Eat me alive an oral and facial porn music video

Eat me alive an oral and facial porn music video
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Birds of a Feather, Chapter 7 (I can't believe this happened) Thursday morning started out great. We were both in a good mood as I drove to work. Things started on a good note but within an hour, it had turned into a Murphy's Law day. One little fuck up after the other. Days like this are when you learn to appreciate good employees. You never hear, Sorry, that's not my job." Everyone was working together, skipping breaks, taking short lunches or none at all. By middle of the afternoon, everything was in order and we were back up to quota.

I hoped Kathy was having a better day and the meeting with Gail later in the evening crossed my mind several times. I wondered how the women would feel about the two of them playing with each other if I was not up to par. I had to push to get my work completed by quitting time. When I met Kathy in the parking lot, I asked if she would drive home.

As she pulled out of the parking lot, I laid my head back to relax. I was almost asleep and not paying attention to Kathy's driving until she stopped. We had parked in front of the toy store. Kathy was out of the car and going into the store before I could ask why she had stopped here.

She was back out in just a couple of minutes with Amie following close behind. Amie came to my side of the car, opens the door, leaned in and gives me a hot tongue kiss. She broke the kiss and told me there was more where that come from. Kathy threw a bag in the seat waved to Amie and we were on the way home. I was almost asleep again when she pulled in the drive. Once again, the phone was ringing as we walked through the door. It was Dan again, he told me Gail should arrive about 7:30 PM and she was very excited about meeting us.

He told me be ready for a surprise when we saw the pictures and it was okay for Gail to see them. He also told me, as professional as Gail can be in public, she can be a real potty moth in private, so be prepared. As soon as I hung up the phone, Kathy took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. She had both of us stripped naked, adjusted the water in the shower and we were sharing the warm water in seconds.

She soaped me up from head to foot then took the hand held shower and rinsed me squeaky clean. When I attempted to do the same for her, she stopped me.

She told me to dry off and go lay on the bed. I didn't argue with her, just headed for the bed. Kathy was not far behind. She removed a small bottle from the bag and told me to roll over on my stomach. I did as she told me. She straddled me and I could feel her trimmed pubic hair against the cheeks of my butt. I could smell the sweet odor of the lotion as Kathy rubbed her hands over my shoulder.

She massaged it deep into my muscles then moved up around my neck, arms and even my hands. She moved back and massaged my ass cheeks. She pulled my cheeks apart and licked her tongue up the crack of my ass before she moved onto my legs and feet.

She had me turn over and repeated the same on the front, taking my semi-erect cock in her mouth just long enough to get it fully erect. She moved on down my legs and by the time she was through my cock was standing tall and I was totally refreshed. Kathy jumped off the bed and headed for the bedroom door.

I was watching her beautiful ass as she walked away. She said, "You need to get your ass out of bed now. Gail should be here soon and we need to be ready. I was thinking about making spaghetti for dinner. Gail may be hungry when she gets here.

I noticed how relaxed Kathy seems to be and she talked about Gail as though she already knew her. I asked her why she seemed so relaxed and not nervous about meeting Gail for the first time. She was quite for a few seconds and I could see her eyes tearing up a little. Then she smiled; "I think it's because Sunny lione xxx bp open feel at home for the first time in many years. I'm with the man I love and it makes feel good to please you.

As far as meeting Gail, she is friends with Dan and Katie and I guess I do feel like I know her. While she was talking, she was busy preparing dinner. I opened a bottle of red wind and we had just taken a sip when the doorbell rang. We both walked hand and hand through the house. I started to open the door when Kathy stopped me and ask. "Yes, who is it?" I heard a little laugh then, "It's just a horny old woman looking for some company." I opened the door to see the woman just as Dan had described.

"Hi Gail, please come on in" She stepped in and saw Kathy standing stark naked just inside the door. "Oh Fuck, Honey, Dan and Katie told me you were a real knockout but that was an understatement. You're julietuncensoredrealitytv season a episode pissing amp bts snapchat stories enough to eat from head to foot.

Kathy blushed a little as she thanked her. Gail turned to me, looked straight at my erect cock, licked her lips and said, "Like Katie said, a nice mushroom. I look forward to getting a taste of that good-looking hunk of meat." Kathy asks if she had eaten.

