mess off of me. When I was clean enough I told her that the debt was paid in full and they wouldn't be bothered anymore. "If this shit happens again, I'm going to make the same payment option available, except next time, all three of us are going to run train on you all night until your mouth, pussy and asshole are bleeding.

And we won't let Murph watch because he'll be in the hospital or morgue by then. You understand?" She could only nod before she threw up on the bed. Stupid whore.