Old school amateur porn 3 tube porn

Old school amateur porn 3 tube porn
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This is totally a fantasy, but I would love for it to happen. I meet him on a cruising site. We will call him Jack, just for putting a name to him. My name is Chuck. I have never been with another man, but I have dreamed about it a lot.

I want to play and see just how far I will go. Jack can host, I can't. I work a strange schedule, but I am off on Mondays, so, it is a good time to get together. Jack is retired, so, he has all the time in the world on his hands. Just so you know, I am about to retire also, so you have two older men getting ready to play.

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Jack gives me his address, and tells me that 8am will be a good time to start playing. I leave the house at 7:15 and head on over to his house. I get there at 8am on the nose. Jack meets me in just a robe.

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As I walk in, I tell him that we need to russian college girls fucking sex a shower first, then we can start. Before we get into the shower, Jack asks me if I would like to take one of his little blue pills. Since I have never had Viagra before, I accept, as long as he takes one also.

Jack's shower is a little small, but we both get in, him in front of me and me behind him. We shower each other. I am behind him, washing his back, my cock nestled between the cheeks of his ass. I don't want to do anything yet, just getting a feel of things that might just come.

I do believe that the viagra is working on both of us. Jack's cock is getting pretty hard in the shower. We finish with the shower, dry off, and he takes me into his bedroom. I grin with I see that Jack must be into bondage, at least a little. There is a pair of handcuffs attached to the head board. I look at him and smile. He thinks that he is going to play 2019 new xxx bf online prone story me?

Well, I push him back on the bed, straddle his chest and handcuff him to the bed. I then take his legs and spread them out, and take a tie, out of his closet, and tie them spread eagle. I tell Jack, that he is going to have the wildest cum that he has ever had. I notice that he has a leather cock ring on his night table.

He was probably thinking about using it on me, but the tide has changed, at least for now. I start by licking and playing with his nipples. Just lightly licking and rubbing them. I see that his nipples must be connect to his cock, because he is totally hard, right now. Since he is hard now, I reach down and put that cock ring on him. Making sure to include his cock and balls. I want to get him so excited that he is begging to cum. I see there is a feather duster in the corner of the room. I grab it and lightly stroke his nipples.

Then I start moving down his stomach to the tip of his cock. Just tickling it until it starts leaking a little precum. Then I stop. I don't want him to shoot just yet, I am just beginning.

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I am thinking, maybe a little ice might just help me out. I tell Jack to not go anywhere. I go to his kitchen and get a glass of ice water. more ice than water. As I get back into the room, I see that Jack isn't quite as hard as before, but just to make sure, I rub that cold glass up and down his cock and balls.

Now it is time to play. I look at the tip of Jack's cock and see a little precum. I slowly lick it off, making Jack moan. He will be moaning a lot more before I am finished. I start slowly stroking his hard 6.5 inch cock. Slowly increasing the speed. Stroking up and down, every once in a while, stopping to lick his smooth balls. His cock is twitching a little. I take a drink of that ice water, the lick the tip of his cock.

Now, I believe I just got his attention, but it also made his cock a little less sensitive. Then I start stroking again. I keep getting him right on the edge of exploding, but then backing off just a little. Jack is moaning more and more, wanting me to just finish him off. Twistys gabrielle della moon starring at di decide to see if what I have read about massaging the prostate works.

I want to see if it will make him just oozing out, without actually ejaculating full force. There is a tube of anal ease on the dresser. After I get his asshole lubed up, I slowly ease my finger into his ass.

I find his prostate and gently rub it. Precum just oozing out of his cock.

He is still harder than nails, however, he is not on the edge. Now, I can stroke him a little longer. Stroking, then slowing down, stroking and slowing down. We have been at this for more than 2 hours.

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He is on the verge of begging to just shoot a load. I get off the bed and lube my ass good.

I then untie Jack's legs. I straddle him, then slowly lower my ass onto his very hard cock. Thank goodness that the cock ring is still helping him stay hard and not cuming. As I finally sit on his cock, I unlock the handcuffs. I think I did something wrong, because Jack amsterdam hooker deepthroats customer tube porn flips me over on the bed, on my hands and knees.

He pulls out, then shoves his cock into my ass. I have turned him into a wild animal. I have never been fucked in the ass before, but he is giving it one hell of a work out. He reaches around to stroke my cock, and I push his hand away.

My cock has been hard for almost as long has Jack's has. He keeps hitting my prostate with his hard cock. I reach back and unsnap the cock ring. His cock expands, hitting my prostate harder and harder. My cock is oozing precum. My whole body is shaking. Jack is shaking, fucking me harder and harder. Then I feel it, two ways. My cock explodes. Jack's cock is exploding, filling my ass with cum.

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Jack then reaches around and strokes my cock to get all he can get out, while he is still sending streams of cum in my ass.