Gail told her no but she would like to undress first. Kathy shocked me when she said, "NO, we'll take care of that, I really look forward to getting my mouth on those nice tits." She stepped up and started unbuttoning Gail's blouse.

As Kathy unbuttoned the blouse her and Gail was indulging in a somewhat passionate kiss, I stepped up beside them to join the party.

I lowered the zipper at the side of Gail's skirt and pulled down. Gail wiggled her full hips to help me get the skirt over her nice round ass. I was a little surprised; we were all turned on and excited but not nervous and didn't hesitate to undress this woman we had just met minutes before. As I pushed her skirt down to the floor, Gail stepped out of it as she slid her blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor also. She wasn't wearing anything under her skirt and as she stepped out of her shoes, she quickly unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor.

Kathy was looking wide-eyed as she said, "Damn, what a fucking nice set of tits. Gail moved back a little, placed her hands on her hips and turned around as though she was hot anal masturbation more at shaved pussy and vibrator model on a runway.

"So, dose that mean I meet with your approval?" "Hell yes" Kathy Giggled. Kathy was right, Gail has an olive completion, and her tits sagged a little but now very much for a 44 DD. Her areolas were a bark brown and her nipples were even darker and erect. Her pussy was clean-shaven and as she stood with her feet apart, I could see her full outer labia and two little tabs of her linter labia stuck out just enough to make you want to suck them into your mouth.

I glanced over at Kathy. She was still staring at Gail's tits and licking her lips, leaving no question about what was on her mind. Kathy said, "You have hairs." I had no idea what she was talking about but Gail did. She lifted both her tits and squeezed the nipples very hard.

"Yes, I have hade them since I was in my teen. She pulled her right tit up and licked around son reap big tits mom nipple several times.

Kathy and I stepped closer for a better look. Sure enough, Gail had a fine line of hair around the outer edge of her areolas. She moved her hands under both tits and held them up like they setting on a shelf. I sucked one nipple in my mouth as Kathy did the same with the other.

Gail pushed her tits deeper into our mouths and let out a low moan as we sucked. She laughed as she pushed us both away. "I hate to stop this but smelling that spaghetti sauce has made me hungry and Dan wanted you to look at these pictures before we got too carried away.

Gail took an envelope from her handbag and the three of us headed for the kitchen. Kathy started putting the food on the plates. Gail pulled a chair out and turned it so she was setting with her left arm proper on the table. She had her legs just far enough apart you could see the little tabs of her inter labia.

Sexy was the only way to describe this older woman. Every thing she did and every move she made was about sex. I could see why Dan and Katie would be attracted to her. I already had an empty glass on the table by her. As I leaned across her to slim babe knows how to use a pecker her a glass of wine, first time sex sperm inside vagina took my erect cock in her hand and held it until I had poured the wine.

Still holding my cock, she picked up the glass of wind and plunged my cock down into it. She mover it around a little then pulled it out, placed it in her hot mouth and sucked it clean. Kathy was watching every move and as soon as Gail released my cock, Kathy quickly brought the plates to the table, moved to the other side, pulled the chair out and quickly dropper down in it. She looked at me with that mischievous smile as she said, Frank, Baby, I need some more wine.

Gladly I walked to the other side of the table and got a repeat of what I had just received from Gail. "Okay girls, you have had your little taste, now I get mine.

I lifted Kathy's legs up high enough that she could place them on the bottom rounds on the chair. She slid forward to the edge as I dropped to my knees. I used my fingers to part her lips. Her pussy was dripping wet. I licked her pussy juice from the outer girls gone wild money talk then pushed my tongue inside.

Kathy moaned and I felt more of her hot juice flow into my mouth. Then I moved to the other side of the table and found Gail with her feet already propped up and legs apart. I wasted no time in dropping to my knees and licking away at that hot pussy, her pussy juice had already run out and down the crack o her ass. I pulled her legs higher and licked the juice from the crackup through she hot, wet pussy and across her clit.

"Oh, you pussy eating pervert, you have got your work cut out for you tonight. I moved back and managed to get to my chair. I was thirsty but I hated to drink anything, I wanted to savor the taste these two hot pussies had left in my mouth.

Finely, I gave in and took a big swallow of wine. We all started eating as Gail picked up the envelope and handed it to me. She said, "Dan said to be sure both of you were setting down and be prepare for a shock. Now I was curious as hell. Kathy pulled her plate and glass around to where she could see the pictures at the same tine I did. I opened the envelope and looked inside. There were several pictures inside. I pulled one out and looked at it.

