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Striking peach flaunts huge ass and gets ass hole reamed
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Expulsion. Although it might not seem so, expulsion is one of the most satisfying (and problematic) parts of giving and receiving enemas. Many times, after just a single enema (particularly if your girlfriend could not take much fluid), the majority of the water remains in the colon--until you go out to dinner, or company comes over, or you're making love.

On the other hand, there's nothing quite like the empty feeling that comes from a good enema, completely expelled. Proper expulsion is also necessary for any follow-up anal play sex stories german desb porn story you like to be surprised by spraying brown water), because once the anus is opened, peristalsis *propels* the fecal matter and water out of the rectum without any possibility of control on your girlfriend's part.

So. . either follow my instructions, or wear a yellow rain slicker. 1. Your girlfriend will often be able to tell if she's empty. She will *feel* empty. If she has never had enemas before, it may be a little hard for her to distinguish from the "full feeling" that comes from not having the enema reach assworship babes teasing with their bigasses compilation and fetish high enough to clean her out, and the full feeling that comes from water sloshing around in the colon.

This is especially true if her colon is "unhealthy;" a person who is an experienced recipient can feel the water flowing in, and can often tell how high it's gone. 2. Allow plenty of time. Time is the single most important factor in a good enema session. There has to be enough time for the water to flow in, and there has to be enough time given for expulsion.

If your girlfriend is inexperienced (see my preceding notes on increasing capacity), she may *fear* the feeling of fullness and cramping that experienced women will tell you is just "the enema doing it's work;" the fullness and cramping go away as the enema goes in higher and higher, and the colon stops trying to resist the inflow of water.

When she expels her enema, make sure she's given enough time to "empty out." 3. Sometimes, it seems, the water simply will not come out. You wait 10 minutes or so, and everything is still in there. Here's how to solve that problem. Give another enema.

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Fill the enema bag with cool (NOT cold) water. Put your girlfriend in the knee- chest position. Lubricate her again (it wipes off) and insert the nozzle. If you have a colon tube, begin inserting it (about 4-5"), and turn on the water. Let it flow in slowly. She will feel some cramping (cold water makes the colon react; that's what we want); if it outdoor interracial three way fucking with huge black cock and two hot cops her a lot, pinch the tube for a few moments until the cramps stop.

If you're using the colon tube, continue to insert it. At some point, the "new water" in her will contact the "old water;" when this happens, she will probably BEG you to let her get up and go. Shut off the water, remove the tube, and let her go. If she feels warm water after the cool,(it will feel warm to her because her body has warmed it), the cool enema reached high enough to do its work.

I've found that you must normally give about half of a two-quart bag for this procedure to work properly. Less, and the "old water" just stays in her. I remember a girl I knew a few years back (she was about 22 or 23, I think), to whom I gave an enema. She was an excellent enema subject, relaxed enough to take a FULL bag of warm water on the first try; but when she got up to expel the enema, she only unloaded about a pint of water.

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She had to go out after we were done, so I used the procedure described above. I filled the bag with cool water, filled her until she couldn't take any more, and then let her get up and expel.

She was not a large girl (5' 5" and about 120#), but by the time I had given her both enemas, she had about 3 quarts of fluid inside her. When she got up and sat on the toilet, she "went" for what seemed like 5 minutes straight.

Imagine if I had left her with 1 1/2 quarts of water in her, and she was at work. . .