It took a few seconds to figure out just what I was seeing, I could tell it had been taken through a window from outside of a house. I could make out several people in the picture but most of the faces had been distorted. Kathy was look on with me. Suddenly she gasped, "Its Peggy with a fucking dog." She was correct. Peggy was down on all fours and a German Sheppard dog was on top fucking the shit out of her.

I could also see she had a cock buried in her mouth and a hand on her tit. Gail moved her food and drink around so she could see also. "You mean this is the frigid bitch that wouldn't put out for you. She's fucking stupid." I pulled out the nest picture. The quality wasn't much better but we could still make out Peggy sucking another Sheppard's cock while another woman was eating peggy's pussy.

The next one showed Jerry jacking his cock while Peggy was beside him fingering herself. The next one showed Jerry on his all fours and it looked like Peggy was finger fucking his ass. The picture also showed one of the dogs standing nearby. I was angry and Kathy was crying at what we had seen so far. Gail pulled the next picture out.

Looked at it she said, Oh fuck. You're not gonna believe this one." She held the picture up so Kathy and I could see.

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Jerry was still on all fours. You could tell it was a woman standing the other side of Jerry. She was holding the leash of the dog that had his paws over Jerry's shoulders and his big dog dick up Jerry's ass. It also showed a man standing in front of Jerry with is cock shoved down Jerry's throat.

Kathy said, "Enough, enough for now. I tried to get that son-of-a bitch to fuck my ass and he refused, telling me what a perverted slut I was for even asking." We concentrated more on our food and no one spoke for a while. I'm sure our angrier was oblivious to Gail.

She told us, "Look, I know I don't know all that is going on here. We have just meet, so I could be wrong but I think whatever you two had before is nothing to compare to what you have now. It don't take a genius to see wet slut gets ass fucked and dildoed for piss in close up two of you are deeply in love; have a very strong sex drive with a sexual curiosity to match. If these pictures help get you closer to what you want, don't be angry about the past, be happy about the future you'll have together.

We finished our spaghetti and were sipping our wind as I took the next picture out. Both women moved in for a closer look. This picture was frailly clear and not hard to tell what was going on. It was a different dog this time. Peggy was on her back, legs spread wide apart as the dog licked the cum out of her pussy.

Jerry was busy sucking away on the dog's cock. The next picture took a little time to figure out. There were no dogs this time. Peggy was on her back and we could see the bottom half of another woman crouching over Peggy. We kept looking at the picture when Gail said, "Shit, you see right there on her stomach, it's a pile of shit." Once Gail pointed it out it was easy to see, the woman had shit on Peggy's stomach. I wondered what the next picture would be like. I pulled it out of the envelope and we looked to see the woman setting down on the pile of her own shit.

I looked and saw there were only two more pictures left in the envelope. I removed the next picture, took a quick look at it then told Kathy she may not want to look at it. She took my hand and turned it so she could see the picture. It showed the unidentified woman with her shit-covered ass hovered over Peggy's mouth. The woman was close enough for Peggy to lick her ass. After Kathy looked for a second she jumped up, ran to the kitchen sink, and started puking.

Before I could get to the sink, she was back at the table. I told her we had seen enough and we shouldn't look at the last picture. "Hell no, I want to see it all. These two scumbag have made us suffer for years.

I want to see what these lying bastards have been up to. The last picture showed Peggy with shit smeared around her mouth, chin, and cheeks.

She and Jerry were locked in a passionate kiss. Kathy asked Gail if she knew how Dan got the pictures and how he intended to use them. Gail told us they were most likely take by one of the PI's that works for the firm and Dan is probability going to have the attorney handling this show Jerry and Peggy the pictures in hopes they will fold and just sign the papers to set you two free. Kathy reached over and took my hand in hers, "I agree with Gail, forget what these two assholes have done to us in the past.

I'm very happy with what we have now." She lifted my hand to her lips and kissed it gently. I ask Gail what she thought of the photos. She ask, "What part are you talking about, do I thing it was i will give you a handjob as an apology joi PI work, YES.

Do I think it could help you resolve your situation, YES? Do I condemn what they are doing, NO.? It's not for me, the rooney mara movie anal sex or scat play but who am I to condemn anyone for what they do by choice. Damn, look at us, we suck cock, fuck and get fucked up the ass, swallow cum, piss and do many other that most people would find offensive.

Yet, we find it excitable and exciting." I ask her, "Since we are talking about things we do or do not except, how do you feel about sexually open families." Gail laughed, "You had to ask, I assume you know of a particular situation.

I can only tell you of my situation and my own feelings. That is how I was raised, I was never forced into doing anything I didn't want to do but from the age of twelve I was allowed to do anything sexually with any member of my family." I told her we knew she was divorced but we didn't know if she had children.

"No need going into details about my divorce, lets just say we had major differences about life in general. We had one son, nine years old at the time and he stayed with me.

I was always very open with him but never vulgar or indecent. When he asked questions, I gave him answers. When he was about twelve, he started asking if he could touch me in different places and I allowed it.

When he was thirteen, he asked if I would teach him to be a good sex partner and I agreed." I ask her, "How about now, where is he and how does he feel about the way he was raised." "He is married to a lovely lady that wasn't raised the way he was but not only accepts it but loves it. They have two children, the boy is twelve and the girl is eleven. The kids have been raised the same as he was. Funny thing is, the girl is the one asking all the questions.

He lives in the mid-west and works for a major oil company. We see each other two to three times a year and his wife always makes arrangement for the three of us to have at least one day alone." Kathy was looking at Gail, "I think I would like to live that way. Gail said, "Now, I would like to get my mouth on those hot tits and I would like to see that mushroom head pushing up your ass." We all laughed, "Honey, why don't you just tell us what's on your mind." Gail said, "I need to clean up a little before I do anal and a douche and shower would be great." Kathy suggested we go to the bathroom and DO EACH OTHER .Gail must have agreed as she stood and started walking toward the hallway.

Kathy was close behind and I had the pleasure of following those two entirely different but lovely asses down the hall to the bath.

As we walked in the bathroom Gail ask if Dan had mentioned that she liked to be dominated. I tpld her he had told us she liked to have her ass spanked and to be a little rough on her tits.

Kathy asks just how rough she wanted it to be. Gail paused before she answered, "To tell you the truth I would like to be totally dominated. Treat me like a slave, make me do thing and beat my ass or any part of my body if I don't do things quick enough or incorrect." Kathy looked at Gail, raised her eyebrow in a very cocky manner and smiled.

Gail saw aletta ocean sucks on two big rods and asks, "Kathy, do you think you could do something like that, could you make me your slave?" Kathy asks, "Has anyone done this to you before?" "Yes, my daughter-in-law, she has done it several times and my son Phillip acted as her servant." Kathy looked over at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and told them anything they want to do was fine with me.

"I just wanted ever one to be in agreement. Gail told us she always used a safe word to be use any time any one wanted to stop. She told us she likes to use the word "Peter Pan." Kathy walked to the closet, took out the two bags, packs of additive, the lubrication and several towels.

I place two of the towels on the floor, near the toilet. Kathy prepared both bags and hung then on the towel rack. She handed me one of the bottles of lube and I waited to see what was coming next. Gail was standing at the edge of the towels. Kathy walked over to her, suddenly struck out, slapping Gail's left tit hard. At the same time, she grabbed a hand full of Gail's hair, pulled her head down and shouted, "DOWN ON YOUR BELLY, BITCH." I thought, OH SHIT, Gail's gonna slap the shit out of her.

Instead, Gail said, "Yes, Mistress Kathy" as she dropped immediately to the floor. "GET ON YOUR KNEES, YOU FUCKING SLUT." Gail started slowly pulling her knees up under her. Kathy struck so quick it startled me as she slapped Gail twice on her ass cheeks. "NOW, YOU FUCKING WHORE." Gail quickly moved until she had her knees under her and her ass in the air.

Kathy took the lube and told me to get the enamel bag. I did as she told me and when I moved back behind Gail, Kathy pulled Gail's ass cheeks so far apart I could see her sphincter and pussy lips open a little. "Dose that make you asshole hurt bitch." "Oh yes, Mistress Kathy, thank you" I could see both women were really into this game. Both were breathing heavy, Kathy's eyes were sparkling with excitement and I could see pussy juice leaking out of Gail's pussy, part running down her thigh and part dripping on the towel.

Kathy took my arm and pulled me to my knees. She then took my free hand and filled my palm with the lube. She used her hand to cover all of my fingers. She pulled my hand over and moved it over Gail's rosebud and out on the cheeks of her ass a little. Kathy pulled my hand back and looked at Gail's ass as though she was admiring her handiwork. Then she took my hand, pulled three of my fingers together and placed them at the entrance of Gail's well-lubed opening.

Kathy then placed her hand around my wrist and pushed hard. Gail screamed out in pain as my fingers went knuckle deep in her shit hole. "Oh thank you Mistress Kathy, I love you, thank you." I was totally amazed at all of this; I couldn't believe what either of these women doing.

Yet they both seem to love it. Kathy told me, "Finger fuck this bitch and make it hard and fast I did as Kathy told me, pulling almost all the way out then slamming back in as hard as I could. Gail was moaning with every thrust and from time to time, she would repeat, "Oh thank you Mistress." I was looking at Gail's pussy as I was fingering her ass.

I had never seen so much pussy juice. She was now wet down both thighs and there was a constant dripping on the towels. Kathy told me to remove my fingers and hand her the tube from the enamel bag.

She was still standing straddled Gail's back. She lubed up the tube and told me to hole her ass cheeks apart. I used one of the small towels to wipe my hand so I could get a good grip. I placed my hands on the full, round cheeks of Gail's ass and pull them as wide apart as I could. Gail let out a loud grown and Kathy asks, "Did that hurt good bitch?" "Oh yes Mistress Kathy, thank you.

I was having trouble getting my mind around all this. Yet, here I was contributing to the action. Kathy literally shoved the tube up Gail's ass, well up into her gut. She held the bag high in the air and released the clip. Gail let out a sigh as the fluid started flowing The bag was completely full when Kathy released the clip and she never stopped until it was complete empty.

I could see Gail's little rosebud puckered in tight to keep the fluid from leaking out. Kathy told me to get the glass from the vanity. I did as told me and watched as the slid the edge of the glass up either side of Gail' thighs, collection her pussy juice as she pulled the glass up.

Next she pulled the glass up the length of her clean-shaven pussy lips. There was as much pussy juice in the glass erotic poundings for a cute pretty hottie if I had shot a big load of cum in it. I could hear Gail moaning and knew it had to be tough to hold the water inside this long. Kathy handed me the glass, I was about to set it down when Kathy looked at me with a wicked smile as she pulled Gail's pussy lips wide apart.

I could see the juice still leaking out of Gail's pussy. I placed the glass up next to her clit, pushed three fingers into her sopping, wet pussy. Her pussy was so wet and hot I hated to pull my fingers out but I did. A large glob of juice comes out with my fingers and into the glass. My fingers were completely coated with her juice. I cleaned my middle finger on the edge of the glass then put my ring finger in my mouth and sucked it clean.

Kathy was watching my every move. She smiles and opened her mouth and I stuck my finger in. She sucked it as though it was a small cock. My cock was already rock hard and throbbing. Watching Kathy sucking Gail's juice off my finger was almost more that I could stand. I had to fight hard to keep from shooting my load right there on the floor. Kathy moved from over Gail and told her, "Get your nasty ass of the floor and onto sex xxx miss pooja punjabi com commode you slut bitch.

Gail started carefully getting to her feet and I turned to walk over to the commode. I heard a loud slap on bare skin and heard Kathy barking orders at Gail, "GET A FUCKING ASS MOVE YON SLUT AND YOU HAD BETTER NOT LOSE A DROP OF WATER UNTIL I TELL YOU." "Yes Mistress Kathy." Kathy took the douche bag from the towel rack and come over to the commode.

She had Gail set on the commode with her legs spread wide apart. Kathy roughly pushed the tube up Gail's pussy. She told Gail, "Let go with your ass now Slut," I heard the sound of the water from her ass hit the water in the toilet. Kathy released the clip on the bag at the same time and warm water shot up her pussy. At the same time, Kathy took Gail's nipple in her mouth and bit down. Gail let a loud groan, threw her head back and both legs shot out to the side. I grabbed her by the shoulder to keep her from falling as I thought how Katie had done the same thing.

Kathy and Gail were both dripping wet with sweat. Kathy started licking the sweat as she moved over Gail's tit, up her neck and across her cheek. She leaned over and I thought she was going to kiss Gail. I think she shocked Gail and me both when she spit in Gail's mouth. Kathy shouted, "SWALLOW THAT BITCH, IT IS OUR MIXED FLUIDS AND WILL MAKE US BLOOD SISTERS." All three of us laughed a little at Kathy's comment and the mood seem to lighten after that. Kathy leaned in again and kissed her passionately.

We both helped Gail back to the floor and I fixed the second bag while Kathy cleaned and refilled the douche bag. I give Gail the second enamel then helped her to the toilet. Kathy was next then both women worked together on my two enamel. We cleaned up everything and enjoyed the two on one shower.

As soon as we had dried off, we all moved to the bedroom. Kathy laid out the strap-on harness, the double dildo and our favorite, which we had name the hole in one dildo. Gail looked at me smiling, "Kathy, what are we gonna fuck Frank's ass with.

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Kathy reached back in the bag, pulled out the long, slender one and both women smiled. We were setting on the edge of the bed and Gail asked, "Since we don't have a lot of time is there something special you would like to do." Kathy smiled as she said, "Well, now that you ask, if it's okay with you two, I would like to have a little sample of everything." Gail laughed, "Kind of like an around the world kind of thing." Kathy pushed Gail back on the bed and started sucking one of Gail's hard nipples and I repeated the same on the other one.

We were not there long before Kathy stood up, put the double dildo in the strap-on, got it in place and tightened it up. While she was doing that, Gail rolled over and moved skinny pale teen big tits first time stunning mexican floozie alejandra leon tries to the edge of the bed on all fours.

I use the lube to coat her asshole then slipped two fingers inside. I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with my tongue. I pulled my fingers through her pussy lips, as I was able to slide my tongue in and out of her shitter. Kathy moved up close and I moved back and covered both dildos with the lube then aligned them with Gail's asshole and pussy.

Kathy had started pushing forward, easing the two toys into Gail's waiting orifices. Gail pushed back hard and moaned loudly as the toys penetrated both holes to the hilt. Kathy showed no mercy as she fucking Gail hard and fast. Gail let out a loud groan each time Kathy shammed into her. Kathy smiled at me, "Honey, can't you do something to muffle those moans, like maybe a throat full of cock." As I moved around Gail raised up a little and I slide under her until my mouth was aligned with her clit.

It was erect and protruded out just above the toy. Before I could make contact with the hot little button, Gail literally took my breath away as she sucked my cock into her mouth and into her throat. It took me a second to regain control and not shoot a load of cum down Gail's throat. I sucked her hard clit into my mouth knowing how she enjoyed some pain I bit down hard. Gail jammed her pussy into my mouth and I heard her scream as she flooded my face with a shower of her hot woman juice.

Gail collapsed on top of me; I could hear Kathy moaning as the back of the toy was rubbing against her clit, bring her to her own orgasm Kathy pulled out of Gail's ass and pussy, Gail rolled over on her side and I set up and turned toward Kathy. She started laughing; turned and ran to the bathroom. She was back in a second with the glass download free save otomatis mom japan held Gail's pussy juice.

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She told me my face was covered with Gail's cum. She started licking my chin and up the let side of my face and spitting it in the glass. Gail moved to my right side and started doing the same. Once they had cleaned my face to their satisfaction Kathy took the harness off, replaced the double with the hole in one, with the dildo on the bottom. We all laughed when Kathy told Gail, "Do the Doggy Baby, you're gonna get another double.

Gail positioned herself on the edge of the bed. Kathy was very liberal with the lube on Gail's asshole and pussy. I had the harness all tightened up and ready to go by the time Kathy turned to me.

She was just pin up style blonde mistress lesbian adventure liberal with the lube on my cock and the toy. Kathy moved around to a 69 position with Gail, saying, "I want to see you go in her pussy and ass. Gail called back over her shoulder, "Ram me hard Mushroom, split me open.

I aligned the toy and my cock, got a firm grip on Gail's hips and lunged forward. When the harness slapped against Gail's ass I just held it there. Gail was using her amazing muscles to massage my cock and it was all I could do to maintain control. Kathy told me, "Fuck her hard Baby, she'll love that" I heard Gail, "Yes, Yes, Please." I started slaming my cock in and out of her asshole while the dildo was doing the same in her pussy.

She would let out a little cry every time I hit bottom. They hit their peak about the same time as they humped, moaned, goraned and cum in each other's mouth. When I told them I was about to cum, Kathy shouted, No, hold it". Gail lunged forward, causing my cock and the toy slip out of her. "What the hell" I ask? Kathy said, "You're gonna cum in my pussy while Gail fucks your ass, that's what." I started removing the harness as Gail first took the cum soaked toy in her mouth and sucked it clean.

She picked up the glass and spit the juice in it, then did the same with my cock. Kathy placed the long dildo in the harness and helped Gail adjust it. Kathy fell back on the bed, open her legs and used two fingers to spread her pussy lips. Gail moved up and covered my asshole with the lube. She showed no murcy as she pushed three fingers up my hole.

She moved it around a little then pushed me forward, allowing me to slide my rock hard cock in Kathy's hot pussy. Kathy grabed my hips and held me in place as Gail aligned the toy cock with my shit hole and pushed teen with natural tits gets her cum load, causing the head of the toy to slip past my sphincter and up my shitter.

The toy wasn't the biggest thing that had ever been in my ass but it was the longest. Kathy released my hips and I pulled out a little. When I stopped, Gail continued to pull out a little more then stop. "Work out Baby" Kathy said, as she flexed her inner muscles to massage my cockd.

I started slow at first, fucking into Kathy and out on the toy, then pulling back on Kathy and onto the toy. Both women were rotating their hips around as I increast my thrust. I let both women know I would not last long.

Kathy told me, "fill me up Baby, let me have your cum. I promis I'll share it with both of you. That was it, I felt my load making the trip from my balls, out my cock and filling Kathy's hot pussy until it overflowed.

Gail grabbed my hips and drove the toy to the hilt caucing another round of cum to shoot into Kathy's waiting pussy. It was as if we were completely frozen in time, the only movement was our deep breathing. Gail was the first to move as she pulled the toy out of my ass.

She moved to the side and as I pulled out of Kathy, Gail started licking the cum off my balls then worked her way up to my cock, licking snd sucking it clean. Kathy held the glass up to Gail's mouth for her to spit the cum in it. I slipped off the bed, kneeling as Kathy moved up until I could reach her pussy with my mouth, I covered her pussy as she pushed down, causing the cum and a small amount of piss to shoot into my mouth.

I made my deposit to the glass as Gail took my place, licking and sucking Kathy's pussy clean. Kathy eased off the bed and we all headed to the bathroom. Gail walked over to the toilet, lifted the lid and stood straddle it. She used her fingers to open her pussy lip. As Kathy held the glass in place, Gail placed a finger over her urethra.

She pulled her finger back just enough to let a few good squirts of piss flow into the glass. Kathy then moved the glass away, held her hand over Gail's pussy allowing the remainder of her piss to flow against it and into the commode.

When she was finished, Kathy took her place and repeated the same thing. She then moved over to me, placed my cock over the edge of the galss. I relaxed enough to i know that girl amateur ex girl porn 356 pissing. Kathy squizzed my cock to stop the flow when the glass was about ¾ full.

She led my by my cock over to the toilet where I finished pissing. Gail took the galss and started stiring it with her finger, "Have you two ever done this before?" Kathy smiled and nodded, I knew she was thinking how sassy Amie looked when she was doing the same thing we were about to do. "A nightcap then" Gail said, as she raised the glass to her lips and took a big swallow, swished it around in her mouth, then swallowed.

She handed the glass to Kathy, who raised the glass"CHEERS", took a big mouth full, swished it around, threw her head back and swallowed. I held the glass up and looked at it as I thought, "What the hell am I turning in to? This is cum, pussy juice, spit and piss and I'm about to drink it. Nasty, just plain nasty." I looked at the two women standing before me, smiling as they waited for me to swallow the remainder of the fluid. One of the women was the love of my life and had been my partner as I pushed my sexual boundries far beyond anything I ever imagined.

The other I had known only s few hours, yet, had indulged in wild perverted sex with her. Again I thought, "What the hell am I turning into?

(smiling), just what I have always wanted to be and loving it." I lifted the glass to my lips, empted it into my mouth, swished it around, savoring the taste, then swallowed.

Both women put an arm around my waist and we headed to the bedroom. I asked, "Do we get a shower?" The two women looked at each other, then Kathy said, "Nope, I'll do the the sheets tomorrow but no shower tonight. Kathy lay on the bed, I spooned up to her and Gail cuddle up behind me, sleep come quickly for the three of